Rose's Story

Rose’s Story.
This is fiction based around the fact that in the real world guys like the Martin I describe do exist. Ladies beware, or make the most of it!

One evening Sylvia was taken aside by her Aunt Rose. They were alone. Rose didn’t beat about the bush. “You are a very attractive 17 year old.”
“Thank you,” Sylvia replied cautiously, for she had an inkling that a reproof was on its way.
“Rather as I was, once upon a time. Now I’m sure you will do your own thing regardless of anything I say but at least, by the time I’ve finished, you won’t be able to plead ignorance. I’ve seen the way you tease that boy next door.”
“He likes it,” Sylvia answered, defensively.
“I’m sure he does, and so do you. Sex is meant to be exciting, and it is. When I was young,” Rose said, “about your age, I was friends with two boys.”
“Two!” exclaimed Sylvia.
Rose smiled. “Two. My brother Ted and his best friend Simon. We had been for years; in fact since we are all three eight year olds. We had a lot of fun. When I was fourteen we still had fun, but it was changing. As innocence faded we were becoming more conscious of our sexuality. One precaution I took was to wearing shorts during our horseplay. We’d also go fishing, play tennis and go rambling. Shorts were far more practicable than a skirt, and when we went camping I insisted on separate tents. We were all sensible and continued to have lots more or less ish fun but we were all becoming increasingly aware. A degree of sexual tension was often in the air. I found I liked teasing them and they both encouraged me.”
“Nothing changes,” Sylvia remarked, flippantly, her own experiences in her mind.
Rose went on, “I thought I knew what I was doing, too. Since then I have learnt that there are at least four kinds of boys. There are the shy ones, like Ted and Simon, where you always remain in control. If anything happens you have only yourself to blame.”
“Or congratulate,” Sylvia retorted, defiantly.

“Oh yes. Then there is the aggressive type conscious only of their needs and heedless of what a girl might feel. If you’re firm, you can control these hormone driven studs, too. They get impatient, call you names and walk away if you don’t open your legs and beg for their favours. No loss. The third kind is considerate, caring, turns you on slowly and is good for the long haul. This is the boy to marry, if you’re lucky enough to find him.”
“Did you?” Sylvia asked.
“Yes, I did, eventually. But I haven’t finished. There is a fourth kind of fella. He isn’t particularly smart or good looking or even of your own age group but he has an instant affect on most of the girls he meets, young or old. They become immediately interested, and excited and quite without inhibitions.”
“Hmmp. Not me,” Sylvia said, firmly.
Rose smiled. “Well, yes, they all say that, and so did I, until I met Martin.”
Sylvia was immediately curious. “What happened?”
Rose’s smile broadened. “I’ll get there. On one particular camping trip the teasing of Ted and Simon deepened.”
“You teased your own brother!”
Rose shrugged. “He was a boy and only a year older. I got a thrill out it and anyway he wouldn’t do anything when Simon was there. So when I went into my tent to change and either Simon or Ted would find an excuse to spy on me I was quite happy. Sometimes, if they kept their distance I would approach them on some trivial issue wrapped in a towel, say, or in my bra. Had I got a mosquito bite on my lower back? That sort of thing. All three of us enjoyed that tempting game.”
“Yes, it was. And I grew careless, deliberately. I was fifteen when I first let them see me in the nude. I left the tent flap open, stripped off, and looked for my trainers, which I knew were not there, and Ted, passing the front of the tent, looked in. I pretended not to see him, and he came back, and looked in again. Simon wandered by, as well, and I was pretty pleased with myself.
We were going swimming so I got my suit on and both boys were over chirpy. They couldn’t keep their eyes off me and they obviously felt uncomfortable in their trunks.”
“Naturally. They had erections,” Sylvia stated. “I’d have been annoyed if they hadn’t.”
Rose grinned. “No problem. They were excited. No doubt about that. Down by the water I sunbathed and they swam, and then Simon came out and dried off making only a half hearted attempt at hiding himself behind a bush.” She smiled. “I was pretending not to look, lying on my stomach. He started to dry his feet, slipped off his shorts and from that moment his penis stiffened even more, pointing straight up. He gave a quick glance in my direction, and then since I didn’t seem to be looking, carried on drying, and stroking himself. He turned half towards me and still I pretended not to see him even when he jerked hips and rampant cock in my direction.” Rose gave a wry smile and glanced at Sylvia. “I should have known. Unfortunately for me, Ted was watching me watching Simon. He didn’t say anything. When he got out of the water he quite unabashed stripped off. Simon called something like “Hey! Cover yourself, little boy,” or some such, & threw his towel at Ted. It caught round his middle just as I looked up. Ted grinned and hurled the towel back at Simon and stood there, arms akimbo, proud of his stiffening penis, staring at me with bright eyes, until the towel came back. For a minute or so they circled each other, throwing the towel until it got caught in one of the bushes, and by now both of them were thoroughly aroused like you wouldn’t believe. They stopped, faced me not ten feet away, looked at each other and then back to me. “This is my lady pleaser,” Ted said, touching his penis. “He says hullo to you Rose.”
“Hey,” Simon cried, “She’s your sister. You shouldn’t say that to her.”
“Why not?” Ted retorted. “Showing is not doing. She doesn’t have to look!”
“I’m surprised you bother?” Simon joked.
He grasped Ted’s cock. “What you’ve got is just ’s stuff.”
Ted didn’t push him away. “It’s not about size, it’s s that matters and I tell you this is my lady pleaser.”
“I suppose so,” Simon replied and then, not to be outdone held his penis up for my inspection. He was hung like a horse. “This is my girl thriller. He loves you, Rose.”
“Simon loves all women,” Ted retorted. “Don’t fall for him. Besides, I think he likes boys.”
“I do not!” Simon retorted. “Like you I watch Rose whenever I can.”
“I’m sure you do. But you grabbed my dick.”
“I was just showing her,” Simon protested. “Besides, I bet you like this.” So saying he put his hand between Ted’s legs, ran his fingers over my brother’s testicles, and then stroked his cock. “See! Even you are getting harder!”
“Very nice,” I replied, pretending as much disinterest as I could muster. “I don’t think either of you need me around. Play with each often, do you?”
Ted and Simon exchanged guilty looks. “No,” Ted said, but I think he lied. “I’ve never touched anyone else before today.”
“Me neither,” Simon protested.
“Well, perhaps you should. You both seem to like it,” I pouted. It was time to ring down the curtain. “In the meantime if you’re staying here don’t you think you should get dressed?”
That would have happened but at that point Simon’s older cousin Martin came down the path.
Ted and Simon had the grace to act embarrassed, hurriedly trying to cover themselves, quite unsuccessfully.
Not so Martin. “A hen party for one!” he exclaimed. “Lucky you, Rose.”
“Oh, they were just mucking about,” I replied. “No harm done.”
“No good, either,” Martin retorted.
Martin was a sleaze ball and he knew it. He knew also that he had that weird quality that attracts women. We know he is gross, he knew we knew and he didn’t care. He’d had plenty of evidence that women come to him, wanting sex. He had sweaty palms, he had a peculiar body odour and a disgustingly pock marked skin.
Yet, for all that he turned girls on. He turned me on. Whilst Simon and Ted had got my interest I was fully in control, more inhibited than daring, quite happy to tease and be teased and be the one to make decisions. But not with Martin. I’d met him before and known at once he was one male you did not get stranded with if you wanted to hang on to your virginity. He knew I knew and just grinned whenever he saw me. Like he was biding his time. Here he was now. Even as he stood there, grinning at all three of us I was telling myself to be strong, to use Simon and Ted as my shield. My heart was jumping in my chest and Martin knew it. I was still a virgin, as were Simon and Ted I think, but how could I cry virtue? I was already lost having been caught staring at two naked and aroused boys.
I had on my bikini and should have drawn up my knees or pulled a towel over me, something like that. Instead, horrified at myself, I turned fully onto my back and stretched out. I drew up one leg and then let it collapse again, so there was quite a gap between them. I propped myself up on my elbows. Ted and Simon watched, of course, staring at my nipples which pressed against the thin material of my top, their erections only partially hidden by their cupped hands. Martin just went on grinning. He sat down beside me.
“Come closer, guys,” he told them. “She won’t bite you.” He let his hand drop onto my knee. I did not push it away. Instead I lifted the other leg up & outwards and that, dear Sylvia was an involuntary but very definite invitation. Why did I do it? Why didn’t I simply get up and walk away. With Simon, or Ted I would have done so but it was Martin and I just went with the flow. Martin took that as a matter of course.
Ted and Simon cautiously approached. “Sit down,” Martin told them, gently stroking my leg just above the knee. They sat and promptly Martin ran his palm along my thigh and up to my hip. “You have beautiful smooth skin,” he said.
“You’re pretty smooth yourself,” I retorted, but I didn’t push him away.
“See, Ted. See how smooth she is?” And Martin took his hand off me, took hold of Ted’s left hand and put it on my upper thigh. “You have to stroke your sister to feel the smoothness.”
Ted, his hand trembling a little, moved it up my thigh. His penis jumped in excitement.
“You too, Simon,” Martin said, and immediately there were two hands on me, one on each leg. Up and down, up & down. It was as if they didn’t know what else to do, or didn’t dare. They kept looking at me as if expecting me to push them away and they’d have retreated guiltily if I had.
Martin smiled at me, a smile that said knowingly, you like it, they like it. Aloud his words were, “So what’s the big deal?”
“No big deal.” I replied, shocking myself.
“Precisely,” Martin agreed, gently pressing on my shoulder. “Just lean back a bit, and feel good. Shut your eyes if you like.”
Now my whole body was beginning to tremble. “Gently, guys. Hey, Rose, relax.” He eased my elbows forward so I began to lean further back. “This is for you. Just relax.” My position was uncomfortable. I had to jerk up or fall back. I tried to lean up but somehow slipped, a Freudian slip I think, and lay back instead, heart pounding. So that was at least three opportunities to end it I had spurned.
I don’t know what I was expecting and that was it I suppose. Simon was my friend and Ted was my brother so while they were around what could go wrong? It was all rather pleasant, those two stroking my legs from hip to ankle, slowly, gently, caressing me into a kind of dazed tension of expectancy whilst their erections pulsed, oozing a little and very close. Of course I knew what they wanted to do with them. Some of Ted’s pre cum dripped onto my shin. Martin just sat there. He knew, even if I wouldn’t admit it, that I was thrilled by their nakedness and their arousal. I felt my eyelids heavy and closed my eyes and just let those hands run over my legs. I felt a feather touch run up the inside of one thigh and down the other and that was nice. It was repeated and I vaguely realised three hands were at work. I shifted a bit, slightly restless, then that inside thigh-caressing finger brushed my lower stomach, went on down and came back. This time it paused on my belly, slipped over the outside of my briefs and rested between my legs. My heart jumped, I opened my eyes. It was Martin of course. He circled his finger, feeling through the material the spring in my pubic hair. He was smiling and as I looked and hoped and feared with a protest on my lips but somehow suppressed, he pressed more firmly, seeking the parting of my flesh, finding the place, extending his finger against me there before taking his hand away. Simon gasped and grabbed Ted’s penis. Ted’s eyes widened. “Don’t do that! I’m on the brink already!”
“Me too,” Simon muttered. But he did not let go of Ted. Instead he said, “Hold me.” Without taking his eyes off of me Ted did so, grasping Simon firmly and sliding his hand up and down the enormous penis.
I was burning with embarrassment. I wanted Martin to touch me again. He knew that. But, still smiling, he shifted his position to sit beside my head, which left more room for Simon and Ted a bit lower down. “I’d be more comfortable if you rested your head here,” Martin said, tapping his own stomach. “Okay,” I replied without fully understanding what he had in mind. He soon showed me. He lifted my head and shoulders, stretched out his legs either side of me, his legs over my upper arms, then gently eased me back until I was resting at the base of his rib cage. I was comfortable enough but my arms were partly pinioned by his legs and that both made me more uneasy and more expectant. “Much better,” Martin murmured, stroking my cheek. His hands drifted to my shoulders and his caress was both cool and arousing. I was aware of hands on my thighs, on my knees, on my shoulders, and I could hear heavier than normal breathing. I looked down as Simon let go of Ted and drew a small circle on my stomach, just above my navel. His finger must have collected some of Ted’s precum for that circle was wet, glistening briefly in the sun. Ted’s free hand was still, high up on the inside of my thigh, not threatening, or seeking, just resting there. He hadn’t quite got Martin’s confidence to touch me as he’d seen Martin touch me. Yet. Martin’s hands slid downwards from my shoulders, just reaching the beginning curve of my breasts, stroking lightly there, and then retreating. I realised the noisy breathing I could hear was my own.
“Should we be doing this?” Ted asked, heart thumping.
Martin slid his hands down the outside of my chest. “Stop any time you want,” he told him. “That goes for you too, my dear,” he added, to me. Ted and Simon looked up, so sharply, so full of obvious dismay that I had to smile. I was still smiling, a little crookedly, when Martin moved his hands to cover my breasts. Now that felt good and dangerous and it felt even better and even more dangerously exciting when he used his palms to stimulate my nipples through the material of my top. I could not push him away and did not want to. I shifted my rump restlessly, again recognised my own heavy breathing, and Ted and Simon continued their caresses on my thighs and belly. With Martin’s hands on my breasts it was definitely the time to stop. “We should stop now,” I told them, aware my arms were quite heavily pinioned.
“Close your eyes,” Martin murmured. “Let yourself feel. Tell me when you’ve had enough.”
I hadn’t had enough and he knew it. I did close my eyes and, a moment later his hands lifted from my breasts, I felt fingers fiddling with the drawstring that held my briefs in place, there was a delicious sensation in first one nipple, then the other, as they were firmly pinched. I could not completely suppress a groan. Then the hands lifted away. The fingers moved from the drawstring, the hand on my thigh lifted, and Martin, too, seemed to have stopped. I lay there feeling vaguely disappointed. I knew my briefs were intact because there was a drawstring on either hip. Only one had been teased free. The problem was that the material of my bikini, top and bottom, was now irritating. Constraining. I was fully aware that three randy young men were working hard to turn me on and I wanted to be free, naked, the cool breeze on all of my body, the warmth of the sun directly on my breasts and then covered as one of those penises bore down. I must have sighed, well, someone did, and as if encouraged by this, as if he needed spurring on, Martin’s hands were sliding from my shoulders, down to the beginning swell of my breasts, picking at the top edge of each cup until first one finger, then another, then all four had slipped beneath the material. He edged the fingers of his other hand in similar fashion until both his palms were against the skin of my breasts, his thumbs lying side by side in my cleavage which, with considerable care, he proceeded to widen. The top was pushed down until it barely covered my nipples and here, while Simon stared, Martin began to squeeze and massage. It was very pleasant, so much so that I shifted a bit, wriggling against Martin’s belly.
“Nice?” he enquired.
“Mmmm,” I murmured.
He returned to the stimulation of my nipple, mostly very gently but every now and then pinching me quite hard. I began to feel a definite yearning, an ache, a longing and, of course, betrayed my self by gently moving my head from side to side.
“Still nice?”
Martin moved now, easing himself away slightly so that the back of my head rested at the base of his stomach. He took one hand from my breasts, looking for something in his pocket. Again he adjusted his position and whatever it was he was seeking he’d managed to find it, tossed it to Simon, and in the process had altered his own dress. I found this out when his hand returned to my breasts as I wanted and the tingling began to increase. I twisted my head left, then right and found my cheek against his bare belly. Frustratingly he took his hands from my breasts, sliding them up over my shoulders, caressing the nape of my neck then, with gentle pressure easing my head forward. His hands slid down my back, found the catch securing my top and released it. He withdrew his hands, flipped away the material, pinched each nipple hard then let his hands fall sideways.
Simon and Ted staring at my naked breasts. “They’re fantastic,” Ted murmured.
“y tremendous,” Simon agreed. “Look at those nipples. She loves it!”
“I love it!” Ted exclaimed.
I could feel that breeze and the warmth of the sun. I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks and Martin … what was Martin doing? My head seemed to be resting lower, his legs still pinioned my upper arms and I could feel his stiffening against the nape of my neck. Then the caressing began again. Fingers traced the curve of my breasts, fingers touched and teased my naked nipples, fingers played with the drawstring of my briefs again, then stopped without achieving anything, or so I thought. Simon or Ted had loosened one side of my briefs and Ted has his hand back on the inside of my thigh. His fingers crept higher up my leg, his penis following, stiff and promising, seeking to edge under the material after his fingers, and I was aware my brother’s fingertips had reached the beginning of my pubic hair. I moved, of course, towards that hand. Ted’s finger extended, parted flesh and began to explore. It was good, and it got better. His mouth was open and he licked his lips as he pressed deeper into me. I was moist around him so it was easy for him, and that probing finger found my clitoris, already partly engorged.
“The nub of the matter,” Martin murmured.
“I have the nub,” Ted breathed, hoarsely, looking down to where his hand bulged out of my briefs, arching his back and jerking his hips forward so that seeking penis edged towards the same place. His fingers pressed again and again. I was losing it, losing restraint, feeling more and more wanton, more and more expectant, staring at that rampant cock pulsing and hovering. After all, out in the open what could happen? Only a good fuck. I licked my lips as Simon knelt next to Ted and close to my hips, his cock too just itching to make contact but their eyes, surprisingly, not focussed there. They were staring higher up.
“Still nice?” Martin teased, wriggling himself against me.
“I don’t want you to stop,” I croaked. As I said it there was a low buzzing sound. I opened my eyes. Martin was cupping my breasts, squeezing gently, and a wholly pleasant sensation of warmth and tingling was spreading through my body. Simon was tracing the waistband of my briefs, one drawstring tangled in his fingers. I could feel the gentle tugging as his hand moved across my stomach. And that stopped, though his hand continued to move. I suppose, I thought, he has managed to get it undone. I glanced to my left hip and sure enough the material was loosely dd on my belly and groin and that side of me was completely exposed. His hand reached the other drawstring. And the buzzing? That was Simon. I couldn’t quite see what he was doing. Ted pressed in a bit more then, surprisingly, withdrew his hand completely, examining his forefinger which was very moist.
“You’ll like this,” Martin told me. “It’ll give you a buzz.”
I was buzzing already. “Will it?”
Martin gave an almost imperceptible nod. Ted looked down, watching Simon getting ready. The buzzing grew a little louder and then I felt vibrations through my briefs on my pubis. At first it did not do much for me. I was about to say so, but Simon pressed a little harder and now those vibrations were sending delicious sensations through me. Martin stroked my nipples. “Good, eh?”
I swallowed, closed my eyes and shifted my rump again, thereby making it easier for Simon to stimulate me there. And boy was that magic! Until then I had been curious, feeling good, excited, not quite in control, but not quite completely abandoned. In the back of my mind I had had the stupid thought I could end this whenever I wanted. But now the desire was climbing and that stupid thought was replaced by a silent urging for Simon to go on. I could see the vibrator, about six inches long, pressed against my briefs and he was working, seeking to find the parting of my flesh as Ted had already done directly. The tingling was growing and it grew better as he moved the vibrator laterally and I involuntarily pressed against it. If either of those penises had pressed there I’d have yielded, gladly.
I sensed rather than saw Martin make a signal to Ted. He undid the other drawstring, flipped the material away then was licking his own lips as Simon repositioned the vibrator against my pubic area. The plastic felt cool and hard against my skin.
I groaned. “Where is this going?”
“In,” Simon grunted.
He did not hurry, caressing the exterior of my flesh and only casually, almost imperceptibly easing the tip of the vibrator between the folds of my flesh. Again I sensed a signal from Martin which I did not see, and Simon’s reaction was to adjust some control. The buzzing and the tingling increased, very noticeably.
“Nice?” Martin cooed, softly.
I found myself lifting my hips and twisting my head from side to side. Ted was holding up my briefs in grinning triumph, my nipples felt like hot pebbles and my face burned.
Almost unbelieving and incredibly late I murmured, “I’m naked.”
“Yes, you are my dear. Naked and about to be prettily penetrated, too.”
God, those two erections! More cum had dripped onto my legs. Martin let go of my breasts and I was truly uncovered and exposed to the world. I felt the cool plastic vibrating against my pubis, Simon moving it gently against my lips, gradually easing them apart. I felt myself beginning to be penetrated and that was what I wanted. He pressed on until he found my clitoris. He didn’t know he had, but I did. I groaned; I opened my legs a little more. I lifted myself towards him, easing the vibrator in, pressing against its upper edge where the sensation was greatest.
“Now it is in,” Simon told me, with fierce satisfaction.
I wanted this. I wanted to get whatever the machine could induce. I began to moan. I could hear myself doing it. Simon was intent on my pubis, Martin still squeezed and caressed my breasts and nipples but Ted had nothing to do except witness my naked pleasure. He held his erection, stroking himself gently, presumably so as not to ejaculate too quickly. The thought of him doing so, in the open, spilling his seed on the ground was exciting and also disappointing. I stared at him, twisting my head again and found my cheek resting against the skin of Martin’s belly. His rigid penis was now uncovered, lying just below my chin. I caught a glimpse of Ted, staring first at what Simon was doing, watching as he pressed in and slowly, inexorably going deeper, and then to my face and Martin’s penis. Ted’s jaw dropped. I shut my eyes, and groaned. If you’d told me an hour ago that I’d now be lying completely naked on the ground, legs spread eagled, lips inches from a rigid, leaking penis, penetrated by a vibrator and straining against it while two more erect penises, one belonging to my brother, hovered like their naked owners at my feet, or closer, careless of witnesses or the future, I’d have slapped your face.
“Beautiful, eh?”
“Ye-es,” I whispered. “Yes. Give me some more!” My twisting head again brought my cheek against his belly. Somehow my lips were nearer; his pubic hair was tickling my nose. Ted was beside himself, tongue hanging out, rubbing his penis and staring at me. It was only too obvious what he was thinking. Would I? Something in me said yes and very deliberately I placed the softest of kisses on Martin’s shaft.
“Beautiful,” Martin crowed. Ted was even more wide eyed than before. Simon had inched a little further in and again with a nod from Martin, pressed more firmly. I think it was six inches long and now most of it was buried in me, and while I was thinking this Simon once again increased the rapidity of the vibrations. I moaned, licked my lips, lifted my hips, tossed my head, found my lips somehow against the tip of Martin’s penis, so I opened my mouth, extended my tongue and licked it. Just once. Martin crooned to me again. “Wonderful, girl. Wonderful.”
I liked being wonderful, I liked feeling wonderful, and Martin was the cause. My lips touched his tip, I moved a bit and even as Simon moved the vibrator gently out then in again more deeply, I found Martin’s penis now very gently pressing at my teeth. “Fabulous,” Martin breathed, lifting his hips. I opened my mouth and let him twist. The tip passed my teeth, it rested on my tongue. Very gently I closed my mouth on him, caressing the ridge with my tongue. That in itself was not exciting but the knowledge that this was me, sucking a stiff and smelly cock most definitely was. Martin’s groans were stimulating, too. His pleasure enhanced mine. My hips were moving, thrusting up at the vibrator, in time with Simon’s thrusting. The heat was rising throughout my body, and those boys were ready to explode. “Yes,” Ted gasped. “Go for it, Sis!” I swallowed, and held Martin’s penis firmly between my lips.
“Yes. Suck cock girl,” Simon breathed.
I closed my eyes, jerking more at the vibrator, my legs falling further apart so penetration was deeper but still keeping my clitoris in contact. Suddenly the vibrations increased yet again, I opened my eyes, and Ted, as naked as I was, his erection huge, was imminently threatening, and promising. I was gasping now and I thought I was about to come. Martin’s penis still rested on my lips. Ted knelt alongside my shoulders, his erection ending just a couple of inches from my chin. I couldn’t take two in though clearly that was what he wanted.
“I do have altruistic tendencies,” Martin grinned at me, gently withdrawing his penis. “There you go, Ted. Let’s see if she really wants her brother’s cock.”
Ted needed no second bidding. Immediately that oozing penis was touching my lips. He was impatient. “Gently,” Martin warned him. “This isn’t a fight. It’s a fuck!” The pressure on my lips eased then as I relaxed my jaw, Ted achieved his objective. His penis was inside my mouth and I closed my lips around it. He began to move, easing in, edging out, closing his eyes, his body straining in tension and clearly Martin thought he was about to come for he said, crudely, “If you fill her there you’ll be short of ammo at the forks.”
I had an image of Ted’s penis penetrating me between my legs and that increased my longing. He gave a cry, I felt a spurt on my tongue and then, abandoning what little self-control that remained Ted began thrusting faster and harder. I moved my tongue against his flesh as much as I could sucking hard and then just as his ridge retreated to my lips and only the head was in my mouth he groaned aloud, tensed and climaxed. I felt the pulsing of his penis on my tongue, felt him jerk deeper and his sperm was filling my mouth. His movements slowed, he sighed in content, give two or three more spasmodic pumps and then gently he withdrew.
Martin grinned. “Well done, Ted. But don’t go away, there’s more to come.”
What a dreadful pun, I thought. The fact that I’d sucked him off and could still feel his sperm over and under my tongue and in my throat was exciting as an accomplishment but didn’t of itself arouse my feelings. The idea, though, of what I had done, was exhilarating.
Ted fell back on his haunches, his chest heaving, and his penis now less rigid, and covered in my saliva and his own juices.
“You liked that?” Martin asked.
I nodded, swallowing.
“We have more, don’t worry.”
Simon wanted his share. He grabbed my hand, placed it on the protruding end of the vibrator and moved beside Ted. “You’ve got the idea,” he said. “I need a kiss.”
In a moment I was sucking the third penis of the day and although by now it was not such a big deal, he was huge. His testicles banged against my chin, which seemed to thrill him as much as I sucked and rolled the thickest of those pricks. I felt his semen leaking out as he too squirmed and grew tense. “Save it,” Martin told him, and emphasised the point by pushing at his chest. Very reluctantly, Simon started to withdraw, but his lust changed his mind for him and he thrust in again. He groaned, pressing in and pulling back. His strokes quickened, my tongue flicked him aggressively and suddenly he arched his back and began pumping. I got the lot. He began to withdraw, a mixture of guilt at being unable to wait and satisfaction because he had not, and as he did so a great blob of semen ejected from the end of his penis and landed on my chin and lips. They stared. Would I? It was quite a sight to see those three penises, each glistening with my saliva, each with a dewdrop of cum at the tip, each throbbing with acute desire to penetrate me. Would I lick up that cum? I did, my tongue curling out and catching some of Simon’s fluid.
Martin said, “I think you like these lollipops.” He flipped his own towards me again. He was right. I liked giving them such pleasure. It excited me to hear their groans. Willingly I took Martin’s in once more. Simon moved to my waist, moved the vibrator a bit more then, clearly no longer able to be patient, withdrew the vibrator in one gentle but firm motion, leaving me gasping inside in dismay.
Again Martin nodded. I felt his legs grow suddenly heavy on my arms, preventing any escape, Ted shoved Simon sideways and as he rolled away Ted dropped to his knees between mine.
“What?” I began, and couldn’t go on for Martin had, once more, put his penis on my tongue. I knew full well what. Martin pushed in deeper, filling my mouth with his hot, solid flesh as Ted edged closer. His straining penis, rigid once more, touched the spot lately occupied by the vibrator. He paused, grinning with lust, his mouth curled into a crueller curve, he looked down to where his tip was resting on my flesh surrounded by my pubic hair, his hips pressed towards me and suddenly his penis was parting my flesh, rapidly easing in. “No,” I groaned, my mouth full, and meaning “Yes.” My body betrayed my real desire. My vagina was very moist and Ted could feel that. He grinned, grabbed my hips, his fingers gripping my buttocks firmly then lifted me from there as he pushed, harder. Right in. Deep. There was little resistance. He just slid all the way in, giving off a long drawn out sigh of satisfaction. Then he exclaimed, “There was no barrier! You’ve done this before, Sis.” I tried to twist my head as a negative but it was held firmly by Martin and he was thrusting in my mouth, not hard, but with determination I could hear his increasingly loud groans, I could feel the seepage on my tongue, and as my stomach jerked involuntarily up at Ted my lips and tongue were sucking on Martin. Martin’s legs were holding me down and his hands on my breasts were firm and nearly painful. Ted pulled back, and then with a cry of “Yeahhh!” plunged in again. There was no pain just more of that delicious smoothness. I wanted that rigid flesh inside me. I wanted it more and more. I was seeking him. I found on the fourth plunge my hips jerked hard up at him and then started to match his movements. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Martin murmured. “That’s what we all want. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he repeated, hoarsely, in time with Ted’s plunging pelvis. My desire was high, my will was gone and I wanted a climax as much as he did. “YE-es,” I breathed, momentarily disengaging from Martin’s penis. “Fuck me, Ted. Make it good!” And then Martin was back in my mouth, groaning loudly. He could see Ted fucking me but his own pleasure was taking over. His eyes closed, his hands held my head firmly, his pubic hair pressing hard against my lips again and again.
Suddenly Ted’s face contorted, his back stiffened until only his feet and hands touching the ground. He arched in a convulsive jerk towards me. I felt his penis seem to swell and then throb, throb, throb. His thrusting became wilder, uncoordinated, and he shuddered. He was ejaculating into me. With a groan his movements slowed, his penis pumped once more, then again and then Ted collapsed. He was still lying on me, still inside me when Martin held my face hard against his belly. My tongue could do little except further stimulate him and with a sudden rush he too came, sending a great spurt of semen onto the roof of my mouth. I swallowed, I had no option, and I did not want one as I sucked and rolled my tongue round his jerking flesh as he continued to pump into me. My hand sought his testicles, gently cupping them and that seemed to excite him more. Finally he convulsed, his belly slapping my face, his penis hitting the back of my throat and with a groan he stilled, his penis still ejaculating until finally he sighed, pulled back and allowed my head to move free. Ted, too, slowly disengaged and rolled clear.
I swallowed several times, semen once again on my lips and tongue. There was more on my chin and lifting my head, curiously, I could see there was some in my pubic hair, also. Most of it though was well and truly inside. I liked that idea and the fact it was my brother Ted’s was even better.
“Beautiful lady, well and truly fucked, but no climax yet. Pretty lady, you deserve one,” Martin crooned. Ted was lying on his back, still dripping sperm from his semi rigid penis, momentarily exhausted. But Simon wasn’t. He dropped between my knees, his harder, fatter penis parting my flesh. He wasted no time pressing in. The fit was tighter, the length longer, and I loved that for his contact with me seemed stronger, more demanding. He was claiming me and I was less yielding, rather more urging him to go on. He thrust and thrust, his balls now slamming against me and again that seemed to increase his pleasure. I matched his thrusts. God it was good, and awful. When he came he came in buckets, straining, jerking, and groaning loudly, finishing with one tremendous plunge into me that was simply the end of climax for him and the beginning of mine. But he’d finished. I still hadn’t had an orgasm. The vibrator would have completed the job.
When Simon had rolled off me Martin gently extricated himself from under my head. “You are not satisfied,” he said. The vibrator was in his hand and that held more pleasure for me than Simon and Ted combined. With infinite care Martin used it to bring me to a climax and, after I had shuddered to a standstill, asked, “More? You’ve been fucked. Twice. Like it? Like this?” and he showed me the vibrator.
I swallowed. “Maybe.”
He took that as a yes and over the next few minutes brought me to two more climaxes with skilful use of his fingers and the machine.
But it wasn’t over. As I rested, gathering myself back to some kind of reality and completely abandoned in my nakedness, Martin himself stripped off. He wasn’t particularly big but for all that was rigid again. Simon and Ted were stiff again, too, and stroking each other. Natural bi-sexuals they were becoming.
I’d had enough penises for one day. “No, Martin. Please. Another time. Honestly. Maybe tomorrow.”
He ignored me, held my legs apart, and lowered himself onto me. I struggled to twist away.
“I need help, guys,” Martin told Simon and Ted. “Hold her legs. Hold her arms.” And that’s what those bastards did. Simon even sucked on my nipples as Martin his way in despite the effort I made to keep my legs clamped together.”
“It was ,” Sylvia breathed.
“Yes, it was. Didn’t he enjoy it when finally I had to yield, my thighs fell apart and he drove right in. His fucking was hard, relentless, the more prolonged because he’d already climaxed once in my mouth. As he worked away so Ted pressed his penis to my mouth again and I did not want it. But Simon and Martin between them were holding me down and in the end the easiest way was to open my mouth again. Ted grinned savagely and thrust his penis between my lips. Martin was going hard and that was good despite my wish to end it all. Eventually Martin approached his peak and by then I was involuntarily snapping my belly back at him, fucking hard too. I bucked and jerked with the desperation of needing to climax again. Ted lost his grip and came out of my mouth and that was the moment he came, all over my face. Martin grinned and then grimaced and I hated him but when he came I hung on to him, making him go on and on until finally I came as well. It was fantastic, and exhausting.”
“Wow,” Sylvia breathed. “That’s some story.”
“Yes. The last time it was . But how much fault lay with me, eh? If I had been more aware, if I’d been less curious, if, if; maybe it would never have happened. In retrospect I have to admit I enjoyed it very much, I wanted to be fucked by the time they got round to it, but I didn’t want all three of them inside an hour. Afterwards I didn’t feel very good about it as well as feeling y sore. I avoided Martin from then on and never saw him again. He wasn’t worried. He got as much as he wanted wherever he went. As for Simon and Ted, well, I lost one good friend and a brother. Both couldn’t face me after what happened.” Rose grinned. “For about a week. But that’s another story.”
Sylvia stared at her aunt. “Didn’t you get pregnant?”
Rose shook her head. “You’ve heard of the morning after pill?”
Sylvia nodded.
“Its existence is just the thing to remove any lingering inhibitions.”
“But, but, you were d!”
“Yes. In the early stages, when I could have resisted I didn’t, and in retrospect it was something about Martin that made me want to go on. Even if I’d known in advance I would not have backed away. I still feel that. Martin is the kind who just opens your legs before you know it, metaphorically of course, and if he does you are lost. There are bound to be others like him about today.”
“Well, if so, what chance will I have?” Sylvia exclaimed.
“Very little. If you meet such a boy you’ll know, and if that’s ok with you, then go and enjoy it. But don’t, on any account, marry the bastard. He’ll always cheat on you.”


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