Lori's Adventures 2

Lori’s Adventure 2

I got a text message from Lori that said, "Lunch?" I know what that meant and my text message back was short and simple, “Yes.” I knew she was going to give me her ass! I drove over to pick her up at noon in front of her office buildings entrance door.

As she slides into the car seat next to me I lean over for a quick kiss because I know if my lips stay on Lori’s for any length of time we aren’t going anywhere. Lori’s kisses are so passionately hot that they take over my mine until I forgot what I came to meet her for. That’s how much of an effect Lori has on me. Breaking the kiss she said "Hi." Shaking my head I said that I better start driving now or your fellow workers will come out and see us fucking right here on the spot in the front seat of the car. As I pull out into traffic heading for a secluded place to park we headed towards a wooded area that I know of. Lori reaches out and placed her hand on my cock as she said, “I want this hot thick fuck stick in my hands, in my mouth, in my pussy and buried deep in my ass; just like I promised I’d do the last time we were together. I love the full feeling of your thick cock as it stretches and fucks into my ass.”

Once we were parked in the woods, where no people or traffic traveled and we were alone, Lori told me to hurry up and get into the backseat. She wanted her mouth on my cock head, one of her hands stroking the base of my cock and her other hand caressing my balls. I had already undone my pants so Lori pushed them and my briefs down around my ankles and dropped her mouth onto my semi hard cock and mushroomed head. “Mmmm! I love the taste of your cock in my mouth” Lori said. She used her hand to stroke up and down my shaft while her mouth enveloped my cock head and her tongue licked at slit on the tip. Lori felt my hands gently massaging up and down her back and moved her hands and arms to take her blouse and bra off.

Once Lori was naked from the waist up I raised her up to take her breasts in my mouth. I was licking one of her nipples with my tongue and pinching at the other one with my thumb and index finger. My other hand was undoing the clasp on her pants. Lori got up on her knees on the car seat so I could work her pants and panties down and off her legs. She scooted forward and climbed onto my lap; sitting her pussy right over and sliding down onto my steel hard cock till my balls where nestled against her ass cheeks. My arms wrapped around her; enabling my mouth and tongue to suck and lick her breast and nipples. Damn, her nipples where hard as diamonds and her tit flesh was warm and soft to the touch. Lori seemed to be getting my cock harder than I ever remember being. My cock was so hard that it hurt with anticipation of flooding a heavy load of cock cum inside her ass. Although fucking Lori’s tight pussy is my favorite place to be I still enjoy fucking her in the ass every now and then.

As Lori started to slowly ride up and down my cock she said, “Your cock feels so good stretching my pussy. I can feel it touching every nerve ending inside my cunt; bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I love being fucked by your hard hot thick cock.”

My mouth was busy with her mouth with little licks, sucks and nibbles between lips, tongue and teeth. She felt my hands on her hips, guiding her pussy up and down on my diamond hard cock. Lori was sensually aware of my tongue filling her mouth trying to enter the start of her throat and her pussy being filled full with my thick cock trying to bottom out in her womb. Riding my cock cowgirl style like this makes her feel like my cock is going so much deeper into her cunt than I usually do. My hands grabbed her ass and changed my angle just a bit so she is leaning back a little so that more of my cock is penetrated deeper inside her cunt. With my hands on her ass I start to tease her asshole with one of my fingers and she grabs at my shoulders.
I lean her all the way back and prop her up against the seat in front and start to fuck her cunt hard. Soon I have two, then three, fingers inside her stretched asshole. I’m twisting and turning my fingers in Loris’ ass knowing that soon they will be replaced with my thick cock. It felt so good and so full as my dick plowed into her hot slippery pussy over and over again until she couldn't take it anymore and cums all over my cock.

I started to pull my cock almost out and teasingly slide slowly back inside her cunt. She reaches up and brings my mouth to hers for another hot passionate kiss. Don't tease she mumbles against my lips. I pull back for just a second and said, “I'm won’t.” My cock leaves her pussy and fills her ass in one quick motion. Lori moans into my mouth saying how great my cock feels buried inside her brown puckered star. “I love having you in my ass. I love having your cock in my ass while you're kissing me,” she says as I begin to slowly fuck her ass. She can feel me driving in until I am balls deep inside her ass. Lori starts to beg me to please fuck her fast and hard. I pull back with a smile while taking her hips in my hands and grant her wish as I start to pound into her ass as fast and hard as I can. Lori loves to have her ass fucked roughly. “God that feels so good,” she says. “Mmmm, fill my ass with that hard thick cock of yours. Squirt your cock juice deep in my bowels.” Her ass felt so tight stretched around my thick cock. As I move in and out of Lori’s ass I moved one of my hands down to flick her hard swollen clit with my finger. She is so turned on that two flicks of my finger and her entire body arches and she moans out my name…”Peter. I love you. Please don’t stop. I’m almost there; keep on fucking my ass roughly, PLEASE!” Then her ass tightens down on my cock and she starts to convulse into one tremendous orgasm. Her body is wildly jerking uncontrollably as she screams at the top of your lungs from a violent orgasm that she never expected.
Her orgasm was so strong that her molten hot pussy lava squished out around my cock; running down over my balls and into the crack of my ass. I have never seen or felt Lori cum so much or hard before. Feeling her ass pulsating around my cock as she orgasmed sent me right over the top and I deposited a thick heavy load of cock cream into her bowels.

I pulled out of her ass with a sucking sound and my cum ran out of her asshole like a river. I helped her back onto my lap and she had to sit with your head buried in my neck for a minute from sheer exhaustion. Then I tilted my head around and licked at her ear mentioning that horrible word…WORK. Work ugggh! We’re going to be late, so we got dressed and back we went. As I dropped Lori off at her office buildings front door it occurred to her that only she got some protein to eat during lunch. “Hmmm…we'll have to fix that next time,” she said.

There’s still much more adventures of Lori to come!


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