Here Comes The Summer

Here Comes the Summer

I’m now a 57 year old grey-haired, happily married Grandmother and well respected office manager in a large law firm.
But I have a secret. It’s a big secret that hardly anyone knows about. I have urges that I have to give in to at least once a year. It was easier to indulge in when I was a young woman but in the last few years it has cost me a lot of money. But every penny has been well spent.

It all started in the summer of 1964 when I was sent to stay with my Grandmother when my Mum took ill.

Gran met me off the train in Newcastle and we took a further three buses to reach the family home in rural Northumberland. I’d only been here once before when I was about 8, but never on my own.

When I visit now the village is absolutely beautiful; but when I was a 14 year old girl who lived in an industrial city it appeared desolate.

The first few days were a nightmare. It rained and I could hardly understand a word Gran and Grandad said because of their strange accent.

On the Friday I was walking back to the cottage with the evening newspaper when a large framed girl with bright red tousle hair; walking a chocolate Labrador stopped me in my tracks.

“What cheor pet? Eshe asked me with a big smile on her face as the dog jumped up and began licking my face.

I recognised the expression but didn’t know what it meant and must have looked petrified as she tugged the dog away and slapped its head.

She grinned and held her hand out.

“H-E-L-L-O! EShe slowly enunciated.

“Oh. Hello. EI replied and politely shook her hand. Her grip was like a vice.

“I’m Betty. You must be Kathleen? EThe girl introduced herself as she continued shaking my hand and struggling to control the dog.

“Yes I am. EI answered unaware that anyone would know who I was.

“I live in the house up there.

EBetty told me as she released her grip and pointed to a large mansion on the hill.

As we walked back to my Grandparents cottage Betty told me about herself; she was 15 and lived with her parents and her elder brother. Her father was the local Solicitor and Justice of the Peace and her mother was the Headmistress of the local Senior School.
As I entered Granddads Ehouse she asked if I wanted to join her the following day for a walk in the hills with the dog. I quickly agreed, as there was nothing else to do.

When I woke I saw that it was a gorgeous sunny morning as soon as I looked out of the curtains.

Gran had already packed me some sandwiches, fruit and a bottle of homemade lemonade when Betty knocked on the door.

As soon as I opened the door the dog jumped up and nearly knocked me over again.

“Get down Mister! Down! EShe called out as she tugged the door away.

“I’m sorry pet Ehe’s just very frisky EI can’t do anything with him! EBetty laughed as she nearly strangled the dog.

We walked away from the village and soon began climbing a large hill behind the village. By today’s standards we weren’t dressed correctly for walking in the hills as I was wearing a yellow gingham dress and a pair of crepe sandals. Betty was wearing a wool skirt and a white blouse and had on a sturdy pair of brogues.

I struggled to understand some of the things Betty said because she had the same accent as my grandparents. Plus I very quickly realised that Betty wasn’t the sharpest knife in the box but she was good company and I felt that she would easily become a good friend.

We had walked for nearly an hour when we stopped for a drink of lemonade. As I sat on the grass and opened my satchel Mister the dog bounded towards me again; knocking me onto my back. I landed flat and my dress flew up exposing my white cotton knickers. Mister immediately pressed his cold wet nose between my legs.

“Aaaaaggghhh! EI screamed, “Get him off! E

“He’s a horny bugger like that! EBetty laughed as she pulled him away from me; “he’s like that with me and my mam all the bloody time. E

“It’s okay. EI lied as I straightened my dress.

As we sat chatting and admiring the scenery Mister kept straining at his leash trying to get nearer me.

We soon started our walk again and eventually passed a field with three horses in.

“Ha ha ha! EBetty laughed as she pointed towards a large black horse, “Have you seen the cock on him? E

“What did you say? EI wasn’t sure what she’d said because of her accent.

“Have you seen the size of the bloody cock on that horse? EShe replied slowly.

“The size of his Ewhat? EI asked again.

“His cock. EShe said incredulously, “his cock. Haven’t you seen a cock before? E

I shook my head, unsure what I was supposed to be looking at.

“Bloody hell, you must have led a sheltered life! EBetty grinned as she tied Mister to a tree and began climbing over the fence. “Come on; I’ll show you. EWith that she was off at a gallop across the field to where the horses were grazing.

I quickly followed. When I finally caught up she was stroking the black horse’s head and mane.

“There. EBetty pointed between its legs, “that’s his Ecock. And it’s a bloody big one! E

I finally saw what the fuss was about. A long dark brown ‘sausage Ethat was longer and thicker than my arm was dangling between the horses hind legs.

“Oh. EI gulped, “that? E

“Haven’t you seen a cock before? EBetty asked; taking great pleasure in using ‘that Eword.

I was now on my knees staring at this thing of wonderment.
“No. EI answered.

I told her that I was an only child and went to an all girls Eschool and had next to no contact with boys and daddy travelled to Europe every second week with his job with the shipyards.

“Do you want to touch it? EBetty giggled.
“Can I? E

“Be gentle and I’ll keep him calm. E

I held my tiny hand out and tenderly ran my fingers along the middle bit. It was hot and sticky and had a most interesting sweet smell. The horse didn’t move but the ‘cock Esoon began to twitch. I kept stroking it for a couple of minutes until the ‘cock Ebegan to stretch even longer and thicker. My eyes were nearly out on stalks now.

“Put your hand around it and rub it faster. EBetty panted.
I did as I was told but couldn’t get my whole hand around the shaft. As I rubbed nearer the end a thick roll of flesh pulled back exposing a hard brown ball. I was fascinated and ran my thumb across it. As I touched a little hole in the ball the horse began to move and knocked me over. As I fell the ‘sausage Ehit me in the face.

Betty let go of the horse to help me to my feet and the horse just wandered away Eits cock swaying merrily between its legs.

“You dirty cow! EBetty laughed as she brushed the grass off the back of my dress.

“What do you mean? EI asked indignantly.

“You’ve just wanked a horse’s cock! EShe was in fits of laughter now.

I didn’t know what she was talking about and became a little tearful.

“Don’t cry pet; I’m only kidding. EShe soothed me as she pulled me close until my face was pressed between her big soft breasts.

When we got back to Mister he was yelping and jumped up at me pushing his nose up my dress again as I climbed over the fence.

“Look! EBetty pointed to her dog as she pulled it away from me, “he’s got a hard-on too! I think he can smell you! E

I looked at Mister and sure enough his long pink cock was sticking out from a hairy pouch as he tried in vain to get his head up my dress.

“Why’s he doing that? EI asked innocently.

“That’s what dogs and horses do when they want to fuck you. EBetty explained as if everyone in the world should know. “Boys are the same. EShe smiled, “but not as big. E

“Do you want to touch Misters Ecock as well? EBetty grinned.

Fascinated I nodded.

“Lie down! EBetty snapped and rolled the dog onto its back.

“Go on, I’ll hold him for you. EMy new best friend giggled.

The dog wriggled but Betty had him held fast as I ran my fingers along his wet pink cock. It felt softer and wetter than the horse’s cock but I could get my hand all of the way round this one. My heart was pounding as I stroked his lovely pink thing.

“Grip it tighter. EMy friend whispered, “Wank it faster E.then you’ll see what happens! E

I felt like I was hypnotised as I rubbed it faster and faster until Mister began to really wriggle and Ea jet of silvery grey liquid shot out of the tip.

Shocked I immediately stopped, presuming I’d hurt him.

“Don’t bloody stop! EBetty shouted. “Don’t leave him half done Ekeep rubbing! E

I did as I was told and gripped his stiff pink shaft and continued squeezing and rubbing. More liquid shot out then a long dribble which covered my hand.

Betty giggled as she let the dog loose. Mister rolled onto his side and began licking the liquid off his cock.

“You are a bloody dirty cow! EBetty said as she gently pushed my shoulder. I just sat mesmerised, staring at my handful of doggy goo; not knowing what to do with it.

I looked at my friend for guidance.

“Lick it off like he’s doing. EShe advised. “It tastes bloody lovely. E
Unsure at first I tentatively dabbed my tongue into the goo in my hand. It smelt very sweet so I began licking my fingers clean making sure I cleaned up every last drop. It really did taste nice.

I looked up at Betty who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“What do you feel like now? EBetty asked in a low husky voice.
I shrugged my shoulders; not knowing what the correct answer was meant to be.

“Come on. EShe urged as she got back to her feet. “Let’s go to the top of the hill. E

Thankfully Mister was now a lot calmer but kept close to me as we walked and chatted. Betty wanted to know everything about my life and didn’t believe me when I told her how few boys I ever came into contact with. Betty had her first sexual encounter with Misters Edad, Rex, when she was about 11 and had regularly satisfied her dogs ever since even kissing their cocks until they ‘came Eas she described it. Because of my innocence and her matter of fact descriptions these stories didn’t shock me in the slightest.
She knew lots of local boys too and a few of the older ones who worked on the farms. She took great delight in telling me about all of the things she’d done with them. She’d been showing the boys her ‘twinkle Esince she was 11 and had started wanking them when she was about 12. Sometimes the older boys would give her 2 bob or some cigarettes; especially if one of them wanted ‘sucking off, but generally she did it because she enjoyed it!

I was enthralled when she told me what that meant. It all sounded so exciting for a naive schoolgirl like me.

We were soon at the top of the hill and I was now quite hungry. We found a shaded area and sat down letting Mister wander over to a tarn for a drink. It was great fun as Betty told me about all of the different boys Ecocks she’d seen and played with in the last few years.
My heart was beating like a drum when she told me about the first time that a boy had put his cock inside her. Apparently this was called ‘fucking E I’d never heard that word before Ebut instantly liked it. The boy was called Eric and was now the local Postman; she still let him fuck her and promised to introduce him to me at the Village dance the following week.
She was the only female in the area between 9 and 25 and admitted to being the ‘local bike’….she would let anyone ride her!

After finishing our sandwiches and pop Betty said she needed a wee; I said I needed one too but where would we go?

Shaking her head at my naivety; she said, “Here silly. E
With that she lifted her skirt and began pulling her knickers down. My jaw dropped when I saw that her twinkle was covered in thick bushy hair and was glistening.
“What’s the matter? EShe grinned and opened her legs wider so I could get a better look, “haven’t you seen a hairy fanny before? E

I shook my head.
Betty giggled and said, “Take your knickers off then and let me see yours. E
For the first time I was actually unsure about doing something.
“Come on, take your knickers off I want to see your snatch. E

I lifted my dress with one hand and slowly peeled my cotton panties off with the other. We both stood staring at each others Etwinkles. Betty looked all grown up with a mop of bright ginger pubic hair and the lips dangled between her legs.
My twinkle was still quite bald with only a light covering of fluffy down. Without taking her eyes off me Betty lowered herself and squatted. With a slight grimace she began to pee onto the grass. I copied her and held my dress up around my waist so it wouldn’t get wet. For the next minute we just stared at each other in silence as we peed in the open in front of each other.

When she finished Betty ran her fingers along her hairy fanny and flicked off the last few drops of pee. I copied her. I’d obviously never done anything like this before and couldn’t understand why my twinkle felt hot and sticky when I touched it.

“God this is making me bloody horny. EBetty suddenly gasped, “I need to frig myself; do you want to watch? E

I nodded and shrugged my shoulders as I had no idea what she was talking about.

She looked around and when she saw there was still no one about she lay on her back with her skirt still up around her waist.
Her fingers parted her snatch lips and she ran her fingers along the pink slit. I was mesmerised as she slid a finger inside herself.

“Don’t you ever play with yourself? EShe asked me.

I looked blank.

“He, he, he, Eshe giggled, “I’ve got a lot to teach you haven’t I? E
I nodded.
“Do you want to touch it? EShe whispered in her husky voice again.

I nodded and crawled over to her. I tentatively ran my finger over the slimy slit then through her luxurious curly hair making her gasp. I stopped and looked up.

“No pet, don’t stop, that’s nice. E

Betty peeled her fanny lips apart exposing her glistening box to me.

“Put your finger in. E
I easily slid my middle finger in. It felt as hot and sticky as my own twinkle had.
“Another one, now. EBetty groaned. I complied.

I sat next to her rubbing her slit and fingering her for what seemed an eternity. Her eyes were closed and she was rolling her hips in time with the rubbing I was doing.

“Here Eere! Eshe gasped, “Rub this! EBetty grabbed my other hand and placed it on a stiff piece of skin at the top of her slit.

“Ooh pet Ethat’s bloody good! EMy friend groaned as I rubbed the button with one hand and pushed a third small finger in her hole.

Suddenly Betty began to shiver, “Yes, yes, yes! EShe squealed and grabbed my wrist pressing my fingers deeper into her wet hole.

“God EKath; you made me cum! EBetty panted as she pulled my fingers out of her snatch.

“Made you what? EI asked as I looked at my sticky fingers; wondering if I should lick them clean.

“That feeling Eyou made me cum. It’s the best bloody feeling in the world. EShe sighed as she rolled onto her side.

“Do you want me to do it to you? EBetty asked as she pushed her hand up my dress and tickled my exposed twinkle.

“I suppose. EI shrugged my shoulders and lifted my dress up.

Betty stroked the outside of my twinkle making me shiver. Her fat finger parted my tight lips and eased into my twinkle.

“Oooooohhhhh! EI gasped as the finger went in quite deeply.

Betty twisted her finger around and slid it in and out making me groan and sigh; it felt absolutely marvellous.
I was so carried away I hadn’t noticed Betty undoing the buttons on the front of my dress and lifted my vest up exposing my tiny boobs. It wasn’t until she licked one of my rosebud nipples that I actually opened my eyes. I was in heaven as she knelt over me sucking my nipples and fingering my snatch.

I was in throws of ‘cumming Elike Betty had done when Mister the dog made his appearance. My body was shaking and burning up and the feeling between my legs and in my stomach was unbelievable.

I could hardly move and Betty was still twisting her finger in my fanny when Mister began jumping around and trying to lick my snatch.
“Come here boy Ecome here! EBetty called the dog over until it was standing waving its long pink cock over my face.
“Good boy, good boy! EBetty praised the dog as she took hold of the swinging cock and pressed the tip against my mouth.

“Kiss it Kath; kiss it. EShe ordered me as she rubbed the wet tip against my lips.

I gave it a little kiss then as she slid a second fat finger into my fanny I opened my mouth to gasp. Betty took advantage by forcing the dogs cock into my mouth.

“Good girl Eow suck his cock and make him happy! EBetty demanded as she held it in place.

Misters Ecock felt red hot and sticky as it filled my young mouth. I couldn’t help myself and began sucking on it. The dog began shaking and his cock went deeper into my mouth at exactly the same time Betty started rubbing my button with the palm of her hand as her fingers twisted and curled inside my twinkle. Mister was now moving so fast I unconsciously put my arms around him to hold him place as I sucked on his long doggy cock.

Out of nowhere Mister began shooting his sticky stuff into my mouth Eloads of it. It tasted bloody lovely and there was so much of it. Just when I thought he’d finished even more came out. I was gulping it down it tasted so nice.

Mister pulled away and his sticky cock slid across my young innocent face. Just as I was trying to get my breath back Betty rubbed my button even faster making me cum for a second time and this one was even more intense than the first one.

When I pulled myself together and began fastening the buttons on my dress I realised that Betty was ‘playing with herself Eagain, legs wide apart and two fingers pumping into her hairy snatch. She soon gurgled and squealed then flopped back onto the grass.

Mister wandered over and sniffed between her legs and she did nothing to stop him as he began licking her twinkle. He carried on licking her for a few minutes until she slapped him on the head and told me to grab his collar. I did and pulled him away.

Betty casually moved onto her knees and plumped up her hair then turned to me.

“That was fun. Did you enjoy it too? E

I nodded and grinned.

Betty decided that we should continue the rest of the walk without putting our knickers back on; which seemed to be the naughtiest part of the day to me!

We chatted and laughed all of the way back down the hill; lifting each others skirts to get a peep at the other ones Esnatch when ever we climbed over a style or fence. Mister was as horny as ever, poking his nose up our skirts and we both let him lick our fanny’s Etwice. He didn’t make me cum but it felt divine.

When we approached the village we stopped in the thicket so we could put our knickers back on. As I bent over Betty slipped her hand between my legs one last time and slid a nice fat finger into my eager snatch. After a couple of minutes fiddling about she pulled it out and let Mister lick it clean.

We walked to my Granddads cottage as innocent as two little lambs; agreeing to meet again on Sunday afternoon for another ‘walk E I think I looked a little bit over eager.

After tea and a game of Monopoly I went to bed at about 9 o’clock. I struggled to get to sleep as the things I’d done with Betty and Mister played over and over again in my head. It wasn’t until I’d made myself cum three times with my fingers; just like Betty had shown me that I finally fell asleep.

Betty and her family were all at Church the next morning as I was with Grandma and Granddad. We smiled and said hello as we left then agreed to meet after lunch for a walk by the river. By the look on her face and the twinkle in her eye I guessed Betty planned to repeat our fun and games from Saturday. Or at least I hoped so!

I’d hardly finished drying the pans when Betty knocked on the front door. As soon as I opened it Mister stuck his nose straight up the front of my blue linen dress. Betty and I immediately got the giggles. Gran allowed me out but only if I promised to not get my Sunday dress dirty. I promised.

We had only got to the end of the short terrace when Betty grabbed my arm and said, “Let’s go behind here. E In a flash we were behind a small wall and she had lifted her skirt up.

“Let’s take our knickers off! EShe beamed and pulled her own pants down to her knees.

“Okay. EI giggled and copied her. Mister was bouncing between the two of us; sticking his rough tongue out trying to lick our Fannies.

“MMMmmm. EBetty sighed as she opened her legs to allow him free access. She pushed him away and dropped the front of her dress when we heard voices on the other side of the wall.

“Quick; hide these! EShe whispered as she thrust her knickers into my hand. I stuffed them alongside my own into my handbag.

We appeared from behind the wall as nonchalantly as possible, but if anyone had looked closely they would have seen that Mister was sporting an enormous hard-on!

On the way to the river Betty asked if I’d been thinking about what we’d done the previous day.
I told her I had and had even made myself cum three times before I could get to sleep.

The riverbank was absolutely stunning in the sunshine and I was surprised that there didn’t appear to be anyone else taking advantage of the beautiful scenery. We walked for about an hour until we found a secluded corner shaded by trees and some large rocks.

“This is it. EBetty announced.

“This is where? EI asked.

“This is where I wanted to bring you. EBetty smiled. “No one else ever comes here. E

I grinned when I realised that she did want to repeat our games from yesterday.

“Can you swim? EShe asked as she fastened Mister to a tree. I shook my head.
“Never mind, you can still paddle, cos it’s pretty still here. E

“But I haven’t got anything to wear. EI pointed out.

“I know! EBetty chuckled, “that’s the point Ewe’re going to skinny dip! EThen she began taking her dress off.

“But what if someone comes along? EI nervously asked.

My friend just smiled and grinned as she unfastened her bra. Betty was already removing her knickers when I began unbuttoning my dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked lovely. Her breasts were at least twice as big as mine and I couldn’t wait to have a hairy fanny like hers.

As I placed my knickers on top of my neat pile of clothes Betty jumped into the water with a large splash. Naked; I tentatively walked towards the edge and dipped my toe in. It was freezing and Betty had begun splashing me. It took a while but I eventually plucked up the courage to actually walk into the river up to my knees.

It took a while but my body acclimatised to the cold water and I began to have a fun time splashing and playing in the river for half an hour or so.

Eventually Betty turned to look at Mister who was jumping around and barking.

“Let’s have some fun with the dog. E

I eagerly nodded my head in agreement.

It was strangely liberating and very arousing walking around naked on the riverbank. When Betty approached Mister he immediately jumped onto his hind legs showing us his long pink cock as if he was very proud of it.

As soon as she unhooked his leash he leapt on her licking her face and wrapping his legs around her waist making his cock pat against her belly.

We quickly rolled him onto his back and took turns rubbing his cock E.for a dog he seemed very happy with us doing this too him!
Then Betty dared me to kiss it again. I didn’t need daring! I’d been waiting all morning for the opportunity.

I bent forward and gently kissed the ragged tip; then again and again and again Eissing it all over. I looked up at Betty who was now holding Mister down with one hand and rubbing her snatch with the other. She nodded in answer to my silent question. I leant forward and opened my lips letting the dogs Ecock go inside my mouth. He wriggled a lot at first, but soon stopped when I began sucking it the way Betty had taught me. I slowly fed it into my mouth and sucked it tight then relaxed and bobbed my head up and down making sure it didn’t slip out of my young mouth. After about three or four minutes there was a funny feeling in my snatch and I thought I was weeing myself as something wet and sticky was running down the inside of my naked legs.

From the noises Betty was making I think she must have made herself cum 3 or 4 times as I sucked Misters Edelicious cock. Just as I got a lovely fast rhythm going I could feel the dog bucking its Ehind quarters and jet after jet of his hot spunk filled my mouth again. I was nearly delirious as I gulped as much down as possible, draining the dog’s cock of as much sweet juice as possible. When I was sure that there was nothing left I let the pink tube slide out of my mouth and Mister twisted onto his side to begin licking his cock clean.

“Shit! You’re even hornier than me! EMy friend giggled as she openly fingered herself. “You must need finishing off now. E

“What do you mean? EI asked as I wiped the excess cum from my lips with the back of my hand.

“I’ll do it for you, Eshe told me, “get on your back with your legs apart and I’ll muff you. E

I dropped back onto the grass as she’d told me and spread my legs wide apart so she could get a good look at my tingling snatch.

Betty crawled between my legs and lifted my legs onto her shoulders forcing me to take my weight on my own shoulders.

“Are you ready? EShe asked with a mischievous grin.

Not knowing what she was going to do I smiled and nodded.

Betty shuffled into position and gently kissed my twinkle making me moan with pleasure. She then parted the tender lips with her tongue and ran it along my slit. My eyes were now tightly closed and all I could do was moan and purr like a kitten. The sensations she was causing were sending me into raptures. Before I knew it she began licking my button and had slid a finger into my hole making me twist and turn trying to press my fanny even harder against her mouth. It only took her another minute and I had my strongest cum yet E.I thought I might be sick because of the feelings in my tummy. But she didn’t stop EBetty kept licking and fingering until I was in one complete never ending cum. I was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

I hardly had any breath but I finally had to gasp for her to stop.

When she dropped my legs she lay beside me, stroking my hair and kissing me on the lips.

Our idyll was soon interrupted by a gruff voice.

“Well, well, well Betty McGeehan, what have I found here? E

I opened my eyes to see a scruffy man; who I presumed was a poacher, with two terriers on a rope leash standing beside us.

Before I could react or make sense of the situation Betty let fly with a volley of abuse,

“You dirty fucker Maurice! Have you been fucking watching? I bet you fucking have Eyou fucking wanker! What did you see? How fucking long has you been there you tosser? E

She was now on her knees and threw a stone at him; which thankfully missed his head by inches.

The man just laughed and began tying his dogs Erope leash to a tree.

“I’ve seen enough to know you’ll open your legs for me to stop me telling the village what you got up to. E

“Fuck off Eyou fucking tramp! EBetty snarled as she looked around for her clothes, which had disappeared, “I wouldn’t let you fuck me even if you’d had a bath. E

The man was now unbuttoning his rough woollen trousers and easing them down over his dirty pair of long-john’s.

“Don’t be like that Betty, Ehe chuckled exposing a set of teeth that seemed to include every colour but white, “I know you let our Jackie and Bobby fuck you a couple of weeks ago; now it’s my turn to get a little bit of your cunt. E

Betty was still looking for our clothes as the man continued.

Maurice was now standing with his trousers and pants around his ankles and was tugging at his cock the way I had done with the horse. His cock looked about the same size as Mister the dog but a lot thicker. I was entranced.

“Come here girl and wrap your lips around this and you’ll get your clothes back. E

Resigned to her fate Betty shook her head and called him a dirty bastard but moved onto her knees with her face in front of his stiffening cock.

The man chuckled as he stroked her hair and pushed it into her mouth. With practiced ease my friend sucked his grubby cock; bobbing her head as it went in and out just like I had with Mister.

As he began forcing his cock into her mouth by moving his hips he looked at me for the first time.

“Don’t think I’ve forgot about you Missy. EHe said with a glint in his eye, “You can suck my cock clean just the way you did that dogs Eafter I’ve fucked this little whore. E

“Right, you little tart. EHe told her as he pulled her head away by the hair, “get on your knees like the bitch you are. E

Betty didn’t say a word but complied in the same submissive way I did to her commands.

Once on her hands and knees the man got behind her and roughly shoved his cock into her fanny making her throw her head back and catch her breath.

He grabbed her hair with one hand and began slapping her bum with the other making her shriek and howl.

“That’s right you little tart Ecream! E He grunted with a twisted look on his face. He continued fucking her like this until he suddenly stopped and pulled her head back by her hair. His head flopped forward and he slowly ground his hips against her.

The man pushed Betty away from him so she landed face first into the grass.

“Right now it’s your turn. EHe snarled in my direction and curled his finger for me to come to him. “Seeing as how you seem to like dog spunk so much you can taste mine too. Now crawl over towards me. E

Terrified I did as I was told and inched towards him on my hand and knees. When I got there he was sitting down with his shiny cock pointing towards me.

“Come on then. Lick the fucking thing clean! EMaurice snapped as he grabbed one of my pigtails. “Let’s see if you like a mans Ecock as much as you like a fucking dogs Ecock. E

The man did smell funny Edirty and grimy really; but I didn’t mind; this was going to be the first of many mens Ecocks that I would willingly suck in the next 40 years.

Maurice’s cock was now much longer and thicker than the dog’s and filled my mouth up like a big fat sausage. I went about my administrations with great gusto licking his warm spunk of the flabby shaft as it began to stiffen again in my mouth. Maurice laughed as he compared Betty’s style to mine; calling us a pair of dirty young cock suckers.

“Turn around and let me see your cunt. EHe grunted and spanked my bum to get my attention as I was so engrossed in sucking his mucky cock.

I shuffled around so my bum was eventually facing his head.

I was in Heaven as I filled my mouth with as much cock as possible and let him spread my legs and run his finger along my virgin crack.

Without warning Maurice slid a long thick finger into my snatch, making me shiver; but I didn’t stop sucking him. The next five minutes were absolutely awesome as he finger fucked me while I sucked his cock as well as possible.

“Yes, yes, yes! You dirty little fucker! EMaurice gasped as he twisted and curled his finger deep inside my hole, “I’m cumming! You’re making me fucking cum again! E
By now I could feel his fat cock banging against the back of my throat as I sucked and swallowed his magnificent cock.

Maurice curled his long finger deep into my fanny as he filled my mouth with thick sticky cum. It tasted much different to Misters E Esaltier and it felt much thicker.

“Go on! You dirty cunt! EMaurice snarled as he pushed me towards Betty, “You might as well lick that dirty cow’s cunt clean now. E

Betty was lying on her back with her knees raised and her legs wide apart. I didn’t know what it was but her snatch was leaking a cloudy grey liquid.

“Go on then! EMaurice snarled again. “Lick it fucking clean! E

With tears in her eyes, Betty held her hands out beckoning me towards her. She tenderly held my head and pulled my face down to her snatch. I recognised the smell immediately. The grey liquid was Maurice’s cum.

I tentatively prodded her pink gash with my tongue. The gluey cum tasted different now Eprobably because it had been inside my friends Ebody; but I went about licking it and gulping it down with great delight. Every time I slid my tongue along her slit Betty groaned and pressed her wet hole against my face. This was great fun!

Very soon Becky was making gurgling noises and I knew she was cumming just like she’d done before but this time it was because I was licking her fanny. I was thrilled that I could make her this happy while enjoying myself in a way that I’d never dreamed of.

Betty must have cum three times while I licked her before Maurice threw our clothes onto the ground from his hiding place.

“Well Betty, EMaurice cackled, “you know what you’re going to have to do for me to keep my secret don’t you? E

As he walked away Betty pulled me towards her and flung her arms around my body.

“I’m so sorry. EShe sobbed, “If I’d known that bastard was there I’d ne E E
I didn’t let her finish the sentence.

“Don’t be sorry. EI smiled, “I EI EI fucking loved it! After you told me about boy’s cocks I couldn’t wait to suck one myself! E

Betty wiped the tears from her eyes and asked “Are you sure? E

“YES! EI laughed and shouted, “I E just love SUCKING COCKS! E

We got dressed and slowly walked back to the village.

Betty explained that Maurice lived in an old farmhouse with his two sons Bob and Jackie. She’d been fucking and sucking with Jackie for over a year and he had the biggest cock in the village. A couple of weeks previously the he had held her down and while his younger brother fucked her. They then both took turns until they eventually made her suck their cocks at the same time as they fucked her. She got very excited when she recounted the story.

I learnt everything a girl can about sex during that holiday.
Over the following 6 weeks I lost my virginity to Maurice and the brothers took it in turns fucking me while I sucked the other one off. I also had sex with five other boys from the village not forgetting sweet Mister who got his cock sucked or wanked twice a week for the duration of my holiday.

I also spent several rainy days in Betty’s bedroom where we passed away the time licking and fingering each other and sticking as many objects into our sex holes as humanly possible.

I visited Betty every year until she died in 2004. Mister died 5 years after my first visit and Betty replaced him with two of his puppies who were both as horny as their father!

If you like this story I’ll tell you the rest.


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