Computer Test

Computer Class

I had checked into the Hotel and as the Bellhop, a good looking black about my age, took me up to my room he asked what I was in town for and I told him the computer test and he said, “Oh, my girl friend Lana is going to that.” We chatted some more and I asked if there was any action here at the Hotel and he asked what I was looking for. I told him,

“It doesn’t matter, I swing both ways.”

A big smile appeared on his face and he said, “Well if you meet Lana and get along OK maybe we can have dinner tomorrow evening.” Then he added, “There were a couple guys in the sauna downstairs when I went by a little while ago. Looked like they just settled in so they might still be there.”

After he put my bag on the stand I put out my hand and said, “I’m Lionel,” and he replied, “Nathan here.” I tipped him five bucks and he took a terry cloth robe out of the closet and said, “Wear this and take a towel with you.”

I couldn’t get out of my cloths fast enough. I wanted a new experience and wanted it bad. I have both a girl friend who loves sex and a buddy I have been messing around with since we were in 7th grade. We started out jacking off together, then doing each other and then one time I caught my cum in my hand and licked it off. It was the first time I had done that with Carl and he said, “What are you doing?”

I asked him, “Have you never tasted your cum?”

“No, ugh,” he sneered.

I could tell he was about to cum so just as it started oozing I bent over and took his cock in my mouth and swallowed his load. “What the fuck man, have you gone crazy?”

“No, I just like the taste of cum.” I replied, “So get used to it.”

From then on I went from just taking his cock in my mouth when he was ready to shoot his load to giving him blowjobs and finally letting him fuck my ass. I was truly getting the best of both worlds like they say.
I got down to the sauna and there were two guys there, one probably late 30’s, other in his 40’s.

Both nice looking and both greeted me with a hi. Their robes were hanging on the wall but they had their towels over their laps. I took off my robe and hung it and made sure they got a look at my 8 inches before I put my towel in front of me.

“You staying here at the Hotel?” one of them asked.

“Yes, just checked in for the weekend.”

They asked where I was from and other stuff and as we talked I noticed that their towels were sort of moved around so their cocks were in plain view and seemed to be getting an erection. Of course my towel slipped down and my semi hard cock was in their view.

“What brings you to town?” one asked.

“The computer test,” I replied. “I want to take it to see if computer science is what I want to do the rest of my life.”

“Good planning,” I was told, “to find out if you really want to do something from now on before you spend years learning how to do it.”

Then the other dude said, “I’m having some problems with my laptop. Would you have time to maybe take a look at it?”

“Sure,” I said and started standing up assuming he meant now, which he did because he stood up also and put on his robe.

As we rode up in the elevator one gent put out his hand and said, “I’m Ned and this is Dwight.”
“Hi, Lionel here,” as we shook hands. We got to their room and after they dropped their robes and towels on the floor and turned to me Ned said with a laugh, “We really don’t have a computer problem,” and I replied, “And I’m really not a computer tech,” as my robe slid to the floor.

At first they were very tentative, like the first thing was Dwight asked, “Do you like to kiss?”

"No,” I said as I pulled his mouth to mine and buried my tongue in his.

I had a cock in each hand and had two hands on mine. We somehow made it into the bedroom and onto the bed without tripping. I kissed both of them, stroked both of them and had lips and teeth on my nipples.
Then a mouth was on my cock and a cock was in mine. We were in a circle so cocks and mouths were all occupied. I have always had three benefits for my sex life, I have a big cock that cums a lot and I recover quickly. I was just about to shoot my load in Dwight’s mouth when a finger was playing with my rosebud. When it entered the feeling was so good that my cock exploded. I continued to suck Ned’s tool as Dwight moved around behind me. His finger was replaced with his cock and I now had a cock in each hole.
If three guys can do something we did it. Ned changed positions so we were 69ing. While I had Dwight’s meat in my ass, my cock was in Ned’s mouth and his cock in mine. We did the three of us and then the two of us while one rested after shooting his load. We even did what they called, Choo Choo Train, where I had Dwight’s cock in my ass while I fucked Ned. Finally a little later after Dwight had cum in my mouth, Ned in his and I shot all over Ned’s face Dwight moved over to a recliner chair and said, “I’m done.” And Ned agreed. I just laid there, my dick was soft, my ass was sore and I didn’t think I could swallow another drop.

The room was quiet for probably 15 minutes. Ned got up and retrieved three beers. I didn’t know if I could drink it. My throat was sore from being fucked and my stomach was full of cum. We chatted about this and that and Dwight said, “You are quite a partner,” looking at me. “Is there anything you won’t do?”

“Poop, I don’t do poop,” was my reply.

That was the end of that but he got a very funny smile on his face. Later I would find out what that was all about. I got up and found my robe. “I think I’ll head to my room,” I said. Dwight got up and said,

“Why don’t we shower first?”

“OK,” I said with a quizzical look which evoked a big smile from both of the guys.

It was a nice large shower which easily handled the three of us. A shower head on each side and the warm water felt really good.
The guys moved around so their backs were under the shower and I was between them with one on each side. They both put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down to their knees. I really didn’t think they wanted a blowjob and I was right. They each took cock in hand and my shower was golden. It was like they hadn’t pissed for a week. Their warm streams flooded my face and shoulders. I opened my mouth and it was soon full. I swallowed some of it but couldn’t keep it all.
Dwight moved over so he could finish his stream between my lips. I sucked him until he finished, then did the same for Ned. The game was over so we soaped each other up, rinsed off and got out of the shower. While we were drying Ned asked, “Where you from?”

“Oakville,” I replied.

“If we were to come and visit could you spend some time with us?”

“Well, Duh,” I replied and they both laughed.

This time I did put on my robe and did get ready to leave. As I was opening the door Ned said, “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Really,” I replied.

“Yes, we are putting on the test. But it won’t help you because the tests just have numbers for identification and we don’t have the name list.”

I looked at the clock in my room and it was 8:30. I had been having none stop sex for a little over two hours. I flopped on the bed figuring I’d kick back for a bit and then get something solid to eat. The next thing I knew it was 6:30 in the morning. I showered again, dressed and went down for some breakfast. I was hungry. The test started at 8:00 with a lecture and some reading. Then lunch and the paper test started at 1. It was over when the test was completed. The conference room was just starting to fill when I got there. I looked around hoping to spot Lana.

And there she was. Probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Beautiful in every way. Face, breasts, ass, legs everything. I came up behind her and said,

“You must be Lana.

“What gives you that idea?” she asked with a smile.

“Nathan said just look for the most beautiful girl in the room and you’ll find Lana.”

She returned with, “He didn’t say anything about she would be black or she’ll be about 6 feet tall or,”

“No or that she has beautiful breasts and a really nice butt, either,” I replied.

We both laughed and when she asked, “Where shall we sit,” I had a pretty good idea we were going to get along fine. And hopefully I’d get a chance at those beautiful breasts and nice butt. Nathan had indicated a threesome was a probability.

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