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I had been working at the college for about six months and I was finally ready to be left alone. I had learned how to fix virtually anything that had to do with computers, so my supervisor took the day off. It was a normal day, helping the students log in and helping them find what printer to print to. I was a normal guy- eighteen, about 5’ 7” and 150 pounds. I am of athletic build because I play a lot of basketball.

Two months. It had been two whole months since I fucked someone, and I was horny as fuck. I could remember the last lay I had. She was a friend of mine who was feeling very lonely, as was I. I mention that she is Cuban because of how beautiful she is, beauty only found in Cuba… Thank God her parents had moved here!

Anyway, this short girl with perky tits was beautiful. On top of that, she was very horny. We would have intimate talks about what sex positions were the best and what she enjoyed. She would say how she loved having her tits licked and how she would come just from having her nipples touched. Just thinking about that made me excited. When I had some downtime at work, I started thinking about her…

We had been at her house; her parents were out of town. We were watching “The Notebook” on Pay per View. But then, out of nowhere she took the remote control and switched to the Playboy channel. I was surprised, but didn’t say anything, just enjoying the sight. After a few minutes, after the throbbing in my pants was too much, I leaned over to her and began sucking on her neck. She grabbed my hands, and guided them to her tits. It felt so wonderful feeling those mounds between my fingers. All of a sudden, she mounted me while I was still sitting and took off my shirt. I exchanged the favor and also took of her bra. The sight was gorgeous. Her nipples were light brown and sticking straight out. That just drove me crazy and we began grinding. After half an hour of hot, sweaty kissing and fondling, I finally took off her pants.

I was happy to see that she didn’t have any panties on.

I was like a madman on her pussy. We had talked about how she liked direct licking on her clit. So that’s what I did. Her house was filled with the noises of us fucking. She would scream, “Oh, Oh, ay papi, that feels so good. Comeme, ay comeme!” She begged me to eat her. Finally, she came all in my mouth and I took in all her juices. She got up and said, “Time to repeat the favor.” I was so happy to hear that.

By the time she pulled down my boxers, I already had precum oozing out of my dick. What can I say? It is modest sized at 6 and a half inches long and about 3 inches around. The head she gave me was the best I had. She knew exactly where to go, sucking only on my big head in the beginning. But minutes later she started bobbing up and down, slurping over and over again. Then the best thing happened, she started deep throating me. She suddenly stopped and I protested, but she began again, this time licking the veins on my dick. She traced it up and down, and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. Minutes later I had no choice but to cum: in her mouth. This was the biggest orgasm I had ever had. It started spilling over her tits, while she was gagging. It was awesome.

After she was done, I sat back, thinking it was over. But I was so wrong. She grabbed my hand and jammed two of my fingers in her pussy. She guided the fingers to where she wanted them by her clit and I rubbed. I rubbed, and licked. I got down and put in a third finger, with my pinky slightly going into her ass. This little slut loved it. She came so hard this time that the couch we were on was soaking wet, with the sweet smell of her sex. I was so hard, again. She was so sensitive, so what did I do? I fucked her hard. I got her on all fours, and fucked the shit out of her. It wasn’t long until we both came again. It was so great and I still remember it and her vividly.

Now imagine what a huge boner I had at my desk remembering this incident.
I was shaken out of it when I got a call that someone needed help printing in the library. I rushed out, making a pit stop in the bathroom, to push my cock to my stomach and try to fasten it with my boxers.

When I got there, who was waiting for me? I still don’t know her name, but it was this gorgeous African American girl. She was shorter than I, about 5’3” but had a huge ass and tits. How much I love tits… I went and helped her print her documents, when I saw she was on MySpace. It was about quitting time for me, so I started talking to her. We talked for about five minutes when she says, “My leg hurts, can you rub it for me.” My boner had gone down, but by now it was slowly rising.

“I’m working and I have to do work on a computer in this tutoring room, but if you come with me, then I will rub your leg.” I was full of shit, I didn’t have anything to do, but I just wanted to be alone with her in a room without windows. So I used my key card and found an empty room. I pretended to fiddle around on the computer for a while, and she asked, “Can I check my e-mail?” I stepped aside and she sat down in one of the seats. I sat next to her and began rubbing her leg. At first I was near the knee, not wanting to startle her. But little by little, she started bringing her leg down, and I my hands up, so that I was a lot closer to her pussy. She was still checking her e-mail, when she clicked on a link that sent her to a porn site. She tells me, “Oh I love porn” and goes back to watching the screen. By now my dick was sticking out, struggling in the confinement of my pants. I finally put my hand over her clothes in the area where her pussy is, and started rubbing. She still didn’t take her eyes off the screen. Her crotch was so warm and it felt wet. I pulled her forward, our legs crossed, and she kissed me. I touched her breasts, and again we were dry humping, wanting to get closer.

She stopped and said, “Do you wanna fuck?” What could I say? “Hell yeah!” I went outside the door, and made sure it was locked.
She told me to lay on the table, and she started pulling down my pants. The blowjob began. It was so good. She licked all over the tip and then engulfed my cock in her mouth. Her little tongue felt good, going around and around my dick. I felt the precum spilling out little by little, and she tasted it too. Then, out of nowhere, she pulled out a condom and put it on me. She went to turn off the lights and got naked. I got down from the table, and she just stood over it, her hands supporting her on top of the table. I went and from behind slowly approached her. “Just put it in”, she said. So I did. I put it in fast and it made her gasp. I fucked her from behind slowly, so wonderfully slowly. It must have been at least for twenty minutes, until I was bored. So I grabbed a chair, sat down, and she sat down on top of my dick. Oh that pussy was so tight and boy could she move her hips. Every time she moved around, it felt like I would just explode. But I wasn’t the first to explode she was, after about an hour. That’s when her phone went off, it was her sister. I was so pissed because I hadn’t cum yet. But she said she had to go, and that was it.

It was amazing how hot she got me. After a 20 minute drive, I got home. As soon as I got there I went to the bathroom and jacked off. After five minutes, my cum was all over the wall and the floor. That was truly the biggest orgasm I had ever had. It took me a lot of toilet paper to clean it up…I don’t know, but I hope I find some other slut that needs to get her computer fixed…

I'm not a writer, but I just get so horny reading the stories on this site, that I wanted to post some of my own personal stories...Let me know what you think...


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