Sex With A Red Witch

Sex With A Red Witch
Having spent some time abroad on a long engineering mission, I was glad to get back to London even if the weather here was very different from the desert heat, I’d got used to these past three years. It’s true that the sun is good for the body and soul but when you finish by having too much of it, it becomes an irritating scorching handicap, especially for a clear skinned Englishman like me, of Irish origin to boot, so a bit of rain was really welcome, although that particular summer, London had had a few thunderstorms but nothing really drastic.
I’d dumped my things in my flat on coming home from the airport, and had taken a quick shower. I’d decided to go out and find myself a girl and spend the evening making love, which was something I hadn’t often done in Iraq. A few prostitutes here and there, but always in hidden places. The religious cults, who have taken over since the downfall of Sadam Hussein, are pretty wary of what goes on in the back streets and it isn’t always easy to find a girl willing to take the risk of having sex, even for heavy cash. Still, I did manage to get away with it a few times. I must admit though, when Arabian girls do get you off, they certainly know how to take you to the brink of nirvana. After showering and shaving, I’d put on my best relax gear and stepped out. The night and the town were mine.
I hadn’t gone far when this rather dark pub caught my eye. It was called “The Cat and Cauldron” so I guess anything was possible in there. I wanted to have a drink and eat something before going on the rampage for a woman and this place seemed as good as any for a first beer. Besides, its dark windows intrigued me. I entered and there she was, sitting on a barstool at the counter.
She was a flaming redhead with piercing blue eyes. A very short black dress finishing half way up her soft white muscular thighs made her look sexier than she already was. Her black high platforms were so shiny that they reflected the soft reddish light on the ceiling.

She was drinking an Irish Mist, I could tell by the glass and its colour as well as the odour. As she turned to face me, I had the feeling she already knew I was there. It was as if she’d been expecting me. I had an uncanny feeling about this. She wasn’t the kind of girl I was used to meeting. Her age was indefinable. She could have been in her forties just as her early or late twenties. I really couldn’t tell. In general, I was pretty good at guessing people’s ages and in
particular women, but this cat just didn’t fit in to the standard category. Thinking I had nothing to lose and after all I did want a beer and a woman I thought why not her? I smiled and went to sit on the empty stool next to her.
‘Hi, My name’s Brannigan. Luke Brannigan.
‘Irish?’ She asked with a wild Dublin accent.
‘Of origin but I was born and brought up in West London.’ I Retorted.
‘Where abouts?’
‘A small town called Uxbridge in Western Greater London near Heathrow Airport, but I moved out long ago and now I live in Paddington. How about you?’
‘I live in North London.’ Many Irish did live in and around North London so I wasn’t really surprised, but I didn’t really care anyway; her place or mine was fine. However, if I’d known which part of North London was concerned, I may not have proceeded with my action if I had. I didn’t have a car, I hadn’t had time to buy one since I’d just got back, however I knew taxies ran all night and I certainly wasn’t hard up on money. I also intended eating before having sex so I was prepared to take her out for dinner if she was ready to go the rest of the way with me. So I proceeded.
‘Are you alone?’ Hell what a stupid question I’d just asked.
‘Yeah, why, did you think I was with someone?’ She answered with a smirk. I’d asked for that one and I had to find a quick way out. Luckily the barman arrived at that very moment asking me what I wanted to drink. I ordered a beer and turned to her with the usual request.

May I buy you another drink that way you won’t be alone anymore?’ Another corny line; I was getting worse but it didn’t seem to bother her too much. She grinned and looking at her glass pushed it towards the barman crossing her legs at the same time. The site was ravishing and my hand just couldn’t help touching her left leg as it came over the right. She turned and smiled at me as her knee felt my manhood hardening quickly. Her skin was warm and soft at the touch of my fingers that my hardness doubled in speed. I had to cool down especially if I wanted to enjoy the evening and last the whole night that would follow. There was plenty of time for that and we were just getting to know each other. With regret, I brought my hand back onto the counter as the barman filled her glass and brought me my beer.
‘Thank you!’ She sighed as she took her glass to her sensuous red lips.
‘You’re welcome. May I ask you your name?’ I enquired as I stared at her moist shapely mouth while she licked her lips them lecherously.
‘I was wondering when you were going to get around to it.’
‘Really? Actually, you intimidate me a little.’
Now why had I said that? I really wasn’t smart tonight. Must have been the trip and the jet lag although there is only three hours difference. I felt I should try and calm down a bit and get back into the London way of life. As I was thinking all this she came out with the most incredible line.
‘I know!’
‘Come again, I don’t understand.’
‘You said that I intimidate you and I said I know that I intimidate you.’ She purred grinning at the same time.
‘Euh, that was just a line.’
‘Not really, you meant it but it doesn’t matter, the night’s young and before it’s over, you’ll have changed completely.’ I was stumped. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but I knew the evening was going to be promising and certainly not banal. All I wanted originally was, to go out, have some fun, eat, drink, and have sex, not romance, just sex and make the most of it; and here I was with some mysterious woman who seemed to literally guess what I was thinking and probably everything else about me.
I needed an explanation although I could feel in my groin that I was hardening again. There was something about this woman that fascinated me, other than her sexual attributes, that is. Or was it just that and nothing else?
‘Maybe you’d care to elaborate?’
‘Not really, not here anyway.’ She sighed as she brought her Irish Mist to her lips once more. I finished my beer and tempted a hit.
‘Then would you care to have dinner with me and we can talk about it over hot spaghetti, or something?’
‘Certainly. I have a car just outside.’ I was pleasantly surprised but on my guard all the same.
‘That’s fine. Any restaurant in particular?’
‘My place!, it’s just a few miles north of here. And by the way, my name is O’Driscoll. Morrigan O’Driscoll.’
‘What a coincidence! It kinda goes with Brannigan doesn’t it?’
‘Yes it does,’ she sniggered. ‘Maybe we were meant to meet and who knows how far it’ll go, aye?’
I wasn’t certain how to take that. I was sure she wasn’t a prostitute and anyway, what if she was. Tonight I didn’t really care where the action came from as long as it was sexual, and besides, I did like the idea of our two names matching that way, it seemed weird and wonderful and I did want to get to know her better.
‘OK, I’m all yours. Can you cook spaghetti?’
‘I know you are and you’ll see. She purred as she got up from her stool rubbing my cock with her knee through my trousers. That last phrase did trouble me a little but what the heck, as she said, I’ll see. We left the pub as the barman watched us with a strange and grin on his face. It was as if he knew exactly what was going to happen.
Her car was a red Jaguar with a cream leather interior. The red steering wheel matched her nail varnish perfectly. As I looked at her long sharp nails, I felt a sudden shiver. Was she going to scratch my back with such sharp claws and was she going to draw ? I must admit, I was beginning to have second thoughts about the evening but as I glanced at her magnificent legs and her soft round globes bursting out of her braless dress, I knew that if this was in fact my last night on this earth, it would be the happiest I’d ever lived.

Her driving was wild and furious; I really wanted to get there in one piece but she drove in such an exciting way that I was prepared to fuck her while she was at the wheel if I had to. I wanted to at least make love once more before I die. Anyway, she couldn’t be that dangerous, after all, she was a woman and I, a man. What a load of bunk that was. Women are and always have been much more powerful and superior to men, especially such sexy ones as Morrigan. As I gaped at her thigh and calves again, I could feel my rod hardening but this time I wasn’t going to let it soften up. I could hardly wait till we arrived to pull her dress up and her knickers down, if she was wearing any that is. We’d eat afterwards and then start all over again. What I didn’t know was that she had slightly different plans, at least for the second part of
the evening. Still we weren’t there yet. We were, however, very close to Highgate for that’s where we were heading.
‘I’m not driving too fast am I?’ She enquired innocently.
‘No, of course not, I’m used to fast cars. Besides, it brings on adrenaline and
that’s all good for the sex organs.’ I was again, anticipating, and talking rubbish but once more she surprised me.
‘You’re absolutely right, when we do finally have sex, you’ll be much more
‘You sure get to the point don’t you, I responded coolly.’
We were just arriving into town when I thought I’d spotted some light coming from the cemetery. It must have been my imagination. Anyway, we crossed the entire municipality to finally arrive in front of a small bungalow with strange little gnomes in the garden. Although it was dark, they seemed to glow in a green and orange light. I’d only had one beer so I knew I wasn’t hallucinating and maybe I hadn’t hallucinated for the light in the cemetery. Anyway, I wasn’t here to debate on the esoteric aspect of this town, just to jump, what now appeared to be, a sex goddess.
She parked the car in the driveway and we walked up the path to the front door. Suddenly the lights came on inside.
‘How did that happen? Are you a witch or something?’ I enquired in a slightly
startled voice.
‘Actually, it’s a laser that turns the lights on as I approach the front door and yes I
am.’ She replied in her usual calm and collected soft Irish voice.
‘Oh!’ I uttered. That’s all I could think of on the spur of the moment. She suddenly
brought me back to ground level with, yet another unsolicited phrase.
‘How do you like your spaghetti, with bolognaise sauce or cheese?’
‘Euh! As you normally cook it, I guess, that’ll be fine.’
‘I don’t normally cook it but I’ll make it with bolognaise if you like.’
This lady was certainly different to anyone I’d ever met but I’d only seen the tip of the iceberg. What was to come would change my life entirely and I’d never be the same again. We went inside and she closed the door.
The interior of her bungalow was strangely disturbing. Everything was either red or black. For instance, there was a black sofa with red walls and carpet, a black television and accessories on a red bar and so on. As I sat down she said she’d only be a second and to fix us both a drink while she went into the bedroom to change. The spaghetti wouldn’t take long. As she disappeared into the other room, I opened the bar and seeing the Irish Mist, I poured one out for her taking a Jack Daniels for myself then went and sat on the black couch.
A few moments later she reappeared in a see-through red nighty split to the hips and soft carpet high heel mules at her feet. I could hardly contain myself. My hardness was visible and she knew it. She had nothing on under her nightdress. She came and sat next to me taking her drink from my hands and placing the other on my cock. She started to unzip my trousers as I was letting go placing myself totally in her very capable hands.
‘Yes, let yourself go and relax. You’re feeling it, aren’t you my love?
‘Oh yeah, I feel ready for you.’ I replied in a succumbed voice. I was letting her
take charge as she slowly pulled off my trousers and underpants. She pushed me into the middle of the divan and climbed onto me spreading her legs each side of my waist then kneeling over me. I could feel her pussy right on my hardness. She was completely shaved and her moistness was touching the tip of my glans. She then pressed her hands on my chest as my rod was now tickling her clitoris. Pulling me in an upright position so that my shaft was horizontal, she grabbed it and plunged it into her glass of Irish Mist. It was so cool. I was holding myself back but with great difficulty.
‘I love drinking a man’s essence mixed with a good Irish whiskey.’ She purred in a
tranquil manner. The cold drink around my penis was more than titillating. I was really having trouble holding back but I didn’t want to come in the Irish Mist even though I had the feeling that that would have pleased her immensely. My manhood seemed to be growing more and more that it had ever done before; I could hardly believe it and holding myself back was becoming practically impossible. She then took the glass to her lips and slowly sipped the whiskey that had come in contact with my glans. Pulling aside the two parts of her nighty, as my cock now entered her pussy, I could feel heaven inside my lower abdomen, while she plunged one of her hardened nipples into my Jack Daniels.
‘I wanted to suck you,’ she groaned, ‘but I could feel you were to close to coming
and I was sure you’d appreciate being in my pussy rather than in my mouth. We’ll do it next time, OK, honey? Now drink my tits.’ She continued as she pulled her breast out of my drink handing it back to me. She started to come and go, slowly at first then faster and faster as I was sucking her Jack Daniels flavoured nipples. My semen was now moving inside me. She threw her head back and let out small shrieks as I was groaning with pleasure. My sauce accelerated and went through my entire lower parts and out through my phallus. It was so ecstatic that it occurred to me I’d never had sex like that before. She climbed off gently and looked deep into my eyes then kissed me on the lips opening my mouth with her tongue. As she pushed it into my oral orifice and played around with mine for a few seconds she was caressing my chest with her warm hands. She then pulled away and smiled.
‘I’m going to get the spaghetti. She sighed
‘Oh, because we really are going to have spaghetti?’
‘But of course honey,’ she murmured. ‘It’s almost ready.’
‘How come, we’ve just got here and…’ She put her finger over my mouth and
went sshhhh.
‘I told you, I’m a witch.’
‘I’d forgotten.’ I blundered.
I really had forgotten but she’d taken me by surprise with such ease that I guess I was excused. She got up and went to the kitchen only to return a few moments later. She was still as exciting as when she first came from her bedroom only this time she was carrying two plates of spaghetti. As I followed her visually, I noticed for the first time that the dining room table was laid for two with a bottle of red wine in the middle. She sat down at the table and looked over at me still seated on the couch half naked.
‘Are you going to join me my love?’ She uttered in her sharp Irish accent.
‘Yes, of course darling.’ I replied as I stood up. I pulled my pants back on, and
went to the table. As I sat down to eat, I noticed that she had rather long and sharp canine teeth. It hadn’t occurred to me before but I suddenly wondered if she wasn’t a vampire as well as a witch. Then after considering it for a few seconds, I abandoned the idea. First of all, vampires don’t exist, I think, and secondly, she’s a witch. She couldn’t possibly be a vampire and a witch, but then again who knows? I felt I had to ask.
‘This may sound a little silly so ignore my question if you don’t want to answer, but
are you a vampire, by any chance?’ I knew I shouldn’t have asked but it was too late.
‘How did you guess?’ She purred.
‘Oh! Just your teeth, they’re so white.’ I uttered blatantly not knowing what else to
‘No, it’s not because I have white teeth but because my canines are long and
sharp and you met me at night so don’t lie. I do go out during the day but only when I’ve fed.’
It was increadible. She knew my every thought. As I looked around the room fo
answers, I noticed a mirror in the corner.
‘But there are mirrors here?’
‘I know and I reflect in them, I also look at crucifixes and go out in the sun, as I
said, after having fed.’
‘What about a stake through the heart?’ I inquired as I dug into the spaghetti.
‘A stake through the heart would just about anybody, not just a vampire.’
‘But you’re a witch?’
‘So, can’t I be both?’
‘I guess so.’
She had me there. There she was, a beautiful vampire-witch with whom I’d just had sex and who could cook spaghetti, in a jiffy. Talking of the spaghetti, it had a strange irony taste to it. I had to inquire why it tasted a little irony.
‘It’s the I made it with, she declared.’ I knew I was going to regret asking
‘What kind of is it?’
‘Human of course.’
‘Of course, why did I ask?’ I said with a sour grin on my face.
‘It’s not what you think. I get it at the hospital where I work as an administrator. I
take it in the bank.’
‘Oh! That explains it I guess. Anyway, your spaghetti is fabulous.’ I uttered with
difficulty. ‘So you work in a hospital do you?’
‘Yes, in an office but I have access to the bank and occasionally, I take a
pouch or two and change the numbers on the general computer. Would you like some more wine?’
‘Yes, why not. It’s excellent; I hesitated, as I was wondering why I’d engaged in
such a conversation.
‘I know, I make it myself,’ she affirmed.
‘It also has a little irony taste,’ I uttered. ‘Human perhaps,’ I inquired
‘That’s a secret but do have some more, it’s excellent for the skin.’
‘Maybe you better not though; I mean not if you’re driving me back, that is.’ I
‘We’re not going back. We’re spending the whole night together, any objections?’
That came as a surprise but I was happy she’d proposed it. I had no objections to offer of course. The idea of spending the night with a witchy-vampire was most exhilarating. Who knows what might happen, besides she was so sexual, the evening could only get better.
‘I’m yours for the night if you like.’ I affirmed.
‘I know!’ She alleged in an affirmative way. Again that assurance that I was hers,
made me ponder a little. She got up and came around to me and kissed me as she already had done. I could feel my hardness begin to grow again. This time I was ready for it in anyway she wanted. She took me by the hand and pulled me up, she seemed to have tremendous strength because I just rose as if she could literally lift me off the ground. We went into the bedroom, which was decorated in the same way as the rest of the house. A large red covered bed with black ds around red walls and red curtains on the windows. She pulled me onto the bed and I lay over her as she took off her nighty. Her body was faultless. Her deep blues eyes harmonised perfectly with her flaming red hair. I kissed her fully on the mouth as I felt my cock harden like a rock. The glans was so sensitive to the touch that I felt I could come any second but I had to restrain myself in order to enjoy her womanly body to the full. She went down on my manhood and started sucking the tip slowly and sensually, after which she just licked it with the tip of her tongue. I could hardly suspend the flow, I was literally about to burst when suddenly she grabbed me by the shoulder and made me penetrate her pussy deeply. I started moving in and out while delaying as long as I could but she was so demanding I had to let go. As I came, she screamed with joy. I was pushing up against her clit at the same time and my shaft in her vagina was up against her ‘G’ spot so I guess it accounted for her ecstatic pleasure. For me it was even more rapturous. My semen raced through my body and
into hers but this time it lasted twice as long and seemed twice as thick as last time. I sighed with ecstasy and bliss.
‘AAAAHHHH….YES !!!!That’s so good; I’ve never felt sex that good before.
You’re a real goddess you know that?’
‘Yes, I do, and you haven’t seen anything yet.’ Her answer was so natural that I
thought for a moment I must be dreaming but snapping out of it, I was aware that everything I suggested about her, she just agreed as if it stood to reason. What was going to happen next? She did say we were spending the night together but I had no idea what she really had in mind until I woke up a little later on. I suddenly felt very oozy. My eyes were feeling heavy and I just had time to blurringly see her put on, what appeared to be, a long black shiny silky dress and then I just went out like a light bulb.
The next thing I remember we were riding on what seemed to be a broomstick. Yes, I’m not ding. It was probably something else but from where I was, and still in a daze, it looked and felt like a broomstick flying through the air. I was sitting behind her on this long thin pole. My head was resting on her back and I could feel her red hair flying all around me. Her silk black dress was fleeting about and her long muscular legs were still very inviting that I just wanted to touch them and stroke them, like I already had, but I figured I’d better sit still for the time being. Although I was still sleepy and my eyes were heavy, I could feel my cock begin to grow once again. I was hoping we’d make love some more but that would have to be later. I looked behind me for a second and noticed the extremity of the rod and that made me gasp. It was a besom, in other words, a witch’s broom. I felt I was nodding off again so I decided to enjoy the trip and I’d see what would happen whenever we got to wherever we were going. I was probably dreaming, that had to be it.
As we arrived I came to. We slowed down and I realised where we were. I’d seen this place earlier in the evening. We were in “Highgate Cemetery” and there was a huge bonfire exactly where I could have sworn I’d seen a light earlier on. Around the fire were men and women completely naked. We came to a standstill and
we got off the besom. I persistently refused to believe what had just happened and yet there was the broomstick in Morrigan’s hand as she went and placed it upright against the wall of a mausoleum next to several others. Was I dreaming, good question. I looked at her for a second and found her so beautiful in the full moonlight that I really felt I was dreaming this couldn’t be true. Her red hair was glowing and her black dress full of sequins sparkled as if it was literally alive. Her six inch stiletto heels made her leg muscles bulge out making her soft skin shine thus rending her all the more desirable. As we approached the crowd, I could see that there were eleven people, with Morrigan and myself, it made thirteen. This was a coven. I knew a little about witchcraft having studied at university with a witch who had taught me a few things. We lost sight of each other though before we actually parted, she did tell me that one day, I would become very much involved in witchcraft because it was my destiny, I had no idea what she was talking about until now. I immediately knew that something special was going to take place tonight. Probably a strange Black Magick Ritual and I was going to be a part of it, how thrilling. As long as I came out in one piece, I didn’t mind. It added spice to an otherwise mundane life, even if I had been in Iraq for a while, this was far more exciting. As we got nearer to the others, one of the members whose face was covered turned around slowly revealing a goat’s head on his shoulders. It was hard to believe, but there in front of me was a full-grown naked man with a goat’s head and as I looked down, he appeared to have goat’s feet as well. Was this really happening, I couldn’t be sure other than the fact that I was really there and so was Morrigan who, as I looked around at her, was beginning to undress. It then suddenly occurred to me that I, myself, was stark naked also and had been since we arrived.
The goat man approached us to greet us as he boomed out in a deep voice.
‘Good evening my ren.’
Morrigan replied with reverence. ‘Good evening master. This is….’
‘I know who this is and I thank you, and appreciate greatly you having brought him
here tonight, the night of Lugh.’ Morrigan then kissed his hand with respect and admiration and turned to me as if to say, “do the same”. I didn’t really know if I should, but I complied to keep in tone with what was happening.
‘Come my ren let us begin,’ boomed out the goat man.
Everyone started moving towards the fire and that’s when I noticed a beautiful naked girl laid out on a slab near the mausoleum. Her arms and legs were stretched out as she was on her back looking up at the star-studded sky. Her eyes were pure green. They contrasted completely with her auburn hair and yet they gave off an awesome air of mystery. Between her little round breasts was a black candle in small candelabra. Another one was placed on her shaved fanny, also containing a black candle. On her naval were laid out in a circle, a metal pentagram, a chalice of red wine, a red candle, and finally an athame. (Double bevelled ritual dagger). The goat man stepped forward towards her as Morrrigan dragged me to the edge of the circle the others were forming. He then turned and spoke to the assembly though I had a distinct feeling his words were directed at me personally.
‘My ren, our sister Morrigan has brought us a wonderful gift tonight. One, we
have been waiting for, for many moons now. On this night of Lugh, he has agreed to descend among us in human form. We will therefore pay homage to his greatness.’
He picked up the athame and drew an upturned pentagram in the air in front of the naked altar. As he then picked up the chalice of wine and sipped a little from it, everyone closed in on us. Morrigan grabbed me and fell backwards bringing me on top of her as she lay on the ground in front of the master and the female altar. Falling over her, my penis was already hard and in full view of the congregation. The tip touched her naval, and its sensitivity increased. I knew I wasn’t going to suppress my cum very long this time. However, the ritual didn’t only consist in lovemaking but had other factors to consider first. I was on the verge of coming but Morrigan seemed in a trance. It was as if she was having her own orgasm, shrieking under me with my cock caressing her lower abdomen but I couldn’t bring myself to penetrate her, at least not yet. Then the goat man snapped me out of my fantasy and handed me the chalice. I drank the wine but was hit by the sudden taste of iron. It was much stronger than Morrigan’s wine and I was beginning to appreciate the savour. It was , pure human . I didn’t dare ask where it came from and I was beginning to wonder if Morrigan’s story about the hospital was genuine but anyway, it was starting to taste good. I drank a little more from the chalice and grasped the fact that the goat man wanted me to finish the entire cup. I’d already noticed several bottles of this strange wine beside the altar but hadn’t thought anymore of it. I finally emptied the cup and although it tasted rather sweet through the metallic flavour, I suddenly felt strangely
sick. A girl in the audience whispered from a far and yet I could hear and understand everything she was saying.
‘Don’t worry about it, it’s normal, you’ll feel the ailment a few moments, and then it
will disappear. You are one of us now. I didn’t understand how I could hear her but other than that, she was right. My sickness only lasted a couple of minutes and it was over. It quickly became apparent to me that I had new faculties. My site was perfect. I looked up at the sky and could actually distinguish details on the full moon I had never noticed before. I spotted a night moth and a hundred metres and that was normally impossible. As I touched Morrigan with the tip of my fingers, I could feel sensations in my abdomen that accentuated the sensitivity of my penis. It was as if all the nerve-endings in my body were ten times more receptive. The glans of my cock was throbbing inside; a slight touch of the edge of my balls and I was ready to burst but I had to hang tight a little longer. The goat man took the empty chalice from me and went back to the altar, turned and addressed the congregation.
‘My ren our new member, Lugh, has drank the wine and can now consume
his woman. He will be a new pillar amongst the tallest in our community. You must therefore bow down before him.’ At that moment I felt an incommensurable power within me. I had changed at that instant and I plunged my cock into Morrigan’s cavern. It was warm and moist. I only moved up and down twice and I came full blast inside her. My cum went swiftly and thickly into her pussy and it felt so rapturous lasting a full thirty seconds.
‘AAAAHHHHhhhh this is truly heaven, I sighed.’
‘Never say that word again, honey, she replied in full possession of her faculties
You are one of us now. A vampire and a male witch.’ I pulled out slowly and rested a second; we were perspiring so much that the ground beneath us was drenched. I’d never experienced anything like it in my entire life and I didn’t quite understand what she was talking about but it didn’t matter. For the moment I was in ecstasy, and as I looked around, everyone was indulged in full intercourse; this was a Sabbath Orgy and most enjoyable too. We then all drank the wine that I’d noticed earlier near the mausoleum and we also ate meaty food. The whole thing seemed to last for hours, and then suddenly I blanked out.
As I came to, I looked around and noticed that everyone had disappeared. The fire, the goat man, the naked female altar with all her trimmings, the other members of the coven and worst of all Morrigan had vanished and I was alone in the cemetery
only as I looked at myself, I saw that I was now dressed in the clothes I’d worn at the beginning of the evening. The first thoughts that came to mind were , had I dreamed all this? After a few seconds of recollection, I understood that I hadn’t. Although it just didn’t seem possible, this whole evening had been very real. I stood up and headed for the entrance of the cemetery. It was almost 5 a.m. and I had no idea where the evening had gone. My last recollection was I, on top of Morrigan after having made love to her twice already at her house. But, what did happen last night and what about that goat man and that drinking? Anyway, I thought I’d better get home and rest, and then I’d go out again tonight and see if I could meet the beautiful Irish pearl again, thus proving I wasn’t mad, so I walked off towards the town and the nearest station where strangely enough a taxi was waiting, almost as if he had been there especially for me. I climbed in, gave the driver my address and he drove me home without uttering a word. I paid him got out and went inside.
It was 8 p.m. and time for me to return to that pub to see if I could meet Morrigan again; so I headed out with the intent of re-experiencing that magnificent evening. As I approached the pub I began to feel queasy and as I entered, it was as if I was entering it for the first time, as if I was back 24 hours earlier.
I looked around and noticed that the same people as the previous night were also present. I was determined to fuck a real sex chick. I’d just come back from the Middle East and hadn’t had a real woman for weeks. They’re so rare out there since they are watched closely by their brothers, fathers, and husbands; as for prostitutes, they are even rarer in Islamic countries and Iraq is rapidly becoming very much Islamic. But tonight I was letting go completely. As I approached the bar, there she was sitting on a stool wearing long sexy black slit dress and high platform heels. She was sipping an Irish Mist as she turned and looked at me. Her deep blue eyes matched perfectly her flaming red hair. I walked over to her and sat down as she uttered a deep “Hello”!
‘My name is…’ I didn’t have time to finish my phrase as she interrupted.
‘Yes, that’s right,’ I agreed not really knowing why. ‘And you are Morrigan,
‘That’s right. Are you ready?’ I didn’t know why she’d asked that and yet
something inside urged me to acquiesce. As I looked at her legs, I felt my hardness commencing. I knew I had to fuck her tonight and I was prepared to agree to anything as long in the end, I could penetrate her for as long as I wanted. Yet she didn’t seem to be in a particular hurry to leave the pub. I ordered a beer and after a few polite exchanges, I placed my hand on her thigh under her dress. It was warm, soft, and firm as she moved slightly.
‘Do you like touching my legs like that?’ She asked naturally. I wasn’t sure what to
answer but I took the risk.
‘Very much and I’d like to get to know you better, like from the inside, for
instance.’ Why was I speaking in that way, it wasn’t me. Suddenly, we were in the toilet together within less than a second. She was pulling down my pants and I was sucking her breasts. She grabbed my rod, which was now hard like iron but also extra sensitive in the glans. I thrust it in her mouth. She started sucking hard as I could feel my juice begin to move but I held back to enjoy this moment to the full. My cock was now almost bursting as I was sucking her hardened nipples. I sat on the toilet seat and she sat on top of my knees so I could penetrate her from underneath fully. This was it, the ultimate ecstasy. I came so fast and so hard into her that my entire body quivered with delight. I was about to pull out when she turned and bit my jugular vein. I yelled and all of a sudden, I felt as if I was coming again. My cock was still hard and I was ejaculating even more semen than the first time. It was euphoric and so blissful; I immediately turned and bit her without knowing why. It was as if I’d done it all my life. Then it occurred to me that I wasn’t the same anymore. My entire memory was restored. I was a vampire and a male witch and proud of it. I could now go and turn others if I wished to do so.
As we came back into the bar, a tall dark-haired man was standing in our place. He looked at me and grinned.
‘Did you enjoy it, Lugh?’ He boomed. I knew that voice it was the goat man. He
looked very handsome in reality. He neither, seemed to have a particular age. Maybe around his mid thirties or forties, who knows? Anyway, what could I answer to his
question? I wasn’t yet used to this new life but I was beginning to understand it. I would never be the same again. I decided to reply politely.
‘Thoroughly and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Would you like to join us for a drink?’
‘That is very kind of you.’ He ordered a bottle of Champaign and added a most
important phrase.
‘But the drinks are on me. I own this pub. Since you are now one of us, all the
orgies and Sabbaths that take place either here or in our other places of ritual, are open to you indefinitely. You are now kindred so drink to our family.’
‘Welcome Lugh, added Morrigan as she kissed me on the mouth.’ The barman
came over and clinked glasses, as did the rest of the pub. I grasped the fact that I truly was different and it had happened through sexual activity, pushed to the outer limits. There was one question that needed answering though, who exactly was Lugh?


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