Ocean Side Romance Part 2

Abby was still enjoying the sunlight, when she started hearing sounds of flesh on flesh and male moans, she soon realized the neighbor Jake was watching her through the lattice, all while stroking himself. She grinned and thought to herself "Why not give him a show." Abby stretched out in the sun pushing her chest forward, making her puffy breasts stand out. She rubbed on them gently, keeping them in clear view for Jake. She turned and faced the lattice, left one of her cones unattended and moved that hand southward. Abby spread her legs wide, and hooked them over the arms of the chair, giving Jake a full head on view of her lightly peachfuzzed mound. She started fondling circles around her clit, causing herself to moan. This in turn caused some moans from the other side of the divider. The juices were starting to flow onto her thighs, she ran a finger down to her little unmolested opening and scooped up some of the cunny lubrication, and smeared it up her slit and moistened her clit with it, making feel incredible. She felt the now familiar shocks traveling through her. Her moans grew louder, as did Jake's. The convulsions started, eyes rolled back, and her hips bucked in the air. Jake could see this lovely young being in the throws of a tremendous orgasm, and her juices freely flowing. His balls drew tight and he shot a massive load out all over his balcony. Abby got up and headed inside, on her way she glanced over at the lattice and said "Good morning Mr Jake."

Needless to say I climbed out of bed feeling great with Abby all over my mind. I grabbed me a good hot shower and headed down stairs to see what Abby was up to. She greeted with a smile and an apron...that is all! "Morning Pete, I made waffles." She bubbled. Shortly after breakfast we had a knock on the door. Abby bolted upstairs as she was all but naked. I opened it and it was my neighbor Jake. I offered him some coffee which he accepted and we sat at the island chatting, mostly chit chat, condo fees, and other neighbors.

Then out of the blue Jake piped up and said "Pete, who is that incredible girl staying with you? I know you watch Susan and I get it on out there, but this morning that girl gave me on hell of a show, and knew I was watching." "Ahhh that was Abby, she is staying with me for the month." I told him as I called up for Abby to come down. "Abby...Jake, Jake...Abby, I think you two have ehem...seen each other, but don't think you have formally met. Jake piped up "Hello Abby it's a pleasure to meet you finally. After seeing you on the balcony this morning, I just had to meet you." Abby blushed and replied "Thanks Jake, I saw you watching me, and couldn't help myself." After some jibber jabber Jake announced he had to go back to his place and tell Susan of the mornings events.

"Hey Pete...Can we go to the amusement park on the inlet today for something to do?" "Sure." I replied, "I haven't been there in a while." We decided just to walk the quarter mile or so down to the inlet. I would assume we looked like father and daughter playing games and riding rides. However, it felt more like a romantic date. I enjoyed her company immensely, and by the way she looked at me and found any excuse she could to hug, snuggle, or otherwise get close to me, I think she did too. We played all the games and road all the rides. We rode the giant Ferris wheel, I guess because it had the semi enclosed seats where people could only see our heads, Abby got pretty bold while we were stopped on top. She reached up the leg of my shorts and pulled my cock out, in just a second between her soft hands, the ocean breeze, and the fact we were in public, I was hard as flagpole. She lowered her head down on to my member and wrapped her velvety lips around the head, and her soft fingers around the base. She began her steady up and down motion moving her lips and hand in sync. This girl knew what she wanted, and in just a couple minutes she got it. "Ohh...Abby...Imm... cumming!" I expected her to back off, but she did just the opposite.
She pulled her hand out of the way, and took as much of my dick as she could into the mouth, while looking up locking eye to eye with me. I absolutely exploded! Abby surprisingly took every drop down her throat like a champ. We had managed to regain our composure before we reached the bottom and unloaded.

We had a nice evening stroll back to the condo. The atmosphere was different, thicker. We were both lost in thought. I could not believe how bold Abby had gotten on the Ferris wheel, she was ravenous, on a mission. I was afraid she was rushing into something she would regret. My other head was screaming go for it! The head on my shoulders prevailed saying when shes ready, only when she's ready. Abby was gitty as a schoolgirl...probably because she was. She was thinking to herself how much she liked me, she liked that I treated her like a woman instead of a kid. She loved showing me how much she appreciated it in return. We didn't snap to from our thoughts, until we reached the door.

It was still early, and gorgeous night, so I grabbed a beer, and gave Abby a glass of wine, and we went out to the balcony. We pushed the chairs out of the way and clipped the big hammock up. The hammock was comfy, it had a big almost mattress like pad on it, it had 3 attachment points at each end so it was impossible to flip, and could easily fit the two of us on it. Abby came out with some blankets and pillows. I was wearing an old pair of shorts that I lounge around in, and climbed up into the hammock. Abby came around to climb in, but before she did she slowly stripped down to nothing and climbed in spooning in front of me. "Take em off for me."She said as she rolled her hips, rubbing her bare ass against the front of my shorts. I complied without hesitation. "Hold me tight." She purred. I wrapped my arms around her blossoming chest why she continued to rub me with her ass, now against my swelling manhood. My hands were it the perfect position to gently fondle around her enlarging conical breasts, every so often stroking across the nipple.
This would cause her to grind harder against my staff. Abby's hands I could feel working feverishly down below. One of them reached through her legs grabbed my cock and pulled it between her legs. The top of my dick was now pressed up against her cunt. I could feel her juices, she was so hot against my cock, I swore she could have burst into flames. She kept curling her hips so she could slide back and forth against my goods, all the while abusing her clit with her free hand. I wasn't long before I could feel her trembling, and starting to tense up. I whispered in her ear "I can feel it, your so hot and wet, cum for me baby, its ok, let it go, I love you Abby, cum for me." She stiffened up like a piece of oak, a deep from within growl escaped her, her thighs clamped so hard on my cock that if it had bones in it they would have snapped. After a few minutes she finally regained control of her body. She layed there catching her breath, "Pete, did you mean it? Do you love me?" she asked. "Yes Abby I do. It's not right or even legal to have the feelings I do for you. But yes I love you." I said as I tightened my embrace as kissed the top of her head.

A few minutes passed then I heard Abby's soft voice in my ear "Pete I can't stand it anymore I’m just yearning and can't stand it...you've been so nice, kind, and gentle. I want you in me, I want you to be the first to fuck me, because I trust you. I want you to do it now" Before I could respond she planted the longest, softest, most heart felt kiss on me. Both of my heads were now in complete agreement. I gently rolled her onto her back, never breaking eye contact. I moved down and covered her velvety honeypot with licks and kisses, I wanted to be sure she was wet enough to lessen the pain of what was coming. I moved back up kissing my way back up to her mouth, kissing her with her own juices still on my face. I let my cock rest in her young cleft slowly grinding back and forth against her labia and clit.
She gasped "You're teasing me...I need it...I need it inside of me Pete...please don't tease...." I leaned back slightly, straightened my cock out and placed the head firmly against the opening of her treasure chest. Another slight push and her muscles gave way and allowed the head to pass. Abby let out a gasp of surprise and a moan of pleasure at the same time. Her pussy was so hot and tight, the muscles in her vaginal walls were rippling trying to pull me in further, but I knew I had to take it easy. I was moving in and out very slowly just the head maybe a little more, occasionally bumping into her intact cherry. When that happened her breathing would pick up, and she would give me a frightened look which she tried to hide. I kissed her gently on the forehead and told her it would hurt a little but I would be gentle and we would just work with the head for a few minutes, she smiled and I felt some of the tension release and her relax. It was at that moment I pushed forward going balls deep into virgin territory, feeling her hymen tear in two along the way. I could hear her try to let out a yelp but her voice wouldn't work as she squeezed her eyes shut and a tear ran down her cheek. I gently wiped away her tear and said "Abby honey I'm so sorry, if you knew it was coming you would have tensed up, and it would have hurt a lot more. I'm going to leave it all the way in until the pain goes away, and then it gets a lot better...ok?" Abby nodded and managed a weak smile. After a few minutes the spasming ceased and I could feel her pulse against my cock. I started slow at first pulling out an inch and putting it back in, I had her play with her clit while I progressed to two inches in and out, then three and so on until she was fucking like a pro. She got into her groove moving in sync with me and moaning. Between her noises and the heat and tightness of her freshly invaded twat, my balls were starting to do their thing causing the pace of my pumping to increase. I blurted out "Abby I'mmmm cummming!!" I felt every bone in her body jerk tight as she yelled "Meeee Tooooo!!" Abby's pussy pulled tighter the muscles rippling and bringing me over the top. I unloaded load after sticky load into her love canal, as we were locked in a tight passionate embrace that neither of us could release from!

As we lay there coming down from our mutual orgasms, we could very clearly hear other voices in the throws of a violent orgasm...Jake and Susan had undoubtedy been watching! We just giggled and drifted off to sleep.
To be continued


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