Erotic Date

Shelly glided into the room and sat down at the bar. Dance music filled the nightclub as she watched the young people lewdly gyrating on the dance floor. Disgusting, she thought as she ordered a whiskey sour contemplating her night. It has been a long time since she had accepted invitation to go out on a blind date. Ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, Shelly had kept to herself focusing on getting her life back. She feels free for the first time in two years. She spent her days at the gym flattening her stomach and toning her body. The curves of her hips and luscious breasts are not that of a 32-year-old and all the young men in the club notice her. Shelly is unlike any of the girls in the club. She is class. She is sophistication. " Excuse, me. Are you Shelly."

She looks around expecting to see a young man, instead saw the chiseled face of a distinguished man. Dressed in a expensive dark suit, I sat next her, but I'm definitely in my early to mid-50's. " I'm John," I said. " Your friend Jamie thought we might be a good match. I don't usually go out on blind dates, but I'm glad I did." My eyes scanned her taut body. Shelly knew she had a great body and wanted to show her date that she is every bit as voluptuous as the pin-up girls on the dance floor. The dress fit her body like a glove accentuated her breasts and firm ass. Her long legs followed the slit up most of the dress before disappearing just before the waistline. " You look amazing," I said but the look on Shelly's face gave her away. " You weren't expecting someone as old as me were you." My chiseled looks matched my strong arms and she only surmised I hid a firm body under my clothes. I sat engaging in meaningless chitchat that all dates go through. Shelly caught me time and time again scanning her body and lingering at her chest.

My arm gingerly touches hers and hers brush me sending a tingling between them both. I told a joke and Shelly noticed she laughed a little to much smiling.

Oh my God, I'm flirting with him, she tells herself. As I talked, it started a tingle between her legs, as the night wore on she feels the dampness of her pussy. It throbbed every time my hand held her or when her leg would brush against my knee. She finds herself staring more and more into me and snatching glances at me especially my cock. It is hidden by my pants, but she can definitely make out a bulge that meant I'm as excited as her. " Would you like to dance," I said and pointed to the dance floor. The deep base thumping had temporarily given way to a softer more sensual tune that Shelly recognized from the radio. I hold her hand and led her out to the middle of the club. She is a vision of radiance among the rabble to young whores that frequent the clubs. Their only purpose was to use their body to get free drinks and a quick fuck before the night ended. I rested my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me. We held each other in a rhythmic embrace letting the notes flow over our bodies. She laid her head on my chest swaying with the music. She feels my breath on the back of her neck giving her goosebumps.

My hands are strong upon her and she melts into me. She feels my hard prick against her body. She wants to reach down and stroke it so bad; to feel the hardness in her hands and lick the precum from its tip. Her panties are soaked as the dance continues and her mind fills with more and more thoughts of ravaging me. It has been so long since she had a hard cock in her mouth and felt the hot stream of cum shoot down her throat. She looks up into my eyes and her intentions are reflected back at her. She pulls me down to her and our lips met in a deep kiss. Her tongue darts out and meshes with mine. She wants me so bad. She snakes her hand down rubbing my hard cock through pants. My hands explore her ass pulling her breasts against me. " Do you want to go somewhere a little more private," she said. " What I want to do can't be done on this dance floor.
" I nodded and led her to the back of the club through a door into a store room. Again we kissed passionately as my hand reaches under her dress touching her hot pussy. The emotions exploding inside her as I massaged her pussy and she begins her climb to an orgasm. She can't hold it in any longer. She is wanton and needed my cock now. Shelly went to her knees unzipping my pants. She pulls out my cock and begins stroking it slowly.

" Do you want me to suck your cock John? Your prick is so hard in my hand I can't wait to taste it."
"Please, suck it. I want to cum." I groaned. She licks the tip tasting the salty sweetness of my precum on her lips. The moan with the first contact and she knew I can't last much longer. She wants and needs a hard fuck and Shelly knew what had to be done. " Want to cum in my mouth or would you rather cum all over my tits," She lift the shirt over her head and I see her breasts for the first time. Her nipples are so hard as I place my fingers on them, rolling and pinching them bringing a soft moan from Shelly. " Not yet, you will have your chance," Shelly said. She attacks my cock with a veracity she has never felt before. It is all her sexual frustration and need of the last few months being released on my cock. " I'm going to cum," I grunted a second before my load shot into Shelly's throat. It fills her mouth dribbling out of the sides, as she swallows most of it, milking my cock dry .
Despite my cumming, my cock remains hard as I pull her tight against me kissing her hard against the wall of the room.

I turn her around ripping the panties from her waist leaving her juices to run down her legs. I bend her over the stack of boxes, roughly inserting two fingers into her pussy. She is tight, she gasps as my fingers thrust in and out. The feelings welling up inside her, she has not felt in over a year. " Fuck me, she said. God, yes, fuck me hard." My hand finds her sensitive clit gently rubbing it as my fingers plunge deeper inside her fucking her like a cock.
Her muscles tightening as she rides the wave of ecstasy before exploding in a scream. " Ahhhhhh...Ahhhhh...Yes..Mmmmmmm," her scream as she came filling the room with her passion. My rock hard cock stood erect as I slip it into her filling her. The hot sensations of my cock inside her makes her shiver. It has been so long since she had a cock stretching and filling. She has never had a monster cock in her, stretching her to the limit. Filling her full touching tender sensitive areas never touched. From behind, I slam into her hard burying my cock deep with ever stroke. She feels every pulsing vein on my shaft as her pussy sheaths and unsheaths it with each stroke. " Your so tight...tight like 19 year old. I love the feel of a tight pussy squeezing my cock." I whisper in her ear. " Have you ever had your beautiful ass fucked?" " Oh God No...It would hurt...It is nasty." She whimpered. " I love fucking a virgin ass...A virgin ass is so tight and erotic."

Suddenly my fingers invade her virgin asshole bringing a new sensation she has never experienced before. " Tell me you want me to cum," I demanded. " Tell me you want me to fucking cum inside your pussy." " yes, yes, she groans. " Cum inside me. I want to you cum dripping from my pussy." My monster cock slamming into Shelly as she again begins to feel the waves of pleasure wash over her. Her body shuddering and convulsing as she came harder than ever before spraying her hot juices all over my cock. Then Shelly feels a new sensitization of pain and pleasure as the tip of my cock brutally invades the rear wall of her vaginal cavity. The overwhelming sense of fullness creates intense stimulation that vibrates pleasure throughout her body. Again and again I pummel her, forcefully and relentlessly driving my cock to the back wall of her honey pot. Shelly is groaning and rotating her pelvis as impale her, directing my monster rod to untouched erogenous zones deep within her creaming vagina. Below us my hairy balls dripping with her milky cum.
The lubrication helps me build a rhythm that increases the erotic pleasures. Each consecutive downward thrust I make pulverizes her pussy, loosening her extremely tight passage into a sopping mess. Our insatiable desire makes our hearts race as we fuck each other with unrivaled passion.

After continued abusive injections from my steam piston, she finds herself craving more. Her carnal desire is awakened for the first time. Gratifying this carnal desire is to mate in a primal intimate way. Shelly is biting her lip as I feel the ring of her cervix gliding up over and resting upon the tip of my penis. Shelly screams " OMG...OOOOOhhhhhhh...AAAAAAAhhhhhhh," as her virgin womb is violated by my searing manhood. The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking my crimson cap in trying to stretch over my large engorged head. After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates, relinquishing it's guardianship of her sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penis, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within her. Once inside I push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; enjoying her changing facial expressions at each stage of her inner deflowering.

As I advance into her womb's canal I sense her ambition to feel my salty seed spoiling her pristine womb. The ache causes me to swell inside the impossibly narrow, furrowed tunnel, making passage very difficult. I push deeper until I feel the contracted internal orifice at the tip of my dick. The clenched sphincter feels impassible, a worthy sentinel guarding the inner sanctum of her un-defiled abyss. With continuous nuzzling and steady pressure, her desire to feel me inside is finally granted. Steadily I pry open the virginal narrow passage, slowly creeping the head upward into her waiting uterus. The ring of her internal cervical orifice grips me like a tight circular band clamping around my throbbing bulbous head as it slides into the creamy cavity of her waiting uterus. Experiencing the first time phenomenon leaves her stunned that my raging cock has skewered the entirety of her dainty vagina as well as her virgin womb. We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy. Then I feel her tightening down around the intruding tip as a sudden shuddering of her body builds into the spasms of a massive internal orgasm.

Deep moans emanates from her as she writhes under me and my impaled member. Over and over her interior muscles repeatedly tighten and release my imposing girth like fingers grasping a baton. The massive orgasm shattering her like breaking glass releasing hormones that disperse throughout her body. As ecstasy consumes and overwhelms her, she looks deep into my eyes. Playfully flicking the tip of her tongue in and out of my mouth as the pulsating of her uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock. Deeply buried within the confines of her spongy, soft uterus I feel myself soaring to new heights of arousal. The creamy tight cavity stretching around my swollen head, pulsing the tip with the spasmodic throws of a powerful orgasm. As she looks into my eyes with aching delight, she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her. Deeper than I have ever been or may ever be again. She softly bucks her body up against me, stroking the buried cap inside her tightening uterus as she milks my orgasm from me which is building.

Cascading waves of pleasure overcome our bodies as she sucks on my lower lip. My rapid breathing and moaning makes her aware that I am about to erupt. Shelly reaches up massaging my tightening scrotum, inside semen ready to send a torrent into her womb. Shelly squeezing and massaging my balls, rolling them through her fingers to make me aware of how desperate she is to drain every last drop of cum from them. The gentle pulling on the skin and kneading of the sac makes the load inside more voluminous. An intent stare from her as she tightens around my intruding shaft like a vise. The vise grip is more than I can stand pushing me over the edge into a massive orgasm. A chill runs up my spine as my cock painfully hardens uncontrollably then throbs and jerks under the tight grip of her penetrated cavern. The engorged tip of my cock swelling uncontrollably inside the small confines of the scintillating chamber. I let out deep groans as I feel my seed erupting sending wave after wave into her waiting chalice.

Clenching around my shaft, she feels the masculine contractions of my massive orgasm and the delivery of my sperm deep inside her. The tip of my cock, the small lips open up depositing the initial blast of my salty seed into her clenching virginal womb. It squirts against the top of her cervix, splashing over the walls into her
Fallopian tubes, cascading down around and over my buried tip. A faint sigh tells me that she feels the warm jets of cum painting the interior walls of her waiting womb. I briefly hear her exclaim " OMG...Fill me John!" as another spasmodic contraction discharges copious amounts of warm pearlescent molasses. I look into her eyes as I continue to defile her womb, ejaculating long ropes of my milky seed inside her. Finally, the last creamy charge of cum fills her. My massive orgasm fills her with massive loads of sperm more then I remember ever ejeculating. The feeling is overwhelming as I collapse onto her and kissing her deeply as we quiver in the aftershocks of the violent orgasm. I start to relax, her uterus pushing my diminishing cock from its tight confines, closing quickly behind me to seal the inseminated cavity.

Shelly is panting for breath and moaning softly " Oh man has ever been that deep inside me."
My hand resting just below her stomach tells me, she feels the warm globs of cum pooling inside her now filled uterus. Slowly my softening cock retracts into her cervical canal before it is expelled through the tight ring of her cervix. Inside her vagina is engulfing warmth that caresses my shrinking cock. An aching heat is thanking me for depositing my sperm inside her. After we recover we get dressed and I ask Shelly to spend the night with me as we leave the club.

Shelly wakes up to the feel of my hands caressing her body. My fingers trailing along her sides, up and down, tracing patterns of heat into her skin. Her eyes open slowly, taking several seconds to adjust to the dark. In the predawn light filtering into the windows, she sees my figure under the sheets above her body. She instantly knows it's me and the knowledge causes her no alarm. Her hands lazily move up to trace down my spine, enjoying the hot feel of my flesh under her fingertips. Immediately, her hands are on mine, removing them and placing them on either side of the bed, pushing down in an unmistakable command. I do not want her to move. Her breath catches in her throat and she licks her suddenly dry lips as arousal starts to take over her body. After a moment, my hands let go of her wrists resuming their slow exploration of her body. They move from her sides and over her stomach, tickling just enough to make her squirm and laugh softly. One hand slaps against her hip, a sharp reminder that she is not supposed to move. Settling down, she lets her eyes drift close giving herself up to the sensations I delight in giving her. Slowly my fingers trail a tingling, hot path up her stomach and against the undersides of her breasts. I start to draw my fingers in circles, around and around the curve of her tits without ever touching her nipples. They've turned into hard, aching points of need pointing straight up in the air and begging for my attention.

Shelly is being so good, keeping her hands above her head, the only sign of her strain is the way her fingers are clenched to keep from touching me. A small whimper of frustration leaves her lips as my fingers circle around her aureoles, just avoiding where she wants them the most. Shelly wants to move against me, wriggle against my body that's pushing her into the bed but she refrains, knowing that I will tease her longer. As if I sense her distress, I make a soft noise of comfort before my head dips down and I take her left nipple into my mouth. She cries out, unable to help herself as a sharp, lightning bolt of pleasure shoots from her breast down to her clit. Her back arches, pressing her body higher up into my mouth and hands.

Whimpering in frustration, she resists the urge to wiggle beneath me, wanting to give me no cause to cease the way I'm playing with her. My fingers have been relentless this entire time, teasing and fondling her breasts roughly, until her nipples are aching from more than need. I duck down, pressing my lips against her neck and then trailing down slowly, so slow. I lick and nibble pressing gentle kisses down over her collarbone, between the mounds of her breasts and lower. My hot breath and warm mouth make her breathing increase rapidly until she is panting with desire. Shelly feels so hot, flushed and aroused, every inch of my skin sensitive to the slightest touch from you. Your hands release my tits, leaving them alone abruptly as I move to push her legs apart. I'm not gentle, pushing them wide and settling my shoulders between them, my hands holding them down to the bed on either side of her body.

Exposed and completely open to me, I feel her bare, dripping wet pussy clench with abrupt and sharp arousal. Shelly looks down her body, moaning loudly at the sight of my head between her legs. I look up at her and smile before reminding her in a deceptively gentle voice not to move. She watches as I slowly lower my mouth inch by inch until I'm hovering above her needy and begging pussy. " Please John!" The plea leaves her mouth unbidden, soft and desperate in between her soft moans and pants. I chuckle low in my throat, a deep and completely male sound of satisfaction that has her nearly writhing with want. A loud cry of pleasure is ripped from her throat, her head falling back and giving her a good view of the ceiling as she barely contains herself. She can't bear to watch the erotic tableau of my motions between her legs, knowing that the sight will cause her to lose what self-control that she has.

Her body shivers and she tenses in anticipation as she feels my breath rush across her again. This time, it's a loud moan that I wring from her. Then nothing happens for several seconds, the waiting driving her crazy as she wonders what I'm going to do to her next. Her hands clench into fists and she pictures the satisfying image of grabbing my head and yanking my face against her body. A smile on her lips as I lower my head and suck her clit directly into my mouth. This is no teasing, taunting caress; instead I'm trying to prove something to her. My lips close around her clit, sucking hard, my tongue flicking over it as she lets out a scream of pure ecstasy. My grip on her hips keeps her from moving or bucking against me, her to stay completely open for whatever I decide to do.

My lips tighten around her wet flesh, sucking hard and long on her clit while my tongue traces patterns against it. Her moans are nonstop, getting louder and higher in frequency with each second I continue the sensual . Her body is on fire, her breasts heaving with each breath and moans she made, nipples hard and protruding into the air as I continue my delicious assault. Without moving my mouth away, my fingers move against her, two fingers from one of my hands swiftly sliding to the hilt inside her tight, grasping passage. Her body freezes for a second before she screams in ecstasy, clenching tight around the invading fingers and orgasming immediately. My name spills from her lips over and over as she cums, her body pulsing and milking the fingers inside her as if they are my cock. My sucking never ceases, drawing out her climax until she is writhing against me and the bed, overwhelmed with the amount of pleasure I'm on her. After long moments, her screams and moans turn into pleas for me to stop as her clit becomes super sensitive. Instead of stopping, I suck harder, grazing my teeth against the little bud of nerves, my fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Immediately she climaxes again, this one harder and painful as she hadn't fully come off the first one. She lets out a loud wail of mingled pain and pleasure, her intentions to not move long forgotten as her hands claw at the bed sheets. " John!" I'm dying, consumed in heat and passion and completely overwhelming sensations of the most delicious pleasure she has ever felt. The small bite of pain is enough to heighten everything so that she can do little but ride the waves of ecstasy until I slowly pull my lips off her clit and start to soothe her with soft, lingering licks of my tongue. Her flesh twitches in response, making her moans continue as I bring her down from her high. My fingers slide softly in and out of her for five minutes, working out the very last dregs of her release before finally pulling out. My hand is soaked with her juices, dripping on her thighs as I pull my mouth away from her. Still shuddering and trembling from the amazing release I gave her, she lifts her head up and moans at the sight of me, lips wet with her essence, grinning up at her from between her legs.

I move up her body, making sure to keep my body pressed against her so that she feels every inch of me rubbing against her, up her stomach and chest until my face is directly over her again. My hard cock brushing against her wet, sensitive mound making her whimper and shake against me. My lips take hers in a hard, demanding kiss her to taste herself on my lips and tongue. We kiss for a long moment, I'm pressing her down into the bed and ravaging her mouth before slowly pulling away. " Did you enjoy that, Shelly?" Her eyes are captured by mine, unable to look away as she nods in response. " Good, because I did too." I lift my wet hand up, pressing my fingers against her lips in an unspoken demand. Like a good, obedient girl, she licks my fingers clean, enjoying the taste of her juices. My eyes follow her movements, my face starting to look strained as I watch her clean my hand.

As soon as she is done, I swoop down and kiss her again, hard and rough and brief before pulling back. My hand moves to her hips and I lift myself up before flipping her abruptly over. Nudging her with my thighs, I push her hips up until she is on her knees, her upper body still flat against the bed. " Good girl, get in position for me." My voice is rough and hoarse with my desire and she moans loudly before widening her legs and burying her face in her pillow. Immediately she feels me press against the opening to her pussy, the smooth large hard head of my cock prodding at her delicate tissues. Her fingers clench the sheets as she moans, barely resisting the urge to push back against me. The heat from my body warming her thighs as I spend what seems like forever pushing against her, teasing her with prods of my hard flesh. I don't push enough to stretch her open or to enter her the smallest bit, just tapping right against her pussy in sweet, sensual .

Shelly craves me desperately, the feel of me deep inside her body, claiming her and taking everything she has to give. She is aching and tense as she seeks my penetration, her hungry body so wet and hot for me that she knows I'll slide all the way in. My face presses close to her, my lips hot against her ear as I whisper, " Bad little girls get punished." After a long minute of me teasing and playing with her body, she is trembling and panting heavily with need. Her moans are louder than before, interspersed with soft pleas for me to do something, anything to her to soothe the ache she has. I lean forward nibbling her earlobe, sucking it into my mouth and grazing my teeth against it before pushing her over onto her front. She turns her head to the side, resting her cheek against the bed and trying very hard not to try and force herself on me again. Shelly feels me behind her, my thighs brushing against the back of hers and my hard, hot shaft of flesh sliding between her ass cheeks. She moans, pushing back against me, I don't mind. She hears my breathing, fast and rough as I trail a hand down her spine and then grab her hips. Shelly takes a deep breath, her body tensing with anticipation before I completely ram myself into her. There's no time for her to adjust, her body stretching to the limit from my cock. A loud cry leaves her lips as she pushes back, feeling my balls slap against her clit.

Without even waiting for me to get used to your size, you pull almost all the way out and then thrust back in, slamming forward with such force that my body moves up the bed. I can't help my moans of ecstasy, eyes closing as I give myself up to the sensations. This is what I wanted; to feel you take me, claim me completely, to utterly possess me and make me yours. You keep going, thrust after thrust, rocking your hips into mine and yourself hard and rough and deep into my needy pussy. I feel impossibly tight around you, squeezing so hard that you have to be extra rough in order to bury yourself fully inside me. Each hard pounding motion has you shoved inside me to the hilt, bumping up against my cervix and giving me that little added bit of pain that I like.

Her cries and moans of passion are loud and getting louder as she enjoys my special attention, my masterful working of her body sending bolts of pleasure through her. She feels the ecstasy climbing higher and higher, flowing through her with increasing sensations. She is on edge, her body submitting to me in every way possible. She hears the hard smacking sound as my hips meet hers, making her rock forward and then back as it feels as if I'm trying to push through her body. Her pussy feels stretched to the limit, taking me completely each time I slam my cock into her. She is loving it, how it makes her feel to be fucked by me.

My thrusts speed up, my breathing faster and my fingers digging harder into the flesh of her hips. Her hands clawing the sheets, unable to contain the sensations and intense pleasure that I'm on her. Each time I slam into her, she cries out louder making it so that her cries are fast and filled with ecstasy like my thrusts. She is almost there, just short of climaxing when I reach around, sliding my hand between the pillows and her body seeking her clit with my fingers. " Come for me, Shelly." I growl the words, my voice deep and rough in a sexy way. Immediately her body obeys my command, her orgasm hitting her with so much force that she screams my name.

Her pussy clamps down hard on my cock, getting so tight that it starts to force me out. I grunt shoving harder, stretching her open and giving her the full length once more before I explode. Shelly feels the spurts against her cervix, filling her with my hot sticky cum. As she convulses around me, writhing in pleasure as her orgasm wrings her out, I keep cumming, over flowing her dripping pussy and spilling down her thighs in a sexy mess. Her body clenching and pulsing around me, milking each and every drop from deep inside me. My name spills from her lips over and over between cries that are getting quieter as she starts to come down from her high. " John! Oh John! God, John!" I pull out then shove inside one more time, a last hot pulse of cum shooting into her and making her squeak my name as a shudder of pleasure wracks her. She hears my deep chuckle, I love her reaction, as I pull out slapping her on her ass. Her body goes completely limp, collapsing forward on the pillows as she tries to catch her breath. Her heart is beating so fast, her body deliciously satisfied and wrung out. For the moment. But she knows that I'm not done with her, not by a long shot.

She feels the bed dip as I move, pulling away from her slipping out of her soaking wet pussy. She shudders again, already missing me inside her. Its an addiction, the way she craves me every moment since surrendering to me. Her body starts to calm, her breathing returning to normal before she feels my hand on her hip, caressing and starting to move up her spine. She shivers as sensual little pulses of sensitivity assail her, relaxing into my touch and sighing with pleasure as my hand reaches the back of her neck. My fingers sliding through her hair, being so gentle as I caress her before I clench my fingers grabbing a tight hold of her hair. Her breath catches in her throat as I use my other hand grabbing her arm as I yank her upright. Hard against my chest, she closes her eyes to keep herself calm as I lean down whispering roughly, " Time to clean me with that wonderful mouth, Shelly."

Shelly lets out a long, low moan of desire, trembling with excitement as I yank her over the side of the bed and push her down on her knees. I keep a tight grip on her hair, bringing my other hand up to join the first as I position myself in front of her. Her back to the bed, she has no place to go and she looks up at me, licking her lips as I pull her hair back from her face and tighten my hold. " Suck my dick. That's it, Shelly. Good girl." My hard cock is wet and dripping with our mingled fluids as I brush it against her lips, silently demanding that she open for me. Obediently she opens her mouth, tongue flicking out to taste the very tip of me. I taste so good that she has to lick me again, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock lapping up all of the wetness.

She feels my impatience, her hands going to my thighs holding on as I tense pushing my cock more insistently against her lips. Without waiting for her to open them again, I place the tip on her lips shoving, her mouth open and burying myself several inches into the tight, hot cavern of her mouth. She moans digging her fingers into my thighs, sliding her tongue all over the hot flesh stretching her lips wide. Her eyes roll up to look at my face, loving the wild and aroused look that I have while I watch her suck me. I pull back, all the way and then thrust hard back in, shoving all the way over her tongue and deep into her throat without giving her a chance to adjust. I immediately lost it. Not being able to hold back any longer, I push deep, impaling her, and came harder than I ever had. I fill her mouth. She coos and convulses as my cum bursts into her with four large spurts. I whisper " Next time your beautiful ass is mine. I will call you." Shelly gets up going to the bathroom to clean up and dress.

My jaw drops when Shelly opens the door. She is beautiful and sexy. Her red dress clinging to her body, hugging her curves. She wore strappy heels and has long, slender legs that seem to go on for miles before reaching the short hem of her dress. She is not well endowed, but has enough to create cleavage that makes me look down the neckline, or rather breast line of her dress. Shelly blushes, accepting my arm as I help her down the steep steps. I guide her into the back seat of the limo and can't help but stare down her dress and gawk at her long smooth legs as they part slightly when she swung them into the car; not enough to see anything though.


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