The Innocent Samantha

Prelude, Well this is my first story and I made it pretty quickly but I think it is worthy enough to survive. If it turns out liked I will make a sequel. This story is fictional, well as fictional as you want it to be really. So read and review.

There was a girl named Samantha (She is called Sam for short) an attractive 15-year-old girl brunette. She is a cheerleader down at her high school. Also a religious girl and just an, innocent and smart but still a kid who wants to have her fun.

One day her and a couple of her friends go to the Rec Center. Sam’s friends clock in before her. She goes to clock in her card but it isn’t scanning it. The manager of the Rec center notices her card not working and quickly mentions.

“Card not working eh?”
“Yeah I don’t know why it isn’t working.” Sam states.
“Ok come into my office for a sec so we can fix this problem. Sam and the manager walk into the office. They both have a seat; the manager reaches his hand out to shake hands with Sam.
“Hi I’m Jarred and you are?”
“I’m Samantha.” She replies.
“Ok nice to meet you, I have always liked that name. I hate it when this error happens.” He was doing this just to learn her name this really isn’t a big problem to fix.
“So you hear with your friends?” he asks while acting like he is doing some work.

“Yeah we are here to go swimming.”
“Ahh you don’t say. Jarred looks out the door and states,
“I must say you are much prettier then all your friends.” Sam a little flattered but caught off guard.
“Yeah I guess you are right.”
“Sorry was I out of line?” Jarred says.
“No I suppose it was a bit unexpected is all.” Sam replies
“Yeah I need to be more careful about what I say in front of pretty girls.” Jarred says taking a leap of faith. Having fun hitting on this young high school girl.
“So what school do you go to?” He asks,
“Oh I’m a cheerleader at Viewmont High School.

” Sam responds,
“That’s cool, I am going to the football game there with my daughter tomorrow, maybe I’ll see you and come by and say hi.” Jarred mentions.
“Yeah that would be nice.” Sam replies.
“Ok everything should be fixed, have fun.”
“Ok I guess I will see you later.”
“You just might” Jarred says as she is leaving the room.

The next day at the football game, Jarred never took his eyes off Sam while she was in her cheerleader outfit. After the game Jarred walks down to the track where Sam was at and started a conversation.

“Hey you did great out there.” He says, Sam realizes how much she liked the attention from this man.
“Thanks!” Sam says,
“So how are you? She follows up.
“I’m doing great just enjoyed the game.” He says
“So what are your plans for tonight?” Sam asks,
“Well I was planning on going to the Rec Center after hours and hang out there. It is a blast to do. Hey do you want to come too? It will be just us and you can do anything you want to.” Jarred says

“Wow that actually sounds like fun, but what all do you do?” She asks. Wondering if this guy was serious.
“Well basically anything I want, use the pool waterslide anything there is available. So do you want to come with me? I promise you it will be fun.” Sam hesitates for a second. He is just a stranger yet I feel I can trust him. But for all I know he is a rapist of some type. Still I doubt it though.

“Yeah, I would like too, I should go get a swimsuit.”
“You don’t need to but you can if you like.”
“What do you mean?” she asks.
“Well since it is just us two there, you don’t need to obey a dress code you can go in your underwear or naked it doesn’t really matter.” Jarred says hopefully.
“That’s right! I would love to go, I don’t want to go home and get my swimsuit ill just go in my underwear.”

Jarred quickly aroused by the thought. He was so excited to see her in her underwear.

“I’ll go tell my parents a little white lie, if anyone asks I am at a friends house.” Sam innocently smiles. Jarred becomes even more excited. A few minutes pass and she meets him in the parking lot and hops into his car.
“Is it already closed?” Sam asks.
“Well it is 11 PM it is closed up now.” They started driving toward the Rec center. Once they arrived at the front door Jarred pulls out a key and unlocked the door and they proceeded inside and he locked the door behind them. This is it! He thought. The first thing he did was take off his shirt, and he had a well-defined body for his age.

“Lets go up to the weight room and do a quick work out!” He said excitedly. Sam thought that sounded a little weird but what the heck why not, she thought.
“Ok let’s go I guess.” She responded. He followed her up the stairs and naturally he was looking at her young tight butt.
“Go ahead and get into your underwear if you would like.” Jarred suggested.
“Why would I do that now? I was planning on just doing that when we went swimming.” She replied.
“Well do you plan on working out in that tight cheerleader outfit? Come on there is no one around you can do anything you want here, and besides all the lights are off here no one will see you, you are able to be free here.” Sam looks around the only lights there were was the ones in the parking lot dimly fading indoors, but there defiantly was no way anyone could see her. She had realized that she could do anything she wanted the Rec Center was at her disposal.

She then started taking off her cheerleader outfit. Jarred was eagerly watching but trying to give away that he was enjoying the view. She was finally in her underwear and looking real good.

“Wow this feels so good to be in my underwear like this and not care.” Sam giggles. She did keep her short socks on cause she didn’t know how dirty the floor was.
“Good it’s a great feeling isn’t it? When we are in here with no one around you can do anything you like!” Jarred says happily.
He then looks around and they walk to the work out mats lying on the floor.

“Ok first thing you always do is stretch I’m sure you know that, so I will help you stretch. So what stretches do they make you do most of the time before you practice cheers?” Jarred asks.
“Well mainly we do them on our own, I normally do the one where I touch my toes.” Sam says as she started reaching for her toes.
“That one works ok but it isn’t the best one you can do. Here lay on your back.” He suggests. Sam lies on her back. Then Jarred goes over and rises up her right leg.

“Ok try to keep it strait.” He lifts it up and pushes it toward her head and is massaging her upper leg with his hand until he gets to her butt and keeps massaging her butt for a bit. Jarred loving every moment of this, he didn’t ever want to stop.
“You feel it working?” Jarred asks.
“Yeah” Sam says. Jarred looking at her tight underwear cannot help but see a nice young camel toe sticking threw her underwear, but it still doesn’t break the concentration of feeling her butt.
“Ok now for the other leg.” He puts down her leg.
“Are you sure you don’t want to take off your underwear it will make some of the stretches easier. Sam hesitates for a second.
“You don’t have too if you don’t want to!” Jarred eagerly states trying not to be too obvious.
“I guess so, seeing as no one is here.” She then slides off her panties and Jarred almost had an orgasm by the sight of her naked pussy exposed. He then raises the other leg and starts massaging her butt area again.

“Now this next one really helps the leg muscles relax. He moves his fingers into her vagina and starts massaging it there. Right then he feels her body tense up then quickly go limp.

“You feel that working?” Jarred says eagerly.
“Yeah.” Sam whispers like she is suddenly not concentrating well. He does this for a minute then raises both her legs up together and starts to lick her vagina.
Sam moans loudly. And Jarred keeps at it for a couple minutes with no lack of enjoyment. He is pulling this off easier then he had planed. The young ones are always so naive.
Her moaning gets louder as she was moaning over and over again. She then has an orgasm all over herself.

“Well you are very well stretched but I think you need to hit the showers.” Jarred says proudly. Sam quietly agrees.
“Here I will carry you to the showers.” He proposes.
“Ok.” Sam says quietly again.
“Well I guess that was too much stretching at once.” He says as he picks her up leaving her panties behind. He carries her down the stairs and into the locker room showers.

“Ok lets get cleaned up before we go swimming.” They both get into the shower together. Then Jarred starts taking off his pants and boxers. He now was completely naked. Sam just watched him do so.

“Need help taking off the bra?” he says.
“No, no I have it.” She says, as she didn’t take her eyes off his penis at all.
“See something you like?” Sam quickly removes her eyes and blushes.
“Oh sorry, I guess I have never seen one before. I like how it looks.” She says.
“Thanks I like how you look too.” Sam then takes off her bra and socks and leaves them on the floor before turning on the shower. Jarred looks at her still developing breasts and cannot stop looking at her. He figures he can get away with it cause she already did it to him.

He then grabs some shower soap and brought it over to her. And placed it on the ground between the two showers they were bathing at. He then picked up a shower cloth and put some soap on it then went over to her to start helping her bathe. He started cleaning her back with one hand and had the other placed on her stomach. Jarred was just making any excuse just to touch her.

He was scrubbing her back then he went down to her butt and started scrubbing there too.
“Here you go I need to start cleaning myself up too.” He handed her the cloth.
“Thanks.” Sam said. Sam for some reason felt really comfortable around him, she had no real reason why she did. She didn’t mind if he touched her or anything. Yet she couldn’t tell if he had an attraction toward her. She watched him as he bathed. A couple minutes later Sam finally said.

“I am ready to go swimming.”
“Alright so am I lets go.” They both proceeded to the pool. Sam then ran into the pool with much excitement.
“Wow I haven’t gone skinny dipping forever, I never thought I would actually skinny dip here of all places!” Sam says happily.
“You can come here with me anytime and skinny dip, I would love it if you did as well.” Jarred states. They began to swim around for a couple minutes; Jarred never strayed far from Sam.
“How about we go down the waterslide.” Jarred suggests. Sam excitedly nods. They climb out of the pool and Jarred lets her lead the way up the staircase. Not surprisingly he watches her butt the whole time they are climbing up stairs. He was dreaming of what he was going to do to her.

Once they got to the top she waited for his approval.
“Ok sit down on the slide but don’t take off yet.” Jarred commands. Sam gets on the slide and sits. Jarred sits right behind her with no room in-between, Jarred felt the softness of her skin in soft contact with her lower back.

“Ok hold on.” Sam grabs his legs for leverage. Jarred grabs the bar and pushes forward that sends them zooming down the slide. Jarred focuses on how Samantha is laying across his crotch but he doesn’t want to have an erection while she is like this. They come in for a splash and Sam comes up laughing. They play around in the water together for a little while. Sam gets out of the water and goes to the top of the small bridge over a section of the water and she stays on the middle and leans on the railing looking at the moonlight threw the windows.
Jarred waits a bit before beginning to go up to her, Before he got up to her he noticed her wet body having moonlight reflecting off of her, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He let the erection rise. He walks up the stairs and asks,
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh its nothing, I am just enjoying this night so much, I feel free for once.” Sam says nicely. He walks up next to her and puts his arm around her and stands by her side for a couple of minutes.
“How about we get back to playing in the water?” Sam suggests.
“Alright lets go.” Jarred says happily.

He picks up Sam and carries her like a bride into the water.
“Ok you will be the young super hero trying to get away from being captured by the villain.” Jarred says. Sam excitedly states.
“Ok but give me a head start.” Sam quickly runs off. Jarred waits for a few seconds before he starts to chase after her, Sam was already going toward the far end of the pool. Jarred quickly runs through the shallow water before making a dive into the deep water and started quickly swimming toward Sam. Sam franticly tries to get away, she sees him getting closer before she climbed over a wall separating the two pools, and she then makes way toward the area where the large whirlpool around the water slide goes.

Jarred saw threw this plot and came up with an idea. He swims toward her till she got in the whirlpool; he quickly makes way to the other side. Sam sees him and tries to go backwards but she was still being dragged toward him, so she grabbed onto the wall and that stopped her progress toward her capture. Jarred then goes around the outside of the whirlpool and corners Sam, she knew she was going to get caught so just stayed huddled to the wall she was grasped to as he climbed over the wall and pulled her into his arms.
“Caught you! Its time to find out where you powers come from.”

He takes her toward the water castle in the shallow end of the pool and carries her up the stairs and lays her down on the floor on the top level.
“What is your plan with me?” Sam asks still playing in character.
“Oh I’m just going to search you to see where the power on your body originates, but don’t worry this won’t hurt, it will actually feel really good.” Jarred says. Sam’s hands were grabbed onto the bottom part of the railings to resemble her being tied down.

Jarred then sticks his fingers into her vagina and started messaging her. Sam didn’t expect this but she did little to fight it. Sam pretending to struggle soon lays still.
“Ohh” Sam moans in pleasure. Jarred lowers his face to her vagina and starts to lick it once again.
“Do whatever you want I didn’t choose to be a hero anyways why do I care?” Sam forces out through her pleasure still playing in character.
“Hmm I cannot seem to find it in here. Open wide maybe it is in there. Jarred climbs over Sam and sticks his cock in her mouth and started going up and down. Her mouth was almost to small to fit his dick in her mouth.

Sam kind of surprised but she was already turned on but what he was doing to her pussy. Jarred gently slid his hand behind Sam’s head and started helping her mouth go up and down his penis, she quickly caught on that he wanted her to move her head around while sucking him off. Once she started sucking hard Jarred couldn’t keep his eyes open. Jarred moans loudly with every movement she was making.

He pulls out of her mouth. Then he stands up and picks her up off the ground and walks down into the pool and puts her waist against the wall with her butt toward him. “There is one more place to check.” Jarred says. Sam gently bends her body over the wall. Jarred looks at her butt with great excitement then he gently smacks her butt a few times before inserting himself. He puts his hands by each side of Sam for leverage as he starts to gently hump her ass.

“Agh yes that’s the spot.” Jarred says quietly. He starts humping a little harder. Sam starts breathing a little harder. Jarred starts humping even harder, Sam then starts moaning softly. So Jarred started going very hard till he can hear the echo of his body colliding with hers. Sam starts screaming with pleasure with every hump.

He has a sudden orgasm but he shows no sign of stopping he just keeps going and going. After a few more minutes he pulls out of Sam. Sam turns around and grabs his fully erect penis underwater and starts massaging it.
“Sit up there.” Sam demands. Jarred willfully complies, he sits up and spread his legs wide. Sam sticks her mouth over his dick and begins aggressively sucking his dick.

“No wonder my friends love my daughter so much, I normally was angry now I am no better then them and I don’t care.” Jarred says as he happily leans his head back as Sam was switching from blowjob to hand job to blowjob back and fourth as she would sometimes just blow air onto it.

“Uhh oh yeah right there!” when he looks down she was giving him a rim job. So he starts to masturbate as she sucks hard at his lower dick.

“Oh yeah open wide.” Sam takes her face from his crotch and opens her mouth like a starving person. As he lays a load into her mouth and all over her face, Sam giggles then sticks her face underwater and washes off. Sam grabs Jared’s hand and leads him to the shallow part of the water and pushes him down onto the floor and climbs onto Jarred and starts going up and down slowly and unsurely since this was her first time.

Jarred still found a lot of enjoyment from it and Sam was moaning loudly. She continued this for a couple of minutes before Jarred grabbed her and flipped her around and started humping her vagina roughly. This made Sam scream really loud with pleasure. Every bit of her was trying to contain the screams but she couldn’t help it, she then had a large orgasm, which triggered the biggest orgasm of Jared’s life. Jared wondering how on earth
he still had anything left in him.

He then lay next to Sam and she began to gently kiss his lips, this quickly turned into a make out with little movement. Jared’s hand was traveling her butt but did nothing else but make out with her. “So when are we going to do this again?” Sam asked. “Hopefully everyday.” Jarred says happily.

To be continued.


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