S&M Diary

S&M Diary

So I'm not a writer but after a summer of amazing sex I thought I'd share it with others. I'm a male, 35, fit, attractive, bisexual, married and this is all true and begins back in June when I had become bored with porn.

I was looking to jerk off and nothing was doing it for me. In the past cuckolding, cream-pie eating, CEI, latex, gangbang, and bukake fetishes were always my go to when I needed a release. But they just weren't doing it for me anymore. I had recently stumbled upon sounding which is kind of hot. It's basically guy's sliding glass rods into beautiful hard cocks until cum oozes out. As for trying this at home however, well I think it takes a special kind of person. S&M had interested me a lot. I love latex, ball gags, masks, but not really the idea of being whipped.

So I went on Craigslist and posted a very specific ad looking for a Master in the Casual Encounters section that basically explained all my fetishes above, likes and dislikes and about a week later I got a response from Master. Our emails went back and forth and it was arranged that the following Saturday we'd connect.

That Saturday came, I arrived at his place which was a medium sized, 2 floor house in a suburban neighbourhood. My first impression of him was how ordinary he looked. He was really interested in how I had become bored with porn as he had heard this a lot in the last several months.

He lead me down to the basement which kind of creeped me out. Thankfully he turned the lights on and it became really cool, lit with black lights and a crazy entertainment system. Porn played on a 60 inch screen, the scene was a bunch of guys cumming all over a woman's snatch followed by a dude getting sloppy seconds and another guy slurping the goo out of her. It was pretty hot. We smoked a joint to lighten the mood and shortly after he asked if I was ready. I said I was and he said I could put my clothes on a chair in the corner which I did.

Master left the room and returned wearing a red latex one piece suit. I stood there naked, stiff, but nowhere near hard like Master. His cock stood hard pointing to the ceiling and it was glorious. In his hand was a black mask. I put it on and discovered this hard piece of plastic by the mouth which forced me to wrap my mouth around it once the mask was on correctly. It tasted salty and the idea that a lot of cum had slid down this mouth piece crossed my mind. Communication on my part was now limited. I could grunt that's about it. Master changed the lighting to strobe-lights and the porn volume got cranked. Sounds of men grunting and cumming and balls slapping filled the room.

Master then opened a door in the ground exposing a coffin flush with the ground in the floor. Purple padding lined the inside. He asked me to lay in it and I became really hesitant. He assured me everything was fine, I was right to be nervous but to relax and get in the coffin.

I did, laying on my back. Master closed the door but removed an opening by my head so if anyone came down they'd see a small square hole in the ground and if they looked in the whole they'd see me wearing my mask unable to talk or move. I could see Master squirting lube all over his cock, stroking in the strobe-lighting. We locked eyes and it was powerful. He owned me. My mouth watered for his cock and it wasn't long until he was on his knees cumming into my mouth. This was the first time I'd taken a lot of cum from another man in many years. The amount of seed he sprayed was fantastic. The saltines and thickness was intense and I gagged as it went down. I could hear a woman climaxing on the video but it was faint in the coffin and with the mask on it was distorted. Full disclosure I through up the cum in my mouth and swallowed it again. It was a little too intense for me. But my throat was now coated in seamen.

I was a little shocked at the short amount of time the event it took for Master to climax.
I had not been there forty-five minutes and already Master appeared finished. However this changed quickly. Soon more men were kneeling by the hole and spraying cum into my mouth. Master had a lot of fetish enthusiast friends. All had fascinating masks.

One guy in a blue mask stuck his latex gloved hand into my mouth and scooped his cum from my tongue and sucked it off his fingers then spat a massive cum wad into my mouth.

More men came. More seed sprayed. I gagged but swallowed everything that came down my tube. The light changed to black light and cum gleamed vibrant white. Master appeared with a funnel and a small container filled with jizz. I learned later he liked to store his cum in the freezer then warm it up for guests. He poured the goo into the funnel and it shot down my throat the wrong way. I gagged, coughing and a wad of cum shot out of my nose mouth and splattered all over my face gluing my eye closed. Master could tell I was in distress and opened the coffin lid letting me out. My hard-on was huge. Cum dripped from my piss slit. Master gave me the container and told me to drink up. I started to pouring the cocktail in my mouth while Master sucked me off. His mouth was wet and his tongue worked my rod. I came quickly gushing into his mouth. At this point I realized a dozen men stood in the shadows all stroking their cocks. This was going to be a good summer.


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