My Innocent Friend

I have never understood how pretty girls can think so little of themselves. I’ve met so many, the shy, quiet type. I don’t know why I always fall for the shy quiet types so much, as I’m pretty much the opposite. This all started one day where I went out to the city with a few friends, one of which brought her cousin Grace along. Grace was 14, a year younger than me, and she lived in a boarding house a few kilometres away from the city.

I walked through the tunnel to the place we agreed to meet at. I was early, so I sat and waited for a while, until I saw my friend Ella approach. I got up and went to go meet her. As I approached, I was about to go for a hug, when Grace peeked out from behind her, smiling nervously at the ground. I instantly lost it, my usual confidence flew out the window, “um…hi...I’m Seth; you must be Ella’s cousin.” She smiled, still looking at the ground, and nodded. Just then my friends arrived, drawing the awkward encounter to a close.
As the day drew on, no one payed much attention to Grace, Ella was tall, confident, with the perfect figure, no one gave a second thought about the quiet shy girl who rarely spoke. My friends were the rowdy trouble making types, and soon started to make a scene at the park where we had been walking. I noticed Grace drift off from the group and go towards the lake. I hung back with her, trying to think of something to say to get her talking, when suddenly she broke the silence: “How come you’re with me, shouldn’t you be over there trying to grope my cousin” she said, gesturing over at my friends, who were tickling Ella as she squirmed and squealed. “Actually I prefer mature girls” I admitted, knowing from her shy smile I had said the right thing. We talked for a while, she opened up faster than I expected, and once she got going, she was not so shy anymore.

A few hours had passed, and my friends had left. It was late afternoon, so we decided to get going back to Ella’s house where we were meeting tonight.

We made our way through the familiar streets, and were almost home, when Grace started limping. “Sorry, can we slow down a bit, my feet are killing.” I looked at my watch, and saw we were almost late. “We don’t have long, how about I just carry you?” She thought about it for a second, before nodding. I suddenly realised that I had a backpack on, so couldn’t piggy back her. I decided to bridal carry her for the short distance left. She was a petite girl, who didn’t weigh much, so was easy to carry. I made my way down the final street, to find that the door was locked. No one appeared to be home, but I knew the back door would be open, so I made my way to the back gate. It was less than 2 meters high, so I started climbing it. But as we reached to top, Grace got off balanced and quickly lashed out to grab something, off balancing me, sending us both over the fence. It wasn’t a very high fence, but as I fell, I turned so my back would hit the ground first, causing Grace to fall on me. “Shit!” I cried, as her pelvis grinded into my crotch, sending a wave of pleasure through me. I let out a small moan, and quickly realised my mistake, looking up hoping she didn’t hear. Instead, she was sitting on my lap, eyes closed, back arched: She was enjoying this!

“Shit I’m sorry, let me up” I said. She didn’t budge. “Come on!” I cried, not wanting her to feel the growing bulge in my pants. I tried to get up, but the motion only made her grind further into me, making me recoil in pleasure. I looked up and saw a look of mischief and amusement in her eyes, as she kept grinding into me, watching my reaction intently. She looked down and saw my bulge growing. She reached down, under my pants, and pulled out my fully hard cock. I lay there, too stunned to do anything. “Can you show me how to do it?” she asked innocently. I didn’t protest, “Um… just grip with your hand and stroke it” I said sheepishly. She giggled, following my instructions. I moaned with pleasure, glancing up to see her looking pleased.
As she rubbed the head of my cock, I shot a glob of pre-cum, which shot onto her skirt. “Is that cum?” She asked. “Nope, pre-cum, it means what you’re doing feels good.” She looked pleased to hear this, as she giggled, and got off me. She then lowered her head towards my cock. “What are you doing?” “Something the girls at school talk about” she replied, running her tongue over the head of my cock. This alone almost made me cum, but I held on. She took more and more of my cock in her mouth, pausing at the top to lick the head of my cock. I couldn’t believe this innocent girl was so good at sucking cock. As I got closer to cumming, I reached up to her tits. They weren’t huge, about a C cup, but very firm and perky. She took her top off revealing her perky tits, at which point we decided to go inside to her room to finish things off.

We opened the back door, and went into Graces room, and we took no time locking lips. She pushed me onto the bed, intent to finish what she started. As she climbed on the bed towards me, I realised how wet she was. I slipped a hand beneath her skirt, parting her soaked panties. Her clit was already swollen, so I began rubbing her, which instantly earned soft moans from Grace. I continued rubbing her swollen clit, and decided to return the favour she had done earlier. I parted her legs wider, and lowered my head towards her moist pussy. She was warm down there, and I worked my tongue around her engorged clit, making her squeal in pleasure. “I…I think I’m going…to have, an…an orgasm” she gasped between moans. She arched her back, and squeezed her legs close, trapping my head. She let out a high pitch moan, squealing from the pleasure, as she had orgasm after orgasm, I could feel her pussy muscles contracting, as she got wetter. She let my head go, falling backwards onto the bed smiling. I could see she was exhausted, so I rose onto my knees, placing my rigid cock between her perfect tits. She pushed them together, while I started thrusting between them.
I could feel the cum rising through my cock, as the pleasure built up, she suddenly took my cock in her mouth, as the pleasure became too much, and I unloaded rope after rope of cum in her sweet mouth. I collapsed with her and held her tight.


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