Sexy Locker Room Experience

I'm 16, 5'10 and I weigh about 150 pounds. I don't have a six pack but I'm not fat. I don't consider myself gay. But I do feel I'm rather bisexual and here's why. I like girls, a lot, as much as the streightest straight guy there is. However, there's this in my English class, his name is Steven, he plays lacrosse and football, so you can imagine how athletic he is. He has an amazing six pack, perfect pecs and biceps you could just take a bite of. He was about the same age as me I think (give or take a few months..but whatever). He's also just about the king of popularity in my school. Anybody who's anybody knows who he is. For myself, I wasn't "popular" but I wasn't hated, considered an outcast, or a nerd, but I was average. Well, I guess you could say above average, mostly thanks to my being on the varsity hockey team but I was nothing special. Just another face in the crowd I guess. Anyways, back to the story...we were sort of friends, in other words we were comfortable around each other. We talked, we joked around, we sometimes helped each other (we sat next to each other in class). Anyways, one day after school I was in the locker room cleaning out my locker and getting ready for a shower, because I was running the track for a while to stay in shape. The lacrosse team was just leaving, celebrating after a win. Steven came in as everyone was leaving because he had to help the coach clean up the field. He also had to shower. His locker was the second locker to the left of mine so we were about six feet away from each other. He was sweaty, dirty, fucking sexy as hell. We just causally talked, "what's up man" he said. "Nothin really, just ran the track for a while. You guys won I assume, haha" I said. He laughed and said "hell yea we did, ed those bitches!" As we kept on talking I took my shirt off, he was taking his pads off. I began to get semi erect sense I fantasize about this about every night. In a panic I turned around so he couldn't see my half full dick. I pulled my under armour gym shorts off, then my workout boxers.

As I quickly wrapped around my towel I tucked my dick between my legs, then turned back hoping he didn't see anything. He was now taking his shirt off revealing his amazing six pack and chest that I wanted to cover with my cum. Just as he pulled down his pants, only leaving his boxers left I was sure I was going to get rock solid in a matter of seconds. So I grabbed my soap and shut my locker. Just as I was about to turn the corner, I looked back at him quickly one last time. "See you in there!" He said and then to my surprise winked at me. I just played it off and just have him a quick nod with my head. The showers in my school aren't open showers they're almost like big stalls with a Curtin in front. As I turned mine on, I hear him yelling to me "hey can turn one on for me?" Of coarse I quickly replied with a "sure!" Being the clever one I am, I turned on the one directly across from me so maybe I could get a peak of him. I heard him walking towards the showers so I quickly went in my shower stall and shut the Curtin. I saw him walk through the opening. He didn't have a towel on! He was completely naked!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Still peaking through the Curtin I instantly became rock hard. My 6" dick was throbbing, I haven't been this hard in my life! My eyes were glued to his 4" soft piece of meat. His perfectly hanging balls complemented his whole package. His balls were somewhat bigger than mine but other than that we were about the same, to my knowledge, I've only seen his soft dick, it could have been twice my size hard for all I knew. He turned to open the Curtin and I saw his amazingly shaped ass. Hairless, smooth, I was going crazy. I could have shot my cum with about three strokes if I wanted. To my amazement, he didn't shut the Curtin behind him! I had to be dreaming, millions off thoughts were racing through my mind. Getting ahead of myself I was thinking, wait Stevens straight, he's had sex with about five girls that I know of and who knows how many blow jobs.
Why would he want me. In probably the boldest move I've ever made to date, I opened my Curtin, revealing my rock hard 6 incher and he did nothing but stare into my eyes then went down to my cock. I took a few steps towards him and he did the same. My heart was racing, dick throbbing, balls hanging low and warm. Suddenly, he started to get erect. His dick filled and shot up to 7 inches. We both slowly looked up to each other's eyes again. We moved closer and closer and then the tips of our cocks were rubbing against each other. The feeling was indescribable!! I said to him "what if someone sees?" Then said back in a low, sexy, and eager tone "I locked the door, no one's gettin in here" with that I took the opportunity and took his thick warm cock, tip covered in pre cum. He did the same to me and we began stroking each other. Slowly we sped up and without warning, I shot the biggest load I've ever shot in my life. His hand drenched in my hot creamy stuff. I managed to shot a good 4 ropes of gizz onto his dreamy six pack. Not to long after he shot an unimaginable amount of cum all over me. In about 10 full shots of his hot stuff, he covered my hands, it was all over my stomach, covered my dick and it dripped onto my partly hairy balls. "Fuck man, holy shit. That was awesome!" I said. "We're not even close to done" he said. we both became semi erect for a few seconds and quickly became rock hard again. With that, he got on his knees and his face was inches from my dick. He slowly stroked it a few times, using both of our loads as lube. After about ten amazing strokes, he stopped, looked up at me, smiled, and I felt and watched his warm smooth mouth wrap around my six inches. He bobbed his head up and down my shaft, base to head. I was in paradise. I was also amazed at how good he was at this. I asked him if this is his first time giving head to a guy. With that he slowly took his mouth off of my cock and said with some shame "no, not at all. I've sucked about everyone on the lacrosse team.
One by one I sucked them dry. I have a lot of experience" he locked his lips and went to town on my cock. Bobbing up and down faster and faster I said "oh Fuck I'm gonna gizz" he sucked harder and went all the way to my base and was almost kissing my pubes with my cock in the middle. Then I came. I shot about 8 ropes of warm smooth cum into his mouth and he took it all. Every last bit was swallowed. He stood up and at the same time I went to standing on my knees. I decided to do this a little different than him, this being the first time I've sucked a guys dick. I licked his head and all up and down every inch of his cock. Tasting his salty, but sweet at the same time, gizz. I then went down a bit further and took one of his balls in. Rolling out around in my mouth. I moved back up to his head and wrapped my lips around his warm meaty thick cock. I then slowly went in about 5 inches and was gagging. I felt a hand on the back of my head. He was my head all the way down his dick. I eventually was able to take all 7 inches. His dick in my mouth was the most amazing feeling I've ever felt, almost as good as it felt when he was sucking me. I bobbed my head up and down the same way he did. With one hand I was squeezing his perfectly shaped and toned ass. With the other I was stroking my dick. After about 3 minutes, I felt his dick tense up and I knew he was going to shot his load. He let out a loud moan and shot another good 10 ropes of gizz. Just as he came, I shot onto the floor. My mouth was filled with his amazing juice. Warm, creamy, overflowing my mouth. He was shooting in more than I was swallowing. When I managed to finish the rest off, I got up and we went into the shower stall. I licked every inch of his body. From his dreamy pecs to his amazing shaped ass. I then went to his asshole. Sucking and lubing it with the left over cum in my mouth. Then, with my pre lubed cock put my head to his ass crack awaiting approval. "Oh God Fuck me, Fuck me!!" He yelled. I slowly inserted my dick into his tight ass.
It was very hard to get through, he moaned in pain at first. Then I managed to slip into him. I waited a minute, all six inches of me in his ass. This was the best experience of my entire life. I slowly started to pull out, up to the start of my head, then going back in again. Ever so slightly I continued. His moans of pain soon became moans of pleasure. I was going faster now. Faster and faster. I was going to explode. He yelled one last time and I shot an amazing load into him. When I pulled out, his ass was dripping with cum. Then he turned me over, on my hands and knees and bent down as well. With his mouth he sucked my asshole for about ten minutes. It seemed like forever. The feeling was insane. Then he rested his dick head onto my asshole. He slowly pushed in and the first inch and a half went in smoothly. He then proceeded to shove the rest of his 7 incher into me. I screamed in pain. He was not going easy on me. Faster and faster and faster he shoved his cock into my tight ass. It quickly became unimaginably pleasurable. I almost came just from him fucking me from behind. Then without warning, I felt a warm sensation. I knew he came inside of me. He was moaning in pleasure and we were both breathing heavily. We got up and washed each other off. Rubbing soap over every part of our bodies. We washed off and went back to the lockers. We dried off and got dressed. We talked for a few minutes, almost as if nothing had happened, it was kinda hot. But the hottest part about this was I had a huge secrete with the most popular guy in my freshman class! I said bye and turned for the door. Just as I turned he slapped me on the ass. Saying "I'm having friends over Friday, just some guys. You should come. I'll text you." I agreed and left. I was still in shock thinking about the events that just happened. And the ones that might be about to come. Needless to say, I had plenty to Jack off to for the next nights ahead.

If you guys like this I'll write part 2 I have a lot of hot ideas ;)


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