It was always like this. I've been playing online games since I was 11 years old and after six years this still hasn't changed. Well I lied, it has. I've always been a fan of MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing games) and I've met a lot of people through them.

I'm sitting in French class as I feel my phone vibrate from inside my pocket so I discreetly slip my manicured hand inside and pull out my phone. The buzzing pulsates against my palm and I feel my heartbeat quicken, hoping it was Shawn. I check and see his out of state area code and read over his intimate message.
No phones in class was a rule strictly en by teachers so I knew I was risking myself but the thrill and excitement I got from talking to strangers I met online outweighed my worry of breaking some school rules.

"I'd spank you over and over until I feel your pussy juices leak onto my hand. I'll press my thumb against your shit hole and drive my fingers up your tight, clean-shaven, Asian pussy."

I hear him clear his throat as he's standing behind me glaring over my shoulder with his toned arms folded across his chest. Mr. Davis is one of the youngest teachers at our school, fresh out of university, he stands 6'2" and his dark chestnut hair coupled with his pale brown eyes definitely explains why his female students drool over him in class.

He holds out his hand expecting me to give him my phone and he says "The lesson will not continue until you hand over your cell phone." I reluctantly passed over my phone. I noticed him start reading the text and embarrassment shot through me as I brought my hands up to cover my face. He only got as far as "I'd" when I watched Mr. Davis' expression change from triumph to shock as he angrily scrolls through my text. He glances over turns around and walks over to the front of the class room stating loudly that if I wanted my phone back to pick it up after class. I hung my head in shame letting my waist long smooth black hair fall forward and groaned "okay.

I trudged into his class room waiting for the last of his students to leave, staring at the brown carpet floor, I jump up onto a desk and sit down waiting for him to finish. He shut the door behind the student, took my cell phone out, and questions "Who is Shawn?"
I briefly explained to Mr. Davis that he was a guy I met online while playing video games.
His intense pale brown eyes bore into my body as if he was reading me like an open book. He then furrows his brow and I could feel the frustration going through him as he gets up and walks until he is right in front of me.
"Mr. Davis can I have my phone back?" he trails the edge of my iPhone from my knee up to my thigh my skirt to rise higher than it already is. Quickly I stand up and attempt to snatch my phone from but he dodges me with his lithe reflexes.
My anger starts to rise as he mumbles out my name "Isabelle... Come here." He grabs me at my wrist and pulls me to his body tearing me away from the desk I was frantically grasping onto. "Isabelle... You need to understand the consequences that come with breaking the rules." he takes my other hand and pins it to my wrist, not without me putting up a fight, holding them together with one hand. I take in a deep breath of air ready to cry for help when I feel his free hand cover my mouth pressing tightly against my jaw, causing my mouth to close. Unintentional tears fell from my face as he runs his lips along the curve of my neck; my heart starts to race and I try squirming out of his vice like grip with little hope of escape.
Mr. Davis grabs at a scarf one of his students left behind and wraps it tight around my face, stuffing the majority of it into my mouth silencing my cries for help.
He flips me over and around till my face is pressed against the wooden desk with my body bent over, having my backside fully exposed.
I try to scream but the cry that comes out is nothing more than a squeal.
"Do you know what type of danger you could get in talking to people you don't know over the Internet?!"
He raises my skirt up higher and higher with the corner of my phone. I feel my iPhone pressed against my inner thigh as I viscously shake my head trying to break free. Mr. Davis let out a low chuckle and explains to me "There's no point in hiding it." I feel him push the side of my panties aside and run the edge of my phone along my slit making me tremble against my will.
He stops teasing my body with my phone and brings it up to my face, showing me how my juices coat the outside of my phone. I feel the heat rushing to my face as I blink away more tears.
Still holding me down he lowers his face to mine and whispers "If I untie this scarf will you promise not to scream?" I looked at him with sorrow filled eyes and nodded my head getting ready to yell for help. He removes the scarf and before I had enough time to take in air to scream I feel his lips press against mine with his tongue deep in my mouth.
His kisses lasted for what felt like a lifetime as I felt my worry seep away while running my tongue in circles against his, kissing him back. He breaks free from me and I catch my breath. I glare at him n he glares back, snapping at me " Don't try to put that bullshit act up. Stop being such a priss and take what you deserve. We both know you like it."
I turn my head away to avoid his gaze and I hear his footsteps behind me. I quickly cross my legs, blocking him entry to my cunt.
SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LIKE THAT NOW?!?" my screams suppressed to squeals as I start crying begging him to stop. SLAP! SLAP! His hand beats against my sore bottom as I feel him suddenly stop. I let out a breath of relief when suddenly I feel his hands slide my panties down to my ankles. I quickly squeeze my legs together but it was no use. His strong arms pried my leg apart and he raised my right leg and tied it to the leg of the desk beside the one I was on with my panties and he does the same on my left side with the scarf.

"Please let me go... I don't want to do this... I'm not ready yet!"
"Ready for what?"
"I'm still a virgin!!"
The corner of his lip turns up as his smirk lights up the spark in his eyes and he replies
" Virgins shouldn't be a tease when they don't know jack shit about what they're doing."
I hear him unbuckle his pants and slip his boxers down. I try to turn my head back and face him while I give my last plea for him to stop
"Mr. Davis please! I promise I won't ever talk to Shawn again, just please don't do this to me"
"Now why would I want that?" his smile casting an eerie presence over my heart. I feel him press the head of his 9 inch hard against the entrance of my cunt.
"I like this too much to stop and I'm starting to hope I catch texting more often."
He presses his hard against me more cursing "Holy Fuck. Wow you are tight. I can't even get inside you." I feel him take his hand and spread my lips apart, making it easier for him to enter me. He presses his hips against me once more and I feel his head enter me as I let out a gasp.
"Mmmmm... Please don't... stop..." his finger tips find my bulging clit as my wet cunt squeezes against his 9 inch cock. I feel his index finger and thumb wrap around my clit an he pinches it gently. My mind is melting and my body is getting hotter and hotter. I can help but curl my toes up within my shoes and moan against his finger tips when I hear him laugh. I turn to face him questioning him with my eyes as he smiles back and pressed the full length of his cock inside of me ;I muffle my cry of pain as slowly oozes out of my cunt, running down to his balls and dripping off of them.
He grabs my hips with both hands and slowly pumps his cock into my pussy being gentle at first, allowing me to get used to the feeling of being filled, then picking up the pace as my body gave in, rocking my hips against the rhythm of his own. I feel my pussy clench tightly milking his cock as I arch my back and cry out his name, I come all over his cock.
He quickly pulls his cock out and shoots his juicy come all over my back. I hear his pants and he scoops the warm fresh come from my back and into the palm of his hand. He opens my mouth up and tilts his palm downward, making hid come flow into my mouth.
He smiles triumphantly and releases my wrists to untie my legs.
I slip my panties up and squeeze my sore legs and thighs together. He gives me a quick kiss on my cheek and sends me off in a daze, winking as I exit the door until I realize, I forgot my phone.


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