Nurses' Stories

I'll share a story that happened to me about 15 years ago. I’m a registered nurse and at the time was working the male orthopaedic ward. One day, I had a new patient, his name was Chris. Chris had been badly hurt in a motor bike accident and suffered a broken hip, leg fractures and arm fractures.

He was young and athletic, 19 years old and very shy. I had to wash him in the morning. He kept apologising that he couldn't manage to wash himself, but because of his arm fractures this was out of the question.

I pulled the curtains around and while preparing the soap, gloves and towels, I noticed from the corner of my eyes that Chris was looking at me. I felt a little flattered that a young strapping lad should find me attractive as I was about 40 at the time, old enough to be his mom. I’m about 5ft 6in tall, a little overweight, so my breasts are big, saggy with dark cookie nipples and wide hips and thick but shapely legs. I could tell that Chris was looking at my boobs. Even though I wear a bra, I have protruding nipples which you see through my uniform. When I’m cold or aroused, they really stick out which can be quite embarrassing at times.

From experience, I kind of knew that Chris was going to be difficult. He was young, male, shy, badly hurt, and horny.

I washed his legs and his abdomen, and he was breathing hard, kind of holding his breath, not wanting me to see that he was getting aroused. Being young and virile, his penis became erect almost instantly and stood proudly up. I told to him to relax and that it was okay and natural to be aroused. He just bit his lip hard and blushed. I soaped my hand to wash his private parts and he quietly said to me “I'm sorry about what’s happening and I’m not sure I can handle this". I reassured him that was “OK” and got on with what I had to do.

He was getting upset and I felt so sorry for him.

He was a very handsome boy though, with a great body, and it felt so nice to wash his private parts, in truth I was a little turned on by his vulnerability.

I also couldn’t help noticing that his proud, young cock was curved like a banana with a large purple glans and thick shaft with good-sized testicles and a tight scrotum. If I’m honest, I guess the sight of his turgid erection also aroused me. To be honest, when you’re an average 40 year old working married mom, you don’t usually get the opportunity to see or handle a young handsome man.

Though I don’t care about penis size, I couldn’t help but compare Chris to my husband, and though Chris was not huge (about 6-7 inches), he was much larger and firmer than my hubby.

As I soaped his hairless scrotum, I could feel his young heavy testicles roll between my fingers and my mind wandered to comparing them to my hubby’s small sac.

Of course he just got more excited as I handled him, it was then that I noticed his heavy balls retract up to his body and I knew he was readying to spill his seed...then he said “I think I'm going to make a mess, I'm really sorry” I steadied his hips as he was wriggling and trying to thrust, but it was hard to keep him still as he ejaculated. His eyes kind of rolled back, and then tears came down his face as it all came out of him.

Once again, I was taken by surprise with forcefulness of his ejaculation and the large amount of thick semen that spurted from his pulsing young manhood. My only comparison was with my hubby’s modest ejaculate which barely fills a teaspoon. I guess I should have known better if I’d reflected on their different sized gonads.

After his spasms stopped I held him in my arms for a while and he cried, saying how sorry he was and that he couldn't help it. I made him cosy again and cleaned him up. He squeezed my hand shyly.

Later I couldn't stop thinking about him. It's happened to lads I've looked after before, but they are mostly a bit more brash about it, Chris was so shy that somehow it made it more arousing.

He kept looking at me and going all red and stuff.

He was so sweet!

About 10 years ago, I had the tables turned on me in a way. As mentioned in the earlier story, I’m a registered nurse and on this occasion, I was a patient in a big teaching hospital awaiting an operation for some lady’s problems the next day. I was dressed in a hospital gown and was otherwise naked.

My OB-GYN was on a ward round with a group of medical students. There were four young male and two female students. They came into my room and my specialist asked if it was alright with me if the students watched as he performed a pelvic exam on me.
When I was younger, I would have been frightfully embarrassed because of my rather large clit. Nowadays, I am more confident with my body and tease my hubby that my clit is longer than his flaccid dick and literally half the size of his fully erect cock. My hubby once measured it when it was fully erect before I climaxed and it was about 2.5 inches long. He calls it my “obscene organ of brute pleasure”.

I remember how I laid on my back, feet flat on the bed and my OB-GYN asked me to open my legs, the medical students jostled for a better view. He adjusted the overhead lamp so that my private parts were brilliantly illuminated. He raised the gown to my waist (I was naked underneath), spread my labia with gloved hands and felt every inch of my inner folds, even stretching them which was both exciting and very embarrassing. He said he was checking for lesions and elasticity. I hadn’t shaved so my dark brunette bush was thick and luxuriant. Then he swabbed the entrance to my pee hole with a little q-tip swab. I'd never had anything inserted there before.

At first, I felt a little embarrassed but out of nowhere I was becoming aroused with all those eyes focussed on my vagina, especially when he pulled back the hood of my clit and pulled my labia apart at the very the base to force it fully into the open. I could feel my clit swelling and becoming hard.
As he was doing spreading my turkey wattle, he was describing what he was doing to the students. My OB-GYN must have noticed what was happening but he was calm and never missed a beat as he continued his narration about my “very well developed clitoris and pudenda”. The medical students were a different story, you could almost see their eyes bulge with stunned looks on their young faces as they gazed intently at what was unfolding.

During the examination all eyes were fixated on my now fully erect clit which looked like a prepubescent boy’s penis with its glistening pink glans. By this stage, I was very aroused but tried to appear otherwise. However, I knew I was doing a poor job of appearing nonchalant, because I lubricate copiously when I’m aroused and I could smell the faint musky aroma of my love juices. My clit was fully erect and twitching in anticipation but he never touched it perhaps because he could see the state I was in. If he had palpated my twitching swollen clit, I’m sure that I would have had a massive orgasm on the spot. I think to spare me any further embarrassment, he ended my exam with a simultaneous digital vaginal/rectal exam and thanked me and left with his entourage, leaving me steamy and as horny as hell.

Once the doctors left and I was alone, I was so incredibly turned on that I had to immediately relieve my tension. I closed my eyes and started feverishly massaging my swollen hard clit, trying to suppress my involuntary moans, firmly stroking it faster and faster until I exploded in a shuddering orgasm.

Later that day, I had my pubes shaved and some medical students returned but I’ll save that tale for another day.

For months afterward I couldn't stop thinking about my experience and masturbating.


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