A Story Of My Cd Friend And I

Sometimes I would post and I would get answers from mostly men, which I wasn't crazy interested in, but I had dome some things with men before. It was a tough spot for me because I enjoyed cock play, touching, sucking, and I enjoyed having my hole played with, touched, fingered, and in some instances penetrated with a nice cock, but I wasn't "attracted" to men. Then I started getting responses from cross-dressers. This peaked my interest because these men dressed like women and some were even smooth all over. In my mind this was an amazing thing, the girl qualities with a nice cock hiding in their panties.

Then there was Ryan:

I checked my email one morning after making a post on a personals page. After sifting through the messages I knew were scams or professionals, I finally came across one that seemed real. The subject of the email was simply "Smooth CD" I opened the message and there was a short nice introduction, and below it a picture. The picture was a stunning Asian woman, long dark hair and sexy lingerie. I was immediately interested, I replied back and we began talking. It wasn't long before we had exchanged phone numbers and were making plans to meet. We finally settled on a day that we could meet up at his place and have some fun. Finally the day had arrived, I went to his house and knocked on the door. The door opens and there stands the sexy woman from the picture, about 5' 8" slender, beautiful black hair, wearing thigh highs, a short skirt, bra, and a sheer top. I was sprung right away, I could feel my cock swelling in my shorts. We made some small talk just inside the door and it felt like we had a connection right away. It didn't take long before we were making out and touching each others bodies, but avoiding the intimate areas initially. We engaged in a more fierce kiss, tongues starting to probe each other, when I felt his hand slide from my back down to my ass. It felt good, I liked being touched that way, I returned the favor and slowly slid my hand down to his ass, it felt firm under the skirt.

I worked my hand under his skirt and I could feel panties, I traced the line between flesh and panty material with my hand. We drew into a closer embrace and I could feel our bulges touching through our clothes. I remember thinking to myself, there's the bonus! I also had another thought that I wanted to investigate, the bulge seemed bigger than I had anticipated. As that thought crossed my mind, I was snapped back to the situation at hand because I realized a hand was in the front of my shorts. Ryan had worked one hand down my shorts and was working on getting my shorts undone with the other hand. He teased my cock a little and then started working my shorts down, my shorts got to about my thighs and I did a little shimmy to get them the rest of the way off and then kicked them off my feet. I felt a tug on the bottom of my shirt and instinctually raised my arms up as he peeled my shirt off of me. He took a step back and looked at me standing there in my grey boxer-briefs and my socks. Just as I was starting to get a little self-conscious, he dropped to his knees in front of me and hooked his fingers into the waist of my underwear. There was a slight pause, almost as if to say, this is the point you stop or go all the way. All I could manage was a slight nod of my head, I was so excited I couldn't speak at that point. That was all the permission he needed, he started tugging my underwear down and my hard cock sprang free. I kicked my underwear off of my feet and Ryan already had his hands on my hard, throbbing cock. He licked the tip of my cock and swirled his tongue around the head a few times, I slumped back against his door as he took me into his mouth for the first time. I'm not an impressive specimen by any means, around 6" and average girth, but he seemed pleased with it. He gave me a few good pumps in his mouth and then paused, he wanted me to see more of him at this point. He pulled off his sheer top and down the sexy little skirt he was wearing. I must have been staring at his bulge, straining against the panties he was wearing.
He looked at me and said "go for it". I needed no more encouragement, I was already curious from before when I almost got to touch it. I reached out with my hands and felt his cock through the soft panty material. God it was nice! I couldn't help it anymore and pulled his panties down and off his feet. There it was, a magnificent cock, a little over 7" and a little more girth than mine. I couldn't resist anymore and took him in my mouth. His precum tasted really good and it put me in a frenzy, I was sucking his cock really good, bobbing up and down, in and out, running my tongue into his little slit and circling his head. Suddenly he stopped me, He didn't want to cum yet. Ryan moved to his dining room area where he had laid a blanket out on the floor and laid down on his side. He motioned to me to join him and lay the other way. I moved over to him and laid down, we were on our sides, face to each others cocks. We both started sucking each other at the same time, I started to feel like I might cum and I let him know. He stopped and I still had is cock down my throat, somehow we rolled to where I was on my back and he was on top of me, cock still down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and as he was readjusting himself I took a curious probing lick of his hole. He kind of jumped a little like I surprised him and then he popped his hips, angling his hole toward my tongue. I took the invitation and started probing his hole with my tongue, working around the outside and the pressing a little of my tip into it. He was moaning and moving his hips, I kept licking and swirling my tongue around. He raised up and moved himself down to my cock, still on top of me, facing away. He sat and started rubbing my cock between his ass cheeks and teasing himself with my cock. He pressed his hole against my cock and gave him a little thrust, just enough to spread his tight hole just a little bit. He asked me if I wanted to fuck his ass, and I said, "very much so." With that he took my cock in his hands and lined it up with his hole, and started pressing it into himself in little motions.
He would come down a little and the let up some and come back down. I could feel how tight he was, it was amazing, the head of my cock was slowly making its way into his tight wet little hole. He went up and came back down and it happened, the head of my cock popped into his tight hole, just inside, he gasped and paused, I was trying not to cum. SHIT it was tight! Pause was over, he started working me farther inside of him, He must have felt me pulsing because he slowed down some. Finally I was burried to the root in his tight asshole, god did it feel good, it was so tight, I was still about to cum. He paused for a minute which I appreciated, because it took me off the ledge a little bit. Then he started raising up some, he raised all the way up to my tip and let it slip just a little out and then plunged my cock all the way back inside, omg, I almost blew, he took another pause, good thing, because I was pulsing and trying really hard to hold the cum back. I'm sure he could feel it, as tight and his ass was squeezing around my cock. Then, out of nowhere, he just let me have it, he started bouncing his ass up and down my cock full length. He leaned back toward me and angled my cock into his prostate, I could feel his precum dripping on to me. I was about to blow, it only took what seemed like 30 seconds of him bouncing up and down on me before he pulled himself off of me and took my pulsing cock into his hands and I started spraying cum everywhere. He caught some of my cum in a rag and some he licked up in his mouth, he then laid back on the blanket. I didn't need any prompting I moved over to his side and took his swollen cock in my mouth. I could taste his precum, it tasted so good, he was very close to cumming I could feel him pulsing. He pulled my face off his cock and I took it into my hands as he started to spurt cum. Some of his cum hit my lips, mouth, and most of it landed on my hands. I loved the feeling of his cock pulsing in my hands as it pumped spurt after spurt of cum.
Ryan started cleaning me up and we dressed and I left his house. I returned many times for similar encounters, Ryan was my favorite playmate, but there was one other encounter that stood out in my mind, I wrote it out in detail below.

The *********** flip:

I still remember the first time he reversed the roles on me. I walked in his front door and he pulled my shirt off, turned me around and slightly bent me over against his door. Then he pulled my shorts down while playing with my cock through my underwear. He knelt down and slowly pulled my underwear down while kissing and licking my ass and crack, my rock hard cock sprang free from my underwear and he pulled them the rest of the way off. He licked me a few more times, teasing my hole with his tongue. Then he stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear off, letting his rock hard cock pop up and rest on my ass. I wiggled my ass around a little in anticipation, I couldn't believe how much I wanted it. He took a small step closer to me, lining up his cock with my crack while pressing it slightly harder against me. I bent over a little more and popped my hips and ass upward a little so he could have it. He took his time making sure everything was wet enough while slowly stroking his cock up and down my crack between my ass cheeks, pausing every once and a while to tease my hole by slightly pressing the head of his cock a little harder against my hole. By this point I was so into it I was subconsciously pushing back against him trying to get his hard cock in me, but he wouldn't allow it just yet. The anticipation was killing me, I wanted him in me so bad! He teased me a little longer and then finally it was time, he paused again with his head firmly pressed against my tight, wet hole, and then I felt it, more pressure than the teasing he had been doing before. I thrust my ass and hips back against him and he grabbed my hips and whispered "slow baby" I groaned because I wanted him in me now! I could feel the pressure building up against my hole, and slowly the head of his cock was making its way into my tightness. He pressed a little more and finally his head spread me open and popped just barely inside me, it felt amazing! He held me by my hips because I kept trying to buck back and force him deeper, but he wanted it slow. He took his time, and made sure I felt every inch slide up my tight ass. He finally worked himself all the way in and started pulling back, he pulled all the way back out! I was desperate! "Put it back in" I begged. He started putting it back in, a little faster this time. I could sense that he wanted to pick up the pace, so I started working my ass up and down. He responded by grabbing my hips harder and giving me a hard thrust until I heard and felt his balls slap against me. He was balls deep in my tight wet asshole! "Oh fuck yes!" I moaned and then we both lost it, passion took over and we both just started fucking. He was thrusting in and out of me faster and harder, I was thrusting my hips and ass, working his hard cock inside me. After a few minutes of fucking, I could feel his cock swelling and pulsing. He was about to cum, I could feel it! I started bucking harder and his cock started pulsing harder. Suddenly he withdrew from my ass all the way and then I felt his hot cum hit my ass cheek and then it splashed on my crack and another spurt hit right on my hole. It felt so good but I protested and asked him why he didn't cum in me!?

Thanks for reading my story and let me know what you think in the comments below! This is my first time writing and sharing a story.


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