Sex With Jack Frost: A Short Story

Sex with Jack Frost

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the creators or producers of the actual film Rise of the Guardians.

Pitch had been vanquished. And for a time, all was well.

Jamie grew up over the years. He always maintained his belief in Easter Bunny, Santa, Sandy, Tooth Fairy, and most importantly, Jack Frost. His friends, the ones who were not present for the rise of the guardians, laughed and scoffed at his ridiculous love for the things that they themselves had never seen. Deep within, though, Jamie had a love stronger than any of them could imagine.

Jack was content—for a time. The years that had passed matured Jamie from a boy into a young man. But Jack hardly noticed that the passing of time had aged Jamie into a youth similar to himself. The years never aged Frost. Not physically. Not mentally. His snow white hair maintained its youngness and his teeth were still as perfect as the day Fairy had inspected them.

Over the years Jack had continued to visit Jamie during the winters. On t</i><i>hose nights when Jack glided down to the boy who had first believed in him, they did all that was in line with Jack’s center—fun. Classically, they would escape into midnight snowball fights, snowboarding tricks and sledding races, and if Jack was in a particularly good mood, they would fly and it was the motion of the winter winds that gave them flight, along with Jack’s trusty wooden staff.

Between them, though, something beyond fun had taken root—the way Jack and Jamie looked at one another had become more affectionate and deeper and overall they were happy but Jack was the most scared of these feelings. As a protector he was terrified of what he burned to do with Jamie.

“Jack, you know in a year I’m—”

"I know.

Jack was balanced on Jamie’s window sill with a single leg outstretched and the other dangling off the edge.

“Let’s not talk about it.” Jack Frost was being a coward.

“Ok.” Jamie sighed, happy to be changing the subject.

“What do you want to talk about then?” Jamie said, admiring Jacks stark white hair blowing in the icy wind and his frank red lips which looked to be little flames in contrast to his pale body.

“Well, I don’t know. Do you want to go ice skating? We haven’t done that for a couple of days.” Jack said.

“No, I think I’d like to just talk. We never get to talk. Besides, my bed is very comfortable when I get to sit like this on it.” Jamie said— content.

“Okay then, what would you like to talk about?… What is my favorite thing to do in the world?… You tell me yours first.” Jack felt colder than normal— still scared of Jamie finding out the fantasies that hid in his mind.

“Well, alright. That’s easy; all of the fun things I do with you are my favorite things.” Jamie lit up thinking of the pair’s past memories.

“Haha, you spoil me .” Jack looked down and his face lit up too, thinking of the same memories.

“Jack, I’m not a anymore, you know? I’m just as big as you now.”

Jack had noticed. Jamie’s build now was lean and strong, perhaps even stronger than his was. He was handsome too, handsome as hell with his fine brown hair swished to the side and the light freckles on his face. He still spoke earnest like he did when he was young, though.

“Jack, what are you afraid of?” Jamie asked, suddenly.

“Huh, what are you talking about?” Jack’s face took on a look of worry.

“During the rise, Pitch said that you were afraid of people not believing in you. But now all of the little s do. And still it seems there is a flicker of fear in you.” Jamie asked, knowing that he was pushing Jack.

“Don’t ask me that.
” Jack said coldly, colder than ever before— looking off into the dark night, it was snowing.


“I said, don’t ask me that.”

“I’m not scared like you Jack. What are you scared of?”

“Stop it, you’re ruining the night.”

“What are you hiding from Jack?”


Jack had leapt from the window sill and was holding Jamie by the front of his shirt with his hand, as though he were about to hit him.

Without realizing it, Jack’s face was but an inch away… And Jamie kissed him.

“Jamie! Pfffttttt! Yuck! What are you doing? What is wrong with you?” Jack nearly screamed as he pushed Jamie away.

Jamie’s parents and little sister were out of town visiting the in-laws.

“Jack, you always told me to find my center and never apologize for it. My center is the same as yours. Isn’t this everything you have ever lived for? The snowball fights, the flying, the icicles, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and catching snowflakes on your tongue? Didn’t you do it all because it is your center? It is fun. And we all believe in you because of it.”

And even though the man in Frost shuddered as he heard those words, he knew Jamie was right and that this was the reason why he had not felt the wonder of days past. He had been denying himself the fun that his center demanded.

Jack bounded, back towards Jamie on the bed, smiling again. And this time the kiss held. Jamie could feel the cold ice lace imprinting of Jack’s blue hoody as it pressed against him.

“Let’s find our centers.” Jack said with all of the wonder he was famous for.

Jack Frost removed Jamie’s shirt while they continued their playful kissing back and forth. Jamie certainly had grown into his lean shell. This was evidenced by his flat stomach which showed the tendonous inscriptions of his abdominals and pleasantly firm pecs.

Jack’s mind was filled with the careless innocence which had defined him as he conquered his last fear.

Jamie’s skin tasted sweet and young as he moved from his clavicle down his perfectly hairless body, kissing each nipple and each space of skin separating the origins of Jamie’s muscles.

In a total state of disbelief, Jamie was still accepting reality. His best friend, the person who had made his life worth living and provided countless hours of dreams turning to reality, was doing it once more. As Jack kissed his body he could feel the trace of his cold breath everywhere and the clarity of the cold temperature heightened every sensation that Jack was giving him.

Simply, Jack reached Jamie’s waistband, and, looking up at him with his freezing blue eyes, he asked,

“Jamie, you understand that after this moment there is no going back?”

Nervously and as he shook, “I do.” Was how Jamie replied.

Jack pulled his waistbands down, revealing Jamie’s cock.


Awed, Jack was mesmerized by Jamie’s beautiful dick. It had been circumcised expertly and was an excellent six and a half inches long.

“Can I touch it?” Jack asked, hesitating.

“I would probably die if you didn’t.”

Jack took a hold of Jamie’s cock, and ever slowly began stroking and was taking in the sight of Jamie’s muscled legs.

“Jack. All of that stuff about your center? I think this is going to be the most fun we have ever had.”

“I think so too.” Jack replied.

Jack found a rhythm, jerking Jamie up and down, experimenting with going a little faster and a little slower, based off of Jamie’s facial expressions, which bounced between blissful and pure ecstasy. Jack could feel the strain of the through Jamie’s dick and knew that this was the thing he wanted most in life.

Jack was frustrated that he had not seen any pre cum beading on the tip of Jamie’s cock.

“Jack, that feels so good, please do not stop.
” Jamie instructed.

Jack had no intentions of stopping, though. As he continued pumping Jamie’s fleshy member, pre cum had finally begun to form at the top of Jamie’s mushroom head and as it glinted in the chilling night Jack wanted to taste it and now he was done asking for permission.

Jack swiftly lowered his boyish face between Jamie’s innocent legs and tasted the bitter sweet pre cum that was candying the head of Jamie’s dick.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh….” Jamie could not believe what had just happened. His best friend Jack Frost was giving him his first blowjob. But beyond that, Jack’s mouth was slick, but it was not warm like most peoples. Instead, it had a chilling effect, like menthol.

“Jack, your mouth is cold!” Jamie screamed with delight.

“Really? Should I stop? Is it bad?”

“No, dear god no, it’s the most incredible feeling. Please put your mouth back on.”

Jack resumed bobbing his head up and down. Jamie loved watching his sharp white hair move and the look in Frost’s steel blue eyes every time he looked up to check on him. Frost rather liked the challenge of trying to get more and more of Jamie’s dick down his throat with every pass. He could feel the texture of Jamie’s vessels with his tongue and feeling his warmth turned him on exquisitely because he was cold so very often.

Growing more daring, Jack began to caress Jamie’s balls at the same time he sat sucking his dick— swallowing saliva and pre cum.

Jack noticed Jamie had the faintest traces of pubic hair, and it was brown just like the hair on his head. On the rest of his body, though, no follicles could be found.

“Jack, I think something is about to happen.” Jamie said, dazed.

Jack smiled mischievously in his mind in anticipation of what was to come.

“Ohhhhhh, fuuuuccckkkkkk!” Jamie yelled.

Frantically, he felt Jamie’s legs stiffen and contract and his toes curled while his hips bucked his cock further into Jack’s mouth and it was at this time Jack had finally succeeded at burying Jamie’s dick to the hilt into his throat and Jacks pure white nose was pressing against Jamie’s Adonis belt and with each buck of Jamie’s hips Jack Frost could feel the end of his best friend’s penis explode with burst after burst of salty-sweet cum into his esophagus.

Jamie finally settled, and as Jack withdrew noisily he could finally fully taste the cum that leaked on his tongue as Jamie’s dick pulled out. It was thick and creamy and salty and it satisfied Jack.

“Wanna taste?” Jack asked figuring there was no sense in being bashful now.

“Absolutely” And with that Jamie leaned forward to taste his cum off of Jack Frost’s tongue.

“My turn” Jamie said, as he grabbed Jack’s sides as he lay on top of him and flipped him onto his back.
Jack raised his slender arms up above his head and bent at the sternum so Jamie could remove his special blue hoody and plain white t-shirt. The paleness of Jack’s chest shocked Jamie and he simply sat staring at his flawless torso— watching the snowflakes melt on it. It had been lightly snowing the whole time in Jamie’s bedroom. Jack made that happen every time he visited.

Jamie and Jack had very similar bodies. Except Jamie had just a bit more muscle and Jack was a tad skinnier. This made Frost’s abdominals and other striations even more pronounced. Jamie sucked on Jack’s bright pink nipples which were contrasted by his paleness, and kissed his body the same way he had done to him. The anticipation was deadly.

“Jamie, you are ing me.” Jack strained out.

“I know.”

Still, he kissed his way all the way down to his bare feet—Jack never wore shoes. Then, finally, he slowly dragged Frost’s tight fitting jeans down and he saw that Jack was fittingly wearing white boxers.

“Are you ready now?”

“Jamie, if you don’t put my cock in your mouth, I’m going to bury you in snow.”

And with that Jamie pulled down Jack’s boxers, revealing the legendary Jack Frost’s cock.

“Holy cow, this thing has got to be at least eight inches!” Jamie said, ecstatic.

“Yea, I guess us guardians are blessed.” Jack said laughing.

Jamie sat between Jack’s skinny legs stroking his giant protrusion, wondering how he was going to fit it all in his mouth. His dick was just as pale as the rest of his body, and the ring around the head of his cock was a cold purple color. The entire thing was artfully symmetrical, though.

“I guess I’ll just have to do my best.” Jamie said, hopeful.

As Jamie slid the tip of Jack’s dick in his mouth, he was thinking about the oncoming inch. Inch after inch entered his mouth, past his tongue, and he still wasn’t gagging, even though he was half way down, and pausing to take a deep breath through his nose, he continued taking in more, until his throat was swollen and his nose was buried in Jack Frost’s pale Adonis belt.

“I guess you don’t have a gag reflex.” Jack joked.

Jamie gasped as he pulled the monster out from him.

“Oh boy.” And with that Jamie resumed devouring Jack’s winter white cock.

Up and down Jamie’s brown hair bobbed.

“Look at me.” Jack ordered.

And Jamie did, his bright brown eyes stared up at Frost as he hungrily pleasured his giant dick. Saliva was seeping out the sides of his mouth and a white froth of pre cum had been worked up running down the length of Jack’s phallus.

“Jamie, your mouth is so hot, I could do this forever.”

“Me too.” Jamie said, in-between motions.

Jack was growing more daring though, and since Jamie had such a hidden talent for cock sucking, he wanted to have a little more fun. As Jamie continued looking up at him and sucking Jack grabbed two tufts of hair in his icy hands and began to pound away at young Jamie’s face.

“garrgggjhhhhssghggarrr” gurgling noises were the only ones coming from Jamie between his gasping breaths.

“Oh, by the moon Jamie, you like having this big white dick down your throat don’t you? God your throat is tight.”

Pleasuring Jack Frost like this was the only reward Jamie needed for the slight .

As Jack continued slamming his dick into Jamie’s throat and Jamie continued nearly , a freezing sensation was building in Jack’s loins with each desperate pump, and as the pressure built, his throat fucking became more desperate, and as it became more desperate, his pale balls began to thud against Jamie’s youthful chin making a slapping noise and as Frost began to feel his balls assaulting Jamie’s face with his cock it all became too much.

“Jamieeeee, I’m—going—to—cummmmmmmmmm!!!” Jack screamed as he threw his head and white hair back.

As Jack said this, Jamie opened his throat as wide as he could, though it had already been stretched so far, and Jack continued pounding his face harder and harder and harder to the point of pain and finally Jack’s cum tore into his throat and mouth, coating the insides of his body, and Jack’s cum was nearly as cold as ice causing that same sensual menthol feeling as though his body were completely full of cold pleasure and Jamie nearly came himself at the sudden freezing ecstasy filling his mouth, throat, and belly.

As the explosive nirvana left Jack’s mind, he realized that he still held Jamie down on his cock by his hair.

“I am so sorry Jamie.” Jack desperately apologized as he let go, realizing how ravenous he had been.

Instead of accepting the apology, Jamie crawled up alongside Jack, and staring at his perfect pale face and blue eyes, he kissed him and let him try his cool cum.

"Wow.” Jack said.

They lay there, resting, tangled together with the other’s body and limbs.


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