Please go gentle, this is my very first sex story. The beginning of this is all about the torture and dominance so there isn't very much actual sex but there will be a lot more coming.

She allowed her head briefly to rest on the shower wall, feeling the cascade of water over her body drown out the pounding of her head. She turned around and let the water beat around her shoulders as she imagined the previous nights beer and rum and whatever else spilled on her to be flowing off.
As she massaged shampoo into her long auburn hair she tried to remember last night. And realized she had hit a complete blank, but there was enough evidence to assume the worst. She had woken up lying face down on the floor, covered in dark moist soil and her pants around her ankles. She could definitely taste the alcohol on her breath and a moist thrumming between her legs. As the water cascaded down her full c-cup breasts she took the moment to lightly brush against her nipples, feeling them hardening at the lightest touch.

She knew that she had been on a bit of a bender this past week, but damnit she deserved it! She deserved the break from reality. Reality sucked. But today she needed to get back to work. As soon as her feet were dry she grabbed a smoke and lit it with trembling hands. She pulled on her purple and black lace thong and decided to wear the matching bra as well, good underwear always made her feel special. Her general work uniform consisted of a black knee high skirt, with a red blouse and black waist high jacket. Stylish yet understated. The only thing that set her apart were her shoes, red-black 8 inch stiletto’s with a rounded toe. Pierre la’ Wong had designed these for his summer collection last year and she simply needed to have them, of course being a personal “friend” of Monsieur la’ Wong never hurt and she got them for a good price.

Stella Hurst was 26 years old and worked for a modeling company as a designer liaison.

A fancy name for a person who organizes shit. She was a mediocre child, in a mediocre family, she had no great upsets and no great hurts, there was no hidden secrets. She had also just broken up with her fiancé of 5 years after catching him in bed with her best friend. In the line of “organizing shit” it also entails a lot of meet-and-greets and enough ass kissing to earn a few favours. Stella had also just realized a personal knack for presenting before being asked. She could look at a snobby model and deranged designer and know immediately that they need at least a bag of coke, the best bottle of Diamond Champagne and a few good fashion magazines to get them started.

Stella walked down to the corner very quickly to catch the bus, she hated it, but her car was in for a service. She didn’t notice the black sedan following her and slowly gaining to pull up alongside her. Before Stella could even react she felt a burning sensation in her neck and was bustled into the waiting car.
When Stella woke, some natural instinct told her to keep her eyes closed and pretend to still be sleeping. At first all she could hear was mumbling that soon became clearer as the speakers came closer.
“I told you that we should first ask her!! You directly defied my orders!” Another voice, more languid and accented replied, “no offense doc, but I took my orders from a little higher up. And I’m telling you, that we will keep her doped up until everything is ready”.

She heard the voices stop as soon as the door opened, she concentrated on keeping her breath steady and eyes relaxed. “you see?” said the first voice again “she is still out from the first shot you gave her!” All of a sudden she felt a hand on her chest, a heavy hot hand pressing down until she could feel her buttons pressing into her skin. “what are you doing??” exclaimed the first voice again, becoming more shrill with every sentence. A sigh from the second man, and without lifting his hand said “Get out doc, or I’m going to have you forcibly removed”.
The door slammed. As Stella lay there she could almost imagine the hand getting hotter and hotter, and without warning felt warm liquid sensation settle in her loins. What was going on? She thought frantically to herself, the desire to open her eyes was growing. And then she felt the other hot hand running up the inside of her leg, lifting her leg and pulling them apart. When she felt him cup her mons over her purple laced thong and gently rub up and down Stella had to fight every urge to moan. Suddenly she was truly alarmed! He had fastened her ankle to the bed she was on! Her eyes flew open as she sat up abruptly.

The thing she was lying on was definitely not a bed. It looked more like a contraption out of a horror movie. Her ankle was strapped firmly against the one leg off the machine with a leather strap. Stella realized that the only thing holding her up was the metal saddle straddling her ass. When she looked around she saw that she had been leaning against another flat rectangular piece of cold metal with another thick leather strap peaking out below it. Then she saw him. More actually felt his presence. There he stood in a massive heavy cloak, covering him from his eyes down to his feet. Watching her.

Stella had no idea what to say. The Man spoke, ‘See? I knew I didn’t give you too much.” He smiled “please lay down, I don’t want to have to sedate you”. Stella lay back quietly, not sure what made her so complacent. Was it really worth it, being conscious? The Man then pulled Stella’s other leg into the harness and strapped her ankle the same way he had done the first. She could feel the heat radiating off him and every touch felt like a burn. He strapped her arms in, leaning over her. The Man was so close she could even smell him, he smelt like a forest after rain. Unbidden, the image of the moist dark soil she had found herself covered in this morning jumped into her mind, not to mention the state she was in. He then pulled up the last leather strap, fitting it over her rib cage and under her breasts, pushing them up.

Stella managed to ask, “Who are you? Why am I here?” There was no reply. When the Man slowly turned around Stella recognized a syringe filled with a clear liquid “No!” she cried, “Please, I didn't fight. You said you wouldn't sedate me!” As the needle pushed into her immobilized arm and she felt the familiar burning and greyness, she heard “No Stella, I said I didn't want to. And to answer your first question, I am Roy. And I will be training you…” Stella did not hear the rest.

“The first step of the training will be punishment”
Stella, who had been rudely awakened by three women who threw cold water over her and dragged to the current meeting place, was sitting in a rather bedraggled heap on the floor. Trying to cover what she could after the three women had ripped her clothes and scratched and spat on her.

“You are to be punished; you have been a bad person and led an immoral life. You have succumbed to the sin of flesh and for this you must be chastised” The Man, Roy, was sitting in an immense chair and still it appeared dwarfed by him. Stella shook her head, not understanding “no, but I…” “SILENCE!” the big man boomed. He strode across the floor and was in front of Stella in seconds. “hold her up!” he commanded the women, who had remained. Two of the women grabbed Stella’s arms and forced her to a kneeling position while the third pulled her head back by her hair. Stella forced her eyes shut but felt the big hot hand on her face, squeezing while he whispered “Look at me…” Stella looked up, and with the light cascading over his shoulders she could not see his face. He turned into the light and forced Stella’s face to watch him. Stella gasped and shut her eyes again. The last thing that went through her mind as he backhanded her, was that face.

Stella was still dazed and seeing stars when the women fastened her wrists together and started hoisting her up into the air. Her shoulders creaked and popped, and then she was powerless.

Roy stood in front of her again, and even hoisted she was forced to look up at him. “I have been burned by the fires of hell, and I am here to see justice done” he murmured as he walked around her, trailing his index finger down her throat, across her nipple. Down to just above her ass and ending with his hand again cupping her mons. The burning heat was almost unbearable and she tried to twist away. Roy relinquished his grip and turned away. He said very gently, almost as though to himself “Purged by the creators fire”.

When he returned to her Stella saw the brand… the white hot brand and started struggling to get free. Even as the women held her still, she was screaming and bucking and trying to get loose. Roy went behind her and lifted her left foot, as though hoofing a horse. Without hesitation he pressed the brand against the thin sensitive exposed soles of her feet. Stella screamed as the red lights of agony danced behind her eyes. And then again as Roy branded the sole of her other foot. “You have refused to take ownership of your sins,” Roy said, holding Stella’s face up and looking deep into her eyes “These brands will remind you everyday”

Roy nodded to the one woman who in turn presented him with a paddle. It almost looked ridiculous, with its little rubber balls all on the flat side. Without warning Roy turned and brought the paddle down firmly on Stella’s ass. “Count!” he demanded as he struck again. “t –t two…” Stella Sobbed. Roy stopped the paddling and grabbed her hair, pulling it back. “Where did you learn to count?? You start at one!” Barely giving her a chance he rained down another three blows before she could scream “One!!” then he slowed down, forcing her to count out each blow.

Roy rubbed his scarred face and studied the woman in front of him with a sense of puzzlement. She really wasn't much different to his previous contracts? Or maybe she was trying to preserve herself. As she sobbed out “ th –th – thirty!... th –th –thirty one!” he looked dispassionately at her reddening backside. Things were going to get a lot worse for Miss Stella Hurst.

At 100 Roy eventually stopped, the little rubber balls on the paddle were now forming blood blisters below the surface of Stella’s skin. He loved this paddle, it caused good long term pain. Roy instructed the woman to bring Stella to his stand. He made it himself as was immensely proud of it. It consisted of a three dimensional Triangular Cube – made of metal rods. The women leaned Stella with her mid section against the top rod and Roy secured her ankles, her knees and her thighs. The straps forced Stella’s legs open and made them immovable. When the women started pulled her arms down, pulling her into a lurid stretching dog position Stella started fighting again, screaming and scratching. Roy grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her down while they strapped her arms.

Stella could feel the straps cutting into her legs and arms and sobbed down quietly to herself. There had been no movement for so long she assumed she was alone. She could feel how exposed her most private parts were and tried wriggling to try and get her legs closer. Stella couldn’t move. She lifted her head and started screaming “Help!! Somebody help me!” Roy swept over from nowhere and started roaring “Help!!! Help!!” then he laughed, a cruel, bitter laugh. “No one can hear you Miss Hurst” He had the paddle in his hand again, smacking it gently in his palm. Suddenly he slapped Stella so hard through she could taste the blood in her mouth. “Now let’s start the pain”

Roy always loved this part, the “pussy torture” he called it. He walked around behind her, licking her blood off his knuckles and looking at her level of exposure. Yeah… he did a good job. He could see her tightly puckered asshole, fighting against being so stretched open, and down to her slit. He could see her inner labia peeking out and how although cleanly shaven, there were a few stray pubic hairs. He ran his finger down her slit pressing slowly at her opening before running back up and rubbing her anus with his thumb in small circular motions.

Stella was frozen, she couldn’t admit it… no! Roys hot thick finger running up and down, over her asshole and down into her slit felt unreal. Felt like his heat was infecting her. Unconsciously she tried shifting her hips to allow him more access when suddenly he stopped. “Do you see what I mean?” He pressed his finger a bit harder against her opening and feeling her sudden moisture “You are a harlot!” He pressed his finger into her pussy until it was up to the second knuckle. Stella felt the heat radiating through her becoming warmer until she was perspiring. She let her head drop with a moan. “Your body gives you away! You will be justly punished!” Roy pulled his finger from her vagina with such force that there was a slight popping sound.

Roy readied the paddle, and from above his head he brought it down full force directly onto Stella’s now open cunt. Stella reared up crying out but Roy just brought down the paddle again. Stella felt shockwaves flow through her body as the paddle hit against her labia and came back up against her clit. “puh –puh –puh –please stop! I’m sorry! Please…” Her pleas fell on deaf ears as Roy paddled her open slit, and then moved up to be hitting directly down on her asshole. Stella was trembling in pain and felt her legs numbing from the lack of blood flow. And then her body gave into the most ultimate betrayal… every time the paddle came down onto Stella’s cunt there was a splash. She was dripping wet and aching. Her nipples felt like they were rock hard and still she begged.

Roy looked down at her dripping cunt as he brought the paddle down, and felt himself stir. Stella was now a deep purple-red colour from her clit all the way up to her asshole. This little slut knew how to beg… but her body was begging for even more. Roy put down the paddle and brought over little electrical clips. Stella couldn’t see where they led to, but she hoped that they were not intended for her.
Roy opened the clip and placed it over Stella’s one erect nipple, she howled with pain and tried pulling away but the clip was secure and tugging only scrapped the skin off her over sensitized nipple. Roy placed the other clip onto her other nipple, Stella tried to hold still but involuntarily pulled away once Roy released the clip. The pain shot through her like a thunderbolt. She felt herself dry up and started heaving. Then everything went black.

Stella awoke by hearing the scraping noise of a chair being pulled in front of her. The first thing she noticed was the ball gag she was biting down on, She tried to scream but between the gag and the dryness of her mouth she couldn’t make a sound. She forced her eyes open and saw Roy sitting in a chair right in front of where she will still strapped down. He had his eyes closed and was slouched comfortably. She was repulsed yet again by the scars on his face. But this time studied his face closer. He was a haggard looking man with a grizzly beard. Even that did not hide the scars. They were definitely in some kind of pattern that had permanently melded his left eye closed.
Stella’s head ached and so she allowed it to drop again and was shocked to see that the clamps were still attached to her nipples. Her nipples were clamped firmly within the crocodile teeth and small drops of blood were visible. Attached to the clamps was a fine metal chain linking them together and forming a “Y”, towards… Roy. Stella looked at his hand and saw the chain grasped firmly in his meaty paw. She had no idea what to do and tried moving… useless.

Roy sensed that she was awake but decided to let her stew a little bit. He had no idea what to do with this girl. How was he to train her if he couldn’t understand her. In his service he had experienced it all. The stupid young ones who would throw their bodies at him and try to barter with him to let them go. He had dealt with the socialite princesses who thought they could buy their way out of it. Of course none of them got away, unless it was to the next life. But he had never had one that could stand his body heat and not burn. And to top it off, he had felt her get wet.

Roy knew that part of his curse that the demon gave him, aside from his servitude, was the incredible heat that he had. He had grown accustomed to it, and had witnessed skin blister and boil beneath his touch, Stella had not. He opened his eyes and stared calmly into her startled, tear filled eyes. He straightened his massive frame and walked towards Stella staring into her eyes as she simply lay there. Roy crouched in front of her and cocked his head to one side, studying Stella’s face. Her eyes were a deep ocean blue and framed by thick dark lashes. Roy’s gaze followed the tear – drop roll down her porcelain skin and cling to her soft pink lips before rolling down her chin and dropping to the floor. He grasped the chain dangling between her breasts and tugged lightly.

Stella dropped her head as the pain shot straight through her nipples and down between her legs. She felt the tears streaming down her face. “would you like me to remove them?” at Roy’s question, Stella’s head shot up and she nodded frantically. Roy gripped her face firmly and looked into Stella’s eyes and he unclipped the first clamp. Her eyes widened as the blood flowed back into the tips of her nipples sending surges of heat through her body. She pressed her face into Roy’s hand, enjoying the intense almost burning sensation. Roy removed the second clamp and lowered his face to her aching breasts.

Without warning he attached his lips around her nipple and sucked hard, pulling the blood to the surface again. Stella couldn’t help but whimper behind the gag as his burning tongue lapped over her tightly puckered nipples, she felt the burning straight through her chest and deep down into her loins.

Roy stood up and walked around to Stella’s rear and placed a hand on each buttock, spreading them even further apart. “hmmm,” he thought “she has definitely recovered from the pain of the nipple clamps." Her moisture had seeped out of her pussy and was coating the inside of her thighs.

He rang the bell that summoned the three women and ordered them to take their selection of the toys off The Wall. He refused to name the women because they were unworthy. Harlots and sluts all of them.
The Wall was another of Roy’s proud accomplishments, with a huge range of any and all sexual toys imagined, some of which he had created himself. Each toy had its own specific hanging place and was grouped accordingly.

The first woman was a skinny blonde. Almost flat-chested with her ribs and hip bones sticking out. She had chosen the suction – cups. Two cups for the breasts and one smaller one that would fit over a woman’s clit. All three were linked to a single electronic pump with a few interesting settings

The second woman was a fiery red-head with milky skin, she had enormous breasts that were still leaking from her recent pregnancy. Her tummy was flat although slightly flabby and her ass was made up of two voluptuous hills. She had chosen the second biggest dildo off the wall. It was a bright green colour and as thick and long as her fore-arm. Along the shaft were rubbery spikes and it had a nice handle for easier grip.

The third woman was an Amazonian black woman who was just as tall as Roy. She had small, high breasts with huge nipples. Her body was rippled with muscles and always looked as though she were oiled up. Her long legs were topped by the largest set of pussy lips Roy had ever laid eyes on. She had chosen one of Roy’s favourites. It was a strap on dildo that had two shafts, the first went into the woman wearing the strap-on, the second stood erect away from the body. Each shaft was at least 9 inches long and thick enough to make any worn out slut squeal.

“no scarring, no permanent damage and do not remove her from the stand. Other than that, the sky is the limit.” With that said, Roy turned on his heel and left the three women alone with Stella.


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