Dear Diary 3

Dear Diary 3


Another week starts. Why does the weekend flash by so quickly? Nice suny day today... hate the idea of sitting around in the office. Must find a reason for going out and visiting some customers. Had a look at who wants what and found several customers who are in need of a site visit, so I decided to book myself out for the day. I could have asked someone to go out for me, but why should others get the fun of being out in the sunshine. Anyway, sometimes people want to discuss problems with the Manager and at least I can take decisions whereas junior staff would have to keep phoning me anyway!

Not made any firm appointments; just got a list of adresses to go and check out. Who shall I see first? Decided to take the one furthest away and work my way back to the office. Drove for about 40 minutes; found the house and rang the bell.

The door was answered by a lady in her late thirties or early forties; she was about medium height, chestnut coloured hair, brown eyes and was what is usually termed as being on the large side. Large in every sense that is. My eyes were immediately and rather obviously drawn to her breasts because the top she was wearing didn't leave a lot to the imagination! Curiuosly, because this seemed unusual at the time, she was wearing a shortish skirt which showed off her legs and the lower part of her thighs (sheathed in tan nylon) quite well. She wasn't what anyone would call slim or even slightly overweight. She had what could only be described as a 'big belly' and when she turned round to lead the way into the house I could see that she had a 'big arse' as well.

It was obvious that she had expected me to be someone she could deal with on the doorstep and then 'get rid of' because when we got into the lounge it was obvious that she was not expecting visitors. Her laptop was online and placed down on the end of the sofa on which she had obviously been lying when she had been disturbed by the doorbell! She tried to conceal the site she had been surfing on but not before I caught a glimpse of a photo of a couple who were obviously not engaged in flower arranging.

... unless they had discovered a very novel receptacle for the stems!

She flopped down on the sofa and I sat opposite in an armchair. I had already showed her my ID and explained why I was there...... and we discussed that for a short time. She offered to make some tea or coffee but I declined because as she got more relaxed she sat further back on the sofa and from where I was sitting I could see further and further up her skirt. Her hem rode up her thighs to the point where I was able to note that she was not wearing tights, but was actually wearing stockings! Her thighs parted slightly as she talked and I shifted myself slightly in my chair as unobtrusively as I could ,so as to get a better view between them. To my increasing excitement, she parted them even more giving me a glimpse of scarlet panties. I placed my hands carefully over my crotch which was starting to have a 'tent effect' in my trousers!

She told me of some of the problems she was having with the house which she rented from my company and invited me upstairs to look at her hot water cylinder. I told her I should be happy to look at anything she cared to show me following which remark, she looked me full in the face and and asked if that was indeed so. She then looked deliberately down at my crotch!

She walked in front of me up the stairs giving me a really good view of her bottom and legs and that angle and in that skirt I could see almost to her stocking tops. Half way up she stopped suddenly and I walked into her, brushing her arse with my hands.
'Sorry', I said
'I'm not' she replied with a wicked grin over her shoulder.
We inspected what we had gone to look at and went back downstairs. She flopped back down on the sofa and fell backwards, slightly off balance. Her skirt rode up as she spread her legs to save herself. She looked straight at me as I looked up her skirt and opened her thighs!
'Would you like a proper look?' she asked, stretching her legs as wide as her skirt would allow and adding that I might just as well come over to the sofa and have a feel as well!

There didn't seem any point in denying my interest, so I sat next to her and put my hand on her thigh and moved it slowly up her leg and stroked her cunt through her knickers.
She moaned slightly and with shaking fingers undid my zip and felt my rigid cock though my underpants.

I dropped to my knees in front of her and pulled her panties down and pushed my face between her thighs. Her cunt was unshaven and I buried my face in her bush and tongued her outer labia tasting the sweetly sour juices of her lubrication. She squeezed her thighs around my ears as I probed inside her cunt with my tongue. I put both hands behind her and under her enormous arse and partly lifted it off the sofa as I kneaded handfuls of buttock before being inspired to finger her arsehole as well.
'God... I haven't been fucked for so long', she moaned, 'Don't make me cum too quickly.' I suggested that she sucked my cock and she got down on the carpet at let me get on the sofa. She almost tore my trousers off and my underpants and then having given the swollen purple glans of my cock a few ball bursting licks she plunged the entire length to the back of her throat.
For someone presumably out of practice, she was amazing. She licked the shaft, paying particular attention to the scarred area on the underside where the surgeon's knife had removed my foreskin when I was a baby.......... Yes I have been circunsized... .. (and girls... if you don't already know it... licking there can blow a guy's mind!).......... she let her spittle run down full length of the shaft and then licked it up.......... she sucked my balls one at a time into her mouth. ....she let the sharp edges of her teeth rasp across the bulbous end of my cock... she gently bit it a few times which worried me at first but soon I didn't fucking care!

What was I doing while this was happening........ well after giving up the attempt to stay sane, I ripped open her top and tore her bra off and grabbed one breast in each hand and pulled and squeezed what I could reach of her nipples.... it was that action which made her bite my cock but we rapidly reached a point when things had to progress and grabbing her hair I pulled her onto the floor and pushing her thighs wide open fell on top of her grinding my cock straight into her widely gaping and soaking wet cunt.
I pounded into her with ever increasing pace and ever deepening thusts......... her nails clawed at my back and my backside and my hands flew to her huge tits which I squeezed and pummelled until she shrieked out loud. I felt her start to cum under me and I knew my own end was close........... her hand flew out and knocked her laptop and the picture she had been looking at when I arrived leapt back on the screen.... a large girl like her being fucked from behind. having obviously just had her bottom spanked....... 'Is that how you like it?' I gasped....... 'Yes but next time next time', she said... 'for Christ's sake don't stop now'..... 'I couldn't if I wanted to' I replied.

'Oh God..... I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming' she yelled

'I've beaten you to it' I told her; and I had and my cum was dripping down her thighs mingling with her own juice.

We cleaned up and sat on the sofa together. She made us some lunch and she asked when I was likely to be in that area again. I had a think
'Tomorrow?' I suggested.


Got into work quite early for me and once again surprised the staff by annoucing my intention of going out. Somebody joked about me having 'a woman' ......... if only they knew. Well, I do have a job to do and so I made a few normal visits before heading for yesterday's address at around 3pm. She'd obviously seen my car because when I rang the bell she told me to come straight in. I saw why she hadn't come into the porch when I got into the hallway.

She was wearing what I think is called a basque .... a sort of corset garment in black ,trimmed with mauve with matching mauve thong and black suspenders (garters to you Americans) holding up black sheer nylons and high heeled shoes. Her breasts were straining the material of this garment to bursting point and her belly was in danger of bursting the front seams! She turned and led the way upstairs without a word! As far as the front view went, her glorious body would have wobbled if there had been room in that garment but the thong had no such restraint and my view of her anal crack and swelling bottom cheeks going before me on the stairs in that skimpy violet thong gave me a pounding hard on before I was half way up the flight!

At the top of the stairs she stopped and turned round placing her hands straight down the front of my trousers and into my pants.

'Where have you been?' she said, ''have you any idea how many times I've masturbated about yesterday......... I thought you would have been back here at about 9am...... but I suppose I'm just a quick fuck aren't I?'
'Well, actually, no' I replied....... 'I left it to this time so I could finish here for the day and if you like the idea........... I don't have to go until tomorrow morning!'

Her response was to grab me and push her tongue down my throat while simutaneously fondle my cock! She turned and led the way into her bedroom.

Everything about the room was large, including it's occupant of course! It was a large room in the first place and the bed was enormous. There was a large TV built into an alcove in the wall at the foot of the bed together with a video and a DVD player and also I took note of.... a satellite tuner. Just to round things off there was a huge dildo, which made me feel totally inadequate, particularly as it was black, standing on the bedside table! She reached for this and pushed it into the bedside table drawer saying something about it not being needed as I'd turned up at last and anyway it needed new batteries now anyway!

'Do you like my outfit?1 she asked, shaking her enormous tits so that they moved like a jelly even though they were firmly strapped into the basque, 'I think I'll have to change my knickers, they're soaking wet.......... I've cum in them so many times today!
'You leave them where they are' I said, pushing her down on the duvet and burying my face in her gusset so that my nose actually pushed her fleshy swollen outer labia apart. She opened her thighs wide and then clamped them over my ears as I thrust my face forward into her pubic mound.

'I've been a very naughty girl today', she informed me casually, 'and I've always thought that naughty girls should be punished'.
'How do you think they should be punished?' I asked her
'Oh they should be beaten hard on their bare bottoms'
'What with?' I asked, my excitement mounting and my cock pounding.
'Well, they could be slippered, caned, strapped, belted but I've got something in the cupboard which I'd like you to be the first to use on me........ I've tried to do it myself but somehow it's not good enough' and so saying she fetched what looked like a horses tail on a long leather covered handle.
'Hells bells' I said, ''what in God's name is that?'
'Its called a flogger..... and when I was a teenager at the convent school the nuns used to beat sixth form girls' bottoms with one of these..... I hated being thrashed then, but I've creamed myself many times since remembering my punishments all those years ago.

'Stand up and touch your toes girl' I commanded.
'Well actually, I don't think I can Babe' she replied, patting her belly
'Oh well; bend over and stick your bottom out'

She obeyed the order and asked how many she was going to get. I asked what the nuns would have given her and she told me the maximum had been twelve but added
'But that was for schoolgirls and I'm a big girl now!'
'You certainly are' I agreed, admiring the swell of her huge backside as she bent over in front of me with her thighs apart and the thong pulled tight between her arse cheeks.

I let the strands of the flogger brush against her arse and watched with pleasure as her cheeks flinched.
'I'm not sure how many of these you're getting' I told her, 'it depends what your bum looks like after the first dozen or so'. She flinched again at the words 'dozen or so!' Without warning I raised my arm and brought the flogger down across the middle of her backside. With a sharp gasp of intaken breath she lurched forward and the repeated this twice more as the next two landed. I switched my aim and gave her a couple at the very top of her bottom and the two more across the middle of her thighs which she obviously was not expecting! I gave her a quick threesome from just above the knees to the overhang of her buttocks and then ordered her to stand and face me which she did with a puzzled expression on her face. Not or long though as I gave her four across the front of her thighs and ordered her to undo the basque and strip it off. With her standing naked apart from thong and hold up nylons, I made her stand with her hands over her head and lashed her over her belly and over each breast before turning her round and giving her another four across her back from shoulders to bottom crack. By thismn time her entire body was flushed scarlet and my cock was absolutely rigid..... as it is right now as I'm writing this!..... in fact if you'll excuse me, there's something I have to do right now ..... the diary entry will resume in a few minutes!

Where was I? Oh yes, I dropped the flogger , stripped myself naked and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her across my lap. I ran my fingers casually under the thong arse strap and the hauled the knickers down and off and started the hand spank her bottom. She squirmed over me grinding her cunt into my cock as I ran one then two fingers along her arse cleft before finally fingering her cunt hole with two then three fingers. I continued her spanking for at least ten minutes finger fucking her almost but not quite to orgasm until she was screaming for me to finish her off.

'Kneel on the bed for God's sake' I told her and as she did so I mounted her from behind........... she came very quickly, and so did I....... but I only came once whereas she seemed to be experiencing the multiple orgasm to end all multiple orgasms! Our juices mingled and dribbled down her nylon clad thighs like lava from a volcano! I collapsed on the duvet but she was over me licking my cock clean instantly so I returned the favour to what was then splayed out over my face.

Oh God ,writing this entry has made me so horny; guess what i have to do again........

Sorry readers..... diary closing down till next time!


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