Conversational French (Or The Reluctant Rapist). (Caw 24 Entry)

"An Affair to Remember" was the film we saw that evening, though I don't remember much about it. Apart from it was a pretty formulaic 1950's film, the last bit (Where she wouldn't tell him of the disability) was silly and the ending was sudden. I can't see why it was voted number five on the most romantic movies of all time. Now Casablanca, like they played a couple of months ago, was worth the number one spot, but not this one.

I may not have been paying that much attention, I was there with Aimée, we were sitting at the back and smooching. This was at the Stanford Theatre, someone rich had bought it and restored it. The inside was amazing, everything you've ever imagined of a theatre from Hollywood's golden age. It was only ten minutes from home, so we go there a lot. They showed old films there, I'm sure they couldn't be making any money on it, it was usually empty. We were lucky to get about six others when we were there. Actually, that suited us with our smooching, more private.

The movie was just about to start, and in walks this woman and sits two rows in front of us. There were plenty of seats in rows nearer the front, she didn't have to sit near us and cramp our style. It was Aimée who noticed her, "Check out that bombshell." She must have picked that word up from one of the old movies we'd seen.

She was hot, she was tall and elegant. "Not bad." My guess would have been company exec, or lawyer, hardly rare in downtown Palo Alto. She was wearing a black suit, like I said elegant. The skirt was tight and came down to mid thigh, nice legs. She paused and took off the jacket before she sat down. I could see her shape, very nice swelling of boobs under her thin teal top. She also had a chunky necklace and matching chunky bangle in gold with jade it looked like, nothing cheap. She smoothed out her long auburn hair before finally taking her seat.

She was just Aimée's type. Aimée likes girls as well as men (she likes me anyway).

She likes them tall and powerful. They're much more satisfying to bring down to her level. Aimée liked them to submit to her, she's kinda kinky like that. Me, I could do without the kinky stuff, but if all three of us get off, who am I to complain. She brings me along as the muscle, I don't really like beating up girls, but some of them like it.

Aimée likes to make up a bio of the object of her fantasy, in this case the woman in the suit. She whispered in my ear, "She's Hélène, she's French-Canadian, she did law at the University of Toronto, spending a year at the Sorbonne. She got her masters from Harvard and is now director of regulatory affairs at a biotech company, further up University Avenue." A background like that would be perfect for one of Aimée's playmates.

The lights went down, and we continued our smooching. Aimée kept up a commentary about "Hélène". "Wouldn't you like to find out what's under the skirt?" Things like that, "I bet she's wearing expensive lacy panties." She kept egging me on. "That top wouldn't get in the way much, you could rip it off, how much of a handful do you think her boobs would be."

All through the movie, Aimée and me smooched, that was good, it was turning me on. Aimée kept up the fantasy about Hélène, that was turning me on even more. Hélène kept glancing over to us, if I looked her way, she'd look away. We were turning her on.

Suddenly the movie was over. Typical of old movies, all the credits were at the beginning, so the movie ended and that was that. The lights came up, Hélène got up, threw her jacket over her shoulder and walked out. We ostensibly ignored her and smooched some more. Once she was out the door, Aimée motioned me to move and we followed Hélène out. She turned right out of the theatre, a block and a half, across the street and half a block. We followed casually along behind, just strolling.

She was parked in the new parking structure, she walked up one level, we followed.
She paused and fumbled in her purse, she found her keys, pushed a button and the car next to her flashed and clicked. Aimée nodded, I sprang up behind Hélène. One hand went around her mouth, the other caught the wrist with the keys. Aimée grabbed the keys and opened the car's rear door for me. I twisted Hélène's arm up behind her back and bundled her in the back seat. I piled in on top of her. Two car doors shut and the car started up.

Aimée drove the car out of the garage, a flew blocks and we were on a quieter street. I let go of Hélène and turned her over. She said something, it sounded like “Barley pat.” French, I guessed. Maybe she was French, my French was never any good, and it's gotten pretty rusty. It was never on the conversational level, and it didn’t cover situations like this. Then she said “Salut!” though I don’t think it was a greeting. It was more like she spat it at me.

Aimée snarled “The girl.” I’m pretty sure I was missing something here. Aimée has pretty good conversational French, tending towards the gutter really.

Hélène snapped back “Salope.” That was a word I did know, she called Aimée a hooker.

Aimée told me, “Shut the bitch up.” I put my hand over her mouth again. Then there was a long stream of French from Aimée, it's impossible to understand spoken French like that. It would help if the French could pronounce all the letters in their words. I just can't hear the words, it's just a jumble, I didn’t catch any of it. French maybe the language of love, but what Aimée was saying certainly didn’t sound like it. When Aimée was finished, Hélène was frightened and didn’t say a word when I let go of her mouth this time.

There wasn't much traffic at that time of night, so it only took us ten minutes to get to our destination. I just lay on top of Hélène and gently fondled her, very nice. Traditionally you need a quiet country road for what we had in mind, but they're difficult to find in the Bay Area.
We'd found something which maybe even better. Driving North to the bridge, we turned off onto a frontage road by the salt ponds. Down by the water the frontage road turned left under the bridge. It was dark under there, and no one ever went there. Despite a million people driving overhead every day, no one noticed this road to nowhere.

Aimée parked in the dark under the bridge, turned on the inside light and excitedly knelt on the seat watching us. She nodded to me, it was my turn to do my thing. I looked Hélène up and down, contemplating where to start. Hélène looked back, fear in her eyes. My hand snaked under her tight skirt, and I dragged her panties down. I removed her strappy heels, and got the panties off her feet. "Hey, you were right." I told Aimée, "Lacy." The panties were lacy as Aimée predicted, teal matching the top.

They were also damp, I threw them to Aimée, she sniffed them. "Mmm."`

I ran my hand up the inside of Hélène's thigh, she closed her legs to stop me. I dragged up the hem of her skirt, and forced my knee between her thighs to open them. My hand now continued its journey, it found her pussy. Unsurprisingly, after my examination of the panties, she was wet. A couple of fingers found there way into her pussy, and a thumb flicked the clit.

She gasped and moaned. I continued on the clit, she sighed, "Merde!" That's French I do understand, literally "shit", or in this case, "Oh shit!" She was enjoying it but didn't want to. Then she came, with a descending cry, "Aieeeeeee." I leant back against the front seats, and smiled at the prone Hélène. Her skirt was rucked up around her waist, showing everything below. She wore no stockings or pantyhose, keeping cool in the indian summer we were having.

Aimée leant forward and kissed me on the cheek. "Good one." She whispered in my ear.

Hélène's eyes flipped open, she glared and me. "Salut!" It still didn't sound like a greeting, she made to slap me.
I caught the right hand in mid air, holding her wrist I twisted her arm up behind her back. She gasped in pain. I grabbed the other wrist and also pushed it behind her, I could hold both wrists in one hand. That left me with one hand free and Hélène immobilized. I undid her belt, it was leather died teal in a woven pattern, it slipped out from around her and I handed it to Aimée. "Can you think of anything to do with that?" Aimée would love to use it to warm up Hélène's tush.

I found the zip on Hélène's skirt and dragged the skirt down, leaving it around her ankles. Hélène glared at me, resenting the indignity. I reached behind her neck to unhook the necklace, it looked even more expensive close up. She said something, obviously a negative, "ne", something, "pas". I didn't get the French but it was obvious she didn't want me taking the necklace.

I unhooked it and gave it to Aimée, "What do you think of that?"

"Malfra!" Spat Hélène. Again, I wasn't getting the word, there was probably a consonant on the end, I was getting the gist. She wasn't happy with me.

"Nice." Was Aimée's reaction, not sure if that was in response to me or Hélène.

I let go of Hélène's wrists, she brought her hands forward and massaged them. I caught her right wrist again, and slipped off the bangle, passing it to Aimée. I gave Hélène the stink eye, daring her to object. She cowered on the back seat.

I again gave her an appraising look, nice. Suddenly I reached for the teal top and rip! It was now just shreds of fabric. Again, Aimée had been right, I could rip it off. Hélène now just had the skirt around her ankles and her bra. The bra, matching teal, was strapless, and front closing. It couldn't be easier, I reached down and unclipped it. Hélène was now as good as naked. Still cowering, but not making any move to cover herself.

I took a few moments to appreciate her, she did look very tasty. Her long auburn hair, was thick and shiny, now not so neatly coiffured, bunching around her shoulders. She was pretty, and subtly made up to enhance, not hide her features. Subtle touches of rouge on the cheeks, eye brows done and lips glossy.

She was tall and slender, but not skinny. She was well shaped, her bosom swelled enticingly, the boobs wouldn't quite fill my hands, but my hands are big. Her hips flared to perfect proportions. She had a neatly trimmed bush, that didn't seem French, maybe Canadiens are like that. There was a light covering of auburn hair on her mound of Venus, trimmed into a heart shape which just pointed to her pussy, inviting me in there.

Her legs were slender and sexy, smooth without any covering. I took the skirt from around her ankles, her feet were dainty and elegant, like the rest of her. Well pedicured and tasty looking in themselves. I could imagine myself sucking and licking those toes.

"Magnifique!" I tried to join in with the French. It would be such a shame to spoil her, there were other things I'd much rather do. I leant back and stage whispered to Aimée, "Could I taste her? Do I have to beat her up?"

Aimée smiled, Hélène looked uncertainly at us. Aimée spoke, "It seems beauty has tamed the beast, he wants to lick you all over, including there." Aimée looked pointedly at Hélène's crotch. "He's very good with his tongue, you should try it. Do you want that? Or should he just beat you up and fuck you?"

Hélène was just resigned to her fate, the fight had gone out of her. "Just get it over with." Looks like I was just going to have to rough her up and fuck her. That'd be the quickest way. Aimée would like that, that'd turn her on, which could only be good for me.

But Aimée was in a more capricious mood, she said to me, "OK, do it your way." No beating then, I get to play with Hélène, that'll be fun. That'd also turn Aimée on in the long run. I looked back at the delicious sight of Hélène laying naked across the back seat, I wondered which end to start with. There were lips and boobs at one end, tempting but I could draw it out longer starting at the other end.

As cars go, there was a lot of room in the back of this one, whatever it was. I hadn't noticed what the car was amid all the excitement. Aimée made even more room for me, being so short and having the drivers seat forward, but it was still a bit cramped back there. I was kneeling in the back seat passenger footwell, and Hélène was stretched out In front of me.

I picked up the ankle nearest me, I sniffed her foot. I had to bend her knee to accomplish that. The foot was fresh, not gross, so I started with the toes. Sucking on the big toe first, Aimée liked it when I did that to her. Hélène liked it too, her eyelids fluttered. I moved up the leg, kissing as I went, I massaged the sole of her foot at the same time, that move turned Aimée to jelly when I used it on her. Hélène was melting into the seat as I progressed. I got to her box, she smelt fresh and horny, that turned me on even more.

My next kiss should have been on her pussy, but instead, I picked up her other ankle and started the same progression on that side. There was a frustrated sigh from Hélène. The sighs changed to moans by the time I got to the upper thigh though. The pussy should be next, I paused. Again a frustrated sigh, this time I picked up both ankles and forced her legs back opening her up to me. I dived into her box.

She was totally turned on, she was totally wet, and the pussy was ready for me. I licked up and down her slit, she was tasty. She moaned and squirmed. I teased her like that some, then flicked her clit. A shiver ran through her, she was ready to pop. So I backed off and just teased her slit some more. There was a frustrated gurgle. I went back to the clit and squashed it with my tongue. She went wild.

I didn't let her finish that thought, I unzipped and jumped on her while she was still spasming. I slipped in and thrust as hard as I could. Also I pawed at her boobs and kissed her lips, both fun to do. Her reaction was confused, still coming, she wanted to reject my invasion, but couldn't get it together enough to do that. She was cute like that. I'd been turned on enough by the proceedings, so to punctuate the point that I was just using her, I didn't bother holding back. Just a few thrust later I came in her.

I slipped out of her and knelt back down to recover. Hélène came down from her come and came back to her senses, she burst into tears. The door she was leaning against opened, Aimée was standing outside. Aimée shouted, "Casse-toi!" and pulled at Hélène. I pushed from my side and Hélène was bundled out of the door. I got out of car and got back in in the drivers seat. Aimée jumped in the rear seat, "Lets go!" I gunned the engine and took off with a squeal of tires and peals of laughter. I saw Hélène receding in the rear view mirror as she got to her feet.

Out from under the bridge and around the corner, I pulled over to the side. Aimée handed me a jacket and a cap. Now I was to play "Charlie the chauffeur". I turned the car around and went back under the bridge. Hélène was still standing there, naked, in the middle of the road. The car glided to a stop next to her and I lowered the window. "Can I help you madam?" I inquired.

Hélène just stood there, crying. I got out, removed the jacket and draped it over her shoulders. I opened the rear door and saluted. Aimée was sitting in the back with her arms held open wide. Hélène snapped to her senses and crawled into the back of the car and into Aimée's arms. "Thank you." She said.

I got back in the drivers seat, still wearing that silly cap. Aimée and Hélène were getting friendly in the back seat, they were discussing something. That's when Aimée said, "Charlie, Hélène has something she wants to tell you."

I could see Hélène in the rear view mirror, she was blushing. She leant forward and kissed me on the cheek, she looked down. "Thank you Charlie. … That was amazing, better than my fantasy. Being kidnapped and forced to enjoy it was so … humiliating."

"It was my pleasure madam." I stayed in character, but truthfully, I had really enjoyed myself on this scene. She blushed some more and went back to hugging Aimée.

Aimée gave the order, "Take us home Charlie." I did a u-turn, and headed home. Then she said to Hélène, "If you're very good, you can give the chauffeur a blow job when we get home." That was something to look forward to. I drove us home, trying not to get pulled over, I didn't fancy explaining the action in the back seat to a cop. Thank god, no one had noticed us abducting Hélène, so the cops weren't looking for us.

— End attachment —

Subject: Re: Lets do it.
From: Hélène <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 19:14:43 -0400
To: Aimée <[email protected]>
cc: Charlie <[email protected]>

Chère Aimée

Thanks for Charlie's story, I shall treasure it for a long time.
I can't wait for Weds, only three dodos. I'll be sure to tip generously.

Gros bisous Hélène

> On Sep 18, 2011, at 2:12 PM, Aimée <[email protected]> wrote:
> Chère Hélène
> I hope you like the attachment, despite Charlie's endearing grasp of French.
> Something to remember Saturday by while you're in Boston, if the tingling dies down.
> Charlie the chauffeur liked the tip you gave him this morning at SFO, he'll be
> there to pick you up when you come back on Weds. I'll think of a suitable tip for
> you to give him then.
> Charlie hon, just so you know, the French words are:
> bas les patte : (take your) paws off (me)
> salaud (not salut) : bastard
> ta gueule : (shut) your muzzle
> salope : slut (but used like "bitch")
> ne vous avisez pas : don't you dare
> malfrat : thief, thug
> casse-toi : get out.
> aimée : loved
> And just so you know, hon, never use these in front of Mamere. And hon,
> stop complaining about the accents you have to type, I'll make it up
> to you.
> Bisouxx Aimée
>> On Sep 15, 2011, at 7:09 PM, Hélène <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Chère Aimée
>> Looking forward to it. I'll pick you two up Saturday at 7.
>> Gros bisous Hélène
>>> On Sep 15, 2011, at 5:47 PM, Aimée <[email protected]> wrote:
>>> Chère Hélène
>>> Love the way you spell Aimee with the accent (get the joke?), I'm
>>> going to use that myself. Its going to be fun to have someone to
>>> practice my French on.
>>> The showing is at 7:30, so if you pick us up at 7, we can get there
>>> in time. Text us when you get here, then we can get in the back and
>>> you can drop us off outside the theatre. That way, we'll be more of
>>> a surprise.
>>> I think we can also work with the chauffeur idea.
>>> Bisouxx Aimée


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