Just Talking

Just Talking

We were just sitting around one night when she asked me, “Tell me about your kinkiest sex with someone other than me.”
“Are you sure you want to hear about it?” I said. “Yes, I’m tired of sitting here talking about work and other crap. Tell me a good true kinky story and take your time and give me all the details.”
“OK” I said. “Just promise me you won’t think less of me after you hear it.”
“I won’t “she said “Just make it good”.
I proceeded to tell her about the time a former girlfriend and I had sex during a party at a friend’s house.
I know it doesn’t sound like much but the part where it gets kinky was fun in my mind and I’ll always smile when I think of it.
“So we had snuck off to the back bedroom and Rene was bent over at the waist holding on to the dresser and I was fucking her from behind while reaching around and playing with her tits when the door opened up and her best friend Caroline walked in.”
“I said Oh Shit and pulled out of Rene in a panic thinking that both Rene and Caroline would be freaked out at the whole scene. I was completely shocked when Caroline said put that dick back into Rene and take care of her.” “Ren?aid you heard the girl slide that cock back into my pussy right now.”

I did what I was told smiling at Caroline as I slid my still hard cock into Rene’s wet pussy. Caroline pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties down before sitting at the edge of the bed. She put her right hand between her legs and started to play with herself while telling Rene how fucking hot she looked with my cock sliding in and out of her. Rene in turn told Caroline she loved watching her play with her pussy.
I took this moment to say maybe Caroline would like it if you ate her. Caroline moaned a low yesss and Rene said I think I’d like that, let’s re-position ourselves. Caroline laid back on the bed with her ass almost at the edge and pulled her legs up almost over her head.

Rene stood up, my cock popping out of her, and walked over to the bed and bent over again but this time with her face ending up between Caroline’s legs. I just stood there for a moment looking at Rene as she began to lick and suck Caroline’s now very wet pussy. After a couple of minutes Rene raised her face from between Caroline’s pussy and said “You should really be fucking me while I do this.” “You’re right” I said and got back behind her and slid my cock back into her.
Caroline had by this time opened her blouse and she was playing with her tits as Rene continued to eat her pussy. “Ummm yes fuck that pussy while she eats me fuck her real good” she said to me as Rene brought her closer to orgasm.
I was getting real close to cumming and told them this. Rene raised her head from Caroline’s pussy and said, “Caroline do you want to taste Jake’s cum?” Caroline said “Let’s share it”
Rene then pulled herself from my dick turned around and slid to her knees in front of me. Caroline slid from the bed and positioned herself next to Rene. Now both of their faces were just inches from my cock and Rene reached up, grabbed my cock, and began to stoke it vigorously saying “Cum for us baby cum for us” Caroline added, “All over our faces, cum all over our faces.”
Well it did not take long and I was doing just that. Cumming all over their faces, I must admit it looked like and felt like a huge load. Cum was dripping down Rene’s face and all over Caroline’s mouth and down onto her tits. I then just stood back and watched as Caroline licked my cum from Rene’s face and the two of them kissed deeply passing my cum between them as they did.
“That’s it that’s’ the best I got. Rene moved out west shortly after that and I see Caroline occasionally around town but she avoids me. She was pretty drunk that night and I think she may be a bit embarrassed at what she did that night. Me like I said I always smile when I think about it. Now what can you tell me little lady?”

“That was pretty fucking hot” she said.
“I hate to admit this to you but my pussy is pretty wet right now just from listening to your story”. “I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman and you’re story might just tip the scales if you play your cards right and I can talk a friend into it.”
“That’s nice to hear” I said “I’m looking forward to you talking someone into joining us but, that doesn’t get you off the hook I still want to hear your kinky story right now.”
“OK, here goes I hope you enjoy it.” She said with a sly grin on her face.
“It happened when I was working at the job I had just before you met me. We, my boss and I, had been sent to a conference in New York. You know from past conversations that we had dated a couple times when I was working for him and that I had slept with him a couple times before he and I both left the company.”

“Yes” I said, “that’s old news.”
“But I never told you about New York so listen up. The seminars that we had to attend were really boring and I decided that I was going to have some fun with Sam that night. He had been great about paying for meals and waiting for me and showing me the sights. This was the first time I had been to New York and Sam had been there often and knew all the right places so to speak. “
“After the conference on our last day I told Sam I would catch up with him later that I wanted to pick something up at a shop I show around the corner from the hotel. ‘Do you want me to come along he asked’ and I said no it’s just around corner I’ll call you when I get back and we can figure out what we’re going to do tonight before going home tomorrow.” “OK see you later” he said and headed towards the elevator.
“The shop I wanted to go to was not the dress shop he probably was thinking about but rather a lingerie shop I saw a couple blocks away.”
“When I got back from my shopping trip I changed into my purchase and called Sam’s room and asked him to come over to my room for a minute.

“When he walked into the room he saw me standing there in 6 inch heels, patterned black nylons, opened crotch panties, very bright red stick on my lips, and a bra that let my nipples stick out.” “Holy cow” he said. “You look really hot!”
“I didn’t say a word. I walked over to him and squatted in front of him and undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles and started to suck his cock.”
“I never mentioned this about Sam before but he has a fairly large cock when it gets fully aroused and I soon had him in that state.”
“I was sucking him as far as I could into my throat while I played with his balls with my right hand.”
“He had his hands on the top of my head and was, for lack of a better expression, fucking my face.”
“I had never dressed like this before and the overall effect of being dressed this way was having a strange effect on me. I was feeling like a total whore and loved it. I pulled his cock from my mouth and told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind. Usually I would say take me from behind or let’s do it doggy style, I never said fuck me to him or anyone else in my life up to that point.”
“My saying I wanted him to fuck me dissolved Sam’s usually polite demeanor and he responded by saying first he wanted to face fuck me some more. That he loved the sight of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and that before he would fuck me I needed to suck his cock some more.”
“I liked the dirty language for the first time and really got into the spirit of it for the first time in my life. I looked up at Sam and said OK you can fuck my face some more but no cumming until I’ve had this big prick in my pussy. He nodded and pulled my face back to his cock and I took it deep into my mouth again. All the while he was moaning and saying things like ‘Suck my cock baby suck my fucking cock’.
‘Like I said it was the first time that dirty language turned me on so much. As I was sucking his cock I had one hand on his balls and the other was between playing with one very wet pussy.

“Sam pulled my face from his cock and told me he wanted to fuck me and I said I would love to have his cock in me. As he took off the clothes that he still had on I sat on the edge of the bed and played with my pussy and told him how fucking wet I was and that I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast from behind.”
“He smiled at me as he dropped his shirt to the ground and said stand up and bend over. I did just that spreading my legs and sticking my ass out in his direction.”
“I started to moan softly fuck me baby fuck me with that big fucking prick of yours. I have to admit I was almost shocked at myself when I heard myself saying those words but they just kept coming out of me, fuck me baby, fuck me baby, and slide that big prick into my wet fucking pussy.”
“Sam was also getting into the dirty language bit in a big way asking me do you like cock baby do you like fucking and sucking big fucking cocks?” “Yes you bastard I love big fucking cock now fuck me harder” I said.
“He did not need to be asked twice and he started to pound his cock deep and fast into me. I thought I was going to pass out a couple of times.”
“He had amazing stamina that night as after what seemed like 5 minutes of really hard fucking he still had not blown his load in me.”
“He pulled his cock out of me and said lick your juices from my cock.”
“I dropped to my knees in front of him and stated to suck him again. His dick was wet with my juices and I loved the taste of it. After a few minutes of cock sucking I stood up and said lay down Sam I want you to eat me.”
“Sam just smiled and lay down on the floor and said come to daddy.”
“I lowered myself over his face in a backwards position so that I could continue to suck his cock while he ate me out.”
“I’m getting hot just telling you this story and as soon as I’m done I’m going to suck your cock.”
“I’m good with that” I said and she continued.
“It didn’t take long and I was soon cumming. I had never had an orgasm from anyone eating me before and I pulled his cock from my mouth and moaned so fucking loud I was afraid they were going to hear me in the lobby.”
By this time in her story I had pulled my hardening cock from my pants and was stroking it slowly as I listen to her finish the story.
“Sam lifted my pussy from his face and told me to get on my knees. I did as he asked and he stood in front of me stroking his huge cock just inches from my face.”
“Play with your pussy while I jerk off all over you.” He said.
“This was going to be a first for me as I had never let anyone cum all over me before. I reached between my legs and started to finger-fuck my pussy as he stroked his cock. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming again and as I started to moan from my orgasm Sam let out a deep moan and started to shot huge amounts of cum all over my face and tits.”
“That’s it the kinkiest thing I had done before I met you. Now I want you to fuck me hard with that dick of yours.”
I did just that and to add a kinky story or our own I ate her pussy after filling it with my cum.


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