Not A Peaceful Vacation After All

Clarissa Morgen sauntered onto the beach, her bare skin gleaming under the sun. Her curvaceous body turned heads toward her direction. People stared at her, her body hardened men’s crotches as she walked.

She wore a white bikini that went perfectly with her long, blonde hair. Two men lay on their beach chairs under an umbrella. They ogled her as she walked gracefully in front of them.

She went to the beachside bar and had a drink. The two men followed her, and sat on each side of her.

“Hello, beautiful,” One man said. A smile played on his lips as he ran his eyes over her shapely body.

“Hey” she replied, uninterested.

“My name’s Randall, and this is Jordan.” Randall pointed at his companion. “Me and the guys will be having a party tonight. Wanna join us?”

“I appreciate the offer, but I must decline. I have business to attend to tonight” Clarissa replied. She really had no business tonight, but she wanted to spend the night on her own and relax. She also found these men creepy when she noticed them ran their eyes on her body.

“Well, that’s unfortunate. Maybe next time, if there is a next time” Jordan commented with a tone of disappointment.

The men left her and went back to their umbrella.

“What a waste." A disheartened Jordan said

“Worry not, my friend” Randall.patted his friend on the shoulder. “We’re still having a party tonight with her”

Jordan saw his friend smiling with lust in his eyes as he looked at Clarissa as she walked away from the bar .

Clarissa entered her villa. She sighed in exhaustion. She walked to the living room bar, and grabbed a glass and a bottle of wine. She walked to the deck overlooking the sea. She waited weeks for this reservation.She just wanted a peaceful vacation by herself. She specifically booked this overpriced villa overlooking the beach just to relax and free her mind from day to day worries.

She lay on her chaise lounge, and stretched her bikini clad body under the moonlight.

She poured herself a glass of wine. She smiled at the sound of silence. She relaxed her body under the full moon.

She admired the sea under the full moon, and took a sip of her wine.

Unaware of her surroundings, two men snuck in her room. Oblivious to the presence of the trespassers she relaxed herself on the lounge. She was still admiring the evening view when a hand with a damp cloth pressed on her face, Clarissa got a dose of chloroform. She cried out, taking a lungful of the sedative. It was so strong, and overpowering. She felt lightheaded. Another man appeared in font of her and grabbed her legs. She struggled frantically.

The man behind her held the cloth harder over her mouth and nose, his free hand snaked through her bra and cupped her breasts.

She screamed through the cloth and thrashed her body, but she felt so week. The man holding her legs started running his hands up her thighs. She tried to kick the hands away, but her legs felt heavy. The man continued running his hands up and down her shapely, smooth thighs.

Her body felt weaker with each breath. The man behind her moved to her side, keeping the damp cloth on her face. His other hand left her breast, and moved to her crotch. He massaged her pussy mound over her bikini, then his fingers snaked through her bikini and massaged her pussy.

The man smiled in satisfaction as his fingers massaged a perfectly shaven vagina. Clarissa felt fingers between her legs and squirmed weakly. Her lungs burned, her head felt light. Her consciousness slowly slipping away.

“Breathe” she heard a voice say.

Clarissa moaned through the cloth. She wanted to say “Stop” but her lips won’t move. Her eyelids fluttered.

“That’s it. Go to sleep. Just breathe” the malicious voice whispered in her ear. Her mind went blank. Her eyes rolled, and she passed out.

“She’s out” Randall told Jordan as he removed the cloth from the unconscious woman’s face.
He sat behind the limp body, and cupped her breasts from behind. He squeezed both breasts as if they were stress balls.

Jordan kept running his hands up and down her smooth thighs.

“Shall we invite Mark?” Jordan asked his companion.

“Please do. Let’s get this party started” replied Randall.

Jordan reached for his phone and called his companions, his free hand moved up to her crotch and massaged her mound over her bikini.

The men continued groping Clarissa’s limp body while waiting for their friends.

Few moments later, The door opened and another man arrived. He went directly to the overlooking deck.

His eyes gazed upon Randall and Jordan groping an unconscious, beautiful, blonde woman.

The newcomer stared in envy and approached them.

“Wow, she is so hot. Those boobs are perfect.” One of the newcomers commented.

Randall let go of Clarissa’s breasts and said to his friend.

Mark reached for Clarissa’s breasts and squeezed them. He noticed she was wearing a front clasp bra and proceeded to unclasp them. He freed her breasts and threw the garment away.

“Wow” He said as he stared at her freed breasts. He cupped each breast and moaned in satisfaction. He leaned forward and started sucking her breasts.

“I don’t want to disturb you, but I think we should move this to the bedroom where we can ravish her beautiful body properly.” Randall interrupted Mark.

The men carried Clarissa’s limp body to the bedroom. They laid her body on the king sized bed and spread her limbs apart. Their hands roamed over her defenseless and helpless body.

Mike kissed Clarissa on her lips, Jordan started fondling her breasts, and Randall licked her perfectly shaved mound.

The men stood up and removed their pants.Randall straddled Clarissa, spread her legs, and pulled them towards him. As if on cue, Jordan straddled the unconscious woman’s chest, put his erection between her breasts.
He held each breast and pressed them together. Mark knelt above Clarissa’s head, his body facing Jordan’s. He put his penis inside her mouth,

The men thrust together in unison. Randall’s manhood penetrated Clarrisa’s pussy, Jordan fucked ber breasts, and Mark gave her a blowjob.

They d her for hours, and they constantly swapped positions. After hours of ravishing, Randall pulled out of Clarissa’s vagina and came. Jordan came on her breasts, while Mark came on her face. The men, satisfied, left. Leaving Clarissa’s spread-eagled body on the bed.

Clarissa’s eyes fluttered, and she awoke. She moaned from the throbbing of her head. She felt stretched out.

“How did i get on the bed?” She asked herself. She looked down and saw that she’s completely naked, her body covered in cum. She screamed in terror. The last thing she remembered was her lying on the chaise lounge as she sipped her wine. Then she gasped as she remembered the hand with the damp cloth that came out of nowhere. She remembered hands on her breasts, and fingers on her vagina, and after that, nothing. Her mind is blank. But there was no doubt that she had been d. She cried hard.

She thought of reporting her predicament, but she might lose her dignity. She kept her ordeal to herself and cried.,


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