The Hidden Cabin

I looked up at the quaint cabin in front of me. I had decided that the remote location was perfect for what I had in mind. This was my second day at the cabin and I had quite the week planned. The first day at the cabin had been spent getting everything ready, and that night finding the perfect subject. It hadn't taken to long. It was only a 45 minute drive to the nearest small town, and I had found a lovely young woman who was just finishing college, and was out here in the mountains while she wrote her thesis. It had only taken a couple drinks before I convinced her that she should come out to my cabin. Now she was sleeping quietly downstairs completely unaware of my plans for her.

As I entered the cabin I made sure I didn't make to much noise, I wanted to be there when she first woke. I made my way down to the basement, and spent a minute admiring the view. She was a small girl only about 5'4" and 105 lbs, her tits were not much more than a b cup. She had long naturally red hair, and to my delight matching red hair all around her nubile snatch. I had her spread eagle on the bed, with a limb tied to each corner post, as naked as the day she was born. While I was really enjoying watching her lay there I knew it was time to wake her up and let the real fun begin.

I walked up the head of the bed, and softly stroked her cheek before deciding the a slightly rougher approach was going to be needed to wake her. I slapped her once hard across the face. She screamed as her eyes flew violently open, she looked around the room frantically trying to figure out what had happened to her. I knew that to make this the most fun, I needed to let her think, at least at first that every thing could be okay, so I decided a little introduction would be in order. I started by telling her that everything would be okay as long as she did what I said, when I said. I told her all I wanted was to play with her a bit and as long as she didn't give me trouble she would be free to go soon.

Tears began to run down her face, but she was starting to quite down as she woke up, and realized that her best chance was to go along with me.

I began to run my hands down her body as she silently cried, I made sure to pay extra attention to her long nipples, they were just begging to be pierced and I made a mental note to not wait to long to fix that problem. Her pale skin radiated in the dim light, and I once again congratulated myself on such a great find. I ran my fingers through her fiery red bush, and felt her dry slit. I told her that that would not do, and she best work on that or she would be punished soon. I played with her clit for just a minute to get her going, and after I noticed her starting to react to my petting I stopped, no use getting her worked up this early, all the medicine I had given her early should keep her nice and aroused for a long time, no matter what I was doing to her.

I told her that I wanted a blow job, and if she did a really good job I would let her go right after, but if she didn't do a good job I would have to punish her. I untied one of her hands and let her prop herself on one elbow on the side of the bed, then I undid my pants and let her see my cock. Her eyes went wide when she saw my 8" cock, when fully hard like it was then it is almost the thickness of a coke can. I put the tip of my cock to her lips and told her to go ahead. She gingerly licked the head of my cock, and then opened her mouth to take me. I pushed my hips forward and got about two inches of my cock in her mouth when she started to gag. I backed off a little and let he take her time, I wanted her to think she had a chance even though there was no way I was going to let this fine piece of ass go before I had done some real work on it.

She started swirling her tongue around the head of my cock and bobbing her head up and down on it. Her warm mouth felt good, and the way she ran her tongue underneath my cock had me thinking this definitely wasn't her first time.
I rocked my hips back and forth for a couple minutes enjoying her struggle when I decided that was enough, and it was time to show her how a real mouth fucking should go. I pulled her arm out from under her, and told her she wasn't doing a good enough job, she started crying harder, but I ignored the tears streaming down her face. I pushed her down onto the side of the bed, with her head laying off the side of the bed so I had full access to her throat. Then I pushed my dick up to her lips and as she opened her mouth a little I pushed hard.

I made it about 5 inches in before her neck really tightened up. I warned her about further punishment if she continued to do a bad job. I felt her nod her head a little, and I pulled out then roughly shoved my dick back into her mouth, I watched her neck expand as she deep throated me. Her neck kept contracting as she fought for air, tried to gag, and tried to escape me. The feeling was amazing, I just kept pushing farther down her throat until I was all the way in and and my balls were resting on her nose. I pulled all the way out and she coughed and choked and saliva started to run down her face into her eyes and hair. Now she was really loudly crying, trying to beg for her life, worried she'd be choked to death. I'd had enough of her crying and after letting her catch her breath for just a second I shoved my thick cock back down her throat. I began to fuck her throat, slowly at first then faster. She tried to fight me with her one free hand, so I pinned it beneath her and slapped her cunt hard as I fucked her mouth.

I could feel the cum building up, and knew I wasn't going to last long fucking her tight throat, so with one final smack to her cunt lips I pushed deep in her throat and began to cum right down her neck. I lost count of how many times I squirted, but eventually I realized that I needed to pull out or the poor girl was going to pass out. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and looked down at her face and laughed aloud at how much of a total mess she was.
I shoved her back on the bed and tied her free hand back to the post before I told her she failed the test, and now she was going to be punished. She started to scream, so I grabbed her panties which were beside the bed and shoved them into her mouth, then grabbed the duct tape I had on my tool bench and taped over her mouth effectively gagging her.

I then picked up a rag and wiped her face off, trying to clean her up a little so I could appreciate all the new tears I was about to create. Going back to my tool bench I grabbed the largest gauge needle I had, I decided that if I was going to pierce her nipples I was going to go big, maybe a small hoop in each. I held the huge needle in front of her eyes and laughed as I saw the terror in them. I grabbed a three hoops off of the bench, then sat on the bed beside her ready to go to work. I took a pair of pliers and pulled her left nipple out, and then carefully began to work the large needle through it. Right before the end of needle came out I slid the large hoop into her nipple, creating a nice half inch hole at the base of her nipple. Something that I was sure would come in handy a little later. I could her her trying to scream into her panties as I reached over and did the same thing with her right nipple. I grabbed my rag and wiped her up, trying to keep blood off of everything while I continued to modify this poor girls body.

For the final part of her punishment I grabbed her clit with my pliers and pulled it as hard as I could until I had enough skin to put the last hoop in. I quickly applied my needle and added the hoop to her cunt. Her clit now standing about a half inch out from her slit. I knew this was all she was going to be able to take during her first session, so I turned off the light and went upstairs to relax a little while I let all of her new jewellery settle. I figured in a couple hours it would be time to fuck her and give her another "chance" to do a good job and be let go.
Like that would ever happen.


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