A Work Colleage Has Hidden Tallent

Last week I the wife of a co-worker rang me and asked if I could give her a lift home as her husband was interstate on business until the weekend, and her car was in for service for a couple of days. She also works in the company but in a different area to me.

On the way she said to me would you mind if we went to your place, there is something I want to discuss with you and I fel it would be better there rather than my place.

I was curious and as we only life a couple of blocks away I said it was fine.

When we go there I offered her a drink and we sat in the lounge and talked for a while about nothing and wondered what she had in mind.

After a couple of drinks I said what is it you want to talk to me about.

She said can I have another drink – and I got her one.

Then she said – ‘Its you I want to talk about’

I said what can I do to help.

She said take me to bed.

I was quite shocked and said – I wasn’t expecting that – it was cheating on her husband. What caused you to ask me that.

She said Tom is a very quick cummer – he has premature ejaculation and I have not had a good fuck for over two years. I know you have taken one of the women out that used to work in my area and she confided in me that she had one of the best weekends she has ever had. I wondered if you and I could spend the night together and show me a good time in bed. I really want to have an affair with a man but I don’t want it to be just any man – I want it to be somebody special I can trust – and I believe I can trust you . You ere single and all the other men are married and I don’t want to get involved in a three way affair and create a problem I don’t want. With you I believe we van do it and forget it in a way. In your case you wont be unfaithful or I believe make a nuisance of yourself afterwards if what we do we both enjoy.
I have given this a great deal of thought and I hope you understand and will consider my request – I really have given it a lot of thought and I really know this is what I want.

I hope I havnt embarrassed you and you think I am a silly woman.

I said no – Believe it or not I have always considered Tom to be a lucky man having you. I had no idea he had that problem. He has never discussed his relationship with you and I have always appreciated it when the guys don’t discuss their sexual prowess.

Right then should we go out and have a meal and come home and go to bed or?

She said no – I want to do it right now then we can go out for a meal and come home for some more – I want to make the most of the time I have with you. Also it will give us something to talk about - you have no idea how much I have thought about this, I am so happy you didn’t dismiss me immediately and tell me I am a silly woman.

She said can we do it now please – I am so screwed up inside worrying about you I want to do it and relax.

I led her to the bedroom and she began to undress immediately – I did the same making sure she was completely naked before I was. I knew what she looked like dressed and I had admired her figure before. Now she was standing there completely naked and looking absolutely beautiful- her breasts were uplifted and her pubic area shaped and shaved to a fine strip above her vagina. I was overawed by her naked beauty. I was a shard as I had been in a long time. I am 8 inches long and quite thick and circumcised.

She looked ay me and said oh my god that looks magnificent – she came to me and threw her arms around me and we kissed – she really knew how to make a man feel great.

Make love to me please – let me feel that beautiful cock of yours deep inside me and keep it there until I scream for mercy – I want you to do things to me I have not enjoyed for two years. Tom and I had never slept together before we were married but I had been involved in a few pre marital affairs before him. I have never been so disappointed in love making since our first time. He didn’t even get it in the first time he came as soon as the tip of his cock touched my vagina.
We had two weeks of trying to get it to last more than a minute or two – it was devastating. Now he gets it in and lasts no more than two minutes then cums – I just let him do it when he wants it now and masturbate when he is not around. Lately I have been masturbating every day and have even done it in the bathrooms at work – I get that frustrated.

We moved to the bed and I could not believe what I was about to do – make love to a married woman a wife of a co-worker – but I felt justified – she wants me to and she is frustrated. I had never to my knowledge had sex with a woman who was currently married before – I know I did it to one girl about five times and each time she claimed it was a lesson in lovemaking. She had never had sex like we had together before – it was always a quickie. After we had these five sessions and we did it two or more times every time we got together she was beginning to realise that sex was just more than fucking. She told me the last night she was with me she was going to try and go back to her husband – they had separated because of the lack of feeling when they had sex and now she knew more about how to enjoy it – she came with me at least twice each time we had a sex session together and had never had oral sex before. She was going to go back to her husband and tell him she had been learning to have sex and if he wanted to she would show him how to enjoy it. If he didn’t want to or complained she had been sleeping with another man – it would be over for ever. He would not know it was me.

I never saw her again so I assume it worked.

Laying together on the bed and just kissing at first was amazing – I could not believe I was doing this with a girl I worked with and who was married and I knew her husband. She had no inhibitions about being with me – she didn’t seem to feel any guilt – she was going to enjoy what she did and nothing was going to stop her and it wasn’t going to be over in five minutes.

She had magnificent breasts and I fondled them and pinched her nipples as we kissed and I could tell she was enjoying it from the way she reacted as we kissed. After about five minutes of just kissing and fondling she said lets do it – I know now I am going to enjoy this.

She rolled onto her back and opened her legs and I got down and licked and kissed her pussy. The way she had shaved her hair left none on her lips and I imagined she had been having oral sex. As I licked and then kissed her clit she moaned and I thought she was cumming then. I began to work harder to bring her off but she relaxed and was now seeming to want it to develop into a sucking session.

I said do you want me to bring you off like this before we fuck.

She said I have never ever had anything like that done to me ever – I am - was an oral virgin – you have taken that from me and I love it. Keep going if you like I wont mind I want to enjoy everything I have been missing for two years in one night – and I could not have wished for a better start.

I went back down on her and licked and sucked on her lips and clit – she moaned frequently when I hit a spot she enjoyed – not a constant moan but just a single recognition of where I was touching her that aroused her. I slipped a finger into her as I licked and finger fucked her as I licked. After a few minutes I slipped another finger into her ass a short way and rimmed her asshole. She gave a moan that I recognised as absolute pleasure – she obviously had never been touched like this before. I looked up at her and kept both fingers working and asked – you like that?

She replied no – I love it – You have achieved more in a few minutes than I have ever experienced in 24 years – God you must drive women crazy.

I said only have one ambition at the moment to drive you over the top and bring on one of the best orgasms you have ever had.

Wonderful she said …..do it.

We went back to the sex we were enjoying and I continued to finger and suck on her vagina and asshole.
I gave her pretty good treatment for a couple more minutes and then she said – I am cumming …..I am cumming …. god don’t stop now …… go for it.

As I applied a little more pressure with my mouth and manipulated her clit between my lips and rubbed it with my tongue and increased the speeds of my fingering she exploded and came with the biggest orgasm I had seen a girl have for some time – it was something special for her obviously – never having an oral orgasm was a new and wonderful experience for her. Her body went into a full on continuous spasm as she came and each touch I was giving her hit her, it made her body jerk and bounce and I was having trouble staying on her vagina. She was bumping up and down and writhing about with the ecstasy of her orgasm. I had done something for her she had never experienced before – and she was loving it.

Ohhhh God…. Ohhhh God……. she kept saying. I maintained a connection for as long as I could with my mouth and fingers and finally she collapsed and lay back completely exhausted. I was considering going for a multiple orgasm – but I would save that pleasure up for her.

I went back up to her and held her and she kissed me. Oh shit she said I can taste myself – are you ok with it.

I said its not the first time and it wont be he last – I love the sensation and taste of you believe me.

We lay there and she talked to me for about five minutes reliving her experience and telling me in no uncertain ways how much she enjoyed me licking and sucking her cunt and clit and described in detail each little bit that had made her moan – that was her first oral experience but it wont be her last with me she said. I never knew my cunt could give me so much pleasure – never have I had an orgasm like that before – ever.

I said I have a couple more tricks we can play before you leave.

She said keep that up and I may never leave.

We lay there for a while until she was ready to go again – she said come on lets fuck and then we can have dinner and come back – I am going to be here all night.

She positioned herself for a missionary position and I just got between her legs ready to give it to her. She looked down at me and said – that is one damn fine cock – put it in and let me feel it.

I slid it between her lips and slowly entered her until I was the full 8 inches up inside her. As my cock slid into her warm wet cavern of sexual delight – I could feel my cock going deep into her, her vagina was still firm and gripped my cock as it went in further and further. Once I was right in I lowered myself down and rested on top of her. I could feel the firm grip her cunt had along the entire length of my cock, it felt fantastic.

She lay there with her eyes closed and I could feel her wiggle her bum to get a little more sensation out of our connection. Our pelvises were pushed together hard as I made sure I was giving her every millimetre of my cock. I rested there for a few minutes.

She said don’t move – I just want to remember what this feels like – I have never had Tom that far up me ever. Now I remember what fucking was like before I met Tom. As I said I did it a few times but it was fucking for fun – not like this or like with Tom – with him I wanted it to feel like love but I cant. It is a physical thing for me in order for him to enjoy it – even if it only a minute or two. This is magnificent.
After a few minutes of just laying there and gently kissing our lips together rather than a full on passionate kiss I began to move my cock inside her slowly and gently.

Oh god that feels good she said – now do it to me and make me scream for mercy.

I started to fuck her like I would fuck any woman – slow and deliberately until I could feel or see her getting aroused and that she was getting pleasure from it and working her way slowly toward her orgasm. I worked on her for about five minutes and said do you want to change positions.

She said no – lets leave that for later – I am enjoying this so much – you really know how to make a woman feel good getting fucked.

I said thank you – leave the tip on the bedside table.

She said money cant buy what I an experiencing.

I continued for a few more minutes and we were both enjoying the sensation of my cock slipping up and down in her warm wet hole. I could feel the firmness of her tunnel on my cock head and realised I would not last more than another few minutes. Then all of a sudden she moved and I knew she was about to cum – I sped up to bring her orgasm on and to accelerate mine. I had planned now to cum with her. Then she said don’t do it inside me – I am safe but I don’t want to go out with it running down my legs.

I worked on her for a minute or two and she came – once more loud and physically, she wa enjoying it.

I couldn’t last much longer and slipped my cock ou and I jacked myself off all over her stomach as she watched my cum spurt out and fly over her cunt and land on her stomach, filling up her belly button. The last few drips landed on her cunt.

I collapsed on top of her and we spread my cum and our sweat around and I slid about on top of her.

She hadn’t said anything and I said – how was that.

She said I was just savouring the moment – magnificent. That was my best fuck ever.

We lay there for a while and she said – come on lets shower and go out for dinner – I want to enjoy the feeling I have inside me for the next few hours – a glass of wine and a feed then back here to bed.

We got up and we showered together and all she could talk about was how much she had enjoyed what we had already done and how much she was looking forward to the rest of the night.

We got dressed and she said I am not going to wear any pants – I want to feel the freedom I have found. You can feel me under the table if you like. I said I would eat it if I could.

She said I know how to prepare I for you too – and I will believe me – I want more of that.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant and got back yo my place about 9. She said you don’t want to finger me under the table do you. I have never gone out without pants on before – its cool. I said I can imagine – but I thought you were on heat.
She said I am and that would really cool me down. – If I did that you would bring the house down when you came and everybody would want to do it for you too.

We both ate and drank well and all she could talk about was what had already happened and what she hoped might happen when we got back into bed. She discussed various positions she wanted to try as well.

I said you might have to spend a week with me to achieve all that.

She said I wouldn’t mind – in fact I would love it. I know now I am going to spend the entire night with you – you can take me to work and bring me home tomorrow night as well – we have three night s left – Tom doesn’t get home till Friday night. That’s four nights of sexual heaven for me. After that who knows.

We spent the next three hours in bed – enjoying non stop sex.

One thing I also learned at dinner was she had never sucked a guy off and she wasn’t going home without achieving that.

Once we got back into bed we kissed and cuddled for a while then she said now its my turn to make you happy and she climbed on top of me and turned herself around and said ok how do I do this and indicated she wanted to suck my cock.

I as already about 80% hard and she took me in her hand and rubbed me for a few minutes and I was as hard as I was ever going to be.

Then she said – well here goes – about the only thing I am not going to be doing for the first time here is losing my virginity – well my vaginal one – oral sex has never been entertained whenever I have been doing anything either before or after I married. At college I had three lovers but they were casual and only lasted a couple of times. I wasn’t very good at it and they didn’t really want to get serious – it was more getting their reputations up rather than having a relationship. It was rumble and a tumble and that was it. I got a belly full of baby juice and they got another tick on their score card.

Now she said let me know what you like – never having done it before I am not aware of the tricks. I have watched a few girls do it on the porn shows but never done it. As for swallowing your semen – that is going to be challenge – I notice all girls seem to do it – but they have had far more experience than me.

I said it wont bother me if you don’t – I can pull it back before I cum and wank it off or you can spit it out – but you will still taste it and it’s the taste girls don’t like at first.

She said I will keep my options open and see what happens when you are cumming. Just tell me if you like certain things.
She started by just bobbin hip and down on me then said is this all there is or what. I said treat it like a lolly pop and lick and suck it – but don’t suck it too hard as it will make your cheeks sore – and it doesn’t make much difference to me. Run your tongue around the rim of it and put your hand on it like you are masturbating Tom.

She said I have never masturbated Tom – only one of the boys at college and got his stuff everywhere when he came.

She went back to sucking me off and did what I had told her, she stroked me with her habd as she slipped her lips up and down my cock. She licked my cock head and ran her tongue around the rim and poked it into my piss hole. She did this for a while and I said you can feel my balls if you wish but don’t grab them too hard.

After a few more minutes she stopped and just held me and seemed to be looking at my cock.

I said is there a problem.

She said no – I have never had my head this close to a cock before and it fascinates me – Tom has skin all over the head of it and yours doesn’t – I am fascinated.

I said he is evidently not circumcised and I am.

Ah now I can understand what they mean when they say a guy is cut. Great – yours is the first cut one I have had anything to do with – all the boys at college were like Tom.

I love the look of yours best. And the taste and everything about it – I love it. It feels lovely in my mouth – I wonder why Tom doesn’t want me to do this.

As she went back down on me, I said probably because he will cum even sooner than he does now – sucking a guys cock can bring a lot of guys on earlier than fucking.

As she sucked she told me a couple of times this is great – I hope you are enjoying it as much as me.

I said you learn fast – I have no complaints at all.

She stopped long enough to say – practice makes perfect.

I told her she can practice on me any time.

She laughed and said maybe in the car in the car park at lunch. I wouldn’t mind a liquid lunch some days.

She continued to suck and improve her technique – a couple of times I told her to try something different for a while just to break the monotony of going up and down on me.
She said what is Deep throating – I have heard of it but have no idea what it is.

I said it is taking my entire cock down into your mouth which will put it a bit down your throat. It takes a lot of practice - it will make you gag if it isnt done right.

A minute later she was gaging and coughing as she tried to do it.

She said I can see what you mean – that’s not pleasant.

I said I don’t know of a girl that can do it successfully, are you ok.

She said I am fine it was just as you said – it hits the back of your throat and bang – you gag. I will leave that to the experts – does it do anything for you.

I said I don’t know but I imagine its like having your cock deep up inside your vagina. I love that as you know but I have no idea about being deep throated. Just stick to the normal stuff – I like what you do and I am happy believe me.

She sucked and played with my balls for another few minutes and I said you will have to make up your mind I am nearly there – I will cum any minute.

She kept sucking and I said I am going to cum – take it out if you want to.

She kept sucking and fortunately she had her head right at the top of my cock when I let fly with my first spurt. She got the lot in her mouth and not down her throat she swallowed that and kept sucking me as I continues to spurt a few more times. After a minute she took her mouth off my cock and opened it and showed me my cum in her mouth and then swallowed it and opened her mouth to show me she had. Then she ran her tongue around her mouth and said – its not the tastiest stuff I have ever had – some medicines can be worse. It is hard to describe.

I said a bit salty or a bit like vinegar or something.

She said have you tasted it have you.

I said normally I would say no but I will tell you – when I was 14 a mate and I used to suck each other off and I often tasted his and he got mine. Once a girl sucked me off and we snow balled it. You know she kept some in her mouth and passed it to me when we kissed.

Well she said – a little bit of gay sex back then eh.

I said not really I was fucking his sister at the same time like he was. We had threesomes all the time and she would suck us or we would suck each other.

She said you were 14. That is a bit young.

I said that was when I had my first fuck. I caught the two of them fucking one afternoon after school and he asked me if I wanted to and I said yes and she was happy to do it with the both of us and I had a very enjoyable couple of years with her. She was areal sex case and could never get enough. After a while her brother stopped fucking her – he got frightened about doing incest and he had another girl that was willing. It ended up there were three girls including his sister who were all willing – the unfortunate thing was his girl liked doing it with me more than him and whenever the four of us were together I would fuck his sister and he would fuck Jan. Later on Jan would come to my place wanting me to fuck her too. Some days I was fucking two girls and getting two or three fucks a day. Sue the other girl was not as promiscuous and she would only do it when she wanted to – I realised after a while you didn’t ask – she always said no. You had to wait until she wanted to and she would shake your hand and wiggled a finger. That was her sign she wanted to have sex. You never said anything - you waited until she told you the place and the time. She never wanted to fuck in a group like the others did. She was strange girl and to her she was in control and told you what you could do or what she wanted. I enjoyed fucking her and she had good tits for her age. She loved being on top too – she said that’s the only way she could cum – I didn’t mind as she did all the work.

Julie then said being on top – is that any good.

I said before you leave here you will have an opportunity to try – a lot of girls like it.

She said the taste has just about gone now – can we fuck again.

I said which way this time.

She said dog fashion.

I said great I don’t mind that –

She got into position and said don’t put in my ass will you.

I said not unless you ask me.

She said I wont. I did it once and it hurt like hell and I hated it when he came in there. That was back at college. Tom has never wanted to and I would if he asked but I don’t think he will.

I got behind her and slipped my cock into her. She was beautifully wet. I said you feel great I love how warm and wet you are.

She said it feels good too – once more lover boy – its my first time like this – Can you see why I am here – your reputation preceded you. I heard one of the women talk about you one day when I was in the toilets and she didn’t know I was there. She told one of the other girls she had a weekend away with you and what you did to her. She was most impressed.

I said I know her – she had put her resignation in and was leaving and she knew I had a policy not to sleep with employees. She came to me and said tonight is the night and I agreed because she had come on to me at a function and I said no and why. She and I had a good night and she finished on the Friday and we had a weekend at a beach house I have access to and we spent two days fucking ourselves silly – we never put any clothes on for two days and I lost count of the time we fucked each other.

She said it didn’t sound that good but she certainly enjoyed herself she told her friend.
I took note and now here we are together – and I still work there and so does Tom.

I said that’s the only reason – Tom. If you were not married to him and work together you wouldn’t be where you are.

She said and I am more than happy to be where I am – getting more pleasure from a man than I have ever had. I want more though.

I said don’t be greedy –

She said I am not – I have never been so happy and enjoyed anything with my clothes off ever before in my whole life. I just want to experience what most other women do – a good man in bed.

I continued to fuck her doggy and I could see her on all fours in the wardrobe mirror. I could see her tits swinging as I slowly fucked her from behind and in doing so realised how beautifully shaped her ass was and firm how firm it is. I could also tell by the way she held her head as I fucked her, she was enjoying it, and not hoping it would finish soon. I said I am getting ready to cum.

God she said – that was great – ok fill it up for me – how about later - will it matter if I am full of your cum when we fuck some more.

I said it is fine if I pull out and I can cum on your ass – it is a beautiful ass and it could only be improved by getting covered in cum and rubbing it in.

Go for it she said.

I worked hard on her for another minute pumping my cock rapidly into her and the sound of my pelvis slapping against the cheeks of her ass was music to me ears. Within a minute I bought my orgasm to a climax. She had not cum but she would have other opportunities.
I pulled out and hand jobbed myself and came all over her ass – some of it seeping down between her cheeks, I thought that will be nice rubbing that in all around her tight little brown button hole.

She allowed me to rub my cum in and as I did I slipped my cum covered finger into her ass like I did when I fingered and sucked her off.

She said keep that up and I might just want you to fill me up through there as well.

After that I went soft and we lay together and she fondled me for about five minutes and I was hard again. I thought its ages since I have cum this many times in such a short time. I was still enjoying it and would do so more and more as it turned out.

She said to me as I began to firm up – do you want me to suck it up for you – my next time I want to be on top so it will have to be hard wont it.

I said it takes one look at your beautiful pussy and it gets hard instantly.

She said you are just saying that.

I said no – you have one of the most beautiful vaginas I have seen – it beautiful – no two are the same – well those I have seen and yours is the most beautiful – firm and tight and you have done your hair beautifully. I love everything about it and more particularly what you have inside really turns my cock on.

Ok she said lets get this started – it is over three hours since we started and we both have to be at work tomorrow and we will need some sleep.

Julie got on top of me and she lowered herself down onto my cock as I held it up for her to mount. Slowly she lowered her cunt down onto it. As my cock went in once more I could feel the warm wet and firm tunnel of love she was covering my cock with.

Then she said well how do I do it. Do I bounce up and down or what.

I said you can bounce if you wish – it will take a toll on your legs as they tire very quickly in this position. You can rock forward and back – there are a few ways – I will leave it to you – you know what you are feeling so make it feel as good as you can.

She moved about and tried a variety of ways and said each one has benefits and how was I going.

I said your cunt has captured my cock and is giving it a wonderful interrogation – you do what you want – this one is your responsibility, you have to make yourself cum this time. I am just providing the cock for you to use as you wish.

She then moved about in various ways and finally said that’s just right and I could tell she had my cock on her clit and was virtually masturbating her clit with my cock and not her finger. She worked on herself for about four or five minutes as I fondled her breasts and played with her nipples. Then she said now I have got it right and a minute later was grunting and groaning as her climax took her to the peak of orgasmic pleasure. She was cumming and this bought me on and I started to cum and pump my hot cum into her wonderful vagina. As I was filling her up I could feel the difference in the wetness of her – she was naturally wet but now she was full of cum and my cock was in a pool of warm wonderful cum filled woman. I had finally cum inside her.

She was still away on her own enjoying the raptures of her orgasm. She continued to grind her cunt down hard on my cock and I was empting my fill load of semen into her, flooding her cervix.

After she was completely spent she collapsed on top of me as my cock slipped out of her and she lay on top of me and said if I wasn’t on contraception THAT is the way I want to make babies – god that was wonderful. I have had two years of nothing and now in a few hours I have made up for some of it. I have never cum before without me doing it to myself – now I have cum I don’t know how many times in so many different ways. It is just perfect.

What I know now is that I want to spend every night here with you now doing this as often as we can. I hope you don’t mind.

I said I could never object to an invitation like that. I am happy to oblige.

Now I suggest we go to sleep and in the morning we may be able to stir things up again long enough to last till tomorrow night.

She said I could do this all day every day with you.

I said don’t forget Tom.

She said I havnt and I wont forget you either. Somehow I am going to have to find a way to continue what we have started and for me to provide Tom with what he wants and for you to provide me with what I want. My only promise is I wont ask you to do it to me if Tom has been there before you. I would not ask you to make love to me with his semen inside me.

I said thank you – I have done it before but I think with you it can and will be different.

Normally I would say this is a one night stand in the circumstances – you being married etc but I have not enjoyed having sex with anybody like I have with you. I mean it and I am not saying it. You wanted to be satisfied but were happy that I be satisfied as well.

I will look forward to any time you want to sleep with me but you are going to have to work that out with Tom. If it all works out well and good – if it doesn’t I have ample opportunity to get from others what you are prepared to give me.
Lets go to sleep and in the morning the sun and my cock will rise and make for another day.


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