Cousin Love- Part 1

So being the oldest , Patrick was used to getting what he wanted. H he was able to out think people and manipulate them so that he could be happy himself. For a boy of 13 that is a pritty good s to have. I doesn't hurt when you have green eyes, brown hair, a decient figure for a boy of that age, and was 5'8. All this in one picture made an attractive boy that most people could not say no to.

Patrick was driving to his aunts house with his family for the usual Sunday hangouts durring the year. He could not wait to jump into their pool. He was dying from the heat. As soon ascthe car pulled into the driveway, pat jumped out and ran into the house to say hello to everyone. Once all the greetings were over, he ran into the backyard and went into the pool. 

Already in the pool were two of his cousins, ally and kell. Ally was seven months younger then pat. To be honsest she was not all that attractive and was a little bigger around the mid section. The only thing that was appealing was that because of her " larger size", her breasts were bigger then for a girl her age. 

Kell was five years younger then pat. He too was a little fatter then the average age group. He had dirty blond curly hair and was extreamly loud. So the three of them were playing in the pool and having a decient time, that is, until she came......

The third cousin, and sibling to kell and ally, was Hannah. She was three years younger then pat which made her 10. She did not have the figure of her other siblings. Hannah was skinny with long, smooth and barely tan legs. However, onething about her always caught pats attention. Her ass was huge! For a girl of her size she had a rather large butt. Her mom commonly reffered to it as a " j- low booty". Hannah then climed the ladder to get into the above ground pool. As she did so, her ass swayed back and forth and her long beautiful leges looked even longer. Pat felt himself getting a little hard in his pants but didn't think anything of it and went on playing in the pool.


A few moments latter, Hannah was on the float and her foot accidentally kicked ally. Now, everyone says that siblings fight but this family is by far much worse then just simple arguements. They play to get even. So ally flipped Hannah out of the float and into the water. Hannah responded with a shove to ally, and then turned around to get her float back. Ally, very angry at this point, swam over to Hannah and pulled her bikini bottoms down.

While all this was going on, pat was swimming underwater with goggles minding his own business. But while he was swimming, he noticed something, there was an ass in his face!! This 13 year old boy now saw his first girly ass. Hannah was frantic, trying to get her bottom back on. All that motion made her ass jiggle right in pats face. Now pats dick was becomeing as hard as ever. He started to swim closer to her jiggiling and inviting ass. Just as his nose almost touched her ass crack, she bent down to get her bottoms and pulled them up. While she was bending down, her ass cheeks parted and pat was able to see her butt hole. But more then that, he saw some of her pussy slit as well. Compleatly bald it looked
Like the greatest thing that pat had ever seen! However, his view was soon obstructed by the bikini fabric. 

Pat came out from under the water and started to think. He most definately wanted to see hannahs ass and pussy again. Before this moment, he had never seen something so wonderful. He knew about the fundementals of sex and how things worked, but cartoon health videos can only do so much. He never knew that these female treasures were this lovely. He needed to see them again, but how? How could he get her to show him them. He thought for a while and thought of the perfect idea. Offer her a massage, this way he can not only see them, but touch them too! This was brilliant, now he just had to wait till after dinner so that ge might get her alone for his plan to work.

Dinner came and went.
Hannah was unusually quiet. She still looked upset about what had happened in the pool. Once dinner was over, Hanna went into her bedroom upstairs. Patrick later followed. He got to the door of her bedroom which was closed and inside ge heard some crying. He walked in and closed the door behind him and locked it so that no one else could run in and upset the girl more. He placed a hand on her back as he sat down next to her and asked her what was wrong. Through mumbled words, Patrick was able to figure out that she was crying over the insident in the pool. 

After 10 minutes Hannah finally calmed down. Sudenly, Patrick realized something, his hand was on her bare back. She was still in her bikini! Patrick then remembered why he had come upstairs, too see hannahs feminine treasures again. So Patrick said, " if you want I can give you a massage to help you relax?" Hannah nodded in approval and laid down on her stomach. Now Patrick had his chance!

He started rubbing the middle of he back. Her soft smooth skin felt amazing.  After a bit, he let his left hand trail down to her ass and his right hand moved up going to her sholders. As his right hand was rubbing by the string around her back, he unknowingly said " this string keeps getting in the way". Hannah replied " I'll fix it". And fix it she did. She untied the strap giving Patrick a totally unobstricted bare back to look at and feel. 

He started to rub her sholders and would recieve the occasional moan or sigh in approval from Hannah. He then decided to take the chance and finally get to see her ass again. So he let his hand slide Down until they hit the fabric of her bikini bottoms. He didint want to alarm her and scare her away, so instead of yanking down the fabric in one motion, he kept moving his hands up and down her back and every time his hands hit the fabric, they moved a little farther down, moving the bikini in the process. Soon after doing this for a while, he was able to start to see the begining of her ass crack.
His heart lept with joy knowing he was almost at his goal. So ge said out loud " this stuff keeps getting in the way to, would you move it so I can keep rubbing and you stay relaxed?" and without saying a word, Hannah abliged and pulled  the bottoms just past her ass. 

Patricks eyes flew open. He was Now staring at her bare ass!! It was beautiful. Just a bit whiter then her back. It was soft and firm with a small amount of goose bumps on the silky smooth skin. Patrick waisted no time. He was playing with her ass with such delight. His dick showed it's intrest by comming to life as well. He started to spread her cheeks apart and was able to see her butt hole. 

Patrick was feeling incredably dairing. So, while his right hand was massaging her ass, his left hand was pulling the bottoms down lower and spreading her legs apart at the same time. But what happened next supprised him. Hannah took the bottoms compleatly off of herself and spread her legs even more! Now Patrick was not only looking at his 10 year old cousins ass, but her pussy slit as well!

Patrick was in compleat heaven. His dick was straining to be set free from his swim trunks. His left hand started to play in her ass crack while his right hand explored her slit. As soon as his hand made contact, Hannah let out a long low moan. Patrick, thinking he was doing something good, kept moving his hand up and sown her slit as the other hand pressed a finger at her butt hole. 

Hannah was getting more excited and moaning much more loudly. Patrick then pressed a little harder on her slit and moved quicker. Hannah was pantting by now and started to cheer him on. " ooooh Patrick..... Don't stop, don't... Stop. It feels really good! My private feels really.... Nice. Please don't stop! It feels way..... Too.... OOOOOHHHHH!!!!" hannahs body stiffened up as her first ever orgasm hit her. Patrick did bot stop at all, he actually moved his hand quicker. 

As Hannah was comming down from her orgasmic high, the door knob jiggled.
Then a knock came at the door. Patrick froze, thinking he was now caught. Who was it that was interupting him anyway??

This was part one, and I left it on a cliff hanger so if people enjoyed this story, I would continue. 
So leave any comments because this was my first story. Love to hear feed back


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