Without A Reason

Without A Reason

JonnyB and Rico are two young men in their early twenties. They are on a wild ride cross-country and are looking to do and hoping to find in no particular order mischief, trouble, danger and excitement.

The next town was maybe an hour away and the one after close to three so it looked like they would be calling it a night sooner than later. Thundering down the highway they caught up to another vehicle displaying out of state plates so the cruised along side and check out the occupants.

Two females, one oldish, one young, possibly mother daughter. JonnyB gave them the eye but they tried to avoid contact, slowing down or speeding up until eventually the men got bored and sped off.

Just outside of town they found a place to park and observe the road and as dusk settled over the woods the women’s car came into view. Sure enough they indicated and turned off the highway and into town. The men followed at a discrete distance.

The women went to a motel near the far side of town. There was nothing beyond the motel but woods. The car park was sparsely populated with vehicles; meaning most of the rooms were empty. This allowed people to be spaced around the motel with empty rooms between them and other guests.

JonnyB and Rico observed this all from across the road, they watched the women carry one small bag each inside, which to the men meant they were only staying the night.

They looked at each other and JonnyB said "hard and fast?" Rico replied, "No, long and slow." JonnyB nodded his head and the men punched fists and sat back and waited.

Streetlights were coming on and the town was winding down for the day. The women came out of the motel and walked to a nearby restaurant. The men got a good look at them as they walked the street.

Mother; 40'ish, long legs short blonde hair, nice rounded hips they swayed as she walked. Daughter; late teens, thin, small boobs, brunette hair down past her shoulders.

Both women wore skirts, the mother had a matching jacket over her blouse, the daughter wore a long sleeved T. It was mild now but the radio had predicted it to be colder tonight.

Once the men were sure the women would be eating for a while the took off to get the necessary "supplies" for this evening.

They were back on site when the women returned to the motel. Most of the rooms were already dark and there was only some young guy manning the desk at the moment.

They gave the women time to get comfortable and then took a sports bag from the back seat and made their way to the rear of the motel. There was a gate through which the rubbish and laundry was collected so they were able to slip in without anyone seeing them.

JonnyB stood to one side of the door, bag in one hand, knife in the other. Rico held a travel blanket folded over his hands, knife underneath. He knocked and stood squarely in front of the spy hole smiling.

The mother answered without opening and Rico, in his most polite voice, told her he had extra blankets as it was expected to get cold tonight. He stayed in the light and raised his hands to the door so the woman could see the blanket. The sound of the chain coming off the door broadened Rico's smile. Next the door lock clicked and as soon as it was free of the frame Rico hit it with his shoulder and JonnyB swung around into the space cleared by the opening door.

Rico threw the blanket at the older woman who was caught off; JonnyB secured the door just as the daughter stepped from the bathroom. He had his knife at her throat in a heartbeat and Rico grabbed the older woman and held his knife to hers before she had a chance to understand what was going on.

JonnyB tapped the daughter on the shoulder with the blade and said, "towel, loose it".

When she took too long to respond he grabbed the towel, spinning her around as he tossed it into the vacant bathroom.

Now naked the men got a good look at her, thin and lean, long legged and small boobed. Small bush of hair between her legs. Jonny B pushed her to sit in the room’s old style desk chair. All timber with arms and slatted back.

From the bag JonnyB took a hand full of elastic tie downs, strips if elastic with a snap clip to hold it tight. He secured the daughter to the chair with straps around her wrists and ankles.

Now it was mother’s turn as she was now outnumbered two to one. Rico looked at her and asked "mother - daughter?" the woman nodded.

Rico placed the knife at the top button of her blouse and like JonnyB told her to loose it. She must have been getting ready to use the shower as her shoes and skirt were already off.

She tried to stare down Rico but he met her challenge, warned her that the rooms either side were empty and if one of them caused any trouble then it was going to be paid back on both. Quick thrusts of the knives and both would be dead and the men long gone before anyone found them.

The blouse came off and Rico whistled at the breasts bulging from the confines of her bra. It was black and smooth, designed for t-shirts, and Rico tapped it with his knife and told her to take it off.

She was wearing pantyhose of a very faint beige colour that were maybe a shade darker than her skin. Black lace panties, bikini style, showed through the material. She looked to have kept herself in shape with a barely noticeable roll around the middle.

Now the bra was gone and Rico grabbed the flesh of a breast, squeezed and mashed it, before tweaking the nipple. His hand slid over the skin of her chest and repeated it on the other then swift as a snake his hand was around her throat and holding tight.

"Now you tried to ditch us on the highway, without a reason, so now we are all going to get really friendly.

JonnyB had stripped off while Rico held the woman and his cock was getting harder by the second.

When Rico saw that the daughter was secure and JonnyB ready he again tapped the mother on the shoulder with his knife and issued a new order "knees". He positioned her on her knees directly in front of her daughter then JonnyB stood with his cock at her face and twisted his hand into her hair until she winced and finally opened her mouth.

Rico sat on the bed, just a few feet separated all of them, and along with the daughter got ringside seats as the mother showed them what a cocksucker she was.

The mother was taking some of JonnyB cock but he clearly wanted more getting worked on so he held her head still while he flexed his hips to push more of his boner into her mouth.

Soon she was making satisfactory coughing and gagging noises that turned JonnyB on more.

Now that she was aware of what was required she took almost all of it on the next swallow. JonnyB was enjoying his throat fucking of the old lady and was deliberately holding her head on his cock so she gagged more. Now when his cock came from her mouth it was coated with her saliva.

Tears had formed and were making her eyeliner run in little black lines under each eye. Saliva foamed around her lips and dribbled down onto her breast.

Rico ignored the sex assault happening in front of him and asked the daughter if she was a virgin. He tapped the knife blade against a ring he wore and waited for the girl to reply.

It took a few minutes before she tore her eyes away from her mothers plight and acknowledged Rico's question. No she wasn't a virgin. Rico twirled the knife and indicated he wanted more details.

She talked in a dull tone and stopped whenever her mother made a gagging noise.

She popped her own cherry at 15 with a dildo a friend had given her as a birthday present.

A few weeks later she was sunbaking in her back yard and thought she was alone when she felt spots of water falling from a cloudless sky.
Her neighbour was watering the hedge between their houses and when she called out he apologised and walked away.

She lay back on her towel, naked, when old Mr Willetts had come through the hedge to again say he was sorry. Confronted by the sight of a naked teen he had remained calm for a man nearly 60. All he said was she needed more sun block before she burnt too much.

Feeling a little horny she asked him to rub in the places she couldn't reach and next thing she was fucking a man four times her age.

Rico laughed and leant over towards the mother and asked if she knew about this. Of course the woman couldn't answer as JonnyB kept her mouth filled.

Rico stripped off and he and JonnyB tapped fists and traded positions.

Rico told her to keep talking while he entertained her mother.

The girl was now rambling on about her sexual activities while her eyes remained firmly fixed on the cock slipping in and out of her mother’s mouth. And it was making her hot and wet.

A few weeks later Mr Willetts introduced her to a friend of his, whose wife had died a year earlier, who had not had any sex in all that time. He offered her $50 for this one favour and she had taken the money and did the deed.

Both Rico and JonnyB could not contain their laughter at the young girls revelations.

Rico took his cock out and they swapped once more. JonnyB lay on the bed, his legs hanging over the side. The woman now had to stand and lean over to suck JonnyB's cock. Her butt pointed towards her daughter.

Rico ran his hand over the pantyhose clad butt and with surgical precision sliced an opening in the flimsy fabric. Next he slid a finger into the panties and sliced them as well to enable him to enter her from behind while she still sucked JonnyB.

As he lined up his cock with the mothers cunt he asked the daughter how long had it been since she last had sex. As his cock slid into the mother the girl blurted out that it had been two days ago. Rico felt the woman stiffen as she took in this information.

Again Rico called for more information and JonnyB slid out from under the woman to watch Rico fuck her.

She seemed hesitant to keep going so Rico, his cock slick from the woman’s cunt, pulled out and stuck it in the girls face. He grabbed her chin and her mouth open until he could stick his cock in.

Automatically she swirled her tongue around the cock head and tasted her mother. Rico had his hand at the back of her head and pushed forward until she to gagged on his cock. He pulled out then told her to keep talking or they would swap her body for that of her mothers.

Rico turned back to the mothers butt and slid his cock back in and started to fuck her hard.

Two days ago in another town, another hotel, her mother had gone shopping and she had been by the pool in a skimpy bikini. She had walked around from time to time to give those about a look at her. On one of her walks a man approached her and asked for her help so she stopped to talk.

His need of help was that he had an erection that she had caused and would she like to help him get rid of it. She had answered "not for free" so he offered $50 now and $50 when his balls were empty.

Rico slapped the mother on the arse as he heard the story laughing loudly as he asked the mother did she know her daughter was such a whore.

They had gone back to his room and she found out his erection was actually caused by a pill so he was able to fuck her for most of the afternoon. He had a book of sexual positions and was trying to get as many done in one afternoon so they were changing positions on a regular basis.

He ended up paying an extra $100 and fucked her in the arse.

This was too much and Rico lost it and dumped a load of cum in the mother’s cunt.

JonnyB was in his spot within moments and he didn't care about sloppy seconds as he took over fucking the woman who was now no more than a sweat soaked rag on the bed.

Rico again stuck his cock into the daughter’s mouth to get her to clean him off.

JonnyB soon had added his own load of cum to the woman’s cunt and as her muscles relaxed the creamy liquid oozed out.

Rico gave the girl her instructions and undid the straps.

With JonnyB looking on, a curious grin on his face, wondering what Rico had planned the girl got behind her mother and started lapping up the cum leaking from her cunt.

JonnyB whooped with surprise as he watched the daughter coat her tongue in the mingled bodily fluids of the three of them.

With a dollop of cum in her mouth she went to her mothers face and her tongue between her lips to deposit it in her mouth. The mother coughed and tried to spit it out but Rico slapped her arse hard and told the daughter to do it again.

Once more the daughter got between her mothers legs and lapped her pussy lips like a kitten. Rico planted a hand in the woman’s back and pushed her down on the bed, this
caused muscles to flex and contract which in turn squeezed more cum out of her cunt.

Daughter now had another mouthful and went to her mother and let it dribble from one mouth to the other.

Both men were still hard from the experience so they secured the mother into the chair.

JonnyB had gone into the bathroom and returned with the daughters dirty panties, which he balled up and stuffed, into the mother’s mouth.

Then both men repeated their performance on the daughter while the mother watched bound and gagged.

As a finale while JonnyB lay on his back having his cock in her cunt Rico doubled teamed and stuffed his cock in her arse. She had cried out when he entered her even though she had done anal before. But a DP was a new experience for all of them.

It was close to dawn when JonnyB and Rico finally cleaned themselves off. They left the mother bound to the chair, secured the daughters wrists and ankles and left her naked on the bed.

Room service found them a few hours later in a room that was rank with the smell of stale sex and sweat. By the time the police arrived and began getting descriptions JonnyB and Rico had changed cars twice and directions three times and continued their wild ride going and doing what they wanted without a reason.


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