First Time Sex Stories #6: Basic Instinct

First Time Sex Stories #6: Basic Instinct
By Missy Younglove

Author's Note: This work is based on a true experience that was related to me via email.

I grew up in India, the son of two doctors. We were quite wealthy by Indian standards and had a big house with a lot of servants.

My aunt and uncle would often come over on weekends and holidays, bringing my cousin with them. We'd known each other since infancy and were quite close.

She was very cute, with big brown eyes and fine features. Her skin was a very light brown, something treasured in India.

A growing sexual tension began to form between us when I was 11 and she was 10. Our conversations drifted toward sex more and more often. We started exchanging information on the mechanics of it and gossiped about any of our friends who we thought might be "doing it".

We never got into any kind of show-and-tell or sex play, even though she gave me plenty of clues that she was willing. In fact, she kept trying harder and harder as time went on. I guess I was just too hung up on the thing, though, and would never let it get beyond talking.

One day she came over for a holiday celebration. She knew that the servants would be busy so she brought over a video that had been forbidden to us: Basic Instinct.

We went to my room and locked the door so nobody could surprise us. I was also forbidden to lock my door when she was in there with me, but we knew that our chances of discovery were slim that day.

We didn't have time to watch the whole movie so my cousin took the remote control and went straight to all of the hot scenes and played them over and over. They got me pretty worked up. Then she went to the interrogation scene and played the leg crossing scene repeatedly, freezing the tape on Sharon Stone's vulva.

I could sense that my cousin was watching me closely every time she replayed the scene, but my eyes were glued to the TV and I had the biggest erection of my life.

Finally, she left the tape frozen on the vulva and went over to my desk chair. It was only then that I noticed she was wearing a short white skirt.

"Watch," she said.

I tore my eyes away from the blurry image to look at my cousin. She leaned back and crossed her legs. My eyes nearly fell out of my head as I got a nice glimpse of her hairless brown vulva. My jaw dropped as I realized that she hadn't worn any panties to my house!

Then she crossed her legs the other way and I saw it again.

Drawn like a moth to a flame, I crawled toward her until I was just in front of her knees, all concerns about forgotten. I'd just glimpsed a real live vulva and I wanted to see more. Much more!

Knowing she had my full attention, she uncrossed her legs and spread them wide so that I had a close-up view of her bare crotch. The hairless pussy lips were the same light brown color as the rest of her, but the smooth skin darkened near her slit. They were very plump and meaty so they didn't spread with her legs. All I could see was a pale flap of flesh poking out about halfway down her tight crack. The lips just below it were smeared with some kind of white fluid that looked like school glue. I smelled something warm and musky coming from there that made my heart beat very fast. Sweat broke out all over my body and I had trouble breathing. I began to feel like my erect penis was going to burst from being so hard.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." I whispered softly. My mind was in a total fog by then. I might not have said those exact words, but it was something like that.

She let me stare at it for a long time. We didn't say anything, but I could hear our breathing getting heavier and faster.

Finally, she closed her legs and stood up.

"You do it now," she finally said. I wasn't sure what she meant, but I assumed she wanted me to do the flashy leg crossing thing for her.
I didn't need any more encouragement to undress. My penis was throbbing painfully in my underwear. I pulled down my pants and underwear together and stepped out of them. Her eyes were as glued to my bobbing erection as mine had been to her vulva a few seconds before.

I told her to take off her skirt so I could put it on, but she didn't move. She just stared hungrily at my erect little penis. My knees were shaking so I just sat down in the chair. She scooted up beside me and took my erection in her warm little hand, squeezing it gently. Pleasure shot through me and my head fell back. It felt so much better than my own hand that I couldn't believe it.

My cousin began to jack me slowly and gently. She didn't really know how to do it, but she still brought me to an orgasm within seconds. I started huffing and puffing. I grabbed the sides of the chair in both hands and went stiff as a board, trying to hold it in. My head went way back and started moving in circles as my little balls bunched up against her fist. I was staring at the white ceiling but remembering the sight of her bare vagina.

I imagined that her smooth warm fist was the inside of her pussy and pushed my pelvis up off the chair. She gently squeezed my erection while I thrust it deeply into her fist and came hard.

A surge of white-hot ecstasy shot through me. My pelvis jerked as my penis started to spasm strongly in her tight little fist. I panted and moaned as the contractions racked my burning penis, then I felt it fill with fluid.

I began to ejaculate small droplets of clear semen with the third or fourth contraction. Her hand got wet and slimy but she didn't stop squeezing and milking me. I tried to make it last as long as I could, but it was still over far too quickly -- about seven or eight strong spasms and a few smaller ones. After that, I continued squeezing on my own and managed to get another clear droplet to ooze out before I started to go soft in her firmly squeezing grip.

She fondled me gently as my penis drooped into a semi-erect state for a few minutes, then got hard again. When it was hard, she stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor. I gazed hungrily at her plump little pussy lips for a few seconds before she turned and walked over to my bed. She sat down on it and flopped back, spreading her legs wide.

This time, her outer lips pulled apart. They had darkened and swollen even larger. Nestled inside was a dark ridge with a pea-sized bump at the bottom. Below that, her tear-shaped vaginal entrance beckoned pinkly and wetly to me. A thick strand of translucent white fluid was stretched across the opening. More of it was oozing out of her hole and beginning to drip down to her dark, crinkly anus.

I dazedly walked over to her with my erect penis swaying before me. Her gaping vulva was at the perfect height for my little erection and I touched her with it, pulling back the foreskin and rubbing the wet, slimy head all around on her smooth brown skin. It felt wonderful and made my small, hairless scrotum tighten.

I didn't really know what to do, so I just pressed my bared glans into her slit and moved it up and down. She jerked and moaned with pleasure when it came into contact with her pale bead of wrinkled flesh. It felt good to me, too, so I continued to prod and poke at it for awhile.

She became more and more agitated. That funny, intoxicating smell got stronger as more of the thick, milky fluid began to ooze out of her. I happily smeared it onto my penis, enjoying its slippery warmth.

She reached down and pulled her fat little lips further apart, exposing more of her pinkness. Now it looked big enough to accept my madly throbbing penis.

She told me to put it in, so I did. It was tight at first, but she was pulling it open so I slid home easily once my exposed glans got through.

Inside, she felt like hot pudding. We both began to moan and groan, lost in our separate pleasures.
I leaned over her and supported myself on my straightened arms. The only parts of us that were touching were our genitals. I looked down at her sweet face but her eyes were closed.

For a long moment, I just stood there in stunned amazement, my penis buried deep inside her. The moist heat surrounding me was so intense that it felt like it was burning me.

She threw her head back and bucked her pelvis gently. Her vagina suddenly clenched down on me like a steel trap. She became so tight that I groaned with a pleasure that bordered on pain. The vertical muscles at the entrance to her vagina felt sharp and seemed strong enough to snap my dick off at the base.

Then I felt her vagina begin to suck on my penis. I gasped in wonder, having had no idea that vaginas could do that. I jammed my hips against hers, trying to drive myself even deeper into her heavenly little hole.

I stood on my tip-toes and strained against her while she strained back and massaged my little cock with her hot, tight pussy. I closed my eyes and began to whimper with delight. I was lost in boy heaven for what seemed like many minutes but was probably just 20 or 30 seconds.

Then her vagina loosened and she dropped back onto the bed, causing my penis to come half way out of her. I wasted no time jamming it back inside her and we both gasped in delight as we once again felt the wonderful sensation of my cock thrusting through her tight wetness and my hairless abdomen smashing up against her throbbing little bead.

Suddenly understanding how it all worked, I pulled back until just my glans was inside her and then slammed it home again. She gasped and got very stiff, thrusting her legs straight into the air.

I thrust again. This time she grunted and her pussy began to spasm all around my cock. Her head started to move from side to side and she began to whimper softly as her pelvis jerked rapidly.

The warm, wet, rippling waves suddenly flowing through her vagina were savagely strong. They brought me off in about two seconds.

I thrust my penis into her one final time and froze. My foreskin had been pulled back by her tight sheath, exposing my sensitive glans to the churning inferno within. It burned like I'd just thrust it into hot wax.

I felt my immature seed rushing through my penis once again, racing out of me to seek the depths of her womb. I strained against her, planting myself as deeply as I could.

Then it was my turn to groan and whimper as I felt my penis begin to quiver and lurch deep inside her spongy warmth. Waves of ecstasy flooded my young mind with each blissful contraction. It felt even better when my clear semen began to trickle out.

I'll always remember the strange glow of satisfaction as I felt my semen flowing into a vagina for the first time, merging with her own copious flow and surrounding my deeply buried penis with its warmth.

I came long and hard inside of her, completely uncaring that I was doing my very best to impregnate her infertile womb with my uous young seed.

Finally, I felt myself collapse on top of her. Both of us were breathing hard. I tried to thrust into her a few more times, but I softened very quickly and fell out of her with a loud smack.

I took a minute to catch my breath, then got up and looked at my penis. It was soft and small, covered with a mixture of clear and white juices. Her pussy was still spread wide and dripping with the same, all the way down her bottom and onto my bedspread.

Giddy with the realization that I'd just lost my virginity, I began to giggle at the lewd mess. She raised her head and looked, then joined me in a fit of giggles.

We both stayed in very good spirits as we cleaned up and got dressed. We went back to where our families were and nobody ever guessed that we'd just fulfilled our basic instinct.


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