First Time Sex Stories #5: Sneaky Little Squirt

First Time Sex Stories #5: Sneaky Little Squirt
By Missy Younglove

Author's Note: This work is based on a true experience that was related to me via email.

When I was 12, there was a neighbor boy my age who used to come over and play with me in the evenings. He was a little bit nerdy and I was kind of chubby so neither of us was very popular.

We took great comfort in each other's friendship, though, and would often sit on my front steps and chat for hours. We never really talked about sex since we didn't know who might be in earshot, but we eventually got to the point where we'd sit very close together so that our bodies could touch each other as much as possible without being obvious. Sometimes we'd discretely hold hands for a few minutes, but our palms always got sweaty with anxiety about being seen and made fun of by kids playing in the street.

One evening, just as dusk turned into twilight, he timidly began to stroke the inside of my thigh up near the knee. I tried to be nonchalant about it, but it was one of the most exciting moments of my young life. I suddenly knew that my physical interest in him was mutual and that some of my not-so-innocent romantic fantasies about him could actually happen. I nearly swooned as, for the first time in my life, I felt my body respond in all of the womanly ways.

Each evening after that, he would sneak a hand beneath my leg and stroke the inside of my thigh as soon as the shadows began to fall over us. I never objected and as the days went by, his strokes moved closer and closer to my crotch.

My pussy got very wet the first time he touched me and the farther up my leg he stroked, the wetter I got. It finally got to the point where I had to wash my shorts and panties in the shower every night and blow them dry along with my hair so that my mother wouldn't see the stains. It was a small price to pay, though, and I started wearing very tight but stretchy shorts on the nights he came over.

One evening, he finally stuck his fingers inside the hem of my shorts. When I told him how nice it felt, he stroked me all the way to my underwear. I was dying for him to touch my pussy, but his fingers couldn't get any farther than the outside of one of my cunt lips without it being obvious to any onlookers what he was doing. The best he could do was to rub his pinky around on my plump, sensitive pussy lip. That made my vagina flow like a river, too.

I reciprocated, of course. It was the early '80s and high-cut, loose shorts were the style for boys so I had no problem slipping my hand in there. His thighs were so silky smooth that they felt like a girl's. I loved caressing them.

Unfortunately, it was also a time when most boys wore tightie-whities, so I was ultimately no better off than he was. I could rub his soft, warm scrotum through his underwear with my pinky but that was all. Since I was an only child, the male apparatus was still a big mystery to me and my limited access didn't help the situation at all.

One summer night, after we'd gotten each other all worked up, he said he wanted to touch my skin and that I'd like it but we'd have to find a private place or we could get into big trouble. We thought of a few places, but discarded each one until we were left with the shed in my backyard.

My mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner, so we sneaked back there. The shed was still very hot and filled with junk so there was no place to lie down or even sit. We had to stand up but were so horny that we didn't care.

I remember being very excited about doing something so new and scary. He wasted no time in pulling down my stretchy shorts and panties. The smell of my dripping sex immediately filled the shed. He put his hand between my legs and jerked it away when he felt how wet I was. Then he put it back and started rubbing my pussy.

His middle finger fell into my crack and rubbed my clitty.
I felt more of my lube juice ooze onto his fingers and he spread it around until my plump, nearly bald cunt was all wet and slippery. He kissed me and told me to touch him. It was an invitation I had no intention of refusing. I reached into his elastic waistband and hooked my thumbs into his underwear. With one smooth motion, his erect penis was freed and his shorts fell around his ankles.

It was nearly dark in the shed, but I could still see his slender, four-inch penis sticking out in front of him. A plump round sack hung below and I could just make out a small tuft of pubic hair on each side of his shaft. I was shocked at the sight of it. I thought, “Oh my goodness, so this is what one looks like!” I was also a little surprised that he had more hair than I had on my pussy, which was so sparse that I still looked as bald as a little girl unless you got up close.

I grabbed his erect cock and was surprised at the life I felt in it. It was vibrating and throbbing strongly with his heartbeat. It was warm and soft, yet hard underneath -- far from the feeling I'd gotten when experimenting with my hairbrush handle.

He told me to milk it, which I did. My legs were shaking so I leaned against him and he leaned against me as the last of the light faded away. We each had a cheek on the other's shoulder and it was wonderful to feel his soft, warm body against mine.

We still had our upper clothing on, but didn't dare remove it in case we had to dress quickly. I soon felt some warm, sticky wetness in my hand that felt like my lube juice. I was surprised that boys made it too, but liked the feeling as his penis smeared it into my palm. He continued to frig me with his inexperienced fingers until we were both panting heavily.

Then he found my dripping little hole and stuck his finger up there. I gasped with surprise, but there was no pain at all. It felt good and I pushed out my pelvis to encourage him to push it deeper.
He did, then he pulled it out and sucked the juice off his finger. He said "Mmm," then kissed me on the lips. I was glad he liked how my pussy tasted and could taste a little of it on his lips, too.

I bent down to kiss his penis and licked off a salty droplet. I also said "Mmm," and then kissed him. He didn't hesitate to lick his own flavor off my lips.

I milked his penis a little longer, then reached down to feel his scrotum. It was firm and cool, fitting perfectly into the palm of my small hand. I rolled it around, fascinated by the delicate little eggs inside. The skin was smooth and completely hairless. After exploring it thoroughly, I let go of it and felt his little pubic hairs, teasing them with my fingers.

Then he said he wanted to rub himself against me. I told him OK, but not to squirt any baby juice since I'd heard horror stories about swimming sperm that could crawl up a girl's leg, into her vagina, and get her pregnant.

He promised he wouldn't and we shifted position slightly so that he could poke it between my legs. My upper thighs were already coated with my juices, so it just slid right right between them. I closed them tight and let him slide it back and forth so that the top part rubbed against my clitty. Soon, we were humping away like little rabbits, swaying and nearly ready to topple over in our ecstasy.

I could feel his wet little hairs tickle my bare mons with each thrust. My clitty started to burn, then ignited from the slippery friction of his cock against it. Suddenly, I felt a throbbing pulse at the base of my vagina. It felt like a separate heartbeat, then my cunt muscles tightened up and began to spasm until I thought it would hurt if it were any stronger. My nipples got hard and my clit throbbed as my pelvis began to jerk with my orgasm. I could barely keep from screaming out my pleasure. As it was, I was gasping pretty loudly as new juices squirted from my vagina.

My little friend thrust against me a few more times, then gasped and froze.
His slender cock swelled slightly and he strained against my still-bucking pelvis. I felt the plump little mushroom at the tip throb against my bottom and little droplets of warm syrup rain down the backs of my legs. I was amazed that my orgasm had gotten his dick wet enough to drip so much!

We thrust against each other a few more times, but it didn't feel nearly as good so we stopped and went back to rubbing each other with our hands. His penis was extremely wet. I grabbed his soft round ass with my other hand and began to fondle it gently. It was smooth as a baby's bottom.

After a minute, he shakily asked if he could put it inside me. I really wanted to have him there, but was really scared of getting pregnant even though I hadn't had a period yet. However, my lust had firm control of my brain so I once again said OK, as long as he only let his lube juice into me and not his baby juice. He promised without hesitation.

We shifted back to the way we'd stood when he put it between my legs, only this time I angled it upward with my hand and guided it to my profusely dripping entrance. Once the head was in, I held his balls in my hand. Afraid of the virgin pain I'd heard about, I only let him ease it in a little way before pulling on his slippery, dripping little ball sack to make him pull back out.

When that didn't hurt, I let him ease it in a little further before I pulled him back out. It felt wonderful, so I let him ease it in as far as he wanted. This time, he went very deep and it burned a little. My legs began to shake so badly that I could hardly stand up so I gripped his balls and pulled him back out. Still worried about pregnancy, I rubbed his slimy little cock until I felt steadier and then asked him if he wanted to squirt his baby juice into my hand before he put it back inside.

He rubbed my wet pussy and told me that he wanted to see what real fucking felt like and that he wouldn't hurt me and wouldn't get me pregnant. We should just relax and have fun.

I believed him so I guided it back inside and let him do his thing. This time there was no burning when he entered me, only tremendous pleasure. I grabbed his bottom with both hands and felt his muscles bunch and relax with every thrust. He went slow and easy at first, often stopping deep inside and holding it there.

I was a little scared of that at first because I thought he might be getting ready to squirt his baby juice. All I knew about how boys made babies in girls was from what I'd heard from an older cousin once. She said that when it happened, the boy would push it in as deep as he could and hold it there. Then you'd feel hot little pops deep inside followed by a spreading warmth. Then his penis would get soft and he'd pull it out.

Since I didn't feel the pops and warmth when he planted it deep inside, and he most certainly didn't get soft, I figured there was nothing to worry about and relaxed.

I began to enjoy the feeling of his little balls snuggling up against my pussy and his hairs tickling me every time he pushed it deep. I soon wanted it even deeper than he could get it. I was a little taller than him so I tried bending my knees but we almost toppled over. I was so very horny for this boy's wonderful young penis, yet incredibly afraid at the same time. I was enjoying his awkward penetration more than words can ever say, but I sure didn't want to get discovered or pregnant.

I loved his being slow and gentle, but I wanted to feel it fast, too. I told him to go faster and he did. Soon he was thrusting into me like a locomotive and we were both grunting with even greater ecstasy and the increasingly difficult effort of staying upright.

I felt a lawnmower handle against my back and braced myself against it, pushing my pelvis lewdly out at him. He picked up even more speed as I lovingly caressed his straining back. The speed of his fucking caused him to penetrate me more deeply than before, and I finally felt him hitting the bottom of my cunt. It felt so wonderful to have an excited penis thrusting inside of me that I never wanted it to end. The fluids never stopped seeping from my cunt walls and his penis was so wet that it made loud, sexy smacking noises with each of his enthusiastic rabbit thrusts.

His breathing grew loud and labored just before he lost his rhythm and began to grind slowly against me. He moved his little prick in circles a few times, which felt wonderful, then thrust it deep. I clamped down hard on him, suddenly afraid that this time he was squirting his baby juice, and then he groaned.

I felt his penis swell and throb, but there were no hot pops or spreading warmth. He didn't get soft, either. All I could feel was more wetness flooding my pussy. He strained against me for a long time, but didn't start thrusting again. He just said we'd better stop now.

Regretfully, I loosened up and let him pull out. There was a plopping noise and then I was empty. I figured that he must have been worried that he'd squirt his baby juice if we did it any longer.

I took him in my hand and once again offered to help him squirt his baby juice, but he said he was satisfied and pulled up his pants with his penis still wet and stiff. When I asked him if we shouldn't try to make it go down, he said it might never go down after feeling what it was like to really fuck.

That made me happy and I pulled up my own pants, already wondering when and where we might do it again. Never again in the shed, that was for sure. My legs were sore and shaky, and I was sweating like a pig.

Fortunately, I was still two years from my first period. The little devil continued to have stealth orgasms inside me for quite some time, thanks to my ignorance and copiously flowing pussy, but he eventually started ejaculating with enough force and volume for me to feel it. I made him use condoms after that, which he was able to buy from a machine in a men's room at the bowling alley.

We eventually went our separate ways, but I don't think I could have gotten through my hormone-crazed early teens without the relief I got from that sneaky little squirt's wonderful young penis.


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