Christina Taken 4_(0)

Jordan and Christina left her house with her locking the door. They got into her car. She noticed her elderly next door neighbor who was doing yardwork watching them. It gave her a thrill as she wondered what the old biddy was thinking about her leaving with a young Black guy at that time of the morning. After they were in the car, Jordan told her to pull up her dress and spread her legs so he could get a good view of her pussy as he drove. She promptly complied. They pulled out of her driveway and drove to a through street and turned onto it until they came to a main street. Jordan tuned onto it. He seemed to try to pull up beside trucks so that their drivers would be able to get a good view of Christina's cunt. He would occasionally reach and stroke her leg or slit.

He drove into the black section of town until he came to s small store that sold sexy apparel. After parking, they got out and walked into the store, Jordan's arm around her waist holding he tight. No one was in the store except the female proprietor. Jordan introduced her as his cousin Maddie. She was about the same height as Christina but had wider hips and was definitely better endowed being at least a C cup or mayne a D. "Maddie. This is my new slut, Christina," he said. "I need you to help her pick out some things. You know what I like. I'll sit over here and wait." Christina was embarrassed at being introduced that way, but Maddie just smiled. "Let me lock up so we won't be interrupted while we're shopping," she said. Then she took her hand and led to some racks and shelves where there picked out some dresses, tops, skirts, and underthings.

They took them back to a dressing room to try them on. The room had a hanging rack, a table, a mirror which allowed a person to see multiple angles at once, and a day bed. It also had concealed cameras covering the room from various angles that Maddie activated upon entering the room. They put the items down and Christina waited for her to leave so she could begin to try on the garments.

But Maddie obviously intended to stay and help. Maddie stepped behind her and unhooked Christina's dress and slipped it off her shoulders and down to the floor. "Oh ho," said Maddie. "Going commando today are we?"Christina didn't know what to do, awkwardly trying to cover her privates. "Lord honey, don't be shy. I see nude ladies all the time. Maybe you're just uncomfortable being the only naked person." With that, she reached down and pulled the frock she was wearing over her head to reveal that she was totally naked also.

"I can see you're still nervous. Let me see if I can help you relax." Maddie said. With that, she stepped to Christina and placed her arms around her. She drought her lips to Christina's and began a gentle kiss. Her hands started to caress and knead Christina's ass. Cristina could feel her body begin to tingle as their breasts rubbed together. She had never had sex with another woman before, but this seemed to be a day of firsts. Slowly, her lips parted and she pushed her tongue out to meet Maddie's. She hugged Maddie and then caressed her but she marveled at how Maddie's skin felt. It had kind of a texture to it

Maddie guided her to the daybed and laid her upon it. She knelt on the floor and bent over Christina's breasts. She placed her lips around Christina's nipples, alternating between the two. Christina had never thought that another woman could sexually excite her, but it was happening now. Maddie's left hand snaked down Christina's abdomen and over her hips. Finally, it came to rest over her mound. She began moving it in circles and Christin could feel it stoking against her clit. Soon, Maddie put placed a finger in he pussy and began stroking. In and out, continuing to rub her clit. Then a second finger and then a third. Christina was feeling the tension building in her cunt. Indeed, in her whole body. Maddie got up and moved down to the end of the daybed and crawled up between Christina's legs until her head was buried in Cristina's crotch.
She began using her fingers to penetrate Christina's cunt. She used her tongue to lick the outer edges of it and exposed her clit to get better access. Christina was beginning to go out of her mind with lust. She'd ways thought that only a man could give her sexual pleasure, but Maddie was demonstrating that to be untrue' Maddie raised her head ab=nd asked. "Would you like me to stop baby? If you want me to continue, tell me what you want." Christina moaned. "Oh Maddie, please don't stop. Lick my cunt and make me cum." "OK baby. But once I do you'll have to do me next. Agreed." "Oh God yes. I promise. Just don't stop." Maddie resumed her licking and stroking. Christina reached down and pulled Maddie's head closer to get the best contact. "Shit Maddie, I'm cumming!" Christina shouted as her juices covered Maddie's face.

As the tension left her body, Maddie crawed up her body and gave her a deep French kiss. Once again, Christia was getting a taste of her own sweet cum. "Now it's your turn to pleasure me," said Maddie. Christina was nervous about this. It was one thing to have Maddie to do her because a mouth is a mouth regardless of the partner's sex. But being a woman too and knowing what got herself excited, she felt she could get Maddie off.

She gave Maddie a tender kiss and eased her way down the daybed until her face hovered over Maddie's tits. They were indeed larger than hers but proportionate to Maddie's overall figure. She lowered her lips to Maddie's right nipple and gently tongued it. She caressed Maddie's left breast with her right hand while continuing to suck and nibble at the right. She marveled that Maddie's nipples hardened under her manipulation. She felt thrilled that she could have this effect on Maddie and decided it was time to take the next step. She slid on down until her head was positioned over Maddie's crotch. The aroma of Maddie's womanhood was intoxicating. Extending her tongue, she placed it into Maddie's cunt.
God, she couldn't believe it. She was performing cunnilingus on another woman. She licked up and down and side to side spreading Maddie's lips wide. She pulled back the hood covering Maddie's clit and rubbed it between finger and thumb, using fingers of her other hand to push into Maddie's pussy. The manipulation was clearly having the desired effect on Maddie as she put her hands on Christina's head to pull her closer, saying " Oh my God, Christina. Eat my black pussy you white lesbian whore!!" Christina redoubled her efforts and Maddie orgasmed. She was a gusher and her juices covered Christina's face and even into her bangs. "Shit honey, you're a natural pussy licker. Come up and let me clean your face." Maddie said. Christina crawled up and soon they were kissing again. Each had a leg between the other's maintaining a pleasant pressure on the other's clit.

"Honey, I'd like to keep on screwing with you, but Jordan is waiting for us to come out with you modeling clothes." Maddie said. They got up and Maddie helped her get put on several combinations and Jordan approved them all. The last one was a push up bra with matching crotchless panties, a short skirt and band to cover her bra and left most of her torso bare. "She'll wear this out," Jordan said. "OK,' Said Maddie. "The total for everything is $613.71. How do you want to pay for it Christina." "Me?" squeaked Christina. "I'd have to charge it and Noah would want to know what I spent that much on when he pays the bill."

"I have an answer for that. Come with me. Maddie, we'll be back with the money shortly." said Jordan. They left the store and Jordan led her down the block until they came to a bar. Jordan took her inside the dimly lit room. There were lights scattered throughout with the brightest over four pool tables. There was a least 2 dozen men drinking or playing pool. In a loud voice, Jordan announced "This slut needs to raise money. $50 to fuck the hole of your choice." Christina stood frozen.
Jordan was prostituting her with total strangers. A massive man approached and demanded to see what they were paying for. "Strip," ordered Jordan. Christina did as he demanded. The man walked around poking her tits, ass, and pussy. "Get up on that table bitch." he said. Christina climbed onto the pool table. He laid $50 on the table and removed his pants and underwear. He climbed onto her and shoved his cock into her cunt. He didn't get far because she was still fairly dry, but he kept probing and she felt herself getting wetter. He managed to get all the way in. It wasn't long before he came in her. A line had formed and the second man put down his money and had her get up on her hands and knees. He reached around and pulled cum from her cunt and used it to lubricate her ass. She screamed as he crammed his cock into her ass. Stroking hard and deep, he slapped her ass leaving red marks on her cheeks. Christina pushed back to meet his thrusts to try to get him off as quickly as possible. Soon he shot his cum into her ass.

This went on and on. Each man paid his money and fucked the hole of his choice. Christina lost count and felt totally spent. Finally, the last man finished and climbed off her. Most had cum either in her ass or cunt, but a few and came in her mouth or jerked off on her face or tits. Jordan collected the money and picked up her clothes. He led her to a restroom where she used wet paper towels to clean herself as much as possible. Jordan helped her get dress and they walked back to Maddie's. Jordan counted out the money. There was $1350 meaning she'd been used by 27 men. Jordan gave Maddie $650, putting $500 in his pocket and giving Christina the last $250. "Now you're a professional hooker," he told her. "With your looks, you could get top dollar on the escort circuit. You could quit your job at the library if you want or just make extra on the side. But now, let's get you home so you can clean up properly before your kids get home."


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