Would They Call It Daddy Issues?

***First part, didn't have time to finish. When I do I will post pictures of the characters****

“Ungh! Orrnnnnn Jeeeezus!” Natasha heard him growl into her neck, his face buried in her flesh.
Her back was hurting. She was smashed up against the tile counter. Well her lower back and the tip of her ass was. She felt a little precarious to be honest, but she just kept her mouth shut and let him go, she doubted he would be willing to stop. Not even for her.

If there was one thing she had learned about men, when they were close to coming, not much else made a fucking difference. If the dick was hard and her pussy was housing it, it wouldn’t be long before it reached its end, that much she had imperiled evidence of.

Natasha felt another hard thrust, wincing from the pain of her pelvis being hit so hard by his groin. He had one hand under her left thigh, just barely supporting her weight. She had to hook her other leg around his waist just to support herself. Not that she was heavy, she was damn well fit, she worked hard at that. His other hand was pressed up against the cupboard. Natasha couldn’t take her eyes off the clock up on the wall. It was actually her grandfather’s, a family heirloom cuckoo clock. She was watching the second hand, it had become an obsession of hers. It was amazing how fast they were. When she would masturbate to achieve pleasure it always took a good half hour or longer to really do it right. But not guys, not the first time. The first time was never long.

Now a regular of hers, her only real regular these days, had told her it was because she was so attractive. That it was a compliment; that she was too cute, too sexy, too tight and too good at coitus for any man to hold out. She was glad that she had never ended up wasting time with the boys at school. They wouldn’t last any longer from what she had heard, and all you got for your trouble was a pregnancy scare. At least she valued herself properly.

Well, except this time, this time wasn’t her idea, but considering the situation she was herself to try to be accepting. Shit, she had created this monster. Should couldn’t rightly be angry about it. She would just have to douche a lot tonight, make sure she got it all.

5 more seconds on the clock. That made 35, which was enough for second place on her first timer’s list.

Natasha felt his hand grab her hair in a vice grip behind her head, clenching her hair. His other hand was still on her thigh, squeezing hard, like it had been from the start. She felt her breasts bounce in her shirt on the next few pumps from him, and had to smile to herself, so many times they never even got her shirt off. Amazing she felt since her breasts were damn nice if she said so herself. The smacking sound of their genitals and groins smashing together was getting loud, and she felt a tap below her pussy where his lengthy sack slapped her. He had pulled his head off of her neck and his forehead was pressing against hers, and pushing hard. Boring into her head the way his cock was boring into her pussy.

She knew he was close, they always got maniacal when they were close. When they passed that moment of fucking, or she supposed for some girls, loving; where they weren’t men anymore, not human, but pleasure drunk, and nothing would stop them from achieving their goal at that point. They changed, they just changed . . . . even the ones she liked.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh baby! Oh, oh sweetie! Oh, oh rrr, rrrrr, RRRRR, RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHNNNNNNNN!”

She felt his stop, she felt him stiffen. She felt him buck. She closed her eyes, and felt warmth inside her, a significant amount of it. It was so crazy, sometimes she was warm, sometimes she was cool, and this time, she felt nothing, almost stale. But she must have felt fine to him.

47 seconds. He came within 4 seconds of the record. She had kind of been rooting for him.
Like it would symbolize this fuck as special, because it really was, even though she felt to numb inside to process it.

She stroked the back of his scalp through his hair, massaging him as he did a hard buck again. How much, she wondered. How much is he letting loose inside me. Sometimes if she was really turned on and super sensitive she could actually feel the vibration of their cocks when they came. After all, there was never a condom in the way. They never chose a condom.

He whimpered a few times, his cheek was pressed up against hers. “Ohmmmmy gaaaaaaaaaawd. Moosssshhhhhit. Shhhhhhhhit baby.”

He was panting and she could feel his heart racing, beating hard enough to feel on her chest. Her breasts jiggled with the power of his heartbeat. She held him, his aging, calloused body in contrast to her soft, supple, sexy figure.

He went quiet, just breathing heavy, still gripping her leg, but his other hand was on the countertop now, helping support his balance. She never got over how docile and gentle them became after they dropped a measure of their cum inside her. She wondered if this moment was the one that fooled most women into thinking the men cared about them. She felt she knew better. They were all horny perverts, and she would never make the mistake of trusting one with her love.

She knew this phase lasts about 5 minutes or so. And while she wasn’t turned on, nor had experienced any pleasure, she still had an endorphin release. A side effect of mentally knowing she had just copulated. She wouldn’t be pregnant, she was on the pill. Thank god she lived in a liberal state where she could get the pill. Pregnancy would have fucked everything up.

Her mind slowly drifted, as she waited for her lover to recover from the orgasm her womb had given him. It actually wasn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things, but she was young, and time was much slower for her. So it felt like ages.
16 months. 16 months since that first time. The very first time. That time she had an orgasm, which she later learned was a gift, that the first time for most women was more painful than pleasurable. But she had come hard, even though she was crying. She hadn’t cried from pain or fear, it had been such an incredible release, and the passion. . . . god, he was the only one where it felt like passion instead of lust. That is what had really gotten her off she surmised later. She just hadn’t realized it at the time.

She had been at Christina’s house, they had gone there after the JV basketball game. Natasha had always been a good girl, good grades, never got in trouble, never thought about bad things. But like any budding woman she had started to notice guys looking at her different. She really noticed it at an awards show for her dad about two years ago. She worked for some reporting agency and it was some kind of prestigious award, I never cared to learn what one. Mom was alive then, and she had told me I deserved to wear a woman’s dress for the first time. She was so excited for me. It wasn’t trashy, just form fitting, something I hadn’t worn before.

I wasn’t much different then as I am now, just about 15% breast size, give or take. Her face is a tad longer now, more mature, but still pretty close. She had been a little shorter though, just under 5 foot, and she was 5 foot 2 now. She had been blessed with nice skin and she tanned well. With her ice blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and tan athletic frame, she was on the road to sexpot status already. Her mom got her a white number, it was in the little black dress still, cocktail wear. She felt so adult when she had put it on, with its tight form, and those creases that were created every where because of any body movement. It displayed how flat her tummy was, and it raised up high, to just above mid thigh. Her mom had gotten her leopard heels to go with it and a padded bra to add just a bit of heft to her chest.
She loved the view of herself in the mirror. She was a good girl, but even a good girl likes to know she is pretty. It was the first time she had ever felt . . . sexy.

She had a white jacket to wear over it, kind of like a sports coat but feminine. She had noticed a few of the older men there looking at her. It was the first time she could remember that men did that. There was this one guy, kind of heavy, thick mustache, not attractive. Natasha had caught him looking at her a few times. The last two times he didn’t even hide he was staring. She just ignored him. But when she took off her jacket, and her chest was viewable, it seemed like every guy was watching her. When she walked to the buffet table and back, she felt really odd. She liked the attention but was a little put off by the way the men looked at her. Not like she was a pretty lady, but more like she was a treat to be devoured. Later she found she was pretty accurate in her assessment.

So now that Natasha understood the power attractiveness seemed to hold over men, she enjoyed trying to get the good looking older guys to look at her. She would smile and blink over her shoulder. Flip her hair, stretch to press her breasts against her top, and bending over counters and tables to stick out her butt. That seemed to get men’s attention more than any. While she was aware of what sex was, she was still unbreached and while she technically knew what happened, she didn’t really get what was so encapsulating about it. But she also never had masturbated, she thought it was icky. She wasn’t really religious but she felt like it was something god would frown upon and, what if he was watching her do it?

About 5 weeks after the awards dinner Natasha’s mother got sick, really sick. The doctors couldn’t figure out why she was so sick. Two more weeks later she was diagnosed a very rare bone marrow cancer, and she died soon there after. The death hit Natasha hard, and to fill the void she felt without her mother, she would flirt more and try to be more risqué. Nothing crazy, but the affection and warmth, essentially lust, she felt from those men made her feel wanted, which had been the thing her mother gave her more than anything. Her mom was so in love with her little girl, from the second she was born, and had always been so affectionate. Her father was much more reserved, and after the death, he was almost closed off emotionally.

A few months later, Natasha felt mostly back to normal, only the lack of any affection from her father, made her even more dependent on attention from random other men. Those that she got the best affection from was her friend’s dad’s. They were usually really good family men, and it was obvious they loved a young pretty girl flirting with them. They were such low key good guys, and they felt for Natasha for her loss. She didn’t really understand that flirting too much could change affection into desire. Desire became lust, and men weren’t good at ignoring lust.

So that brings us to Christina’s dad Robert. They were a fourth generation family from Brazil. Her dad had been a great athlete, and went to Stanford on a full ride for track and field. He was 41 now, but he was still an athlete. His hair, straight and long enough to fall in his eyes, was still jet black, when they would go out back to the pool sometimes he would swim with them, he still had a light 6 pack stomach. His whole body was rounded from a chiseled physique and Natasha thought of all her friends Dad’s, Robert was the hottest and she flirted with him the most.

She loved the subtle way he would flirt back, giving her a hug when she came over, would launch her off of his shoulders when she and Christina wanted to fly and crash back down into the pool, and she always felt like his hands would stroke her thighs when he did so. She would lean over anything in front of him to stick out her butt and he once or twice had patted her behind laughing, and last week, he had actually pinched her as he walked by. Today she was in her cheerleading outfit which was the best. The skirt was damn short, barley covering her modest behind, and the tight polyester tops, zipped up the back and hugged the body. She was quite petite, and though her tits were good size for her frame, they still were modest b cups. But she looked forward to flirting tonight, she made her to pull her bloomers in a bit so more of her firm, fit, contoured ass cheeks would stick out and be more volatile.

She hadn’t known that Robert’s wife was out of town that weekend. She couldn’t have known what was coming but, she in the end had to admit she instigated, she sent signals, she showed interest. How was he to know she didn’t realize where the line was? It never ever occurred to her that he should have known she wasn’t for touching, but looking back at it now, she had him to thank for how things were. Most of her friends would enter college and exit with crazy debt. She was going to enter college with enough to buy a house before her first class, if she even bothered with college.

Natasha was momentarily pulled out of her memory when her latest lover came around, sounding like he was drunk.

“Unnff. Tashhhaaa? Ho, phimmminnnnn.” He let go of her leg, and took a step back and Natasha was back on her feet for the first time since it started. He never looked her in the eye as he stumbled away. Natasha followed him and saw him tumble to the couch and start snoring almost instantly. She sat in the chair next to the couch and pulled her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. She watched him, still a bit in disbelief he had just fucked her. There wasn’t love there; that was a hard, mindless fuck. A man completely overcome with intoxication from his cock.

She leaned her head back against the cushion of the chair and let her mind drift again. Roberto had had a very firm body. The tone of his muscle felt amazing to her. Much better than her latest lover. He was a bit wide in the waistband, he was kind of spongy. But Robert, he was a specimen. They came home to Roberto making a stir fry for dinner. Christina went upstairs to change and Natasha stayed in the kitchen.

“So how did you tonight?”

“Good! We won 51-35. The crowd was really into it. That’s always fun.”

“Nice. Nice.” Natasha saw his eyes elevator down and up her body. “They have great uniforms for you gals this year.”

“Oh, do you like them?” Natasha responded in a squeaky voice. She did a slow twirl for him. When she had turned 180 degrees she pulled on the edge of her skirt, pulling it up, exposing her bottom, the majority of her bloomer buried in the crack of her ass.

“But see how the skirts don’t float as much? I miss that.” Natasha said.

“Hmmm, show me that again?” Robert asked.

Natasha pulled up the skirt again, and gave him another eye full.

“Yeah, I guess that has changed, but you look terrific.”

“Thanks! But you have seen these before, Christina is on the squad.”

“She doesn’t make it look the way you do.” Robert said with a lot of base in his voice.

Natasha blushed, and looked down.

“Here, come taste. . . “ Robert said, and Natasha complied. He brought the wooden spoon to her lips, his other hand pressing her cheeks to get her mouth open. Then she felt his groin pressing on the outside of her thigh. It was the first time she had ever felt a penis, erect or otherwise, there in the kitchen, his hard on pushing against his jeans.

She felt him gently put the spoon in and she took in the food. It was delicious. Her heart was pounding. She felt the wildest sensation in between her legs. Her body was responding, and Natasha’s mind went along for the ride.

“Mmmm, it’s really yummy!” Robert smiled and ran his thumb over her lips, removing the extra sauce, and licked it off his thumb. Natasha remembered feeling so intense right then. She felt like Robert was going to grab her, he looked so hungry.

Then she heard Christina bounding down the stairs, and Robert turned back to the stir fry, and Natasha palmed her skirt to make sure it was still down. She could feel the wetness on her panties, and worried she had peed herself.

They had dinner and watched a movie on HBO. Partway through Natasha said she was gonna go change into her sweats and t shirt, and Christina had told her to hurry back. Half a minute later Robert excused himself for the restroom.

Natasha got to the bedroom and pulled her things out of her backpack. She pulled off her top and bra and put on her t shirt. She had just pulled her bloomers and panties off and was about to unzip her skirt when she felt three things she never had before. A man’s hand gripping her thighs, a man’s nose up against her anus, and a man’s tongue. Thinking back it was kind of embarrassing for her. She hadn’t been grooming back then. She wasn’t super hairy at that point but still, she wished she had been well manicured into the landing strip she had now for him.

“Ho-hooly shit! Mr., Mr. Ventura . . . HAAAHH!” Natasha let out a yelp as she felt the first every pure sexual pleasure she ever had. Robert had a talented tongue, and Natasha felt her legs jelly.

Robert stood up and spun her around and held her face in one hand and her tight little ass in the other and kissed her. “Mmmmm, you like to tease hmmm? I’ll give you what you are asking for.” He said in a low but very sexy voice, and Natasha was frozen in shock.

She watched Robert go to his knees and begin to massage and lick and kiss her legs. She couldn’t believe he was actually touching her! She felt equal parts fear and anticipation. She wasn’t sure she was ready for her first man, but she could see in his eyes, something was going to happen to her, that hadn’t before.

His face disappeared under her skirt. “Ahhh! AAAHHH! Oohhhh! Sh-sh-sh-ohhh!” Natasha moaned softly, her hands clasped over her mouth and nose, her french tipped nails touching above her eyes.

He began to devour her passionately, his tongue exploring all of her femininity and Natasha began to quiver all over and Robert’s sed cunnilingus was causing explosions of pleasure to bolt through her.

“Oma-ma-ma-ma Oh ma-ma-ma. Ooooooh shit!” Natasha hissed. She was gripping Roberts hair, trying to point him to where she wanted his attention most second by second and he responded.

“Oooh, Oh shit, Mr. Ven—ha ,ha. Uuuuuuuummmm!” Natasha went hoarse as her first ever orgasm exploded and her world melted around her. She bucked her hips and buckled. She fell to the floor, or would have if Robert hadn’t caught her. She stood up with her, hoisting her to her feet.

He began to kiss her, diving into her mouth and tasting her teeth. Natasha was so concerned with getting enough air after her orgasm. She was breathing heavily, while feeling quite sedated. But she loved when she felt her pussy being stimulated again, now with his fingers.

He meticulously worked her back into waves of pleasure until he had wormed one finger in her, and then two, his fingers thrusting time and time again. He went faster and faster, Natasha gripping his arms, her lips moaning into his chest as he brought her to orgasm again and kept working her so a second orgasm tailed the first, nearly knocking her out. Natasha felt like melted butter. Her whole body was warm and fuzzy and she felt almost like she wanted to go into a warm cocoon and sleep for 100 years.

“Mmmmm, someone’s fucking ready. You’re dripping sweetie. Don’t worry, daddy’s here.” Natasha heard Robert growl into her ear, unable to focus on anything but her own swimming mind, trying to stay conscious. She felt herself pressed up against a wall. She felt his lips and tongue go to hers. She felt his hands massaging her bare buttocks and then she felt it.

It pulled her back to reality a bit. Enough to get her eyes open. She felt his erection, free and clear, pressed between her tummy and his lower stomach. He was grinding his hips into her.

“Mmmmnnnaaah Mmmmmrrrrrmmmmeeeerrt. Rommmmm.” Natasha was too one her own brains chemicals to focus. She knew she should not go further, it was right, it wasn’t time. But he felt so warm and strong up against her, his cock was pulsing and she felt an incredible yearning to feel him internally.

She didn’t have to wait long. She felt Robert scoop her up by her thighs, her skirt pushed up, her ass against the wall as his penis slid down from the top of her folds until he reached her birth canal and pushed inside her, her pussy relaxed and her flower opened from his talented fingers.

She was looking directly at Robert as he entered her body. She watched his face squint up for a moment and then he made a drunk type face, mouth open and eyes droopy. “Unnnghmmm. Holy fuck baby, oh Jesus, I’d pay a thousand bucks for this pussy. Ohhhhhdaauuuuuummmmm.”

Natasha felt tears in her eyes once Robert entered her, her emotions pouring out. Her loss of her mother, her distant father, her need for affection. On top of all that was the cognizance of losing her virginity, that a much older man was inside her, that she was having sex with her friend’s father. It was so much to accept at once, and her loins were already over stimulated as it was.

She wasn’t ready for how fast her next orgasm hit and Robert fucked her against the wall. She barely made a sound, just shuddered from the intense pleasure and then sobbed openly into his chest. She was full of guilt, pleasure, doubt, hunger, confusion, lust and desire. She felt so exposed, but wouldn’t have wanted him to stop for anything in the world.

She had never had a man take her, and yet she now understood how the urge to mate functioned. She learned so much that night. She couldn’t believe how badly she felt like she wanted him to orgasm inside her. She knew the risk, but she wanted the finality, she wanted the completion of their act of coitus. She leaned back and looked down, watching in absolute shock, still sobbing softly, of Robert’s penis going into her body and then coming out, wet and shiny, before plunging back in.

It felt like she had been mating for hours, but in reality it hadn’t quite reached 30 seconds. So much had happened, how could it have happened so fast?

She was trying to make sense of it all and felt another orgasm coming, and she wasn’t sure she could take it, she was exhausted from his lust for her.

Robert grabbed her hands with his and held them above her head against the wall. She was on her tiptoes and occasionally off one or the other as he continued to pump in and out. Natasha saw them in Christina’s full length mirror. They were an artistic site, his athletic frame dance-fucking her taut teen body. She wished her shirt was off, she wished she could have seen them purely naked, nothing but each other. She and her lover.

She say him bristle in the reflection, his legs flexed hard. “Uuuuuffff. NNnnnnnfff! Euuuuuuuah!”

That was what she remembered hearing from him into her ear as he came.

She was puzzled from the sudden stop. She knew what cumming was, but didn’t know that involved a hard stop. She continued watching him in the mirror. Saw him relax for a moment and then lunge up on his haunches again, feeling his cock go as deep in her as he could. Oddly he had one of the smallest penises she had had, but it was still her favorite, and she was glad her first time was with a size she could enjoy. Not that a hogs leg once in a while was bad, she thought to herself.

Natasha came back out of her daydream, hearing the clock ticking. The same clock she listened to just minutes ago while her pussy was ravaged in lust. She went to the bathroom to douche and ran the tub. The warm water over her feel made her feel better. Took away the sick feeling of her most recent lover’s semen inside her.

She thought about how Robert had told her to clean up in the bathroom and he would keep Christina from coming upstairs. She had gone to the bathroom and wiped all her makeup and worked on taking the puffy off of her eyes. She rinsed out her underwear and brushed her hair and put it into a pony tail. She went back to the movie and after another hour, they went to bed.

She didn’t tell Christina. How do you tell your friend, you fucked her dad? More accurately, how do you tell your friend her dad fucked you? She thought about him all week. She was going to see if he really would pay a $1000 for her. She was gonna drive him hot wild and get him to fuck her again. She wanted more of him and she wanted his cash. She felt so strong, and powerful and aggressive. But something terrible happened. The entire Ventura family was ed in a car wreck on that Thursday.

Natasha was crushed again. He lover, her surrogate, the one who took her, who devoured her, who covered her existence in pleasure. But she found the affection was not Robert specific, but he was the best one to fuck. He was the one she would enjoy on an animal level. But she learned to adapt, as people do.

The next was Tiffany’s dad. He was not near as good looking. He was a little overweight, balding, and he didn’t smell all that good. But he was an awesome dad. Tiffany was really lucky. He was kind and loving, helpful and generous and really, really funny. That was how Natasha always thought of him. The funny fuck.

She hadn’t really gone in with that intention, but the girls had decided to take a dip in the pool. As they walked through the kitchen through the sliding door Natasha saw out of the corner of her eye Tiffany’s dad Teddy eyeball her like Robert did. She didn’t even catch the whole thing but it felt eerily similar.

While they were playing in and around the pool with Tiffany’s sister and brother, Natasha kept getting out of the pool and bending over to pick up her towel and wipe her eyes. He was watching every time. The next time out Natasha ran inside to grab a bottle of water. She grabbed a pen and wrote a note on a post it and folded it twice.

She dropped it next to his hand and gazed at him over her shoulder for a bit before getting back in the pool. She saw him read it. He stared at it for a long time. He didn’t react at all. She was shocked. She had wrote:

“If you like what you see you can have it. Only $1000!”

She put a heart for the i over ‘it.’

At dinner that night she did once notice him staring at her for a little too long but that was it. What Natasha didn’t know was he had snagged her phone. At school on Monday she got a text. Ted had programed his name with 1000 after it. His text read: I have the 1000, can you skip last period tomorrow?”

Natasha responded that she could, and found herself satiated with attention satisfaction the whole day in anticipation. It was a strange sense of ownership she felt. She also was perplexed how she felt her body looking forward to sex, though she didn’t look forward to having sex with him. She needed the feeling of his lust, while not excited about his unimpressive physique.

She texted him to where she was waiting off campus and he picked her up.

“Hi Ted. Nice to see you.”

“Yeah. Uh, so the cash is in the glove box, did you bring the dress?”

“Yeah. It’s in my bag. Are we going to a party?” Natasha had gotten a request from Teddy that morning. He asked her to wear her shortest dress and heels. She texted back that she could bring a dress but couldn’t leave the house in it. She only had one dress like that. The white one her mom had got her. She was just able to squeeze into it. She bust, hips and thighs were all a bit bigger, and her height increase meant the dress only just covered her ass and upper thigh.

“A party?” Teddy said. He was shifting in his seat. He seemed very on edge. He couldn’t stay still.

“Well yeah. Why did you want me to bring a dress?”

“Be—because that is how I want you to look.” He grunted hastily.

Natasha remembered feeling kind of odd when he said that. She felt really cheap, it sounded like he wanted to dress her up like a doll. That was the first not so pleasant surprise that afternoon.

She asked if they were going to the house, but he said he couldn’t risk us being seen. I asked if we were going to a hotel. He said he couldn’t risk using his credit card. She asked where they were going to go. She didn’t like the answer.

“Here. No one will put two and two together, even if someone sees.” He had parked along the railing on the edge of a gas station parking lot, and had pointed to the external rest rooms.

“In there? Wait we . . . “

“C’mon, this is the only way we can be safe. Just keep your shoes on, I’ll be quick.”

Natasha continued to protest for a while but Teddy eventually talked her into it. Teddy worked in sales and was terrific at it. It wasn’t all that hard to make her come around.

Natasha went in first. She was supposed to change into the dress and then Teddy would show up. The bathroom was gross, the toilet had pee on it, and there was hair and . . . stuff on the floor. She almost backed out, but she was so expectant of feeling a man inside her again. She felt like she just had to feel the heat of a man’s penis. She took off her clothes and slipped on the dress.

Even in the dirty, stained, small mirror, Natasha could see the changes in her body since she first wore it. Her breasts looked ready to pop out. Her public hair could be visible if she stood up tall too fast. But from the side she was impressed. She was looking more and more like a trucker mud flap. She even wondered to herself if more sex would make her body be more impressive.

Teddy knocked once and came in. He bolted the latch and turned around, his hard on visible in his pants. He looked at me and grinned.

“Holy fuck. That’s what I am talking about!” He shoved his pants down.

“I waaa- woah. What the fuck?” Natasha stared in disbelief. This unimpressive body had one hell of an impressive cock. He was 8 and a half long and big around as Natasha’s wrist. And it was hopping as Teddy shuffled towards her.

What the fuck? Where is he gonna put that? Natasha’s mind was running around and around, trying to prepare herself for where she knew that cock was going.

Teddy reached her and just started gropping. There was no rhythm or passion or anything, just mindless animal rubbing and grinding. Natasha didn’t enjoy this type of foreplay nearly as much. She assumed it always was the same. Oral, fingers and sex. She was learning different.

One time in his grinds his cock got under her dress. It pushed against her tummy. Jesus, it reached that far up. The fucking thing would be poking her lungs! But there was no way out of this. Teddy’s eyes were already empty, he was gone and his fuck ego had replaced Teddy.

He grabbed her hips and spun her like a top. He slid a hand up on each thigh and hiked the dress to her hips. He lined up and started pushing right away.

“Ooooh! Hey, Teddy, it, I don’t think it will—OOOOOhhh, ok, ok, it fits, it fits!” Teddy was pushing hard and had breached her opening. He was fucking gargantuan. Jesus it felt like a tree trunk was splitting her in two.

“Damn you’re a tight little slut!” Teddy said loudly.

“I am not a sll----OOOOOOHHHH. Uuuuunnnff! Oh, slow, slow!!” He was thrusting already, like they were in form. But she wasn’t ready to accept him in all the way. He wasn’t waiting for permission, he was taking what he wanted.


Natasha felt a hard push and felt her pussy feel like it broke. The muscles relaxed and Teddy got his full length and girth into her. She felt like a pig roasting on a spit. She felt like her pussy was going to tear.

And then he started thrusting.

“Unnna! Unnngggha! Unga! Unga! Unga! Unga!” Natasha settled into a rhythmic squeal as she held the sink in a vice grip, her knuckles showing through. She didn’t feel any pleasure, just extreme discomfort and was feeling nauseous.

“Oh shit baby! Oh shit baby! Don’t worry, no one will hear us!” Teddy roared as he began to fuck her like a fleshlight. His hands gripping her tiny waist, watching her apple bottom ass cheeks bouncing with his pounding. She went up on her toes in the heels on each pump.

Natasha looked up, her reflection in the mirror a look of agony and sadness. She saw one of her breasts pop free, the dress falling, the whole skimpy thing around her waist as he fucked her silly.

Her hair bounced off her shoulders, her stunted gasps and grunts a jumbled mess. She looked at Teddy in the mirror. His mouth was open, lips pulled back, staring at himself penetrating Natasha over and over, faster and faster.

Natasha thought she might black out from the pain. She reached behind her to make Teddy hold back. He grabbed her wrist, and then reached and grabbed the other, holding both hands behind her as he pumped for all he was worth. Natasha’s head was drooped, she was barely aware. Pain had numbed her thoroughly.

“Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Teddy pumped again and kept himself buried inside. Natasha felt the mercy of the stop of pumping. She heard Teddy howling behind her as he filled her young pussy with a huge torrent of his semen.

A half thrust. Natasha grunted, Teddy grunted. And again, let loose a flood of sperm worthy his massive cock. Teddy let her arms go and wrapped around her tummy holding her close as he was rubbing his face back and forth on her shoulder blade, mumbling into her flesh.

He panted for a few minutes before pulling himself free, softer but still huge.

“Ah-ahaha-haa-ah! Esssssssszzzch.” Natasha grimaced in pain as his horse cock pulled free. She fell to her knees, back on her haunches. She made no sound, just breathed hard her pussy felt like it was stuck in super stretch mode. Had he broken her pussy? Would she ever be able to take a normal cock again?

Mercifully her cramping pussy did begin to retract and the pain subsided, but the soreness stuck around. She stayed on her haunches until Teddy pulled her up a few minutes later. She was ginger on her feet and Teddy began to make out with her.

She didn’t mind that until she felt his erection rub up against her tummy. Jesus, he was hard again? Natasha thought, feeling incredulous that he could possibly think she could take him again. He was too big.

“What, what armmmmm, mmmuuu doing?”

“Now that’s a silly question.” Teddy growled.

“No, no, that was just for the one time!”

“What? Hell no. For a thousand bucks you can give me 15 minutes.”

“No, no. No I can’t. . . “

“Sure you can, you just did.”

“No. No Teddy!”

He had tossed her into the sink, her delicate ass touching gross residue. She felt used and gross. Her legs splayed. Her tits hanging out, buoyant though they were. Her body ached all over and his cock looked even bigger as Teddy hopped up on the over turned trash can.

He pushed down on Natasha’s tummy and he rammed himself back in to her precious young pussy.

“Uuuuuuu! Teddy! Teddy slow-ow-ow.”

“Ok, ok slow.” And he went slow and steady, but kept the pace tolerable for the time being. He pumped long and deep, and Natasha was at least able to not be in pain. It ached and was sore for sure, but she was able to feel a bit of pleasure this time.

“Jesus Christ! Look at this body!” Teddy was squeezing her waist shifting her around as he pumped her worn out body. He ran his hands all over her, squeezing, pinching, rubbing. Her great tits, her taut tummy, her bubble butt, they all got their due attention.

This time Teddy had held out for considerably longer than his initial 35 second fuck. Natasha saw the white ooze on his dick, the massive member working like a plunger pulling his initial load of semen back out. Jesus it was a big cock, she still couldn’t believe he could fit in her. Three of his dicks would equal her waist.

“Ok, ok baby, sorry, it’s finish time.” He stood up higher and pulled back and slammed home and went into pumping at high speed.

“N-n-n-n-no-oh-hoh-oh-ooooooh!!” Natasha sobbed and clenched the dirty sink at her sides, her teeth clenched and her eyes squeezed shut. The pain was returning and Natasha was preparing for a thrashing but thankfully Teddy was at his peak and erupted inside of Natasha.

She watched his face as he twitched and howled. “Oh fuck baby, oh fuck take it, take my cum! Fuck yeah!” He stared at her, his face shaking as he let his cum flow freely and coated her innards with his spunk.

Teddy slipped off the garbage can, his still full cock yanked out of Natasha and she saw a few strands of gooey white coming out of her and sticking to the sink. She felt so relieved, and admittedly satisfied. She felt more affection than she ever had. It was lust and not the love she didn’t know she craved, but it filled the void, at least for now.

Once she was dressed, not easy because of moving her legs, she walked slowly and gingerly to the car, wondering if it would be weeks before she could walk again. Teddy drove her home. He texted her three times a week from then on, but she rarely responded, only when the week was slow, especially the holidays. But she was on to something, and she liked the $1000 sitting in her backpack.

She still thought everything would have gone smooth if she hadn’t gotten lazy. But she did. She got lazy and things got. . . complicated. She cleaned herself and got in bed, but couldn’t turn off her mind.


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