Teacher & Students Share Each Other

The Teacher Gets a Lesson
After losing his wife to cancer, John had decided to start over, a new life in a new location, and had taken a job as science, biology, teacher country school. He had found a small cottage on an old estate to rent and seemed happy again. John was 38 years old and in good shape carrying his 180Lbs. on his 6”2” frame with ease.

The first day of school was simple and rather easy, which put John at ease, and so he was very comfortable with the students. He had four classes of actual teaching and two of study time.

The third science class was the 9th year students all about 14 years old and the young girls were all blossoming. The hormones were hot with the boys being mischievous and the girls were precocious. John was a man and like any man noticed the young women especially the cute ones and there were several. The sisters, Tina and Lisa were in the third class and they had done everything together including pleasuring themselves and each other. When they walked into the classroom they saw John and there was a strange instant attraction to this large man sitting on the edge of his desk in grey slacks and blue sweater over a white turtle neck.

The girls looked at each other and smiled and then giggled and ran to the front of the room taking seats. The teacher had looked like someone to have some fun with and by fun the girls were into teasing the male teachers. They made a game to trying to fluster the teachers with their dress and behavior. John was actually the youngest male teacher in the school so he was an especially good target for all the girls. Tina had worn the school uniform skirt and blouse with a tie. They sat in their seats and pulled the skirts up as much as they dared and Tina unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse exposing a little bra. Lisa was wearing a pullover sweater with a boat neck, not school blouse, and she kept her shoulders back as far possible to make her developing breast stand out.

None of this had missed John’s notice and he smiled at both of the girls in a very pleasant way but had not paid any special attention to them. At the end of class the girls were the last to leave and then as they stood in front of John’s desk they both bend very low and shook hands with John. Well this time John did notice the girls more as bent over he could see down Lisa’s sweater to the nice mounds inside the white bra and then the open blouse of Tina let him see a light blue bra and the beginning of some very sweet breasts. For the first time in some time John felt a sexual urge looking at these two young girls, no young ladies. They both expressed their welcome to the school and hoped he and his wife would enjoy living here.

John explained that he was a widower and lived alone at a cottage. He paused and wondered why he mentioned living alone as these two had no need to know that. It was an unconscious invitation to these two.
He was looking at these two cute young ladies and thinking what nice bodies they had. His body shivered and he looked at the two and thought, “you had better stop it now old man they are students and very young, they are jail bait”. Well he could at least look and he smiled.

Both of the girls noticed how John had looked down their tops and at their boobs. They also saw the rather devilish smile he gave them thinking that here was a man that liked their young bodies. That thought made both girls get aroused. On the way home they had talked about how he had looked at them and what it would be like to have an older man do it with them. Lisa was still a virgin but Tina was not and they had been exploring the internet sex sites, in fact that is what they were going to do now.

At home the girls logged in to the XNXX site and checked to see what was new. Tina had connected with a John that was old but sort of cool as he had made them both get all hot causing them to finger themselves to orgasm.
They thought this was neat as they have two Johns one on line and one in school. The online had already made them hot so they would have to work on the other one now. As they sat reading another story online that John had written they got all hot and Tina stood up and took off her skirt so she only had her panties (knickers?) to contend with. Lisa had already pulled up the skirt and slipped her hand into her knickers and was massaging her pubic mound. Both read faster and rubbed faster. Then Tina slipped her hand in between her belly and knickers and slid it down over the mound and across the light soft pubic hair of a young girl. As her finger touched the small tight lips she quivered causing her hand to make the screen jump two pages. She corrected and her finger was now slipping between the lips as she turned the laptop over to Lisa to run.

Her body was hot and she liked the feel of the finger on her tight pussy lips. She now had the tip of the middle finger moving back and forth between the lips causing tingly sensations to surge from her pussy through her body. She pushed the finger deeper until she had almost the entire finger in her and then she started to move it in and out with speed while her thumb slipped down and sought her clit. Young and tight as her pussy was she still found the nub of pleasure and pushed hard with her thumb while flexing her finger in and out. Even though she was reading a completely different story she started to think about John and what it would feel like if it was his finger there instead of hers. She looked over and Lisa was glassy eyed and her hand was moving just as fast. Tina then reached up under her blouse and under the bra to feel her hard little nipple. An electric sensation ran through her body as she pinched the hard nipple and rolled it between finger and thumb.

Lisa pulled off the skirt and slipped her hand in behind the elastic and down over the soft golden hair of her warm wet pussy.
She gave a little moan as he palm of her hand moved over her pubic mound and the fingers touched the pussy lips. She too was very tight and electric shocks went through her body as her middle finger parted the lips. She quivered as the hand moved back and forth with a finger on each side and middle finger parting them. Then she bent the middle finger and it found its way into her and she gasped and moaned and she pushed it deeper. She looked at Tina who was fingering her pussy very fast and saw the hand move up to and play with the nipple. The sight of Tina nearing orgasm sent her into frenzy.

Tina was watching Lisa rub her pussy and then saw her hand reach up and grab her nipple like Tina.

Both girls moaned and wiggled and rubbed harder until it hit them both like a storm. The orgasm was wonderful and they both smiled at each other the smile of satisfied women. Then they looked at each other and thought of want it might be like if they had done it to each other. What would the other feel like, what would the other taste like. Now things were going through their head and they were getting aroused again.

They heard the door open and close meaning their father was home and so ended the surfing.

The sisters were very close and shared the same room. That night after everyone was asleep they got into bed together to look at the net and pleasure each other.

Tina had looked up John’s list of stories and together they started to read and as they got hot and worked up Tina switched over to some of the male pictures on the site. Both girls had been wearing t-shirts and knickers but now the shirts were off and Lisa was rubbing her pussy through the knickers. Tina reached over and pulled Lisa’s knickers off and let her fingers trail very lightly back up her let to her pussy. She pulled Lisa’s hand away and bent down and kissed her sweet wet pussy. Her tongue started to very lightly lick up and down the slit.
Making a hard point with her tongue Tina worked it between Lisa’s tight lips causing her to moan and throw her head back. Tina then starts to locate the little clit and pressed it hard. Once the clit was found she alternated between sucking and pressing as she put her thumb between the lips and pushed into the waiting cavern. Lisa moaned and then her body shook with the wave of pleasure that surged through her. Lisa was all worked up now and pushed Tina around yanked off her knickers and dove onto her pussy. She did the same as Tina had done sucking and pressing on the clit, but she was able to get two of her little fingers into Tina’s pussy. Tina moaned and bucked up her hips grabbing Lisa’s head by the hair and pulling her face harder into her pussy. She squeezed her legs together around Lisa’s head as she moaned. She moaned loudly and her body shook with spasms as the wave of sheer pleasure surged through her. All she could think about wanted a big hard cock in her and her pussy clinched tight. Both girls rolled onto their backs breathing heavily and they fell asleep laying naked next to each other.

At school the next day the sisters decided that they were going to have John no matter what. They took front row seats and sat with their school uniform skirts pulled up and kept crossing and uncrossing their legs. Both girls having very nice legs easily drew John’s attention and caused him to get an erection.

John saw the girl’s obvious display of legs and knickers which caused him to get the start of an erection. He hoped if he ignored them it would stop. It did not stop and by the end of class John had a full erection and had to stay seated at his desk. Now the girls again were last to leave and standing in front of the desk asked for help with the new assignment. Tina wanted to point out something in the book so walked around desk to stand beside John. She dropped her pen into his lap then grabbed to get it and of course was able to feel everything.
John jumped and grabbed her hand as it brushed against his cock which had jumped as she touched it. She apologized with a very seductive smile on her face. He saw the look on her face and knew she had done it all deliberately to tease him. This had him a little confused and angry. The girls left the room quickly and were giggling in the hall as Tina told Liza how she had felt his big hard cock. This made both girls wet and they could not wait to get home to relieve the feelings building up in them.

The teasing went on for several weeks and the girls had gotten even bolder one day they had not worn knickers to class and flashed John bare pussy. That was something John had not been expecting and he could not ignore it, in fact he had stared intently up both girls skirts. At the end of class he had stood up as the two left the room and they could plainly see he had a massive erection. This lead to the next step in the girls plans.
On Saturday John usually stayed around the cottage either working on school papers or tending his garden. He was in the garden when he saw the two girls ride up on bicycles and figured he was in for trouble or maybe not. The girls were wearing shorts and t-shirts that had been cut off to just barely cover their young breasts. They got off, said hello asking what he was doing and Tina turned and bent down, facing away from him, to pick a flower. In doing so the short t –shirt opened and allowed John a good view of two young but very pretty breast and nipples as she was not wearing a bra. John smiled and thought that young girls want to wear their first bra but as they get older they discover that not wearing a bra has its advantages. Smiling John asked why they had come out this way. Lisa explained they were just out sightseeing and saw him in the garden. He smiled as the cottage was not on any regular road and not easy to find, the girls had come out here deliberately and he found he like the idea. Two young cute, well actually pretty, girls had gone out of their way to see him. As Tina asked about the flower she had picked Lisa did the same thing and John got another show of young breast and this time Lisa’s nipples were hard and really protruding. When she stood up the nipples were easy to see as they stretched the t-shirt. She may not have had large breasts yet but the nipples were still a turn on for John.

John was beginning to weaken to the teasing by the girls as his mind started to think what it would be like to be with one of these girls. They were so young so cute so sexy that he actually was thinking about sex with a 14 year old girl. Things are so different today he though, because of the internet, these young girls have access to knowledge and things that no girl let alone most women ever had. These two girls know a lot more about sex than he was giving them credit for. John was still a little old fashion about something’s and felt there was a good connection between sex and love. One did not work well or last long without the other. He shook his head to clear it of the crazy thoughts and explained the flowers to the girls. They walked through the gardens as John explained things the girls bent over to look and gave him a view of their cute little butts. The shorts stretched tight and rode up as they bent giving him a nice view of their legs and on several occasions a hint of cheek.

The day was warm and he offered them something to drink on the porch. He had made some lemonade and handed a glass to each. Tina let her glass slip and tip on purpose spilling all over her shorts. He had gotten a towel to clean up but her shorts were soaked through and this presented a real problem. The only thing he could do was wash and dries them for her but what would she wear in the mean time. The only solution was for her to wear a pair of his old shorts with a belt cinched up tight while he cleaned and dried her shorts and knickers. She had gone in the bathroom to change and then handed him her clothes watching him as he took her knickers, white lace with red trim, from her.

She had put on the old shorts and pulled them up high and tight then pulled the belt tight. The feeling of his shorts rubbing against her pussy made her wet and soon the crotch of his shorts were wet with her sex juice. Tina was feeling very sexy and Lisa was a little jealous that her sister was wearing his shorts and was so bold at to ask if he could wash her shorts too. John was a little taken back by Lisa’s request but her shorts were dirty and so he agreed to wash them as well. He found pair of old sweatpants that had been cut off short and gave them to her as she handed him her shorts and knickers, blue lace. John could only smile as he now had two cute little girls wearing some of his old short and he was holding their knickers. Lisa smiled as she felt the shorts pull up tight to her pussy making it wet with desire and causing the shorts to become moist with her sex juice. Lisa liked the idea of being in his pants.

John looked at the two girls in his old shorts and the thoughts that went through his head were going to get him in trouble.

The cottage was only three rooms a nice sized living room, the kitchen and bedroom. As John had gotten the clothes from the bed room the girls had seen the large bed that almost filled the room and had whispered to each other and giggled about it. John had seen the whisper and giggle and wondered what that was about. Then Tina said that the bed was big enough to hold several people and John only smiled.

He had gotten more lemonade and they went back outside. There was a large double chaise lounge and John sat and reclined on it. The girls just hopped on it with him and he did not object. John had decided to let happen what would happen.

John was tired and soon was dozing off. Tina snuggled up close on one side and Lisa on the other. As John drifted deeper into sleep Tina became bolder and now she had move so his hand was over her shoulder and resting on her small breast.
She loved the feel of a man’s hand on her breast and her nipple responded. She wiggled around so the hand would rub her tit and the feel of the hard nipple against the palm of his hand was sending waves of ecstasy through her body. Her pussy was hot and wet to the feel of her finger which was now rubbing her clit. Lisa saw what was happening and started to rub her pussy in response and was trying to figure a way to get John’s hand into her pants. She gave up and just took off the cutoff sweatpants and her top then lay down next to John and rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipples.
Tina saw Lisa strip and decided to join her and so now both girls were naked on the chaise lounge. Tina slowly unbuttoned his shirt and lightly kissed his exposed chest and one at a time kissed each nipple. He stirred only slightly and the girls giggled. Lisa now joined Tina in kissing his chest and they moved lower. Lisa unbuckled the shorts and now had them open exposing his briefs. John, even though in a light sleep, had been aroused and was sporting a nice erection which was easily seen through the briefs.

The girls both looked at the stiff cock beneath the cotton briefs and decided today is the day. Very carefully Lisa pulled down the briefs as Tina gently lifted his cock to her mouth. Tina’s tongue licked the end of the hard purple head and slowly let her lips slide over the cap taking the whole head into her mouth.

There is no way John could sleep through that and he had awakened as the girls were opening his shorts. He figured he would go along as he really wanted to fuck both of these cute little girls. Lisa had the shorts down as far as she could get them and Tina had about 2 inches in her mouth. Just then John moved his arms and hands to grab each girl in the ass then move to slipping a finger along the butt crack to the tight wet young pussy lips of two rather experienced young girls.

Both girls gasped as the hands had move so quickly and now there was a finger in each of their pussies. His middle finger was big and it took some working to push it in the full length, all 4 inches. The girl’s eyes went wide as the large finger went deep into each of them. Tina was no longer sucking cock she was starting to approach an orgasm and a second finger was into her. She could not believe she that now there were to very large finger wiggling inside her pussy.
Lisa was not left out and John had done exactly the same to Lisa the only difference was that Lisa was tighter and required more force. As Lisa was a virgin her pussy was very tight and the fingers hurt at first but then the sensation of pleasure surging through her overcame the pain.

His fingers were long and he was experienced so finding the g spot was not to difficult and as soon as he did both girls moaned and screamed and shook with orgasms. John then took Tina with both hands and lifted her on to him. After Lisa pulls his shorts off he lowers Tina onto his hard cock. Lisa help guide the cock between the wet lips and big as it was it slowly penetrated Tina’s tight pussy. She gave a low moan and then as the cock drove hard and deep she screamed. Her body quivered and convulsed as the head hit the cervix hard. She had another orgasm and then started to bounce on his cock.

Lisa was rubbing her pussy and then started to play with his balls as Tina had a couple of good orgasms. Tina’s pussy tightened around his cock and caused him to shake with pleasure causing him to shoot the biggest load of cum he had done in some time. The hot sticky cum filled her little pussy and then started to ooze out with each stroke. Tina continued to bounce on his cock as it got soft and slowly slipped out of her pussy. She then lay down beside him and snuggled into his arm.

Lisa was upset as she saw the limp cock and took hold of it. She pulled on it and shook it trying to make it hard again. Tina sat up and took the cock telling Lisa “this is how to make a cock hard” and slipped her mouth around the soft member. She sucked and ran her tongue around it until it showed signs of life again. Slowly under Tina’s care and direction she and Lisa were able to make it hard again. Now it was Lisa’s turn but she was a virgin, only John did not know. As she straddled his cock Tina fingered her pussy getting it as wet as possible and then Tina parted the lips and guided the cock into Lisa’s wanting hole.

John winced as Lisa was very tight and it was not easy pushing his old cock into her so tight pussy. No matter lust and desire prevailed and the head slipped in Lisa. As he helped pull her down he stopped when the head hit the hymen. He did not move and seemed to lift her up to pull out. Lisa wanted him now and said so and Tina put her hands on Lisa’s shoulder and pushed hard. The cock went deep piercing the hymen sending sharp pain through Lisa but soon the lust and primal sex took over and she started to move up and down. Tina had reached around from behind and was not pinching her nipples. Lisa went wild and crazy with moans and screams.

John was an older man but still was able to give a good fucking when needed. He bucked and humped her being sure she had at least a couple of good orgasms and then he could not last. A big load of cum shot from John’s cock into Lisa’s virgin pussy. Lisa screamed as the cum shot into her and she wiggled, squirmed and bounced harder. The cum mixed with the virgin leaked from Lisa onto John as he just pumped harder. Again the cock softened and slipped slowly out of the now wet pussy. Lisa lay on the other side and snuggled into his arm.


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