Third Draft Of An Autobiography

Third Draft of an Autobiography


I got an IM from Ryan:

mozart4: heyy, what took you so long?
onemanwonder23: ?
mozart4: where’ve you been? I’m grounded in my room.
onemanwonder23: Ohhh i’m sorry babe, jess asked for a ride to work.
mozart4: np. Just getting bored. You busy now?
onemanwonder23: about to head to practice.
mozart4: ah. Good job.
onemanwonder23: ? something bothering you?
mozart4: nope. Just bored.
onemanwonder23: lol..

onemanwonder23: you have your phone on you?
mozart4: nope : (
onemanwonder23: ugh. kk. I’ll text you when I get home.
mozart4: sure thing. ily
onemanwonder23: Love you too.


I’d gotten back from tennis practice an hour ago and was now cleaning and dusting down my room. The chemicals were getting to me.

I took a screwdriver and dug it into the grooves around my window, prying it loose, and wrenched the frame upwards. My tiny house isn’t exactly “structurally sound”, and I swear the roof will collapse every time I try to open the window.
I lean out into the fresh, cool night, my lungs greedily replacing the stagnancy of my room with the outside air.

Then looking up, I jump in surprise, dropping the screwdriver and bottle of cleaner on the floor.

There’s a beautiful boy standing outside my window like a complete goof. He’s handsome and muscular and keeps his auburn hair in that silly swoop that’s stylish nowadays. He offers me a smile and I can’t help but return one.

“Funny seeing you here.”
I sit on the windowsill, making him climb over me to get inside. As he moves, he grinds his body sensually into mine, and I laugh.
“You came a long way just for this.”
He shrugged. “I just wanted to get out. My stepmom’s being a bitch.”
“What’d you do?”
He pouted. “Nothing.”

I planted my hands on his hips and threw him onto the bed, pinning him down by sitting on his ass. He laughed and gasped for breath at the same time, making such a ridiculous sound, I burst into laughter as well, falling off him. Our bodies automatically curled together into our default position with my thin, muscular frame dd over his; half-spooning, half-laying on top of him.
“So, what brings you here all of a sudden?”
“I told you. I just wanted to get out.”
“That’s it? Anything wrong?”

I moved so I could look properly at his face.
“There is. I can tell.”
He snorted. “Yeah right.”
I shrugged, pulling away from him, reaching off the bed for the bottle of cleaner.

“No, no! Don’t leave.” He pulled me back so that I was clutching his warm body. He wrapped his arms around me, preventing any escape. I lifted my face up so we could kiss.
It was innocent at first, but I eventually rolled on top of him, pressing our hard chests together as we worked at each other’s mouths.
Our shirts wound their ways upward as we slid against each other, and I wasted no time in letting my hands roam across Ryan’s chiseled features. He shivered excitedly beneath my cold fingers.
His body always gave off unbearable heat, while mine remained frigid to the touch.
In no time, I was sweating, and my exposed chest and abs slid tantalizingly across his hips as I worked my way downward.

“Would you tell me for a reward?” I asked him, curling my hands around his belt loops and resting my head on his crotch. He grinned nervously.
“What kind of reward?”
I shrugged, rubbing my cheek up and down against his jeans. I could feel his dick beginning to harden.
“I can think of something you’d enjoy… But you have to tell me afterwards…”

I lifted myself off his crotch and dd my body over his, nestling my chin into his shoulder. My hands snaked down between us, sliding into his jeans and making Ryan shiver as I explored. I grinned as he squirmed beneath my cold fingers.
I loved how he would grind his body against mine. He was so naturally sensual; unconsciously reacting what I did to him…
At last, my hand found what it was looking for. I gripped his thick cock and tugged at it until it was free of his pants.

I dropped back down and pulled his boxers and jeans off his legs, exposing him completely, and giving me my workspace.

“I’m better than I was.” I said as I gave the base of his dick a kiss. He smiled down at me.
“Yeah?” He chuckled. “We’ll see if it’s up to my standards.”

I stuck out my tongue and licked up the length of his dick. At once, his whole body racked with intense electricity, adding to the healthy pulse of heat that came from his dick. We were beginning to perspire already; our bodies reacting to each other with perfect chemistry.

I didn’t hesitate before accepting his rigid cock properly into my mouth, and sunk down all the way, boldly deepthroating him. Saliva poured from my mouth, oozing over his cock and balls, lubricating them until my face slid over him with ease.
I swirled my tongue around his head, cumulating spit, and let it dribble all the way down his shaft, licking down to the base, and slowly coming back up before falling into a steady rhythm of bobbing up and down on his hard dick; stroking his shaft with my hands.
He was holding my head lightly, eyes closed, and face contorted in pure pleasure.
I let my head sink deeper down on his rigid cock, my throat working the head as it slid down until his hairs were tickling my lips. He let out a low groan as my tongue and throat massaged his dick before I released him, his cock popping out of my mouth, gasping for quick snatches of air as he squirmed beneath me. I caught my breath, and then sunk all the way back down his cock. He held me tighter as I sucked him, making him harder and wetter that I ever had. I was sloppy with it, but in no time, I felt his dick stiffen in my mouth, and his balls in my hands.

“Ohh…” He tried to say something, but my throat gave a little spasm, and it sent him into an orgasm. Ryan’s back arched and his legs came together, holding my face onto his dick. His breathing became ragged, his body involuntarily curling around my head, dick hardening, flexing, pushing deeper and deeper into me.

I felt the hot cum erupt from him, directly down my throat. So much of it; I could feel it travel down into my stomach, filling me up.

Ryan collapsed on top of my head, comatose. We lay there for a while, before I began to struggle beneath him.
“Fuck, Ryan. I can’t breath.”

We both lay on our backs, panting. Grinning. Kissing. Holding each other.

“So…” I turned to him. He could still barely breath from the effort of his orgasm.
“What’s been bothering you?”

He looked away, unable to meet my gaze.
“My folks.”
“What about your folks? Your step-mom being a bitch isn't anything new.”
He chuckled, and then fell into silence again. “No. My dad’s been getting on my case lately.”
I sighed. “What’ve you been doing?”
“I—just…” He turned on his side towards me and curled up into a ball.
“I think he knows about us.”

I was silent for a long time.

“Knows about us us?”
Ryan nodded into my shoulder.

I smiled down at him. “Is he treating you badly?”
“Is he telling everyone that his son’s a queer.”
“No!” He gave me a light punch in the gut for that. I laughed.

“Ryan. It’ll be fine. You wanna tell him? Confirm his greatest fear?” I said it with a grin, but there was some validity in my words.
“Hey! Don’t say that! You’re making me feel bad about it.”

I sighed again.
“You wanna go out tonight? I don’t have anything planned.”

I reached down and lifted his face up to look at me. He was flushed and his hair was wild and matted. I leaned down to give him a kiss.

“I love you.”
“Love you too.”
“Let’s get ready to go.”


There was a long line in front of the box office. Ryan and I stood in line together, but we kept a careful distance. The front of the theater was a busy place, and I was uncomfortable with him in public, as horrible as that sounds.
I had nightmares about being caught with Ryan. Already my other friends were jealous of me spending so much time with him… And now his dad suspected us, too?

I shuddered.
Ryan took off his jacket and handed it to me. I accepted with a big smile.
I loved that .

“Hey, Ben!”
We turned to look.
It was Freddy. From school.

“Hey. You all alone?” I took another half-step away from Ryan, just in case.
“Naw, I’m meeting someone. What’re you guys seeing?”
I shrugged. “We only just got here.”
“C’mon. I have a friend who works here. We can get in for free.”
He led us past the line and into the theater, where we were met by a skinny queer-looking with too-tight clothes and a girlish walk.

I guess I’m a hypocrite towards stereotypical… you know… gay people; seeing as how the love of my life was a boy.
Both Ryan and I had very masculine personalities and styles, so it was still a shock seeing someone like Freddy’s friend, and then tallying up the similarities.

The smiled and winked at us. “Hey boys.”
Ryan was the one to shudder this time.
I handed him back his jacket.

Whatever his sexuality, I was glad to have the with us. We breezed through concessions and lines, and ended up getting an entire theater showing ‘Valkyrie’ to ourselves.
The moment the lights were out, Ryan and I began to unconsciously lean closer and closer together until our heads suddenly bumped together and snapped out of our trance.
I looked to my side, and nearly threw up as I saw Freddy and the making out, only one seat away from me. The ’s shirt had ridden up, and Freddy’s mouth went… And the ’s hands….

I heard snickering coming from Ryan, and I turned to him, glaring helplessly.
“Freddy’s a fag?!?” I whispered furiously.
“Shit, Ryan! They’re almost fucking each other right next to me! What do I do??”

Ryan turned to me and put on his devil’s grin.
“I need to go to the bathroom.”
We left the theater,
But I don’t think the other two noticed.


We got ice cream and made our way back to my car.
Ryan was laughing about the theater incident, but I was still shaken.
“Seriously, Ryan, would you ever fuck me in a public place?”
“Hellz yeah!”
“Seriously!” I punched him in the shoulder.
“Yeah! Why not? If no one was around, but it was still kinda public, I think it would be hot.”

I sighed. We reached my car and got in.
“You really think so?”
Ryan grinned. “You wanna try it?”
“Kind of.” I laughed, climbing over to the passenger seat and sitting on Ryan’s lap.
He reached down and flipped the seat lever, making it recline back, giving us a lot more room to work with.
When we kissed, it felt like the first time in months. Our mouths connected perfectly, and our tongues were free to roam. Ryan kept wrapping his arms around me, thrusting his crotch up to meet mine, mouthing me more hungrily. But I him into a slower, leisurely pace; rocking against him, back and forth, grinding and dancing for him on his lap. There could be a crowd outside, gaping at us through the car windows, and neither of us would have noticed. We were lost in each other, now.

I eased off Ryan’s shirt and attached my lips to his six-pack. I loved his muscles.
Meanwhile, I let Ryan massage my ass through my basketball shorts. The material was thin, so he didn’t have any trouble turning my on; my long dick pressing into his stomach as I grinded my ass against him.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.”
He lifted my shirt and I rose off his lap for a second, letting him slide my shorts and boxers completely off. Naked, I straddled him again, pressing my body harder and closer against his. I loved the feeling of his firm body against mine.
Slowly, I unzipped his jeans and reached inside, stroking his dick until it was hard and pressing uncomfortably into me.

He shivered in pleasure, smiling up at me and leaning in for a kiss. “Your hands are cold.”
“Stop speaking.” I worked his pants away from his hips, and I pushed them down around his ankles.

“We don’t have room for me to blow you.” I told him. Ryan frowned.
“It’s gonna hurt if I go in dry.”
“I’ll cope.”
The heat radiating from his body was making me sweat, and I used it as lubrication to grind myself onto his naked lap, working his thick onto my ass.
Two big hands came up and held my hips, stopping my gyrating movements. I opened my eyes, looking down at him, surprised. He was watching me with a big, goofy smile on his face.

“What does it mean when I can’t stop thinking about you?”
I smiled, a little embarrassed. “It means you like people too much.”
“It means I love you.”

When he says that, I get butterflies in my stomach. No matter how often, I’ll never get used to it. It will never get old.
I leaned down to kiss him, and we let our tongues dance hungrily as we got into position.

Never breaking the kiss, I sat up and lifted his rigid cock into position.
As soon as I began sitting back down, I felt the pressure build all the way to my head. I hesitated.

“It’s alright baby. I’ll take it from here.”

Ryan was suddenly on top of me, and I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders and the head of his dick pressing into me. I cringed at the pain. I felt cold.
He pushed hard against me, and it felt like I was splitting in half; ripped open by his dick. I was sweating again, and between my shallow panting, a cry escaped my throat as the head of his cock finally popped cleanly inside me.

“You’ve got a long way to go. I want it deeper.”

He nodded and reapplied the pressure, sliding agonizingly, inch by inch, inside of me until my ass was stuffed and I could feel his balls pressing against me.
“Holy shit, this is hot.”
“Shut up…” I panted, “Keep going... please.”

Ryan fucked me, slowly. Carefully. Attending to every wince and cold shudder that ran through me, as my body reacted to the pain and the pleasure. I could feel every inch of his cock as it slid deeper and deeper into me. I opened my eyes, and saw him staring down at me, face deep in concentration. I was completely his. Completely his for the taking. I flexed my ass around his dick and watched his mouth curl up as he absorbed the sensation.

Though I still felt raw, I sat up a little and wrapped my hands around his waist, beginning to pull him into me, faster and harder. He grunted with the effort of his fucking, and little pathetic yelps escaped my mouth with every thrust into me.
He was unafraid now, and let his body take over.

We curled around each other on the seat of the car, and fucked and fucked. My insides felt white-hot now, as the friction between us increased.
My hard cock was wedged between the ridged of our abs, and as he pushed into me, my dick was massaged by our bodies.
We were well-lubricated with sweat. Now, and Ryan squelched wetly into me, surprising my body with every new thrust.

As I pulled him closer towards me, our lips locked together again, and we devoured each other as if our lives depended on it. I wanted him to swallow me. I mumbled An incoherent consent.
“Ugh…. Fuck…”
His dick seemed to reach all the way through my body, making me feel so good…

“Haa haa …Wh—?”

I’m not sure what I was trying to say.
It was lost as my brain blacked out.
I was cold, but I was sweating.
The pain had completely gone.
My balls were boiling.
My dick, pressed between our bodies grew uncomfortable.
My ass was stretched to its limit by Ryan’s thick cock.
He was pounding in and out of my body.

My heart was stopping…

“Oh, Fuck, Ryan! I’m cumming!”
“Do it.”

We embraced each other, my eyes streaming as the cum exploded out of me. My nails dug into his shoulders as I pumped out the hot liquid over our hot bodies. It shot up between us, slapping against Ryan’s chest and chin, and falling back across my face.
As I came, my ass contracted spastically around his cock. I watched his eyes widen in surprise and pleasure, and suddenly, he was cumming inside of me too.
His cum flooded my body, shooting against my rectum walls, and overflowing out my hole. Ryan’s cum ran down my ass and onto the seats. As we squirmed and twisted around on the seat, the liquid was rubbed over the leather and our legs and backs.
With a pop, Ryan slid out of me, letting even more cum leak out of my ass.


I struggled to find the breath to reply.


“I fucking love you, Benjamin.”

Butterflies in my stomach.
Ryan’s eyes closed in exhaustion and he lay on top of me, cuddling into my chest.
I brushed the hair away from his eyes and kissed his forehead.

“You can sleep on the way home. Let me up.”
He moaned into my chest. “I don’t wanna…”
I chuckled softly, careful not to disturb him.

“I fucking love you too, Ryan.”



Part four will pick up where this left off. I realized if I continued, this chapter would be way too long, so I decided to divide it. I’ve planned to have a total of five Drafts, so the next chapter will be big!
Keep reading, keep commenting, and keep supporting my stories!

Your friend,
The Young Author


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