Opposites Can Attract


It was Friday afternoon in early September and Josh Kretschmer was sitting at his desk working on a robot for one of his classes. This one had been giving him problems because the gearing wasn’t done right and he was tired of pissing with it; so, he was taking it apart to rebuild it with gears that he was in the process of 3-D printing. Josh was a third-year engineering student at Purdue University and one of the best robotic engineers the school had ever seen. In fact, he would be graduating in the spring because he had managed to test out of almost all of his freshmen classes. Josh was actually good enough that he had his own business off campus to design and build robots. He stood 6’3” and weighed 250 pounds; however, there wasn’t an ouch of fat on him for he was a farm and was all muscle and bone. When he was younger, they didn’t live on a farm, but in a very nice subdivision. Then his parents inherited a farm, from his grandparents, and his older sister had begged them not to sell for she loved working on it. This was how Josh became a farm for he would always help his older sister on the farm and he actually enjoyed it for it kept him in shape. Actually, his parents had made it a condition of “selling” the farm to his sister that half the farm would be his. He had ocean blue eyes, long curly blond hair, tightly trimmed mustache and beard, and a deep farmer’s tan. In short everything to make female hearts do flip flops but for the most part Josh wasn’t interested. Sure, he had been on a number of dates in high school but they were almost all too immature for his taste. After Josh told his dad this after his first date, his parents both laughed and said that the girls all would say the same thing about the guys. He did have one very serious girlfriend but her family relocated so that was the end of that.

As Josh was taking the last gear out of the printer, his roommate burst into the room. His roommate was named Benjamin White, Ben, and he a 6’9”, 300-pound black man with a crew cut and clean shaven.

Ben and Josh had known each other for many years ever since they met at a regional robotic competition when they were in middle school and now, they rented a small house just off campus. This way neither of them would have to move after each semester. Ben was also Josh’s business partner and owned half of the robotic business.

“Damn it, Ben! How many times do I have to tell you to knock first!?!?”

“Excuuuse me, Mr. Poster Boy Nazi, but there is a hot party going on down at Bloomington tonight.”

Ben had called Josh a Nazi ever since they first met because of Josh’s physical appearance and his last name but it was all in fun and they both knew that for neither of them had a racist bone in their body and would gladly give the other the shirt off their own back. Ben always knew that he crossed the line when Josh broke down and called him a “nigger”.

“And why do I care if there’s a party at Bloomington. I mean there’s always parties down there for that’s about all they’re good for”

Ben broke out laughing and after a minute so did Josh. Bloomington is where Indiana University is at and neither Josh or Ben for that matter were a fan of the school or their politics for, they were engineers through and through. Not only that but both of them were fairly conservative while Bloomington was populated by liberals. The best way to describe Ben and Josh’s political views was “little c” conservatives. Neither had a problem with pot or homosexuals. Josh wasn’t religious while Ben was. Both of them supported gun rights. Neither of them liked the government sticking their fingers into things, especially business for they had lost a lot of money to idiotic government rules. They didn’t have a problem with most rules but some were only made so that some bureaucrat’s friend could line their pocket.

“Ya well my girlfriend has this weekend free”

“Again, why do I care?” Josh was beginning to see where this was going.

“A few reasons: one is I can’t drive my car until it’s out of the shop, two you need to get out and live a little, and three you owe me a favor.”

Josh owed Ben a favor for Ben helping Josh fend off some very annoying sorority girls a couple of weeks before that were making Josh’s life hell for him and Ben’s car was in the shop because he thought it might be fun to try and take on a deer at 60 MPH.

“Shit! Seriously?” Ben smiled at him “Fine” Josh huffed “when do we need to leave?”

“About ten minutes ago actually.”


“Yep. So, get a quick shower and let’s go!”

“Bastard” Josh said as he levered himself out of his chair. He was stiff for he had been working all day.

“Give me five minutes but you have to find your own way back.”

“Fine with me! Now hurry the fuck up and who knows, with all the cheap booze flowing maybe even someone as ugly as you will get lucky.” Josh gave him the single finger salute as he left to get a shower.

Five minutes later, Josh and Ben were on their way down to Bloomington. Another reason for Ben wanting Josh to drive was that Josh knew all the shortcuts so they actually got to the party just as it was starting. Ben immediately found the girl he was looking for and disappeared while Josh just kind of wondered around and randomly talked with people. Despite him not wanting to go, he actually did have a decent time for he got to partake in a couple of his favorite things. One was embarrassing the shit out of idiotic jocks for Josh was much stronger and smarter than he looked; plus, he knew how to fight. The other thing was people watching for people fascinated him. It always amazed him at how groups of people shared so many characteristics with herd animals.

Finally, it was almost 10 PM and he was getting tired. He hadn’t had very much to drink so he was good to drive back and since he couldn’t find Ben, he sent him a text telling him that he was leaving.
The reason that he hadn’t drank much was the alcohol was terrible and Josh had pretty refined taste when it came to booze. He preferred bourbon, Scotch Whiskey, and high-end Tequila; although he did drink beer once in a while. As Josh was walking out, he noticed that it was raining hard.

“Well fuck me!!”

Josh was running to his truck when he heard a scream from an alley. He paused just long enough to see two thugs over a body. He heard the scream again and this time he could tell that it was female and coming from the body that he was looking at. That was all he needed for he never went anywhere unarmed. He pulled out his boot knife and went into the alley. As he entered, he saw one of the thugs cut the lady’s clothes. At least both of them had their backs to Josh. He came up, put his hand over the mouth of the one that wasn’t standing over the women and slit his throat. Josh knew how to use a knife and the cut was deep enough to cut both the carotid artery, jugular vein, as well as the windpipe; for all purposes the man was dead before he hit the ground. The other guy had seen his friend get ed but wasn’t fast enough for Josh drove his knife into the man’s back and twisted. Josh held him in position until he felt the man die. Josh was good enough to not even get any on him.

The woman was in serious trouble for she was at best semi-conscious and had a very deep cut in her left shoulder that was ing bad. Josh picked her up and carried her to his truck. There he put her on his rear seat and administered first aid to keep her from ing to death. He noticed in passing that she was beautiful but at the moment he didn’t care about that for she needed to get to a hospital fast before she bled out. As soon as he had her bandaged, he wrapped her in an old blanket as much to keep her warm and to preserve what little modesty she had left. Fortunately, the hospital was close by so he had her there in just a couple of minutes.

When they got there, Josh jumped out of his truck, stuck his head in the door and yelled for a stretcher.
He then ran back to his truck, carefully pulled the young woman out, and met a nurse at the door. From there, Josh carried her in to where he was met by a stretcher that took the young woman back into the ER. Turning to the nurse:

“Can you come out here for a second; I have that lady’s purse in my truck and I want to make sure that she gets it.”

The nurse followed him to the entrance where Josh then went out to his truck, got the lady’s purse, and turned it over to the nurse. Then without saying a word, he got into his truck and left ignoring the nurse’s order’s him to stay. He had been very careful not to leave any prints for the police to find or to look at any cameras. On his way back home, he stopped at a bridge and dumped his boot knife. It was one of his everyday ones so he didn’t really care about it. He got back to his place about 1 AM where he showered and passed out. He would clean his truck when he got up in the morning but he doubted that he had much of the lady’s on his seat and even if there was, he knew how to clean it so that it was undetectable.


Rebecca Murrey was in a rush. She was a freshman at Indiana University and was so glad that she was here. Originally from San Francisco, she had chosen IU because she couldn’t get into any decent university in California for her chosen profession; she wanted to be a doctor and IU had a very good medical program. She was rushed because her and her roommate were going to a sorority party and they were running late but at least they didn’t have far to go. Becky as she was usually called stood at 5’11”, with long orange-red hair down to her ass, bright green eyes, a firm ass from playing sports, and snow-white skin with just a couple of freckles. She was hoping to find a girl friend at this party for she never had any luck back home. It was always something from being too white to not having big enough boobs, hers were barely B-cups, to being too smart, to being too tall. She was really hoping for a fresh start. To occupy her time back home, with her mom’s encouragement, she had turned to political activism and had taken part in a large number of rallies for various causes.

An hour later and she was already depressed for no one was paying any attention to her even though she had a couple of drinks in her and was trying to be a delight. Sure, she had gotten a couple offers from jocks but they were of no interest to her. In fact, guys were of no interest to her at all. Half an hour later she left, discouraged for it seemed like everyone else was hooking up but her. She had even worn her pride clothes but still struck out as usual. As she walked out, the skies opened up ‘why does everyone hate me’ she thought as she walked back to her dorm. She was too depressed to run and needed time to think anyway. As she was passing an alley, a large hand went over her mouth and pulled her into the alley. She tried to fight but the man that had her showed her a large knife and she quickly shut up. There were two of them it turned out and once they had her far enough in, they threw her to the ground where she cut her shoulder badly. ‘So, this is how it ends for me? ed by a couple of chauvinist pigs.’

“Please” she begged with tears running down her face “just let me go and nobody had to find out about this…please? I’m ing and I need medical attention.”

“Bitch, you ain’t going to live long enough to need to worry about it and the last thing that you will feel will be my giant cock inside you” one of them chuckled. With this she screamed but they just laughed.

“Nobody’s going to hear you with this rain, whore; so, you can scream as much as you want.”

She screamed again and the bigger thug reached down and cut her shirt open. By this time, she was having problems trying to stay awake. Suddenly one of the thugs vanished. She was confused by this but then again maybe he just moved to get a better view. What happened next confused her even more for the big guy’s head was pulled back by someone and she heard him grunt and he fell backwards. Suddenly a new guy came into view and this one was actually kind of cute for a guy. Becky felt herself get picked up but she was so weak that she couldn’t fight back. She then realized that this guy was helping her. She felt that she was put into a large truck and the man was putting a dressing on her shoulder. She tried to turn over but the man told her:

“Lay still please. You got one hell of a cut on your shoulder. I’m putting a dressing on it and then I’m taking you to the hospital. Make sure that you get a tetanus shot for you must have landed on some rusty metal and I would hate for you to die from it.”

“What’s your name?” she managed to ask but he didn’t answer.

Becky was so out of it that she couldn’t even follow up. She kind of remembered the ride and then he picked her up again and carried her into a hospital where she passed out completely.

The next thing she remembered was waking up in a recovery room and having a really sore shoulder. She looked around and saw that she was on a couple of IVs and her roommate was sitting in a chair nearby. Finally, a doctor that came in told her that if the guy who brought her in hadn’t put that dressing on her shoulder and done a really good job of it; she probably would have bled to death. This really shook her up for she had never been helped by any man before and this was as close as she had ever come to dying. Dying was something that she really didn’t want to do for she did really enjoy her life. Her next visitor was a police detective who told her that one of her shoes had been found at a crime scene where two men had been ed with a knife. They knew it was her shoe because it was identified as hers by her roommate. She then told the tale of what she remembered about her experience and when the detective showed her pictures of the dead men, she screamed. It didn’t take the detectives very long to connect the dots especially when they ran the two men’s DNA and it came back that it was tied to a number of unsolved s and s in the area stretching back over five years. They then showed her a picture from the hospital security footage of the man who brought her in. Unfortunately, the security couldn’t really get a shot of the man’s face and they couldn’t even get a shot of the guy’s license plate because it was raining so hard.

As Becky laid there in her bed, she thought back to the party for she thought the guy looked a bit familiar but if she could identify the guy, she definitely wasn’t going to tell the cops. If anything, she was going to buy the guy a gift basket for saving her life and the funny thing was that she didn’t even like guys. Her mom had preached against guys for her entire life and every experience that she had so far confirmed what her mom had told her:

“Males are nothing but trouble and are not good for anything but knocking you up. If you want to be truly happy, you need to find yourself a nice girl.”

She was in the hospital for a couple of days and by the time she got out she was sure that she had seen the guy that saved her at the party. The entire time, she had been studying a copy of the security pictures. When she slept, she would get flashbacks of the attack and rescue. With each flashback, the man’s face became clearer. When she got back to her dorm, she sat down with her roommate; for her roommate was an artist. Becky wanted to see if she could get a sketch of the guy so she could show it around to see if anyone knew him. After a couple of hours Becky had her sketch so she showed it around. Numerous girls recognized him but didn’t know his name. They did say that he was really nice, very cute, and extremely interesting to talk with.

The day after she got back to her dorm, she had her normal weekly video call with her mother, Jane, where she explained everything that had happened to her including the fact that the bastards that had attacked her were now dead so they couldn’t attack anyone ever again. Jane was furious to put it mildly. One; two goons had attacked her daughter and two; Becky seemed to actually having some feelings for the guy who saved her. It took Becky almost half an hour to calm Jane down so that they could finish the call on a good note.

After almost a week, Becky was ready to give up. People recognized him but nobody knew him. Finally, she got a result from a direction that she wasn’t expecting. One of the seniors who was in the sorority that had hosted the party came up to her one day after Becky’s English class and asked about the picture that Becky had been showing around.

“I’m curious. Why do you think you might know him? Everyone that remembers the guy doesn’t know him.”

“Just humor me please. I’m been here for four years so I know a lot of guys.”

Becky handed the lady her sketch and Becky could have sworn the lady’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Do you know him?”

“Yes, I do. In fact, I’ve known him for a number of years. This is my boyfriend’s roommate and business partner. His name is Josh Kretschmer and he is probably one of the nicest, most trustworthy men that I have ever met and at the same time definitely the smartest. Hell, even Ben, that’s my boyfriend, says that and he has one hell of an ego. So now I have to ask, why do you want to find him?”

Becky told the story of what happened to her and why she wanted to find him. She had also gotten news from the police department that they were at a dead end on who saved her, so wanted to warn Josh to stay out of Bloomington for a while because she didn’t want to see him get arrested.

“Well girl, you’re in luck because I know that Ben doesn’t have a class right now so we should be able to get ahold of him and maybe we can set something up for you.”

Becky tried to tell the woman that she was a lesbian and therefore not interested in men but to no avail. The woman called Ben and then handed the phone to Becky. Becky told him what happened to her and that she was sure that it was Josh that had saved her. Becky then went on to describe Josh and when she was done Ben confirmed that sounded a lot like Josh. He also confirmed that Josh always carried at least a knife with him at all times and that he was deadly with it. Ben also told her that if she really wanted to get to know Josh then she should be at their house no later than 3 PM on Thursday because Josh was going to spent the weekend at home and Ben was sure that Josh would let Becky tag along. Ben’s girlfriend said that she would drive Becky up to Purdue since she was going up there for the weekend anyway. Becky would have to miss a class but she was fine with that for she really didn’t need to show up for that class anyway. For some reason this guy was catching her attention but she didn’t know why. Maybe it was just that she as being into meeting him or that everyone spoke so well of him. She did make sure that before she left, her roommate knew where Becky was going and she went so far as to put a spy app on her phone so her roommate could keep track of her. Things were moving so fast for Becky that she couldn’t even keep up. She started out just wanting to thank the man who saved her and warn him about the police. Now she had this surprise date thrust on her and she wasn’t allowed to back out.


Becky had never been so nervous in her life as she was walking up to Josh’s door that Thursday. Ben had texted and confirmed that Josh was in fact leaving that afternoon and that he didn’t know Becky was coming up. Becky took a deep breath and with some encouragement from Ben’s girlfriend, Cynthia, knocked on the door. Ben answered:

“Wow, so you’re Becky?”

“Yes sir” at this Ben laughed.

“Hey, don’t call me sir, I work for a living. The guy you probably want to see though is in here. Come on. I’ll introduce ya.”

Becky stepped in and set her bag down on the couch. She was amazed at all the robots that were laying around and the number of books in the living room. Ben saw her looking at the books.

“Yep, both of us are serious bookworms. Now come on girl.”

They walked down a hall and came to a stop in front of a closed door. Ben knocked.

“Since when the fuck do you bother knocking?” came through the door and Ben smirked.

“Since there is someone here to see you. So, get your skinny, white ass out here.”

“Keep that shit up Ben and I’ll turn my sister loose on your ass.” Ben had a look of instant pain on his face and he covered his junk.

“Seriously, that was one time.”

“And she hasn’t liked you since.”

At this Josh opened the door and stopped to look at Becky.

“So, how’s the shoulder?” Becky was stunned for a moment. His eyes were the most beautiful color of blue that she had ever seen before and his shaggy head of curly blonde hair made him look more like a beach bum then an engineer. Fortunately, she was able to recover quickly.

“It’s doing good. The doctor said that if you hadn’t put a dressing on it, I would have bled to death. Thank you so much.” Josh just shrugged “Also the cops are still looking for you so you should probably stay out of Bloomington for a while.”

“I have no real reason to go down to Bloomington anyway. Actually, I’m about ready to go home for the weekend.”

“Ya, about that. I was wondering if I could come with you? Please?” Becky asked with puppy dog eyes. Her asking Josh to take her back to his house was the cost of having Cynthia identify him.


“Because I would like to get to know you better for, I have never met anyone like you.” Josh looked straight into her eyes for a couple of seconds and everyone held their breath. Both Cynthia and Ben knew what was going through Josh’s mind but they wisely kept their mouths shut. Josh was seeing in the woman would flinch.

“Ya, sure, why not? I do hope that you have other clothes then just those.”

“My bag is in the living room.”

“That’s not what I meant. Do you have work clothes? I live on a farm and if you want to visit then you are expected to help out some or at least make an effort to help. At least being a girl, you won’t have the same problem that Ben had the only time he visited.”

“What happened?” Josh just looked at Ben with a smirk.

“Ya I got a little carried away with his older sister at a New Year party and she kicked me so hard that I had to wait three days for the ball to drop.” Cynthia broke out laughing and laughed so hard that she was having problems breathing. “Hey that’s not funny. That fucking hurt!”

“And I told you to be careful with her but no you wouldn’t listen. You were so sure that you knew all about women, but you don’t know shit about farmgirls.”

“Well, I do now. It’s called stay the hell away from them.” At this Josh chuckled and Becky actually grinned a bit. ‘Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all’ she thought.

“So, Becky, do you have work clothes with you?”

“No, I’m sorry but I’m a city girl. Born and raised in San Francisco.”

“Then what the fuck are you doing in Indiana?”

“I couldn’t get into a decent med school in California so IU was my next choice. Plus, I have a grandparent that lives southeast of Bloomington and it’s nice to be able to go over and see her”

“And that would be that “marvelous affricative action” for you” injected Ben under his breath causing Cynthia to smile. Both of them hated that some people thought that because someone is a bit darker that they need extra help. Like they were incapable of doing things for themselves.

“Well, we should probably get going and we’ll just stop at a farm store on the way home and find you something for the weekend.”

With this Josh stepped out of his room and tucked his Sig 365 into its holster.

“You have a gun?” asked Becky now frightened “Why would you or anyone need one of those?”

“This is Indiana sweetheart. I bet three quarters of the people in the state have a gun or two. Me, I got a few but my sister is a gun nut. She actually makes her own once in a while.” At this Ben chimed in:

“I got two as well” he pulled two handguns out of their concealed holsters.

Cynthia spoke up as well

“And I got one that sits in a holster between the girls”

“See three-quarters of the people have guns” Josh chirped and Ben and Cynthia gave shark-like grins while Becky wasn’t sure what she was getting into. Cynthia then added:

“Ben and I now carry because of an incident a couple of years ago. If Josh hadn’t been there with his gun, then we would have been ed.”

Josh came out and closed his door.

“Well can you two s manage to not destroy the house this weekend?” he asked while looking at Ben and Cynthia.

“We make no promises” they said together and Josh smiled, chuckled, and shook his head a bit.

Watching, Becky felt her heart rate increase a little for she could see how handsome Josh was and his warm smile made her weak-kneed. Josh squeezed past her and went to the kitchen to grab a drink for the drive. When he came back out, Becky was ready to go and she followed him out to his truck.

“Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever rode in a truck. Well that I can really experience I mean.” Josh gave her on of his warm smiles.

“I’ve had this one for five years now and she still runs like a dream. Hop in” Josh opened the door for her and held is hand out so she could use it to climb in. He then took her bag and put it in the back seat. Becky was taken back by his old-fashioned manors but she wasn’t going to complain for she had pretty much invited herself even if she had been blackmailed into it by Cynthia. When he started it, Becky asked;

“Why does it sound like that?”

“It’s a diesel. They get much better fuel mileage and I use it for pulling on the farm and for hauling stuff around down here.”


“Just let me text my sister and let her know that I’m on my way and I’m being a friend.”

“Your sister?”

“Yep. She and I own the farm. That was the condition for Mom and Dad to “sell” it to her. I don’t mind because I love living on a farm. It’s so much better then living in suburbia.”

As the traveled Becky tried to get to know Josh more but he was pretty quiet and only gave short answers to her questions. She did manage to learn that for the most part, they were as opposite as could be, although they did agree on a few things. For the most part she was as liberal as could be while he was for the most part a moderate conservative. Becky was even a card carrying socialist and attended rallies as often as she could while Josh was a business owner. Even as opposite as they were and as distant as Josh was, Becky could feel herself being drawn to him like a moth to light. She didn’t even know why either for he was far from her dream date. Frist of all Josh was a guy; second, he was white; third he lived on a farm, and fourth was that he was a business owner. This was all the exact opposite of who she thought she was looking for. The biggest question in Becky’s mind actually was ‘Is Josh attracted to me as well?’ Josh for his part was wary as hell for alarm bells were going off in his head. His biggest question was ‘why is she coming on so strong? What does she really want; a meal ticket or is she more mature than that? Maybe she’s thinking that she can spy to secretly film a farm and then inject scenes of animal .’ He was hoping for the second option for she was hot as hell and Josh could tell already that she was very intelligent. Not only that but she seemed to be willing to actually use her intelligence.

Home for Josh was in the Northeast corner of the state; so, the drive was about three hours long. On the way Josh stopped to get Becky some clothes for the weekend. He got her a pair of boots, couple of pairs of pants, a couple of shirts, and a sweatshirt. According to the weather forecast, a cold front was coming in and Josh figured that Becky would appreciate warmer clothes. He was sure that his sister’s shorts would fit Becky since they appeared to have about the same size of waist.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“Would you just not argue. This isn’t costing me much and I’m finding that I kind of like you.”

“Just like?”

“Don’t push it” he growled a bit with this.

With this Becky clammed up and they resumed their journey. Travelling, Becky was amazed with all the farms and she really liked going through Amish country. Josh of course didn’t react because he was used to it all. Finally, Josh pulled off the highway and tore down the backroads for this part of the journey he could make in his sleep. Becky was nervous when Josh sped down some of the dirt roads but looking at Josh, she relaxed for he was completely relaxed. After traveling backroads for about fifteen minutes, Josh slowed and pulled into a farm.

Pulling up to the house, Becky was speechless for it was beautiful. There was a large number of flowering plants surrounding the home. The home itself was brick with a copper roof. The barns behind it were red with white trim and roofs. Not only that but Becky could see a pond and a garden behind the house. There were also a large number of mature shade trees around the house. Josh pulled right into the garage and parked the truck. In the other bay he saw his sister’s truck so he knew that she was home.

“Come on Becky, let’s get your stuff inside and then we can find my sister. By the way, her name is Gretchen.”

Becky grabbed her bag while Josh grabbed her new clothes and they went into the house. Becky found the inside to be as beautiful as the outside with a modern kitchen and granite countertops. The whole house had rich hardwood floors with many of the larger pieces of trim were reclaimed lumber. What amazed her the most was that there wasn’t any TV to be found while there was a number of books. The center pieces of the living room were the large tropical aquarium against one of the walls and the grand piano near the opposite wall. There was even a small library and that room had a number of animals mounted on the walls. This bugged Becky but she held her tongue for she was a guest and a long way from her dorm. Josh showed her to her room for the weekend and she was thrilled to see a very comfortable queen size bed. After they had put her stuff on the bed, they went to find Gretchen.

Walking out, Josh saw the door on one of the barns was open so he headed there first. As he was going through the door, he could hear a welder working. Turning to Becky:

“It sounds like Gretchen is welding something. Now if she is welding when we get in there do not look directly at the source of the light for it will burn your eyeballs.”

“Oh ok” said Becky nervously.

“Don’t worry Becky. Now come on.”

They finally got into the barn and Becky could see someone bent over a big piece of metal.

“GRETCHEN” Josh said loudly.

The person turned, lifted their welding helmet, and Becky was stunned at how beautiful she was for she had dirty blond hair that had been bleached by the sun and was in a single braid that went down to between her shoulders plus she had a golden tan. Becky estimated that she stood about 5’9” or so and weighed maybe a buck fifty or so. Gretchen was a meaty lady but from what Becky could see the only fat on her was in her breast which were C-cup and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra for Becky could see them swaying back and forth as Gretchen moved. As Gretchen walked up, Becky was mesmerized by her deep blue eyes.

“Hey Josh. Who’s this?” Josh waved Becky forward.

“Becky this is my older sister, Gretchen. Gretchen this is Rebecca, Becky.” Gretchen and Becky shook hands.

“That the new tractor frame?” asked Josh.

“Yep. I should be able to finish next week and before you ask; it’s going together like a dream.”

“New tractor?” Becky asked.

“Yep, we build our own tractors for the most part. That way we can control the programing and the design. After all I’m a very good engineer and can do the programing better than any of the big guys can. I design them and Gretchen does most of the building although I help when I have time.”

“Wow. Cool.”

“Hey Gretchen, what did you make for supper?”


“Get one this morning?”

“Yep. Big doe. Meats in the fridge. I was waiting for you to get home to start it.”

“You mean you were waiting for me to get home so I could cook it” Gretchen smiled at this.

“Same difference. Now go so Becky and I can talk.” Josh swallowed hard and went to start dinner. As he walked away, he mumbled under his breath “shit, I’m fucked!”

After he was out the door, Gretchen gave Becky a calculating look before starting:

“You know that I’m a lot warmer than people make me out to be. It’s just that I don’t take shit from anyone. Plus, while I have dated a number of women before, I would much rather have a man.”

“I …”

“Stop. Just stop. I saw the look on your face when you first saw me and I know that you find me attractive. Plus, since you came with Josh, I’m assuming that you met him at his place in West Lafayette, which means that you talked with Ben. So, what’s your story anyway? You must be something very special to Josh because you’re the first girl that he’s brought home in a long time.”

So, Becky told Gretchen her story from living in California to moving to Indiana to attend IU. She also told Gretchen of how Josh had saved her in the alley, how he had helped her, and how the cops couldn’t find him. She also told the story of how she found Josh and why she searched so hard for him. All through Becky’s story, Gretchen never said a word or even moved a muscle. When Becky finished, Gretchen asked:

“So where do you want to go from here? Do you want to try and date Josh or you just want to say thank you in a special way?”

Becky swore that she turned six shades of red when Gretchen called her out so fast.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not sure yet but I’m leaning toward trying to date him if he would have me. I’ve never dated a guy before because my mom hates males.”

“Good answer because if you said that you just wanted to say thanks, I would have told you to take a hike. Josh doesn’t do one-night stands and neither do I. I’ve had guys and gals pretend to be interested in me but they were only into one-night stands and it broke my heart. That was usually followed by Josh breaking them for he is much stronger and smarter than he looks and is very protective of his loved ones. I’ve lost count of how many fights he’s gotten into because of me. So, naturally I’m a bit protective of him and if you break his heart then I’ll break you.”

“Why are you two that protective of each other?”

“Because we’re family and families look out for one another because at the end of the day all you really ever have is family. Friends, money, fame; they come and go but family is forever.”

Before Becky could say anything else, Josh called the ladies in for dinner. He had made venison steaks with a baked potato and mushroom gravy with a salad on the side. For drinks he had a beer and two glasses of wine on the table. When Becky walked in, her mouth started watering for the smell was divine. Even though she had been raised a vegan, she would eat Josh’s cooking for one it smelled really and looked better; and two she hadn’t told him that she was vegan and didn’t want to be rude. Plus, she was curious because she had never had meat growing up. Just as she thought; Josh’s cooking was to die for and she gave up being a vegan right there because of it. She was amazed at how open Josh and Gretchen were and several times she blushed because of their conversation for it seemed like nothing was off limits as they talked about Gretchen’s love life. They didn’t bother talking about Josh’s because he didn’t have one. What really amazed her was how fast she got full from the dinner; for she never remembered feeling so satisfied after eating at home. Seeing the look on Becky’s face Josh said:

“Yep, eating meat will do that to you when you’re never had it.”

“How did you know?”

“I guessed within ten minutes of meeting you today and your look confirms that you were raised vegan but it wasn’t your choice. Remember there’s nothing wrong with eating meat as long as you don’t overdo it. ren do need to eat meat and eggs for they need the protein and some minerals are only found in those products. Again, within limits. Plus, they don’t need the extra fiber that plants have.”

“I must say that I’m surprised that I like this so much because before I came here, the smell of meat cooking would make me sick.”

“So why did you not say anything? I would have stopped to get you something that you would want to eat.”

“I don’t know. Maybe because I kind of sprang this on you so fast that I didn’t want to be a bigger burden then I already am. Now I want to try all kinds of meats for now I’m curious.”

“Well, I will tell you right now that there are some meats that you will love and some that you will hate. Just like with any other food.”

Becky giggled and both Josh and Gretchen caught what she was giggling about right away. Gretchen about fell out of her chair and Josh turned bright red. Since Gretchen didn’t do the cooking, she did the dishes while Josh took Becky to show her the farm. Gretchen was able to watch them out the kitchen window and she smiled while watching Becky and Josh. ‘They do make a cute couple even if she’s lesbian. I hope Josh knows about that about her, but then again maybe she doesn’t realize that she’s straighter than she thinks’ she thought as she watched them walk to the barn.

On their way to the barn, Becky wrapped her hands around Josh’s arm and was amazed at how hard his muscles were and the amount of heat that was coming off of Josh’s body. As they walked Josh moved his arm and at first Becky was worried that she went too far but then she felt his arm go around her shoulders and gently pulled her body toward his. Then she looked over and up into his eyes. This almost turned into a mistake for she was so busy looking into his eyes that she tripped and only Josh’s strong arm kept her from taking one hell of a tumble. When they finally walked into the barn, Becky suddenly felt very small for she had never been near farm equipment and she was amazed at its size. Josh saw the look on Becky’s face and chuckled to himself. He went over and pushed the opener for the main door.

“Come on Becky, I’ll take you for a ride and when we get back, I’ll show you the animals.” Her eyes were as big as saucers as Josh led her to the largest tractor on the farm. This was a twelve wheeled behemoth that was used to pull the planter or the grain buggy. Becky didn’t protest for she was still in awe of everything and now she was actually climbing into this beast. Josh climbed up and opened the tractor door for her. After showing her were to sit while he took the operator’s seat. He flipped some switches and after waiting a second turned the key. The tractor roared to life and Becky let out a girlish squeal before she could even stop herself. She was so embarrassed but when she saw the smile on Josh’s face; Becky swore that her checks felt like they were burning off and she turned her head away. She felt a hand slide gently across her check and pull her face back toward Josh; she didn’t fight it either. Turning her head, Josh’s face was only inches away and she was looking right into his eyes. Those eyes. Looking into his eyes, Becky froze and suddenly knew where the Medusa myth had come from for, she couldn’t look away. She wasn’t even thinking when she started to move her head forward and Josh moved his forward to meet hers. When their lips met, Becky could have sworn that she had been hit with lighting for she felt the energy flow through her entire body. Her heart rate jumped and she stomach was doing flips. Her hands moved up to where they were on Josh’s cheeks to hold him on her lips. While her hands were holding Josh, her jaw opened up and she could feel her tongue and Josh’s wrestling for space in their mouths. Meanwhile one of Josh’s hands was going along her jaw line and only stopped when his fingers were buried in her hair. Finally, they broke their kiss with Josh lightly pulling on Becky’s lower lip and both of them were flushed bright red and their eyes were dilated. Josh gave her the warmest smile that he could and pulled her close. As she got comfortable, Josh revved the tractor up and put it in gear causing Becky to squeal some more. Becky wasn’t sure where these feelings for Josh were coming from but she had never felt anything like this when she had been on dates before. Hell, even when she managed to get in bed with one of her dates, she never felt so…alive. Meanwhile her was thinking was shifting form ‘this can’t work out, to mustn’t work out, to maybe this can work out.’

Driving out of the barn, Becky was like a cat with a laser pointer for she was trying to look at everything at the same time. She could feel the raw power of the tractor in her seat and the heat from Josh’s body. She felt like she could see for miles from the cab and as they went down the road, she looked in awe at how small the cars passing them looked. Josh drove them around for about half an hour before he pulled off into an empty field and put the tractor in park; then he turned to Becky;

“You want to drive?”

“I… I…. I’ve never driven anything like this before” She replied with a bit of fear in her voice.

“Good then you won’t have any bad habits to get rid of now hop on over.”

Becky and Josh traded places and he gave her the run down on how to drive a tractor. He had pulled into a field on purpose so that Becky wouldn’t have to worry about hitting anything. Becky was so nervous when she put the tractor in gear that she almost peed herself but as she released the brake she squealed with glee as the tractor jumped forward and she felt the raw power that was under her control. She drove around the field for ten minutes or so and discovered that she loved driving the tractor. Josh jumped out and took a bunch of pictures of her up in the cab. He let Becky go through them when they got home and he sent her the ones that she wanted. He climbed up in the cab and asked her if she wanted to drive back.



“But what about the cops? And don’t you need a special license?”

“I know all the cops around here. Actually, I’m a bit surprised that we haven’t been stopped yet so they can say hi.”

“You sure I’m ready?”

“Come on. Round here s start driving as soon as they can reach the pedals”

“Well, ok” Becky said nervously.

Becky drove the tractor back to the farm, but took it slow; she made it back without problems and under Josh’s instructions she backed the tractor into the barn where she shut the tractor down. Once she had it shut down, she launched herself into Josh’s arms laughing and giggling. Her laugh was like crack to Josh, he just loved that laugh and her smile.

“See I told you that you would do good Becky.”

Their next stop was to see the animals that Josh and Gretchen raised. Here again, Becky was amazed for the animals were taken care of by robots, in fact they looked like they were being pampered by the robots. Plus, even though there were almost two thousand head of cattle and ten thousand chickens on the farm, Becky couldn’t smell them. Seeing her confusion Josh explained:

“The air in the barns is recirculated after it goes through filters. The methane is removed and sent to the generator while the sulfur compounds fed to bacteria and used for fertilizer. All the manure is first sent to a bioreactor to make methane gas. This is then used to make enough electricity to run the whole farm and we have enough left over to sell to the grid. After the manure goes through the reactor, we use it to grow mushrooms which gets rid of the excess nitrogen. After that we put it on the fields where it continues to fertilize without us having to worry about run-off because by that time it’s rich black dirt and we never till the ground. The ground cover just grows up through the new dirt and anchors it in place. We have been looking into putting in greenhouses to grow fresh fruits and veggies year-round. That might be a project for next year. To heat the greenhouses, we probably will use the heat from the generator exhaust gases. We might even vent the exhaust directly into the greenhouses so that the plants can scrub out the CO2. The animals on this farm are for the most part born here and they will stay here until they are ready for market although we do some butchering here as well again completely by robots. And before you ask, nothing from the animals is wasted. Most of it is sold and the rest is converted to organic fertilizer for the fields.”

Becky was in awe of the farm and how environmentally friendly it was, even though it was a small factory farm. Chemicals were only used when there was no alternative and antibiotics were administered to only sick animals and only until they got healthy. Josh had explained that neither he or Gretchen believed that there was such a thing as waste for “waste” was just another resource that didn’t have a use yet. Eventually they walked slowly back to the house, laughing and giggling the whole way as they bumped into each other. When they got into the house, there was classical music playing and Becky flinched:

“Don’t like classical music?”

“Fuck no. I hate classical.”

“Then we’re going to have a problem because both Gretchen and I love classical. That’s actually the only music that Gretchen listens to. Me, I listen to classical, folk, and older country.”


“Yep, what do you like?”

“Pop. What is Gretchen doing anyway?”

“Probably her yoga.”

Sure, enough when they walked into the living room, Gretchen was doing yoga, but to Becky’s surprise, Gretchen was naked. Becky was amazed at Gretchen’s even tan, how muscular her body was, and how perky Gretchen’s tits were. Her breast sat high up on her chest and were topped by large pinkish-brown nipples. When Gretchen stood up; Becky got a full-frontal view and got to see Gretchen’s neatly trimmed blond bush. Becky’s pussy was getting soaking wet just from looking at Gretchen’s muscular body, long toned legs that never seemed to end, and flared hips. She could imagine herself being wrapped up in those legs. When she looked at Josh, he hadn’t even flinched. Seeing Becky look at him:

“What, Gretchen’s been doing naked yoga for years so I’ve saw her naked thousands of times.”

Josh just kept walking and as he walked by Gretchen, he slapped her ass, left a red hand print, laughed, and jumped to get out of range of Gretchen’s counterstrike which barely missed. He knew better then to get caught by Gretchen’s counterstrikes for they really hurt. Becky followed Josh and as she passed Gretchen, she turned to check out Gretchen’s backside. She was happy to see Gretchen’s backside was as good looking as her front side with Gretchen having a lovely heart shaped ass that had been hardened by years of farm work. Becky followed Josh into his office and was just blown away by the amount of technology in his home office. She watched as he turned on his computers and pictures of some of his robots came up on the screen. To say that Becky was stunned was an understatement especially when she saw the picture of a robot that she had used in one of her medical classes.

“Did you design that?” Josh looked at the picture on the screen.

“That one was Ben’s idea and I just helped review it. He does a lot of the medical and consumer robots while I focus on more industrial and agriculture. We split the robots for the military depending on what they want.”

As Josh started doing some design work, Becky found herself being drawn into Josh’s work and within half an hour she was glued to his screens. Eventually she was even started offering suggestions of her own and Josh even incorporated some of them. After a couple of hours, Josh stopped working, explaining that he usually didn’t work more than two hours at a time without taking a break to keep from being burnt out although he usually worked almost sixty to eighty hours a week when he didn’t have school. Before Josh stood up, he checked the weather forecast for the morning and seen that it was going to be a cool, calm morning; prefect for bow hunting. Question was, would Becky object to him going out. Only way to find out was to ask, so he asked:

“Becky, would you mind if I did some hunting in the morning?” Becky thought for a minute.

“At one time, I would have exploded but now; can I go out with you?”

“Seriously? You want to go hunting?”

“Yes, as long as I don’t have to anything. I would like to at least go out and experience it one time, if nothing else so that I can understand what I’m protesting against. After all you have taught me more in the few hours that we have been together then I’ve learned in the last five years.”

Josh chuckled hearing this.

“I’m honored. We should probably go see Gretchen about some camo for you. Gretchen!” Josh hollered “Need some help really quick.”


“Need to borrow some of your camo for Becky. She wants to try going out hunting with me in the morning.”

“Well come on then” and Gretchen let Josh and Becky into her room.

Gretchen’s room was a bit spartan but had an outdoor theme to it with a couple of fish on the wall and a deer mounted over her bed. When Gretchen opened her closet, Becky was amazed at all the camo that she had to pick from. Gretchen looked at Becky and said:

“Strip down to your underwear please.” Becky’s checks turned as red as her hair and Josh snickered a bit.

“What are you nervous about, you’ve already seen me naked while I’m only asking you to strip to your underwear. Also don’t worry about Josh for if he gets out of hand, I’ll beat him and you don’t have anything that we haven’t seen before. In order to make sure that I get clothes that fit you; you need to get rid of your shirt and shorts.”

Becky started to slowly take her shirt off but Gretchen lost her patients and moved in to pull Becky’s shirt over her head and before she could react, Gretchen had dropped Becky’s shorts. Becky was so embarrassed to be standing there in her small bra and plain boy short panties. Then she looked back at Josh and saw that his eyes were round and fully dilated. As soon as he saw Becky look at him; he looked away and his checks turned crimson. She glanced down to see that Josh’s cock was causing a massive tent in his pants and suddenly Becky felt much better about herself. She had found someone that was attracted to her without them pawing at her. As Becky waited for Gretchen to pull out some camo, she could almost feel Josh’s eyes tracing her body and this gave her goosebumps. Gretchen gave Becky some camo that she thought might fit. When Becky put the camo on, she heard a low whistle from Josh and Becky’s checks flushed some more. Gretchen looked at Josh and said:

“Down boy! Down! Down! HEEL!”

Josh just whimpered a bit and Becky started laughing so hard that she had to sit down of a minute. Then she caught sight of herself in Gretchen’s mirror and she stopped laughing for she did have to admit that she actually did look very good in camo. The primarily green shirt caused her hair to light up and the green in her eyes to look like emeralds. When she put on the boots, that Gretchen sat out, and stood up, Josh had to excuse himself from the room because he was horny as hell. He had always been attracted to women in camo and here was a camo goddess. After he ran out, the girls giggled to themselves.

“Well Becky, I think you got him hooked and as long as you don’t do anything stupid, you’ll have yourself one hell of a boyfriend.”

“You think so Gretchen. I mean that was the first time I’ve ever saw him looking at me.” Gretchen just sighed:

“Becky my dear; I’m going to tell you something and if you repeat this to anyone, I’m going to deny that I said anything. That man had been checking you out from the second he laid eyes on you. You didn’t see it because he wasn’t looking at your body, he was checking out your intelligence and your sense of humor. You need to stop thinking of boys and perverts. That MAN values intelligence and the ability to think for yourself; which you seem to do very well. If you had come in here and started spouting political B.S. from either side of the spectrum without even thinking or even trying to learn about us then he wouldn’t have even looked at your body. Hell, you could have given him the most erotic lap dance in the world and he wouldn’t have even flinched. But when you came here and took genuine interest in the things that he does; you showed the real you and that’s why he started checking out the wrapping.”

Once Gretchen finished, Becky had a couple of tears running down her face;

“You know growing up, nobody was interested in me. Guys, gals, blacks, whites, browns; it didn’t matter because nobody would look at me as a person. It was always; you’re too white, or too tall, not big enough tits, too smart, too political, not political enough. I mean my whole life; I’ve never been good enough for anyone, not even my mom. She hates men with a passion and pounded into my head at a very early age that all straight males are evil and could not be trusted. Now to be fair for the most part, all of my experiences have re-en this. Then I got attacked, Josh rescued me without any concern of who I was or what could happen to him. Then he disappeared before I could even thank him. After I finally tracked him down, he doesn’t even act surprised to see me. You know what his first words to me were “How’s the shoulder?” and then he wasn’t even concerned with the police looking for him. You know that when I saw you doing your yoga and I got wet. I mean you’re fucking hot. But that feeling was nothing compared to when I caught Josh checking me out. He gave me the worst case of goose bumps I’ve ever had and I’m still a bit tingly.”

“You actually think I’m hot?” asked Gretchen.

“Ah ya! I wish I had your body!” Now Gretchen had a sad look in her eyes.

“You know this body is actually much more of a curse then a blessing. Everyone sees me and instantly either they want to sleep with me or they are jealous of me. Josh is actually the only person, aside from our parents, that actually treats me like a person and if he would show interest in me, I would never let go of him. But he has some very strict lines that he won’t cross and I’m on the wrong side of one of them.”

“I’m sorry Gretchen, I didn’t…” Gretchen cut Becky off with a deep kiss that took Becky’s breath away.

“You talk too much Becky. If Josh wasn’t interested in you, I would love to take you to bed with me. But Josh is interested in you a lot. In fact, I think he’s more attracted to you then anyone else and far more then you realize. So, it wouldn’t be fair for me to try to steal you from him. Maybe in the future you and I can get together but I want to give you and Josh a chance first. Just know that if you ever need to talk about anything, my door is always open to you and if you remind me tomorrow, I’ll give you my cell number.”

“Thank you, Gretchen.” Gretchen smiled at her and put a camo hat on her head.

“There, now you’re ready to go hunting. You also might want to think about bed because we get up early here.”

As Becky was walking away, Gretchen swatted her ass and got Becky to yip and Gretchen smiled warmly at her. Becky went to her room and undressed thinking about all that had happened over the course of the day. The ride up and how hard it was to get Josh to talk to her. Him buying her some clothes that she could get dirty without even worrying about the price. Her going for her first tractor ride and then actually driving a tractor. Her giving up on being a vegan. Then there was how easily her and Josh worked together on something that she didn’t have any ideas about but Josh was only too happy to explain everything to her in a way that she could understand. Then Josh becoming visibly horny seeing her in camo. Then there was the talk with Gretchen. They admitted to each other that they found the other one attractive but Gretchen turned her down as gently as possible because she thought that Becky had a really good shot with Josh. As her mind went to Josh, her fingers went to her very wet pussy. She laid down on the bed and wondered how Josh’s fingers or tongue would feel down there. As she focused on him, she started rubbing her clit faster and faster until she gave herself the biggest orgasm that she had ever had causing her toes to curl. She was barely able to pull herself up to the pillows and pull a cover over her before dozing off. She just hoped that Josh would wake her up in the morning, but then again, he never did say what time they would be getting up.

While the girls had been talking, Josh had been taking a cold shower. Becky just turned him on in ways that nobody had ever done to him before. Not even Janet, his ex, had made him this hot and he had been depressed for a month after she had left because he had been so in love with her. At least on the plus side with her, they were still good friends and would talk with each other once a month or so. When they found themselves in the same city at the same time, they would get together for coffee and before she started dating her husband, they would hook up afterwards. After five minutes in the shower, Josh’s boner still had not gone down, so he started stroking it while thinking about Becky. If only took him a minute before his cock erupted with one of the biggest orgasms of his life so far. His cum actually flew out with enough energy to go the three feet and stuck to the shower wall. After he shot his load, he was amazed that he was still rock hard so he turned the water off and dried himself off. Before he laid down, he made sure that his alarm was set for 5AM, threw a pair of shorts on, and climbed under the covers. There his hand found its way back to his still hard cock. This time it took a couple of minutes of thinking about Becky for him to cum again. This one was just as good as the one in the shower. At least with this orgasm his cock started to relax and Josh drifted off to sleep with his last thought being of Becky.


Becky woke with a start. She was having the same damn nightmare again. She had dreamt that she was back in that damn alley only this time Josh had been caught trying to stop her attackers and had been ed. She looked at the clock on the dresser and saw that it was only 1 AM. Her heart was pounding, her head was ing her, and she was covered in sweat. She swung her feet over to where they were on the floor. She sat there for a minute with her face planted in her hands as she cried. This nightmare had been the worst yet for before they had always been how the attack happened. This one was far more vivid and she actually saw and felt Josh die before she was d and ed.

Without thinking about it, her feet carried her out of her room and to Josh’s door. She knocked softly before entering. She could see Josh laying there in the faint light given off by the clock on his desk. She walked up to his bed and studied him for a second. She was going to climb into his bed but he spoke to her before she could do anything:

“Can’t sleep, Becky?”

“No, I had another nightmare. This time you were ed in it.” Josh sat up and looked at her. He seemed to be studying her for a second and then he pushed back the covers right in front of him. Becky was overjoyed for she had been hoping to curl up in his arms and now she was going to be able to, without relying on chance. She crawled into bed with him not even thinking about the fact that she was dressed in only a t-shirt and a pair of panties. As she settled down in his strong arms, she felt his cock get hard and press against her ass crack. Josh tried his hardest to roll the other way but Becky reached down and gripped his cock. Once he had stopped moving, she pulled it a bit to where it had been. Once she was sure that Josh got the point she let go. That had been the first real cock that she had ever held and even though Josh was wearing shorts her pussy now had fluid running out of her. Becky’s pussy was on fire and she really wanted Josh inside of her, but she hesitated for she really didn’t want to fuck things up between them.

Josh had always been a very light sleeper so he heard someone knock on his door and someone open it. He opened one eye to see someone was entering his room and he carefully reached for the Sig under his pillow. His eye sight was plenty good enough to see that someone’s silhouette approach his bed where they paused and looked to be debating something. Seeing it was Becky he relaxed. When she told him about her nightmare he sat up and the solution was obvious even though he only had a thin pair of shorts on. When she laid down and curled up to him; he suddenly became acutely aware that she only had a large t-shirt and a pair of panties on; this caused his cock to go full hard in a microsecond. Now he was frightened for he really didn’t want to offend her so he moved to turn his hips so that his boner wasn’t touching her. Instead, he felt her hand reach around and gripping his cock, pulled it back to where it was tucked against her ass crack. Josh then wrapped his arms around Becky and held her tightly. He could feel her body relax and she was back to sleep in a minute with him following moments later.

At 5 AM, Josh’s alarm went off and Josh was up in seconds. Becky was much slower in moving for she was not use to waking up so early and she didn’t like mornings anyway. As she woke up, she started watching Josh move around with interest. When he dropped his shorts, showing his ass; Becky squeaked and Josh turned around therefore showing Becky her first ever live cock. Now she was wide awake and her eyes were wide open for Josh had morning wood and his seven-and-a-half-inch cock looked monstrous to her. Looking at the it, she wondered how on earth she was supposed to get that thing inside her, but she was looking forward to figuring it out. Now she figured it was her turn and she got out of bed. Josh’s eyes went wide when Becky got out of bed for, her nipples were hard and poking out of her shirt. Becky was thrilled to see that Josh was frozen in place with his mouth open. As she walked across the room toward her room, Josh’s eyes never let her and Becky’s eyes never left him.

She went back to her room to put her borrowed camo on. This time she didn’t put any underwear on. Looking in the mirror she was still amazed at how good she looked in camo. She was pulled out of her observations by the sound of Josh moving around. They came out of their rooms at about the same time and Becky was speechless for Josh looked really good to her in camo, even though he was wearing a ghillie suit. She was beginning to wonder why she was taking to Josh and Gretchen’s lifestyle so fast and easily. Gretchen was already up and had breakfast cooking. After a breakfast of bacon and farm fresh eggs; Becky followed Josh down to the safe room to get his bow. Entering this room was like entering another world for Becky for the room was loaded with guns, ammo, and other weapons.

“Most of these are Gretchen’s, but the older ones are mine for I like to collect antique firearms” Josh told her.

Josh got his bow ready and they were off for they had almost half an hour to walk to get to the tree stand that Josh was wanting to use. Outside Becky amazement continued for she could see the stars. This was something that living in the city, she had never seen outside of pictures and the amount of light that was illuminating the ground for Josh and Becky just blew her away. Even though her vision was only in black and white; she positively loved the view. As they got closer to the woods, Becky could make out the sounds of the animals moving around and Josh explained that what she was hearing was most likely racoons or opossums. As they entered the woods however, they heard a new sound and Josh froze. He then leaned over was whispered into Becky’s ear:

“That sound was a buck rubbing his antlers on a tree so watch your step from now on.”

Five minutes later and Josh had the prefect view of Becky’s ass as they were going up the ladder to one of Josh and Gretchen’s buddy stands. Well, he would have if it hadn’t been dark. Getting up, Josh made sure to fasten Becky’s and his safety harnesses to the tree and they got comfortable. Now it was time to wait for it to get light. Slowly the woods started to wake up and Becky was thrilled to experience it. It was amazing just how beautiful it was as the first rays of sunlight made their way through the trees and she made sure to get plenty of pictures to Josh’s amusement. As it got light out, Josh started rattling his deer antlers. This he explained would bring in the bucks in the area for it sounded like two bucks fighting. The two of them watched the woods and Josh pointed out the animals as they started to become visible in the early morning light. Suddenly he froze and carefully bumped Becky with his elbow. When she looked at him, he gestured toward his right for he saw a large buck coming in. Within seconds, Becky had saw him too and she actually started to shake a bit but she didn’t know why. Josh in the meantime was calm as could be. They watched as the buck came in and as his head went behind a nearby tree; Josh drew back on his bow. He had an almost prefect shot and he took it.

The buck jumped up in the air and took off but Josh could tell by how he was running that he was just a dead deer running. Sure enough, they heard the telltale crash that announced that the buck was down. Becky was actually really excited and was curious as to why Josh wasn’t going down the tree yet.

“After shooting a deer, you really want to wait for a little while so that you know they are down for if you go after them too early, you can actually force them to run more and the chase can go on for miles. The longer the deer runs the more it suffers and the more adrenalin is pumped into the meat which affects its taste. I’ve also heard of deer turning on the hunters and goring them.”

Josh waited about fifteen minutes before he started down the tree. During the wait, Becky asked about she shaking when the buck came in and Josh smiled at her:

“That was your adrenalin pumping causing what is commonly known as “Buck Fever”. The best cure is more hunting so you can get used to it” Josh explained while laughing softly.

Becky smiled at him and curled up to him while they waited. It just seemed so right to her, sitting in that tree stand with Josh; her world just felt complete.

Once down the tree, Josh was again treated the sight of Becky’s heart shaped ass as she came down the tree. When she got down, she saw that Josh was hard again and she couldn’t resist. She reached down and rubbed his hard cock making him moan softly.

“Looks like someone wants to do some pussy hunting.” She whispered to him in a sultry tone and Josh whimpered a bit much to Becky’s amusement. At first Josh was stunned but within a few seconds he shook his head as if to clear out confusion.

They went to where the buck had taken off from and Josh picked up the trail. Becky was amazed for she would have walked right past the without giving it a second thought. As Josh tracked the buck, he pointed out the and what the look of it meant. There were air bubbles in the so Josh knew that he had hit the deer in the lungs. Sure enough, within fifty yards, they found the buck in a bit of brush with Josh’s arrow still sticking out of it. He pulled his arrow out and took a picture for Gretchen. He was hoping that she would bring out their ATV so that he wouldn’t have to walk up and get it himself. He then learned that she had gone to town to do some grocery shopping. Now Becky wanted a picture as well so Josh posed with the deer for her. She made that picture her contact photo for Josh.

“Ok, now the fun part. Getting this guy out of here” he told Becky as he dragged the deer to the edge of the woods. She had carried his bow for him. After he had got it to the edge, he took Becky back to the farm to get the ATV. He drove and she held on to him for the ride to get the deer. The whole way she was yelling and laughing. Something else was happening too. The vibrations from the ATV plus her arms around Josh’s torso were making her hornier than she had ever been before. They got the deer on the back and Josh explained that he never field dressed the deer in the field for this was inviting dirt and debris into the carcass. What he did instead was he took the deer back to the farm and hung it to field dress it. That way he could bury the guts in the garden. When they got the farm, Josh weighed the deer and it tipped the scales at 300 pounds. Now it was time for an anatomy lesson for Becky as Josh started to dress the deer. He showed her all the organs and the arrow wound. Just as he thought, he had hit the deer in its lungs. He made sure to save the heart and liver for he loved heart and his parents loved the liver. Last thing was to pull the loins out so that they didn’t dry out. Surprisingly for a city person; Becky didn’t vomit at all during the process and actually asked a number of good questions. Josh then put the buck into the walk-in cooler where he would leave it for probably Sunday to butcher. As they walked to the house, Becky was watching Josh’s ass and her pussy was getting really wet again. Once Josh had everything put away, he noticed that Becky looked really nervous.

“You ok Becky?”

“Ya it’s just your ass is making me horny as hell!” Josh kind of looked over his shoulder at his ass;


“God yes! My pussy is soaked!” Now Josh chuckled softly and shook his head a bit.

“Can you keep yourself under control for I’m not there yet.”

“Why?!?!” Becky whined “Wait! You don’t think I’m beautiful! That has to be it! You’re just like everyone else!”

“BECKY STOP!” Josh growled “That’s not it and you know it for you are an extremely beautiful young woman. It’s just that I’d much rather have a deep connection with the wonderful lady that I’m sharing my body with. I have no interest in one-night stands for I had enough of those in high school before I found someone to love. After finding love; I don’t want to go back to one night or even one weekend stands. What I’m trying to say is that I’m looking for a long-term relationship and that means one not based on just sex.”

He walked over and cupped Becky’s check causing her to cry. She wrapped her arms around Josh’s body and buried her face in his chest. She could still smell the outdoors on his clothes and she continued to hold him until she was cried out. Eventually she felt Josh’s nose nudging her so she looked up. Seeing the look on his face, she closed her eyes and lifted her lips up to where they met his. Sparks started flying between the two for this wasn’t “a let’s have sex kiss”. This was a deep passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever. Eventually they broke their kiss; Becky’s heart was pounding like mad and her stomach was cranking out butterflies by the millions. Becky just couldn’t believe the feeling of kissing this man and it was at this point when she made the final decision on what she wanted.

When Becky and Josh broke their kiss, Josh was amazed at how he felt for he felt like he was floating on clouds. This was something that he hadn’t felt in years. If fact it hadn’t been since he had lost a bet and had to kiss Gretchen. That kiss had caused both of their eyes to dilate and took both of their breaths away. This kiss was far better and Josh thought that all the air had rushed out of his lungs. As they recovered, they stared into each other’s eyes. In that time everything else just disappeared and the only thing that existed has the person in front of them.

The sound of someone clearing their throat broke them out of their trance. Gretchen had gotten back from town.

“Well, it’s about time you two came back to reality for I’ve already put away all the groceries and started marinating the chicken for dinner tonight. Also, Josh that’s a really nice buck.” Josh kind of cleared his throat just enough to say;

“T-Thanks Gretchen.”


With that he looked at the time and he knew that he had business to attend to so he excused himself for he had some video conferences that he needed to be dressed for because they were with a potential customer. After Josh had left, Gretchen turned her full attention to Becky:

“Well, how was it?”

“Breathtaking” she shuddered a bit “I’m still a bit high from it. Is it like that every time?”

“No. But when you both truly love each other; that will happen more times than not.”

“I’ve also came to a decision.”


“And, I’m going to be needing all the help you can give me for I’ve never dated a man.”

With this Gretchen smiled and took Becky the hand and led her to her room. It was time for a crash course in how to date men with particular attention paid the section of how to date men that have been burnt before and are very wary of new relationships. This part was needed for Josh had been burnt very badly by a high school girlfriend before Janet and now he had much more to lose from getting into a bad relationship. That relationship had almost cost him everything for she turned out to be a complete bitch and accused Josh of her. The only thing that saved Josh was his ex-girlfriend got caught changing her story. Now Josh had so much more to lose and he wasn’t going to make the same mistake.

Josh in the meantime was already deeply involved with his meeting for this meeting could mean a shit load of money for both Ben and himself. When they had logged on, it was all business and nothing except business; even though Josh was curious to ask if their house was still standing and Ben was curious to see how Josh and Becky were getting along. After almost five hours of meetings, Josh and Ben only had to present the customer with a prototype to prove that their machine could do what was advertised and they would land a multimillion-dollar a year deal that had the potential to be renewed for years to come. The prototype was already done and was ready to ship for Josh and Ben always tried to undersell their pre-built machines a little bit so that way they didn’t run the risk of not being able to deliver. After the customers had logged off, Josh and Ben worked on coordinating their schedules for this demonstration was going to need both of them and they would have to be away for almost a week. After another half an hour, everything was done and now it was time for pleasantries.

“Well Ben, is our house still standing?”

“Yep, although I can’t say the same for your bed!”

“As long as you replace it by the time I get back.”

“And how are things between you and Becky?”

“Going good. You know that she is an amazing young woman. Hell, she even drove a tractor and helped me with a deer earlier this morning.”

“Sounds like you got it bad!”

“I hope so Ben. I hope so. Well, I better log off for my ass is ing me and I smell supper.”

“Ya mine too and Cynthia will me if I spend much more time at the office. Take care man and make sure to treat that lady right.”

“You take care too. You might want to think about taking Cynthia out for dinner tonight.”

With that they waved and logged off. Josh was so damn stiff that he was having serious problems getting out of his chair. ‘Damn I’m already getting too old for this shit and I’m only 22. I wonder how bad it will be when I’m 32.’ With this thought, he was finally able to lever himself out of his chair and stretch. This proved to be a mistake for he almost instantly started cramping up. He had to walk around his office a couple of times before everything started working correctly. He changed into a pair of shorts for it was now a bit after five p.m. and went to find the girls.

While Josh was in his meeting, Becky and Gretchen were in her room talking. Gretchen gave Becky a rundown of Josh’s dating history and how he had been burnt extremely bad by a high school romance. Ever since then, he had been very hesitant to get into new relationships and in fact the only one that he had been in since was with Janet but that had ended when she had to move away. At this Gretchen took Becky into Josh’s room to show her the pictures that he still had of Janet. Becky was amazed at how beautiful Janet was and how close they were in body shape. Janet was a tall, muscular black girl with skin dark as night and warm brown eyes. Her shimmering black hair went to just past her shoulders and framed her oval face perfectly.

“This was, as far as I know, Josh’s only serious girlfriend and I do know that they still talk about once a month. Before you ask Becky, she got married a couple of months ago.”

“Why did they break up if they still have feelings for each other?”

“Well officially, her dad got a major promotion and they had to move. However, everyone I’ve talked to believes that he moved the family to keep Josh and Janet from seeing each other for her parents were extremely pissed that Janet was dating a white farm boy and extremely pissed is being nice about it.”

“Even with Josh as smart, driven, and kind as he is?”

“Yep. It’s amazing at just how racism rears its ugly head and how people that have been the victims of racism can be so racist themselves.”

“So, do you think that Josh and I have a chance?”

“Well, you experienced the kiss. I will say that you have a serious chance but you are to be very careful and not push too hard. One of the major things’ is don’t sound desperate and avoid asking about money at all cost. For if he even suspects you of being a gold-digger, he won’t give you another chance. Once you two have been dating for a while, it should be safe to carefully ask about money but not until then.”

“Just how much money can a college student have?”

“Well Becky; I have no clue how much he’s worth because he keeps all his financials under extremely tight wraps. I do know that Ben and him each own fifty percent of their robot company and their company is a very successful business that employs about two hundred people. One of the big reasons that Josh and Ben even going to college is for the connections to more people in industry. Of course, Josh has part ownership in the farm here and the farm does very well. In the time that we have owned it, we have expanded it by almost tenfold without relying too much on debt to do it. We now hold about three thousand acres and we add more every year.”

“Wow. I would have never guessed. He doesn’t seem wealthy and I definitely wouldn’t have pegged him a class exploiter.”

“And that’s on purpose. One he is very modest, two he doesn’t want the attention, and three he hates the rich person attitude. He is definitely not a “class exploiter” and if I hear you make a comment like that again, I’ll knock your teeth down your throat. He just believes that people should have to work to get stuff. This way they have skin in the game so they will appreciate what they have earned. Speaking of skin, he is about as far from being racist as you can get. He only cares about the person under the skin and not the wrapping. I also know that while he donates a large amount of money to charity, he doesn’t claim any of it on his taxes. His opinion is that if you claim it on taxes then it’s no longer charity but a tax dodge and therefore not worthy of being called “charity”. Now before you ask, I don’t know what charities he donates to, I just know that he donates to charity. In a nutshell, if you want to be with Josh then you need to focus on being yourself, don’t push, let him decide, and drop the socialist shit for he is a very caring business man that takes very good care of his employees. In fact, I do know that the starting wage is about $60,000 a year and benefits start on day one. It might take him a while but I think that you two do belong together and from what I’ve seen so far you two make a cute couple.”

“Thank you, Gretchen. This means so much to me that you are willing to instruct me on how to date your brother. I would have probably done exactly the opposite of what you said to do. He is so different from anyone I’ve ever met before.”

“Yep, that man is definitely one of a kind. Now come on, let’s get out of here before Josh gets done with his meeting.”

The girls went back to Gretchen’s room where they talked for a bit more. Only this time they told each other about their own past and failed relationships. They talked for hours before Gretchen decided that it was time for some yoga.

“You mind if I join you?”

“I don’t care as long as you can do yoga to classical music.”

“I usually hate classical but I guess I can tolerate it. You wouldn’t happen to have any yoga pants would you. I didn’t bring mine with me.”

“Who needs clothes? I haven’t worn clothes to practice yoga in for years and I don’t miss them at all.”

“But what about Josh?”

“What about him?”

“Well, I don’t know if he would want to see me naked yet although I did see him naked this morning.”

“There’s only one way to find out. Now STRIP!” Becky slowly removed her clothing and Gretchen whistled.

“For someone not sure on their nudity; that’s a big step not to wear any underwear under their hunting clothes.” Becky’s checks turned as red as her hair. When Gretchen saw Becky’s untamed bush, she shook her head and got a towel. Gretchen put the towel on her bed.

“Lay down Becky” patting the towel “So I can do some hedge trimming for you.”

“But, but, but”

“Your butt on the towel NOW.”

Defeated and a bit excited Becky laid down on the towel and Gretchen kneeled down with a pair of trimmers. These were designed for pubic hair so Gretchen made short work of Becky’s overgrown flame red bush. She didn’t take it off but just trimmed it up so that it looked nice. She did shave Becky’s lips so that if Josh walked behind her when she was bent over, he would be able to see everything that Becky had to offer. Another reason Gretchen did this was to see for herself what Becky had down there and she was aroused herself for Becky smelled amazing and was perfectly symmetrical down there. Gretchen was even able to watch Becky’s lips swell a bit and her clit peek out from under its hood.

This was too much for Gretchen and she put down the trimmers and planted a kiss on Becky’s clit. Becky sucked in a deep breath and let out a low moan when Gretchen ran her tongue up her slit.

“Oh Gretchen. That feels amazing! Please don’t stop. For the love of god don’t stop!”

Stopping was the last time on Gretchen’s mind as she ran her tongue up and down Becky’s hot slit. When Gretchen’s tongue went across Becky’s clit, Becky’s hands latched onto the back of Gretchen’s head, her fingers burying themselves into deeply into Gretchen’s blond hair and held her there. While Gretchen sucked, licked, and recited the alphabet on Becky’s clit, Gretchen’s fingers were exploring Becky’s vagina and quickly found Becky’s g-spot. Becky was now squirming on the bed while trying to shove Gretchen’s head into her cunt. At least Becky was being quiet for the time being.

Gretchen worked Becky higher and higher but was careful to keep her from cumming. Gretchen then had an idea and she moved her hand so that her fingers could continue to work Becky’s vagina and her thumb could rub Becky’s ass hole. At the same time, Gretchen’s free hand found one of Becky’s nipples and started to twist, flick, and rub it. This proved to be too much for Becky and she let out a feral groan as her back arched so much that Gretchen wondered how on earth Becky’s back hadn’t broke in half. For thirty seconds Becky stayed in this position; Then she started to shake violently as her orgasm hit. Both girls were surprised when Becky squirted all over Gretchen’s face. Becky had never been a squirter before and Gretchen had never had a squirter. As surprised as she was, Gretchen drank down as much juice as she could for it was sweet and tangy. ‘Oh, this is addicting’ thought Gretchen as she lapped up every drop of juice that she could find. Finally, Becky could take no more and had to push Gretchen away as she laid on Gretchen’s bed and gasped for breath, her skin was covered in sweat and flushed. Her muscles wouldn’t work at all and every cell in her body felt like it weighed a hundred pounds.

Gretchen smiled as she got up to get a washcloth to clean Becky up some. After Gretchen had Becky all clean, Becky still had to lay there for about half an hour so that she could recover enough to stand up. The entire time, Gretchen laid next to her and gently ran her fingers over Becky’s curves and sang softly to her.

“Oh Gretchen” Becky sighed after Gretchen laid down with her “that was just amazing for that was by far the best orgasm that I have ever had.”

“Well just wait because what Janet told me, Josh is a lot better.” Becky’s head snapped over to look at Gretchen with wide eyes “Yes I did this to Janet as well and she said that while I’m really good, Josh is on another level completely.”

“Oh God! I don’t know if I would be able to handle that” Becky said chuckling a bit.

“Come on Becky. Let’s get some yoga in before Josh gets done with his meeting.”

With that, they went out to the living room where they found some music that they could both agree with and they started their routine.

Walking into the living room Josh’s jaw hit the floor for Gretchen and Becky were doing naked yoga together and Josh was looking at a pair of hearts. Gretchen, he had seen many times so he didn’t linger there much. Becky however was stunning. Her ass formed a prefect heart shape with almost the prefect amount of fat on it. Between her legs, Josh could see an almost two-inch-wide opening between them and he could see her bright red bush that was very neatly trimmed. When he focused on it, he almost came in his pants for her lips her a bit red and puffy and there was a bit of moisture in her slit. Speaking of her slit, Josh could see that it was parted slightly offering him one hell of a sneak peek at her goods. He managed to break his gaze, walked past the ladies, and laid down on the couch to stretch out some.

“Long meeting?” asked Gretchen

“God yes. On the plus side the contract is pretty much secured. Ben and I just have to go and give a live demonstration of the robot and that robot is very well tested so everything should go well. They said that as long as the robot lives up to what we promised then we will get the contract.”

“If you don’t mind me asking; how big is the contract?” asked Becky.

Josh gave her a very calculating look and Gretchen held her breath. Becky did to once she realized her mistake for, she had asked Josh about money before they were together. Josh saw the fear mounting in Becky’s face and he knew that Becky had realized her mistake so he left her off the hook by saying:

“Sorry but that’s a company secret.”

Both girls let out their breath and relaxed a bit.

“Dinner is almost done Josh and I made chicken parmesan for you.” With this Josh licked his lips for Gretchen made chicken parmesan that was to die for. With that the oven went off meaning that dinner was almost done. Gretchen walked into the kitchen, leaving Becky and Josh alone.

After Gretchen walked out, Becky walked over to couch that Josh was laying on. She could see Josh’s eyes tracing her every curve and where before this would have pissed her off; now she felt sexy. She stood there for the few seconds that it took Josh to check her out for she was curious to see where Josh’s eyes would stop. To her complete surprise, Josh finished checking her out by focusing on her eyes. Without even thinking about it, she sat down on the couch and then laid down where her head was resting on Josh’s arm. Becky took the arm that she was laying on and gently moved to where Josh could wrap her up in his arm. Josh took his other hand and very gently traced Becky’s curves. His touch was so light that she could barely feel it and this was giving her serious goosebumps.

While Josh was tracing Becky’s curves, his nose was buried in her hair where he found her scent intoxicating for, she smelled a bit like strawberries and wild flowers. Laying there with her, he found himself getting tired and within minutes he had slipped off to sleep. Becky felt Josh’s body completely relax with the exception of his hard cock and soon she heard Josh’s breathing change and she knew that he had fallen asleep on her. With this knowledge, she smiled and wiggled herself to where she was very comfortable as well. As she finished getting comfortable; she started to doze off herself, Gretchen walked back into the room and she was amazed that Josh had passed out on the couch for this was something that he never did. She did smile seeing that Becky was out as well and if she hadn’t spent a decent amount of the day on dinner, she would have let them sleep.

Gretchen went over and gave Becky a gentle kiss which woke her back up for Becky hadn’t even realized that she had passed out. At first, she was confused and then seeing Gretchen looking at her the confusion was cleared up. As Becky started to move a bit more, Josh woke back up.

“What happened?” he asked as he was trying to make sense of everything.

“What happened is that I left the room for five minutes and you fell asleep with this angel” Gretchen responded with a chuckle. Josh looked at Becky and smiled warmly as he moved his face down to hers. Becky moved up and they shared one hell of a kiss. Suddenly Gretchen didn’t exist anymore and they started to really get into their kiss. Becky was the first to open her mouth and their tongues began to wrestle for space. Becky could feel her body getting warmer and Josh’s free hand became more active.

Suddenly Gretchen cleared her throat and the lovers were brought back to the present. Once Gretchen had their attention:

“Dinner is done so hurry and wash up before stuff gets cold.”

Josh got up and helped Becky up even though she didn’t need it. She then followed Josh to the kitchen sink where they washed up. Sitting down, Becky was amazed at how good everything smelled. Soon she learned that Gretchen was just as good of a cook as Josh was for the chicken parmesan was spectacular as per Gretchen’s usual.

After dinner, Josh looked out and saw that it was still beautiful out so he figured that he would go out and do some fishing. Gretchen thought that this was a good idea and the two of them cleaned up from dinner while Becky watched, Josh did the dishes and Gretchen dried. She was stunned to see Gretchen walk right out the door with nothing on but a pair of flip flops. Becky had never even considered going around outside naked and now she had to make a choice. As Josh was getting ready to go out, he looked at Becky:

“You coming with us?”

“But I’m naked!!”

“So what? Gretchen is too.”

“But what if someone sees me?!?!”

“We’re going fishing on our private lake and there’s no way anyone else is going to see you back there. Well, I guess the NSA or CIA might but fuck them. If it would make you feel better, I can lose the shorts.”

Becky nodded without even thinking about it and Josh dropped his shorts and held his arm out for Becky. Now she got to check Josh’s cock out again, only this time at a much closer range. While her mom had always described cocks as being ugly as fuck; Becky found that Josh’s cock was beautiful and she wanted to spend years getting to know it. Josh also had solid six-pack abs and his muscles were all well-defined. She grabbed Josh’s hand and Josh lead Becky out to the lake’s boat house. This is where Josh and Gretchen stored their fishing equipment and Gretchen was getting the bait ready for the rods were already on the pontoon boat that they would be using. Josh helped Becky onto the boat and he started the outboard as well as opening the main door. Gretchen jumped on with the bait and he backed out of the boat house.

The three of them crossed the lake and Josh anchored in an area that had a lot of structure for they were after catfish. Gretchen had her gear in the water within a minute while Josh helped Becky with her stuff. As soon as Gretchen had her stuff situated, she stretched out in the sunlight for her rods had bells on them to tell her of bites. After all the other rods were out, Becky laid down next to Gretchen.

“He does have a beautiful cock, doesn’t he?” asked Becky while she was checking Josh and his semi-erect cock out for the hundredth time.

“Yes, he does and I hope that you have a chance to get to use it for Janet always said that he is very good with it.” With this Becky turned red again. What was it with this family that they could embarrass her constantly?

Suddenly Josh’s phone went off with a text and after looked at it, he chuckled.

“What’s up Josh?” asked Becky

“Ben is asking how things are going with you.”

“Oh, he is, is he?” asked Gretchen “Well how bout you send him a pic of Becky and I laying here naked. Just don’t show our faces.” Josh smiled

“How about it, Becky?”

“Um…ok. As long as we approve before you send it.” Josh took a picture of the two laying there in their birthday suits and showed it to them. They approved and Josh sent it snickering. Within a minute his phone was blown up with text from Ben


“You’ve met both of them for one is Becky and the other is Gretchen.”

“How did you get them naked?”

“I didn’t. They just decided that they didn’t want to wear clothes.”

“You fucking lucky bastard!!! I have to go find Cynthia to take care of my hard-on”

Josh was laughing so hard that he had to sit down and he showed the conversation to the ladies. Once they read through it, they started laughing too. As Becky was calming down, one of her rods started bouncing and she went from laughter to panic within a second which caused Gretchen to laugh so hard that she peed a bit. Josh provided Becky calm instructions on how to handle the fish and within a couple of minutes, Becky had her first fish ever; a five-pound catfish. Josh took pictures of it and of Becky holding it before she released it back into the lake. Gretchen explained that they only kept the one-to-two-pound catfish to eat and anything else they threw back. They did this one to help the fish get bigger and two the smaller ones tasted better.

Over the next couple of hours, they caught several more catfish with them keeping enough for tomorrow’ lunch, for Saturday evening was when they had dinner with their parents. This was something that Josh and Gretchen had done ever since they moved out. Sometimes they would go out, sometimes they would eat at their parents’ house and at other times they would eat at Gretchen and Josh’s place.

Finally, the sun was setting giving a spectacular display of colors that all three had to get some pictures of. Josh came up and put an arm around Becky’s shoulders.

“So how was your first full day in the country?”

“Like a dream. Thank you so much for allowing me to tag along.”

Josh bend down a bit and nudged her head with his nose. She looked at him and their lips met. Something about this kiss seemed a bit different to Becky. The energy it released was much greater and the reaction that she had to it was much stronger than the one that they had shared earlier in the morning. She let out a low moan as it seemed like every nerve in her body was firing constantly and she felt herself being pulled down a bit. Josh was trying to pull her down to the deck and her body reacted before she even knew what was going on. Within seconds they were both sitting on the deck with Becky’s legs wrapped around Josh’s waist, her arms wrapped around his neck, and her butt resting on Josh’s thighs. Their lips were mashed together and Josh’s cock was at full mast. Both of them could feel it brushing against Becky’s swollen pussy but neither of them tried to get it into her. Becky was too scared of going too fast and Josh wasn’t quite there yet although if she had made the move, he would have gladly rocked her world. Finally, he moved it to where it was trapped between them. When he moved it; it dragged across Becky’s clit and she instantly sucked in a deep breath.

They were so into making out that they didn’t even notice Gretchen take their picture with the sun behind them or her bringing in the anchors and driving the boat back to the boat house. Once she had all the gear put away, she dumped a bucket of water over them causing Becky to scream and gasp. The water had been a bit cold. The shock caused Josh’s cock to shrivel and Becky’s nipples to harden to glass cutter hardness.

“Come on ren” Gretchen sang “it’s time to go in” Josh was smiling and laughing as he picked Becky up and carried her back to the house with Gretchen trailing them. The fish had been put in a fridge in the boathouse and they would be dealt with in the morning. Josh carried Becky right to the shower and held her in his arms while the shower warmed up. Once it was warm, he put her down so they could get into the shower.

This being the first time that Becky had ever showered with a man; she was equally thrilled and nervous, but she needn’t have worried. Josh never gave up with her and through trial-and-error Becky figured out how to wash a man. Josh of course already knew how to wash a woman and he borrowed some of Gretchen’s body wash for Becky. By the time they were done with their shower, they were both all smiles.

When they got out, Gretchen had a surprise for them. She had cropped the picture that she had taken of them with the sunset behind them so that you could only see their heads and shoulders. Both of them absolutely loved the picture so Gretchen sent it to both of their phones where Josh made it his background picture. He also made sure to save it so that he could go get it printed out and frame it for his dresser. In some ways Josh was a traditionalist and pictures were one of them. When he got a really good picture that showed true love and passion, he printed and framed the picture for his dresser. So far, he only had pictures of him and Gretchen or his family on his dresser along with a couple of Janet and him. Now he had one of him and Becky.

Since it was late, the three of them agreed that it was time for bed. This time Becky just looked at her bed and without even laying in it went to Josh’s room to sleep with him. This time Josh didn’t even ask her anything before he moved lifted the covers for her. She crawled into bed with Josh and snuggled up in his strong arms. It was here that she felt safe, warm, and loved even though they were both naked. She simply couldn’t believe how much she loved Josh already for it seemed like everything he did made her love him more. He didn’t paw at her or try to force her to have sex with him. In fact, he went out of his way to make sure that his hands didn’t touch her in inappropriate ways. He would always take the time to explain everything about what he was doing, and put it in terms that she could understand. He was also one hell of a cook and he shared in the household chores. Then there was Gretchen. Here was a woman who was very passionate, fun loving, and loyal. After all she had already told Becky that she wouldn’t mind taking her to bed with her but willingly gave Josh the first shot with her. With the thoughts of love, Becky went to sleep.

While Becky was reminiscing on the love that was shown to her, Josh was thinking about Becky. He was falling in love with her but he was still very wary and the alarm bells in his head were ringing even louder. He knew that she was a hard left liberal and was surprised that she hadn’t tried preaching to him about all the things that he was “doing wrong”. Josh was guessing that the reason that she wasn’t was because of Gretchen. He knew that Gretchen loved him deeply and would do almost anything for him. Becky was willing to try new things and actually seemed to be enjoying herself. What Josh wasn’t sure of was how Becky would react when she learned of how many workers his robots had displaced. The way Josh looked at it was that it was far better for a few workers to lose their jobs to automation then for the whole factory to pack up and go overseas to look for cheaper labor. Josh knew that Becky was very smart and she was a quick learner. What he loved most was that she wasn’t throwing herself at him because he hated this. One it made the woman come off as a whore and two it usually meant that they wanted something. With thoughts of Becky; Josh drifted off to sleep as well.


The next morning, Becky woke up to an empty bed and the sun was streaming in the windows. As she continued to wake up, she could hear the sound of a heavy engine outside. She got up and after brushing her teeth, she put on her new clothes. Looking in the mirror in her room, she was thrilled at how good she looked for her new clothes hugged her curves and were still comfortable. She took a deep breath and walked out of the room but nobody else was in the house however there was a note and a sweatshirt laying on the kitchen counter. The note not only told her where to find Gretchen and Josh but that she would want to wear the sweatshirt for the temperature had dropped drastically overnight. She put the sweatshirt on, went outside, and was immediately grateful because the temperature was now hovering around forty degrees where it had been eighty the day before. As she approached the barn where the note said that Josh and Gretchen would be, she could hear the crackle of a welder and several sounds which she didn’t recognize. When she walked through the door, the noise level increased drastically and hanging on the wall in front of her was a pair of ear muffs with her name written on a piece of tape so she put them on. These had a radio set built into them so the wearer could communicate. She had barely stepped in when Gretchen called her over to give her a hand with the fabrication work.

What followed was the most difficult time in Becky’s life for Gretchen and Josh were working extremely hard and they never seemed to slow down. While Gretchen was welding, Josh had been cutting the steel for this was done on a laser cutter that Josh had built. Within an hour, Becky was covered in sweat and dirt and despite the day being chilly, she had stripped off her sweatshirt. Of course, neither Josh or Gretchen was wearing sweatshirts either. In fact, Gretchen didn’t even have a shirt on, she was working in pants and a sports bra.

It was almost one in the afternoon before Josh and Gretchen stopped working for the day. While they were a bit tired, Becky was absolutely exhausted and had a touch of welder burn. Right now, all she wanted to do was get a shower and take a nap. Josh and Gretchen of course had other ideas and they dragged Becky along for there were more chores that needed done. At least all the livestock were taken care of by robots, but one of the robots in the mushroom grow barn was down and it needed fixed. This was urgent for that barn was extremely profitable for the farm since the fertilizer was provided by the livestock and the mushrooms themselves sold for top dollar.

“Well Becky, let’s see just how much of a dirty girl you are” teased Gretchen getting a groan out of Becky and a grin from Josh.

It was here where Gretchen and Josh really showed off just how strong they were for there wasn’t much in here to assist with lifting, so everything had to be lifted the old-fashioned way. It took another hour to get done and now they could go in and eat a small lunch and get cleaned up for they were going to Gretchen and Josh’s parents’ house at six. The cleanup was the most important thing here for all three of them were caked in dirt. Lunch was some of the catfish from the night before and just like all the previous food that Becky ate there, it was spectacular. Gretchen gave Becky some cream for her burns so that they wouldn’t hurt too bad.

After lunch all three went to get their showers. Becky climbed in with Josh without even asking, not that he was going to complain about showering with a goddess. Of course, he was hard as a rock at seeing Becky strip out of her clothes and this caused her to giggle. The other affect that it had on her was that she got wet as hell. It was really starting to bug her that Josh wouldn’t make any move on her despite the obvious fact that he found her very attractive. This shower was a bit different than the other ones they had shared for Josh seemed to be in a hurry for some reason and he climbed out well before Becky was done.

By the time Becky got out, Josh was on a video call and Becky didn’t want to disturb him. So, she went to find Gretchen. This was easy for Gretchen was stretched out on her bed reading. Becky knocked on the door frame and when Gretchen saw that it was Becky, she waved her in.

“What’s up, Becky?”

“Josh; I seem to have pissed him off somehow and I don’t know what I did or what to do.”

“Well, what happened?”

Becky told Gretchen what had happened in the shower and what Josh was doing when she got out.

“That is odd for I didn’t know he had any business calls for today. Usually, he tells me a head of time so he can make sure that he’s available for the call.”

“It’s not only the shower Gretchen; I can’t seem to get Josh interested in making love to me and it’s starting to hurt some.”

“Becky, if he wasn’t interested in you then you wouldn’t be here. You just need to be patient for he is probably the wariest male in the human species. Just give him time and when he starts rubbing your naughty bits then you know that you’ll be in for a very wild night. He just has to be sure that he has feelings for you and I know that he does. He already knows that you are ready for him. If I had to guess; I would say that tonight you might not be getting much sleep but understand that I might be wrong about that. The biggest thing you have to remember is don’t try to fake anything for he is the only man that I have ever met that can properly read a female and he WILL know if you try to fake anything.”

“Oh, you sure Gretchen?” To answer this Gretchen just looked at her.

“Now let’s go see who Josh is talking to.”

When Gretchen stuck her head into Josh’s office, she could tell just by the voice that he was talking to, for it was Janet’s. When she realized who it was, Gretchen smiled and walked in with Becky in tow. Josh saw them come in and smiled. Gretchen came around and into camera range.

“Hey Janet.”

“Hi Gretchen. How are you going?”

“Oh, can’t complain. How are you?”

“I hate mornings.” Gretchen had a confused look on her face which Josh cleared up.

“Morning sickness”

“OH MY GOD Janet. That’s wonderful!”

“Thank you, Gretchen. I love being pregnant but I can do without having my head over the toilet every fucking morning.”

“At least that’s temporary. How’s your other half feel about everything?”

“He fainted when he got the news.” Gretchen broke out laughing so hard that she had to sit down.

“Ok on to other good news” Josh said as he waved Becky to him “Janet this is the lady I was telling you about, Becky. Becky this was my first serious love, Janet.”

“Well, hi Becky. Josh treating you right cause if he ain’t; I’ll fly back there and kick his white ass”

“Don’t worry. He’s treating me very well. Actually, he’s the first guy that I’ve ever been with. I’ve only been with girls before.”

“Oh, what made you decide on him being your first?”

“He saved my life about a month ago. Of course, it took me a while to track him down because he never told me his name or anything. He just saved me, dropped me off at the hospital and left.”

“Becky, honey. I know what happened to you so you don’t need to skip over it for me. Now make sure you take care of him because he is probably the best man that you will ever find. Now I’ve got to go because I have to get ready for work.”

Everyone said their goodbyes and the call ended.

“So, Becky, what’s you think of Janet?” asked Gretchen.

“She seems really nice and very smart.”

“She is.” Josh replied “Now on to other matters, we should probably get ready to get going.”

The three went to their separate rooms to get ready. Gretchen put on jeans and a t-shirt which matched Josh’s outfit with the obvious style differences. Becky however was determined to make an impression on Josh so she put on the other pair of jeans that he had bought for her and a red plaid shirt. To further drive Josh wild, Becky put on her cowgirl boots. To finish things off, she put her hair into a loose braid. Looking in the mirror, Becky had to admit that she was hot and was even turning herself on.

When she came out of her room, Josh and Gretchen were already in the living room, so that’s were Becky went. She was able to come up behind Josh so that he wouldn’t see her until she was almost touching him. When Josh turned his eyes to Becky, she could have sworn that she saw a fire lit in his eyes. The fire of desire, of lust, and she felt his body temperature rise. All this caused her to get really wet really quick and her own heart to start fluttering. She had finally found someone who desired her. Becky’s composer was almost undone when she looked at Gretchen for, she had a glimmer in her eyes and she could see Gretchen’s tongue tracing the inside of her lips. ‘Oh shit, what have I done for now I have two people who want me’ thought Becky. Before she could fashion another thought, Josh scooped her up causing her to break out in a giggling fit. Becky was finding very quickly that she loved being with a man. Well, this man anyway. She loved that musky scent and the muscles that could pick her up with no problems at all. Most of all, she found that there didn’t seem to be as much drama as there had been the few times that she was able to hook up with another girl.

Josh carried Becky out of the house and put her in his truck. This show of strength from a lover was something that Becky was not use to in the slightest but she was quickly growing to like. Not only was she getting used to it, but she was starting to look forward to it. As Josh sat Becky down in the middle of his front seat, Gretchen climbed into the passenger seat and helped Becky get buckled in. After Josh was on the road, he just his arm around Becky and drew her up close to him. She just laid her head on his chest and found that she felt completely relaxed and safe.

After driving for almost thirty minutes, Becky found them pulling up to a very nice looking home. Josh reached across her to unbuckle her and his hand glided right over her mound causing her to catch her breath. When she looked at Josh, he was smiling at her and she felt the seat belt release and right there, she just knew that she probably wasn’t going to be getting any sleep that night. He slid out of the truck and reaching out his arms, picked Becky up like she was a piece of paper and pulled her out of the truck. After Josh set her down, Becky felt a strong hand cupping her ass and she now knew that she had a boyfriend. Accordingly, she couldn’t have been happier but she was worried about what her mom would say once she found out. Gretchen was already at the door and had knocked. When the door opened, Becky was stunned for the woman who answered the door was even more beautiful than Gretchen was.

“Hey mom” Josh said “I have someone for you to meet.” He pulled Becky forward “Becky this is Gretchen’s and my mom, Elizabeth. Mom this is my new girlfriend, Rebecca.”



Becky was stunned but she put her hand out for a handshake; instead, Liz pulled her in for a tight hug. Becky automatically returned the hug. She broke the hug when she heard Gretchen call for her dad. From a door that Becky assumed lead to the basement, she heard a deep baritone voice;

“Be up in a moment pumpkin.” Becky retreated back into Josh’s arms when she heard very heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. When the man emerged, Becky was speechless for he was huge. He was so big that he had to duck a bit to fit through the door. This time Gretchen handled the introductions. Their dad’s name was Sam and he was probably the largest man that Becky had ever seen. It didn’t take her long to realize however that his strength wasn’t the biggest danger for Sam was extremely charismatic and within five minutes Becky’s cheeks were bright red as Sam turned on the charm. Unfortunately for Sam, Liz heard him and gave him one of her famous looks of death.

“Uh-oh, looks like daddy isn’t going to get laid tonight!” chirped Gretchen.

This comment caused Becky to spit up the water that she had been drinking and in doing so, she sprayed water all over Liz who was sitting across from her. Becky was mortified but Josh and Gretchen were rolling around on the floor laughing their asses off. Becky just looked at Liz with fear in her eyes but that went away when Liz started laughing and Becky was able to relax.

Half an hour after they pulled in Liz called from the kitchen saying that dinner was ready. When Becky seen the spread, she nearly fainted for there was more food here then she could eat in a week. As Becky was going to grab a plate, Josh stopped her and signaled for her to wait a minute. In this house, grace was said before eating and this week, it was Josh’s turn to give thanks. Becky was just amazed at how humble Josh was when; in his words, he was talking to no one. What stunned her the most was when Josh gave thanks for Becky coming into his life. After Josh said amen, he looked at Becky and the love in his eyes almost brought Becky to tears for she had never seen so much love directed toward her in her life.

The meal that followed was so much fun for Becky that she actually had to run to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants for it turned out that when Josh’s family got together the humor came out in full force and nothing was off limits. A couple of times, Josh blew gently in her ear causing her to squeal with caused everyone at the table to burst into laughter. The food on the other hand was out of this world and Becky no longer had to wonder where Josh and Gretchen learned to cook for their mom was one hell of a cook. During dinner, Josh told the story of how him and Becky met and to her surprise neither of his parents seemed surprised. Becky also told of everything that Josh and her had been doing since she came up and of course she had to give her life story. Some of the stories that Josh’s parents told about his hood made Josh turn redder than Becky’s hair and she just couldn’t stop laughing at this. During dinner, Becky learned that Liz was an extremely successful real estate agent and Sam owned a small construction firm.

After dinner and clean up, it was time for some board games. The game for the evening was Monopoly but it was limited to ten turns so that the game wouldn’t last too long. Again, Becky was surprised at how much fun she had in playing a game that her mom had been calling out for years as “promoting the evils of capitalism”.

Finally, it was time to leave and Becky was simply amazed at how much love was in that home. Growing up, she had never had anything like that because her mom was a very hateful person that thought that everything in which she didn’t come out on top was evil. On the way back, both Gretchen and Josh asked her not to snuggle up to Josh so that he could focus on driving because of the number of deer in the area. So, Becky snuggled up to Gretchen instead and actually fell asleep.


Once Josh turned the truck off, Becky woke up and moved to work some kinks out of her neck as she slid out after Josh. At the door, Josh scooped Becky up and the look in Becky’s eyes was one of shear lust. Josh carried her in and right to his bedroom where he shut the door once they were in and gently laid Becky out on his bed. He then sat down on the bed next to her and leaned over to where he was looking straight into her eyes. Becky’s heart melted when she looked deep into Josh’s eyes and saw nothing but love.

“You know that we don’t have to do anything Becky.”

“Josh shut up for I’ve been wanting to do this since I felt your hard cock against my ass.”

“I tried to move it.”

“I know and that’s why I stopped you. Now are we going to keep talking or are you going to kiss me?”

Josh moved his head down to where his lips could capture Becky’s leading to the sweetest kiss that Becky had ever had. As they were kissing, one of Josh’s hands started running along Becky’s neck causing Becky’s heartrate to start rising and her hands started rubbing on Josh. Within minutes Becky’s hands had worked themselves under Josh’s shirt and had it up. Josh then moved to where Becky could take his shirt off and for the first time in her life, Becky could directly run her hands on a man’s six pack and really explore. She didn’t have a shirt in the way or have to hurry to avoid cold water. As Becky’s hands were exploring Josh’s stomach and chest, his were unbuttoning her shirt. After he got her shirt unbuttoned, he spent some time just lightly running his fingertips over Becky’s stomach. She could just barely feel him touching her but it still gave her serious goosebumps and sent her temperature soaring. Now she had to get her clothes off for it felt like she was on fire. She sat up so that she could get her shirt and bra off but Josh beat her to it. She was surprised when Josh made short work of her bra.

“I thought guys couldn’t work bras?”

“You forget that I’ve done this before and it’s like riding a bike. Once you learn you never forget.”

Now that Becky was topless, she tried to get her pants off but Josh stopped her and gently leaned her back down. He started kissing her neck and Becky was in heaven. The feeling of his lips and his facial hair on her skin was driving her to new heights and within only a minute she released her first ever moan caused by a man touching her. Slowly Josh worked his way down her body; making sure to kiss every bit of skin that he could get to. While he had been kissing her, one of his hands was still exploring and had started to trace one of her breasts. Finally, his lips found her other breast and Becky was now feeling things that she had never felt before. She started moaning softly and she made sure to thrust her breast up as much as she could so that Josh could have the easiest access to that as possible. For now, he was just kissing around her breast and Becky was getting desperate for him to got to her nipples. Finally, she had enough and she grabbed his head and moved him to where his lips landed on her nipples. Instead of kissing them though, Josh latched on and started sucking while his free hand he started flicking and pinching the other one. Becky’s fingers were now running through Josh’s hair as she was experiencing levels of bliss that she had NEVER reached before. Soon Josh’s lips let go of her nipple and she thought that he was headed further south but no, he was just switching nipples;

“What, I just have to have a taste of the other one too. Can’t let it feel left out now can we?” He told her when she gave him a questioning look. With Josh switching it put his dominate hand on work on Becky’s nipples and she could tell the difference. Either that or Josh was quickly learning what turned her on because she could feel herself getting close to having an orgasm. This was something that she had never done before but if Josh kept this up; it would happen. Josh had caught on to the fact that Becky was getting close and he continued to work both of her breast. He was finding that she liked things a bit rough so he pinched her one nipple between his fingers and twisted while he lightly bit the one in his mouth. The reaction that he got was explosive for Becky screamed at the top of her lungs as her body tried to twist and turn as she squirted completely soaking her pants. She couldn’t move her body because Josh had her pinned down. This only made her orgasm last longer. After almost forty-five seconds, she finally began the descent down from orgasm heights. From the top, she had seen a whole new world and it was hers for the taking but first she had to recover from what was one of the most powerful orgasms that she had ever had. As she was coming down, Josh laid down next to her and traced her curves with his fingertips. She had been intending to explore Josh some but her body had other ideas and she dozed off. Josh smiled and looked at the door. He had been fast enough to catch Gretchen standing there with her hand down her pants. When they made eye contact, Josh smiled at her and signaled for her to come on in. When Gretchen came up next to him, she asked;

“What did you do to that poor girl?”

“Just the usual, I gave her a mind-altering orgasm.”

“Good god Josh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl cum that hard.”

“Well now you have. Seems like Becky’s likes things a bit on the rough side.”

“Oh really?”

“Yep. I bit one nipple while pinching and twisting the other.” Then looking at Becky “if you kindly excuse me Gretchen, but I think my girlfriend here is starting to recover.”

“Well, you two have fun and don’t her Josh for I like her too.” Josh flashed Gretchen a warm smile that melted her heart ‘damn his morals anyway’ thought Gretchen ‘what I wouldn’t give to have him or at least a man like him.’

Slowly Becky was able to open her eyes and the first thing she saw was Josh smiling down at her.

“Josh, what did you do to me? That was one of the best orgasms that I have ever had.”

“Just getting you warmed up sweetheart.”

At this Becky’s eyes went wide open in disbelief. At least her body knew what to do while her brain caught up. Her hands went up and cupped Josh’s cheeks and then pulled Josh down for a kiss. Into that kiss, Becky poured every bit of passion and emotion that she had. Based on Josh’s reaction it had the desired effect for his eyes went wide and then narrowed with equal parts love and lust. As they were kissing, Becky moved her hands down Josh’s body until they settled on his shoulders. She started pushing until Josh was on his back and Becky was above him. The first thing she did was to take his pants off. At first, she had problems with his belt but Josh gave her a hand with it. She then pushed his pants and boxers off. Josh could see how wet Becky was so he had her move to where he could work on her pants. He made quick work of her jeans and pushed them down her thighs. He was surprised to find no panties and when Becky noticed his surprise; she just smiled as she moved off the bed to finish dropping her pants.

Now that both of them were naked, Becky moved to where she could examine her first cock up close. What amazed her the most was how hard it was but how soft and smooth the skin was. She made sure that her fingertips went over every inch of Josh’s cock at least a couple of times.

“Josh, I’m worried. I don’t know what to do with this? I mean should I just move to stick it in me or would you like me to play with it first?”

“That’s up to you. One thing though; before we go any further do I need to get a condom?”

“Don’t worry about condoms. I’m on the pill for my periods but thank you for asking. Also, I was checked last month and I’m clean.”

“Well, I don’t know how long I’m going to last this first time because I haven’t had a woman since Janet. I do promise you that I will never leave you high and dry.”

“You don’t need to worry about that Josh, because we have all night now don’t, we?” Josh just nodded as Becky swung her leg over Josh and started to rub her slit up and down Josh’s cock lubricating it. Once she was happy, she stood up a bit to allow Josh’s cock to stand straight up. As she was going to sit down on it, she froze as the tip touched her. Suddenly she just couldn’t do it.

“Josh I just can’t. I’m sorry!!” she jumped off and started sobbing wildly while sitting on the edge of his bed. Josh sat up and swung his legs over so that he was sitting next to her. He put his arm around her and pulled her close, laying his head down against hers. As she cried, he just held her tight and gently rocked her back and forth.

“It’s ok sweetheart, you don’t have to do anything. After all, if you’re not comfortable with something then neither am I and we won’t do it.”

When she heard this, she looked at him with her reddened eyes and with tears pouring down her face. She just couldn’t believe that a man would willingly take sex off the table just because she wasn’t comfortable with it. As she looked at him, she expected to see anger in his eyes but instead she saw concern and love. Her head started moving without her even thinking about it and before she even realized it, her lips were locked onto Josh’s. This was no lustful kiss. No this was a true lover’s kiss; full of passion and caring. As if she needed any more proof that Josh was the best person that she could ever hope to meet; here it was and she swore to herself that she would do anything she could to keep him. For at this moment the fog in her brain cleared and she realized that she loved Josh more than anything. Question was, did Josh love her the same way?

As they were kissing, Becky started applying pressure on Josh to get him to lay back down. This time she laid down next to him where she could look deep into his eyes and close enough where their noses touched. She had one hand on the side of Josh’s face while he had one of his on Becky’s side, just above her hip.

“You ok Becky?”

“Ya I’m good. I just realized that I love you” Josh smiled as he moved to kiss her. As he broke the kiss he moved to whisper in her ear;

“I love you too Becky. Hell, I started falling for you when you were laughing in the tractor. Your laugh is like a drug to me and I can’t get enough of it.”

Now it was Becky’s turn to smile at Josh as she rolled on her back and spread her legs.

“Please can we do it like this for the first time? That way I can’t chicken out again.”

“If that’s what you want sweetheart.”

“Yes, please Josh, I need you inside me.”

Josh ran his fingers through her slit first to make sure that she was wet enough for the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her. She had dried out a bit but it didn’t take long for her to get wet again; just a little bit of Josh’s fingers working her clit. Once he was happy, he moved over Becky and ran the tip of his cock up and down her slit a couple of times to make sure that he had sufficient lubrication on it. Once he was ready, he bent down to kiss Becky. As they were kissing, he gently pushed his cock into her very tight and hot vagina.

The feeling of Josh’s cock entering her was like nothing that Becky had ever felt before. Not only did all the small ridges add to the situation but also the heat coming off of it. It felt so much better than even the most realistic dildo. Once he had bottomed out in her, he held still while Becky’s cunt got use to this invader. Josh might not have been as long as some of the dildos that Becky had inside her but he was plenty thick enough to stretch her. Becky gave Josh a nod when she felt that she was used to having his cock deep inside her. The feelings that came next was unlike anything else as Josh started sawing in and out of her. As he went in and out, he also moved side to side a bit to try and find all of Becky’s sensitive spots. Over the next ten minutes, he found all of them and locked their positions into his memory for it was time to make Becky cum again. He picked up pace and made sure to hit as many spots as possible with every thrust. This put Becky into sensory overload as her brain simply couldn’t keep up with the shear amount of pleasure signals coming up from her pussy. Within just a minute of Josh speeding up, Becky had her first cock derived orgasm. It hit her like a freight train and blindsided her. As she shook and convulsed, Josh kept up the rhythm and now Becky couldn’t stop cumming. Over and over again she came. It didn’t help her any that Josh was sucking on one of her nipples at the same time. She just couldn’t believe that she thought that no man could do this for her. Finally, she felt a change in Josh’s cock. It was getting even bigger and she could hear his breathing getting shallower. One other thing that she felt was Josh’s heartbeat in his cock and this gave her the biggest orgasm yet and she started screaming at the top of her lungs and she sprayed everywhere. This was too much for Josh as he rammed his cock home and let loose with a massive orgasm of his own. Over and over again, his cock pumped his seed deep inside Becky’s womb. At first Becky was confused as to why she suddenly felt something hot spraying her vaginal walls; then she realized what happened and she couldn’t have been happier.

Josh kept his cock inside of her until he began to soften, and only then did he pull out and lay down next to her. Becky moved to where her head was laying on Josh’s chest. Laying here, she could feel him breathing and listen to his heart beat. She also felt an incredible calmness flood over her and she felt so loved. ‘So, this is post-coital bliss?’ she thought ‘No wonder why people always talk about it.’ As she laid on his chest, her fingers were tracing Josh’s muscles and she could feel Josh’s hands rubbing her back from her neck to the bottom of her ass. After some time, Becky’s hands started working lower and they found Josh’s cock. She had expected that it would be soft but to her surprise, she could feel it getting hard again. This in turn made Becky’s pussy wet again. She kept going until Josh was as hard as steel and then she shifted her body to where she was laying completely on top of him. In this position it was very easy for her to shift down and impale herself. Sliding down Josh’s cock, she found that she liked being on top because she could move around easier. She started off pretty plain for this was all new to her. She was a bit worried that Josh would get bored with her when he advised:

“Relax sweetheart and trust your body. Let it tell you what it wants and likes.” She nodded and turned the reins over to her body. This was the best decision that she could have made for within minutes she had another orgasm and while it wasn’t as big as the one that Josh had gave her, she was still learning. Soon she found her groove by going up and down while rolling her hips forward and back. She thought that she might be able to get Josh to cum before her but that was before Josh started getting involved. Up till now, his hands had stayed still but now he moved one of them up to tweak one of her nipples while the other one teased her clit. Now she went into sensory overload again and the wild girl finally came out of her for she started fucking herself crazy. Doing this, she failed to realize that Josh had moved his knees up behind her and he gently pushed her back until she was against his knees. Doing this caused his cock to rub against her g-spot every time she moved and within seconds, she exploded spraying her cum all over Josh. Slowly she fought to sit upright to take the pressure off of her G-spot and she could give Josh a good fucking but within minutes he leaned her back again causing the same reaction. Her screaming at the top of her lungs as she sprayed cum all over Josh again. He managed to do this to her five times before she desperately clamped down on his cock with her Kegel muscles and leaned far enough forward so that Josh couldn’t lean her back.

“JOSH CUM FOR ME! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CUUUUUMMMMM!” She screamed as Josh got her again only this time her violent orgasm triggered his as well and he thrust up so hard that she felt like she was flying and Becky was sure that she would have a bruised pussy in the morning. Josh shot every last drop of liquid love that his body had into Becky’s tight pussy. Fortunately, Becky was exhausted and Josh found the covers so that they could go to sleep. She had collapsed on his chest with his cock still impaling her but she was already lightly snoring. Josh barely managed to get the covers over them before he passed out as well.

Next door, Gretchen was glad that they finally had worn themselves out for she couldn’t go on much longer. She had been fingering herself while imaging Josh fucking her and the sounds of Becky cumming had set Gretchen off every time. Gretchen wasn’t sure how the hell Becky had even managed to survive all the orgasms that Josh had given her for she barely managed to survive the ones that she had given herself and she was for more sexually experienced then Becky. By the time Josh and Becky were done, Gretchen’s bed was soaked with her juices, her fingers were cramping, and her clit had been rubbed raw. She couldn’t even move out of the wet spot that she had made on the bed, she was so exhausted; so, she slept right in the puddle of her own juices all night.

The next morning when Josh woke up, he was treated to a sight that he hoped he would always remember. Becky was sleeping with her head on his chest and the sunlight coming through the window lit her hair up, showing the reds and oranges. The light bathed her bare breast and pink nipples in warm light. It was such a beautiful sight that Josh thought he might actually shed a tear for the greatest artist in history couldn’t match the beauty that was in front of him. Of course, the feeling of his hands slowly tracing her curves, influenced his opinion about the artist but what would one expect. As Josh gently rubbed on Becky, she slowly woke up and was greeted by Josh’s sparkling blue eyes. Before they even said a word to each other, they had their lips locked together. Although Becky had just woke up, she was rapidly becoming horny as hell. Morning breath be damned. Josh had awoken the beast in her and it was starving. She felt his morning wood and thought that it would be a pity to waste such a beautiful cock so she moved to where she could work her cunt down onto Josh’s cock. Within minutes, Becky had her first orgasm of the day. It was smaller than she had hoped but it was still very early. Suddenly Josh picked her up and she squealed as he carried her, still impaled by his cock, into the bathroom where he turned the shower on. While they were waiting on the shower, Josh picked Becky up and slammed her down on his cock. This drove his cock into her cervix and a couple of times, he actually was able to partially get through it. To say she was tight was an understatement and this to her cervix caused her to cum extremely hard. This orgasm hit out of nowhere and Becky screamed like a banshee. She screamed so long that she ran out of air in her lungs to scream with and although she was trying to scream, no sound was coming out of her mouth. As her lungs ran out of air, she started shaking. She shook so hard that Josh was wondering if was possible for a human to shake themselves apart and he was glad that he was as strong as he was for it took all of his strength to keep her from falling and hitting the floor. Finally, she was done and she collapsed into a post-orgasmic daze.

Josh carried her into the shower where he washed her the best he could before washing his own body. Feeling his still hard cock Josh pinned Becky against the shower wall and pounded her sweet pussy. He looked like a jackhammer he was going so fast and all Becky could do was moan for he had caused her to cum yet again. At least at this speed, Josh couldn’t last long and before long he shoved as much of his cock into Becky as possible and let loose with a massive blast of cum.

After he was done, his cock shrank and he slipped out of her. Somehow, he managed to keep Becky up and clean both of them off before he shut the water off. He climbed out with Becky and sat her down on the toilet seat so he could dry off. Once he was done, he dried Becky off and by the time he had finished with her, she was starting to wake back up. Her eyes were glazed completely over and at first, she had a confused look on her face for she couldn’t figure out why her hair was wet. Josh saw the look on her face and said:

“We just took a shower and that’s why your hair is wet. Also, we screwed again in the shower.”

“Wow that has never happened to me before. I have never cum so hard that I blacked out.”

“Well, we should probably get dressed because we have some stuff to do this morning.” She kind of looked at him. “That deer has to be butchered and I want to help Gretchen with some of the heavier farm chores before we leave today. Also, we need to get a hold of Cynthia to see how we are going to get you back to campus.”

“Would it be possible for you to take me back so that we can spend the most amount of time together as possible? Please?”

“Oh, I suppose. Just let me call Cynthia so that she isn’t waiting for you.”

Josh called Cynthia and learned that she was already back at IU because she had a very important test on Monday and it’s hard to study when you’re getting laid. Unfortunately, the test wasn’t in applied biology. After he finished the call and told Becky, she got really excited and hopped up into Josh’s arms. As she was holding on, she noticed that his dick was hard again so she moved to where she could put his truck in her garage. This time they went slow for neither of them were in a hurry but Josh was thirsty so he carried Becky right out into the kitchen. Becky actually tried to get off of Josh’s cock but he grabbed her ass and held her in place and as he walked, Becky was bounced up and down on his cock. Walking into the kitchen, they saw that Gretchen was sitting at the table drinking some coffee. Seeing Gretchen, Becky instantly turned beet red while Josh just said: “Hey Gretchen”. Gretchen just shook her head at Josh and Becky while Josh got a glass out and filled it up with apple cider for him and Becky to share. He held her still long enough for her to enjoy her first fresh apple cider ever and she absolutely loved it. Josh also gave her some frozen blueberries that he and Gretchen had picked and froze during the summer. Before long however, Becky’s pussy was demanding attention again and she started moving up and down on Josh’s cock. Gretchen now had to watch as Becky rode her brother’s cock and the act of showing off her cock riding ss caused Becky to get must hotter much faster. Within minutes, she was moaning and once Josh finished eating, he joined her by pushing her against the fridge while he locked his lips to hers. Gretchen couldn’t believe the amount of energy that her brother had after their performance last night and earlier that morning. For Becky and Josh, Gretchen had disappeared and the only person in the world was the one that they were attached to. As Becky rode Josh, her clit was rubbing across the top of his cock and his pubic hair was tickling her causing her to go higher and higher. As she was going higher, she was using her Kegel muscles to massage Josh’s cock and when they weren’t kissing, she was nibbling on his ear. Together they went higher and higher with neither of them wanting to cum first. After pounding at each other for about five minutes, Becky’s back suddenly arched and the scream that she released caused Josh and Gretchen’s ears to ring. The sudden tightening of her pussy caused Josh to explode as well. He drove up into her with more force the he had ever done before bruising her vagina and throwing her up into the air a bit as he growled with his orgasm. He barely managed to hold on to her as he found a seat and sat down. Becky had her face buried in the base of his neck as she struggled to recover. She just couldn’t believe the amount of energy that Josh had.

As she sat there, she felt something else; she felt slimmer, smoother fingers traveling down her ass crack. She looked back to find Gretchen with a wicked smile on her face as her fingers explored Becky. Becky was now torn; she had been a lesbian for years but now she had fallen head over heels for a man and that man’s super-hot sister was now running her fingers down to where Becky still had a cock buried inside her. She then caught sight of Josh giving Gretchen a very angry look.

“Did Becky give you permission for you to touch her like that?” he growled sounding more like a wild animal and Becky could even felt Josh’s muscles tightening up. Looking back, Becky was struck by the terror in Gretchen’s eyes.

“N... N…No. I just thought that since we shared a moment the other day that she wouldn’t mind.”

Becky could feel Josh continuing to tense up and she could feel the heat from his body increasing. Now she had to act fast to save the siblings from coming to blows.

“Gretchen please not right now. I don’t think I could survive another orgasm but maybe later if it’s ok with Josh, maybe we can play some.” Turning her attention back to Josh “would it be ok with you if your sister and I played with each other later?”

“It’s your body Becky and you can share it how you see fit.”

Both Becky and Gretchen could tell by the tone of Josh’s answer that he didn’t approve. He then suddenly gently sat Becky down on a chair and he got up and went to his bedroom. The girls looked at each other and swallowed hard. Gretchen had never seen Josh so pissed off before and Becky had never seen anyone so pissed off. Neither said a word while Josh walked by in jeans and a sweatshirt:

“I’m going to butcher those deer” and he was out the door slamming it shut behind him. After he was out the door, Becky turned to Gretchen:

“What happened and what do I do now?” Gretchen held her eyes shut for she now knew what happened and it was all her fault.

“What happened was I fucked up badly. I knew that you probably wouldn’t resist me playing with you but I forgot how loyal Josh is but the price of that loyalty is that he expects loyalty in return.” Now Becky was confused. Seeing her confusion, Gretchen continued: “When Josh accepted you as his girlfriend, he gave himself to you completely. He will never cheat on you and he will always back you. Now as far as he is concerned, I stabbed him when I started playing with you and you pushed the knife in deeper by not rejecting me outright. I am so sorry that I have put you in this spot Becky for I failed to realize just what you meant to Josh. That man loves you with every fiber of his being and he feels that we betrayed him.”

“But he said that my body was mine to share.”

“That was him being as nice as he could be. What he was really saying was get the fuck away from me and stay away.” Now Becky started to cry:

“What do I do Gretchen? I can’t lose him! I LOVE HIM!”

“Right now, I don’t know for I have never seen Josh so pissed before but we should probably give him some space for a little while before we try anything.”


Josh was furious for Becky had turned out to be like those dumb ass high school girls in that she always seemed to be looking for the next hook-up. He had given her his heart the night before and she had stomped on it. To make things even better, his ever-loving sister had started it. He was cursing himself for being such a fucking dumbass for bringing a girl home with him. At least he had found out now before he got any deeper with Becky and he had something to take his mind off of things for a while for he had deer to finish. He pulled the deer out and got his stuff out. He was so furious that he made short work of the deer, having both cleaned within an hour and a half. The hides, he took and put them on the stretcher so that he could salt it to preserve them. All the meat was wrapped, labeled and put in the freezer, and the skull with the antlers was put where nature could clean it for Josh so he could do a European mount. As he was cleaning up, the door opened and he saw Becky step in, dressed as a farm girl. He looked at her and snorted as he went back to cleaning.

Gretchen and Becky just sat at the kitchen table trying to think of a way to fix things. At first nothing sounded right to them and after almost an hour they still had no plan. As a last disparate act, Becky put on the cloths that Josh had bought for her and borrowed a pair of Gretchen’s cowgirl boots. Gretchen quickly got Becky’s hair into a loose braid for she knew what Josh liked. Finally, it was time to roll the dice and it was completely in Becky’s hands for Gretchen was just as lost as she was. Becky stood by the door to where Josh was working and she could faintly hear him working. Gathering up the last of any courage that she still possessed, she opened the door and stepped in. She looked at Josh as he looked at her and went back to cleaning.

To Becky, it felt like her heart had been ripped right out of her chest for she had just been rejected by the man that she loved and she started to cry some. Josh didn’t even pay her any attention as he finished cleaning up while Becky just stood there and cried. After he finished cleaning, he came up to her:

“You know for a little bit there I thought that you might be different, that you actually might be mature enough to be able to form a relationship but I see now that I was only fooling myself and you’re no better than all those high school bitches that threw themselves at me. Now if you will excuse me, I have a shit load of stuff that I need to get done.”

“Josh please, please just give us another chance, please?” Becky managed to squeak out.

Josh just looked at her, shook his head, and stepped around her to head to a different barn. Becky meanwhile just collapsed on the floor and sobbed for she had just blown it with the best person that she had ever met. She didn’t know how long she was crying before she felt a strong hand rubbing her back. Looking up, she could just make out Gretchen and the worry in her eyes.

“I’ve lost him Gretchen. Can you take me back to my dorm please?” Suddenly it was Gretchen who was pissed.

“Where did he go Becky? I’m not going to be playing this game with him.”

“I…I don’t know. He just said that he had a shitload of stuff to get done.”

“Come on Becky” Gretchen commanded as she yanked Becky up off the floor “It’s time to fix this once and for all and it this doesn’t work then I’ll call in reinforcements”

Stepping out neither of them could hear where Josh was at but Gretchen knew where he wasn’t. He wasn’t in the house and he wasn’t in the barn that they were just in. That only left a few barns to check. Coming up to the last possible barn, they could hear a machine cutting and Gretchen knew what Josh was working on. He was starting the work on the new tractor’s engine block. Gretchen stepped in and signaled for Becky to follow her but stay at the door. Becky by this time was more of a zombie then a woman. Gretchen walked right over and hit the E-stop on the machine, shutting it down.


“We need to talk NOW!”

“No, we don’t and I’m not going to talk so get the fuck out of my way.”

“Josh we are going to talk whether you like it or not.”

“Fine you want to talk then talk, just stay the fuck out of my way.”

“Josh quit being so fucking stubborn and listen. For some reason that woman loves you and you’ve turned your back on her. Now if you don’t pull your fucking head out of your ass then you will lose the best thing that’s ever happened to you!” Josh just snorted at her.

“It’s hard to lose something that you never had in the first place. NOW MOVE!”

“Josh, you fucking dumbass! Look at her! Just look at her! She loves you more than anything or anyone else.”

“And just how the fuck you know? You go through lovers like you’re a revolving door. What the fuck would you know about love.”

“I know love when I see it and what you two have is love.”

“Well, I thought so but it turned out that I was just fooling myself.”

Now Becky stepped in despite being warned by Gretchen to stay out for the time being.

“I do love you Josh. I love you with all my heart and I don’t want to think of what my life would be like if you’re not in it. As far as that bit with Gretchen and I, I can only beg for your forgiveness for I wasn’t thinking and I hadn’t realized just how much I have fallen for you. Please Josh, can you please just give “US” one more chance? Please?”

Josh was going to tell her to fuck off but his throat closed up when he saw the look in Becky’s eyes. He realized that she was telling the complete truth and for the first time he realized that he didn’t want to lose her either. Gretchen saw the change in Josh’s face and she knew what was going on. Carefully she backed up and got out of the way. She stopped once she was out of the way but stayed where she could still see and hear.

Josh’s eyes locked onto Becky’s and Gretchen held her breath. Suddenly Josh rushed Becky and wrapped her in his arms as he started sobbing. As she listened, Gretchen could just barely hear Josh tell Becky that he was so sorry for everything. Gretchen then cleared the tears from her own eyes and started to move toward the door to give the two lovers some privacy. As she touched the door handle, Josh’s voice boomed out:


She froze, she hadn’t moved fast enough or quiet enough and now she was going to have to face her brother. Slowly she turned around to face him and the look that he was giving her almost made her pee her pants in fear for the look wasn’t human.

“COME HERE” he commanded. Gretchen’s feet moved like they belonged to someone else as she carefully walked over to Josh and Becky. Suddenly she knew what the condemned felt like as they walked to their executions and she just hoped that Josh would be quick with hers. When she was about three feet away, she stopped and Josh’s gaze held her captive. She stared into his hardened eyes, petrified with fear. Suddenly his expression changed to the same one that always made Gretchen’s heart flutter. That soft, warm, loving smile that could melt the coldest of hearts and always melted hers. This time her heart didn’t melt, it almost exploded with joy. This joy continued when Josh held out his arm to welcome Gretchen into the embrace that he and Becky were sharing. At first Gretchen wasn’t sure but when Becky did the same thing, Gretchen quickly covered the rest of the distance and was embraced by Josh and Becky. In the embrace, Gretchen got kisses from Becky and to her complete surprise Josh. These weren’t brotherly kisses either, these were lover’s kisses and they took Gretchen’s breath away. She looked at Josh with glazed eyes and wondered why. Why had he kissed her like that? Was it just a sincere apology or was there something more to it? She didn’t know and she lacked the courage to ask right now. The three of them held the embrace for a couple of minutes before as if by mutual agreement they broke the group hug.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough time to do much together for Josh and Becky had to get going so he could get her back to her dorm and he could get back home for they both had early Monday morning classes that neither could miss. So, the three of them returned to the house so Josh and Becky could pack. As they packed, Gretchen got to work on a lunch so that Josh and Becky wouldn’t have to stop on the way. After all this was the least, she could do, considering the problems that she had caused. Lunch was homemade sub sandwiches which turned out really good as usual. Things always taste better when fresh stuff is used to make it and Gretchen used all fresh veggies. She even went as far to bake fresh homemade bread.

It took about an hour for Josh and Becky to pack and eat. By the time they were ready to leave it was almost one in the afternoon. They said their goodbyes and climbed into Josh’s truck. The trip back was much warmer than the trip up for both Josh and Becky were chatting up a storm. Nothing was off limits and Becky learned more about Josh’s business and his lifelong love of robotics. Josh learned about Becky’s past political activities and he made it clear that while he respected her views, he didn’t agree with many of them. At first, Becky was pissed with Josh for hiding his political views from her but Josh pointed that she never asked. She tried to call him everything in the book but Josh wouldn’t bite. He did point out that his business partner and roommate was a black man. His ex-girlfriend was black and their separation was due to racism on her parents’ part. Gretchen was bi-sexual but Josh loved her completely and ran a farm with her. He didn’t go to church ever; while his parents always did and Ben went when he wasn’t busy. After almost an hour Becky realized something, Josh wasn’t going after any of her views so why was she bashing his. Josh was waiting for her to realize this and he let her sit in peace while she worked her way through it. It didn’t take her long to realize what an idiot she had sounded like.

“Josh, I’m so sorry but I wasn’t thinking and I hope that you are willing to accept my apology but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.”

When he turned to look at her, her heart melted for the look on his face showed nothing but love.

“It’s not your fault sweetheart for yelling down anyone who doesn’t agree with your views was how you were raised. I just hope that you learned something from your rant.”

“Yes, I did.” Josh looked at her encouraging her to continue “I learned that yelling someone down doesn’t do anyone any good and as I think about it, many of my views were nothing but unthinking bias on my part. Also, the more you yell the less people listen to you. You would think that from my experiences over that last couple of days would have taught me something. After all this was something that Gretchen warned about.”

“She’s a very wise woman who is rarely wrong.”

Josh put up the center council and Becky scooted over next to him. When they reached a long straight stretch of road with little traffic on it, Josh leaned over and gave Becky one hell of a kiss. If Becky had any doubt as to how Josh felt about her, they were quickly cleared up:

“I love you, Becky. I love you with every fiber of my being and I truly hate that I won’t be able to have any physical contact with you for at least the next week.”

Becky started to quietly cry”

“I love you too, Josh” She then laid her head on Josh’s shoulder and closed her eyes. She felt so loved and secure that she fell asleep. She didn’t wake up until Josh was parked at the main entrance to IU.

“Becky, where is your dorm at?” It took her a minute or so to wake up and clean the sleep out of her eyes. She then gave him directions and Josh took her right to her dorm. Sitting there in front of her dorm, Becky turned and sat in Josh’s lap, wrapped her arms around him, and started making out some. It seemed to her that every time they kissed, every kiss got better. After fifteen minutes of them making out, someone knocked on Josh’s window. Both of them looked up to see Cynthia and Becky’s roommate standing there. Becky of course turned six shades of red while Josh was cool as a cucumber. Josh rolled down his window to see what the ladies wanted for neither Becky or Josh were quite ready to end their make-out session yet. Becky’s roommate was the first to speak:

“Come on lover girl, you need to study for that big test tomorrow.” Cynthia of course took a different approach:

“Well Josh, you and Becky have a good weekend?”


“You going to share how you got this lesbian to go straight?”

“Nope. A gentleman doesn’t speak about such things.”

Cynthia smiled for she was expecting that response from Josh. Incidentally that was why she was dating Ben for he held the same views and Cynthia loved that she didn’t have to worry about any of her kinks being made public. Josh opened the door and gently picked Becky up and lifted her out of the truck. Becky’s roommate was amazed at how strong Josh was while Cynthia knew better. Josh then got Becky’s bags and carried her to her room. Cynthia had excused herself for she had to get ready to go to her part time job. Becky’s roommate was all questions but Josh wouldn’t budge on anything that he and Becky did sexually. After dropping Becky’s bags off, Josh gave her the most passionate kiss that he could deliver and he then headed out for it was getting dark and he still had to drive about an hour to get back to his rented house.

Becky would spend the next hour answering her roommates many questions and showing off all the pictures from the weekend. Her roommate was simply amazed at all the things that Becky had done especially considering that Becky was a through and through city girl whose idea of going to a farm was going to an organic market and was a solid vegan before going home with Josh. Now she liked meat and was willing to try almost any type of meat. After a while, Becky had to chase her roommate off so she could do some studying. When Josh got home, him and Ben started working on a new type of robot and nothing was even said about the weekend’s activities.


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