My Friend's Dad 6

She was embarrassed of course, I just busted her on spying on John and I having sex.

"Well I'm sorry, I guess I don't know what to say," Jeanette said.

Then I put my arm over her.

"I'm not gonna say I'm sorry your dad got me pregnant, I'm very happy to be with him, but I'm sorry you are not in love with the idea. I really do love him and he loves me too," I said.

"OK, I'm sorry I was watching you two have sex. I shouldn't have, but I guess it turned me on though I'm ashamed to say," Jeanette replied.

I really couldn't believe what I just heard honestly. She was turned on by the sight of her dad and I having sex?

"OK then, that's odd," I said.

"I know. You are like my sister and he's my dad, how fucked up is that?" Jeanette asked.

"Very I think, so did you masturbate to us though?" I asked.

"Well, I'll tell you more later, we gotta go to school now," Jeanette replied.

"OK, but promise me you'll tell me what I can do to make you not so uncomfortable?" I asked.

"OK," Jeanette replied.

Then gave each other a hug and we both headed out. We went to school, but the whole time I'm thinking about John and Jeanette. Although the day couldn't last forever though. I got out first, so I waited for about 20 minutes and she met me in the lobby.

"I thought school would never end," Jeanette said.

"Well it had to end sooner or later," I replied.

Then we both headed to her car. We got in and she gave me a hug.

"What was that for?" I asked as she felt my stomach.

"I just wanna feel my best friend's pregnant stomach, is that so bad?" Jeanette asked.

"No, of course not. I just didn't see it coming I guess. I thought you'd need more time before you felt my stomach," I replied.

"Well you still are my best friend. You are the one that listened to me bitch about every single boyfriend I ever had.

As you know I'm not in love with the idea, but who the fuck cares. You love him and he loves you. So I'm happy for you two," Jeanette said.

Then I hugged her once.

"Well I'm glad to hear that. I really want you to be happy too. I don't want you to sacrifice your happiness so I can have mine, but I think as I start getting big you'll be happier. Then all this won't seem as bad," I said.

"I hope you are right," Jeanette replied.

Then we drove home. So it seemed she was starting to come around. I think how she felt overall was still up in the air a little though, but I wasn't gonna push it. She said she was happy for us, so I settled for that for the time being. When we got home John wasn't there.

"I wonder where the father is," Jeanette said as we got out.

I didn't know either. I would have thought he'd call me if he was working late or went out somewhere, but I had no missed calls or texts. So we went inside and studied, but unfortunately, neither one of us could concentrate though.

"So, how are you feeling now? You are like what 10 weeks along now?" Jeanette asked.

"Yes I think so, and I'm fine now, but I know it's not gonna last though," I replied.

"Well, you at least gotta let me have unlimited access to your stomach," Jeanette said.

"OK Jeanette. Now we should just keep studying now," I replied.

"Oh fuck studying, my best friend is knocked up," Jeanette said.

"OK then. Well is there something you wanna talk about?" I asked.

Then she came over with me and sat next to me. She felt my stomach once again, and for some odd reason, she wanted to feel my boobs as well.

"Hey, my stomach is right below those," I said.

"I know, but your boobs are gonna be getting bigger. Maybe I just wanted to feel your boobs too. Is that a crime?" Jeanette asked.

"Well no, but that's weird to just feel your best friend's tits.
I mean you didn't even ask, you just did it," I replied.

"Yes I did masturbate, it was hot seeing these with no shirt or bra," Jeanette said.

"Cool I guess," I replied a little confused.

Then she just continued to feel my boobs a little more. She really seemed to like it, but I wasn't gonna stop her, I didn't feel violated or anything like that. Although, it was still weird.

"Well, you are my best friend on the planet, and plus you are pregnant with my dad's baby," Jeanette said.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Well so can I tell you something that I don't want you to repeat to anyone, even my dad?" Jeanette asked.

I was a little skeptical and I was actually afraid of what she was gonna say. Did she have a drug problem, or maybe she stole something. I had no idea honestly.

"Well, what is it?" I asked.

Then she did something I 100% did not emotionally see coming, but physically I saw it though. She kissed me on the lips.

"I think I like you Callie," Jeanette replied.

I wasn't sure how to feel about that. She was my best friend in the world though. It's not like she was a complete stranger.

"What was that?" I asked.

Then she just kissed me again.

"I think ever since I found out about you two were together, I've just developed a little crush on you," Jeanette replied.

I was just a little stunned honestly, I didn't know how to feel about that. Was she really serious?

"Tell me the truth, did I just like completely creep you out?" Jeanette asked.

"No, it's just weird to me. I've never kissed another woman other than my mom. And I haven't done that in many years now," I replied.

"Well me either. That's why it's weird for me too. I've never felt this way for another woman. I just felt that you were my best friend, I could at least show you I'm serious. I really do like you honestly.
Do you hate me?" Jeanette asked.

"No, of course not. I mean, you truly feel that way, this isn't a prank?" I asked.

Then she kissed me very passionately. She even put her arms around me. The kiss lasted for about 20 seconds. Honestly, I didn't wanna stop it.

"Well OK then. You are for real, or really going all out on this one," I said.

Then she gave another 10 second kiss.

"OK I get it now Jeanette. Wow, I didn't see this coming," I said.

"I know, it's really new to me too. I don't know how to feel either. It's really weird to me too," Jeanette replied.

So it was weird to her too? Maybe it was. It's nothing I ever really expected from her, but truth be told, I kinda of liked the third kiss. So I kissed her once.

"See you like it too don't you?" Jeanette asked.

"Yes I guess I do," I replied.

"Do you really not know where my dad is?" Jeanette asked.

"I have no idea honestly," I replied.

Then she put her hands on my boobs once again.

"I know you love him and he loves too, but I don't think he'll mind too much if we try something on each other," Jeanette said.

I was intrigued, so I bit.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Can I eat you out?" Jeanette asked.

Still once again, I wasn't sure how to feel about that. Was she really serious about that as well?

"Are you really serious?" I asked.

Then she kissed me once again.

"Yes, very serious. If I'm just way out of line, tell me, but I really wanna try it," Jeanette said.

"And this won't screw anything up?" I asked.

"Not if we keep it on the down low," Jeanette replied.

As I was still skeptical, I laid back.

"So is that a yes?" Jeanette asked.

"Yes," I replied.

Then she slowly came up to my face and planted a kiss on my lips.

"I never tried this before, but I think we'll both like it though," Jeanette said.

Then she slowly came to my pants and unbuttoned them. She pulled them down, but not my thong just yet.

"Oh, green thong today Callie? Sexy," Jeanette said.

Then she slowly pulled my thong down, my heart started racing as she leaned in close and started kissing my legs as she got closer and closer. She got to my pussy and just put her lips really close. I don't know if it was just stage freight or what, but it took her a minute.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" I asked.

She didn't answer, she immediately stuck her tongue into my pussy, but not very far though. It still felt good though.

"Oh that's good Jeanette, stick it in more now," I said.

Then that little encouragement made her wanna stick her tongue inside my pussy even more, and I let out a couple soft moans.

"Yes Jeanette, just like that. I want your whole tongue inside my pussy," I said.

So she spread out my wet pussy lips and she stuck her tongue inside my pussy as far as she could. And it just felt incredible to say the least. I never had a woman eat me out, John did good, don't get me wrong, but Jeanette knew how she liked to be fucked. So she had a little more knowledge on it than she thought she did.

"Damn Jeanette. You are a really great friend. Now fuck me with that tongue and make me have a huge orgasm Jeanette," I said.

I put my hands on her head and she stuck her tongue inside my pussy even further. I let out some loud moans as he was licking my pussy as well. Then the pleasure really intensified a great deal and I began moving around a lot. I was feeling good, and she knew it. She spread out my pussy lips as far as she could and I leaned up.

"Holy shit Jeanette. That is really fucking good. Are you sure you've never eaten pussy before?" I asked.

Then she leaned up and kissed me.

"Not even once," Jeanette replied.

Then she kissed me again and went back to eating me out. I could taste all of my juices from off her lips. And I loved it, but I wanted more.

"Kiss me again Jeanette," I said.

Then she leaned up and kissed me once again. But before she went back in for more, she rubbed my pussy with her left hand. As she got on her stomach and began eating me out again, she put her hand right over my mouth. Then I sucked every single bit of my cum off her hand.

"That tickles Callie," Jeanette said.

"Hey shut up and make your best friend cum," I replied.

She laughed a little and began sucking on my clit. She made it feel absolutely amazing without even really trying honestly. She knew it was good despite her lack of experience eating pussy. Then I really started moaning. I was moaning as loudly as I could. I was about to explode.

"Shit Jeanette, I'm gonna cum," I said.

Then I was very surprised to see her just lay there and take it on her face.

"Holy shit Callie, you are some kind of woman. Is that the kind orgasm that my dad gives you?" Jeanette asked.

"Sometimes. They usually aren't that big. You are some kind of woman too," I replied.

Then she came up and laid next to me. She planted another kiss on my lips.

"Well that was good Jeanette," I said.

"Just good? Not amazing?" Jeanette asked.

"OK that was amazing," I replied.

Then she kissed me again.

"So, you wanna try it on me?" Jeanette asked.

Well I was a little baffled at that question. But she just ate me out and we kissed each other like 10 times by then. So I went for it. I got over here and unbuttoned her pants. I pulled them down and looked at her in her underwear as well.

"Well, I'm not the only one that wore a thong today," I said as I looked at her pink thong.

Then I slowly pulled her thong down as well. And just like mine, her pussy was absolutely soaked.

"And someone else here is ready to be fucked," I said.

Then I got into her pussy. I started off some with a few gentle licks.

"And that's good," Jeanette said.

Just like her, I was gonna make her feel good. I too spread out her nice and wet pussy lips. I licked her pussy numerous times before really going in. I was sort of teasing her a bit, but I think she liked it though. She was breathing in and out steadily and put one of her hands on my forehead.

"You are the best friend in the world Callie, bar none," Jeanette said.

I made her wait long enough. So I spread out her pussy lips as far as I could and stuck my tongue in there deep. She had no choice but to moan loudly.

"Oh shit Callie. Yes get that tongue inside my pussy as deep as you can get it," Jeanette said.

She made me feel good, so how could I not return the favor to my best friend? I stuck a finger up into her pussy as well as I fucked her nicely. That made her moan even louder.

"Fuck Callie," Jeanette said.

We were both getting rather sweaty and my heart was beating even faster than it had before. I was breathing as steadily as I could as well. I put my left hand onto her pussy real quick as well. Then of course I let her suck all the juices from my fingers. I think she loved that even more than I did. I was sticking my tongue inside her pussy deeps and moving it around. I made sure to hit her g-spot, that was just gonna make her scream. And when I did hit it, she screamed really loudly.

"Fuck!" Jeanette screamed.

Then just like her, I just laid there and took all of her cum all over my face as well. Then I climbed on top of her and gave her a kiss.

"Well we certainly know how to eat each other out," I said.

"No ding Callie. Wow, my dad is a very lucky guy," Jeanette replied.

"Thank you for that Jeanette. I really do hope you are truly happy for us. It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere right now," I said.

Then she leaned over and kissed me once.

"Well maybe that's not a bad thing after all," Jeanette replied.

Then we both laid there without pants or underwear on for a few more minutes. Then we got dressed and started studying again. But eventually John came back. He came over to Jeanette's room and knocked.

"Hey sweethearts, I'm sorry I didn't call. I was just out for awhile. I'm gonna make a romantic dinner for all three of us now," John said.

"OK daddy. Do you really want me eating with you? It sounds like something you wanna do alone with her," I replied.

"Yes of course I want you there sweetie. You are still my daughter. I think you'll wanna be there," John said.

"OK," Jeanette replied.

Then he left and went to make dinner. We studied some because we didn't get a lot of it done. But about 2 hours later he got us. We came out there and he had candles lit. It was really romantic.

"What's with all this?" I asked.

Then he slowly came over to me and kissed me. Then he took a very deep breath.

"I was gonna wait, but I can't," John said as he got down on one knee.

He took my hand and kissed it right before he pulled out a ring.


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