My Wife's Friend_(0)

This is a true story of my time with one of my wife's friends. I have changed the names for the reasons you would think. It takes place in the year 2011.

She is 66, about 5'2" maybe shorter, about 105 soaking wet. She was a bleach blonde hair with tiny tits, which i love. I think her tits are 34 B maybe even "A's" I loved the way she wears her jeans, they are always nice and tight.I have always wondered if she wore regular panties or thongs. She worked with my wife for years.

My wife would come home and tell me the strange things she said and did. Once she came home and said "Lee told of a dream she had last night. It seems you were at their house and her husband was gone. You were totally naked except for a cigar you were smoking."

"So what happened?" I asked.

"She said nothing happened except you stood there naked." My wife replied.

We both laughed.

As time went on besides for just visiting,Lee would come over at Christmas time usually a few weeks before so she could learn how to bake cookies.

I should back up here. Everytime we went someplace and Lee and her husband were going to be there, we would say hi and do our thing. When it was time to leave Lee would always come up to me and give me a hug and a big kiss. Her husband would just hug my wife. I would sometimes, when being funny I would bend her back like they do in the movies and give a long really kiss. She would always get up from that, fan herself and say "you crazy man" and smile from ear to ear.

This went on for years. Everytime she came over or we went to their house we would kiss coming and going.

There were times when she would call to talk to the wife and I would answer the phone. She would talk with me a few and usually make some kind of smart ass remark. I would tell her she better be careful or I would spank her butt.

She always replied with, "promises, promises."

So one time when she said "promises promises" and I came back with you just name the date, the time and the place.

Well it took her a few months but one day out of the blue I got a phone call. Usually we got calls from her on the house phone. This time it was on my cell. She said, "Today is the day, the time is one hour, at my house. Can you come over?

"I have nothing going on, I will be there. See you in a hour." I replied.

I finished at the doctor's house and left. It took me only a short time. I was closer than she thought. I arrived 15 minutes early.

I got out of my truck and walked to the front door and rang the bell. It took a couple minute till she answered. As she opened the door I noticed she had on a thin, shorty, cotton robe that was totally unbottoned. As she said, "Hi." I was looking down at her very small tits.

I love small tits. The smaller the better.

She had nice sized nipples. Maybe a 1/2 inch long when hard and they were very hard.

I could see she was wearing a small triangle on her pussy. Kind of a very light pale blue almost white. She did wear thongs. My dick swelled a little.

Since she is short in height as I stated at the beginning. I am 6' 2". I stand well above her.

She was right to the point. "Since we both know what you are here for, let's get to it."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her bedroom. Also we walked a light breeze caught her robe and blew it up and I could see the string to the thong going down her ass crack. Her cute butt cheeks bounced as she walked.

In her room she turned to me, "I have waited so long for this. Ever since the first time you said you would do it. You make my panties wet each time you kissed me or said you would spank my butt." She told me.

"How would you like me to get for it?" She asked.

"I will sit on the bed and you will lay acrossed my knees." I told her.

"Oh, good. I love it that way." She moaned.

"Are you going to get naked with me?" She asked.

"Not this time." I replied.

"Oh, I so wanted to see you cock." She moaned again.

"Ya, I heard about your dream you had a few months ago." I told her.

"Yes, you were naked but I don't remember anything about your cock. So now I want to see it." She smiled as she dropped her robe to the floor. Letting me gaze at her naked body.

"Well, we aren't here for sex. We are here to spank your butt. So I suggest you get over here and let's get started." I told her. 'Next time I will be naked for you. This time I will be only down to my underwear." I undressed down to my underwear.

"That will work. At least I will be able to see and feel your bulge." She said as she laid over my knees.

I liked looking at her nice cute round butt with the blue thong string showing between her ass cheeks. It made my dick swell a little more.

I grabbed a hold of her small tittie with my left hand as she laid down.

My right hand slowly rub her butt cheeks.

"Thats feels so good. Please keep rubbing my butt." She moaned.

About that time the first smack hit her right cheek.

"Oh, my God, that felt great. May I have another." She wailed.

I brought my hand down on the other cheek. I watched a red hand print appear. Before she could ask or moan again I gave her 5 more smacks on each cheek.

"Oh, Shit. That hurt as well as felt so wonderful. Please don't stop. Make my ass red. Its been so long since I have had my ass spanked thiss hard." She screamed.

"I told you I was going to make you feel it. And your ass cheeks will be super red when I am done." I replied with a smile.

I left my hand on her butt. After a few minutes I began to rub it. I was far from done at spanking her but wanted to feel the heat of her cheeks. I moved my hand around her butt then down in between her ass crack. As I got closer to her asshole and pussy hole I could feel the heat.
She was getting excited and spread her legs a little giving me better access to her. As I continued to rub I would move my fingers deeper into her crack. When I got to her pussy I could feel how wet she was.

As I touched her hole she left out a low moan and her hips lifted up. "Oh, that feels so good. I love the feel of your fingers on my pussy."

Her nipple in my left hand was rock hard. I started rolling it in between my fingers. Again she moaned.

"I see you are nice and wet. Is that from your spanking or from me touching you?" i inquired.

"Both." She replied. "But i was already excited waiting for you to come over and spank me. I just got more excited and wetter as you spanked me."

"Well, since are so wet, I think its time to remove your thong." I told her. She raised her hips as I pulled the thong down her thighs and off of her feet.

"There, now nothing is in the way. We can continue on with your spanking." I smiled.

"Oh, yes. Spank my butt nice and hard. Make me cry. Make me get really wet. Make me cum. Feel my pussy and see how wet I am. Please finger my hole." She wailed.

I again gave her 5 more wacks on each cheek. Boy, they were getting red. I again started rubbing her cheeks.

"Holy shit. Those really hurt so good." She stated though teary eyes.

"How are you going to explain your red ass cheeks to Tom." I asked.

"I will make sure he is in bed before I get undressed and into bed or I will go to bed before him." She replied.

I was still rubbing her ass and slowly moving my fingers down towards her hot juicy pussy. When I reached her wet hole she moaned, "Please play with my pussy. Stick your fingers deep inside me."

I found that she was so wet. I turned her over in my lap and continued to finger her pussy. I had also noticed that she was totally bald. Not one hair on her pussy or mound. I so wanted to eat her pussy but this time i told myself all I would do was play with her cunt and spank her ass.

She spread her legs very wide giving me full access to her sloppy pussy. Her clit was so swollen. It looked like a small dick. I bent over and took one of her nipples into my mouth.

"Oh, God, Yes! Suck my tit. Finger my pussy." She wailed as she had a powerful orgasm. I felt something warm on my hand that was on her pussy. She had either peed or was a squirter. I looked down at her pussy. It turned out Lee was a squirter.. Who could ask for more.

The next time I was going to fuck her if that was what she wanted. After I played with her sloppy hole for awhile, I turned her back over. She complained but knew it would do no good.

I laid 5 more smacks onto each cheek. I felt her jump and then I felt something warm on my leg. She had another hard orgasm and squirted again. This made my dick get totally hard.

After she had calmed down, she turned her face up to me and said, "I feel something hard again my side. Is that your cock?"

"Yes, it is." I replied.

"Can I see it?" She asked.

"Yes, but that is all. Do you understand?" I replied.

"But what if I want you to fuck me? When are you going to do that?" She smiled.

"The next time we are together we will fuck." I replied.

"Oh, I can't wait for that time to come. I will be so horny by then. You know tom doesn't fuck me anymore. He hasn't for over 8 years. He just gets drunk and goes to sleep." She related to me.

"I have tried to be faithful but its getting harder. I finger myself all the time but it is only temporary. I need to feel a real cock in me. Hard and deep. A cock I can suck, play with. Every time you kiss me I have to either go to the bathroom to clean my panties or go home and shower. I get so wet." She continued.

"Now can I see your cock?" She asked.

"Ok, you can see it but remember I won't fuck you." I replied.

I had Lee get off of my legs and I stood up. My cock was straining at my underwear. YOU could see the head just above the waist band and the outline of it. I could see Lee's eyes bulge as she stared at my covered cock.

'Holy Shit. Its huge. How big is it?" She moaned.

"It is just a hair over 7 1/2". and about 4 inches around." I replied.

"Take down your underwear I have to see it." She demanded.

"You take them down if you are in that kind of a rush." I told her.

Lee moved up to me and reached on both sides and pulled my underwear down slowly. As they came down my cock jumped out and poked straight ahead.

"Damn, it even bigger than I thought. Can I touch it?" She wailed.

"Go ahead and touch it." I replied.

Lee reached out with her right hand and grabbed the shaft. Her left hand went to my balls. She began to stroke me up and down.

"I think you had better stop doing that." I told her.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I will blow my load all over your tits and face." I moaned.

"That would be wonderful."She replied. "It been so long since a man has cum on my tits or face."

"Well, I don't like cumming on tits and face. I like to make my deposit deep inside a hot mouth, pussy or ass." I told her. "Now stop. We have to finish your spanking. Besides the next time we are going to have lots of sex. You will get your fill. I will be fucking not only your pussy but your ass and mouth."

"Its been a long time since a man has been in my pussy. I will probably be very tight. And my ass hasn't had this big of a cock in it ever. We will have to go slow in both of them." She smiled back.

"Not a problem. We will use lots of lube and I will lay back and you can get on top and take it as fast as you want till you are ready for me to pound you." I stated. "Now bend over my knees"

After I pulled up my underwear I sat down and Lee got back over my knees with her butt in the air.

"Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack." I gave her asscheeks 5 more heavy smacks. She reached back and grabbed her ass. I could see the tears running down her face.

"I think that is enough for today." I said as I rubbed her butt.

Though her tears Lee said, "Yes, I think so also. But my ass does feel wonderful. And look how red it is. I won't be able to sit for a few days."

"Next time I am bringing my flogger. You know what it is really like to be whipped. But we will also have so good sex." I told her.

"Do you think that is something you will like?" I asked her.

"It sounds wonderful especially the part about the sex. It has been far to long since a man has taken me and used me. I need it so badly." Lee moaned.

"Well, You just need to let me know the date, time and the place." I replied.

"Next time I want us to get a motel room. That way we don't have to worry about being interupted and can do it longer. What do you think?" Lee asked.

"Sounds good to me. I want to see how much of my cock your pussy, ass and mouth can take. And when you start screaming, I don't want anyone to bother us." I replied.

"It may have been a long time but you can be sure I will take it all in all my holes. I just hope you can last that long." Lee smiled as she stood in front of me.

With that cute remark I reached between her legs and stuffed two fingers deep in her pussy and latched onto herleft nipple like a baby going for the milk. Lee collasped onto my hand.

"Oh, you are such a brat. Doing that to girl in my position. One who has had sex in years. Don't take them out just yet. Let me enjoy them for a few minutes. Oh, suck my tittie harder." She wailed while holding onto my shoulders to keep from falling.

There I was holding this cute woman, my fingers in her pussy, her juices running down my hand and her tiny tit in my mouth. I was going to enjoy every inch of her body the next time we were together which by the sound of it would not be to far away.

to be continued


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