Romantic In The Rain

I awoke to the sound of waves gently breaking on the shore. The air was cool and fresh. I reached across, just to check, Claire was there. I never wanted to lose Claire again. I looked around the room, the B&B was decorated in Victorian country cottage style. We had the attic room, there were dormers on three sides; one of them open to let the fresh air and the sound of the surf in.

Claire opened her eyes. Recognition dawned on her face, she smiled. I couldn't resist that smile, but before I melted I had a mission. "Happy anniversary." Reaching over my side of the bed, I picked up the card and handed it to her.


She opened the card, it was a simple card, with a simple message on the front in big block letters. "My life did suck without you." Originally, it had said 'would', not 'did', I'd crossed out the 'would' and written in 'did' instead.

"Aww." She kissed me and snuggled into my chest hair. Then she bounced up, with her usual energy and also produced a card (seemingly out of thin air).

The card was a similar style, the bold letters on the front said, "I think I’ll keep you (like forever.)" I chuckled and smiled. Claire snuggled again, and said, "It was either that, or the one which said, 'I love you with all my heart and genitals.'" We both cracked up.

"Ten years." She said in a contemplative voice. Then she grasped my dick, which was already stiff, and asked, "You know what I want to do?"

I shook my head slightly, anticipating liking her next move.

"I want to go for a walk along the beach before breakfast." With that she bounced off the bed. Not what I was expecting. I contemplated 'pulling rank' on her, and ordering her back to bed to finish what she'd started. I thought I might be able to get away with that for our anniversary. But, she pulled on a light sundress, nothing else, and announced, "I'm ready."

Maybe she had something in mind, so I decided to play along.

I got up and pulled on my shorts and a tee-shirt, and we walked out of the B&B. We took the stairs down the cliff face and then across the beach to the waters edge. In the early morning stillness, the ocean lived up to its name, 'Pacific', it was peaceful and calm. Just enough of a swell to cause the breakers. Hand in hand we walked along the shore around the headland, and we were out of sight of any early risers in the B&B.

We continued down the deserted beach, just happy in our love. Eventually, Claire turned to me and stood still, expectant. I reached around her to hug her, and leant down to kiss her. Claire shivered. I'm not sure if that was passion or cold, the wind had picked up. A spot of rain landed on my nose, and I wiped it way. The sky was looking ominously black. We hadn't been looking up; we hadn't noticed.

More spots of rain, then it became a shower. The wind rose. We looked around for some shelter, I pointed towards the cliffs across the beach, we started running in that direction as the heavens turned on the spigot. I could run faster than Claire, so I scooped her up in my arms and ran. “Whee!” She exclaimed, excited. I spotted a cave mouth, I headed to that.

My survival training had kicked in, even though I wanted to leave all that behind at home. Claire had even promised to not call me ‘General’ (in honor of my promotion), or ‘Soldier-boy’, her pet name for me. This could be bad, stuck out in the elements with no gear and hardly any clothing. I could survive, I’d been through worse in training, but Claire was really only a civilian, she was my civilian, mine to protect.

Picking her up was not just romantic, it’d keep me warm, so I could worry about Claire. As I ran I assessed the situation, the wind was from the South West, so the rain was warm. We had a “pineapple express” direct from Hawaii.

I made it to the cave, Clair was laughing, delighted. I set her down, she wasn’t shivering.
Could be a good sign, could be a bad sign. “Lets get this wet thing off.” I said as I reached for the hem of her dress. She stood, smiled, and let me, still thinking I was being romantic. With the dress off, I assessed her, she was pink, not blue, not shivering was a good sign.

I wrung out the dress and set it on a rock to dry, then took off my tee-shirt. Claire looked on, raptly. “Ooh, a floor show.” I smiled back at her as I wrung out the shirt and set it to dry. She advanced on me and sank to her knees, taking down my shorts she said, “My gallant hero deserves his reward.” She shivered as she said it, I wasn’t sure if that was cold or passion.

Assuming the worst, cold, I let her take off my shorts, then declared, “I’ve a better idea. Time for a riding lesson.”

I grabbed her under her arms and lifted her effortlessly into the air. “Oooh.” She cooed. I squatted, then rolled onto my back, Claire still held aloft. Finally, I set her down on my crotch and she did the rest. She grabbed my stiff dick, and fed it to her hungry pussy. Then, she set off ‘riding’ while I watched her bounce up and down on me. Satisfied that the exercise would keep her warm, I surrendered myself to the feelings.

I must have had a really goofy grin by the time we both came. She snuggled in my chest hair, and said, “You’re so romantic; I love you.”


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