Time at school passed quickly. We all fell into a routine and shared all that we learned with one another. Tasha and Naomi met with me every evening for homework and we discussed sex and obedience so much that I began to realize I wouldn’t know how to speak with someone outside of the lifestyle anymore.

When homework was finished, we furiously emailed contractors and decorators and ordered things online for our new homes. I had to pass-on instructions to the help I’d hired as to how I wanted things set up. It was a busy time.

Kyle sent letters regularly, telling me how impressed he was with my progress. He kept me updated on the house and gushed over how he approved of my choices. It made me smile.

When our first home visit arrived, the campus seemed buzzing with excitement. We hadn’t been allowed a visiting day for the first ½ of the term to keep us focused. I was looking forward to seeing Kyle and our house.

The line of limousines slowly progressed through the driveway, picking up girls one by one. When Kyle’s car arrived, my small bag was put in the trunk and I sat in the back, anxious to get home. We left most of our things at school as we wouldn’t need them. I had my anal training kit and my lip balm. I wore one uniform home so I would have it to return in, the others were with the laundry service at school and would be neatly stacked on my bed when I returned.

My room mate had been in a foul mood all week anticipating the break. I had almost started to feel sorry for her situation. If she hadn’t been so horrible to me, I would feel awful for her.

The drive was uneventful and I even managed a nap on the way. I was dropped off at my Grandfather’s house. When I entered, the house seemed different. More welcoming.

Grandfather gave me a quick hug and told me dinner was ready. Molly was in the kitchen in nothing but an apron and red high heels, her graying hair down around her shoulders.

When she saw me, she smiled warmly and gestured toward the table.

Grandpa had been sure to attach the model of Kyle’s cock to the chair and I lowered myself onto it.

“Your Grandfather and I have been anxiously waiting to hear about school, I hope you’ll share your experiences with us!” She smiled as she removed her apron and sat across from me.

“It’s been….very educational. The classes were hard but I’ve improved. I’m mostly looking for a break from formalities. The headmaster is very strict.”

“By the time you graduate, it will be second nature for you, Ruby. Embrace it, you’ll need that submissive nature in this lifestyle on many occasions. Business meetings and functions with your husband especially. If you’re not obedient and submissive with all the correct etiquette, you’ll embarrass him.” Grandfather took a sip of water and kept eating his dinner.

“Yes, Sir.”

We chatted through dinner, Molly was excited to hear how the school had changed since she’d been a student. She was a very beautiful, sweet woman and I was glad Grandpa had someone to take care of him. He had seemed so lonely when I arrived to begin my new life.

When dinner was finished, Kyle arrived to take me to our home. There were a lot of things to be done at the house during break and we had a wedding to plan as well. The Thanksgiving dinner was planned at Mother’s house and it would be my first social engagement. I was nervous.

“It’s so good to have you home, Ruby.” Kyle reached across the car and took my hand to kiss it.

“Thank You, Sir. I’m glad to be home as well.” I smiled sweetly and enjoyed the dildo in my pussy as he drove.

“Mother is giddy to see you. While I’m at work tomorrow, she’s bringing you a surprise. She wanted to help with the house as well.”

“I’ll be so glad to catch up with her! I have so much to tell her!” I wondered what my own mother was doing for the Holiday.
I knew she was anxious to hear from me about my decision. I would have to include a letter with her wedding announcement. She would be so unhappy. She hadn’t wanted this for me.

When we arrived at home, Kyle took me to the guest bedroom where I was to stay until I returned to school. For such an unconventional lifestyle, they sure did stick to their virtues. We weren’t to be together until we were married.

I took a long shower and sunk into the bed. My eyes closed before I could even think.

I was awoke with a soft caress across my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Kyle’s cock teasing my skin.


I opened my mouth and he laid himself on my tongue. I gently closed my lips around his cock and drank his morning piss. When he was finished, I began sucking him and fondling his balls. He got hard so quickly and in no time was fucking my throat.

“Oh Ruby…I’ve missed your mouth.”

His words encouraged me and I worked even faster.

When he flooded my mouth with his cum, I swallowed and moaned. I had missed the taste of him so much. Even when he visited at school, we had no private time. I felt like a woman starved.

Kyle sighed and smiled, “You’re incredible. I can’t wait to make you my wife. Elsa is no substitute for you.”

“What?” My heart began to race.

“Elsa. My personal companion? You hired her.” He said it so matter-of-factly.

“You…use her?” I had gotten too used to the idea that he was old fashioned in his thinking. Maybe not as old fashioned as I thought.

“A man shouldn’t go without being serviced, Ruby. You’re away at school and we aren’t married yet. Elsa is well aware that this is only temporary.”

“Oh.” I didn’t know how to feel about that. I felt jealousy creeping into my gut.

“I know this lifestyle is new to you,” Kyle sat next to me on the bed and took my face into his hands, “No matter how I’m taken care of, take heart that I’m yours.

It didn’t feel that way to me, however.

“Discuss it with Mother today. She may be able to help you understand.” He kissed my forehead and left to get ready for work.

In the conventional world, this would be considered an affair. But this new life …. Every time I felt I had a grip something new came along.

I got ready for the day, putting on a sheer sundress and flats. I checked in with the chef about the menu for the week, confirmed my meeting with the tailor while I was home (Kyle wanted to add some things to my wardrobe) and before I knew it, Mother had arrived.

“Ruby!” She embraced me as if I were her own daughter.

“I missed you, Mother.” I truly had.

She smiled at me and held me at an arm’s length, “You’re definitely more refined….I can see the change school is having on you!” She giggled and sat down, patting the couch next to her.

I sat and as if timed perfectly, the maid arrived with lemonade. “Thank You, Jane.” I dismissed her so we could have some private conversation.

“Ruby, tell me everything! How is school?”

“It’s good! I’m actually enjoying it! My conditioning tapes have helped so much. They’re always changing, guiding me through what I’m learning. I still struggle, however.”

“Struggle? But you fit in so well!”

“Mother….does your husband ever….use other women?”

Mother laughed and gave me a knowing smile, “Oh Ruby. Of all the things to get hung up on…. What is your concern?”

“Well….Kyle mentioned that his personal companion was … servicing him while I was away. I didn’t like it.”

“Oh that’s just temporary, dear. You can’t expect him to wait for you, he needs release. But the way he talks about you….I know you have nothing to worry about. But to answer your questions…yes, my husband has used other women in the past for release. Just as I use my dogs for it now.”

“And you weren’t angry or jealous?”

“He loves me.
When I’m away, I expect that someone will tend to his needs. I don’t need to know the details. When I return home, it’s always a vigorous reunion.” She giggled, “No one compares to me in his eyes.”

“Oh. I guess I did feel that this morning. He definitely missed me.”

“No need to worry about STDs or a torrid affair… Ready for your surprise?”

“Oh you didn’t have to bring me anything!”

“Nonesense. My new daughter should be showered with gifts!” She smiled and gestured toward her attendant waiting in the shadows politely.

When he came back around the corner, he had a beautiful black dog who seemed happy to see Mother.

“This, is Blake. He’s a wolf hybrid and he’s very well trained. I know you’ve been working with dogs at school and I wanted you to maybe have your own K9 master here at home.”

“He’s beautiful, Mother!” I had completely overcome my fear of dogs and now, with the help of my conditioning tapes, was very comfortable around them and enjoyed letting them use me. “Thank You!”

“So Kyle wanted me to go over being a K9 owner with you so that you understood. He thought I would be more understanding if you have any objections.”

“I think I understand, but please go on.” Blake sat next to Mother patiently and obediently.

“Our dogs are trained very specifically as you know. They know they are dominant over women. They will not be patient with you.”

“I understand, Mother.”

“While Kyle is home, Blake will be kept in the kennel we had built in the back yard and taken care of by handlers. When Kyle is not home, Blake will be free to roam the property and he will be a master of sorts to you. You will obey him when he’s in your presence.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“It’s very good for the submissive soul, I must say. Nothing more primal than an animal master. Your conditioning tapes have prepared you for this, I don’t anticipate any problems. You’ll get used to his barks and growls and what they mean. You two will be a perfect pair in no time.”

“Thank you again, Mother, he’s gorgeous!”

“He’s very well trained, you won’t have any problems with him. Now. I have to run, I’m due back at home for a business meeting with Father’s clients.”

Mother stood to hug me and her attendant followed her out. I looked at Blake, sitting patiently.

“Hello Blake,” I approached him and began petting him. He was very friendly. I led him through the house and into the back yard where he could see his kennel. It was constructed beautifully and had plenty of room for Blake and a heated shelter that was more like an apartment than a dog kennel. We explored it together and Blake stopped for a drink of water and some kibble.

I walked from the kennel, headed for the house to begin on my long list of duties for the house and wedding. I left the door of the kennel open since Kyle was at work. I would let Blake get used to the property.

Halfway across the lawn, I heard panting behind me. Blake wanted to get to know ME moe than anything apparently.

“Hi, boy! Do you want to come inside with me?” I reached down to pet him and he let out a small growl. I wondered what it meant and pulled back. He rooted under my sundress until his nose found my pussy and began licking. I moaned and let him taste me.

Another growl followed by a bark. Without a thought in my head, as if I was programmed, I got down on all fours and lifted my sundress, exposing myself to Blake.

The dog began lapping at my pussy furiously and I nearly came before he stopped and mounted me. He was ready to claim his house slave.

I obediently pressed my chest to the ground and spread my legs, pushing my ass in the air for him. He hit his mark almost immediately and began fucking me with abandon.

I knew not to move for fear of being nipped at and put in my place. It felt so good to be filled and the heavy pounding was bringing my pussy to life, I was soaking wet.

When I felt his knot pushing inside of me, I relaxed and pressed back to help him. Once we were tied together, I reached for my clit and in no time at all, he was filling me with his doggy cum and I was having an amazing orgasm, milking his doggy cock inside of me.

When we were tied together, I used the time to have as many orgasms as I could. The feeling of being filled with cum and plugged shut was so amazing and by the time he popped free and his cum began to gush out of me, I was having my fourth orgasm.

Blake retreated to the edge of the house and began cleaning himself. I stood and went for the house to get cleaned up myself, patting him on the head and giving him a “Good Boy!” as I passed him.

The list of things to get done was long. I made sure I met with each of the staff first, listening to any problems or questions and getting all the wrinkles ironed out. I even maintained my composure when speaking with Elsa, though I felt the jealousy when I looked at her and imagined Kyle’s cock in her mouth. Or was he fucking her? I tried not to dwell on the details, as Mother had suggested.

The wedding details were more difficult for me as I’d never planned a wedding in The Lifestyle. My friends helped immensely, especially since the Taylor’s website only had one option for ‘Wedding Dress’. Apparently this was not a detail that allowed us any individuality. I entered my name and checked out for one. It would be delivered to the house, nothing else to do as the Taylor had all of my measurements on file.

I booked the church for the only date left available in June. We would be attending a record number of weddings every weekend until our own. I still hadn’t discussed the honeymoon with Kyle and I decided that would be on our agenda for dinner conversation when he got home.

When I got up from the desk in the office, I went into the kitchen to discuss the dinner menu with our chef. He had a lovely menu planned and I had absolutely no arguments or suggestions. As we were finishing up, I was ready to get pampered and ready for Kyle’s return home.

I turned to head upstairs and there was Blake. “Hello, boy!” I started toward him and heard that familiar growl. Shit. Right here in the kitchen with Chef? I had no choice but to obey.

I turned to Chef, “Excuse me, I’m so sorry but I have to obey him.”

“Of course, Miss.” Chef went back to his dinner prep but was watching intently.

I got down and presented myself for Blake, who got down to business quickly.

It must have been an erotic sight, because just as Blake began pounding me from behind, I saw Chef standing above my head with his cock in his hand, stroking himself. I knew he wasn’t allowed to touch me or use me, but was this allowed? I couldn’t say anything in my submissive state, so I focused on the cock inside me and watched Chef increasing the speed of his strokes as he watched me get fucked by the family dog.

When the knot its way into me, I was moaning and began to work my clit. Without warning, I felt hot shots of cum on my face and opened my eyes to a kneeling chef in front of me, shooting his come onto my nose, mouth and chin.

When he was finished, he wiped his dick on my face, zipped up and went to wash his hands before getting back to dinner prep.

I laid there, working up as many orgasms as I could before Blake popped out of me and sent a puddle of dog cum onto the kitchen floor. He trotted outside and I stood up to go clean myself up. The maid was already on her way into the kitchen with a mop bucket.

Chef’s cum was starting to dry on my face. Surprisingly, I wasn’t humiliated like I thought I would be. Actually, I was quite proud of my composure. I had avoided being bit by the new dog on our first day together and I was learning his cues. I showered, douched and called my attendant to give me an enema and insert my anal plug for me.

I followed him into the wardrobe so he could dress me. “Master has chosen this as your uniform while he’s home.” It was a pile of silver chains as far as I could tell.

Two silver clamps were attached to my nipples with a chain bowing down between them. In the center of that chain, was another attached to a clit clamp that put just enough pressure on my clit to be distracting and stimulating. Not much of a uniform.

“Master will be arriving home soon, I suggest you go preset yourself properly.” He was so formal.

I went downstairs and kneeled in front of the front doorway in the foyer, sitting on my heels, knees apart, good posture and head down.

The pressure on my nipples and clit combined with my anal plug was sending my senses reeling. I could feel myself getting wet.

It was only moments until I heard Kyle’s car pull up on front of the house. As I listened for his footsteps, my heart raced. I couldn’t wait to feel him next to me.

As he came through the door, I heard him pause. “Ruby, my beautiful fiance! What a homecoming!” He walked toward me and rubbed his hand through my hair, “Open.”

I turned my face up and opened my mouth as he placed his cock on my tongue. I gently closed my large lips around his cock and he let his stream of urine slide its way down my throat. I happily drank all he had to give and cleaned him before he exited my mouth.

“Relax, darling. Let’s just be us for the evening.” I stood and smiled and kissed him on the cheek. He drew me into his arms and held me like I was the most adored woman in the world.

“Chef has the most amazing meal planned and I can’t wait to discuss our honeymoon with you over dinner.”

“Ah yes. I’m very impressed with the chef you hired. I can’t wait. Let me get myself cleaned up and out of this suit and I’m all yours for the night.” He kissed my forehead and called for Elsa.

Elsa followed him up to his room, soon to be our marriage suite. It angered me that she was the one bathing him, dressing him and tending to him. I hoped that would change once we were married. I wanted to take care of my husband myself.

Maid arrived at my side with a cocktail and suggested I relax in the living room until dinner was served. She couldn’t be more right. I needed to gather my wits and calm down.

I sat on the plush sofa I had so carefully chosen and focused on letting the alcohol seep into my veins and tried not to imagine Elsa’s hands on my future husband’s body.

When Kyle came downstairs, Elsa followed behind and waited at the last step as I followed Kyle into the dining room. Chef had laid everything out beautifully.

As we enjoyed our first course, conversation began about the wedding.

“Are all of our plans set in place for the wedding?” Kyle sipped his wine and continued with his appetizer.

“I think so? I thought there would be more to plan but … there doesn’t seem to be much cause for customizing your wedding ceremony, no wedding photos, and Mother said she had everything taken care of for the reception.”

“Yes; weddings aren’t the selfish indulgence in our lifestyle that they are in the outside world. It’s a commitment, not an expensive party.”

“It seems very honest.” I had to agree that it spoke very much to the lifestyle the way things were handled.

“A snapshot will be taken of us on the day and sent to an artist. He will do a painting for us and it will hang in the home wherever you choose.” He smiled at my delighted reaction.

“That makes me feel a bit better.”

The second main course was served and our wine refreshed.

“Kyle, I thought I should check with you regarding a situation today. I just want to make sure I handled it correctly.” I could feel myself blush.

“What is it?”

“Well….Mother brought me my gift today, as she promised.”

“Oh that’s right! I’m sorry that I didn’t inquire sooner, I know she was excited. What was her gift?” Kyle set down his fork and turned his full attention to me.

“Oh, um, just… she brought us, well me, a dog. Blake. His name is Blake.”

“And you’re okay with this?” He looked concerned.

“Oh yes, of course. My classes have helped me overcome any fears regarding dogs and … I’ve come to quite enjoy it.”

Kyle smiled, “I approve. I will get to know Blake if you intend to keep him. I will have to alpha him and let him know that when I’m present, I am in charge and you are MY bitch.” I flinched at the word, but I knew what he meant.

“Yes, well, he definitely introduced himself to me today and made it clear that he will take what he wants when he wants it. That isn’t the issue I’m speaking of, however. While I was coming in to get ready for your arrival, Blake decided to use me right on the kitchen floor. For fear of being bit, I submitted.”

“Good girl. The staff knows of such things, I hope you weren’t embarrassed.”

“No, no. Well, yes but it’s an easy thing to overcome with time. The issue is … well …. While Blake was having his way with me, Chef started …. Touching himself.”

“Oh Ruby, that’s to be expected. A woman in a primal union with an animal can send a man into a frenzy.”

“So it’s fine that I didn’t intervene?”

“I would have been ashamed if you had, my dear.”

“Okay. Well, um …. One more thing. While I was….tied up …. He did finish his task….on my face. Not IN my mouth or anything but … he shot onto my face and …wiped himself clean on my cheek before cleaning up and getting back to making dinner.” I sat back to read Kyle’s reaction. I hoped I hadn’t done something wrong.

“And what did you do?” Was I being interrogated?

“Nothing. I … I didn’t know what to do. I decided to clarify the rules with you this evening in the event I made a mistake.”

“Ruby, I realize that your Grandfather has you in a ‘white heart’ arrangement but under this roof, you are mine, even of not by marriage yet. You and I haven’t set any restrictions as to who can use you in our home and after we’re married.”

“What are your intentions regarding those boundaries?” My heart started to beat quickly. Did he want to share me?

“I’m proud that you asked, your education has not been in vain; you know your place.” He took a sip of wine, “But I would like to know your thoughts on the matter.”

“I’m very used to a conventional lifestyle where monogamy rules. I’m going to need help with that decision.”

“Very well, we’ll decide when you return from your final term at school. I’ll make sure Lifestyle Etiquette is on your course schedule. That will help with any questions you may have on how to behave. I apologize for not including it this term.”

“Thank You, Sir.”

We finished dinner and when Kyle finished relieving himself in my mouth, we both retired to our rooms to rest.

When I woke, my attendant washed me, gave me my enema and inserted my plug before putting on my ‘uniform’ for me. I ate breakfast with Kyle and he went to work. As soon as he was gone, I realized he hadn’t relieved himself in my mouth at all that morning. Damn that Elsa. Who did she think she was!?

Jealousy would be the next monster I had to tackle before I married into this lifestyle.


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