Megan And I Relax. Part 1

It was way back when me and my sister still lived together. When we were young my parents got a divorce and both me and my sister lived with my mom. My dad had already found a girfriend and my mom was still looking. My sister Megan was 14 at that time and I was 16. My mom would go out on Fridays with her "girlfriends" and she would try to hook up with some dudes at the club but she never would never come home with a boyfriend. Everyday when I would come home from school my sister would always be there on the couch texting or watching her regular everyday shows. On a Friday I walked home. When I opened the door she said "Hey Michael, I'm so glad your back from school I really missed you"! I said "I missed you too, I'm glad the school week is over and now I can relax". Megan looked at me a funny way and said "yeah I bet you make yourself relax"! For a while I thought but I didn't get what she menu and said "okayyy"? My mom didn't work on Fridays so she was at the house and came down stairs to greet me. I told my mom hi and went off to my room. I laid down and took a nap. When I woke up it was 7:53. In my head I said "crap mom left and I didn't say good bye". I rushed to Megan's room and Megan was sitting watching some MTV show. I said "mom went out right"? Megan said "yeah she left at 7:30 like she always does". I couldn't do anything about it so I started to walk downstairs and I heard Megan say "are you going to go relax yourself"? I rushed back and said "what do you mean by that"? She simply just said "you know what guys do to relax" and winked. I didn't even know what she was talking about and I shook my head and left. I was downstairs watching and I heard Megan say from to top of the stairs "do you want to relax a "special way"? And I said "yeah I feel real stressed". She said "ok hold on a minute". I just sat their and waited for her. After a while she yelled "ok come to my room"! I thought "go to her room"? I just went with it and arrived at her room. I opened the door and I see Megan laying down sideways on her bed and my mouth dropped.

She was on the bed wearing the hottest lingerie I had ever seen. She was wearing a matching bra and thong that we're both a sexy pink and black stripe design and sexy black high heels. I instantly got a massive boner when I saw her tits. I hadn't noticed how big they were. They were popping out in a very sexy way and her lips had some lip gloss that made her lips look light pink, perfect for blowjobs. She said "come relax with me"! My mind said no but my hormones said yes. I went over and she said "lick my pussy" I listend and licked good and slow. He clit tasted good and smelled very nice. After 5 minutes of licking she said "is that all you can do? Lick faster" I did and it was good. It was very wet and juicy. She took off her panties and I saw her nice round ass. She said "let me suck your dick" she took off my shorts and boxers. I laid down on her bed and she grabbed my penis and started to lick it from side to side. It was hot and was the best feeling ever. She went faster and faster and the felling was getting more and more intense. I couldn't move or do anything about it. I could feel my dick getting slobered on and it was a good felling. After a couple of minutes she stopped and turned around. She said "make my pussy wider". I couldn't resist and I rubbed my dick on the rim of her nice pink clit. I could hear her start to moan and I slid it in slowly. She let out a big "ohhhhhh" and I started to go faster. The nice clap from her ass made me go faster. By this time Megan was really getting horny and said "try anal on me". I pulled out slowly and started to rub her ass hole with my finger. I slid a finger in there and she jerked. She was breathing heavily and at that time I stuck my dick in that tight anal. It was better than pussy because it was really tight I went on with it for about 10 minutes and I felt the cum wanting to cum out. She pulled away and said "cum on me"! She ripped off her bra and tittyfucked me. My dick couldn't take much more of this because her breasts were so big that the space between them was tight.
I let out a huge load on her face and body. She said "are you relaxed enough yet"? I replied "yes that was the most relaxing thing that I could have done". She grabbed my hand and we took a bath together. It was hot because I could see her naked more. 30 minutes after we were done with our bath our mom came home. She asked us "hey guys did you have a good time"? We looked at each other and I said "yeah I finally got relaxed". Megan smiled at me and winked.

Thanks for reading this story on me and my sister. It was great to write an erotic story. Please vote and comment for better story's and more. The rest is just to fill the characters. AaasssassaaAsasadaraaasasasasaasasasasasasaasadadadsassadsaadsaddaaassassassassassasssaaaaaaaaaaaSaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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