Two True Stories, In Public Sex.

Two true stories. Couple of years old, but absolutely true.

My wife loves taking chances. She likes the idea that someone might see her sucking or fucking me while in public. We have been on a few nude beaches and I have encouraged her to expose herself in different locations in our town, she is into it.

While on vacation in Naples Florida a couple of years ago I took the chance to visit Sanibel Island with my wife as I had heard that there was a nude area of the beach.
I told her that we were going for the shells, we were really going over because I was going to have her nude on the beach.

When we arrived we had to take a short walk through the woods to a white sand beach. I grabbed my wife’s hand and took her to where I understood that the nude area is located. We laid down and I started slowly rubbing her and letting her know that I wanted her to take her suit off. She protested, mildly, but took a quick look around to see who was nearby. A couple of people walked by but for the most part, we were almost alone. I took her top down and I put sunscreen on her breasts. No one seemed to notice or care.

After about 30 minutes we needed to get cool so we headed into the ocean. A few more people had arrived but no one close to our locations. The water was warm and Lee was feeling pretty excited about exposing herself, she swam over and kissed me. The waves rocked us a bit and put my hand between her legs and started to rub her freshly shaved pussy, her clit was swollen. I put two fingers inside and rubbed her clit with my thumb. We were in the water up to our chest. No one could see what was happening below the water line but, there were people a short distance away.

Lee then surprised me by reaching down and removed my shorts, I held on to them so that they would not float away. Then she removed her suit completely. We were both naked and very excited. Lee turned around and said “there are a few people on the beach, I wonder if they know that we are naked?” I told her that we were fine and that no one was aware.

Lee backed up to me and grabbed my dick and shoved it into her pussy and started bouncing on me, fucking me in broad daylight just feet away from a group of people enjoying their day. We fucked for about 5 minutes or so and I told her to stop so that we could grab something to drink. We put our suits on and she walked back to our towels - I stayed in the water waiting for my erection to shrink.

We stayed on the beach for about another hour and we left with no one the wiser. While walking through the trees to our car, I pushed Lee down on her knees and had her suck my dick, she swallowed my salty dick and I fucked her face, shooting my cum in her mouth.

We drove back to the hotel and had a nice long fuck with the windows open to the beach for anyone to watch as they walked by.

Later that night we had dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. During dinner Lee had a couple of glasses of wine and towards the end of the meal, she excused herself to use the restroom. When she came back Lee had a smile on her face. “C’mon, let’s walk on the beach.” We went for a brief stroll in the dark. Stopping in front of one of the wings of the hotel, Lee turned to face me, kissing me, sliding her tongue in my mouth. She took my hand put it between her legs. While I rubbed her pussy through her skirt she reached down and lifted it up, exposing her pussy to my fingers - she had removed her panties during her restroom break. I fingered her pussy bringing making her cum.

We lay down on the sand and Lee started sucking my dick - with no care for who could see us. I pulled her on top of me and we fucked on the beach with Lee cuming again and me shooting my third load of the day.

We continued on like this for the next 3 days, sucking and fucking on the balcony, on the roof observation deck, on a boat, on another island, just a wonderful vacation.

Part 2, Later that year we went to Cancun for another brief vacation. Our hotel was right on the beach and we had a suite near the top, overlooking the pools and the beach.
A nude beach was next to the hotel or at least there were a number of women who enjoyed sunbathing in the nude.

I made sure that the alcohol was flowing freely and Lee was feeling good. Our first round of sex was in the hotel room with the windows and balcony doors open. Not much of a chance to be seen as we were up pretty high in the hotel. Lee was ready to go though, deep throating my dick, I fucked her mouth for ten minutes or so and my dick was slippery and hard. I ate her pussy for a long time and she had at least 4 shaking orgasms.

Lee was dripping wet and I slid in easily, slamming my dick into her, kissing her and making her taste her pussy from my face. We fucked for a long time and she came again and again. Pulling her to the edge of the bed I laid her head over the side and fucked her mouth deeply in her throat. I could feel her nose touching just below my ass hole. We are both very verbal and she loves it when I tell what I am going to do to her.

Turning her over on all fours, I got in behind her and fucked her hard again. I put my thumb in her ass while pounding away - more orgasms. I slid into her ass and she shook with pleasure, she usually protested when I am went for her ass but I usually get me way. Fucking her ass I increased my pace, deeper and deeper. I told her to play with her pussy and told her that how much I loved fucking her ass. She had the biggest orgasm yet - literally losing her breath. I continued to fuck her ass and started feeling that I was close to cuming. Lee turned and looked over her shoulder telling me that she could feel me growing in her ass - that was all I could take and I blew my load inside of her. We laid on the bed sweating and trying to catch our breath.

After recovering we visited the pools and beaches, had a few more margaritas and grabbed lunch. Heading up to the hotel to clean up and get ready for the rest of the day Lee showered first and I watched television. When she finished I showered and came out in the room with a robe on.
Lee was on the balcony in her robe, it was about 5:00 or so and the sun was still shining brightly.

Lee was looking over the edge at the people in the pools and on the beach. It was just a great setting. I came up beside her and we chatted about how great the hotel was, how nice it was to get away and how much fun we were having. It was kind of romantic.
So, I leaned over and kissed her. We kissed a little more and things started progressing again. I stood her up and kissed her deeply. Reaching into her robe I felt for her breast, Lee had nothing on under her robe and I was naked under mine as well. We kissed some more - our breathing became a little more rapid. I started to get an erection and Lee felt it, she reached into my robe and started stroking my dick. I got hard very quickly as we were outside on the balcony with nothing between us and the people below. Anyone who looked up would have a clear view of us playing with each other.

Lee opened her robe and asked me to play with her pussy which I was all too happy to do. I put a finger inside. Her pussy was very slippery. Using her juices I rubbed my slippery finger over her clit - rolling and rubbing, pulling on her lips, she leaned into me with her head thrown back and came, her knees almost buckled. Looking around I realized that anyone looking up at us was getting a real show. I leaned Lee over the rail and moved in behind her. Grinding into Lee from behind I told her that I was going to fuck her on the balcony and that anyone who was watching would see her. She flushed red and said “yes, fuck me in front of everyone.”

I was still trying to be somewhat discreet but was hot as hell for her now. Lee had her robe on although it was very loosely closed. I am standing behind her as she is leaning on the wrought iron rail looking over the edge at the people below. I lifted the back of her robe and she spread her legs a bit to allow me easier access to her pussy. Sliding open my robe I slipped my dick into her easily - her pussy was drenched.
Trying to be careful and not get kicked-out of the hotel I slowly pushed into Lee. She was moaning softly. I pulled out and pushed back in. She moaned again. This was too much, fucking outside in the sunshine with a crowd of people below us. I kept up a slow pace and Lee was getting impatient “c’mon, fuck me harder!” she wanted me to just slam into her and damn the consequences but, I was concerned that security would soon show up so I stayed slow.

Lee started bucking hard back into me, “If you won’t fuck me I’ll fuck you!” she was pushing off the rail and driving back into me. It felt awesome, I always love it when she fucks me. We were going at it for about fifteen minutes when I started to feel like someone was watching.

Looking over at the other balconies to my right I saw no one outside, with only one floor above us there was no one up there either. Across the pool area I think I saw a couple of guys who were observing but they were probably too far away to get really good details. To my left was the rest of the hotel but after scanning the balconies I could only see a few people out enjoying the view of the ocean, no one was really paying attention to us.

And then . . . I noticed a balcony one floor down about 100 feet away. Two guys enjoying the ocean view, a beer and a free sex show courtesy of me and my wife.

While they could not really see my dick going in my wife, they could see her fucking me, slamming back into me. And they could see her exposed breasts slapping against the rail. They could see her closing her eyes and they could hear her moaning loudly. They could see me trying not to come, holding on to my wife’s waist fucking her in broad daylight.

I leaned over and told Lee, “Hey, there are two guys over there watching us.” she said “I hope they like what they see.”

I said, “Let’s go inside, so I can really fuck you like you want.” Lee smiled and stood up. She sort of adjusted her robe and glanced over at the guys. They were talking to each other and smiling. Lee just kind of smiled in their direction not really bothering to cover her breasts. She walked back into the room dropping her robe just past the doorway so that the guys would see her ass.

I turned to follow her, looking over at the guys who raised their beers to me in a toast of thanks.

If you were one of those two guys, thanks much for watching.

We fucked our brains out in some of the best sex I have ever had. Lee was an animal. She would fuck me and then suck my dick. Fuck me some more then suck my dick again. She was riding me telling me how slutty she felt fucking in front of those guys. Lee kept saying, “you made me fuck you in front of those guys, do you like me being a slut?” It was amazing. I came in her pussy and we fell asleep for about two hours.

I really don’t know if we ever ran into them but it was such a turn-on to know that they were so close. Never saw them again on their balcony either.


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