Lacy The Prostitute- Sex Slave Of Eight Men For Three Days

I’ve been a prostitute for about one month now. I’ve only done some usual jobs such as military, scumbags, and the regular men.

My Pimp has dressed me nicely today. I’m wearing 7” high heals, a skirt and crop top. He says that I will be going to a client’s home. He said that THEY have bought be for three days.

I didn’t say a word to my pimp, no questions at all. All I knew was that I would be going to a random home for three days. I don’t know how many men; nothing.

I was transported by car with a ragbag over my head, hand cuffed. It was a very long drive with an incline as if we were going to the top of a mountain or something.

While going there, two men were stimulating me. Touching my tits and playing with my clit. It turned me on so much, and I was getting very excited.

The car stopped and my pimp went outside. I heard voices, then they took me out, still hand cuffed, and I didn’t know where the hell I was.

They took me inside, and I heard my pimp leave with the car.

They took off my ragbag, and ripped off my shirt releasing my tits. I was taken down to the basement. A total of 8 men were waiting for me.

They were all around 20-30 years old. Not too old but not too young. They looked like the nasty type though. The ones that you would expect to torture a young girl like me

As I was standing in front of them, exploring the room as they were jacking off to me. I saw cameras, lights, ropes, everything you see in a sex slave porno. I went down onto my knees and waited.

“Alight guys, because this was my idea, I wanna go first.”

They agreed at the live porn. He pulled my hair and began to fuck my face. I willingly opened my mouth for his big white cock.

“I heard a lot about you my little whore.”
“Have you seen my videos?”
“Yeah, I’ve seen you take those cocks”

His friend gathered around jacking off and watching me

“Look at that slut take the cock into her mouth.

“Can’t wait to fuck her”
He came on my face then he said “Guys, what if we gangbang her today and take turns on her tomorrow?”
They all agreed.

My skirt was removed, but my heals were kept on. Cameras were rolling and my holes were being taken. I got really into it. I was talking dirty to them constantly.

“MMMMM yes please fuck my slut holes” “Give it to me daddy, give me that fat white cock in my asshole.” “mmmmmmmm yes I’m a dirty whore, use me and abuse me with your cocks…..”

They said things to me like “you pathetic little cum dump, take my cock” “filthy piece of meet, all you’re good for is my cock” “look into that camera and know you’re shit” “filthy little whore” “take these cocks into your slut holes you whore” “I’m gonna fuck the slut shit out of you” “know your place in life whore.”

All of the cocks that were fucking my face had slapped my face constantly. My hair was being pulled, and my ass was being pounded. Layers and layers of cum were squirted onto my face, and I swallowed every last drop.

I was moved to the couch, floor, and a table.

At the end of it, it was punishment. I knew that I was being gang fucked for about three hours and they all finished cumming.

I was chained by my wrists to the celling. My tits and face was soaked in cum. I had an after taste of cum with my pussy and asshole loose.

“alright bitch, Im gonna punish you for being a slut”

“do it, punish me master”

He slapped my face once, then again, and again and again. He pinched my nipples, and slapped me more.

Once he was finished, the white trash men pissed on me in the bathroom.

I was weak but I enjoyed the crusty cum being washed off. “Piss on this filthy cum dump” They finished and left me there “wash off cunt.”

I washed off, and went to the room. I heard the door to the surface lock; I was alone in the dungeon for tomorrow.

Eight men, eight sessions, one day.

I was chained by my wrists to the celling, on my knees, naked. The first man came in with his cock out already.

“Alright baby, looks like I’m the first one of the day”

I opened my mouth eagerly. I was waiting in that room for the longest time waiting to get some kind of cock into my system. This was the same guy that slapped my face repeatedly while he was fucking my throat.

He had his cell phone to tape it. He let me choke on it by my own will, bobbing my head on his white 8 inch cock. I was looking into his phone, moaning, feeling my pussy getting wet.

He slapped my face a new times, calling me whore, bitch and cunt.

Then, he grabbed my head and began to fuck my face with the camera at hand.

“Yeah you filthy little bitch, look into that camera, you look so hot with a cock in your face”

I moaned as I gagged on his cock for a good 20 minutes including the things he made me say into the camera. And when he came, he healed my head down, making me swallow.

He zipped up his pants and called in the next guy.

Two men actually came in. They took me off of the chains.

“Haha, look at what Mac did, she’s wet and ready”

They played with my tits and pussy, making me really ready for cock. Took one into my pussy and the other went into my asshole. DP and tit pinching. It self so good to feel two men in me at the same time.

Their cocks were only 6 and 7, but they still felt good. I moaned and talked dirty to them. Although I was going through three cocks, I was still ready for more because I was trained, and used to the sex.

When it was time to cum, they decided to chain me back up and cum on my face. I had my mouth open and I caught a lot. The warm stringy cum felt so good on my face as it dripped down to my tits.

They sipped up and left to get the next customer.

For the next two, they chained me down onto a brace that held me by the hips. One took my asshole and the other took my mouth. My hands were in the brace, so I hard no control again.

As one took over my mouth, fucking my throat with his fat 9 inch cock, the other spanked me. He just spanked me for about three minutes just to hear the sounds I would make. Then he finally entered my asshole with his fat white cock.

Fucking my ass vigorously

“Bitch, your slut hole feels good…” “Eager whore taking these cocks like nothing.”

The man in front was pulling my hair and head. Making my look up at him he spit on my face and smothered his cock in my face. I was gagging so much, but I loved it.

They came in the holes they used. After another 20 minutes of being a sex salve.

I still have three clients left, what will they do to me…what will happen tomorrow…


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