Beths Incestation

The telephone rings and Mr’s Blake answers knowing it will be Donna wanting to talk to Princess about the wonderful fucking she had during Beths incestation celebrations. “Donna honey Princess is up in her bedroom placing cameras. She has decided to record every fuck be it anal or cunt; plus all oral and finger orgasms. Her Dad and Uncle are giving her a double penetration fucking to test the equipment”. ------------------“ Mr’s Blake what a wonderful fucking we all had after Beths first orgasm ceremony”.-----------------------“That’s so nice Donna can’t wait to see the recording; did she cumm hard”? -------------------“Sure did, Dad fingered her clit real nice; she closed her eyes just before cumming and really yelled out. The whole room erupted in joy as Beth shot her lovely sweet lady juice all over Dads hand”.-----------------------

“Wow Donna her first; but bet it was not the only one she had”. --------------“No Mr’s Blake; Dad said brother Randy should take her cunt cherry; and Dad himself took her ass cherry in a double penetration. It was wonderful to watch my little sis being filled with hot cumm for the very first time”.------------------------------“Tell me Donna you must have been well fucked”.---------------------“Well and Truly Mr’s Blake; soon as Beth’s cherry’s were popped my panties were down and my dress was off. Cousin Arnold said I was a better fuck than all his sisters and most of his aunties”.

Though something bad happened that nearly ruined the whole thing for me Mr’s Blake”.----------“Really, what was that Donna”?-------------------“Well on the last night Dad and cousin Jethro wanted to fill my holes with cumm so cousin Hickory could enjoy licking me out. I had to raise my body to accommodate their cocks; as I did so I happened to see out of the bedroom window. And to my disgust right across the road I seen the man we all suspect of fucking non relations; kissing a girl on the cheek”.-----------------------------“Fuck no Donna, the sick bastard”.

-----------------“Yep Mr’s Blake they are no relation whatsoever those fucking perverts. He kissed her cheek before she left for the bus. I never said anything to Dad and Jethro incase they lost their erections at the vileness of it all”.

“So thoughtful of you Donna, hope your orgasm was not affected”.---------“I had a multiple Mr’s Blake, but a couple of them were dulled”. ------------------“Well so pleased you had a good fucking Donna; no one deserved one more than you. I better go no now though, Grandad is coming over. He is desperate for a fuck and I am the only one who can get his old cock stiff”.------------------“Bye then Mr’s Blake, I am going to watch the ceremonial video fucking while Dad masturbates me, I sure wish my cousins were still here”.-------------------“Bye then Donna; I think I will watch my daughter Princess get her holes pounded; all the incestation talk has gotten me very emotional".


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