Awakening Lisa

Awakening Lisa

I love all women. I truly do. Every woman has at least one attribute which is beautiful and usually there are several. It could be a curve of form or face or the softness of a look. The way she wears her clothes or the way her foot looks in a shoe. Hair is beautiful as are eyes, necklines and voices. Personalities shine as do caring and kind gestures. Not to forget soft hands and their caresses. I love women.

As well as being attracted to women I also appreciate and respect them but this doesn’t mean that I play around because this is the first and only time I’ve cheated.

This is a love story.

I first saw the heroine of this story, we’ll call her Lisa, about nine or ten years ago but we didn’t start becoming friends until about five or six years ago. I was instantly attracted to her smile, her personality her petite-ness and her marvelous ass.

She was then, and is now, a wonderfully friendly and giving person who loves to volunteer her time and talents and to help people.
After getting to know her for a few months (we volunteered at the same institution) I asked her out for coffee one afternoon.

We had both met each other’s spouses, several times, and it was (seemingly) a very innocent invitation so she accepted. I qualified that statement with a “(seemingly)” because I must confess to hoping for more than coffee although I was not very optimistic about ‘anything’ ensuing because she was such a nice person and I didn’t think that I had a prayer of ‘getting anywhere’ with her.

We enjoyed our coffee and conversation and spent a very pleasant hour sharing things about ourselves with each other. The chat was innocent enough but I dared to hope that she felt some sort of attraction for me. When we parted, in the parking lot, I gave her a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. She smiled but became quite flustered and very embarrassed at this ‘move’ of mine. We had shared hugs a few times but never more than that.

We had coffee together a few more times over the next several weeks and she became comfortable with the quick kisses on the cheek.
We also started a fairly innocent on-line friendship through email and Facebook.

We started taking our coffee to a local park which is quite wooded and has several large ponds within its boundaries. We would sit at a table or share a bench while we enjoyed the local flora and fauna and we continued sharing about ourselves. We usually had the place to ourselves and it was seldom that we saw anyone else.
It became quite natural for us to hold hands as we walked along the nature trails and for us to bump against each other from time to time as we walked. We continued sharing things about ourselves and began to learn quite a lot about each other. We also started to feel a much deeper attraction than mere friendship although it was still going to be a while before either of us would admit that we were in love.

As we progressed through this period of what can be looked back on as courtship, she became quite comfortable sitting next to me on the benches, quite closely, I must hasten to mention, with my arm around her and, even when standing, holding each other. As summer became fall and the temperatures grew cooler, I would take her in my arms and wrap her in my jacket.

She is very tiny in my arms. She is just a bit over 5’4” and weighs about 110. She is, as I mentioned earlier, petite.
I stand 6’ tall and continue to tease the scales on either side of 200 lbs. She felt wonderfully small in my arms and she has told me how that makes her feel not just warm, but safe.

Lisa is very cute and quite pretty and wears her hair short in a pixie-like styling. Her hair is always soft and has a slight fragrance of soap and flowers, perhaps roses.

Whenever I held her, it seemed quite natural to put my face in her hair and to place little kisses there. I progressed to kissing the tips of her ears and to placing a small kiss on her cheek whenever we parted from our embrace.

Although it still all seemed quite innocent, there was nothing I could do to hide or disguise the bulge in my pants every time I held her.

I was able to find reasons, and then invent excuses, to hold her such as the cooling temperatures and even an abandoned sleeping bag which hung in a tree that we started calling ‘our bear’. Whenever we were near the place of the sleeping bag which, from a distance, resembled a curled up animal, I would warn her of a possible approaching bear and she would laughingly come into my arms. We both played this game at the time and we both look back on it now with great fondness.

As it grew colder, we spent more time sitting in my car with the heater on and it was quite a natural thing for me to put my arms around her. We eventually (again, quite naturally) progressed to the back seat. (Advance to the rear?)

By the time we made it this far, we had shared a few kisses. The first kiss, mouth to mouth, was very gentle, delicate, quick and tender. There were no open mouths, no tongues.

It turns out that Lisa had never kissed a man other than her husband. She was brought up in a strict church-going family and married a man from that church. They were both innocent of any pre-marital sexual experiences and, as far as I have learned, sex was not a very ‘fun’ activity for them. They had obviously been close because they had ren, now grown adults. She told me that the last sexual episode they had, had bordered on and was extremely painful for her and that she had sworn to never let him touch her again.

She was certainly no virgin when I met her although she had the innocence of one.

I am not vastly experienced with women but I have probably had twenty or so lovers over my lifetime so I do know a little bit about love-making. I wanted to treat her the way that I felt she needed and deserved to be treated, as a woman, but also as a Lady.

I had then and have now the greatest respect for Lisa and am only relating this story because I feel the need to tell someone and I think that this is a safe venue in terms of neither of us being recognized by anyone.

However, I am straying from our story.

We had been kissing for a few weeks and I had taught her how to French kiss. She really enjoyed that and, after getting used to the idea, was one of the most passionate women I’ve ever had the pleasure of kissing.

Her lips are soft and pliant and her tongue has learned more ways to dance with mine than I can count. Even as I sit here typing, just thinking about kissing her and having her tongue in my mouth causes me to harden.

She walks most places, although she is an excellent driver, and has a very firm body. Did I mention that she has a great ass?

When we held each other and kissed, our bodies would mold against each other, her small breasts would press against my chest, her legs would be against mine, her feet would be on my feet and, of course, her crotch would be pressed firmly against my swollen manhood.

I remember the feel of that great ass the first time I ever reached down and squeezed it.

We progressed to the point where I was sliding my hands under her top and loosening her bra and feeling her bare breasts. Lisa has very small, pert breasts. Her nipples stand up and the areolas are like brown dollars around those nipples.

The first time I ever kissed her breasts and suckled her nipples she almost swooned with the feelings she was experiencing. She had never had anyone do that with her before.

The first time I attempted anything more daring than touching her breasts, we were standing on a small dock by one of the ponds and nobody else was around. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply, her arms around me and our mouths locked together, tongues dancing. My hands were gripping and massaging the cheeks of that marvelous ass. We continued kissing, deeply, as I moved my hands to the sides, to her hips. Our fronts were locked together and I was pressing my erection into her crotch.
She didn’t move away or break the kiss when I moved my hands the first time so I moved them again, more to the front and onto her thighs.

Emboldened by the fact that she still didn’t try to pull away, I reached to the front of her jeans and gently pulled down her zipper.

I must say that I was beside myself with excitement, both at what I was attempting and at the fact that she was allowing me to do this.
When I had her zipper down, I placed a couple of fingers, gently, into that opening and pressed against her panty clad tummy. She moved her hips back a bit, allowing me more access and I was able to find the waistband of her panties and to pull it down with my fingers. I moved my hand down inside of her panties and felt her wonderful, luxuriant bush with the backs of my fingers. I turned my hand around and gently probed for her slit.

As my fingers combed through that bushy, sexy hair, I felt her hot wetness. WETNESS! I was amazed at how hot and wet and tight she was when I gently slipped my finger into her pussy. She moaned softly into my mouth and then broke our kiss and leaned back a bit and looked into my eyes.

I continued to feel her, just her labia, and then placed a fingertip inside of her as we continued gazing into each other’s eyes. She placed her face against my chest as I kept my hand in her pants, fingers against her sex. We stood like that for a couple of moments, and then I removed my hand. I made sure that she was watching when I placed my fingers in my mouth and tasted her nectar.

I kissed her again and we just stood there, in each other’s arms.
Sad to relate, though, we once again needed to return to the car as it was nearing the time when we had to part.

The memory of the feel and taste of her caused me to get aroused to the point where I needed to masturbate a few times in the days that followed.

The next time we were together again, I didn’t waste any time and as soon as our lips touched I slid my hand under her dress and up to her crotch. She opened her legs for me and I could feel her wetness soaking through her panties. We continued kissing and our tongues once again took up their dance as we explored the insides of each other’s mouths.

I continued feeling her, sliding my finger tips along the cleft between her labia and gently pressing inwards, still on the outside of her, now, soaked panties.

She hunched forward on the seat which allowed me to get my hand up under her dress and under the elastic of her panties. I then pulled them down enough to allow me access to her wonderful pussy.

She lifted her butt from the seat and I was able to remove her panties completely. She then leaned back into the seat and spread her legs as far as she was able to within the confines of the car and I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh, gently massaging her leg as it moved upward. I could feel the heat coming from her as I neared that wonderful spot.

I next felt her pelt of curly, thick, sexy hair. I really love hair on a woman; I find it very attractive and very sexy, the thicker the better. I am not turned on, especially, by shaved pussies although I will confess that they don’t turn me off, either. My only experience with a shaved pussy is by way of porn and not actual, ‘hands-on’ experience.

My finger tips pressed onward, through her bush until I touched her lips. They were parted, slightly, and dripping wet. She gasped softly as I entered her with my finger and as I found her clitoris with my thumb. I was gently stroking her clit and moving my finger in and out of her and then we stopped kissing long enough to look into each other’s eyes.

She was concerned about ME. Because of the pain she experienced when her husband d her, she feared that she would never be able to have sexual intercourse again. This fear caused her to have concern for me as she didn’t want to leave me ‘hanging’, frustrated and unsatisfied.

I tried to reassure Lisa that we would only, ever, go as far as she was comfortable with and that she was not to worry about me being left ‘unfinished’. There are other ways of achieving satisfaction and I’m still able to jack off, after all.

We talked about our concerns for each other and about the feelings we were sharing and then Lisa admitted to me that she had never had an orgasm. That information left me flabbergasted and determined to remedy that situation.

One of the aspects of sex which I enjoy most is giving pleasure to a woman. I actually derive pleasure from giving pleasure and I don’t think that I have a need to make her cum just to reassure myself of my manhood. Not to mention that if it is good for her it is certainly going to be good for me!

At any rate, our times together escalated in terms of becoming intimate with one another.

I must mention that, at the time, I was 59 years of age and Lisa had not yet turned 50. We were hardly spring chickens and hardly the type of people one might expect to be found making out in a car!
However, the car was what we had so the car is what we used.

For several more weeks, usually once a week, we found an hour or so when we could be together. We stopped having coffee as that cut into our make-out time.

We found various places around the city where we could park, with some measure of privacy, and our groping became caressing and both of us were enjoying learning about the other’s body. With the onset of winter came earlier darkness which pleased us as it allowed us that much more privacy.

Lisa had no experience whatsoever when it came to handling and fondling a man’s cock but she learned quickly and keenly. Her hands are tiny and soft and her touch is very delicate and light. Whenever she touched me I experienced exquisite sensations, just from the gentleness and lightness of her touch. What I mean to say is that I was on the edge of cumming, just with a few touches from her hands.

I got to learn more about that wonderful pussy. She usually wore a dress and sweater and started meeting me wearing no bra and no panties, although she would put panties on for her drive home. I feel compelled to comment on how sexy Lisa is wearing a tight sweater. Her small, perky breasts look amazing and, because of her petite frame, don’t appear to be small. They are perfect for her. When she is aroused her nipples stand up very nicely, protruding through the fabric.

She is slim and shapely and her breasts are small and firm and stand up with very little sagging. Her nipples are wonderfully erect when she is excited and the areolas are dark brown and silver dollar sized.

Her bush is thick and black. It is always clean and soft and shiny. I love to trail my fingers through it and I love to cup her crotch in my hand, feeling her pelt against my palm with the hot wetness always a presence. Her pussy is very wet, when she is excited, which is most of the time, and it is very hot and tight. She is very sweet tasting and the fragrance of her musk is intoxicating.

Anyway, after a few of our petting sessions Lisa was able to bring me to a climax with just a hand-job. Don’t forget, we were in the back seat of a fairly small car and we are not as flexible, physically, as we once were! I was able to give her pleasure but no discernable climax.

We are able to speak freely and openly about everything that we do and she admitted that although I made her feel good, nothing earth-shaking had occurred. I certainly can’t speak personally about how a climax feels for a woman but, having said that, she didn’t respond in any manner which suggested that she had really cum.

One day, she brought their van over to our house for some repair work. My wife was away and Lisa was alone. She pulled into the garage and I closed and locked the doors behind her. She got out from the driver’s seat and then climbed onto the middle seat of her van which resembled a single bed, especially when compared to the cramped seat of my compact car. She sat on the edge of the seat with her legs hanging out the cargo door and I stood between her legs and took her in my arms.

We started to kiss and to suck each other’s tongues as we brought our bodies together. I was trembling with excitement and felt much like I remember feeling when I was a teen-ager and was about to get to ‘know’ a girl.

She had on a skirt (with no panties) and a cotton blouse, with no bra.
Her nipples were standing up, showing through the thin cotton and I could already smell her musk which was like an aura of desire around her.
I was shaking as I kissed her and as I ran my hands over her arms and back. I opened her blouse and moved my head down to her chest, leaving a trail of little kisses, around and around her breasts, getting closer and closer to her nipples but not touching them.

I lightly touched her left nipple with the tip of my tongue and then quickly followed up with the right. I continued kissing her breasts and then made my way back up to her neck and her ears.

She loves to have me kiss her ears and it drives her crazy when I put my tongue in them.

We have also learned that she loves to receive hickeys and, because her husband never sees her naked, she loves to have me place them all over her body.

I kissed both sides of her neck, pressing heavily with my tongue and lips so as to excite her without leaving any marks where they would show and then I worked my way to her shoulders where I left some large hickeys on each side. I then moved back to her breasts and continued to tease her with little kisses and jabs of my tongue. I left more hickeys below and beside her breasts. She was pushing her chest toward me as I finally took her left nipple between my lips. I squeezed it, with my lips and then started to suckle it. I then gently took it between my teeth and bit down, ever so softly. Then I pulled my head back, slowly, and let her nipple drag out through my teeth.

I repeated the process on her right nipple and she was really starting to tremble and to softly moan. I began to kiss my way down to her waist and then I put my hands under her skirt and lifted it up above her waist.

This was the first time I had ever really been able to take a good look at her pussy so I just stood there, admiring it.

With the extra room on that wide van seat, Lisa was able to spread her legs and I could see the pinkness of her plump, swollen labia, glistening through her sexy bush and I could smell her musk, enveloping me and causing me to lose my remaining sensibility. I gently parted her hair and exposed her clit, standing up, looking to be loved.

I lowered my face to her crotch and started to kiss her lower abdomen. I covered her hair with kisses and pressed lightly with my mouth against the top of her slit, through the hair. I moved my mouth down to her legs and kissed her right leg all the way down to her knee. I then laid her down on the seat and bent her leg up and kissed the inside of her knee and then moved over to her left one, which was against the seat back. She lifted that leg up higher so I kissed the inside of her knee and then started covering the inside of her left thigh with little licks and kisses.

As I neared her pussy I started to slow down and I nipped her thigh a couple of times and, because she was moaning and squirming on the seat, I knew that she wanted more.

I tentatively stuck out my tongue and touched her labia. I then slid my tongue along the cleft between them, right up to her clitoris. I flicked at her clit a few times with the tip of my tongue and then I moved back downwards, all the way down to the bottom of her cleft, almost to her ass.

I brought my tongue back up, this time pressing it more deeply into her until my lips met her lips. I French kissed her pussy and experienced the most wonderful taste that I can imagine as her juices flowed into my mouth. I moved my mouth back up to the top and took her clitoris between my lips and started to suck it. Lisa was excited and was raising her hips to my face. I continued to lick and suck and tongue-fuck her but I was still unable to bring her to a climax.

We had never made love and neither one of us knew if she would be able to accept my cock inside of her. I am probably of average endowment, 7” or so long and of thick girth but my cock is still bigger than my finger, which she ~could~ take in, and the last thing I wanted to do was to hurt her.

I took my very hard cock out of my pants and, standing between her legs I held it in my hand and guided it toward her opening.

Our eyes locked as I touched the head of my dick to her labia and then ever so slightly pressed just a bit inside of her.

I stopped moving, with hardly even the head of my cock between her labia and I asked her how she was doing.

She smiled, bravely, it seemed, and told me to keep going.

I was still very nervous about hurting her and was reluctant to push in although every fiber in my being was screaming for me to do so.

I gently pressed forward some more and the head disappeared inside of her.

I again asked and she again reassured me that she was fine.

I continued to slowly slip inside of her pussy as we looked into each other’s eyes. She continued to smile at me and she kept encouraging me to go in deeper.

The feeling was exquisite as she enveloped my hard cock with her hot, wet, tight pussy . . . . so incredibly soft . . . . such a wonderful place. An awesome place!

And then, I could not go any more deeply into her. I was all the way inside. I told her and she just kept smiling. She said that she had experienced no pain whatsoever, only some discomfort at first because she was so nervous. I pulled out almost all the way and then slid back inside of her. She started to lift her hips up towards me and asked me to go faster.

I pumped harder and faster, full strokes but not slamming into her. I was still concerned about hurting her.

I could feel the pressure beginning to build deep inside of myself and I told her that I was cumming.

Because of our ages and because I’ve been ‘snipped’, I knew that ‘we’ couldn’t get pregnant and I had absolutely no intention of NOT cumming into her, I just wanted her to know when.

She smiled into my eyes and told me not to stop.

I couldn’t hold back any longer so I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me and buried myself into her as far as I could go. I just pressed deeply into her as my cock shot out jets of cum. Not as hard or as copious as when I was younger but certainly the most intense orgasm I’ve experienced in several years.

When I was finished cumming into her, I gently pulled out and then leaned over her and helped her to sit up. We held each other and confessed our love for each other.

She told me that it was wonderful for her and that there had been no pain but she still didn’t think that she had cum.

I laid her back down and proceeded to clean her up with my tongue. The taste of her juices mixed with my cum started me to harden again but I did still have to fix her van and our time was almost gone.

We have made love on a few occasions, since, and Lisa, I’m happy to say, has finally experienced an orgasm.

If there is any interest I would be pleased to relate some more of our story, so long as she is agreeable. If you are reading this now, you know that she has agreed to every word that is here. It couldn’t be any other way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far.


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