Ever so tenderly, he kissed her temple, inhaling the scent of her, as he gently brushed the soft strands of her hair behind her ear and whispered low and huskily. She could feel the moist heat of his breath on her skin; it sent tingles though her, making her shiver with anticipated excitement. Yearning for him to do more, oh so much more, needing him. As they looked into each other's eyes, time seemed to freeze and speed up all at once like the pounding of their hearts. His hand slowly caressed her cheek as the other grasped her waist nervously firm. Their lips getting closer and closer as they wet them with their tongue until finally their eyes shut slowly and their lips touched in a delicate kiss that only fueled the ignited fires deep within them further. That kiss became harder, firmer, needier, more wanton with each passing moment of building passion, unyielding desire. A need so deep as their bodies brushed against each other and that brush became a pressing demand for more. His rock hard cock fanning the flames inside her. Wanting him, her arms slid up his body and wrapped around his neck as her fingertips tangled in his hair at the base of his skull and rubbed there, teasingly sensual. His hips ground against her. Their breaths hot, heavy and a little bit shaky. She moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. His hands ran along her curvaceous body, tracing her like an artist with clay, studying her shape, her beauty. His hands cupped her plump ass and lifted her up as her long, shapely legs coiled around him and she giggled. Her back hit the wall with a surprised but heated moaning gasp and he gave a playfully shuddered animal growl. One of his hands caressing her face again, her silky hair gently tangling with his fingers. Moving them over to the bed, throwing her down and covering her body with his own, kissing her passionately, deeply, their tongues engaging in a kind of twirling tug of war, her hips arched up to grind against his hips pressing down on hers as he slowly undoes the buttons of her blouse, trailing butterfly light kisses along her curves as they were revealed.

His lips and tongue teasing her neck with tender kisses and playful licks. Her soft, porcelain doll light skin hot to the touch, creamy and smooth. Her swollen breasts rising and falling with every breath. She felt his hands slide up under her skirt, rubbing along the outside of her hips and then slowly moving across to her inner thighs as he lowered his face in a trail of firm but gentle, teasing kisses from her neck, over the lace covered mounds of her chest, over her stomach, down further to the silk covered wet heat felt down below. The scent, feel, sights and sounds of her arousing him so much, he needed to undo his button and zipper to relieve the pressing need inside the cloth. She moans, sighs pleasurably from his touch and the sensations coursing through her. He teases her with his fingertips, gently but firmly rubbing in circles outside her panties in that special place, allowing the swelling of her excited body to stimulate her further with simple movements and a tender touch. He slides her lacy panties off her, slowly as she lifts her hips to let him slide them off her round bum, the cloth tickling her thighs as he removes them from her legs, lightly brushing her ankles. He tosses them behind him and returns to her, rubbing up her legs as he does. He then takes her feet one at a time, massaging them, kissing and licking them along the curves, the silky smooth softness quivering beneath his touch, biting her lower lip. He caressed her legs with licks and kisses all the way back up to her special place, then teased her down there. Rubbing the outside in circles for a moment, he laid more kisses and licks on her, then slid his finger into her slowly, then another finger, then another. Her moaning and squirming from his touch, she writhed in ecstatic pleasure feeling the pounding blood in her veins, her special place pulsing, thumping with desire and excitement. Her back arched as his tongue slid inside her, teasing, sucking carefully on the lips and clit, so much pleasure and need.
Her hands grasping for sheets, for pillows, tangling in her hair as she climaxed in utter astounding animal pleasure. He then removed his pants as she lay there panting and sighing happily and thrust his hard, throbbing cock into her pussy, his mouth covering her mouth with animal need. Screaming and moaning in heavenly naughty pleasure, her pussy so tight and squeezing, "God you're like a vice grip!" He gasped a deep gutteral moan, lustful. His hand beneath her head suddenly tangling his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back at an angle making her scream out in excited pleasure as he continued to push and pull deep inside her, the hairs of him teasingly tickling her clit as each thrust pressed against her sending shock wave after shock wave of lightning pleasurable need. He suddenly bites her in a sexy playfully rough way on the neck and then breast. She responded in kind by licking up his neck and teasingly nibbling his earlobe before her head fell back into his hand as she climaxed once again. He groaned hotly into her ear, the heat of him making her squirt so hard, he came too, moaning together in wild passion. Breathing heavily, he collapsed on her, they stayed that way for a moment before he rolled over and she rested her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head as she sighed happily. They talk for a few minutes, laughing, making jokes. Then she smiles at him, a sparkling look in her eyes as they darkened, becoming a deeper blue-green. She climbs on top of him, straddling him. She licks him, playfully nips at him making him tense and gasp excitedly each time. She nibbles, teasing his neck and ear, then his other ear, his torso, as she takes her time moving down to his erect member, taking it in her hand, licking the tip, teasing, kissing, then into her mouth, tasting the salty sweet mix of her on him. Inhaling the musky scent. She moans around him, her wet, warm mouth making him squirm now. She licks long, up his shaft and then teasingly in circles licks his balls and gently but firmly presses an area between his nuts and butt to stimulate him further as she gently squeezes the tip of his cock.
She then takes one hand at the base of it moving in a side to side manner around him, like a circle, then goes up and down the rest of the shaft with her other hand as her mouth teases the tip, her tongue and lips licking and kissing him. She gives the tip a quick but tender pinch again to hold him back and then whispers in his ear huskily, "are you ready for round two?" She slides her wet cave over him slowly all the way as deep as she can making his gasp moaning as his fingers dig wanting into her hips and move to cup her ass before sliding up the small of her back to the base of her neck tangling in her hair as they kiss deeply. She moves over him, making him go in and out of her all the way a few times, before sliding her wet pussy across him without him inside her, the length of him teasing her clit and the feel of her swollen area grinding across him making him want her more. She bites her lower lip as her head tilts back gently. She leans forward, "feel good?" she asks as she licks his ear. He gasps, "Yes!" He cries out in a husky, growling moan. "God you are beautiful and sexy!" She smiles, giggling a bit and kisses him deeply, his moan vibrating inside her as she gasps in pleasure. She slides him back inside her and they grind gently and slowly against one another. Forward and back, figure eight's, big and small circles, her hips dancing sensually as she swayed on him, her back curved as she leaned one way and another. His hands grasping her hips, cupping her ass, teasing her breasts and pulling her face back down to his by the base of her neck. Her falling forward into him as he fell back into the bed. She slowly slides her fingers down to herself and gently rubs in small circles, allowing the swelling of her to stimulate the clit directly rather than her finger doing it. She feels his cock throbbing, flexing inside her, it sends shivers of excitement though her entire body wanting him to cum inside her. He suddenly rolls to flip her underneath him and drives into her as hard and deep as he can, speeding up with each thrust making her squirt and scream out pleasurably with her face buried deep in the pillows, her fingers curling into the sheets, tangling, her toes curling as his balls swing smacking her teasingly as he fucks her, making her cum again.
He slows, kissing her shoulder, her neck, rubbing his face on her, huskily whispering to her, "you are a Goddess..." as she rubs her cheek across his, her head tilted toward him, she slides her hand behind her to his face and pulls him in for a kiss. She whispers to him, "and you are a God." His hand slowly slides up to the back of her head and teasingly rubs her hairline then suddenly tangles in her hair and carefully yanks her head back again as he bites her neck. She moans loudly, gasping, biting her lower lip. He then throws her forward and grabs her hips, thrusting deep inside her again, making her bow, making her cry out in ecstasy once more as she bowed forward into the pillows. He moves inside her masterfully, making her squirt as he cums inside her, the milky cream from him spilling out of her thoroughly fucked pussy like a white chocolate fountain. She stretches out like a cat, purring, as he breaths heavily over her, slowly laying back down into the bed beside her. They look into each other's eyes after a moment of catching their breaths, turning toward each other, snuggling in close, holding hands. He brushes strands of hair from her face and kisses her tenderly. She smiles and caresses his cheek with a finger in a curvy line, then rests her hand on his chest. He kisses her hands. He pulls the comforter over them and they drift off to sleep. She wakes to find him slowly rubbing her body all over with heated oil. She does the same for him and they make love again. Then soak in a bath together, snuggling and talking in the candle light.


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