A Family Betrayal Chapter 24

The rest of the day was full of all my s pulling me here and there to see all that they could see. Even though they all wanted to ride the adult rides they had to deal with the die ones. As the afternoon grew to evening it was time to meet up with the family. Once we left Disney to venture back to the hotel. Karen was first to speak up in the car.

“ Thank you daddy for spending time with us. It was so nice to be with you daddy. I love you so much.” Karen tells me as I look at her then at the three in the back seat

“ Your welcome honey as I love you and those three in the back.” I exclaim getting giggles

“ Uncle Heath I love you too and hungry.” My nephew tells me as I shake my head

“ You telling me those 2 hot dogs, cotton candy, taffy, and the corn dog didn’t fill you up?” I ask as he shakes his head no

“ Daddy don’t be mad at Heathie.” Karen says catching me off guard

“ Honey I’m not mad. I only asks as he is just like his father a bottomless pit for a stomach.” I say as they all laugh

I pulled into the hotel parking lot around 6 o’clock to see the other cars back. Once parked I helped the s out grabbing the bag of prizes I won also. We made our way inside then up to the penthouse. Once to the penthouse suite I notice all my family there and all with a happy smile on their faces to see us. The s run to their mothers which makes 4 ladies happy plus one meaning Hannah. I place the bag on the empty chair before going to my fiancees to give them a long awaiting hug and kiss each. The s go to the bag taking out the stuff dolls that I had won. I watch as they hand each of their grandmothers, mothers, and aunts a stuff animal. They all smile as Karen speaks up smiling.

“ Daddy won all them for each of you. He even won one for his new daughter Lindsey.” Karen says catching all for of her mothers attention

I watch as everyone looks at me before Jasmine, Diamond, Tiffany, and Hannah come over to me looking a bit upset.

“ What does our daughter mean by that Heath?” Tiffany asks as the other three give me serious looks

“ Yeah baby should we know something that is being hid from us?” Hannah asks as they all put their arms under their breast

I look at them, my family, and then Karen who looks worried at what she said. Karen comes over and takes my hand giving her mothers a narrow eyed look.

“ Mommies it’s not what you think.” Karen says as the boys come to stand in front of us

“ Then by all means explain.” Jasmine says with a smirk
I looked at the four ladies before I shook my head letting out a sigh.

“ Ok first off I have not been with anyone except you four plus um another who I shall keep nameless.” I stated as I looked at Selena who blushed as I continued “ Second Karen made a new friend named Lindsey. The little girl was sad because she couldn’t win a stuff animal. So Karen being just like her daddy asked me to win her friend a stuff animal. So I did, but after the little girl’s mom came over and at first thought I was a um bad guy. I assured her I wasn’t and that is when we started to talk over ice tea. She seemed familiar as she dranked the same thing as Adam.” I exclaimed as they all looked at me then at Adam who shrugged as I continued “ Allison is Lindsey’s mother, well while we talked Karen and the boys were getting to know Lindsey. After listening to Allison’s heartfelt story of the life she went through in which she was in and out of foster homes. Lindsey came over to me crawling up onto my lap. She thanked me for the stuff kitty saying she loved me. She called me daddy. Allison started to protest in which Lindsey shook her head saying I was daddy.”

As I stood there everyone looked at me along with my four fiancees who had stunned expressions. They each looked at the other before looking at me.

“ Sorry baby I guess the way Karen said what she did we jumped to conclusions.
” Diamond says as my other three loves nodded

“ It’s ok as I understand, but next time ask. I thought I felt the urge to step back out the door and comeback in trying this again.” I say as everyone laughs

I pulled my cell phone out and swiped the screen to find the pictures of Allison and Lindsey. Once found I handed my phone to Diamond so they could see the two. I noticed all the mothers come over to see. They all have smiles as my mother is the first to speak up.

“ Aww Lindsey looks so cute just as our grandbabies.” My mother says as the other moms nod agreeing

“ Your right baby she does look familiar, but how as we have never seen Allison before.” Jasmine says as I shrug

“ Yeah I know, but I gave her my card if she ever wanted some one to talk to.” I say as they nod smiling

As the women folk all gather to gawk over the pictures of Lindsey. Chris comes over placing a hand on my right shoulder while he held a beer.

“ Your just like papa Greg.” He says as I grin with a nod

“ Yes, but Lil Heath is just like you.” I say as he looks at me confused

“ How is that son?” Papa Mike asks as I smirk

“ They both have a bottomless stomach.” I say as all the men laugh at both Chris and Lil Heath’s expense

“ Well your right there Heath. You should see the both of them at Thanksgiving and Christmas the turkey is almost gone before I get seconds.” Papa Nate says as papa Ricky agrees

“ Hey my son and I can’t help if mom and my god mothers can cook a delicious feast.” Chris responds as I see Momma Ellie, Verna, and Kiko smile

As we all smile my loves come over to me. Diamond and Tiffany take each of my hands as they start pulling me to the bedroom.

“ Where are you five going?” Sierra asks as we stop

“ We are going to give our man some love for jumping him for no reason.” Jasmine says as I blush

“ What about dinner with the family?” I hear Michelle ask as my ladies giggle

“ We will join you all later.
We just want a little time to show your brother we are sorry.” Tiffany says as I hear a few giggles and chuckles

“ Oh I bet you four do. So you want us to keep the s all night?” Momma Faye asks as I see heads nod with smiles

“ Could you please momma Faye?” Tiffany asks as I blush looking at my mothers for help

“ Sure honey as it’s our night anyway.” Momma Jacqueline says as Karen goes to her

“ Can I have some ice cream grammy Jackie?” Karen asks as Jacqueline holds her

“ Sure baby girl.” Momma Jacqueline says as I shake my head

Everyone stands to leave as my godfathers step by with grins.

“ Have fun son.” Papa Mike says as I look at him with pleading eyes

“ See you tomorrow Heath my boy.” Papa Ricky says as he chuckles

“ Papa Nate?” I ask as he smirks

“ Hey their your loves and your their’s. Get use to being pulled to the bedroom.” He tells me as momma Kiko slaps his arm

“ Nate that no way to help our son.” She says as he chuckles walking by as she comes up to me to slap my ass shocking me as she continued “ Ride him well girls I want more grands.”

“ We will momma Kiko.” Tiffany says as I am being dragged into the bedroom hearing the door shut

I am led to the bed then turned around and shoved back on the bed. I land on my back with my feet touching the floor as Hannah gets between my legs reaching for my zipper.

“ Baby relax and enjoy what your loves are going to do with you.” My African queen says as I see Diamond, Jasmine, and Tiffany start stripping taking off their bikini’s

Hannah has my jeans undone having me lift my ass up so she can free what each one of them wants that is getting hard in the process. Tiffany, Jasmine, and Diamond crawl on the bed coming to my upper body. Each one kisses my lips before taking a part of me to show love to. I am in aww as I feel Hannah start making love to my cock that she has made a point of taking first as of late.
I let out a moan as these four women who have caught my heart start making love to me in their own way.


Selena’s POV: Two days later

It’s our last day at Disney in Florida. I am hanging with my sisters Tiffany, Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, Kaye, Michelle, Sierra, and Mandy. The guys are spending time together with the parents are as well with the s. We are looking at stuff for the s since Christmas is just months away. It’s around 5 p.m. as I hear what sounds like horses come towards us. I feel a tap on my shoulder in which I turn to see it’s Diamond getting my attention. She points towards the castle in which I see a horse drawn carriage coming our way. I look around to see others even noticing. Once it gets to us I see a woman dressed up as Cinderella. The carriage stops in front of my sisters and I. The lady steps down with help from a man that gets off the back quickly. She takes a few steps to me with a smile.

“ Are you Princess Selena?” She asks as I look around then look back at her

“ Who me no I am no princess just a normal lady.” I say as she giggles

“ Well I am here to pick up a Princess Selena and her sisters, and give her and them a ride in my carriage to the castle.” She says to me as my eyes go wide

“ Really?” My sisters ask in unison as I feel overwhelmed

“ Yes, so are you Princess Selena?” She asks again as I look at my sisters who all nod as I look back at the lady who is dressed as Cinderella

“ Yes I am.” I answer as she smiles

“ Then come with me as we don’t want to be late for the royal ball.” She says as we all get in the carriage with me in the middle facing the front as Tiffany is on my left and Cindy is on my right
The carriage starts moving as I am feeling nervous to what is going on. I look around to see people staring as some wave at us. I look to see Cindy waving with a smile. I then look across from me to see my sisters all smiling at me.

“ Do you all know what is going on?’ I ask them as the shake their heads

“ Nope, but what ever it is has to be big honey.” Mandy tells me as Sierra nods

Once around the last turn to the castle I look ahead to see people standing in front of the castle. As we get close I see Chris dressed in some outfit that makes him look so handsome. My eyes go wide as I see my father and mother dressed up as well. My dad is dressed up as a king as my mother is dressed up as a queen. He is standing on Chris’s right as my mother is on his left. Once the carriage parks in front of the Castle. My sisters look up and see Chris, dad, and mom.

“ Oh my Selena I think this is very BIG.” Tiffany says looking at me with tears as she smiled

The side door opens as we all are helped out of the carriage. Cindy takes my hand before letting me walk up the steps. She has me turn to look at her. She takes her tiara off and places it on my head.

“ Every princess needs a tiara. Now walk up those steps as Prince Charming is waiting.” She tells me as I feel tears come to my eyes she continues as I look up to the man “ hood dreams do come true with magic.”

I turn to see tears in my dad and mothers eyes as I start up the steps. As I get closer I see the men that are standing on the steps on the sides lined up on each side. I see it’s my brothers and my two godfathers. Each one with smiles and tears. As I get closer I see Chris with a smile on his face as he extends his hands to me. I accept his hands as he pulls me to him looking down in my eyes. I look up in his to see his sparkling with such love that a queen could see the moon in them. He hands me to my father who gives me a kiss on my forehead as he would when I was a little girl. He then looks in my eyes with a smile.

“ I am so proud of you my little princess.” My father tells me as he lets my hands go in which he motions me to my mother

I take a few steps to her as she takes my hands.

“ You are my beautiful precious daughter.” She tells me placing a kiss on my forehead also

“ What’s going on mom?” I ask as she breaks the kiss to look in my eyes

“ Oh I think you know honey as you have dreamt of this all your life.” She tells me as my eyes go wide again as she lets my hands go giving them to Chris

He takes my hands then has me stand next to mom as he turns to look at me. I look down to see Heath give me a wink while holding the sword up in front of him. I feel stunned as I turn to see Chris go to one knee. I let go with one hand covering my mouth as he starts to speak.
“ Princess Selena you told me one time when we were growing up you wanted a fairy tale proposal. You told me you wanted Prince Charming to sweep you away to a happy ending. Princess Selena that dream is now a reality. You have been my best friend, the shoulder that I have cried on during the bad times and the happy ones. You have filled my heart since that first time we said hello when we were young. You have made the moon and stars shine so bright as they could never compare to you. My love we have a beautiful son in which I can never thank you enough for carrying him with such love.” Chris exclaimed as I felt tears fall down the cheeks of my face as he pulled a ring from his left glove as he continued “ Princess Selena right here where magic shows everyday in this land of Disney Will you be my queen? Will you Marry Me?”

I looked down at him with tears as I looked around to my parents then down to my family who were all crying at the most wonderful moment. I looked back the Chris who has always been my Prince Charming nodding my head up and down before giving him my answer.

“ Yes...Yes I will marry you.” I tell him as he slips the ring on my left finger

He stands up to hug as he leans down to kiss my lips. It’s at that time I hear a loud boom that breaks our kiss to only look up to see fireworks. I am still crying as I hear a man speak.

“ Ladies and Gentleman I give you Prince Chris and Princess Selena as this was a real Proposal not staged.” The man says as I turn to look up at my loving man

“ How did you make this all happen?” I ask the handsome man standing before me

“ I had help from dad and Heath. They helped make this happen.” He tells me as I turn my head to see Heath smiling

“ Ladies and gentleman I need to know if there is a Karen Thompson in the crowd?” The man asks as we look down to see Karen being carried by Momma Maggie up the steps

She hands her to Heath after he sheaths the sword in which I think is fake, but I am not for sure. He turns and goes to the man carrying his smiling, but confused daughter. Once Heath takes the few steps to the man he smiles to the little girl I think of as my own daughter.

“ Are you Karen Thompson?” He asks over the head set microphone

“ Yes.” She says with her as normal cute little voice

“ How old are you honey?” He asks with a grin on his face

“ Four.” She answers as he nods his head

“ Well Karen I had a talk with your daddy, grandpa, and your uncle and they tell me your family have been through a lot. So tell me how does it feel to have your family all together?” He states as she looks at us then turning to look down at the others before turning her eyes back to him
“ It feels wonderful like a fairy tale come true.” She states as I hear awws from the crowd

“ That is really wonderful as every fairy tale should come true. Now Karen I am giving away wishes today so out of all your dreams and hopes what is the most important one that you feel you want to come true?” He exclaims looking at my beautiful niece with a question

Karen looked at all of her family members before looking at Heath. She stared at him for a few moments before looking at the man.

“ Mister out of all my wishes I have. There are two that mean a lot.” She says with a shaky tone

“ Oh and what are they honey as I might bend the rules?” He says with concern as I see a tear come down her face

“ Could....could you make my daddy’s eyes bright blue again? Could...could you fix his heart so he doesn’t hurt anymore?” She says with tears as I feel my own come from my eyes

“ Aww honey those are very special wishes. How do you see me making them come true?” He asks as I see my family sobbing as well as some in the crowd

“ I...I don’t know I am only four, but I want my daddy happy again. He has been through so much mister.” She says with tears as Heath has his own as he holds her

“ Well honey do you believe in love as it’s the strongest form of magic?” He says asking as Karen nods as he continues “ Karen as long as you love your daddy with all your heart, and tell him everyday I promise those eyes of his and his heart that holds his love for you will be fixed as you say.”

“ Really?” She says asking in a cute way again

“ Yes, and to my knowledge with all the love your family has for him your wishes will come true just never give up on your daddy.” He tells her as she nods

“ Never as he is my daddy.” Karen says as the man grins at her

“ Karen your daddy says you like Snow White?” He asked as she nodded

“ Oh yes I love Snow White my daddy reads me the story every night at home.” She says as he smiles

“ Well that is nice as I have someone who wants to meet you.” He says as some music starts to play

Chris and I turn along with my parents to see the castle doors open. Out comes the 7 dwarfs along with a young woman playing Snow White. I hear Karen crying and laughing as they come over. I look past Chris to see Heath let Karen down as she stands next to him jumping up and down. The dwarfs get to her handing her a rose each before Snow White places a tiara upon Karen’s head. We watch as Snow White goes to one knee taking both Karen’s hands that hold the roses.

“ I hear you wanted to meet me sweetie?” The lady says as Karen nods her head

“ Oh yes, yes as your my favorite princess.” Karen says with a smile and tears

I turn to see Tiffany has her hands on her face with tears as Jasmine and Diamond comfort her. Tiffany told me one time she wanted to make Karen’s dream of meeting Snow White happen, but I guess it took everything that happen to make the one man we all loved to make that happen.

“ I am glad as I love meeting little angels that are as pretty as you. Now I have a question for you as a little triva question.” Snow White says as my precious niece nods

“ What...what is it?” Karen asks a bit confused

“ Karen can you name my seven friends here?” Snow White asks as Karen looks from her to the seven dwarfs

“ Yes I can Princess Snow White. There’s Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, Bashful, and Doc. Grumpy is my favorite of them.” Karen answers as Snow White smiles

“ That’s very good and he is my favorite too honey. And since you answered my question I have a prize for you. I hear this is your last night in this land.” Snow White says as Karen nods sadly

“ Yes my family and I leaving tomorrow.” Karen says with her head down

I watch as Snow White places a finger under Karen’s chin lifting her head up.

“ Don’t be sad my little friend as tonight you are going to be our guest. You, your little brothers, and family are all going to stay here tonight.” Snow White says shocking us all as I see Heath looking at me with a wink

I start sobbing as again he has done something for this family to make us happy in living out a dream.

“ Oh god Really?” Karen asks with a smile

“ Yes really now will you sit by me at the royal court for dinner?” Snow White asks as Karen jumps up and down

“ Oh yes can my brothers and cousin join us as well as my family?” Karen asks getting a big smile and nod

“ Of course they can my little pixie. Now where are your mommies at?” Snow White asks as I am a bit shocked she knew
“ Down there.” Karen says after turning and pointing to my four sisters that were crying

“ They are beautiful also as Princesses.” Snow White says as Karen nods

“ Yes they are, but why do you want to know?” Karen asks as Snow White giggles

“ So they can be your daddy’s Queens for the night as tonight I name you Princess Karen. You shall sit on my right as your brothers sit on my left along with your cousin.” Snow White says as I look down to see Tiffany on her knees crying

I watch as Karen turns to see as she goes down followed by the young woman dressed as Snow White. I go down the steps also to see what’s wrong. Karen gets to her mother quickly.

“ Mommy you ok?” Karen asks as Tiffany shakes her head

“ Yes and no baby girl as I always wanted to bring you here when you was two.” Tiffany says as Snow White extends her hand

Tiffany accepts it and gets helped up. Snow White wipes the tears away with a smile.

“ I take it your Karen’s mother?” She asks getting a nod before continuing “ Tiffany dreams come true in my land. You and your sisters are to join Princess Karen and I for a big royal banquet. So with no further ado shall we go into the castle. My little friends can you come assist me by escorting Princess Karen’s family inside.” She says as I hear music again

Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho

It’s escorting we go

“ Whistles”

Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho

We all laugh as the dwarves come down the steps to take family members up the stairs. I follow only to get to Heath who in turn smiles at me.

“ Heath how...how did you make all this happen? I am so overwhelmed.” I ask telling him as he gives me a smile

“ Sis you should know I will do all I can to make this family feel happy. Chris came to me and told me about your dream. So Mike and I talked to the owner and the rest you see. Now let’s go enjoy the night with some new friends.” My loving brother says as he takes my hand

We start to follow everyone inside as I hear giggling coming from the s. I see them up ahead with the dwarves. Two are holding each of Karen’s hands escorting her inside. I feel someone take my right hand. I turn to see it’s my man who is now my fiance. I entwine our fingers together. I have my brother and man on either side of me. This evening as been so enchanting that I can’t wait to see what the night brings.

Snow White and Cinderella took the women of the family to get dressed in nice dresses. They told us for the night we should feel like royalty. I was given a nice beautiful dress. It was blue with white trim. I was taken to a dressing area so I could change. The attendant shut the door so I had privacy. I pulled my top off placing it on the chair. I undid my bikini top as I didn’t want to where a bra. I looked at them to see my nipples were hard. I cupped my breast then with two fingers on each nipple I squeezed and pulled them. I let out a soft moan as I fondled my erect nipples. I felt myself getting wet from remembering Chris wearing that outfit. I heard talk from the other booths on either side of the one I was in. I heard Michelle and Kaye talking to each other. I ignored them as I undid my shorts taking them off along with my panties. I stood there totally nude as I looked in the full length mirror. I looked at my breast, belly, and my hairy pussy. Chris loved the way it felt when we made love. I listened as everyone talks of all that has happened. I look at the dress that is hanging and decide that I need to take care of something that is getting started within me. The chair that my clothes are on looks to be comfy as I take a seat in it. It has arms on the side as I spread my legs placing them on each arm. I pick my panties up and place the crotch in my mouth. I taste the wet crotch and feel something within me start to take over. I slide my hands down between my legs to only spread my labia with two fingers as I start to rub my clit that is getting hard. My mind starts flooding with images of Chris and Heath. Ever since that evening Heath took me the way he did I have wanted to be with him again, but in a better way. I didn’t want to keep the memory I had as I wanted a new happier memory. I have masturbated to him and Chris in my mind. I reach down to my entrance and wet my fingers as I am so wet. I spread my juices on my nub and start pleasuring it. I close my eyes to see Chris undressing. He is smiling at me as I slide two fingers into me. I let out a moan through my panties as I rub my clit a bit faster. I picture Chris going to his knees in front of me stroking his beautiful cock as he places the head to my entrance. He leans forward placing his lips on mine as I feel him slide into me. I push my fingers deeper into me as I rub my clit harder and faster. I lift my legs up pulling them back. I am going wild on my pussy as I need to cum bad. I feel my orgasm build as my juices start to flow. My clit is throbbing so much as I slide a third finger into me. I slide my fingers in and out of me faster and harder as my image of Chris shows him fucking me faster. I tell him to fuck me faster as I rub my clit feeling myself start to cum. I take my fingers out to get my panties from my mouth to cover my pussy as I squirt so I don’t make a mess. I stick them into me as I pull my legs back to let my orgasm ride out as I moan as softly as I can.

“ Oh Heath I love you baby brother. I will make things right so your eyes will turn back to blue.” I say riding out my orgasm

After I place my legs down and feet on the floor I stand up stepping to the dress. I take it off the hanger and put it on. I find the zipper is on the side. I zip myself up finding it fits nicely. I feel a bit wicked being naked underneath with no bra and panties, but oh well maybe Chris and I can slip away for a quickie. Oh god I am horny still, but that happens when you have a man that loves you. I step to the chair to get my clothes. I place them in my big purse, but not before placing my panties to my mouth. I lick my cum off as I love the way I taste. Chris tells me I am a cum freak in which I have to agree. I love his and mine when mixed together. I shake the thoughts out of my mind as I hear a knock on the door. I place my panties in my purse before going to the door. I open it to see my beautiful mother standing before me.

“ Wow mom you look beautiful.” I exclaim as she smiles

“ So do you my beautiful daughter. Now come honey we will be late.” She tells me as my mother takes my hand

She stops for a minute as the hand she took was the one I hand the fingers inside me. She turns to look at me as she lifts my hand up to lick my fingers.

“ Mom what are you?” Is as far as I get as she giggles

“ Honey it’s ok I did the same so come on.” She tells me as she just admitted to played with herself also

“ Mom what are you talking about?” I ask as she stops again turning to look in my eyes stepping close to me

“ Selena hun I had to play with my kitty. You father looked so handsome that it turned me on. You know I get turned on to easy. I am naked under this dress as I hope to get me some later.” She tells me as I blush

“ Oh god mom why are you telling me this?” I ask as she giggles again

“ Because your my daughter and we have never kept secrets after what happened years ago so why now.” She tells me saying some truth as I nod

“ Your right mom we don’t so I guess I should tell you I am naked under this dress also. I feel like a wicked queen.” I tell her with a giggle

“ That makes the two of us now let’s go and see if our men are horny to give us their love.” She tells me as we both giggle

We make our way catching up with the others. As we enter the what I take as a dining room I am in aww as it’s big. I find Heath and Chris talking as I go over to them as mom goes to dad. Once over to the two men that were always in my life growing up I hug Heath first. He returns the hug wrapping his arms around me. I look up at him to only get on my tip toes to kiss his lips. He is shocked at first before returning the kiss. I have tears in my eyes for some reason as I break the kiss to place my head on his chest.

“ Lina what’s wrong?” He asks as I stay in his arms

“ Nothing baby brother as I’m so happy to have you back in my life.” I tell him as he hugs me tighter

“ And you always will Lina.” Heath tells me as I hear foot steps coming over to us
“ Selena you sure everything is alright?” He asks again as I shake my head

“ Please little brother just hug me a little longer and tell me things can be like they once were.” I state as I look up at him as he looks down at me

“ Lina you know they can’t..” He says as my eyes show more tears before he continues “ Because we are going to make things better than they were.” He tells me as I smile with tears sliding down my face as he hugs me tighter as he continues again “ I love you Selena.”

“ I love you too Heath and always will.” I say as I feel him just holding me

After we break the hug I step over to Chris who has a smile knowing things with Heath and I would get better as he has been worried this whole time. Even though Heath forgave both of us. Chris and I have been worried actually if Heath truly loved us. I had a feeling he did, but wasn’t 100% sure until now. My sisters went to their man giving him hugs and deep passionate kisses. I don’t know what it was, but I felt a bit jealous. I guess it was because he was my first. I shrugged the thought away as we all were seated in chairs that you would see in a fairy tale as they had high backs and armrest on the sides. Cinderella was seated at one end as Snow White was at the other end. The table was covered with a feast for a army. Although I guess this family could be named a small one with 4 little eaters with empty bellies.

As the evening goes by and the conversations turn to laughter. I look across to Chris smiling as he smiles back. I mouth to him telling him ‘ I’m Horny’ in which he mouths to me ‘ So am I’. I look around to to see my dad and mother are looking at each other with love in their eyes. I see my sister Hannah and Jasmine whispering to Heath about something that makes him blush. I giggle as to knowing what they must be planning. I look at the clock on the wall to see it’s about 7:30 in the evening. I sigh as it’s still early I look at Cindy who I find out that is her name. She must of picked up on my sigh as she looks at me.

“ What’s wrong hun?” She asks as I look in her eyes

“ Well I...I was wondering if it would be ok if my prince and I could well have some time alone?” I ask as she looks at me then at Chris

She looks around before leaning of motioning me to her.

“ Selena I think that will be acceptable. You and Chris have the Cinderella suite. I hope this night is magical for you. I will have a attendant show you the way.” She tells me with a smile

I sit back up as Cinderella stands to clap her hands. I see a female attendant come over to stand close by.

“ Please show Chris and Selena to their suite. Make sure they have all they need for their special night.” She says as the young woman nods

Chris and I stand up telling our family good night before he comes around to take my right hand into his left. We follow the attendant to a hallway then to a elevator. Once we make our way up she shows us to the room. We step in as my eyes go wide.

“ Oh my this is a beautiful room.” I say as Chris nods agreeing

“ Yes it is ma’am. There is wine already on ice for you. Plus roses petals on the bed. The hot tub is ready for you if you chose to use it. Is there anything else?” She says as Chris turns to her

“ Um yes our clothes we don’t have any.” He tells her as she giggles

“ They are over there in your luggage. As for what you have on they are a gift from Cindy as a momento of your special night. She does ask that you both have a nice night and enjoy the magic of this room.” She says before nodding just to turn to leave shutting the door

As she leaves I turn to Chris to step up to him placing my hands on his chest.

“ Chris this is so overwhelming baby. I truly don’t know what to say except thank you for loving me.” I say as he places his strong arms around me

“ You are so welcome my darlin love. I will always love you my china doll.” He tells me before leaning down to kiss my lips

The kiss starts slow until our mouths open to let our tongues roam the other. I feel his hands slide down to my ass as he squeezes them making me moan into his mouth. I slide my hands down to his pants to find a way to get to his cock. He breaks the kiss to only step back.

“ Chris what’s wrong baby?” I ask as he smirks

“ Not yet darlin as I want this to be a romantic night.” He tells me as I smile

“ Me to baby, but I need that cock of yours in me.” I say with a devilish grin

“ As I want your sweet pussy, but I want this to be a special night.” He tells me as I nod

“ So can we at least get out of these clothes and be naked baby?” I ask as he looks into my eyes

“ Ok Selena honey, but no hanky panky not just yet.” He tells me as I nod

I step back and start to take the dress off. I unzip the side and work the shoulder sleeves off. I let the dress fall the the ground to only display my nude asian body to my loving Chris. His eyes take in my face, breast, waist, legs as he goes up to my love spot that he cherishes. I smile as he undresses in front of me. Once he is nude it’s my turn to take in his body with my eyes. I feel myself getting wet again as I look at his chest, arms, abs, his beautiful cock that is growing in front of me. I step up to him placing my hands again on his chest. I feel his delicious dick against my stomach. Oh god I want him right now. He takes my hand and led me to the hot tub telling me to get in as he went to pour us some wine. I slowly get in as Chris goes to get us some wine. I sit down in the relaxing, warm water. Chris comes back stepping in then hands me a glass of wine. I accept it as I watch his sexy ass sit next by me. He places his left arm around as we both take sips of the wine. It’s a red wine in which he knows what it does to me. I lay my head on his shoulder as he has a remote by him to turn I guess the radio on. Some nice romantic music starts to play as I look up at him. I see his eyes that hold so much love for me. I take a few more sips of my glass of wine before placing the glass on the side of the tub. I take his and do the same.

“ Selena what are you.” He doesn’t get to finish as I straddle his legs placing my lips on his

I place my hands on his shoulders letting our kiss linger before I break it. I look into his eyes and with a smile I reach between us feeling he is still hard. I place the head to my pussy hole then lower myself down taking my man inside me. We both let out a moan as I start to slowly ride him.

“ Baby we have all night to be romantic, but right now I want the man I love fill me up. I want you to make love to me as I make love to you. I love you Chris with all my heart.” I tell him as he places his hands on my hips as I softly moan

“ Oh Selena your wet darlin and I don’t think it’s the water.” He says as I giggle

“ No it’s not as I played with myself thinking of you fucking me in the dressing area.” I confess to him as he shows me a smirk

“ Mmm wish I was there....oh god you feel so good.” He tells me as I lean forward placing my head on his right shoulder

“ So do you....Baby...oh shit...your hitting my....spot.” I say grinding against him with his cock feeling so good in me


Ellie’s POV: Two hours later

I am riding my man as Verna and Kiko are theirs. We are all together in the same room. I like when all six of us are together like this just shows love and trust. Even though we don’t swing we enjoying love making or fucking in front of each other. I miss Greg and Maggie with us, but I know one day her, Faye, and Jacqueline will join us. My baby feels so good in my tight pussy as it’s been days since we have been able to make love. Verna, Kiko and I are so into it that our moans are filling the room. The guys are enjoying this as each is watching the other. I am riding my loving husband cowgirl as is my girlfriends are with their husbands. We are all on the floor as there was not enough room on the beds. I have came 4 times already working on a fifth as Mike fondles my breast. It’s at that time Kiko speaks.

“ Girls I am almost there....oh god yes.” She says moaning as Verna looks at me with a sexy smile

I increase my pace as Mike moans as I start slamming down against him. It’s just at that moment that I bare down with my pussy walls and squirt all over him.

“ OH GOD.....HEATHHHHH!” Us ladies moan out in unison

I feel Mike erupt up deep inside me as I lean forward kissing him passionately. He returns the kiss as I slowly milk all his cum out of his sexy cock. After some serious cuddling I slowly get up off my sexy husband to lay beside him on the floor to snuggle up to him as my lovers do the same to their husbands. Mike is holding me as he speaks up.

“ So may I ask why you three moaned Heath’s name?” He asks as I start to feel awkward

“ Well um baby I think it’s because we still feel hurt from him leaving all those years ago.” I exclaim to him

“ She’s right we are sorry if you guys are mad at us. It’s just we love him so much as our own.” Verna says as I pray they aren’t

“ Well I have to say if I was gay I would do him.” Nate says shocking us

“ Nate your not mad baby?” Kiko asks as he chuckles

“ Hell no. Look we all got hurt during that time. Us three guys are not mad. We have seen how you three look at him.” Nate explains as I snuggle more into Mike

“ Nate’s right as we have reconciled with Heath as his godfathers. It’s you three that haven’t been able to get that closeness back.” Ricky says as Mike holds me tighter

“ Ricky is right as Heath has been spending time with his girls or with the s.” Mike says as Nate cuts him off

“ Or planning trips here and there. Look if you three want to spend time with him then do it hell.” Nate says as I sit up to look in my loving husbands eyes

“ But what if um we want to let’s say.” Is as close as I get to finish as Mike places a finger on my lips

“ Darlin if you three feel like that is the way to get that closeness back then ok, but hear me say I don’t want details. I just want you happy again. I hear your cries during the night as if you lost a baby. I hate hearing you cry like that. Ellie I love you and will always love you as I love my sisters and brothers. So with that said I say go for it, but do it when no one is around. If it’s one at a time or all three of you don’t let no one know.” He tells me as I nod with tears

“ Thank you baby as I will make it up to you after I promise.” I tell him as I see him getting hard again as my eyes go wide as I continue “ Baby is the idea making you hard?”

“ Um maybe or the um after thing.” He says as I place my hand on his cum covered cock

“ Mmmm ready for round three?” I ask as he nods before I straddle him again

I turn to see my girlfriends doing the same seeing smiles on my brothers faces. This night was full of magic as I leaned forward giving Mike control of me while he started fucking me so good. I moaned to the pounding he was giving my cunt. I loved him with all my being. I loved giving him my body to do as he pleased as I was a submissive wife sometimes. I looked over to see Verna and Kiko doing as I was giving themselves to the man under them. I cherished this moment as I felt my man giving me all he could give his deep love for me.


Tyrone’s POV: Around midnight

That little punk ass brat and his fucking family. I swear I was going to get even for the bullshit he pulled thinking he could kick my ass on the beach a month and a half ago. And my son got shot in the leg by some house sitter. That shit wasn’t going to fly. It was just a coincidence that I had a old friend that was a lawyer to get my druggie of a son out of jail. Trey may be a idiot, but he is my idiot to do with as I please. I made him stay on the east coast while I came back home to make my own plans of a way to get that all of what that punk Heath owned. That included his women that I saw on that beach. I knew men who would pay a nice 6 figure price to buy the whores after I broke them in, but Maggie was going to be mine again. That fucking divorce meant nothing compared to what I had instore for her. She will beg for death by the time all her holes were ravaged by me and my friends. I have been talking to my mentor who has been a father figure to me. Even though he was sent up river for years he was able to get out on good behavior. He changed his name though as to not let anyone know he was out. As I sit in my chair with the slut sucking my dick I think back to those days that helped make me who I am today.

“ Flash Back” 20 plus years earlier

“ So you want to join my let’s say organization?” He asks me with a smirk on his face as G stands by him

“ Yes sir I do and I will do anything that you ask of me.” I told him with confidence

“ Oh really? Hmmm interesting so you will do anything I ask?” Again he asks as I see the man he called G smirk as I nodded before he continued “ Good and don’t call me sir. Call me Mr. Carrington for now until I get to know you. I do have a job for you. I want you to find a few ladies for me. My daughters are my best fighters and need some fresh meat to fight.”

I looked at him with wide eyes before he passed a list over to me. I picked it up to see a list of names 6 in fact. Each had a age beside the name ranging from 18 to 30. I looked up at him before I spoke.

“ So what do I do with them when I get them?” I asked as he chuckled

“ That’s easy take them to the address at the bottom. Make sure they are naked before putting them in the cages. The prize is their freedom plus a thousand if they win. If they lose you and the boys will get to have fun.” He tells me as I get this feeling deep inside of me that sends a shiver up my spine

“ Ok Mr. Carrington I will get those on the list.” I tell him as he nods

“ And Tyrone they are not to be touched before the fights. They do need all their energy to fight my mentors daughters.” G tells me as I nod

I left his office making my way to my ride that was just out front. With list in hand I went to the addresses that was by each name. I scanned to see who was closest. Once to my car I decided to pay a Debra a visit as she was closet to where I was. It was around 5 p.m. on a Friday so it gave me the weekend to gather all on the list. I knew it was not going to be easy, but I didn’t care as I wanted in Mr. Carrington’s business.

I watched the house for a few hours parked diagonal across the street. I watched as she got home around 9 that night. She seemed a little tipsy walking to her front door. I opened my driver door grabbing the black hood that was going to be over her head. I also grabbed the handcuffs I got from a buddy a few days ago as he told me about Mr. Carrington and thought I would need them. I made my way over to the house, but headed to the back as it would be stupid to go through the front. Once in the backyard I made my way to the door. I checked it at first to find it unlocked. The dumb bitch I thought as I made my way in. I crept slowly and quietly to find the long dark haired target. I heard the t.v. on and some moaning. I stopped to make sure there wasn’t a man in the house. I looked from the kitchen to see the living room. She had the curtains shut which was good. I caught sight of her on the couch at least her head. I made my way over slowly making sure not to make any kind of noise. Once I positioned myself behind the couch standing I watched as this 21 year old was playing with herself. I smirked as she had a small dildo moving in and out of her. I licked my lips as she was half nude. I readied the black hood then at that moment I placed it over her head. She screamed saying ‘ NOOOO” as I tied the hood on her head. I reached for the cuffs to get her wrist with my other hand. She was struggling as the dildo slipt out of her cunt. I finally got her cuffed as she pleading for me not to her. I stayed quiet as I had enough of her whining. I knew how to knock a person out without ing them. I hit the spot on the back of her head which worked as she went limp on the couch. I stepped around to get her. I thought for a minute before reaching down to feel her hairy cunt. She was wet more like sloppy wet. I chuckled thinking if she didn’t win in a fight I was going to tear that pussy up. I picked her up placing her over my right shoulder. Making my way out of the house and to my car. I put her in the back seat as my trunk wasn’t all that big. I got in to make my way to my next victim.

By Sunday afternoon I had all 6 ladies my employer wanted. He was happy as he stood looking at the scared little bitches. They each pleaded to be let go saying they would do anything. Debra and Janice were holding each other as he just laughed telling them they would have their chance tomorrow night. They all looked at him scared and with fear in their eyes. He stepped over to me extending his hand. I took it as he shook mine.

“ Very good son not bad for a weekend. You are now a part of my organization. For now you will be a bodyguard. G will get you set up with all that you will need. Now go home and get some rest as tomorrow night will be a busy one.” He tells me as I nod as he released my hand

“ Come this way Tyrone I will show you where your gear will be.” G tells me as I follow him leaving Mr. Carrington to gawk at the 6 naked women in the cage

The day went by with G giving me a shock stick, a hand gun which was a Glock, and a set of brass knuckles telling me I should make a point. I nodded as he told me when to come back the next night. I went home as told to only lay in my bed thinking of all I did. I didn’t have a bad thought as I was going to be part of something big now. I was a loner up until a few days ago. I slept that night thinking of what Monday night was going to bring.

The day of Monday went by as I kept myself busy. I went out to the country to practice shooting the gun I was given. I got the hang of shooting it with no trouble. I looked at my cell to see I needed to get back so I could be ready for tonight. After a few hours of t.v. and dinner I left early so I could get a feel of everything that I was going to be a part of. Once I arrived just after dark I saw a bunch of cars in front of the warehouse. I parked on the side as to not take a spot in front. I got out making my way to the doors. I heard cheering and laughter as I stepped in to see a fight going on. It was two on two I guess Mr. Carrington’s daughters against Debra and Janice. The way it looked they were getting their asses kicked. I heard my name to only look around to see G yelling for me. I made my way over as he had a smirk on his face. Once to him he nodded before he spoke.

“ Looks like you will be getting some pussy and ass tonight.” He tells me motioning me to look over at the fight

I turned my head to see Janice down and Debra sailing after a mean kick to the head. The referee started his count. I noticed Debra trying to get up, but she couldn’t. The two ladies standing went over to them after the count and started to treat them.

“ What’s the deal? Why are they treating their wounds?” I asked G as he chuckled

“ That’s their thing as it helps them with the guilt factor. After every fight they attend to the wounds of their falling foe.” He tells me as I watch to see both Debra and Janice getting helped

I shook my head as G had me follow him to the back where there was a locker room. I noticed two other guys about my height both naked stroking themselves as to getting ready.

“ You will be helping Seth and JT tonight. Mr. Carrington wants the ‘ ladies’ to know his appreciation. So take off your clothes and get your dick hard as they will be brought in her shortly. And make sure to break them in and help them relax with the coke that is over there.” G tells me as I look over to where he was pointing

I nodded as he left to let us get ready. I stripped off what I had on to only sit on a bench stroking myself hard. It wasn’t long when the two ladies were brought back. Seth and JT took Debra as they gave me Janice. Her name was Janice Grimm 23, 5‘7, 115 lbs, long dark brown hair with brown eyes. She was bruised up and bandaged up when I approached her. The ones that brought her back laid her on the bench in front of me on her back. She looked up at me as I got over her.

“ Please don’t I’m begging you.” She tells me as I place the head of my dick at her entrance

“ Quiet as you know you want it.” I say as I slam into her getting a scream as I hold her hips

I look over to see Seth in Debra’s ass as JT took her pussy. She is struggling for a bit until she starts moaning. I look down to see Janice ing on my dick. She was a virgin letting me know why she was begging for me not to. I didn’t stop as she was tight. That night was filled with us making sure these two knew they were appreciated. We decided to keep them for awhile and told our boss. He snickered saying it was ok as it would be part of our pay. Day after day I used Janice getting her nice and submissive. She got hooked on the drugs after a week. Both her and Debra started to get on all fours in the catch when Seth, JT, and I approached them. They stayed quiet as we took them. As that first week went by followed by the next. It was on a Wednesday that we had a startled awakening. Some how both of them got out. Seth, JT, and I searched the warehouse and the surrounding area only to find neither one. I went to Debra’s house to find she wasn’t there. I did the same with Janice again nothing. I did what was asked of me getting homeless women and even men for the fights and Mr. Carrington’s slave ring. It was just a month later that I was reading the paper to find Janice had ed herself. I guess the shit I did to her drove her over the edge. I didn’t feel any guilt or sympathy as the bitch was only good for a good fuck. I kept my eyes out for any news on Debra in which there was none.

It has been a few months that I have learned so much from Mr. Carrington that he had me start calling him Karl. It was during summer that things went to hell. I was in the warehouse watching Karl and G talking to his nephew that things flipped. The nephew took G out with no problem. He let the bitch that G was messing with loose as Karl’s daughters got there. I looked around to make sure all was well until I saw something shine across the street. I turned to see the ladies outside of the cage as Karl, G, and the nephew were locked in the cage. Things didn’t feel right as I turned and that was when I saw the police coming fast. I dropped the shock stick that I used on the brat then stormed out. I was making it to my car when I heard someone yelling for me to stop. I made it to the driver side about to get in when I felt a shot to my shoulder I screamed as I got in my ride. I high tailed it out of there fast and hard as I wasn’t going to get caught.

“ End of Flashback”

I am brought out of my memories as I feel my whore ridding me moaning and groaning as she is riding me fast and hard. I place my hands on her hips as the door opens. It’s G with two ladies, one on each arm.

“ So how do you like your stress relief?” He asks as I feel myself about to cum

“ She’s good....oh shit.” I say as I let go flooding her pussy

“ OH YESSS.....CUM IN ME BABY!” She yells as G and the two ladies laugh

“ Well I say she is good. When your done lets talk about what you want to do about your problem.” He tells me as the whore milks my dick

After she got off of me and cleaned me with her mouth. G had them to get on the floor and love on each other as him and I started talking.

“ I want all that he has. I want the money, that Beach House, his cars, and his women to make as my whores.” I tell him as he grins

“ Your learning Tyrone. Now this is what you and I are going to do.” He tells me as he starts in telling me all the plan that our mentor had lined out

To Be Continued........A call made, love brought back closer, a heart blacks out


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