Cousin Bob. Part2

“Rose, wake up, dear, wake up…”

“Hmm yes?” I said pissed I was being woken up.

“Lou and I are leaving so it’ll just be you and Robert today alright dear?”

“Yes, Auntie Reese, have a good day.”

“Breakfast is downstairs. Bye.”
I drifted back to sleep but when I realized what she said and I jumped up and ran down stairs but they were gone.

“Oh god, no.”

“What’s wrong Rose?” Bob said as he walked towards me I backed up and fell on the couch as he hovered over me.

“N-nothing.” I stammered. He grinned then walked into the den.

After breakfast I shakily went into the den. “Bob, you’re not going to tell them right?”

“I won’t…” He said without looking at me, I sighed. “If you do something else for me.” He said standing up and facing me,

I gasped. “Um, what?”

“Let me fuck you.”

“No! We are cousins! I-I won’t! I thought last night was enough!”

“It wasn’t. So unless you want me to tell, let me fuck you.”

“No!” I shouted turning to leave. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. He lifted my shirt and felt up my breasts.

“No, please no.” I started to tear up and he chuckled, letting me go.

I ran straight up to the room and closed the door and laid on the bed crying.

I didn’t realize it but I had fell asleep. When I woke up I wasn’t able to move and wasn’t in my bed. I was on Bob’s bed and my wrists and ankles were tied together and pulled up to the metal bars on the headboard. I was stark naked and my ass and pussy were completely exposed to the cold air.

“BOB!” I yelled.

A minute later he sauntered in and smiled. “Oh damn, you look so good. I'm glad you’re up.”

“Bob, you can’t do this to me.”

“But I'm going to, because your pussy looks delectable.”

“Please Bob. Let me go.” I said halfheartedly.

“ You know I'm not going to do that until I'm finished.” I sighed and closed my eyes.

“Get it over with.”

“Oh no, sweet cheeks I'm gonna take my time with you.”

He leaned over and he inhaled deeply, sniffing my pussy.

“Smells like my soap.” He said looking me directly in my eyes.

He laughed then stuck his tongue out, licking my labia then diving in between and licking my tight love hole

“Oh god…” I moaned.

He chuckled, “You like this Rose?”

“No ones done this to me before.”

“Damn you’ve had some selfish boyfriends. They missed out.” He kept licking and my juices just kept flowing.

Every time I came close he pulled away after 10 minutes of this I cried out: “PLEASE! LET ME CUM!”

He smiled and obliged I came hard and he slurped it up. I was so tired I didn’t hear or see him take his clothes off.
When I opened my eyes he was on his knees positioning his cock.

“WAIT! Bob! I’ve got something to tell you!”

“What is it?” He asked impatiently.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend at all, I’ve never given a blowjob or had sex or done anything.”

“Oh?” He said with an eyebrow raised and I nodded.

“I must say for your first blowjob you did extremely well, and I promise this will feel great.”

“No Bob, you can’t take my virginity, I'm waiting for someone I can’t resist.”

“Well look here, you’re tied up and cannot resist.”
I smiled at the way he twisted my words. He started sliding into me and held still when he hit my hymen.

“This is gonna hurt a bit sweetheart.”

“No…” He slowly shoved through. “OHH GOD!!”

“Shhh, it’s fine it’ll feel great in a bit.”

He waited a little while and then as the pain contorted to pleasure, I smiled and moaned.

“Oh Bob you’re so big!”

“Ready?” He asked rhetorically, not actually caring if I was ready or not.

He began to slowly pull out then when he was all the way out he slammed back in “OH BOB!!”

He began to fuck me at a moderate pace and I yelled and moaned.

“Ohhh Bob! It feels so great! FUCK!”

“You like that sweetie?” He asked.

“YES! Bobby, fuck me harder!”

“Mmm okay baby!”

He pounded into me and I came hard and I didn’t stop cumming until he slowed down to wait it out.

“Damn, you’re a squirter, I’m covered in your girl cum.”

I laughed “Sorry.”

He continued and I moaned quietly. “Oh Bob, you’re soo great. I'm tired.”

“Mmm you’re definitely my favorite cousin.” He said licking my nipple and biting it gently.

“Mmm YES!”

“Oh you feel so great, I'm about to cum.”

“Whoa, Bob, you can’t cum in me!”

“Fuck girl!” He pulled out and came all over my stomach, breasts and face.

“Oh god, Bob, that’s a lot of cum.”

“Taste it a little.”

“What? No. That’s nasty.”

“You didn’t taste the first load, just take a finger taste.”

“Okay.” I took my index finger and scooped up some of his cum and slowly slid it into my mouth while looking him in the eye.

It didn’t taste bad, actually kind of sweet. I smiled and scooped up a little more and put it in my mouth.

“I'm guessing you like it?”

“I do.”

“Want some more?”

“Can I?”

“Sure.” He untied me and finally I could feel my legs but just barely.

“Damn that position does a number on my legs” I said smiling.

“Sorry. Now move so I can lay down.” I moved and he laid on his back on the bed.

“Lay on top of me, spread your legs around my face, and face my dick.”

“Just say sixty-nine.” I said laughing.

“Oh, I didn’t know you knew what it was.”

“I watch a lot of porn.
” I said looking back at him and winking.

“Me too, now shut up and put my dick in your mouth. "

He licked my pussy so well I came in 5 minutes, while it hit me his dick sank down into my throat and I moaned around it.

“Oh fuck Rose!” He came down my throat and I just swallowed it all, milking all of it from him.

As soon as he finished cumming I pulled away, turning and facing him

“Oh god Bob, that was fun!”

“I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.” I kissed his chin which had my cum on it. “Can we do this again?” I asked


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