Counseling At Camp Care Pt 1

Chapter 1

Aly smiled to herself and stretched her arms up. Stepping out of the bus she just arrived on. It was a long 3 hour drive, she was glad they had finally arrived. She glanced up, taking in the bright sunshine through her tinted sunglasses. Then, she almost tripped as a few small girls darted past her, brushing her legs. One girl turned around - "Sorry, 'scuse me!" She giggled and ran off to catch up to her friends. Aly laughed to herself at their excitement. Truth be told, she was also very excited in anticipation of the next two weeks.

She had attended 'Camp Care', an all girls camp, ever since she was a young girl. The last few years she worked as a camp counselor's helper during the day, and slept in a cabin with the other helpers. But now being 18 years old, this is the first year she will be considered a full fledged camp cabin counselor and have a group of kids to herself. She would be in charge of a cabin group of 3-6 girls, and during the day she will have a younger teen helper, the same position she had the last few years, but she will now be staying with her group of kids in their cabin during the nights.

The camp was situated up north near a large lake. It was a beautiful camp and Aly's mind was flooded with great memories. She retrieved her small suitcase and backpack from the storage compartment under the bus and walked towards the large field and pavillion where they would be welcoming the campers, explaining some rules and then separate into their assigned groups. That's when Aly and her kids would go and settle in at their cabin. As she walked, she gathered up a few straggling girls and half raced them to the open field. The kids all sat in the grass and the camp leaders stood beside a small stage with a portable sound system. Aly greeted a few of her friends from past years, hugging them. She saw a few new counselors and helpers.

"Hello girls! Welcome to camp care!" The speakers echoed as Sharyn, the head counselor spoke into the microphone.

The girls in the crowd burst into cheers and screams. The crowd's noise slowly settled. Sharyn began to explain some of the ground rules to the kids. Another counselor handed each of the cabin leaders their info folders. It had the cabin number, info on each kid, rules and schedules in a file envelope. Aly held onto her pack, only reading that her helper's name was Shianne. Aly looked out at the crowd of girls there must have been at least 100 or more girls, big smiles and beaming with excitement. Aly smiled to herself recalling only a few years ago sitting in the same crowd with the same feeling of excitement and anticipation.

"Now that's it for the ruuuuuules! Time to let you all know what Camp Care has that's super fun!" Sharyn said enthusiastically through the microphone, that caused another thunderous applause and more cheers from the campers.

The camp had lots of activities, games and crafts. There was a beach with a dock and slide, a water trampoline, craft cabin, baking cabin, sports, campfires and everything else a typical summer camp had.

"Now I'm going to introduce your cabin counselors. I'll call out your names and you can follow them to your cabins. I will see you in the cafeteria for lunch when your time slot comes, your cabin leaders will have your schedules." Sharyn exclaimed. Aly took this time to look at the names of her campers. She had a group of 4 girls,

Erin, Alex, Becca, and Suzy. She waited patiently until Sharyn announced her name, she stepped beside the stage. Sharyn read off the names of her campers. 4 girls stood up and made their way through the seated crowd towards Aly.

"Hey girls! I'm so excited to be here, we're going to have so much fun!" She giddily half-whispered. Giving a smile to the girls. They looked within their small group assessing their new bunk buddies. Aly familiarized herself with their nametags to try and match names to faces. They were all very cute kids. At this age they didnt seem to have vast differences in their bodies, all on the slim side and had the generic body shape, at first glance.

Erin had shoulder length brown hair, Becca had long blonde hair, Alex had shorter, shag style hair and Suzy had dirty blonde hair pulled back into a pony. The girls followed Aly to the cabin that they were assigned to.

The camping areas were divided into age groups. In each group there were 6 cabins in a semi circle. Each cabin was divided into two rooms, each with either 3 or 4 bunk beds, a couple small end tables and dressers and one larger single bed for the counselor. It was a bit more plush and comfortable than the bunks. There was a communal bathroom cabin in the centre of the groups of sleeping cabins. It was nothing fancy, but had stalls and sinks on one side with an entrance. The back room, with a separate entrance, was the shower room, similar to a gym, it had about 8 shower heads across the walls and a wooden bench in the centre.

Aly opened the door to their assigned cabin and the girls immediately started 'claiming' their beds, all but Alex. Erin, Becca and Suzy chatted for most of the walk but Alex seemed a bit more shy, just glancing around as they walked. Maybe it was her first year and the whole camp atmosphere was overwhelming, Aly thought.

"I want this bed!" Erin screeched and sprawled out on the larger single bed.

"Ha! Sorry girl! But that's my bed. The perks of being 'the boss'." Aly laughed out kiddingly.

"Awe!" Erin giggled a mocking groan.

"Maybe in a few years you can become a counselor and get a bed like that." Aly said thru laughter, helping Erin drag herself off the bed as dramatically as she could. Erin quickly caught her feet and ran off to a bunk and climbed up to a top bunk exclaiming "This one will do then!" The girls laughed at her excitement change. Erin, Becca and Suzy all had chosen their beds. Erin was on the top bunk above Suzy, that sat in the far corner of the room. Becca choose a lower bunk of her own just inside and to the right the door. The girls started arranging their pillows and stuffed animals.
Alex still stood just inside the door, looking around nervously. Aly remembered her training and memories of her favourite past counselors. She walked over and knelt down on a knee beside Alex, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, I promise these weeks will be tons of fun, I'm so happy you're here, I think we're going to be good friends. Do you wanna take the bed right beside me?" Aly asked kindly.

"That way we can whisper secrets at night." Aly added in a whisper so the other girls wouldn't hear. Alex looked at Aly and smiled and giggled a bit. Her smile grew bigger and she nodded, running over to toss her bag on the bottom bunk that was right beside Aly's bed. Aly stood back up straight and smiled to herself, proud of how she handled the situation.

"Now what do we do?" Asked Suzy, as she hung off upside down from her bunk.

"Well, let's take a look at our schedule." Aly answered pulling a paper out of the envelope. She glanced at it quickly and hung it in a frame beside the door. Looks like our lunch time is 12:20. That gives us about 45 minutes before we need to go there. So let's just unpack our stuff and then maybe we can take a walk around the camp and I can show you all the activities that we can do later." The girls responded with 'okays' and opened their suitcases up. They began to pull out all their clothes.

"So, are there any boys here?" Asked Becca nonchalantly.

"Not here, they have a boys camp across the lake and sometimes you can see there from our side, but for the next two weeks it's just us girls!" Aly answered, she snickered to herself recalling the years her and her friends tried to get closer looks or hoped they could sneak to the boys camp, but never really got the chance.

"Well maybe we can try to see them from the beach." Becca giggled sneakily. Suzy and Erin both giggled "Oooo." Becca just shrugged and continued unpacking.

"Hey Suzy, do you want to share a dresser?" Erin asked.

"Yeah sure!" Suzy replied. They started to load the large dresser that sat beside their bunk.

"I want my own." Becca added and started placing her clothes in a small dresser by her bed.

"Do you want to share with me?" Aly asked Alex.

"Ok." She replied softly. They didn't need to share a dresser, but Aly felt that the offer would help Alex feel more included.

"We should put our bathing suits and socks in the top drawer, shirts in the middle and shorts and pants in the bottom." Erin directed.

"Where do we put our underwear?" Suzy asked back, quite loudly, followed by a giggle.

"Oh. Yeah... top drawer too I guess. I didn't think of that. I didn't bring any." Erin replied matter-of-factly.

"You forgot underwear?!" Becca asked in a sassy, dramatic way.

"I didn't 'forget', I just don't wear underwear." Erin replied with her own sassy tone.

Everyone giggled a bit at her honesty.

"What? Underwear is just not comfortable." Erin giggled in response.

"Talk about uncomfortable underwear, my big sister wears underwear that goes up her bum. Like a wedgie all the time!" Suzy added with laughter.

"Its called a thong!" Becca said factually.

"Yeah, older girls wear them all the time." Suzy added.

"Do you wear thongs Ms. Aly?" Erin asked, turning to Aly.

"You don't have to call me Ms. Aly. Just Aly.. but yes I do wear them once and awhile if you must know." Aly answered stifling her laugh. She loved the innocent atmosphere at camp, talking about 'private' things. The girls laughed.

"What kind of underwear do you wear?" Erin asked Suzy and started rummaging through Suzy's clothes ambitiously. She found some boycut panties, waving them around.

"I got Suzy's undies!" Erin chanted.

"At least I wear undies, miss nudie patootie!" Suzy witted and retrieved her panties, sticking her tongue out jokingly towards Erin.

We all laughed, including Alex.

"What kind do you wear Alex?" Erin turned and asked.

Alex just shrugged.

"You don't know?" Erin asked, innocently trying to bring Alex into the conversation.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to." Aly soothed, as professionally as she could.

"Its ok, I just wear normal ones I guess." She answered quietly while shrugging.

"Just normal?" Erin asked, trying to get more info from the shy girl.

"Yeah." Alex replied, then shuffled through her bag.

"See." She said, holding up a teal pair up bikini style bottoms.

"I like that colour, it's my favourite!" Aly added, smiling at Alex. Alex cracked another smile.

"I wear thongs." Becca broke the silence bluntly.

"You do?" Suzy asked, surprised.

"Yeah, my sister says boys like them the best." Becca replied boldly.

"Is that true Aly? Do boys really like thongs best?" Suzy asked, turning to Aly.

Aly thought for a moment about how to answer.

"The best boys will like you for who you are, not just what you wear." Aly said, trying to be the best influence on their young minds.

"Oh.." the girls replied, taking in the information.

"But whatever undies you like best, you should wear." Aly added friendly.

"Even if that means no underwear, right Erin?" Aly added with a giggle and a wink.

"Yeah!" Erin replied enthusiastically. The girls giggled.

"Well, either way, I like thongs the best, they are very pretty. I'm even wearing a thong now." Becca said.

Suzy let out a little gasp.

"Can I see?!" Erin almost yelled.

"I guess." Becca shrugged and started to undo her shorts.

"Now hold on girls, we need to stay appropriate." Aly broke in, feeling like she needed to step in to say something. But saddened herself slightly, because she was secretly enjoying the conversation.

"Its no big deal. We're going to see eachother naked in the showers anyways. And we're all girls." Suzy answered logically. She must have been a repeat camper knowing that the showers were in a shared room.

Aly thought for a moment. She really wanted to be a 'cool' counselor and so she decided as long as the girls were comfortable she would need to be ok with letting them 'experience' and grow in the camp atmosphere. She wants them to have a learning freedom and like her as their leader. She didn't want to be considered a prude.

"Ok. As long as you're ok with it and it stays our secret in our cabin." Aly said, trying to keep the group happy.

"Yeah!" Becca answered. She finished unbuttoning her shorts and pulled them down around her ankles. She stood up put her hands on her slim hips and opened her legs a bit to 'show off' her underwear. All the kids' eyes went straight to her crotch, that was barely covered. The thong was a dark wine red colour, with lace and hints of sparkles. They sat looser than they should, Aly thought they must not be hers, plus she didn't think they made such 'sexy' underwear for young girls. Erin rushed over and knelt in front of Becca. Suzy quickly joined and stood behind her glancing at the previously hidden 'new thing'. Alex sat on her bed beside Aly and watched intently from a distance. Aly tried not to, but she found herself also staring at Becca's risky underwear. Aly's eyes widened as Becca 'modeled' for the onlookers. Becca, enjoying all the attention, swayed her hips slightly side to side. Then, slowly, started to turn around, very slowly, trying to stay graceful with her shorts around her ankles. Everyone seemed to gasp as she turned and the underwear disappeared into her tight bum crease. Her bottom was very tight and perky. Aly took notice for the first time in her life and wondered if all young girls bums were that perky.

"Aren't they uncomfortable?" Erin asked, breaking the silence in the room.

"No, you get used to it, I kinda like the feeling." Becca answered as she finished her turn-around.

"Where would you even get those?" Suzy asked.

"Underwear store I guess. I kinda took a few pairs from my sister. She has so many she won't notice a few missing." Becca admitted. Aly finally broke her trance and glanced towards Alex. Her face was flushed and blushing as she looked towards the girl in her underwear. But Alex did have a cute smile.

"Mine are so plain looking now!" Suzy jolted and pulled down her cargo shorts, revealing her more conservative boycut underwear in a bold blue. Erin, who was kneeling between Becca and Suzy, turned quickly and got a close up of Suzy's covered mound. The tight spandex material did hug her plump mound and firm bum though.

"I'm more plain!" Erin said excitedly jumping up and pulling up her summer dress and quickly flashed her bare bum to the girls and pulled her dress back down, bursting out laughing. The cabin was filled with childish laughter.

"Okay, okay girls, let's cover up our butts and get ready to go for a quick tour and then get lunch!" Aly announced through laughter. All the girls rearranged their clothing and the group set out for a quick camp tour.

Aly lead her group around to the beach, parks, sports fields, craft cabin and all the other available activities. All the girls seemed to be excited. They all chatted and laughed and ran around. They seemed to really get along with each other, which was great. Even Alex joined in and seemed to relax a bit. As they started on the main path back towards the cafeteria, Erin, Suzy and Becca walked a short distance ahead. Alex walked slowly and held Aly's hand.

"Is it true about the showers?" Alex asked shyly.

"What about the showers?" Aly responded kindly.

"Like are we all going to have to take showers together? Naked?" Alex whispered nervously.

"Well. Yeah. We have a scheduled time to use the shower room. With just our cabinmates though." Aly responded, trying to ease the discomfort. She knew it was a bit awkward for some new kids, but it was a safety thing for the camp.

"Oh... ummmm... I, uh...." Alex mumbled nervously, sounding like she was nearing tears. Aly's heart sank at her uncomfortableness. Aly stopped walking and knelt down beside Alex and half hugged her.

"Hey, you know what? I'll take a look at the schedules for the other cabins and I'll try to get a time where you can go shower alone. Deal?" Aly whispered kindly.

"Yeah?" Alex smiled, looking up to Aly's kind gaze. Aly smiled back and gave Alex another quick squeeze.

"Now let's catch up to the others and get to lunch, I don't know about you, but I'm hungry!" Aly said happily.

"Ok!" Alex replied and they jogged to catch up to the other girls.

The group headed in to the cafeteria and chose a table. They chatted for a few minutes until the other campers with the same lunch time all found their seats. Sharyn's voice broke the conversations throughout the cafeteria.

"Welcome campers! This is the Camp Care Cafeteria! Where we will be eating some great food. If you're here without your cabin counselors than you're in the wrong place!" Sharyn joked and a few kids laughed.

"Todays lunch is good ol'fashioned macaroni and cheese. Make sure if you have any allergies that you tell your cabin counselor and make sure that they have it on your information papers." Sharyn explained.

"Umm, I'm allergic to brocolli." Becca said, directed at Aly. Aly took another look at her info paper and under allergies it said 'none'.

"Are you sure? Your parents didn't put that on your application." Aly said with an eyebrow raised. Becca fought back a giggle.

"Darn, I just don't like brocolli." Becca laughed.

"Oh you!" Aly laughed back.

"I won't tell if you don't tell." Aly snickered and winked at Becca, who just smiled and nodded.

Sharyn lead the campers in a 'meal song' and then explained that their camp counselor helpers will be joining them sometime during the meal. She told of where the kids should line up to get food, and what order they are to go in. The group waited and chatted and when it was their turn they got their food and returned to their table to eat and converse more.

A girl, a few years younger than Aly approached the table.

"Hi! Are you Aly?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes I am, and this is my camp group." Aly replied signaling the girls at the table.

"Hey kiddos! I'm your camp counselor helper!" She said very excitedly, and plopped down at the table. The kids greeted her in unison and introduced themselves.

"I'm Shianne! But I'm definitely not shy!" She said enthusiastically.

"So do we refer to you as just Anne then?" Aly asked with a smile.

Shianne looked confused for a moment, then her eyes widened and she laughed loudly.

"Ha! I get it, that's funny! I know a joke about a vacuum cleaner, but it sucks." She laughed. The kids and Aly also laughed.

"Man, I bet our group is going to have a lot of 'pun' these next couple weeks!" Shianne laughed again. Aly also laughed out loud.

"I don't get it." Erin said, breaking their laughter.

"It was a pun. It was funny, or should I say, 'punny'!" Aly said causing both her and Shianne to giggle again.

"What's a pun?" Suzy asked.

"Umm.. It's like a word that sounds like one thing, but is actually something else." Aly tried to explain so they'd understand. They either did, or no longer cared because their conversations went back to whatever else was going on.

"I'm excited for the next couple weeks, this is my first year as a helper and I'm really looking forward to it." Shianne said to Aly.

"That's great! This is my first time as a cabin counselor so I guess we'll learn together!" Aly replied happily.

"Eek. I'm so excited." Shianne exclaimed. She was very energetic and Aly loved that. She thought they had a great group.

The group finished their meal and started on their way back to the cabin. Aly updated Shianne about the personalities of the girls.

"Erin seems to be a bold leader. But also very kind to try and bring everyone into the group conversations and activities. Definitely a future counselor. Becca is definitely 'boy crazy' but she has a couple older sisters and seems like she wants to be like them, or do what they do. I hope she gets away from that mindset and enjoys being a girl, with other girls her age. Suzy is a sporty girl, very energetic and on the go. She's also very inquisitive and asks a lot of questions, not to be annoying, but to learn about new things. Alex is very shy, but definitely opens up at times. I think she just may be overwhelmed and nervous, this being her first camp experience." Aly explained in detail what she's leaned about the girls thus far.

The group made it back to the cabin.

The girls burst into the room with their after lunch energy and began to give Shianne the 'tour' of their bunks and stuffies. Aly took a look at the schedule.

"Looks like we can either go to the beach or craft room for the next couple hours." Aly announced to the group.

"BEACH!" Erin, Becca and Suzy screeched.

"What do you think?" Aly asked Alex.

"The beach sounds fun." She replied happily. Aly smiled at the agreement of the girls.

"Ok well let's get changed into our bathing suits, and head out!" Aly said.

"All my stuff is back at the helpers cabin." Shianne said.

"Ok, well we will get ready and meet you at beach." Aly said.

"Ok! See you there girls!" Shianne hugged the girls and rushed away to change.

The girls sorted through the dressers to get their suits.

"Umm, I need to use the bathroom. I can change there too." Alex said quietly to Aly.

"Ok." Aly said to Alex.

"Ok you other girls, get dressed, we will be back in a minute." Aly addressed the other girls.

Aly grabbed her suit and went to the bathroom building with Alex. They went in and Alex went to a stall. Aly choose another stall and changed into her suit. She wore bikini bottoms and a bra style top that had a bit more material that hung down from her breasts. It was a bright red colour. Aly exited her stall and Alex was already out waiting for her. Aly thought she changed pretty quickly, and didn't hear the toilet flush. But more so, Aly was slightly surprised at Alex's bathing suit. It was a black pair of shorts, almost like a boys bathing suit, and a grey t-shirt. Aly shrugged, maybe she's from a conservative family. The two walked back to the cabin.

When they stepped in the door, Aly took notice of the girls' varous states of undress. Suzy was struggling to pull up and arrange her one piece suit. She bent over facing away from the door. Her firm bum on display. She had surprisingly toned legs and bum for a growing girl, must be from her various sports she mentioned she was apart of. Becca had the bottoms of her bikini on, looks as if she may have borrowed this from her sister as well, as it sat loose on her hips, and definitely looked like a revealing 'teen style' suit. She stood frustratingly trying to untie a knot in her top. He small boobies barely puffed out from her chest. Her pink nipples were just beginning to mature. Erin, not surprisingly, stood fully naked, trying to decide between a pink and a green bikini style suit.

"Awe, I like your bathing suit Aly!" Erin perked up, not acknowledging her current state of nakedness.

"I see your bathing suit matches your undies!" Aly gawked and laughed. All the girls giggled.

"I wouldn't wear one if I didn't need to! I have a friend who said her family goes to a beach where everyone is naked!" She laughed outloud.

"Can we go to this beach naked?!" Erin added, after the laughter subsided. Her spunky, energetic personality was definitely fueling her silly questions.

"Uh, no, afraid not." Aly gave her a goofy toned response.

"I would definitely not want to go to a naked beach, especially with my parents, blegh!" Becca sassed.

"You might have to go like that if you can't get that knot undone." Suzy joked at her struggles.

"Ugh." Becca groaned out dramatically.

"Aly, can you help?" She asked, holding the top out to Aly. Aly took it and with a few tugs and creative twists was successful in undoing the knot. She handed it back to Becca.

"Hey Erin. Better put your suit on before our beach time runs out. And we also don't want to leave Shianne waiting too long." Aly instructed.

"I'm just trying to decide, also Alex still needs her suit on." Erin replied.

Alex hung her head low in embarrassment.

"This is her bathing suit, try not to be rude." Aly replied in a motherly tone.

"I'm sorry Alex, I didn't mean to be rude, I have two suits if you want to wear one of mine." Erin said as kindly as she could.

"Thanks, but I'm ok with this." Alex replied softly.

"Ok. Well if you ever change your mind let me know." Erin said with a smile. She tossed the pink one aside and quickly started putting on the green one. Aly watched, as well as the others, as Erin pulled up her bottoms, covering her smooth vulva lips. Such a beautiful innocence.

"Can you help tie my top?" Becca asked, breaking Aly's stare. Aly helped tie the back strings on Becca's top. It was very loose.

"Did you borrow this from your sister too?" Aly asked, tying it as tight as she could.

"No!" Becca sternly replied.

"...Maybe..." Becca added, feeling guilty.

Aly replied with a laugh. By the time Aly had finished tying Becca's top, Erin was fully dressed in her bikini. The group made their way to the beach. When they arrived, Aly explained the rules. They all had swimming experience on their info sheets, so they didn't need to do a swim test. Shianne greeted them and coaxed them all to rush off to the water. Aly saw one of her friends from previous years and went to greet her. They talked a bit about their campers and how they loved being back at camp. Then Aly felt a tug on her bottoms, she looked down and saw Erin.

"Hi Aly. I'm sorry if I made Alex feel bad about her bathing suit. It just didn't look like one. I didn't mean to be rude." Erin said sympathetically.

"Oh Erin, I'm sure it's ok, I'm sure Alex appreciated your offer, it may just take a bit for her to warm up. She's a bit shy. But I'm sure if you keep putting effort into making her your friend, you will become very good friends." Aly replied.

"Ok, thanks!" Erin chirped, and gave Aly a tight hug. Her chin pressed against Aly's side. Her arms wrapped firmly around Aly's waist. Her hands squeezed Aly's bum. She knew it wasn't meant to be anything but a hug, but Aly felt a tingle in her stomach. When Erin concluded the embrace, she asked Aly to join the group in the water. Aly agreed, as she turned to bid farewell to her friend. Erin tugged at Aly's bottoms. It actually felt nice having her lack of clothing tugged on. Aly shook her head, putting an end to her wandering imagination.

Aly and Erin ran and jumped in the water joining the others. They swam, splashed and played for a while. The water trampoline was booked by another group, but the girls had fun just swimming, using the slide and jumping off the dock. Becca kept looking across the lake towards the boys camp shore. But she never got a chance to see anyone. She made her way back and fourth from water to shore, so she could 'tan'. But with no boys there to see her sprawled out on the beach, she convinced herself, along with some coaxing from the others, to join them in swimming and water games. Alex even seemed to really enjoy herself. Erin helped by keeping her very involved. Shianne kept the girls laughing as she cracked constant jokes. Aly was very pleased with her group, and it was only the first day!

"Ok girls, we are running low on our beach time, we should head back soon." Aly announced, loud enough to be heard over the laughter. This made the girls groan in disappointment.

"There's lots more to do. We'll be back at the beach soon!" Aly reinstated energetically. The girls still emphasized their frowns and pouted dramatically, like little girls do.

"How about this! We will have a cannonball splash competition off the dock before we go!" Shianne suggested. That seemed to cheer the girls up. Aly took notice.

"Good idea Shianne!" Aly cheered.

"Me first!" Suzy jolted and scrambled to the dock. She climbed out quickly. She ascended up the ladder, pulling herself up, and her body came into view. Her one piece suit had snugged up tight and she had quite the wedgie.

"Suzy! Looks like you have a thong bathing suit!" Erin laughed.

"Its this dang suit! I outgrew it this year!" She giggled, pulling the material out from between her cheeks, covering up her bum as much as the suit would allow her to. It may have been the suit, but Suzy also had a very muscular bum and that probably didn't help thought Aly.

Suzy braced her footing a ways back on the dock, and got ready to run to the edge.

"3, 2, 1!" The girls chanted.

Suzy ran full force towards the edge, leaping out far, curling onto a cannonball and splashing into the water, she held a tight ball shape so she more-so 'plopped' into the water, she had the distance, but not much height. She surfaced as the girls applauded, while trying to tread water.

"I'll go next!" Erin chimed, swimming over to the ladder and climbing out. She got ready.

The girls counted down again. Erin ran frantically towards the edge. Hoping off and half cannonballing, half belly flopping, into the water, crashing with a splash. The girls applauded with their wet hands. Her splash was a bit bigger than Suzy's, probably because of the belly flop aspect.

"Can I go next?" Alex asked to no one specific.

"Of course! Go Alex!" Aly cheered her on. The other girls cheered 'woos' of motivation. Alex climbed up onto the dock. Her shirt and shorts dripped water and her shirt clung tight to her body, she was slim and had no evidence of even budding breasts yet. Aly thought that may be why she chose to wear a shirt apposed to a normal girly bathing suit.

Alex took a few steps back and galloped to the edge, jumping high and splashing down. Definitely a large splash. The girls cheered as Alex gasped up for air. As she emerged and heard the generous applause, a big open mouthed smile was on her face. The girls congratulated her on her large splash.

"Ok you're up Becca." Shianne said.

"I'll try, but I don't think I can beat that splash!" Becca smiled. Aly loved that the girls were so kind to each other.

Becca climbed slowly up the ladder. Her loose fitting bikini was fighting gravity and the weight of the water, it was hanging quite low. The top of her bum crack was peeking out. As Becca stepped up the ladder cautiously, Aly saw a peek of flesh through a leg hole of her bottoms.

"Hey Becca, you're cracking out!" Erin teased.

Becca readjusted her suit, and stuck her tongue out at Erin, then smiled at the light hazing.

Becca only stood a step or two back from the edge. She must have been too afraid her suit would fall off if she ran to the edge. She took two quick steps towards the edge, jumping up and wrapping into a cannonball. She splashed into the water, landing on her back. A small splash, but the girls still applauded as she rose to the surface. She had done a backwards roll under water. She wiped her face and frantically started treading in a circle and darting her head around. Aly swam quickly over to her. Wrapping her arm around her lower back, holding her above the water. Aly thought she may have swallowed some water or got light headed. Becca still squirmed looking around.

"Its ok, I got you." Aly spoke, trying to calm the girl.

"No, no, no.." Becca mumbled. Aly slipped her arms' grip lower. Becca felt her arm wrap around her small bum.

"I lost my bottoms." Becca whimpered into Aly's ear. Aly cracked a smile, but stopped herself before she laughed.

"Let's see if we can find them." Aly replied quietly. Aly registered that her arm was actually wrapped around Becca's bare bum. Aly held on for a few moments longer. She wasn't sure why she did.

"What's wrong?" Suzy asked, sounding concerned, as both Aly and Becca looked around.

Aly was about to reply with an answer that wouldn't embarrass Becca, but before she could, Becca answered.

"I lost my bottoms!" Becca said, quite loudly. The girls snickered a bit, Becca actually giggled a bit too.

"I thought you didn't want to go to the beach naked?!" Erin joked.

Becca just rolled her eyes dramatically. The girls all started to look around for the bottoms in the murky water. It wasn't super deep where they had jumped off the dock, but they couldn't see ground beneath the sandy water. They tread water, and tried not to splash around too much. The girls searched for about 10 minutes with no luck.

"I'm sorry Becca, but we have to get going. I'm sure you can borrow Erin's extra suit for next time." Aly suggested in the kindest way she could. Becca sadly hung her head down.

"I'll go grab a towel for you to wrap yourself 'til we get back to the cabin." Aly said. Aly swam and then quickly exited the water and jogged to their towels, retrieving one and turning back to shore. When she turned she was very surprised to see Becca standing in the shallow water, with her top on, but no bottoms, and she didn't seem to care to cover up at all. Aly slowed her jog across the uneven sand, no longer rushing, because it seemed like Becca was ok waiting bottomless. Aly snuffed a laugh, seeing how 'free' the girls seemed to be in the camp atmosphere. Aly tried not to, but couldn't help but have her eyes drawn to the bare mound of Becca. Aly always envied how smooth and hairless kids were at that age. Aly gets waxed, but even then, it only last so long, much longer than shaving, but there still needs to be hair growth before going back to get waxed to smooth again. Aly was lost in thought as she walked towards Becca. Shianne rounded up the straggling girls as they made their way to the beach. Aly reached Becca and handed her the towel, taking one last long look at her smooth lips, and tight crease. Becca wrapped the towel around her waist.

"You can borrow my bottoms, I can walk back naked, I don't mind!" Erin offered. Aly confusingly giggled, not knowing if Erin was being nice, or it was just an excuse to be naked. Before Becca could respond a voice echoed from the water.

"I found them!" Suzy yelled from waist high water, holding up the bottoms. The girls all cheered.

Suzy quickly made her way to the group. Holding out the bottoms. Becca, who without hesitation, removed the towel and handed it back to Aly. Aly's eyes again were drawn to the exposed skin. Becca turned and took a few steps to Suzy. Retrieving her bottoms. Aly got another look at Becca's bum as she turned and walked away. The other girls also looked curiously towards the public display of nudity. Becca bent down and, one leg as a time, put the bottoms back on, pulling them up and arranging them as best she could.

"You can stop staring now." Becca sassed as she gracefully twirled back to face the beach. There was a small awkward silence as the guilt sank in to the girls, they realized they were all staring. Becca let out a giggle and the others followed suit and the mood was instantly lightened.

"Ok, ok. Let's head back and get some dry clothes and see what's next." Aly announced.

"I brought a change of clothes, so I'll come with you." Shianne added.

The group made their way back to the cabin. They entered and almost instantly the kids began to strip down. Except for Alex, who just watched everyone shyly.

Aly studied the schedule to set a plan.

"Looks like we have the shower room now, and then we are going to the bakery cabin and we are going to make something yummy for dessert after dinner." This got the girls giddy. They quickly choose another outfit and got their shower items. They made their way to the shower room. Erin, Becca and Suzy had changed out of their bathing suits. Aly, Shianne and Alex still wore their bathing suits. Alex walked slowly. Aly remembered her promise and walked with Alex.

"The other girls will get their showers done, and then Shianne can walk them to the bakery cabin, then you can have your shower, if that's still what you want." Aly said.

"Yes. Thank you Aly." Alex responded and seemed more at ease.

The group arrived at the shower room. They entered and placed their towels and shower bags on the large bench in the centre of the room. Erin, Suzy and Becca undressed and each choose a shower head. They started the water and got it to the temperature they preferred and began to rinse off. They chatted about nothing specific.

"Aren't you guys going to shower too?" Suzy asked, once she realized Aly, Shianne and Alex hadn't joined them.

"Alex isn't quite comfortable yet. So she'll shower after, when you guys head to the bakery cabin." Aly responded.

"Oh, ok." Suzy responded.

"But what about you and Shianne?" Erin added.

Shianne looked at Aly, not sure of the full rules in this situation. She was told the helpers had their own showers at their cabin.

"Technically, helpers and counselors aren't supposed to shower with campers." Aly answered.

"But you're here now." Becca added.

"Just to watch." Aly answered quickly. She squinted her eyes, thinking that her wording may have not have been the best.

"That's even more weird!" Erin responded with a giggle.

"I agree." Shianne added with a laugh. This caused the girls all to laugh a bit. Aly smiled, taking in the fact she was in a room, watching a few naked girls laugh, with no inhibitions about being naked. All but Alex of course.

"C'mon! Join us! We promise we won't tell." Erin begged.

Aly took a deep breath.

"I just don't think we can. I'm sorry girls." Aly reluctantly responded.

The naked girls then started to boo. Even Shianne joined in booing. Aly shook her head and chuckled. She so desperately wanted to be the 'cool counselor'.

"Ok, ok!" Aly spoke, putting an end to the booing chants.

"I guess we can." Aly huffed.

"But only because you REALLY want us to." She added with a smile.

The naked girls cheered. Shianne let out a 'yippee' and instantly began to strip off her still damp bikini. The girls all watched as the older girl stripped down. Aly took this as her opportunity to disrobe without a full onslaught of onlookers. But Shianne stripped so quickly, all eyes turned to Aly as she began to strip down, slower than Shianne, but not due to nervousness. Aly breathed out as she stood naked after placing down her shed clothing. She shrugged with a smile about the innocence of the situation.

"Lookin' good Ms. Aly!" Shianne laughed out.

'Maybe not so innocent' Aly thought with a smirk.

Shianne and Aly both chose a shower head and began to shower. Alex sat silently on the bench in the centre of the room.

"You can borrow my shampoo and stuff." Erin announced as she switched to the showerhead right beside Aly.

"What about me?" Shianne sassed.

"You can share mine!" Suzy offered.

"Or mine! It smells like flowers!" Becca also offered.

"I'll borrow Suzy's this time, next time I will share with you Becca." Shianne replied, implying that there will be another time. The girls all continued to shower and Aly caught herself looking from girl to girl, and subconsciously taking in their full nude forms, from detail to detail. The bright lights in the shower room, lit up their bodies a lot more than in the cabin. Shianne made no effort to hide the fact that she too was looking at the girls, especially Aly. They made eye contact at times and smiled nervously at being caught in the slightly voyeuristic act. Aly took notice that all the girls were very smooth, no signs of body hair at all. Aly again felt envious, even though when she looked down at herself she was smooth aswell, she had just gotten a wax before she left for camp. But she wished she didn't need to get waxed in order to be smooth. Shianne had a small bit of blonde hair, barely visible on her mound. The girls ran their hands all over their bodies, washing all the beach reminisce and soap off.

"I can't wait to get boobs like you two." Becca unashamedly said in reference to Aly and Shianne. Even though they didn't have huge breasts, they had firm perky tits, that fit each of their slim figures perfectly. Aly and Shianne just smiled and blushed in response.

"Oh you don't know how fortunate you are." Aly mumbled under her breath, not meaning for it to be audible.

"What do you mean?" Erin asked a bit louder. Aly was caught off guard, not thinking anyone heard her over the running water. But Erin was standing as close as she could be to Aly, while still being under her own shower head.

"Oh.. nothing." Aly responded quietly.

"What are you two whispering about?" Suzy beckoned from the other side of the room? All eyes turned to Aly. Aly turned and saw all the girls looking right at her. She stood silently for a moment. She felt a flutter in her stomach as she was the main focal point of the group, she felt excitement rush down her spine ending between her legs. She had never experienced such a rush of nervousness and excitement mixed together, as she stood naked on display, with curious and expectant eyes glued to her. She swallowed hard, trying to register her new 'feelings'.

She must have stood silently for too long because the expressions on the girls faces became almost pressuring.

"I just mean, you girls are lucky at the age you are." Aly stumbled out. Knowing her response would just cause more questions.

"Why? We don't have boobs or anything." Becca answered grudgingly.

"Sometimes, lacking in something or having nothing is better." Aly answered, still tripping over her words.

The girls looked even more confused.

Aly blinked and hummed, while she thought.

"You mean like body hair?" Shianne questioningly stated .

"Well... yeah.." Aly submitted.

"Like hair under your arms and know...cooter?" Suzy asked, shyly calling her body parts a kid-friendly name.

"Yeah." Aly replied with a small nod.

"But you don't have any." Erin said earnestly. Aly saw Erin's gaze directed between her legs. Aly felt tingles course thru her body again.

"I get waxed." Aly spoke honestly. She followed up by giving a simple explanation of the waxing process, without indulging into too much detail. The girls listened intently.

"Do you get waxed too Shianne?" Becca asked.

"Uhh. No. I just shave. It doesn't last as long though." Shianne answered honestly. The girls went back to finishing up their showers.

"Ok girls, time to head out. Dry off and get dressed." Aly announced. The girls all turned off their showers, dried off, got dressed and gathered up their shower items.

"Ok. Shianne will take you to drop off your shower stuff at the cabin and bring you to the bakery cabin, Alex and I will meet you there soon." Aly told the girls. They left and Aly turned to Alex, who still sat on the bench.

"Ok Alex, just you now. Take your shower and we can meet up with the others. Alex said nothing and just glanced side to side.

"I'm supposed to be in here while the campers shower, but until you are more comfortable, I'll stand right outside the door. Is that ok?" Aly asked, trying to cater to the shy girl. Alex just nodded. Aly stepped outside the door and sat on a bench. She could hear children's laughter in the distance and saw a few counselors, kids and maintenance workers walk by. Aly sat and recalled the day so far. Paying special attention to the memories of the naked girls. Aly felt the same rush throughout her body. She contemplated what it meant, or maybe she didn't want to admit to herself that she was slightly turned on. Aly had only had a couple boyfriends, and none of them lasted very long. She had kissed them. And cuddled during movies. But never experimented any further.

Aly seemed to be lost in thought and was startled by the door opening and closing. Alex walked up to her, and was now dressed and ready to go.

"How was your shower Alex?" She asked, as she stood up. Alex shrugged.

"Good, I guess." Alex answered. The two dropped off their stuff at the sleeping cabin and made their way to the bakery cabin, hand-in-hand.

When they arrived, the others already had baking aprons on.

"We're making sugar cookies!" Erin excitedly told Aly and Alex. They smiled in return and put on their own aprons. With direction from the baking counselor, the girls measured and mixed the ingredients. They made the dough and placed it in the ovens.

"Next, is the icing." The baking counselor announced.

Suzy dumped the sugar into a large bowl, causing a cloud of icing sugar poof into the air. The kids laughed at the large sugar cloud that, once settled, had coated Suzy's face with a layer of fine white sugar. Suzy smiled cutely at her misfortune. Erin went to her side.

"I'll help you clean up!" Erin jumped at the opportunity. She said it loud enough that the others turned towards them. She had a sneaky smile on her face. Erin grasped Suzy's face, turning it to the side, stuck out her tongue and licked up Suzy's whole cheek, all the way up to beside her eye. Suzy squinted her face as Erin ran her wet tongue up her face. Suzy forced a smile and let out a laugh.

"Mmm. You taste good Suzy!" Erin said ambitiously. Suzy pulled up her apron and wiped off her face.

"Eugh!" Suzy laughed out, trying to sound disgusted, but she couldn't help and smile.

The girls finished making the icing and chose a few different colours. Shianne playfully put a small glob of pink icing on Becca's nose. Becca laughed as she tried to lick it off herself. Suzy then came over and quickly used her lips to scoop it off of Becca's nose, she smiled at the sweetness and Becca's smile. Becca then put a glob on Suzy's cheek. And Erin came over and licked it off like a puppy, with small quick flicks of her tongue. Alex giggled as she stood beside Aly. She tugged Aly closer, Aly thought she had a question, she knelt down and Alex placed a finger scoop of icing on Aly's cheek. Aly flinched a bit so it smeared towards her lips. Aly gave Alex a cute 'angry' smile. Alex giggled and then licked, or more so, sucked the icing off Aly's cheek. Alex's tongue finished off beside Aly's lips. Aly smiled and winked at Alex. Which made her blush a bit. The timer went off on the oven and Aly carefully removed the cookie sheets. They let the cookies cool while they washed their hands and faces. The girls finished off by icing the cookies and topping them with sprinkles. The baking counselor labeled the container for Aly's cabin. Aly checked the time and said they might as well head towards the cafeteria for dinner soon. They took the long walk around, through some trails to waste a bit more time. They arrived at the cafeteria just as the group before them were finishing up. They got a table. The meal was lasagna. They ate and chatted about how much fun camp was already.

"Do you girls want to have our dessert here or back at the cabin?" Aly asked, once they finished their dinner.

"I vote back at the cabin. I'm really full from dinner so I think I'd like mine later." Suzy replied, and the others agreed. Aly retrieved their cookies they headed back to their cabin. The air was getting a bit cooler as the evening approached.

Once they arrived back at the cabin the girls sat on their beds.

"Are we done our activities for the day?" Becca asked, followed by a yawn.

"All that's left is a big campfire tonight. We have a bit of time before that though." Aly answered.

"So what do you all wanna do?" Shianne asked.

"Can we just stay here and relax?" Erin asked, lounging out on her bed.

"Yeah. If that's ok with everyone. " Aly responded.

The girls agreed.

"Why don't we put on our PJs and have our cookies." Aly said. The girls nodded and started to undress again. Alex retrieved her pajamas and crawled under her blanket. She twisted and turned, struggling, but was able to strip and and get her pajamas on, all whilst underneath the blanket. Aly thought it was a good first step to getting comfortable in the group. Aly also began to undress to put on some pajamas.

"Did you bring PJs?" Suzy asked Shianne.

"Mine are back at my cabin. I don't really want to walk all the way there, I'm fine just wearing my normal clothes, I'll bring some tomorrow, so I can join in." Shianne replied. The girls now all wore their pajamas.

Aly wore light pants and a tank top with no bra. Erin wore a flowing nightgown that only just covered her bum. She, of course, wore no panties. Suzy wore short shorts, almost as short as her boycut undies. She also wore no panties, and a matching t-shirt. Becca wore a nightgown and red panties, that covered more than her thong, but not much. Alex wore a pair of loose gym shorts and a t-shirt, since she changed under the blanket, Aly was not sure if she had panties on or not.

"Ready for the cookies now girls?" Aly asked. Everyone agreed and Aly opened the container. Everyone grabbed a cookie and started to eat them.

"Mmm. We did good! These are tasty!" Erin beamed.

"Even better than off my face?" Suzy laughed in between bites.

"Mmm. I might have liked that more!" Erin mumbled out with her mouthful. The girls laughed.

"Speaking of which, Alex you missed your mouth." Becca smiled and pointed to Alex, who had some icing on her cheek and side of her lips.

"Aw, where?" Alex asked, darting her eyes down, but of course couldn't see her own face. Suzy skipped over to her.

"I'll help!" Suzy said. Halting right in front of Alex.

"If that's ok with you." She added softly, looking into Alex's eyes.

Alex just shrugged and nodded.

Suzy smiled and flicked her tongue quickly and licked off the icing. She held Alex's arms lightly as she tickled her with her tongue.

Alex squirmed a bit and giggled adorably. The others smiled and giggled as well, as Suzy playfully got all the icing off, and then some. Suzy leaned back and smiled at Alex, as she released her light grip on her arms.

"What about me?!" Erin said abruptly, causing all eyes to shift to her. She jumped up off her bed, the movement cause her nightgown to lift up and freely fall back down, in a parachute fashion. It was a quick passing moment, but the peek under her gown seemed to slow time down. Aly blinked hard, trying to refocus. Erin had a bit of her cookie left and she smeared it across her cheek down to her mouth before eating it in one bite. Leaving a trail of crumbs and icing down her face and onto her lips. Suzy bolted up and rushed over. Tackling Erin onto her bed. Suzy straddled one of Erin's legs, holding her down. Suzy's pajama shorts, tightly hugged her muscular bum, showing off the lower parts of her bum cheeks, as it snuggly tucked in her bum crease, as she straddled her friend. Erin started to laugh and twitch under Suzy's controlled mount. Suzy shifted her knee that was between Erin's legs and Erin's nightgown hem was now up above her waist. Showing off her exposed 'privates'. She squirmed and laughed, kicking her free leg, causing her nightgown to flair out and show off even more of her bum and mound. Suzy put her weight down and lapped away at Erin's face. Erin laughed hysterically and shook her head back and forth. Suzy licked all over her face. Including her lips.

"Oh my word." Aly gasped under her breath, as she watched the scene. Her eyes darted from Suzy's bum, clenching with her mount, to Erin's exposed vulva and bum, wiggling within her struggles. Aly looked as best she could from her angle, to see their faces. Aly felt electric shocks course through her body, and her legs quivered slightly. She swallowed hard, the laughter around her seemed to mute as she felt a tingling numbness overtake her body. From her extremities to deep inside her. She felt her pussy tingle. She clenched her teeth, in an attempt to compress the sensations, but it only heightened them. Just before Aly felt like she was going to internally explode, Suzy rolled off to the side laughing. Erin sat up quickly, wiping the slobber off her face, also laughing. She didn't cover herself up right away, but now that she was sitting, Aly was able to snap out of her trance, not a second too soon. Aly looked around the room as everyone seemed to be laughing and the sounds came back into focus. Aly herself cracked a smile and joined in on the contagious laughter. Aly's eyes turned to Becca, who was just about to take her last bite of cookie, but due to her laughter, her cookie crumbled and some landed on her exposed upper thigh.

"Awe." She groaned though laughter, looking down at her lap, she opened her legs a bit and the cookie crumbs and icing fell to her inner thigh as well. Her knees spread apart, her bright red panties covered her vulva, but just barely, as her gown didn't hang any lower than the hem of her panties in her sitting position. The girls eyes turned to Becca. Erin, in a quick hop, jumped up and ran over to Becca, Erin almost tripped as she rushed over. Sliding to a stop, kneeling on one knee in front of Becca, as she sat on her bed. The whole situation was surreal, as Erin looked up into Becca's face, before changing her gaze to the crumbs. Erin mumbled a sound and started to lick and eat up the crumbs off of Becca's upper thigh. Becca closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She moaned in a sound that portrayed a mixture of pleasure and tickles. Erin held her hands on Becca's lower thighs, just above her knees. Erin pushed and pryed Becca's legs open wider, with no restriction from Becca. Erin shifted her mouth and stated to eat and lick the icing and crumbs from between Becca's legs. Erin's hair and top of her head brushed against Becca's covered mound. Aly couldn't draw herself to put an end to the kid's 'fun' experience. Aly's mouth hung slightly open as her breathing increased and the familiar feelings coursed through her body once again. Aly watched from the side as Erin buried her face into Becca's lap. The girls around the room laughed. Suzy cheered Erin on, Erin mumbled her eating sounds, and Becca had a mixture of moans and giggles. Becca then put her hands on Erin's head. Her fingers entwined in her hair. Aly quivered with the feeling of horniness, and guilt. She forced herself to glance away. She saw the kids laugh innocently at the scenario, then she saw Shianne's expression. Her eyes were glossed over, yet focused. Shianne lightly bit her bottom lip. Aly separated the sounds of laughter and could almost swear she heard a soft moan escape from Shianne. Aly's pussy twitched as she clenched her legs together tightly, not wearing any underwear under her light pajama pants. She knew that the guilt would soon outway her animalistic feelings of pleasure, she was about to turn to put an end to their display of sensuality. Aly turned back to Becca and Erin. She went to speak but no sound other then an exasperated gasp escaped her dry throat. She cleared her throat. Erin then rolled to the side, standing back up, giggling to herself. She wiped her mouth, she has some saliva and crumbs on her smiling lips. Becca giggled aswell. Aly caught a glimpse of Becca's crotch. The was a small damp spot on her panties. Obvious with the darker red colour. It could have been from Erin's mouth, or something else. Either way, this made Aly quiver and her legs trembled. Becca closed her legs and cut off the open view. The kids laughed and they went back to just chatting about nothing specific. Shianne and Aly sat silently. They made eye contact and smiled a 'knowing' smile.

Aly checked the time.

"Its almost time for campfire. You girls should probably put on something warmer just incase it cools down." Aly announced, her voice still shakey, but not noticed, or acknowledged, by the group.

They put on some sweaters, and pants, before they headed out. The girls and Shianne jogged and zig-zagged as they played a small game of tag, even Alex played along. Aly walked a bit further back and watched them, the setting sun lit their walk. They made it to campfire just as the older campers were starting the fire. Aly's group all sat together as they giggled and chatted. Aly told them she was going to go see some other counselors. Shianne also went to see some of her friends. The camp director and a few other ladies led the kids in some campfire songs. Aly chatted with a few of her friends she saw scattered about. After about 15 min Shianne approached Aly.

"Hey Aly, can we talk for a minute?" Shianne asked.

"Yeah, sure." Aly replied as happily as she could, while she felt kind of nervous, not knowing what it was about.

"Can we go over there? It's kinda private." Shianne asked, pointing towards a small open space a short distance away from the crowded campfire space. Aly's heart sank and her nerves made her heart beat fast, thinking she may have let the girls cross a line Shianne wasn't comfortable with. The two walked over to the area where they could talk.

"What's up?" Aly asked, as optimistically as she could.

"Its about the shower." Shianne said softly, which was different from her normal loud voice.

Aly swallowed hard and reluctantly nodded.

"Does it hurt?" Shianne asked.

Aly's face expressed confusion.

"What?" Aly asked.

"Waxing. Does it hurt?" Shianne asked with more detail.

Aly laughed a sigh of relief.

"I never have gotten one, and was curious how painful it is." Shianne added.

"Well yeah it hurts a bit but its not horrible." Aly simply answered, calming her nerves.

"Even on your vag?!" Shianne asked, a bit louder.

"Well it doesn't tickle, but it's so worth it. Lasts a lot longer than shaving." Aly said.

"See! That's what I want! I'm so jealous of the girls and how smooth they are. I shave but it only gets me like a day or two. Like I just shaved before I came to camp and I'm already sprouting hairs." Shianne honestly opened up.

"Yeah. And the more often you get it done, the longer it lasts." Aly added.

"But is it not awkward?" Shianne asked.

"Nah. Maybe the first time you go, because it's different. But they are usually really nice and help you feel comfortable. The girl who does me chats like a hairstylist and moves quick." Aly explained.

"Hmm." Shianne thought aloud.

"Well I think I'll go sometime. I'd love to have a smooth pussy all the time." Shianne bluntly stated.

"Plus it looks super sexy!" Shianne added with a wink and a nudge. Aly was surprised at this remark but shrugged it off with a smile. Aly and Shianne made their way back to their group. Aly had mixed thoughts, 'Did Shianne mean it looked sexy in general, or was it a comment about what she saw of Aly in the shower.' Aly thought to herself. This caused a slight flutter in Aly's stomach. She had never thought sexually about other girls. Well other than her curious mind as a child. But within this camp experience, Aly had a million new feelings she was trying to comprehend.

Aly and Shianne joined the girls for a few more songs and performances by the camp leaders. Once they finished up, they bid goodnight to Shianne and Aly walked with the girls back to their cabin. They grabbed their toothbrushes and went to the bathroom, then came back for bed. The girls changed out of their warmer clothes back into their pajamas. Except for Erin who announced that she was going to sleep in the nude. Aly herself got ready and sat down on the bed.

"Goodnight girls." Aly said, the girls responded with 'goodnights' as well. Then Erin dropped from her bunk and ran over and hugged Aly tightly. There was only a lamp lit in the cabin but Aly saw some details of Erin's nude form. Aly hugged her back and said goodnight again. Erin spun around to go back to her bed and Aly gave her a little swat on her naked bum. Aly couldn't believe what she just did. But Erin seemed to skip and let out a little giggle before climbing back into her bed. And all the group drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...


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