Draft Dodger

Draft Dodger

Story: #30
Copyright ©2005
Written: April 16 2005
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: Piasa_Troll
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Jessica wasn’t sure what to make of the man standing in front of her after she had answered the door bell to find him standing there holding a large yellow envelope. The envelope needed no introduction since Jessica had been told from the day she was old enough to understand such things. She knew it to be a meat draft notice ordering one of the female members of her family to give there meat at the state barbeque, "But who?" she though silently to herself as she accepted the large envelope and shut the door.

The state required all girls between the ages of 18 and 30 to register for the draft meaning that at anytime they could be called on to give there meat. Jessica knew that one day her time would come, but had it come now?, Jessica walked toward the kitchen slowly and approached her mother Mary and her father Steve, placing the envelope on the table and looking up toward her mothers face as they all took a moment of silence, "Is that what I think it is honey?" her father spoke, "Yes dad I think its a meat draft notice" Jessica replied, "But for who?, mom is too old, they got sissy last year" she added.

Taking the large envelope from the table her father then opened it to Jessica's shock the notice had her name on it, "NO that can't be right I only tuned 18 two days ago, it has to be a mistake" Jessica said as she stood and ran to her room crying and yelling "IM TO YOUNG TO DIE!!" as she ran up the stairs.

Placing the letter back on the table her father stood up, "This says here a meat pickup truck will be by to pick her up at noon, Ill go talk with her" he said as he grabbed his state issue emergency meat girl restraints, only used when parents though there draftee's would run away, sometimes girls in Jessica's state of mind would run away when this happened the state would order the processing of every female member of the draftee's family, so the state started handing out the state issue emergency meat girl restraints, for unwilling draftee's.

This wouldn’t be the first time he had to use the restraints, he had to use them on his oldest daughter Jessica's sister Lina, he had caught her trying to go out her bedroom window the night her draft notice arrived. Walking up the stairs to Jessica's room he hoped he wouldn’t have to use the restraints he didn't like it when he had to use them on Lina, that look in her eye's when he turned her over to the processing plant made him cry. But her cunt fillet had tasted so great he didn't regret what he had done.

As Steve entered the room he was happy to see Jessica lying across her bed crying, happy that he wouldn’t have to use the restraints of course, sad that he would soon be losing the second of his two daughter's but then the taste of Lina's fillet had reemerged in his mind and he set out to undress Jessica to prepare her for pickup.

Jessica now fully nude in front of her father continued to cry as he tied her hands behind her back, a rope around her neck and a ball gag in her mouth, taking her down stairs to wait. Before she knew it noon had come and the doorbell rang, Jessica's mother had answered the door allowing the pickup agent to enter.

"Hello my name is Dave I’m here for the meat" he said as he then walked over to Steve who was sitting in the kitchen holding the end of the rope that was around Jessica's neck while she sat submissively on the floor, at his feet, crying. "This meat is yours now" Steve said as he handed over the end of Jessica's rope, Jessica looked up into the eye's of the man who was now her owner, pleading with her eye's for him to let her go.

Ignoring her plea Dave her to her feet, "Would it be possible for me to get her fillet when she is processed?" Steve asked before Dave had gotten to the door where Mary was still standing, "I don't know sir you will have to discuss that with the owner" Dave said as he lead Jessica out of the house and into the large truck waiting outside with large bold lettering on the door that read "Hill's Fine Meat's" then under that in smaller black print "Best Meat's in Town".

Traveling down the long dirt road that lead to the "Hill's Fine Meat's Processing Plant" Dave's truck broke down, "OHH CRAP!" Dave yelled as he pulled the truck to the shoulder of the road and came to a stop, getting out of the truck he went to the back and opened the cargo hatch several pairs of eye's winced as the sunlight hit the girls chained to the walls inside the truck, "What am I going to do with all this meat now" he said.

Entering the truck he began to check the girls for damage, in all there were 10 meat anima's none of them were damaged, "Ok listen up cow's, we have broken down in the middle of the road from here we will have to walk to the processing plant" he said as he started to unchain the cow's hands and legs from the wall of the truck one at a time and then enchained them to the bumper of the truck while he went back in for another.

It all happened so fast when it came time for Jessica to be unchained he had found himself lying on the floor of the truck in pain watching Jessica run away down the dirt road to freedom, Dave got up from the floor "Damn that bitch I got to go after her" he thought to himself "Can't leave all this meat sitting here" he thought again, looking up to where Jessica was running he could no longer see her, she had gotten away, "twenty years of meat pickup not a single meat animal has gotten away!" he yelled and then went to the cab of the truck, picking up the receiver of a CB radio.

Dave radioed the plant and told them what had happened, given them Jessica's address and they send another pickup agent to collect her mother, when that was done he then radioed Gene an expert in the recapture of escaped meatgirls. "Gene, Gene, come in Gene" he spoke into the radio, "Gene here, go ahead Dave what’s the problem?" Gene responded, "Ya well one of the meat animal's I picked up today ran away, im going to need THEM." Dave said waiting for Gene's response, "Ok bud you got THEM, they are on the way" Gene replied.

By THEM Dave meant, Gene's pack of expert bounty hunters they would follow Jessica's trail until she was found no matter how long it take's, they never failed to get there meat.

MEANWHILE back on the road with Jessica

"Pant, Pant, Pant" was heard as Jessica kept running, "Got to keep going, I will not be turned into meat!" she thought to herself over and over again as she ran away. Jessica's hands were still tied behind her back and the ball gag was still in her mouth so there was no mistaking her for a human, it would be clear to anyone who found her that she was a meat animal, someone's lost property.

As Jessica continued to run the heat of the day was getting to her she was getting tired and could not run anymore, her run slowed to a slow walk as she passed a large farm with huge fields and large shady tree's, she decided to take a short rest under one of the tree's and sat down. Not long after she had sat down she was fast asleep.

When Jessica woke up she knew she was no longer under the shady tree, her arms and legs were restrained, looking around she could see sevral girls hooked to large milking machine's, Jessica knew now that she was in a dairy farm, realizing the ball gag had been removed Jessica tried to speak but couldn't, "The owner must have found me sleeping and claimed me as his own" she thought to herself, "But why cant I speak" she added.

The barn door opened and a young man entered the barn walked over to Jessica and sat down, looking into her eye's "I bet your wondering why you cant speak" he said, "That's if you even tried yet" he added, Jessica looked up at him unable to move but if she could move she would have shaken her head "Yes" for him to explain why.

"Well, ill tell you" he said as he reached over and grabbed one of her breast's and began to fondle it, "You vocal cords were cut by my private vet this afternoon after you were found, the most sound you will be able to make now is the slight Moo you can hear from the other cows in this dairy" he explained as he continued to fondle the breast.

"Also your new cunt tag reads, Cow #234, property of Banyon Dairy Farm's" he said reaching for the tag and giving it a tug causing Jessica now cow #234 to Moo loudly in pain, "MOOO!!!" was heard from her, "That’s it my little cow-girl moo for me again" he said as he tugged the tag again, "MOOOO!!" was heard from her again as she cried in pain.

Taking his seat again "Of course it will take some time for your milk to begin flowing, we have started you on a hormone regimen that will induce lactation, but it will take several days" he said as he got up and left the barn, "This isn't so bad, at least here I wont end up on a spit or chopped into Jessica' steak's" she thought to herself as the door to the barn slammed shut sealing her and the other cow's in darkness.

Jessica quickly fell asleep safe in the knowledge that she would not meet her end in the dreaded processing plant.

Back at Jessica's house.

Mary was a bit surprised when she opened the door to find another man standing at her steps with another large yellow envelope, taking a step back she called for Steve, "Steve get in here quick" she called, "What’s wrong honey" Steve said as he got to the door and saw the man standing there with the envelope, "I’m sorry sir, you must have the wrong house our daughter has already been picked up this afternoon" Steve said as he took the envelope offered to him by the Alternative meat agent.

Opening the envelope Steve began to read it aloud to Mary as the man stood in the door frame waiting, "It has come to our attention that the meat once known as Jessica Kast is now officially listed as a run away, this meat order gives the Alternative Meat Agency full rights to all meat currently residing at this address" Steve didn't even have time to look up after reading the notice to respond to the Meat Agent quickly grabbing Mary, binding her hands behind her back, shoving a ball gag in her mouth and carrying her to the truck.

Steve chased after the man as they walked down the driveway to the truck where the meat agent dropped Mary onto the truck floor hard ripping off the few bits of clothing she was wearing and then chained her to the wall of the truck. Inside the truck could also be seen several other meat animal's awaiting there trip to the processing plant.

There was nothing Steve could do but kiss the meat that was once his loving wife goodbye and wave as the truck drove off down the road. The truck had no more stops to make so it was off to the plant, once they arrived the truck pulled into the delivery entrance, the truck came to a stop and the doors flew open several men entered the truck and unchained the meat-girls and then lead them away to there fait, all except Mary she was left there still chained waiting for something to happen, being the mother of run away meat she knew her fait would be worse then that of the meat-girls she had been traveling with.

After a long wait a man appeared in front of the trucks open doors and then entered the truck, "Hello Mary I’m Jerry and I’ll be your processor today, I see your hear being punish for your daughter running away, well the law has changed a little for women in your place, expert bounty hunters were sent after your daughter if she can be recovered and brought here before your scheduled processing" Jerry said looking down at his watch, "two hours from now, then you will regain your human status and return home" he added looking into her eye's where he saw a spark of hope. He then unchained her and led her into the building placing her in a temporary meat-girl holding kennel to await news of her daughters recapture or news of her impending processing.

Mary had fallen asleep awaiting the news of her daughters recapture placing all her faith into what Jerry had told her, knowing her daughter could not out run expert meat hunters forever, before she knew it the time had flown by and in what seemed like only a few seconds while she was sleep passed two hours and Jerry was now there in front of her with a sad look on his face.

Looking up into his eye's Mary tried to be hopeful, "was she caught?, can I go home now?" Mary thought to herself looking into Jerry's eye's, "I have terrible news for you Jessica was not caught, the boss has ordered your immediate processing you are to be sent through the processing line where you will be slaughtered, gutted, butchered and then sent to the freezer" Jerry said as two large naked men entered the room and grabbed marry by the ankles and attached ankle cuff that were hooked to chains in the ceiling, once this was done Jerry pressed a button on a remote, the chains then lifted Mary up by her ankles, she was upside down and then she was moved along the ceiling to a door that read "Slaughter line 1".

Back at the farm.

The door to the barn opened once again to reveal the farmer holding a large back as she entered the barn and switched on some fluorescent lights and walked over to cow #234 opened her stall and walked inside, the farmer unchained her from the stall wall and released her from all other restraint's, with a rope around her neck the farmer tugged her forward, cow #234 was about to stand to walk beside him, only to be pushed down into the dirt again, "You are a dairy cow now, you are only to walk on all four hoofs unless I say other wise. Cow #234 could only look up toward her new owner and "Moo".

The farmer had lead her out into the sunlight where she could see the whole farm or at least what there was of it that could be seen from her level and view on the ground, he then lead her to a large shack not far from the barn once inside cow 3234 was beginning to get very scared she could see all kinds of tolls and even though she didn't know what they were all for they all scared her just the same. The farmer had her kneel on top of a work bench while he fetched some of the tools.

Taking two strange looking clamps back to the workbench the farmer sat down in front of cow #234 as she stared at the strange looking clams, holding one up in front of her face, "This is a nipple camp that will allow your nipple's to increase in size the longer they stay in place the longer your nipple's will become" he said as he attached one to each nipple causing them to stand out straight and hurt a lot.

The farmer then reached into his large bag and pulled out two hypodermic needle's filled with some strange yellow liquid, "This is a lactation inducing drug that will start you milk to flow, after it take's effect you will join the farm as a dairy cow" he said as he took the first shot and placed it at the tip of cow #234's left nipple and pushed it into her milk duct's pumping the yellow liquid into it causing cow #234 to wince in pain and a tear to fall from her eye.

Taking the second needle into his hand he then placed it at the tip of her right nipple and pushed into her milk duct's pumping the yellow liquid into her right breast causing her to wince again and more tears to flow from her eye's, "I can take any pain you can give me if it mean's ill still be alive when your done" she thought to herself as she gave a slight "Moo" to her farmer.

After the farmer had finished injecting the lactation drug into her breast's he then had her lay on her back where he then chained each wrist to posts above her head and then spread her thigh's wide and chained each ankle to posts a little further away causing her much pain as her legs were pulled apart exposing her tight little pussy to the farmer's view, seeing her like this caused the farmers prick to go rigged and beg for attention, without a second thought the farmer dropped his pant's and rammed his cock into cow #234's pussy as she screamed in pain at his violent entrance.

It didn't last long once the farmer satisfied his lust he deposited his seed inside her and pulled himself out, "You could have at least waited until I got off" cow #234 thought to herself as the farmer gathered more tool's for the next step, holding the sharp tool up for cow #234 to see, "This is a piercing tool it will soon pierce a small hole thought your clit where I will insert this ring" he said holding up a small gold ring. Cow #234 tried to protest but was ignored and in second's she was moooooing in pain as the ring was into her clit's tiny hole.

With that done the farmer then smeared a thick white cream onto her clit, labia, and pubis, the cool cream felt good but she knew it was not an ordinary cream from the hot tingle as it was going into her pubis, "This is a hair removal cream" the farmer said as he wiped off the cream along with all her pubic hair, "It is also permanent, for as long as your are alive your hair will never grow there again" he added as he began to hose off cow #234. He then unchained her and returned her to her stall in the barn.

Back at the Processing Plant.

Entering the slaughter house Mary was place in line behind other meat-girl's younger and prettier then she was waiting for slaughter, looking down the line Mary could see two female slaughter house worker's working the line, one at a time taking the life from each meat-girl who found there throat's under the knives held by the two lovely slaughter worker's, one by one the line shortened bringing Mary one step closer to her impending death, Mary could see each girl before her, she could see the pretty throat of each girl as the knife slowly drew a thin line of red across her neck, the skin parting covering the slaughter worker's silk like skin in the .

Mary knew that her time was short on this line of death that soon her own pretty throat would meat the sharp side of the lovely worker's blade spilling her own to mix with that of the already covering the worker's and the floor, before she knew it her time had come the last meat-girl in front of her had kept her date with the sharp blade, the line moved once more and Mary found her self staring into the eye's of the girl holding the knife that would soon take her life Mary closed her eye's in acceptance as she felt the blade touch the skin of her neck.

In second it was all over Mary felt the knife cut deep into her throat she could feel the warm flowing from her throat covering her body and that of the girl holding the knife that just spilled her , Mary tried to breath but couldn't with her throat cut like this she would never breath again only slowly drown as her lung's filled with her own each time she struggled for breath.

After she had been cut the line moved again to the next meat-girl whop had come in after Mary while Mary was moved along the line to the next room thought a set of doors that read "Gutting Room".

Once inside the gutting room Mary could see a lot of young meat-girls being cut open and there inside's being ripped out of there body's carelessly, the message was clear to all who were still alive and conscious enough to see they were just meat now, Mary didn't have to wait long before a butcher came over and began to cut her open from breast to pelvis and then reach inside cutting everything out and dropping it into a garbage shoot. Mary could feel herself starting to slip away as the line again started to move she was moved over to the side where many other meat-girls were hanging, clearly dead being out for the next step, "Butchering".

Once in the butchering room Mary's body was moved to one of the table's and the butcher was just about to start chopping her up into cut's of meat when Mike the plant manager came in, "Save that one" Mike told the butcher, "We got an order in for a mature meat-girl age 40+, she is the only one we got on hand" he added as a meat packer came over took Mary from the butcher's table and began to wrap her up for transport, "Why would anyone want to buy a mature whole roaster when we got so many younger one's?" the butcher asked Mike as they followed the packer to a delivery truck, "Because the mature one's are cheaper" Mike said as the delivery truck drove off to deliver the meat.

Back at the farm.

Cow #234 woke up to a pleasant feeling as she looked to her left and found the farmer gently squeezing small amounts of milk from her nipple's, "Your almost ready" the farmer said as he began to now fondle cow #234's breast's after several minute's the farmer stood up and walked outside the barn, cow #234 could not see him but she could hear what he was talking about with one of the farm hand's, "I have a roast planed this afternoon", cow #234 could hear him say, "Ohh who you roasting? That new cow? #234?" the farm hand said, "No, I want to keep her around for awhile, ill roast her when she goes dry" the farmer replied to the question.

"I ordered a cow from Hill's Fine Meat's, It should be arriving shortly" the farmer said as a truck pulled into the farm, "Hill's Fine Meat's" Presented on the door, a man steps out of the truck, "Where do you want her?" he asked the farmer, "In the barn freezer" the farmer replied, wheeling the meat into the barn on a hand truck Cow #234 could clearly see that the meat the farmer was talking about was once her own mother.



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