Melinda & Jan's Diary

__It is still unclear as to just where and how the neighbor lady, Jan, and her daughter, Melinda, had been. Some secret government location in the U.S. They had spent most of their life there and were isolated from the rest of the world. When the dad came up missing, that’s all they were told…’missing -permanent’. They had to get permission to move away from there, and never say anything about where they had been or anything else.

They decided to move next door to us in a regular neighborhood. The mom Jan, became friends with my mom instantly. She had a million questions about regular life here. Daughter Melinda just sat quietly. Mel, as we all called her, was out of school now and she was a good looking, hot bodied girl. I was drawn to her right away. Her mom was pretty hot looking too and so friendly to me.

They were over as Jan talked to mom in the kitchen, Mel and I sat on the couch. With no TV orcomputers, Mel only read old books for entertainment. I found out she had no contact with guys at all. Her schooling was in an all girls small school and another one for the guys….all separated.

My mom had to leave but would be back in 30 minutes. As soon as she left, I had Jan on one side of me and Mel on the other. They had both been waiting for thisopportunity. Jan sat real close and said: “Can you help us Brandon,….we need a guy to get us ‘up to date’ with this…kinda… new world were in. Dad was never home, and Mel has never had a date with a guy.”

“Could you come over tonight where we can talk private and you can fill us in on…’guys’ today. I don’t want your mom or anyone to know how uninformed we are.”

I thought, ‘is there any other answer but ’oh yes!’ as my heart raced…. I said: “ Sure”. I was old enough now, I came and went as I pleased. That night I quietly walked next door andentered thru a back door as Jan had planned.

They were both waiting for me and walked me arm an arm to their couch.

They both had on robes. They explained that they liked to walk around in the nude at night. I said: “Oh…please be comfortable, don’t put robes on just because I’m here.” They both said…oh…we were hoping you might say that. They both took off their robes and were totally nude,…. like it was nothing. Mel said: “We really like you Brandon, do you like us?”

I said: “You girls are very sexy and pretty, I don’t know which one of you I like better…”

The both smiled big and ask if they could kiss me on the cheek.

It was hard to believe this was happening. I said: “Go ahead.” They got on their knees, one on each side of me and slowly scooted in close to kiss me on my cheeks. I had a big hardon, already picturing how this night might turn out.

I put an arm around each of their necks and pulled them gently in close. I got a close look at four beautiful tits and two dark pubic haired pussy’s. I had two hot girls breathing heavy on my face. They both kissed my cheeks and held the kisses.


…mom was right, he’s just the right guy we had talked about getting. I had never kiss a guy until now. I held my kiss to feel the rush mom said I would get. His arm around my neck just intensified these new feelings. I had dreamed about a girl’s feelings and what they would be like when she was close with a guy. He somehow was making my pussy feel good too.

I slowly moved my lips around to his mouth…while mom started kissing him all over the side of his face. Finally a guy to get me what my stored up urges wanted. I felt so good and I kept going as more urges came up. I unbuttoned his shirt to feel his chest.


It had been a long time since I had been with Mel’s dad, and I was so turned on I wanted Brandon naked. He was just what we wanted to relieve this great sexual tension inside us.

Mel and I had to help each other for relief, now we had a young guy for real… to help us.
I can’t believe how horny I’ve gotten. I see in Mel’s eyes she can’t wait to be with him. I want to kiss him for days it feels so good just kissing his face.

I helped her take his clothes off as our fingers trembled. I dimmed the lights as Mel pulled out the couch into a bed. I hope he understands our aggressiveness, but we’ve waited a long time for this. I let Mel go first to do the things she had only dreamed about with a guy.

I watched as they kissed slowly. The passion was building up in both of them as he lay between us. Watching Mel get fondled for the first time by a guy was awesome. He was gentle with her and felt her tits so nice. Poor Mel was so hyper, her whole body twitched with new exciting feelings. She was very wet as she squirmed her hips. Even I could see the wetness between her legs. She was huffing as he began sucking on her nipples. I just had to scoot close behind him and feel his warm body on mine. I pressed my tits into his back and pushed my pussy tight to him.

I eased my hand down to his warm hardon…omg… it had been so long since I had felt a nice warm hardon. It was between Mel’s legs now, as I stroked it. It was slick with Mel’s wetness and it caused spasms in my neglected pussy. I played with the slickness with my fingers. I felt Mel’s clit, so hot now and sensitive. I want his hardon in my mouth so bad. I love the feel of a warm hardon in my mouth, with the head going in and out of my lips. I would have to wait to get him to shoot his cum deep in my mouth to taste it again….


I never realized how a mans tongue could be so sexy. I held his head and let my tongue feel his. He then took his tongue and ran it all over me….and then down to my nipples…omg…this is so breath taking… He’scontinuing down my tummy….oh god I can’t take the tingles. I have to twitch my hips, it’s too much. Goose bumps…I feel his tongue licking my pubic hair. He’s….ooooo…licking my clit. I can’t take it, he going to make me orgasm with his tongue and mom’s finger both.

That’s enough! I start pulling on him to bring him up…I want him in me now…right now! Oh yes…almost here. I feel mom’s hand started to put his hardon in me. Easy...oh god easy, I’m a virgin still…ooooo… so tight…but so wonderful…there… The head of his hardon is in me and my pussy is expanding and getting bigger now. A little deeper at a time….. I can’t think at all, just feel him in me. I’m seeing visions of light in my head as hebegins to slowly pump his hardon in me. He’s rolling on top of me….oh there…oh yes...oh yes…ooooo….., it’s just like mom said it would be….my knees are fully wide apart and he’s pumping me faster. Oh my god...oh yes! I think I’m cuming…yes...yes!…oh jez…here it is!

I had to yell out, I had no choice. My soul was shook and I lost control. I felt euphoria as I felt hot cum rushing in me, over and over. “Oh baby yes!” I yelled out as I pumped him back deep with my pussy. I held my arms tight around his neck and kissed and kissed his face all over….my whole body trembled…my mind seemed to float away, somewhere….,somewhere beautiful….


…wow…what a site to witness, my daughters first full on sex with a guy…I lost track of how many times I orgasmed with my fingers in my pussy….who can keep count at a happening like this…

They repeated their togetherness all night long…

It was a week before I got my turn.

Mel came up to me and whispered: (, he’s all yours tonight.) I think my heart jumped 10 beats and a shot of warm wetness filled my pussy. I had been waiting for this to happen…..


I have fucked my share of girls, but nothing like Mel. I couldn’t tell my buddies what luck I was having, they’d all be over her wanting to fuck Mel and Jan…so I just kept my mouth shut. Jan was a hot copy of Mel but well seasoned and horny as hell. We exchanged hugs and feels in their hallway, I thought she was going to faint. I loved to do a quick sneak and run my hand down her panties and watch her eyes close and I think she orgasmed right there.
She would start humping my fingers and moan quietly. She would grab my hardon and squeeze it hard, then tremble.

It was time to get her in bed and us really get it on. Mel brought it up first and ask me to have sex with her mom. Lady luck is smiling on me.

A hot daughter and her hot mom….I couldn’t hardly believe the luck I was having. Mel told me…”Tonight Brandon, do her tonight..”

Now how could I turn that down…

It was all set to happen in their big bed. I came over and the house was dimly lit. Mel came in the living room…naked…and escorted me to their bedroom. There was Jan, all hot looking as they both undressed me.

Jan and I wasted no time and locked together still standing in a hot kissingsession. Mel sat on the bed smiling as she watched us. I picked Jan up and put her on the bed. Mel watched us, all intense. Now it was her turn to watch her mom have sex with a guy. I noticed she was rubbing her pussy slightly.

Jan barely whispered to me: (…oh...let me suck you first…it’s been so long..”) I turned as now we lay 69, side by side. Her knees came up around my head with the first lick of her clit. “Ohhhhhhh” she moaned. Pussy juice began to soak her leg. I’d never seen a girl this hot before.

I wondered what two of my fingers would do on her G spot. I went for it as she deep throated me over and over. When I massaged her G spot…she went wild. I’d never seen a girl squirt before. She flooded my fingers, with gasping moans and squirming hips. I just touched her clit with my thumb and she squirted again. She mumbled some moans and gasp for air.

I was crazy hot watching and feeling her in her ecstasy. I looked at Mel. She was reaching in her pussy like she was trying to find her G spot. Her bucking and moaning told me she must have found it.

Mel was looking at me and as I turned to fuck Jan, Mel started feeling me all over. Next I had two girl kissing me and playing with my balls.

This was a first for me as the two hot girls began to work together to really turn me on.

Things got a little crazy as Mel and her mom started sharing me.

I was just starting to fuck Jan when Mel rolled me off. She got in top of me and stuck my hardon in her pussy. Now Jan started feeling my balls and feeling my body. They both tried to tongue kiss me at once. I felt like I was being attacked by two wild girls….and I like it!

Mel fucked me wildly and got an orgasm, Jan immediately took over and got on top of me. I didn’t realize it but all their years alone had built up inside them, and now it was coming out. They didn’t hold back now as they must have had sex with each other someway. Jan and Mel started feeling each other up and playing with each other tits, finger fucked their pussy’s and Jan got down and licked Mel’s pussy.

I was in shock, but so turned on also. They got me on my back and both took turns putting their pussy’s in my face as they took turns sucking on my hardon. My balls were ready to explode as they seem to be working for a peak in their sex fest with me. They made these hungry growling sounds as they attack my hardon. Squeezing, jacking and alternating sucking it.

They kept switching pussy’s and fucking my face, rubbing their clits on my lips. I held their hips and alternated licking their pussy’s as I felt a huge load of cum ready to shoot.

Out it came as they squealed and let it shoot on their faces and in their mouths. They took turns putting my hardon their mouths and taking a shot of cum. My mind went numb.

It was so over the top I just let my hardon shoot until every last shot was on or in them. They played with it and licked and swallowed until it was all gone….
I woke up. It was morning. Two girls were washing me. I wonder if this was a dream, until….they saw me awake. The both started kissing me and then…..

Jan and Mel held up all the handcuffs, and said:

“You know of course, we are ‘never’ going to let you leave.”……...


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