A Day In The Woods Chapt 11, 12 And 13

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Chapter 11

The rest of the pack spent the next couple of hours going over everything; positives and negatives of Anne. They agreed it wasn’t her fault for what had happened to her so what, if any, consequences should she be held responsible for? She also just couldn’t be set free. Free to explore this power she has now and to feed on whatever she desired. Eventually their closely guarded secret would be revealed. Ray and Jake were happy to welcome her to the pack. Being the only two single guys left that would mean that one of them would be her mate before long. Ray also knew that being a few years older than Jake that he was in the driver’s seat; either way though it would be nice to have a friend with benefits around. So after much debating they all decided that if Anne could live by what was expected of her, and to keep the secret that everyone else has, then she was definitely welcomed to be part of the pack.

Justin returned to the lobby. The guard at the desk asked him if everything was ok. Justin smiled at him, “Yeah. Everything is just fine.” He walked out of the building, heading across the lot towards the guard shack, as he did he placed a call to Chuck Carson.

Chuck answered his phone, a little disgruntled at the time of the night of the call, and then he saw who it was from. “So what have you got that is waking me up this late?” Chuck growled. Justin filled him in on everything he saw. The two of them were in the office for at least twenty minutes playing around and then Justin felt he should leave before being caught and before the other guard started to wonder where he was. Chuck thanked him for the information and told Justin to keep the surveillance up for now. Justin hung up the phone as he entered the shack, “Jesus! What’d ya do? Shit a brick or something?!” Justin again smiled at the guard that had relieved him and told him he walked the building for the other guard but that he was happy that the other guard was so concerned over his health. The other guard chuckled a little, “Well I am leaving you to your post, think I’ll go hit the head now.” It was an hour or so later when Beth and Eliot left the building and drove off, both of them in the same direction. Justin made a note of it in his book and stuck it back in his pocket.

The next morning when Chuck arrived at Diamond Security he made a couple of calls. He still had a few friends on the force; some that owed him a favor or two and some that were willing to sell their favors for the right price. Chuck kept a file on the dirty cops he knew and just how dirty they were. He figured that at some point in time in the future that file could pay off, possibly financially, if he decided to go public with it. He wanted information on Eliot Crane and on Beth McAllister; basic information, such as where they lived, but also a little more detailed as well. The basic information he knew he could get for free, the detailed was going to cost him though. He set up a meeting in a nice crowded restaurant to meet and discuss a price. Before walking in that afternoon he checked to make sure no one else was around and then went in. The two men spoke and agreed on a price and the info that Chuck wanted.
Then an envelope was slid to the man and lunch was over. Chuck was to have his information in a little less than a week the man said. Chuck looked over the information that he already had. Strange that Beth and Eliot go the same direction when leaving; their houses are no where near each other and there’s no easily feasible way of getting to the other one by the direction they both take. That familiar feeling that something was up began to grow inside Mr. Carson.

Jessica and Anne woke and went upstairs for breakfast. Neither could believe that they had slept so late. The house was clear of everyone, everyone except for Ray. Jessica looked at him and questioned him. Ray explained that since he didn’t do that much with her when she was off for the week, he had more time than Paul, Tommy and Mike. Also they didn’t want to get in trouble for missing too much work, so Ray called in sick for a couple of days to spend with the girls to make sure all went ok. Breakfast was already done and waiting for them, compliments of Jean. Ray would have liked to have been the one responsible for it, but couldn’t lie to the two and tell them it was him. Steak and eggs, the steaks were exceptionally rare, Jessica remembered the first couple of days and how she had a thirst, a hunger that she couldn’t figure out. It was when she got the taste of blood in her mouth that she realized that it went away. She knew Anne had the same burn inside of her. As the two sat down to eat Anne cut off a piece of steak and saw the blood run from it, “Damn this is almost raw, I can’t eat this!” Jessica told her to just try one bite and see what she thought. Reluctantly she did. As Anne started to chew the soft bloody meat she felt the feeling inside of her starting to go away and her desire for more grew. Quickly she ate the large steak in front of her followed by the eggs. There was a pool of blood on the plate and she lifted it to her mouth, tilting it, and swallowing the salty fluid. As she sat the plate down, blood ran from the corners of her mouth, “What the hell is wrong with me?!” Quickly she stood up, the chair falling backwards as she did, then ran up the stairs to the bathroom.
Jessica was about to get up and follow when Ray motioned for her to stay and then went up the stairs after Anne.

As Ray got to the top of the stairs he saw Anne standing in the bathroom looking desperately for a washcloth. He walked up to her, as he put his hand on her shoulder Anne nearly jumped out of her skin, “I feel like some kind of animal. I can’t believe I just did that.” Ray could see the tears starting to pool in her eyes, “its ok” he said. “There will be cravings and times that you want and need the taste of blood. Most of us just order our steaks rare to help cut back on the desires.” He smiled as he said it and made it Anne feel better. Then he wiped on trace of blood form one side of her face, licking his finger clean as he did. The outline of blood was still apparent and he turned her head, this time licking his way up to her lips and removing all traces of blood. Anne turned her head back and Ray licked the other side of her face removing all the blood this time. As he got close to Anne’s mouth she turned her head and his tongue slid into her mouth. He was startled and was about to pull out his tongue out when he felt Anne sucking it deeper into her mouth. Anne turned; her ass against the bathroom vanity as Ray pushed her back into it. She put her arms under his and wrapped them around him. His body was well toned and she started to pull his shirt up. Ray undid the sash on Anne’s robe and opened it. Her naked body before him, Ray felt his cock instantly get hard. As they continued to kiss Anne pulled his shirt off and tossed to the bathroom floor. She lowered her hands down to his jeans and opened them, freeing Ray’s rock hard cock.

Jessica had long since finished her breakfast. She wondered what was keeping the two so long when she cocked her head and adjusted her ear. She could hear the sounds of panting, of heavy breathing; she knew where the two were and what was going on. Jessica walked up the stairs. As she got to where her head cleared the top of the stairs she saw Anne and Ray.
Lying in the hall floor, Anne’s robe was gone as well as Rays clothes. Jessica watched as Ray licked his way down over Anne’s breasts, down over her belly and in between her legs that she eagerly spread. Jessica knew the desire that Anne was experiencing. She also knew it wouldn’t be long before she would change to her wolf form. She walked over to the two. Briefly they looked up at her, as she smiled Ray returned to Anne’s wet pussy. Jessica knelt at Anne’s head and leaned over her, whispering in her ear to resist the change, trying to help her maintain control. Ray had Anne almost ready to cum when he knelt between her legs, turned her over and grabbed her hips. He lifted her to her knees and Anne nearly screamed as he moved forward and drove his cock into her moist cunt.

Jessica stayed by Anne, her robe now gone as well, and she tried to keep Anne from transforming. As she was she looked at Ray, the hair on his face starting to grow and then she watched as he changed. Anne could feel the knot in his cock swell as he did. She could feel his nails scrape down her back to the front of her thighs, holding her tight as he fucked her with his wolf cock. Jessica moved herself under Anne and Ray she licked at Anne’s pussy that was dripping the juices from the two. Anne screamed as Ray’s cock swelled even more and then she started to orgasm. Urine worked its way from her and squirted over Ray’s cock and Jessica’s face. Then she felt a burning inside her that wasn’t Ray’s sperm shooting into her. Jessica continued to lick as fast as she could and soon Anne had changed as well. Jessica looked as Ray and Anne were locked together. Anne continued to orgasm and pee. Anne had started to lap at her friends’ pussy that had become wet as well. Jessica slid a hand down to between her legs and rubbed her clit as Anne’s rough wolf tongue worked up and down her slit and pushed into her pussy. Anne had Jessica cumming in less than ten minutes. Ray’s cock finally shrunk enough and he slid free from Anne. The two girls licked his cock clean.

Beth woke up once again in Eliot’s bed, “If I am going to keep doing this I am going to have to move some things over here I think.” Eliot smiled and said that would be fine with him. The two of them got up, showered and ate before leaving for work. He told Beth as they walked out that she needed to meet the pack, to tell them what they needed to do next and discuss what all could happen. He wasn’t going to leave it all up to her, but as she has been such an integral part of this, he felt that she should be there as well. Anyways, she needed to see who these people were that she was helping. Eliot knew how secretive Mike and the others were and how they avoided outsiders whenever possible. He would call Mike and make sure that it was ok with him and everyone else. He kissed Beth as she got into her car. As she drove off he called Mike and told him of his plan. He was reluctant at first but agreed that Beth should at least meet those she was helping, especially as she had been such a force in hopefully resolving the problem and also as she seems to be more and more of Eliot’s life. Eliot climbed into his own car and drove off; a nervous tension came over him as he thought about the night and everyone meeting Beth.

Troy impatiently waited for his phone to ring. He tried to call Anne but every time he did it went straight to message. He knew she had it turned off. He wanted to know where she was and what she was doing. If Troy had only knew he wouldn’t have been any happier. Anne spent the rest of the afternoon with Ray. Whenever they felt the urge to have sex, they did. Sometimes Jessica helped to clean up, sometimes she didn’t. Jessica never did engage in intercourse with Ray though. The thought of sex did enter her mind, but it was Paul that she wanted to have sex with and she could wait for him to get home. Anne was getting better at control with each session with Ray. She thought she could almost get through an entire romp when he forced his cock into her tight ass. As he pinched her nipples Anne changed. Ray’s human cock in her wolf ass, he stayed that way and filled her with his seed. Finally as it was getting closer to evening; they got showered and dressed and cleaned any obvious signs of what had happened all day.

Paul got to the house first. He walked in and Jessica came bounding towards him. He smelled the air and looked at quizzically as she stopped in front of him. “So what have you three been up to today?” The look on his face slightly disgruntled. “Well it hasn’t been us three. I was short one person to get what I wanted.” She slid her hand down and grabbed his crotch as she finished. Just as Paul was about to take his mate to their house, Tommy and Susan walked in. Their comments were much the same as Paul’s. Finally Mike and Jean showed up and caught the scent as well. They ordered out as everyone was there and they didn’t want to take the time to make a big meal. Soon after dinner was done there was a knock at the door. Mike walked over and opened the door. As he stepped back Eliot entered with Beth glued to his side. As they were standing outside she felt herself growing intensely nervous. If everything Eliot said was true then what were these people like? Thoughts entered her head from every horror movie she had ever seen. Eliot came over and kissed her, reassuring her that everything would be alright and that she had nothing to fear. Beth managed to make an attempt at a smile as they walked up the path to the house.

Once inside introductions were made. Finally everyone got to meet the infamous Beth McAllister. Everyone in the room could sense the fear and tension in Beth. Even Anne knew there was something wrong but couldn’t quite put it into words. Jean came over and asked if she wanted a tour of the house. Beth smiled and agreed. She was already surprised by what she saw. The outside was well kept and the yard nicely trimmed and maintained. The family room was nicely furnished and cleaned as well. Beth had imagined more of a cave like or rugged appearance for a group of wolves and felt herself starting to settle down. As Jean went to start the tour she looked over at Ray and Anne, “Is there a room or something I need to avoid?” Ray smiled and said no. Anne sat there and immediately felt her face flush as she turned red with embarrassment. She leaned over whispering into Ray’s ear asking him how she knew.

Jean returned with Beth a few minutes later, who was feeling much more at ease with everyone around her now. Mike asked if anyone wanted a drink and when done with that, Eliot took the floor. He started with what the next phase was, with what they proposed to do. Beth didn’t sit quietly for long. She couldn’t resist telling everything she, well they, had found. The next step was to do a test and see if someone could actually conceive. They would need eggs from the female and sperm from the male. They would artificially inseminate and then place the egg back inside the womb of the female. Basically it would be done just as it is with couples that can’t conceive on their own and have a similar procedure done. There were concerns though. The delicateness of the sperm and the ovum with two walls, special care would have to be taken with both more so than with normal human ones. Also no one knew what the rate was for incubation. Would it be nine months like for a human or two months for a canine? Would be a combination and end up some where in between the two? Also what would the child be like when born, how big and what threat did it pose to the mother carrying it? Most of the questions couldn’t be answered until it was actually done. A test tube baby was a possibility but where would it be done? Neither Beth nor Eliot could explain this away at their work and the equipment and sterile environment wasn’t a possibility at a home. It would be risky enough doing the insemination at a house if they had to and that wasn’t a preferable thing either. The insemination needed to be done in a sterile environment and preferably by a doctor that does that kind of work. That would mean bringing someone else into this situation. And it would be hard to find a doctor with the specialization of artificial insemination that was that disreputable and willing to risk his practice. And if you could find such a doctor … could you trust your health to him? Even if the couple went to the doctor and said they couldn’t conceive the doctor would run tests first and blood work on both and how would you explain that?

Along with the good news came a lot of concerns and what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle of actually performing the artificial insemination. It was getting late and most everyone had to work the next morning. The pack was left with some serious decisions to make and a way to get this done if they wanted to. Everyone thanked the two doctors for their work and for telling them everything involved. Jessica grabbed Paul and left, Jean asked if she was coming back over or not to keep an eye on Anne. She said she would, but first she needed to spend some time with her mate. Jean smiled as she turned and walked back in, that didn’t sound like an entirely bad idea she thought. Eliot and Beth got into their cars and drove off as well, Beth following Eliot. Once everyone was back in their houses, a car started down the street a few houses away. Chuck Carson put his car into gear and slowly drove off as he turned his lights on.

Chapter 12

Everyone in the pack thought it about it over night and the next day. Who were the best possible candidates and how to get it done? After a few discussions amongst themselves Tommy and Susan came out as the best candidates. Mike and Jean were older than the rest and Paul and Jess were just together and obviously having other concerns and were also still absorbed with the newness of a relationship. Besides Susan had mentioned how she would loved to have been a mother several times and it was something her and Tommy had discussed on more than one occasion. The question now was how to get it done? Beth had done similar procedures at one point in time but the facility she worked at now didn’t have the equipment needed for such a procedure, nor would they have the time to do it without someone else around. Eliot had a similar problem; not the right equipment and his facility didn’t have quite the sterile area needed. Although time there wouldn’t be a problem as the facility was closed at night.

Eliot and Beth spent the next few days together. Not so much at the lab as they were waiting on a response from the pack as to where they wanted to proceed, but more time at Eliot’s house. Beth pressed Eliot for more information about the pack. Eliot was a little reluctant after all of his years of involvement with them but also thought she was a little more curious as she had met everyone and now had a face to put with the cause she was working for. He also thought she now knew this wasn’t some sick science fiction movie any more and these were real people with a real problem that needed to be fixed. He put his mind at ease and reassured himself that is why she is curious to know more, that has to be why doesn’t it?

Chuck Connor’s curiosity was still raging as well. He had a few more license plates to run after the evening he followed Eliot and Beth to the house. Nothing special though. Everything checked ok, just apparently average people leading average lives. He still had Justin tailing the two doctors though. Justin liked doing it as well. He was getting paid still and was doing something more than just a guard. It kept him interested and gave him a feeling he was something more than he was. Still Chuck was wondering if maybe there was nothing going on, maybe he was wrong. But that nagging sensation in the back of his brain was still there. That same sensation that years ago made him the good cop he was. He was supposed to meet his detective “friend” though that night as he had gotten everything he could on the two doctors. Maybe that would resolve the situation for Chuck one way or the other.

Eliot and Beth were told to meet over at Mike and Jeans house when they got off work. The end of the week was closing in. Anne was getting used to her surroundings a bit better but concerns were also mounting. Anne seemed treat this as a power she was given, something she woke with and needed to share. Not a lifestyle she chose to live and something that needed to be guarded and protected. And even though everyone knew she didn’t choose this, she still needed to abide by the rules of the pack. The rebelliousness that she showed to Troy was spilling over into every aspect of her life. She took advantage of Ray’s willingness to engage in sex and if he wasn’t available then Jake “filled” in just fine. She tried with the others a time or two as well but they were a little more resilient and committed and didn’t partake in the events. It’s not as though celibacy is expected but she had taken things to a whole new level. She reveled in her desires and her new senses and wanted to explore them to every wanton end, something Troy would never allow her to do when they were married.

Beth and Eliot arrived, and the second time at the house wasn’t nearly as stressful as was the first for Beth. As Eliot knocked on the Door Mike opened it and welcomed them in. Everyone sat around, even Anne; although she had to admit to herself she seemed a bit like the outsider of the bunch. Tommy and Susan said they had decided to be test subjects so to speak. There were the concerns of involving someone else, another doctor. They didn’t want anyone else nosing in their business any more than already was needed and could the two of them come up with a possible solution. If it meant buying the necessary equipment themselves and setting up their own sterile environment then so be it. Eliot shook his head and said he didn’t think that would be necessary. He had cut Beth off who was undoubtedly going to give a rebuttal to why that would be problematic and a hazard. He simply left it as he may have an answer that works for everyone involved.

Chuck Carson was getting a few answers of his own. His dinner with his old friend went well and he now had more information on his two doctors. He went back to his office, closed the door and sat down to see what he could. Ms. McCallister seemed fairly straight forward, decent job and decent life and everything in order. She was a Nobel Prize candidate once even. He didn’t quite understand why she was associating with Eliot. Then again he never did really understand why people were attracted to who they were. Probably a primary reason as to why he was still single. Dr. Crane definitely had a more colorful past than she did. He was even implicated at one time in participating in a fraud case 10 years ago with a supposed surgeon operating out of his house. Some how he was cleared of any wrong doings though. Then Chuck noticed the attraction; he noticed they were once together many years before in college. The more he read the more he found out, even Dr. Crane’s involvement in his girlfriend’s death, Katarina, the girl that came between him and Beth. He would wait and see if his young assistant, Justin had anything to report back on from the evening. The reports he had received the past few days didn’t help much, but the feeling in the back of his brain was still there after reading through everything. Especially after everything Dr. Crane had been into.

Justin patiently waited up the street a bit, patience that Troy Johnson never had to start with and was now completely worn. As the night finished he made note of the time and followed the two doctors, this time they came in just one car. As usual they went back to Eliot’s house. He couldn’t help but wonder why. Beth had a larger, nicer house. But whenever she returned there it was always without Eliot. There was no one else in her life but it seemed as though there was a secret she was keeping, some reason why Dr. Crane never spent the night at her house; or any time at all. Troy finally got Anne to answer her phone. It was after everyone had went home for the night. Every time he tried to push her for information and demand she tell him everything she resisted, no, she refused. She liked it to. For once with Troy she felt as if she were in charge. She finally left it though that she would meet with him, just so he knew she was alright. She even picked the spot and told him the time. Still agitated he agreed and then she said goodbye and hung up, cutting him half way through his good bye. It was the best she had felt ever in dealing with Troy, even when they were married.

She had been out a few times just as Jessica was when she was getting used to her new way of life. She had much the same results as well, just as they all did. Anne almost embraced it though, thought it as being neat or cool. She was getting better control of her emotions and urges, but no one thought her ready to be out on her own just yet, finish out the weekend and then see from there. No one was more concerned than Mike. As Anne practically hopped up the stairs Mike was standing in the kitchen, “You seem to be quite happy these days.” Anne turned to see him just standing there. She explained why not be happy. Things seem to be falling into place, not only for her but for the pack as well. Mike was relieved to hear her speak about the pack. Usually she was a little more self absorbed. Anne went upstairs to the bathroom and Mike headed to bed. She wondered if he had heard anything of meeting with dickhead, but she was sure he would have said something if he did.

Chapter 13

Justin met with Chuck to discuss his surveillance of the doctors. Nothing unusual though. They went to Mike and Jean’s house and met with the same group there as the first time. Then they left and returned to Eliot’s house where Beth stayed for awhile and then went home – alone. Justin stated his curiosities to Chuck who just smiled back at him. “And what do you think we should do? Break into her house and see if Ms. McCallister is up to something?” Maybe they should. It was strange that the couple that seemed so close never spent any time at her house. Even if Eliot’s was a little more centrally located you would think that at some point they would end up at her place. He never picks her up there or drops her off. It was a little strange and definitely warranted some investigation.

After the meeting at the house and after Beth had returned home, Eliot picked up the phone and called a number he had long forgotten and had distanced himself from. The voice on the other end was familiar; a doctor that Eliot knew years ago that he thought might be able to help for his quest in aiding the pack. The doctor recognized Eliot’s voice as well. The two men talked and Eliot told him that he needed the use of his house for awhile, no questions asked and that his fee wouldn’t be a problem. The doctor on the other end agreed and asked when Eliot would be there. Eliot simply told him that he would be in contact with him and arrange a time. As Eliot said good bye the doctor told him it was good to hear from him again, and to be working with him again.

Eliot went to Mike and Jean’s the next day. It was early Saturday morning and everyone was sleeping in as Eliot and Mike spoke. Eliot told Mike of his idea for doing the artificial insemination and Mike agreed that it seemed like an appropriate resolution and to let him know when and how much they would have to pay. Mike also told Eliot that he had some business that the pack needed to take care of tonight. He told him not to ask for the details but that he and Beth should be just fine. After all the years he had spent with them Eliot knew not to push boundaries and trusted Mike as well. He would take Beth out to dinner or something and just spend time with her then. Mike also told him that he would tell everyone else of his plan and let him know when they wanted to go forward with the insemination.

Justin had met with Chuck that morning as well. He told the eager young man to continue to follow the doctors, especially Dr. Crane. He had more the jaded past and seemed to be more likely to be into something. He also told him that come the next work week they would “investigate” Dr. McCallister a little more closely. Justin knew that by the inflection in his voice when he said investigate that it meant they would be breaking into her house and seeing if she was hiding anything. Chuck told him that he was going to tail Mike as he seemed to be at the center of things as it was always his house that everyone met at. He thought that a little odd and also that it should be looked into, so he was spending his weekend doing that.

The morning faded away into afternoon and that yielded to the evening. Chuck was parked where he was before watching over Mike and Jean’s house. It had been a busy day there. Paul and Jess showed up around noon and still hadn’t left then a couple of hours later Tommy and Susan showed up. After that Jake showed up and then finally Ray. Chuck thought maybe that everyone was over for a bar-b-que or something. He thought that until he saw Anne sneaking out of a back window. Inside the house everyone had quietly shown up throughout the day. Anne didn’t know why. No one had mentioned anything about something going on – dinner or anything else. That worked just fine for her though. Anne had other plans and the less the pack was involved for it the better she felt about it. Everyone seemed to have congregated in the basement. Anne made an appearance a couple of times through the day and then finally before she climbed out the window she told everyone she was tired and wanted to lay down and rest for a bit. Mike looked over at her and asked if everything was ok? She nodded and assured him that she was fine, and then she walked up the stairs to her room. She waited five minutes then climbed out the window.

Chuck watched as the young woman with large breasts hopped over the fence with relative ease and then jogged quickly around the corner. He definitely knew that something was up now. At the rate she was running he didn’t want to lose her. He started his car and drove around the corner slowly, as he did he saw Anne climbing into a cab at the top of the street. Chuck accelerated and also called his new associate Justin. He told him to immediately forget about Eliot and to get his ass over to Mike’s house and make sure that he follows him where ever he goes. Chuck followed the cab with Anne inside until it came to stop at a restaurant and she got out. Chuck waited outside for her to come back out.

As Justin turned onto the street where Mike and Jean’s house was he saw a van pulling out. No windows on it except for the front ones. Mike was driving and he noticed that the van was sitting a little low. He knew something had to be in the back of it weighing it down, maybe several people as that was the only vehicle leaving the house. As the van proceeded down the street Justin followed. Traffic slowed them and then the van started to follow a path that Justin remembered. Anne came out of the restaurant, closely followed by a frustrated Troy Johnson. Chuck watched as the man was obviously upset. Anne on the other hand was very collected and definitely seemed in control – not something she was used to with Troy.

Anne walked over to Troy’s car, “You going to let me in? I want to take you some where and finish this conversation.” Troy unlocked the car with the remote and Anne lowered herself in. Troy got in and slammed the door shut and then drove off. Chuck watched and then followed behind them. It was a short trip and Mr. Connors noticed the car was heading towards the park that his company patrols. It is also the park that Justin used to work in and where the drop of blood was found with Dr. Crane. Troy pulled in and parked and Anne quickly jumped out of the car and headed down the path that she and Jess jogged on. Troy got out and followed her, trying as best he could to keep up. Chuck pulled in and saw Troy disappear down the path. He took in his surroundings and then worked his way down the path to see what was going on.

Justin followed Mike and the van he was driving to the park he used to patrol. He still had his keys so as Mike parked in the lot with Troy’s and Chuck’s vehicles, Justin pulled in and unlocked the gate for park vehicles and parked up above the regular parking spots. He watched as Mike and Jean got out of the van, then he opened the back. As he did the rest of the pack got out, Tommy and Susan, Paul and Jess and then Ray and Jake; they all headed down the same path as Anne, Troy and Chuck. Justin walked down the path to the parking area and then down the path. He had lost sight of the pack but was closing in to where Anne and Troy were. As he got closer he felt a hand over his mouth and himself being pulled into the bushes. He struggled in vain and then heard Chuck Connors voice telling him to be quiet. As Justin settled down the two men moved quietly towards Anne and Troy.

The two men could hear them arguing. Troy angry over not being able to get hold of Anne and wanting to know about the accident she had and where had she been all week long. Anne just smiled at him and then like flipping a switch her attitude changed. “Do you want to know happened? Do you really want to know what has happened to me this week Troy?!” As she spoke she moved towards Troy and for the first time in their relationship he was scared – and Anne could sense it. She pulled her top off revealing her large breasts in the moonlight as she stepped closer to Troy. His back against the rock wall he couldn’t move back any farther and Anne told him what had happened to her. For a moment he was in disbelief. Then Anne grabbed his cock and demanded that he fuck her. Her blood was hot and just like a bitch in heat she needed to be fucked. Troy was excited; he had never seen Anne quite like this. Never seen her so aggressive and knowing what she wanted and demanding it.

Troy’s cock hardened in her hands as she pressed her lips to his. Anne dropped to her hands and knees practically begging to be taken. As Troy knelt behind her he plunged his shaft into her. Maybe it had been too long since he had been with Anne but it seemed as though she was hotter than he remembered. But then as he started to fuck her harder he heard grunting, no growling. Then it happened, what he knew was impossible and everything Anne had said rang out in his mind. He watched as his now limp dick slid from a wolf, a wolf that just moments ago was his ex wife. Anne turned on all fours now, she glared at Troy, more animal than human but she knew what she wanted to do. She crouched and as she lunged at Troy she was knocked to the ground. Troy watched as a much larger, darker wolf pounced on Anne. His jaws locked at her throat and then he watched as her throat was torn from her body.

The blood from Anne sprayed over Troy’s face and body. As it did Justin stumbled and gasped. The large wolf looked over at the bushes and the part of Anne’s throat dropped from his fangs. Another large wolf appeared and charged towards bushes. Chuck and Justin turned and started to run. As they turned the corner towards the path Chuck heard Justin scream. He turned and looked back and saw the wolf that was chasing them on Justin’s back tearing at the back of his neck. Chuck started to head back to help Justin when another wolf appeared. He stopped as the animal charged towards him. Just as it lunged towards him he side stepped and put his fist into the animals’ ribs, knocking him to the ground. Another wolf appeared and Chuck looked at Justin’s’ lifeless body and made a dash for the car. As he got in and started to close the door the other wolf jumped into the door forcing it closed. It growled at Chuck as he started the car and wildly drove out of the park.

Troy looked at the large wolf that had jumped Anne. He watched as the two strangers fled and the other wolf trailed after them. He started to get to his feet and tried to run but fell to the ground again. His ankles tangled in the pants around them. As he started to pull them up he looked back towards Anne that had now returned to her human form, as he did he felt another wolf at his throat. Just before it was pulled from his body he felt another wolf at his groin tearing his limp cock from him. Then he felt the jaws at his neck crush his throat. For the next hour the pack made sure that their secret was safe. When they finally left the only car in the lot was Troy’s. Justin’s car was overhead still and overlooked by the pack as well.

Eliot woke the next morning. Figuring this to be like most Sunday mornings he went through his normal routine, until he sat down with the morning paper and the headlines across the top about three gruesome murders in the park. As he read further his stomach hardened about the details of the condition of the bodies that are virtually unrecognizable as human any more. Torn to shreds the reporter wrote and everyone wondered now what it was that did this to these people. Eliot knew though exactly what had happened. He called Mike to confirm his suspicions. He was told that it didn’t concern him or Beth or the work they were doing together. Mike also told him that it would be better if he knew less in case something happened and the police ended up speaking with him. He told Eliot to still be prepared to go through with everything that this didn’t have anything to do with the other.

Chuck Connors was a little more shaken than that Sunday morning. His hand was sore and he was tired as he hadn’t slept all night. He struggled with what to do about the information he had. Should he go to the police, the news? What would everyone think of his bizarre tale of werewolves? What would happen to him if they decided to come after him? He looked at the files he had on Eliot and the ones on the pack as well. He threw them all into a metal trash can. He poured in a little charcoal fluid and then tossed in a match. As the flames swelled he went to his room. He quickly packed a bag and called a cab. He had the driver take him to the airport. His company had been begging him to take over an office in New York that was in complete disarray. He thought that maybe now was the time to take them up on that offer and an opportune time for a change of scenery. He would make arrangements for movers to pick up the rest of his belongings and put his house on the market. He wanted little evidence that he was ever there and even less of what he knew.

Jess woke the next morning next to Paul. They had washed up the night before and the smell of the kill was gone but the thoughts of what happened were there. Mike had told them all what he thought was going to have to happen. That if Anne betrayed the pack and told Troy everything that they would have to be killed. Jess hoped the entire evening that Anne realized what she had, but it was a hope that never came true. When she heard her tell Troy everything that had happened and then when she changed in front of him – she knew her fate was sealed. Anne was her best friend though. She knew she couldn’t kill her but she agreed to be in on the kill with Troy. It was to make sure that her allegiance was still with the pack and with Paul; that her commitment was to them all. She didn’t count on the other strangers being there though. What were they doing there and how unfortunate that they witnessed everything and had to be killed as well to keep them from speaking. She didn’t feel well and told Paul that she loved him and knew why everything happened but she wanted some time to herself to think it all over. He hugged her and told her that he understood. He also told her that this was the first time that anything like this had happened and he had never done anything like this either. He said he was going to go over to Ray’s house and see how he was doing. Apparently he had suffered a couple of cracked ribs last night from the punch that Chuck gave him. He just wanted to make sure that he was healing ok.

Well there y'all go. Will have to get work on chapter 14 now. Of course I have been saying that for a couple of weeks now! Thanx for following along and for taking the time to read and leave comments.


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