Family Ties Ch. 2_(1)

Lydia's mom had been waiting five long years for her daughter to turn sixteen. Although she didn't start wanting her until she was 14, Brenda remembers the day she began to want to fuck her daughter it was a couple of weeks after Lydia's 14 birthday the family was out in the back enjoying the summer. Brenda just couldn't stop thinking about her 14-year-old daughter she watched her In the pool with her small bikini on. She got out of the pool, her ass hanging out of her bathing suit bottoms turned her mother on. So today was the day that Brenda finally got to fuck her daughter.

"Are you ready for more Lydia?" Said Brenda.

"Yes mommy I'm ready."

Lydia went to her mom and started to kiss her slowly. She had fucked everyone in the family except for her mom, so she was somewhat nervous. But Brenda pulled her in closer rubbing her had all over Lydia's body. Lydia moved her mouth to her mother beautiful round tits, licking and sucking all over them. Brenda took Lydia to the bed bending her over the edge.

"Spread your legs open sweetie," Brenda said.

Lydia opened her legs while bending over the bed. Brenda got on her knees and started to lick all over Lydia's tight pussy. She went in and out, up and down. Lydia was moaning in pleasure her legs were trembling. Her mom then spits all over her cunt, then licked her spit right off.

"Ohhh mom that's so good keep going."

"You like that baby?"

"Yes please keep licking me. Ahhhhhh." Lydia moaned in Ecstasy.

"you taste so sweet," Brenda said. "I'm gonna get something."

Brenda got up and went to her nightstand pulling out a big dildo. She went to Lydia and put it her mouth. Lydia took the dildo all the way down her throat gagging. Her mom pushed it deep into her throat thrusting it back and forth. Once the dildo was well lubricated Brenda but the dildo right in Lydia's pussy. She was pulling it in it out watching her daughter tight pussy grab onto the dildo and her pussy juice coming out of her.

Brenda took it out putting it in her mouth tasting all her daughter warm juices. She spits on the dildo.

"Okay honey I want you to relax." Said Brenda

"Okay, mommy I trust you," Lydia said nervously.

Brenda stuck the dildo slowly into Lydia's ass. Lydia let out a yell of pain and pleasure. Lydia loved the way it felt in her ass. Her mom was going slowly trying not to hurt her. But Lydia was getting impatient, and she enjoyed the pleasure so much.

"Faster mommy, faster." Lydia moaned

Brenda jammed the dildo into her daughter ass back and forth back and forth. She then licked around her ass whole. Taking the dildo out of her Brenda then started to tongue fuck it going in and out in and out. She flipped Lydia over telling her to suck her ass off the dildo. She shoved the cock shaped dildo down Lydia's throat making her get all of her ass juices. Lydia took the dildo out of her mouth and pushed her mom onto the bed. She then began kissing her mom from her neck down to her clit. She licked her mom's pussy and slid some fingers. Brenda yelled out in pleasure.

"Ohhh baby girl your so good at this." Brenda moaned. "I've been waiting so long for you to play with mommy pussy..keep licking honey."

Lydia kept licking her mom's pussy. Then Lydia's dad came back in the room. Watching he's little girl lick his wife's pussy. He came behind Lydia, spit on her pussy and then slowly pushed his dick deep into her.

"Oh daddy yes!" Lydia screamed

"Don't stop licking my pussy," Brenda said while pulling her daughters head back down to her cunt.

Lydia was so wet and felt so good she was licking her mom's pussy and getting fucked by her dad at the same time. She could believe it.

"Yes, daddy fuck me harder." She yelled.

Mike put his dick into his daughter ass stroking it back and forth. He loves the way her tight ass felt on his cock grabbing it just like her pussy did.
Mike then pulled out his cock and pulled Brenda towards him sticking his dick into her ass.

"Oh baby yeah," Brenda yelled. "Come sit on mommy's face, Lydia." She said.

Lydia but her pussy on her mom. She began to ride her face. She bounced up and down on her mom's tongue making it go into her pussy and her ass. Lydia was facing toward her dad.Watching him fuck her mother made her feel some way. Lydia felt that she was going to come soon she started to rub her clit while her mother continued to lick her asshole.

"Oh my god, I'm about to cum." Lydia lifted up and squirted her juices all over her dad. Mike took his cock out of Brenda's ass and made is daughter suck it off his cock. Brenda also licked her daughter juices of her husband's stomach. Lydia got on top of her dad reverse cowgirl style with his dick in her ass. Brenda got the dildo and began to put in her mouth to get it wet. She stuck the dildo in her daughters pussy having both her holes filled she could feel another squirt coming. Her mom pulled out the dildo and Lydia squirted all over Brenda's face and in Brenda's mouth. Brenda swallowed her daughter squirt and then licked her pussy clean. Mike started to feel his load coming up so he got both mother and daughter to get on their knees so that he could come all over their face.

"Ugh I'm about to cum girls." he stroked his cock, and a giant load of semen came shooting out of his dick all over their faces. Brenda began to lick the thick load off of her daughter's face.

" lets clean up and get to bed," Brenda said.

Lydia went to her bathroom down the hall and took a shower to clean herself up. She was thinking to herself how she likes the things that were going on with her family and that Lydia could do this all day but knew she needed some rest, so she cleaned up got dressed in some cute white thong panties and a small black tank top. Lydia walked to her room saw her vibrating back massager on the floor by her bed she smiled and picked it up.
"Won't be needing this anymore," she said while throwing it in the trash bin next to her desk.


The next morning Lydia woke up she could smell some breakfast cooking, so she got up not bothering to get full dressed. She got to the kitchen and saw her mom cooked a big meal for the whole family Todd, and Sara was sitting at the table already and her mom was finishing some eggs on the stove.

"where is Dad?" Lydia said to her family.

"He went to the store to get more milk, so there is only orange juice to drink right now." said Todd.

Lydia sat next to her sister at the table and started to fix her plate with food.

"How was last night?" said Sara

" It was unbelievable."

" I know right... that's how it felt to me too."

" me three," Todd said.

"Okay, kids yall enjoy your breakfast I'm going to go get ready for work your father should be back with some milk shortly and then he is also going to work. said, Brenda.

Brenda walks upstairs to get ready for work. Lydia and her siblings ate breakfast and Lydia didn't know how to act she wanted to throw herself across the table and tear her brother's clothes off but she thought she would play it cool, so she ate her breakfast and then went to the living room to watch some TV. She was sitting in there, and then Todd came in he just sat next to her and was playing some game on his phone.

"Okay ill be back after work, were having spaghetti for dinner, Lydia's favorite, it was her birthday yesterday and although we gave her a great gift," she said with a smile. " I want to have a birthday dinner with the whole family, and were all going to be here. Okay, Todd?"

"why are you asking me?"

"Because you always are out and about."

"Okay yes, mom I will be here."

"Okay love you guys," she said while giving them kisses on the cheek.
"I'll see Y'all later.

Sara ran down the stair "Yeah I'll see yall later too have a couple of errands to run."

Sara and Brenda left leaving only Lydia and Todd there alone. Lydia wanted to fuck her brother, but it was rather weird she didn't know how to go about it. Lydia then laid her head on her brother's lap and played it cool. She watched the tv for a little longer and then she took her hand and started to rub his cook over his shorts, he looked at her with a smile. "Lydia if you wanna fuck I'm always down you can just say so. Todd said.

"Alright then let's do it," Lydia said

Todd took his pants off, and his sister got down on her knees she began to suck his dick. She went up and down and then pulled his cock up licking his balls, sucking them a little bit. All of a sudden they heard the door open. Mike walked and saw his daughter with his son's cock and her mouth.

"I just came home I forgot some paperwork in the home office that I need. But I'll tell them there was lots of traffic. Mike said while taking his clothes off. He walked over to his daughter and shoved his cock deep into her mouth he then began to fuck her mouth to get his dick fully erected.

"Lydia get on all fours," Todd said,

"I'm not a dog Todd, shit," Lydia exclaimed.

"Well you're our bitch right now," said Todd

Lydia got on her hands and knees and then put her father dick back in her mouth. Todd bent down and pulled her white thongs to the side and started to lick his sister pussy getting it nice and wet for his cock to slip in. He began to fuck her, and she let out a moan.

"Uh yes moan on my cock sweetie the vibration feels good." said Mike.

she moaned louder and louder as Todd kept slamming into her pussy, Todd pulled out and turned his sister so that she could suck her pussy juices off his cock, then her dad put his cock right up her ass whole.

"Oh, daddy I love your cock deep in my ass. Fuck me, daddy, fuck me." He kept fucking her ass for a bit while she was sucking her brother's cock.

"Come on sweetie," Mike said while sitting on the couch. 'Okay come over her and sit on dads cock with your ass."

Lydia went to her father and slid her ass right over his cock and then Todd walk over pulling her legs apart and slowly sticking his dick in her pussy. Todd took Lydia's shirt off and began licking on her big beautiful tits. The boys simultaneously fucked her holes filling Lydia up she was in a little pain, but she loved the way it felt. She was getting so wet with two cocks inside her rather than one. Loving her dad and brother fucking her at the same time she yelled.

"I want you to come in me!" Lydia moaned

The boys then began to fuck Lydia harder and faster they could feel their loads coming they both at almost the same time blew their load deep inside her. Todd pulled out; the semen was oozing out of her. Mike picked her up off of his cock and her ass shot out warm gooey cum. Todd took his fingers and stuck them up her pussy getting the rest of his cum and shoved his fingers down her throat so she could lick the cum off.

"Well, I got to go back to work. I love you guys. " Mike said while rushing out the door.

"Wow that was great," Lydia said with exhaustion

"Well, there is more to come," Todd said with a smile on his face.


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