Bimbotech Chapter 6: Cum-Hungry Bimbo Wives

Chapter Six: Cum-Hungry Bimbo Wives
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“I know. By five sexy bimbos,” moaned my bimbo wife Alice from the expensive surround sound. She was on the TV screen dominating the living room cuddled against Director Steffen. He headed the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, who certified all cosmetic products. Like the bimbo serum I wanted to sell and make billions with. “Isn't that wonderful?”

“Yes, it is,” I grinned, my hand bobbing Margarete's head up and down my cock. I stared at the TV, watching the live feed from the guest bedroom upstairs. Director Steffen had just realized I was recording him fucking my bimbo wives, their pussies his bribe to help me. If he didn't approve the serum, I would ruin him.

And he understood.

I wasn't happy about blackmailing the guy. I had hoped just the thrill of being with five sex-crazed, busty bimbos would be enough to convince him, to turn him on with the idea of having his own bimbo. It wasn't. But the serum was just too amazing to let the bureaucracy of the U.S. government ruin.

“Fuck,” I groaned, watching as Janet, another of my bimbo wives, rode the older man's cock, her huge tits jiggling and bouncing. They were the largest breasts in my harem, so big and soft. They slapped together, caught in the HD clarity of the spy camera I installed in the guest bedroom. “We got him.”

Margarete, the bimbo wife of one of my investors, moaned about my dick, her dark eyes flashing up at me. I brushed aside her brown hair and grinned at her, nodding my head. “Yeah, bimbo, that's a good thing. So keep sucking my cock. You have to make me happy.”

She did.

I groaned, savoring her married mouth bobbing up and down my dick, her lush tits pressing against my legs as she moaned. She was such an airhead, but so eager to suck my cock.

My balls ached beneath her sucking mouth as I watched the screen.

Alice sucked on Janet's breasts, my other wives swarming around the pair. I had six of them, and all but Veronica were up there with Director Steffen. My last wife was on her hands and knees, being fucked by Don, another of my investors, only feet away. He grunted, fucking her hard, making her big tits sway.

All around the room, men fucked bimbo wives. We had swapped our wives, drawing names from a bowl to see who would get to fuck whose wife. It was so hot to swing. There were busty women gasping and moaning throughout the room, all so dumb and naive.

“So we got him,” groaned Mark, a Black man bouncing Don's wife Natalie on his cock as he sat beside me on the couch. The White bimbo's tits bounced as her pussy slid up and down his dick. “That's good, right?”

“We've secured FDA approval,” I groaned, savoring his wife's mouth sucking hard on my dick. My balls boiled. It wouldn't be long before I unloaded into her sweet mouth. “We'll be making money soon.”

“Yes,” Mark groaned, hips bucking upward, driving his shaft into Natalie's cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes, your dick is so goody in my pussy!” she gasped then giggled. “Oh, yes. I love it. Oh, watch me, Don. He's bouncing me.”

“I'm watching,” Don groaned, eyes fixed on the screen as he drilled into Veronica harder and harder. “Fuck, Frank, you have so many hotties in your harem.”

“Yeah,” Mark groaned. “You got to share the wealth. I wouldn't mind another bimbo White girl to suck my dick.”

I glance down at Margarete. I pulled her mouth off my dick. “You want that?” I asked her. “Your husband having two bimbo wives?”

“Would I be one of them?” she asked, eyes wide.

“Of course you would,” I said, smiling.

“Yes!” she squealed. “Alice said polgummy is the best.” She had inherited my wives mispronunciation of polygamy.

“It is,” I groaned, pulling Margarete into my lap.
“And so is riding my cock. You want to slam that hot, horny cunt right down it, don't you?”

“Oh, it's so horny.” Her eyes fluttered. “My pussy got so hot and wet and itchy and scratchy sucking on your big, thick cock. I loved drinking all your cum down. So yummy.”

“His better not be as good as mine,” grunted her husband, Natalie gasping as she came on his dick.

“Yours is the ultra-best cum. You're my hubby-bear.” Margarete giggled and then hopped onto my lap, her tits pressing into my face, so big and soft. I sucked a fat, pink nipple into my mouth as she wiggled her hips, found my dick with her pussy, and sank down it. “Oh, yes, hubby-bear. I can't wait until I'm wife number two.”

“Number one,” he grunted.

“Will it be Natalie?” she moaned. “She loves your dick.”

“But I already have a husband,” Natalie gasped.

“And women can only have one husband,” I groaned as Margarete slid her pussy up and down my dick. She was so tight and hot. My cock throbbed in her depths.

“Really?” she asked, glancing at her husband.

“Really,” he groaned. “So not Natalie.”

“Don't worry, I have an idea where to get you one, Mark.” Product testing was coming up. We needed a better way than an injection to deliver the serum.

“Thanks,” Mark grunted, his dark hands squeezing Natalie's hips. “Fuck, Don, your wife's cunt is tight.”

“He's cumming in me, Donnie!” Natalie moaned, her tits bouncing. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Cum in me, Frank,” moaned Margarete as she rubbed her huge tits into my face, her pussy riding my cock faster and faster. “I need your yummy cum to flood me.”

“Yeah, flood my wife,” groaned Mark. “Shit, Frank, if you can get me another bimbo wife, you can fuck them whenever you want. You've earned it.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned and then found Margarete's nipple again.

I latched on, sucking hard. Her pussy clenched around my dick as she squealed her delight.
She shivered, hips undulating, working faster and faster on my dick. The silky friction shot to my balls. They boiled. I moaned about her nipple, my hands gripping her ass.

Her butt-cheeks writhed beneath my fingers as the bimbo worked her cunt up and down my dick. She shivered, moaning, her voice singing through the room. Every time I sucked, her pussy clenched, and the pleasure flared through me.

“Yes, yes, yes, stir up my wet pussy!” she moaned. “Oh, you make me so juicy, Frank. Watch me, Mark. Watch my juicy pussy ride his dick.”

“Oh, I'm watching,” Mark groaned, Natalie shivered on his dick, and no doubt her pussy was milking him as she finished her orgasm. “Damn, Margarete, you are really moving that ass. You want his cum badly.”

“It's so hot, hubby-bear,” she moaned. “You're watching me fuck another man. I always feel so naughty when I have another man's cock in my juicy pussy. Oh, yes! Oh... Frank!”

I moaned about her nipple. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. Hot, tight, married cunt milked my dick. She bucked and writhed, humping so fast up and down my dick. The slut was so eager for the explosion of pleasure. She moaned, clenching down so hard. Her gasps echoed through the living room, mixing with all the others.

“Cum in me,” she begged. “Make my juicy pussy even juicier. I love it! I'm such a naughty wife.”

“Fuck,” I groaned, releasing her nipple. My fingers dug into her asscheeks. “Your wife is cumming so hard on my dick.”

“She's a wild one now,” he grinned and smacked Natalie's ass. “Start moving that pussy again. I got another cum in me.”

“Yay,” Natalie moaned then raised and lowered her jiggling ass.

“Shit,” I groaned, and pulled Margarete down my dick. Her pussy engulfed me, so hot and tight. “Fuck, you naughty bimbo, take it!”

My cum exploded out of my balls. I groaned with each blast as I basted the married woman's pussy.
Pleasure surged through me, stabbing into my mind every time my cock erupted. I spurted so much jizz into her. It kept bursting out of me, leaving me trembling, groaning. My head spun with dizzy rapture.

“Damn,” I muttered, my eyes rolling back into my head. “Damn, that was fucking amazing. You have such a tight cunt, slut.”

“Yay!” she moaned. “You made my pussy so juicy, Frank!”

“Start bouncing, and I'll make it even juicier,” I grinned.

She did, her tits jiggling and rippling, slapping me in the face with the enthusiasm of her pleasure. Her bimbo pussy clenched so hard on my dick, so sloppy with my first load of cum. Her brown hair danced about her head as she moaned out her pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped. “Oh, Mark, oh, wow, his cock is sooooo good. Oh, I love bouncing on it.”

“I can tell, honey,” Mark groaned, his dark hands squeezing Natalie's ass as she worked her hips on Mark's lap. She leaned over, bouncing on his dick. Her asscheeks jiggled, writhing and slapping together. Mark groaned, smacking her ass again. “Shit, that's a great ass.”

I gripped Margarete's plump butt, digging my fingers in as my dick ached in her sloppy pussy. She slid her cunt up and down my shaft, groaning, writhing, working those cute hips while I buried my face into her pillowy tits.

“Your wife's got a great ass, too.”

“Damn, they all do,” groaned Mark. “You're going to change the world. Every woman's going to want this. Bunch of big-titty beauties running around, all eager to please their men. Gonna be paradise.”

“And we'll all be so happy,” Margarete moaned. “Yes, we will. All happy and lovey and dovey. We'll cum all the time. Cumming is the ultra-best thing in the world. So sugary and gumdrop goody!”

Her pussy clenched so hard as she moaned, her arms latched around my neck, pressing my face into her big tits. She gasped and moaned, hips undulating, wiggling, grinding on me. I shivered, her pussy milking my dick, making me ache. My eyes rolled back into my head as she slammed down so hard on me.

Her pussy was a silk glove. A delightful, clenching heat that had me grunting, groaning, gripping her ass as the pleasure rippled through me. I shivered, my eyes rolling back into my head as she pumped that tight, juicy snatch on my dick.

“Yes, you'll cum if you keep riding my dick, slut,” I groaned.

“Yes,” she gasped, her head throwing back. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Veronica, my bimbo wife, flopped down on the couch next to me. “I wore my man out, Frank. Don told me to find another dick to feed my pussy.”

I lifted my face from Margarete's big tits and glanced at Veronica. Like all bimbos, she was busty, her tits shoved together by her arms as she reached down to her spread open pussy. Cum leaked out of her gaping cunt. Her fingers played with another man's jizz, smearing it along her pubic mound and flushed vulva. Her eyes had a warm, inviting gleam to them, no longer the frigid blues when she was my boss.

I remembered the day she fired me, claiming my project, the bimbo serum, was just a waste of money. It had been so satisfying when she voluntarily injected herself with the serum without realizing what it would do to her.

“I need to be fucked, Frank,” she moaned. “Please, please, fuck me. I love you so much.”
She fluttered her eyes at me in a most un-Veronica manner. I loved the bimbo version so much better. I groaned, “My dick's occupied.”

“He's fucking my pussy and giving me yummy, gumdrop goodies! The ultra-best!” Margarete moaned, her pussy clenching on my dick.

Veronica pouted, her big tits bouncing. “But I'm so juicy and wet, Frank. I know you love fucking me. You say it all the time. 'You fucked me over, now I get to return the favor.'” She shivered. “Oh, I did. I was so mean and bad and mean to you. But now I love you. Soooooo much. You're my lovey dovey president.”

She grabbed my hand, pulling it to her big breast. I squeezed it, my dick throbbing in Margarete's pussy. She rubbed it over her pliant tit, a big grin on her face. “See, feel my heart, Frank.”

“Yeah,” I lied as I clenched down on her big tit, pretending I could feel the beat through so much breast.

“It beats just for you and Alice and Janet and Becky and Donna and Nichole.” She leaned closer, eyes fluttering. “So please, please, I need more cum!”

“Fuck,” I groaned, Margarete bouncing hard, faster.

“My cock,” Mark's wife moaned. “I'm fucking him. Oh, yes. He's so deep in me.”

“Let's help Veronica out, Margarete,” I groaned. “She needs to be loved, too. You want to love her, don't you? She's got a pussy full of cum for you to lick out.”

Margarete's eyes widened. “Oh, my goody gosh, yes! And you'll keep fucking me?”

“I promise.”

“Cross your heart and hope to die?” she asked, wiggling her hips, sliding that sloppy cunt on my dick.

“Yes,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. “Yes, I do!”

“Yay! Cum!”

“Your wife is a cum slut,” I groaned, glancing at Mark, his face twisting in pleasure as he enjoyed Natalie's cunt.

“Uh-huh,” he grunted as his wife hopped off my dick and bounced onto the floor. “Lick her clean, honey. Enjoy your treat. When we have a second bimbo wife, you'll get to lick my cum out of her pussy all the time.”

“Yay!” Margarete beamed and then buried her face into Veronica's cum-filled pussy.

“Frank, yes!” moaned Veronica. “I knew you loved me! I knew it!”

“I love all my bimbo wife's,” I groaned. Alice more than the others, but I did love them all. “Enjoy.”

“Uh-huh,” Veronica gasped. “Oh, Margarete... Oh, yes, your tongue is so deep in my pussy. Ooh, you naughty girl. Oh, yes. So naughty and sweety!”

I groaned, standing up, my dick throbbing hard before me dripping in Margarete's cream. I moved around her, seizing her hips. She wiggled them, her brown hair spread across Veronica's thighs while her pussy clenched, aching to be filled again.

I rammed into Mark's wife's cunt.

She moaned into my wife's pussy, clenching down on my dick. She shivered, wiggling her hips, stirring her pussy around my cock. I groaned, sliding through her folds. I thrust into her depths, my balls smacking into her clit with meaty thwacks.

That brought another gasp from her. Veronica twitched, her lustrous, black hair tumbled about her shoulders. She moaned, eyes rolling back into her head as the pleasure surged through her. She humped her hips, grinding, gasping, loving the pleasure shooting through her body.

“Yes, yes, yes, she's eating my pussy. Oh, yes. Soooo good. Like rainbows exploding through my body.” Veronica's blue eyes widened. “And now she's sucking on my clit. Oh, Frank. Oh, I love you. Love you, love you, love you!”

“Love you, too,” I groaned. “Enjoy the slut.”

“She is a slut,” Mark grunted. “Look at my wife pig out on Don's cum.”

“Yeah,” Don panted, watching, drinking a bear. “And my wife is just bouncing on your dick.”

“Soooo good,” Natalie moaned. “So thick... Oh, I... I... Yes! I'm cumming!”

Mark grunted, hips thrusting up, his Black hands holding Natalie's ivory waist. Her tits jiggled as she bounced and thrashed. He grunted, flooding the married woman's cunt with another load of cum. She squealed her delight as he fell back against the couch.

“Let's go again,” Natalie moaned, still bouncing on his dick.

“Need a break,” he groaned, stretching out his arm. “I need your secret, Frank. Damn, but you can just fuck and fuck.”

I grinned at him, thrusting hard and deep into his wife's cunt, forcing her face deeper into Veronica's juicy snatch. My wife gasped, her eyes rolling back into her head as she ground on Margarete's hungry mouth.

Veronica gripped her tits, gripping them hard. Moans and gasps escaped her lips. It was so hot to watch. I made her into this sensual woman from that uptight, bony hag. And she loved it. She was so happy.

“Frank,” she moaned. “Oh, Frank!”

I grunted, my balls smacking into Margarete's pussy. Her hips writhed, stirring my cock through her hot, tight sheath. Bimbo cunts would always be tight. No amount of fucking could overcome the serum.

I savored it. My balls ached with each thrust. The bliss built and built. My head snapped back as my balls boiled. I buried into her depths and erupted. I grunted as my cum spurted into her hot cunt, flooding her.

“Yes!” Margarete moaned. “More cum!”

Her pussy spasmed about my dick. Hot, tight flesh writhed, milking my dick. I buried into her, savoring the pulses of cum erupting from my dick, shooting rapture through me while her cunt massaged me. I shivered, holding her hips tight.

“Take it all,” I groaned. “Every last drop, you bimbo wife. You love it.”

“I love it,” she moaned, back arching as her orgasm burned through her. “You know I love it. You made me this way, Dr. Frank!”

“I did,” I groaned. I shuddered, pulling my dick out. A glob of my cum followed, trickling down to her clit before falling to the carpet. I leaned back, dick thrusting hard before me.

Margarete shivered, pussy clenching, forcing out another glob. Then she spied Natalie. “You have my hubby-bear's cum in you.”

The bimbo wife scrambled on all fours, burying her face between Natalie's thighs, the woman still squirming on Mark's lap, and licked. Natalie moaned. I grinned, loving the sight, my cum dripping out of one married woman's cunt as she devoured jizz out of another wife's snatch.

“Free cock!” squealed Kimberly Carter, dashing across the room, cum dripping from her snatch. The blonde was married to Spencer, who was somewhere in the room getting fucked by another bimbo wife. Kimberly darted to me, tits bouncing, and tackled me.

I grunted, falling to the floor beneath her enthusiasm. She wiggled her hips and then impaled her pussy right on my dick. Her back arched, thrusting her cum-splattered tits above me. Her blonde hair danced as she rode my dick.

“Free cock! Free cock!”

“No, that was my cock,” Veronica pouted, blinking her eyes as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Sorry,” I groaned, big tits and golden hair bouncing above me as the bimbo rode me hard, her pussy clenching on my dick, eager to suck out every drop of cum and flood her pussy with jizz.

She was so horny.

And there were other bimbos in the room. Two were already sixty-nining, their men lathered with exertion while the pair of bimbo wives licked cum out of each other's pussies. They humped their hips, just eager for more and more cum.

The world would change. Alice and I would usher in a paradise of sex. No more morality. No more people being ashamed. Just enjoying themselves, feeling good about themselves. Cumming a lot. My balls ached as Kimberly fucked my cock, her big tits bouncing together.

Nothing could stop us now that we had the FDA in our pocket.


Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

“Frank!” I squealed as I ran down the hallway, cum dripping down my thighs. “We made a movie! Did you see?” She bounced with excitement, which caused more cum to dribble out her pussy.

“I saw,” my husband nodded.

Then I threw my arms around him and went to kiss him on the mouth. His hand caught my face. I blinked, frowning. “What's wrong, Frank?”

“You have the director's cum on your lips.”

I giggled, licking them. “Mmm, it's yummy. You sure you don't want a taste?”

“Pretty sure,” he said. “I don't want to taste my own cum, let alone another man's, on your lips.”

“Oh, well, more for me.” I bounced on my feet, rubbing my big tits against Frank's chest, my nipples throbbing. Oh, I liked that. It made my pussy so wet and marshmallowy. “Did you see how many times he fucked us? That temp berry solution worked miracles on his dick. He stayed so hard. Oh, he fucked us all so much. The others are sleep, but I just had to see you. Did we do good?”

“Very good,” Frank said. “He agreed to it, didn't he? It's all recorded, him buying your pussies in exchange for approving out product.”

“Yay! Now we can sell our produce in stores.”

I sighed. “Come on, let's get you cleaned up. The party's over. All our guests have left. But they watched your movie.”

“Ooh, did they? Yay!” I clapped my hands together. “It was so much fun making a movie. Just the bestest. Like when I made the movie for the website to get money.” I gasped. “We should do that again.”

“We don't need money like that any longer. We have BT Chemical, remember?”

“Oh, right.” I laughed. “It's so gooey and marshmallowy in my brain. Right, we own our own company. And it makes bimbo produce.”

He let out a snorting laugh.

I beamed as my husband led me through the master bedroom. Veronica lay on the bed, eyes closed, her body smeared with cum. It looked like she had fun at the party downstairs, too. But she didn't get to make a movie. She was the sixth wife. And she used to be such a meany to me. And she fired Frank, and he came up with the most wonderfulest, bestest invention ever.

So she was a meany stupid head. But now she was happy and wonderful and I loved her so much.
I gasped as something stabbed into my ass. Coolness flowed into my flesh, spreading from my rear and pumping through my veins to my head. I shook my head, glancing at my husband. He set a syringe on the dresser. I rubbed my butt and...

Blinked. The gooey, marshmallowy cream covering my thoughts melted away. I shook my head, shivering. Cum ran down my thighs. I groaned. “Jesus, Frank, that guy was so horny. You would think five women would wear him out, even with the temporary virility solution.”

“The temp berry solution?” Frank asked, a smile on his lips.

I shuddered at how dumb bimbo me was. Even if I did have so much fun. “Well, your plan worked, honey. FDA approval. We're going to be billionaires.”

“Yes, we are.” Frank pushed me towards the bathroom. “But we have to talk. There are still some kinks to work out.”

“Oh?” What kinks? The product worked flawlessly. I was a redheaded goddess because of it.

“Delivery of the serum. Injections are not going to fly for an over-the-counter product.”

“True,” I nodded. Why didn't I see it earlier? Probably because is spent most of my time as a bimbo.

“I was thinking a suppository.” A grin crossed Frank's lips as we entered are large bathroom. Veronica Beigh lived in style, and her big house, almost a mansion, was perfect for us and our harem of bimbo wives. The hot water heater was excellent.

“A suppository, huh?” I shivered as he turned on the water faucet. “No, a pussy suppository. Then they have to stick the treatment up their twats for it to work.”

“You really have changed, Alice.” He grinned and stepped into the spray, the water splashing about his muscular body. He aways kept himself in good shape, a sexy nerd. I was glad I had a body as sexy as his now. I tried so many diets and never pulled it off until he came up with the bimbo serum.

“I'm still the same. I'm just so horny all the time.” I clenched my snatch and shivered as a thick glob of cum leaked out. I grabbed the shower massager and shoved it between my legs, groaning in delight as the sprays shot right into my pussy, washing out Director Steffen's jizz.

“Uh-huh,” Frank grinned, staring down between my legs. “First thing you do in the shower is start rubbing your twat.”

“Cleaning out that boors cum. I'm glad when I'm a bimbo that I love fucking any guy because he was gross, Frank. You owe me.”

“So much.”

I grinned at him, shuddering as he ogled my body. I rubbed the massager harder, my clit throbbing. The water jets splashed inside my pussy, caressing my walls. It was so wicked. I leaned against the wall, moving it around as my lusts built.

“So, you'll need to test the pussy suppository,” I moaned, loving his eyes on my crotch. “What are you going to do with the new bimbos?”

“Give them to our investors,” Frank said. “They'll be happy to have another bimbo wife.”

“And the new bimbos will be happy to live with another bimbo and serve their man together.” Alice sighed. “Oh, Frank, they will be so happy. You have no idea how wonderful it is being a bimbo. You don't worry about anything. Well except for how you'll cum next. It's just so peaceful. And the sex... Oh, god, the sex is so intense. You just want to feel good all the time.”

I rubbed the shower massager harder and harder, my pussy clenching. Even now, with my normal intelligence restored, I was still horny. My body just ached for sex. I would live, breathe, and sleep sex if I could.

Every woman needed this joy. To be so beautiful and curvy that every man wanted them. And then to have the sexual libido to enjoy their attention, to be happy sucking down their cum and filling it spurt into your pussy.

“Make sure the volunteers understand,” I groaned. “And make sure they're single. You can't give them to other men if they have people they already love.”

“Of course,” Frank said, stroking his dick. “Damn, Alice, cum. I love watching you cum!”
“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, heaving, my pussy clenching, pushing out the water flooding in. It washed down my thighs, mixed with my pussy juices.

The streams struck the insides of my pussy, stimulating me as ripples of delight washed through my mind. My tits heaved. Frank grabbed them, squeezing them as he pressed closer and closer. His fingers brushed my nipples.

Jolts of pleasure shot through me. My eyes fluttered. I dropped the shower massager, my hand grasping something better. Frank's cock. It wasn't the biggest cock I had access to—Carmanjelo, my boy toy, had a bigger one—but I loved my husband's the best.

“Fuck me,” I moaned, guiding him to my pussy. “I need a real cock to make me cum now. Not that old geezer's small dick.”

He thrust into me. I shuddered, clenching down on him. He pressed me against the wall, hands grabbing my ass. At our feet, the shower head danced around, the spray twisting it around. Water shot up, splashing my ass and pussy like a bidet every few heartbeats.

I ignored it and concentrated on that cock. I hopped up, wrapping my thighs about his waist, and sank all the way down that dick. I gasped, my nipples rubbing on his chest, my pussy clenching on his thick shaft.

“Oh, yes, Frank.”

“I have a project I want you to work on,” Frank groaned as he rammed into me. “While I'm testing out the pussy suppository.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“Let's make your intelligence serum last longer. An hour's not always enough. And, besides, we could make more money if we sell that to the right customers.”

My pussy clenched on his dick as he thrust so deep into me, balls thwacking my taint. “Mmm, I love the way you think, Frank!”

I humped against Frank, my pussy clenching hard on his dick, eager for his cum to fill me. He pressed me hard against the wall as he thrust, fucking me. Our flesh slapped together as the shower sprayed around us.

Heat swelled in my pussy. That wonderful build towards an explosion of rapture. I groaned, my nipples throbbing against him. I buried my face into his neck, kissing him as his dick churned my cunt into a froth.

His heavy balls smacked over and over into my pussy. I knew they were so full of his cum. He was eager to erupt into me and flood me with his cum.

And I was eager to be filled.

“Cum in me, Frank,” I moaned, licking up to his ear. “Flood your sexy, hot wife. Mmm, you feel that pussy. You made it this hot.”

“I did,” he grunted, hands clenching on my ass. “I gave you those big tits and those curves. I made you gorgeous, Alice.”

“Yes, yes, yes! I love your serum. I am so glad I injected myself. It was worth it. I believe in this.” My pussy clenched on his dick. “Every woman in the world will want this. Yearn for this. You'll see. It'll be a world of bimbos and the lucky men who get to enjoy them.”

“Yes,” he grunted, driving so hard, so deep into me. “You're such a wild woman, Alice.”

“Just cum in me. I need it. I want to explode on your dick. I love it.”

His balls thwacked hard into me. His thrust buried his cock into my depths. His hands clenched on my ass. Hot cum spurted into the depths of my pussy. I gasped, my eyes rolling back into my head as he spurted over and over into me. Cum splashed against my cervix, swirling and washing around them, making me ache in delight.

He groaned, drawing back, and then he thrust in again. He panted, fingers kneading my butt as spurt after spurt of his hot jizz filled me. I squirmed, grinding my clit on his pubic bone as I savored every blast.

“Alice,” he groaned. “I love you.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled, my pussy exploding on his dick. Pleasure surged through me. “I love you, too, Frank!”

I clung to him, cunt writhing on his cock, milking out his cum. I loved it in me, filling me. My eyes rolled back into my head. A wicked shiver shot through me. I groaned, expelling breath through clenched teeth.

What a wonderful man. What a stud. My man. My stud. My sexy scientist.

“Love you, Frank,” I gasped. “Oh, god, we're going to be so rich.”


“You'll have all your bimbo sluts, and I'll have all my boy toys.” I shivered, undulating on him. “And my bimbo sluts, too!”

Frank grinned at me. “Getting greedy.”

“I just like playing. I was so bad at it before. But now... Now I'm a fucking champion.” My pussy clenched on his still hard dick. “What do you think?”

“That I married the smartest, horniest woman in the world.”

“I'm going to get to work on the intelligence serum on Monday,” I purred into his ear. “In my lab, doing naughty experiments. And you'll be testing the serum on more women. Poking their cunts with your big probe after they've changed, sampling your work. Testing its effectiveness!”

“Fuck,” Frank groaned, drawing back his dick. “You are an incredible woman.”

“I am,” I breathed, savoring the slid of his dick through my sloppy depths. “Mmm, fuck me one more time before the hot water runs out.”


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

Director Steffen emerged from the guest bedroom later the next morning, dressed in his old-fashioned suite, his face covered in lipstick kisses from my bimbo wives. He had spent the night with Janet, Nicole, Becky, and Donna.

“Did they cover your entire body?” I asked the man as he came downstairs. I wore a robe, though it was open and Veronica's mouth was wrapped about my dick, bobbing her head, eager for cum. Pink lipstick marked the farthest point she had reached.

“Yes,” the older man said, his posture stiffening. “Is this...what having a bimbo is like? Them horny.”

“Yep,” I grinned as Veronica sucked and slurped. “So, when we'll I be hearing about FDA approval?”

“Monday,” he said. “When I go into the office. My assistant director will be livid.” He swallowed. “Would it be possible to have a...a sample.”

“To give to a lucky woman at your work?”

The man swallowed.

“She would have to understand the process,” I said. “I'm going to do product testing on Monday. Fly her out if she wants to volunteer. I'll give her the process if she signs the paperwork.”

“Maybe she will,” he said, shifting. “Well, um, good day.”

I nodded as he hurried to the door. I glanced down at Veronica and her shining, blue eyes. “I think he wants to have a bimbo slut. What do you think?”

I winced as she tried to talk with my cock in her mouth.

“Lips off, Veronica, remember. Don't speak with dick in your mouth.”

She popped her mouth off my dick, lipstick smeared, blue eyes wide.. “Sorry, honey. Did I hurt you?”

“No, no, I'm fine.”

She kissed my dick on a fading tooth mark. “Who wouldn't want a bimbo slut, Frank? We're so much fun! It's not just blondes now!”

“No, you're just as much an airhead as a blonde,” I agreed.

“And have as much fun.” Then she swallowed my cock and sucked so hard.


Delilah Murphy, Senator of the Great State of Indiana

I grimaced as I stared out the tinted windows of my town car. The address where the video of the new bimbo, Natasha, had originated was even worse than I had imagined. Garbage, rusted cars, and even a lawnmower surrounded by waist high grass, like a relic from a bygone civilization, greeted me. The trailer park was a cesspool.

I was not happy to be here.

But the bimbo serum that Frank and Alice Jackman, the new CEO of BT Chemicals and his wife, were developing could not be ignored. It transformed women into these big-breasted bimbos that you could convince to do anything.

It made me so wet.

It was a closely guarded secret, available only to a few other discreet lesbians in Washington DC and Indiana, that I was a dyke. Yes, I had the husband, the two kids, the dog, the white-picket fence so I could gain political office in my home state. But it was a mask. I attended a liberal church, one that supported homosexuality, but my voters would never elect me if they thought I was one those queer folk.

But the idea I could have a harem of busty women at my beck-and-call was too much to ignore. It was obvious my lover—Magnolia Savage, CEO of Femme Allure—lusted to control the bimbo serum for her own gains. She blathered about women's rights while she kept her own bimbo sex slave.

Maybe I would let her keep the serum and not let Magnolia have it. She would abuse it as much as it's creator. And I certainly couldn't let a man like Frank have it. It was obvious he was a pervert. How else had Natasha become a bimbo and been saddled with a husband who posted videos of her doing lewd acts on the internet because it amused him?

Because Frank thought he could get away with it.

The limo slowed to a crawl and stopped before a run-down trailer, once yellow. Streaks of grime dribbled down the side, washed from the roof by rain. Corrosion stained the tin roof, making it blotchy and disgusting. The lawn was overgrown and covered in weeds. A man sat on the porch sipping a beer.

George, my aid and confident, moved around the car to open the door. He was a gay man who understood the position I was in, willing to keep my secret. I nodded to him as he opened the door. Never treat your help poorly if you want to keep any secrets in DC.

And pay them well.

“You sure about this, Delilah?” he asked, eyeing the man who rose on the porch, his wife beater stained with grease.

“Very sure,” I said. My three-hundred dollar dress and expensive pumps did not belong here. I drew attention as I walked forward, opening the gate with a screech.

“Now, what is a pretty doll like you doin' here?” the man said.

“You are Peter Lawson?”

“Pete,” he said, scratching a this balls with a free hand. “Ain't no one call me Peter since my ma died. Who you?”

“Senator Murphy.”

“Oh, sure, seen your ads on the TV. Vote 'publican myself. No offense.”

“Oh, none,” I said, forcing a smile. My heels clicked on the narrow, cracked concrete path through the trees. I reached the porch, mounting it. The wood boards sagged beneath me, creaking. My stomach twisted.

“So, what's a big, important senator doin' here?” His eyes lit up. “Unless it's to see my new wife.”

“Yes, an astonishing transformation. I've seen a recent photos of her. And those lewd videos you uploaded to YouTube before they were taken down. She must have lost seventy pounds overnight. And that boob job... Well, how did you do it?”

“Secret,” he said, winking.

“And where is your wife?”

“Got her tied up. Bitch kept wanting to let the neighbors fuck her ass. She claimed it was special, but she wasn't supposed to tell me why.” He shook his head. “Bitch gets a pair of big ol' titties and thinks she can fuck who she wants like she ain't my wife.”

“You have her tied up?” My voice went cold. I looked over my shoulder at my driver. “George, call the police.”

He reached into his pocket.

“Now, now, now,” Pete said, his face going pale. “Ain't no need to do that. She's fine. She likes it. Shoved a vibrator in her cooch and everythang. She's got a horny cunt, you see. Told her myself being tied up is something she got to do for her own good. Dumb bitch believed me.”

I wanted to strangle him. This horrid monster did not deserve any woman, let alone that beautiful creature I saw on the video. I had a weakness for big breasts and long, brown hair. I would risk much to have a woman with those traits in my harem, my hot pussy overriding my good sense.

I motioned to George, and he lowered his phone. Then I glared at the vile man. “Take me to her.”

“Sure,” he said. “So long as the police ain't been called.”

“That depends on how this goes,” I said. “My bodyguard's armed, Pete, remember that.”

“Sure, sure. Me, too. That what's great 'bout 'Merica.”

He opened the door with a sweep of his arm, trying to be a gentleman. He smelled of rank BO. And it was worse in the house. I grimaced. Moans came from a hallway, loud and passionate. I walked down it. The bedroom door was open. Natasha lay on the bed, her arms and legs bound wide, her pussy stuffed with a vibrator.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, such goody pleasure, honey!” she moaned. “Just like you promised. Oh, I keep cumming and cumming. It's amazeballs!”

Those big, huge tits bounced and jiggled. A hot, wet shiver ran through me as I stared at her. My pussy grew wet, soaking my silk panties. My heart raced. It took all my self-control not to run over there and untie her.

“See, she loves it,” grinned Pete. “Natasha, you dumb slut, every time you try and sneak off to let some guy fuck you in the ass, this is what happens!”

“Yay!” she moaned. “My ass is special-wecial!” She looked at me and, in a loud whisper, added, “But don't tell my husband. Mr. Frank said it'll go away if he finds out.”

“Dumb bitch,” Pete muttered.

I turned to Pete. “I'll pay you ten thousand dollars for you wife. She comes with me. You never see her again. She'll be filing for divorce. You sign the paperwork when it arrives. She won't seek any alimony or any of You'll get five thousand today, five thousand when the divorce is final.”

“Now wait just one second,” Pete said, eyes hardening. “That's my woman.”

“You can buy a dozen women with ten grand,” I said. “But she's coming with me, or the police will be called. And then she'll come with me anyways.”

Pete stared at me. “I don't think you'll call the police. You need her, right? Something political. Something to do with that Frank fella and his serum.”

I reached into my purse and pulled out my cell phone. “Dialing right now.”

He snorted. “Make it twenty gees, and we got a deal. She's hard to keep up with anyways. Needs to be fucked too much. And she keeps trying to fuck my neighbors. Don't put up with that from my woman.”

“Twenty grand,” I nodded. “Ten up front, ten when you sign the divorce papers.”

He nodded, grinning. “Then I can get me a woman with big tits that knows her place.”

I grimaced. “Yes, I'm sure. Tell Natasha she's not your wife any longer, but mine.”

“Hey, bitch,” he said, pulling the vibrator out of Natasha's pussy.

“Yes, honey?” she moaned, shivering. “Oh, I love being your bitch.”

“Well, you ain't no longer. This here Senator Murphy owns you. You're her bitch now.”

“Does that mean we're married, Senator?” the bimbo asked, her eyes wide.

“Yes, it does,” I groaned, shivering, playing along, eager to control her. “And when you marry a woman, you know what that means?”

She shook her head.

“You're a lesbian now. You don't like men one bit. And if a man ever tries to touch you, you tell him that. You're a lesbian. And lesbians can never touch a man.”

“Really?” she blinked. “I'm a lesbian now?”

“Don't you want to lick my pussy?”

“I want to lick everyone's pussies. They're so yummy and juicy and delicious!”

“See,” I grinned, my cunt on fire. “You're a lesbian, and you didn't even know it.”

“Wooooow.” Her eyes shone. Then she blinked. “But I like cocks, too. They make my pussy feel so special-wecial, and my ass... Oh, they make my ass explode in yummy goodness.”

“And so will my dildos.”

“Thought you were a dyke, Senator,” Pete laughed. “You got that look in your campaign ads.” He nodded his head. “Yep, there's that look. Cunt-dyke disdain. Spot it a mile away.”

I wanted to strangle him. “And if you say a word of this, I will make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail for what you did to her. I have friends, Peter. Friends.”

“Who'd believe me?” he shrugged, moving to his wife to untie her. “So calm your tits, Senator.”

I smiled. Who would believe this man. I licked my lips. Natasha, the first of my bimbo lovers. Oh, I would devour her pussy, have her lick my ass, then we would fuck each other with my dildos. My panties were soaked.

I almost wanted to thank Frank for inventing the bimbo serum. But with Natasha, I would have the means to use her existence against him. He was an idiot for giving this woman to such a bonehead like Peter.

And Frank and his wife would pay for it.

To be continued...


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